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Preliminary Period UNIT 11: LOOKING AT WAR AND THE FILIPINO Course Code

(Lit 102)
Enduring Understanding Essential Questions

Narratives about the war communicate not only the trauma but the How are war narratives significant in making sense of colonial history and in the
different ways of dealing with it. writing of a nation’s history?

War, though with detrimental effects, brings life-changing lessons to the How does war form and influence the ideological stance of the people?
lives of people and nation. How is history reinterpreted through fiction?
Essential Learning
Week Content Declarative Functional Intended Suggested Assessment
Standards Knowledge Knowledge Learning Outcomes (ILO) Teaching/Learning Tasks (ATs)
Activities (TLAs)

Demonstrate The Impact of War Articulate the Identify and describe the Debate on the Documentary
understanding of the in “People in the ideological constructs in ideologies of the warring nations concepts present in an (about the lives
impact of war in the War” by Gilda relation to nation- by analyzing the political views of ideology (e.g. and predicament
making of a nation – its Cordero Fernando building the characters as manifested in Socialism) of the Filipinos in a
socio-political and and “Sayonara” by their dialogues and decisions certain
economic relations and EdilbertoTiempo Recognize the Construct a timeline province/town/cit
how it affects the lives senselessness of war leading to the Asia- y in the Philippines
of the people where brother turns Pacific War during the
against brother Japanese

Demonstrate Women as Collateral Understand war Describe and interpret the role Analysis of the role, Reading of other
understanding of how Damage of War in narratives and relating and position of women in times position and plight of autobiographical
war delineates the role “Comfort Woman: their significance in the of war by looking into the women in a critical accounts about
and position of women Slave of Destiny” by writing of history harrowing experience of the essay the Asia-Pacific
in times of war Ma. Rosa Henson Catalogue the war protagonist Oral History War
atrocities committed to (an interview with
our Explain the significance of war grandparents [who Profile of War
narratives in making sense of have witnessed the Heroes from these
Establish that war was colonial history and in the writing Japanese Occupation], narratives
inimical to literature of a nation’s history by analyzing war veterans or any
the actions of the characters in resource person that Presentation of
the text could give an account the transcribed
of the war oral history