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Aug, 3, 2016


Dear Mr. Sherazi

Offer of Employment
I am pleased to offer you the position of Site Engineer starting on Aug, 3, 2016. I propose
that the terms of employment will be those in the attached draft individual employment
agreement Schedule A.
Please note that you are entitled to discuss this offer and to seek advice on the attached
proposed agreement with your family, a union, a lawyer, or someone else you trust. If you
want some information on your employment rights, you can also contact us on
Also, if you disagree with, or do not understand or wish to clarify anything in this offer, please
ring me to discuss any issue you wish to raise.
If you are happy with the proposed terms and wish to accept this offer of employment,
please sign the duplicate copy of this letter and return it to me by Aug, 10, 2016. In the
event I have not heard from you by that date, this offer will be automatically withdrawn on
that date. I look forward to working with you.
Yours sincerely
Syed Adnan Aqib

I, Iftkhar Ahmad Sherazi, confirm that I have read the terms of employment set out in this
letter and in the attached individual employment agreement, that I fully understand them
and their implications and that I now accept the offer of employment.
Iftkhar Ahmad Sherazi
Date: Aug, 5, 2016

Address: 26-C, BOR Society, Johar Town Lahore Tel: +92-42-35969822, Fax: +92-42-35969822
E-Mail: integratedengineers.int@gmail.com
Schedule A

Terms and Conditions of Employment

The following outlines the terms and conditions of employment with IEC. The Company reserves the
right to change these terms and conditions as necessary, with due notice.

Initial Reporting Manager Projects
Responsibilities Your job responsibilities include Site Execution, Project Progress etc.
While employed by the Company, you agree to work on a full-time basis
exclusively for the Company and agree that you shall not, while you are
employed by the Company, be employed or engaged in any capacity, in
promoting, undertaking or carrying on any other business that competes
with the Company or interferes or could reasonably interfere with your
duties to the Company without our prior written permission.

Salary Amount PKR 480,000/Month

Status Full-time
Start Date Aug, 03, 2016
End Date Permanent
Payroll Schedule Your salary will be paid each month on cash basis
Benefits You shall be entitled to participate in all benefit plans of IEC as may be
made available to employees of IEC from time to time for which you are
eligible. You will receive complete details of all benefits plans as part of
your new employee orientation, and enrolment will take place.
Probationary To assess your fit within IEC, the first three (3) months of your
Period employment will constitute a probationary period. At any time during this
probationary period, IEC may terminate your employment without cause
and without advance notice or pay in lieu of notice. If this occurs, we
would have no further obligation to you, financial or otherwise.
Policies and IEC has established a variety of policies and standards that ensure a safe,
Standards enjoyable working environment. During the period of your employment
with us, you agree to be bound by these policies and standards, and any
future policies and standards that are reasonably introduced by the
Company. It is agreed that the introduction and administration of these
policies is within the sole discretion of IEC and that these policies do not
form a part of this Agreement. It is agreed that if IEC introduces, amends
or deletes employment-related policies as conditions warrant that such
introduction, deletion or amendment does not constitute a breach of this

Address: 26-C, BOR Society, Johar Town Lahore Tel: +92-42-35969822, Fax: +92-42-35969822
E-Mail: integratedengineers.int@gmail.com

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