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Aradia, mia Aradia,

You, with the moon in your step,

You, with the moon in your feet,
clad in the sky, covered in starlight,
grant me this favor benevolent spirit,
Altar of Diana, daughter of the moon,
I will walk in your moon steps;
I will dance; I will leap;
I will eat; I will drink;
I will learn your mother's craft,
the witch's craft, the crafty knowledge.
I drink, as you drank, the milk of wisdom
from your mother's breast.
Pure spirit, mortal spirit,
Woman and Goddess both,
walk in my circle.
Aradia, beautiful Aradia.

Aradia, bella Aradia, la donna di potere, la regina della streghe, a te invoco e te
chiamo ad alta voce, appari di fronte noi.

English Translation
Aradia, beautiful Aradia, powerful woman, queen of the witches, I invoke you and
call you with an upraised voice, come now to us.

We invoke thee
Queen of queens
A-ra-d-ia A-ra-d-ia
Come to us
In all our dreams
A-ra-d-ia A-ra-d-ia
Blessed Goddess
From above
A-ra-d-ia A-ra-d-ia
Grant us peace
Grant us love
A-ra-d-ia A-ra-d-ia
Lead thy children
Here below
A-ra-d-ia A-ra-d-ia
Let us all
Thy secrets know
A-ra-d-ia A-ra-d-ia
Perfect love
And perfect trust
A-ra-d-ia A-ra-d-ia
Lest we turn all
Into dust
A-ra-d-ia A-ra-d-ia
Let the milk
Be spinning round
A-ra-d-ia A-ra-d-ia
Queen of life
Where all are bound
A-ra-d-ia A-ra-d-ia
Upwards upwards
On and on
A-ra-d-ia A-ra-d-ia
Fill our souls
With thee are one
A-ra-d-ia A-ra-d-ia
Nearer nearer
Nearer come
A-ra-d-ia A-ra-d-ia
(Intonation of the seven sacred vowels, three times, completes the chant.)