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Department of the Philippines

Region III

Justino Sevilla High School

Mangga Cacutud, Arayat, Pampanga

Research Title:

Teenage Pregnancy: Transition in the year of 2013-207

Prepared by:

Canlas, Casper

Medina, Janus Nino

Pasague, Jeff Nicoles

Rodavia, Anthony Joseph

Roxas, Vincent P.

Prepared to:

Ms. Lanie Pangilinan


Most of the teenagers nowadays are experienced an early pregnancy. Almost

every year there is a fast high rate of teenagers that experienced of being pregnant. Major

causes of this problem is that most of them are grew up in broken home or family because

of their parent that can’t handle their responsibility or a family. That’s why their child are

being impulsive and some of them are ruin their own life. They’re wasting their life just

because of that problem and the other reason why they are doing that is because no one

can appreciate to them except to their boyfriend/girlfriend that can help them to be happy

and replaced their problem in their own house.

Researchers decided to conduct this interesting topic to compare the teenagers

that experience in the year of 2013 to 2017. This study aim to make others stand up in

their own even they have many problems. Researchers aim to discover the changing

count of the teenagers that experienced an early pregnant. This study will tell the people

what are the changes in early pregnancy and what are the main reasons in that situation.

Research problem

This research study desire to discover about the changing count of the teenagers

that experienced an early pregnant:

1.) How many students or teenagers that experienced an early pregnancy in the year of


2.) Did the count of pregnant teenagers increased or decreased?

3.) Did the teenagers or students aware about early pregnancy?


This research aim to know the progress in increasing/decreasing of

teenagers(female) who experience early pregnancy since year 2013-2017 and the factors

that affects the case.

This hypothesis were tested for proving and disproving the research:

a.) The gap of years from 2013-2017 may affects the increasing cases of early pregnancy

where technology extremely improving,

b.) Lack of education about bad effects of early pregnancy can/may affect the increasing

cases of students who suffer in early pregnancy.

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this study is to make the solution be visible to the main problem of

the research. These would can help the researchers to discover whether it has a changes

in the rate of teenagers that experience an early pregnant. This study will not help to

lessen the count of the teenagers that experienced early pregnant but this study will help

to form a solution regarding to the main problem of the research.

Scope and Delimitations

This research was conducted to discover the count of students that experienced

an early pregnancy in Justino Sevilla High School as perceived by the students/teenagers

as well as the teachers during the year of 2017-2018. The aspect looked into were the

capabilities of the students/teenagers and their knowledge about the early pregnancy.

Significance of the Study

This part of the research study will show a short description on the various

significance of the study given the two categories, educational and social.

To the students. This study will be used as their guide in their everyday living and school

day. This will also serve as their instrument to be more alert about TEENAGE


To the teachers. This proposed study will be their reference if they want to conduct a

research in the next 1-2 year. This study will also be their tool to inform their students or

to teach their student regarding in EARLY PREGNANCY.

To the researchers. This study will enlightened the researchers about the changes of

the teenagers that can experienced of an earl pregnant. Researchers will help their

knowledge about this topic.

To the future researchers. This study will be lesson to them to be more aware about in

their feelings and everyday living. This proposed study will also serve as their reference

in their research paper or study that could pass in the next future researchers.