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Welcome to Arcadia Quest: Battle Royale!

Game Objective: To become the best guild in Arca- Insta-Curses: When a Hero dies, the hero draws a
dia!, you do that by earning a number of points for death curse card. If he already had a curse card this
different deeds you will do during the game. new curse card substitutes the previous one.
Necessary components: Only the Base game! Either Monster level: Monsters level up in Battle Royale,
Arcadia or Inferno, but having at least 1 expansion every monster starts at level 3 (except the final Major
will add value and variety to the game. Villains who are level 6 since the start). Effectively
every-other respawn, monsters go up a level. To keep
track of this use two D6 next to the graveyard track,
1- Set up the board as shown on the map (depending whenever a respawn is triggered add 1 to the lowest
on the game you own/want to use). die, the lowest die marks the monster level, replace
Please note that only the monster type is shown in the the monster cards as needed.
map, you can essentially place any monster of that Reward Cards: If a hero Kills a Villain other than an
type you want, you can mix monsters from different Angel he draws a reward card at random and may
expansions and base games here. Also when placing equip it immediately on any hero.
copies of the same monster spread them as symmetri-
Resting: During a guild rest the player may buy up to
cally as possible on the entire board so each player
two equipment cards from the vending Machine and
faces the same monsters in the initial turns.
(if you own spares) hire a Hero, the cost is equal to
Also note there are 2 Major Villains in the setup, use the current number of heroes in the guild, coins must
a proxy figure for the second one if needed. be spent before chest exploration tokens.
2- Set up the player boards and guilds as if you were
Resurrecting: Heroes may not resurrect in the Major
just starting a regular campaign. Villain rooms. If you have more than 3 heroes in your
Randomly decide player order, then give 1 Gold (G) guild you may resurrect a spare hero instead of the
to the second player, 2G to the third and 3G to the one that just died.
fourth player. Vending Machine: The 6 upgrade cards beside the
3- Take all of the monster cards for each monster board form the “Vending Machine”, each time a
type you are using and arrange them in piles showing card is purchased draw another card. Each time
the level 2/3 cards on top (for final villain level 6). there is a respawn place the 6 cards on the bottom of
the deck and draw 6 new cards. If monsters level up
4– Shuffle all the level 3 equipment cards and put 6
on that respawn the new cards should be of the new
of them facing up next to the board, these will be the
monster level (so the vending machine levels up).
available items in the “vending machine”.
If there are monsters using damnation mechanics use
5– Select at least 8 reward cards, shuffle them and only the inferno upgrade cards for balance.
place them beside the board facing down.
Killing a Hero: Killing a hero provides 3 Gold. If a
6– Set up any mechanism you want to keep track of Hero is “overkilled” (see “Owning extra heroes”) set
body count by guild you may just use a piece of paper it aside, it provides points at the end of the game.
to take note.
Body Count: Keep track for each enemy each guild
7– Draft level 1 and 2 upgrade cards as in “episodic has killed and additionally keep killed villain and
mode”. Set initial monster level and vending ma- overkilled hero miniatures to count the bonus points
chine to 3, final monster to 6. at game end.

