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Student Unit Overview:

World War II:

Terms and People: Holocaust, Shoah, Nazism, Judaism, fascism, communism, concentration camps,
exile, Jesse Owens, Adolf Hitler, Anne Frank

I will know…

 What the difference between communism and fascism is.

 The difference between calling the genocide of Jewish individuals a Holocaust versus
The Shoah

Reading Literature:

Terms: figurative language, foreshadowing, metaphor, simile, personification, narrator,

perspective/P.O.V., symbols, connotation vs. denotation

Review terms: characterization, inference, evidence

I can…

 Identify figurative language and discuss how it enhances the meaning of a phrase or detail.
 Identify the narrator of a piece of literature and evaluate the author’s choice
 Use evidence to infer the characterization of a person in a book.
 Make connections between a text and my life, other texts, and the real world.

Writing Narrative:

Terms: purpose, audience, text type or structure, voice, allegory, dialogue, altered-book, peer review,
editing, draft, beginning, middle, end, pacing, events, details, free verse, stanza

I can…

 Identify purpose and audience in a text.

 Write a sequenced narrative with a beginning, middle, and end.
 Choose between specific events and details to sustain reader interest.
 Evaluate my peer’s work in a productive and helpful manner.
 Create my own story, choosing its structure, pacing, voice, and narrator.


During this unit, each night that is spent reading out of The Book Thief will also be spent filling out a
study guide paper that is meant to encourage and practice good reading strategies.

Unit Projects:

During this unit, you will create a piece of propaganda, practice and polish writing narrative poetry, and
create an altered book. You will end the unit with a final assessment, and a compare/contrast essay,
after watching The Book Thief movie.
Nov. 6 Nov. 7 Nov. 8 Nov. 9 10
No homework No homework HW: Read: Part 1, HW: Finish Part 1, HW: Finish Part 2
read until “The starting at “The Study Guide #3
Woman with the Other Side of Sand Study Guides 1 & 2 DUE
Iron Fist” Paper”
Study Guide #1 Study Guide #2

13 14 15 16 17
HW: Mind over HW: Read Part 3 HW: Finish Part 3 In class/HW: Part 4, HW: Part 4, read until
Media, until “The Aryan Study Guide #5 read until “The “Pages from the Basement”
Propaganda Shopkeeper” Wrath of Rosa” Study Guide #7
assignment, no Study Guide #4 Study Guide #6 Study Guides 3, 4, 5, & 6
reading Propaganda HW DUE

20 21 Happy Thanksgiving Break!!

HW: Read Part 5, HW: Finish Part
until “The Losers” 5, Study Guide #9
Study Guide #8 Study Guides 7 &

27 28 29 30 Dec. 1
HW: Backpack Backpack HW: Part 6, until HW: Part 7 until “The HW: Part 8, until “The
picture assignment DUE “Fresh Air,” Study Sky Stealer,” Study Hidden Sketchbook,”
assignment, no Guide #10 Guide #11 Study Guide #12
reading Study Guides 9, 10, & 11

4 5 6 7 8
HW: Part 9, until HW: Finish Part HW: Part 10, until No homework Study Guides 12, 13, 14, &
“The Accident,” 9, Study Guide “Little Black 15
Study Guide #13 #14 Book,”
Study Guide #15

11 12 13 14 15
Altered Book Altered Book Project
Project Week and DUE
Narrative Poetry

18 19 20 21 Happy winter break!

HW: Canvas HW: Canvas HW: Canvas HW: Final Canvas Enjoy writing your essay!
Discussion Discussion Discussion Discussion/Reflection