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Lesson planning
Lesson Plan Cover Sheet
Name: Ana Padilla Date 30.11.13

Level: Upper-Intermediate TP No. 8

Lesson Type: Listening Time: 10.15 - 11.00 Length: 45

Class profile: 12 Ages 25-55 Materials/Aids: Own material & CD with


Main Aim: By the end of the lesson SS will have practiced listening for gist and
detail through a song “Slipping through my fingers”, sung by Meryl Streep

Secondary aims: students will also have practiced speaking for fluency about a
memorable growing up experience

Assumptions ss will be familiar with the topic and will enjoy telling their stories to each

Anticipated problems / solutions

Problems Solutions

- I will not pre-teach the vocabulary as I had - check MPF only if ss don’t understand
initially thought to do, as ss are bound to . elicit words and ask CCQs to check
know “guilty” and “absent-minded” (from understanding
Naomi’s last lesson). However, ss may have . drill words and board stress and
problems with the meaning of “slipping phonemes
through my fingers”. . board vocabulary to show correct
spelling and part of speech

- monitor carefully when checking in pairs

to see which areas they struggled with
- the listening is long and ss may want to - be prepared to fast forward the CD to the
hear it a third time or more. difficult sections so the ss can get the

- skip the first follow up speaking task.

-time may run short (particularly if ss need

to listen to conversation again) - tell ss to think of another story to tell
each other or in error correction stage
make ss correct errors in pairs instead of
- may have extra time as a class

Teacher/personal aims:
Adapting tasks- think of a context to create an information gap to make the 4c
feedback more communicative
Improve the transitioning between tasks 5d
Lesson planning
Finish on time 5k

Vocabulary Analysis Form

How are you Pronunciation Analysis What’s the meaning? How are you
going to write going to check understanding?
form on board? E.g. picture/mime/CCQs
=to escape from someone
To slip from