Exploration Tokens: During set up if you don't have Owning extra heroes:
enough exploration tokens use guild quest tokens in- Hero Overkill: If a hero receives in one attack as
stead, a guild token may be traded for any used ex- many wounds as twice his total wounds (including
ploration token at any time. upgrade cards), he dies permanently, discard the he-
When doing monster respawn, if the board ran out of ro and one random upgrade card the hero had. The
exploration tokens, also respawn 1 exploration token guild that killed the hero may buy that discarded up-
on each respawn space. grade during a rest action.
Tiles 4A and 20A: The center space is now a raised Shopping for heroes: While resting any guild may
platform. The center space is not considered close to draw 5 unused hero cards at random and purchase a
any other space (except for winged miniatures). It is hero additionally to purchasing upgrade cards. He-
considered as always having two enemies for LoS pur- roes cost as many Gold as the number of heroes in
poses (blocks LoS across, but from the platform itself the guild.
ranged attacks can be performed), fountain corners Bounties: While resting, a guild may place (or in-
don't block LoS diagonally. crease) a bounty on any enemy hero by placing 1 gold
Capture the Flag: Each guild puts one of his guild ex- from the bank on any hero card. The bounty can be
haust markers (or a quest token) in its starting area collected by killing the hero. If the hero is overkilled
next to a door, treat these as if they were quest tokens double the bounty awarded.
for all purposes If a hero belonging to the same guild
as the quest token gains it, place it again in its start- End of the Game:
ing area instead. A guild that has 3 enemy guild quest The game ends when:
tokens also triggers endgame. If playing less than 4 A– Either major villain is killed
place a spare guild token and a villain guarding it. B– A guild has 3 enemy quest tokens
Quest tokens provide points on game end. C– A Guild has overkilled 3 any Heroes
Using Beyond the grave: You may use the Tombstone On that moment players count their victory points:
cards from BtG,: During setup remove the “wake the
Killing Stuff: 1 point for each killed enemy.
dead” and “reckoning“ cards, deal all cards evenly
to each player. Tombstone cards are kept in hand, a Killing the main Major Villain: 4 points
player may play 1 card during his turn. Any other Villains Killed: 1 Point/Villain/Hero-OKd
Using Pets: Guilds start with no pets. During setup, “PJ Killer”: Guild with most Heroes overkilled 3
place a wild pet in each of the designated spaces. Pets points.
level up automatically, whenever the monsters reach
Capture the flag: Each Enemy guild token 3 points
level 4 pets upgrade to level 2, when monsters reach
level 5 pets upgrade to level 3. Wild Pets don't flee. If Inferno only: Remove 1 point from the total for each
using pets put Place Vexia in the first spot of the 3 damnation tokens the guild has (rounding up).
graveyard track. The guild with the most total points wins the game.
Using Arcadia Quest inferno: Damnation tokens pro-
vide negative points at the end of the game (see end
of the game). Angels don't give Reward cards, in-
stead if killed they join the guild of the hero that
killed them.

Major Villain minor Villain Major minion minor minion

MOAR! Variant: If you own any more content other than the base game you
may add a Minor Villain next to each pink portal and place a Villain (minor or
Major) in the first spot of the graveyard track upon setup.

Major Villain minor Villain Major minion minor minion

Recommended Setup: Place 4 angels in the central square corners.

MOAR! Variant: If you own any more content other than the base game you may
add a Major Minion next to each pink portal.

6 Player Scenario for Battle Royale 1– Purchase from the shop
2– Resurrect Heroes
The Temple rush! 3– Remove exhaustion tokens
There are problems in the temple district, the four 4- Redistribute upgrade cards
temples have fallen to the forces of hell and the an- You may pass the turn marker after step 2 and con-
gels have already gone mad and started acting like tinue with steps 3 and 4 during the next player turn if
monsters! The situation is so dire that 6 guilds have the other players agree.
been called to control the situation. The guilds need
to fight their way through any of the 3 north temple 4– Death by Monsters: Only the neighbouring players
altars to get to the south temple and kill the overlord (sitting left and right) receive a gold coin upon hero
waiting in the south temple. It is rumored that the death by monster.
overlord is guarded by a bodyguard that may show up 5- Spawn Tile: The spawn tile (AKA graveyard track)
in any place of the city! should have 7 spaces rather than 5 when playing 6
For this scenario you will need the same requirements players. (6 spaces if playing 5). You may use both
as fall of arcadia (combining both Arcadia Quest and spawn tiles in order to mark this overlapping them.
Arcadia Quest Inferno. Place a MV in the first spot of the track during setup.

Playing 5-6 players has some special rules: 6– Vending Machine: Use 2 rows of 5 items for the
vending machine one composed of Inferno items and
1– Setup: During setup place 2-3 guilds with Inferno other with Base arcadia, or a single row of 10 items.
starter packs and 3 guilds with arcadia starter packs.
If you have BtG substitute the vile trident with the 7- Death Curses: Shuffle curse cards from both sets.
sickle in the inferno starting packs.
2- Simultaneous turns: During setup take 2 different Proposed Setup for 6 player Battle Royale:
markers that can be easily passed on and are clearly
visible to other players in the table. 1– Place Angels in the temple
open areas as minor villains
Randomly define first player and give him marker A, guarding the door.
then give marker B to the 4th player. For starting gold
1st and 4th players get 0, 2nd and 5th 1and 3rd and 2– Place the Judge, Bellya’al as
6th 2. minor Villains in 2 of the closed
areas of the 3 temples
Players will be considered “active player” and take a (remember that these mV start
turn whenever they have a marker with one re- already at level 5), killing these
striction: Both markers need to be passed on to the minor villains gives 3 points at the end of the game
next player at the same time. instead of 1.
In case of direct interaction or conflict, Marker A ac-
tions are to be resolved before Marker B. Marker A
Major Villain minor Villain
always take precedence and is resolved first.
3– Resting: During resting take the resting actions on
this order: Major minion minor minion


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