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Government officer resource in a local government officer organization is a very essential

part to support the success of an organization in achieving its goal. Local government officer
organization, which works in providing governmental goods and service, needs competent and
sufficient government officer resource in association with governmental goods and service
supply so that the service for the society can be fulfilled.
This study aims to find out how well the learning transfer process of governmental goods
and service supply training carried out by the Local Civil Service Body of Sidoarjo Regency is.
Moreover, the researcher also tries to seek whether the training process affects the
implementation in the work place of those who have participated in the training. The method
employed in this study is a qualitative method using deductive approach and active participation.
After conducting data collection, data processing, and analysis of the research result, it
can be concluded that the input aspect of the learning transfer process cannot be considered
optimum since the participants’ understanding concerning the governmental goods and service
supply process is still confined in theoretical understanding. The process aspect of the training is
the teaching and learning activity process that still use lecture training model in which the
participants only receive theoretical material. In output aspect, the alumni of the training are
given a chance to implement the material they obtained during the training process. However,
they should still be guided by the experienced committee of the goods and service supply. Based
on these findings, it can be stated that the learning transfer of the governmental goods and
service supply training has not been optimally carried out. The researcher provides a suggestion
through modifying the conducted training model by adding practicum model and “on the job
training” so that the participants perform the internship and learn the process directly according
to the scheme.
Keywords: Training, Learning Transfer