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“The Reasons and Factors Why the GA-11 student of St.

Peter’s College lost their Interest

in Studying”

A research proposal in

Practical Research 1

Submitted by:

Olanie H. Alang

Noraleah S. Pepe

Submitted to:

Ma’am Jessica Baculio

February 2018


1.1 Background

I. Overview
Schools are charged with the responsibility of preparing young people to become

productive citizens, capable of making a worthwhile contribution to society. Inherent in

this responsibility is the necessity to adequately engage students in their learning and

personal development so that this goal can be realized. For decades now, it has been

realized how crucial a role “interest” place in the learning process. Studying helps every

individual to enhance their knowledge through observing and getting information. Also,

studying requires understanding and focus.

II. Rationale

Nowadays, most of the students do not have the self control. They are easily distracted to

the things that’s surrounds them. Because of this, the researchers are encouraged to find

the reasons and factors why the GA – 11 students of St. Peter’s College lost their interest

in studying. One way to deal with the lack of interest is to find a ways to enhance their

motivation in studying.

1.2.Theoretical Framework
There are many different theories of how people learn. What follows is a variety of them, and it

is useful to consider their application to how your students learn and also how you teach in

educational programs. It is interesting to think about your own particular way of learning and to

recognize that everyone does not learn the way you do.

One of these, as forwarded by Burns in 1995 saying that learning as a relatively permanent

change in behavior with behavior including both observable activity and internal processes such

as thinking, attitudes and emotions.' It is clear that Burns includes motivation in this definition of

learning. Burns considers that learning might not manifest itself in observable behavior until

sometime after the educational program has taken place.

1.3. Conceptual Framework

This study aims to find the reasons, factors and result of why the GA – 11 students of St.

Peter’s College has lack of interest in studying.

Students lack of
interest in studying

Factors and Reasons

Solution and


1.4. Statement of the Problem

This study attempted to find the reasons and factors behind the lack of interest of the GA

– 11 students of St. Peter’s College in studying.

Specifically, this study aims to answer the following questions:

1. What are the main factors why the GA – 11 students of St. Peter’s College lost their

interest in studying?
2. How the GA – 11 students of St. Peter’s College will overcome the challenges they

3. What are the ways to solve their lack of interest in studying?

1.5 Scope and Limitation of the study

The researcher used the GA – 11 students of St. Peter’s College because there is an

increase rate of students who lack interest in studying.

1.6 Significance of the study

The findings of this research will redound to the benefit of the school especially to the

GA – 11 students of St. Peter’s College. This study can help us find the reasons and

factors behind the lack of interest in studying and this study can give us ways in finding

solution to overcome the challenges that the students encounter.

1.7 Definition of terms

Interest - The feeling of wanting to know or learn about something or someone.

Redound – to have a good or bad effect or result, as to the advantage or disadvantage of

a person or a thing

Crucial – involving an extremely important decision or result

Behavior - the way in which one acts or conducts oneself, especially toward others.

Attitude -a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one

that is reflected in a person's behavior.