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Effect if ball milling time on the mechanical properties of ABS/ graphene nanocomposite.

Ball mills also known as centrifugal or planetary mills are equipment used to grind materials to
colloidal fineness .Ball Milling is a type of grinder mostly used among industry such as ceramics, paints
,medicine , insecticides and more in order to grind and blend materials. Ball milling is a materials
synthesis technique also mostly used specific application in the production of metallic coating,
nanocomposite materials and alloys. The mechanics of the ball milling works when reactant powders are
mixed together with stainless steel balls are shaken rapidly inside a ball mill. As a result, it will create a
rapid collision each other between the ball mill and the reactant powder due to high subjected energy
collision to becoming decrease the size of the reactant particles.

Figure 1:- Schematic view of motion of the ball and powder mixture.

Based on the schematic view above, the figure shows the motions of the mill balls and the
powder rotated inside the milling bowl. Thus, the rotation between the milling bowl and the turn dis are
opposite in order to create a centrifugal force. The powder mixture will rolling on the inner wall of the
bowl including striking the opposite wall. During the rotation, the milling ball will create the impact
energy 40 times higher than due to gravitational acceleration striking the wall together. (W.Cao 2007)

W.Cao (2007). "Synthesis of Nanomaterials by High Energy Ball Milling." Retrieved 29.9.2015, from
Milling is a method use as a particle size reduction by using the process mechanical breakdown of solids
into smaller particle without changing the state of aggregation .It is very useful to create a particle
become a certain size and shape including nano size by increasing the surface are of the particle under
certain condition and operation.