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Science Fair Project Checklist

Does your display have what it takes to “WOW” your teacher? Below is a checklist of what should
be included in your display. Before you attach anything to your tri-fold board, make sure you have
checked everything off on this list!

 Does your project display board meet the size requirements?

(NO SMALLER THAN 28in high and 40in wide TRI-FOLD BOARD – shown below)
 Can your project display board stand up on its own?
 Is your project display board labeled and arranged in the correct order shown below?

 Title
 Scientific Question
 Hypothesis
 Background Information
 Materials
 Procedure
 Results
(including Data table & Graph(s)
 Conclusion

 Does your project display board include the following requirements?

 Title  Procedure
(DO NOT USE YOUR SCIENTIFIC QUESTION!) # and list each step to complete your experiment.
 Scientific Question Be sure that your steps could be completed by
anyone, without having to ask you questions of how
State the question you wanted to solve.
to complete the experiment.
 Hypothesis
 Results
Must use If…then format that includes
Provide a DATA TABLE or CHART of the results
the independent variable and
you collected throughout the course of your
dependent variable.
experiment. Also provide a GRAPH of the data
 Background Information collected. Remember your results should show
Include an informative 5-8 sentence paragraph
about your topic/project. Follow the format
 Conclusion
A 5-8 sentence written summary, stating whether or
in your HW packet. Use the example given as a
not the results of your experiment agreed with or
proved your hypothesis. Be sure to include what
 Materials Used was learned by conducting your experiment and
Just list them! Be sure to include everything what you would change if you were to do the
needed to complete your experiment. project again. Follow the format in your HW packet.

 Are your Name and Block # written on the BACK of your project display board?


Monday, 3/12 – Blocks 4,6 BE ASSESSED -10 POINTS
Tuesday, 3/13 – Blocks 3,7 PER DAY LATE! 