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Volume 5 The Georgia State College for Women, Milledgeville, Ga.

, July 2, 1930 Number 14

Succesful Summer School EndsJuly 18


President Beeson Will Present Degrees a«d Diplomas to Ona Hundred flUdfiUff. The English comedy, School, Pre-
sented in four acts by Dr. Alice C.
Eighteen. CIa:.s Will Be Addressed by Professor T. J. Hunter., a member of the English
Lanes, Young Harris College Kew Articles of Historical Value faculty, fulfilled all promises for an
State Supi. M. L. Duggan and State
Constantly Being Added evening of fun.
School Supervise!]", Profesor
The thirteenth Summer, School will Rica; Frances Williams, Woodbury; Collection of Swords Given The play in spite of two of the
main characters being called away Downs, Speak
•end a most successful session, July Emma Lucile Wright, Atlanta; Mary
•eighteenth, with commencement ex- Martinez Young, Fitzgerald; Mary The Georgia History Museum, now for unavoidable reasons at the last
ercises at 10:30 A. M., at which more Ycungblood, Milledgeville. located in Parks Hall, is one of the minute, went through without a hitch.
The two young ladies who so kindly G. S. C. W. students have been
than one hundred young women will most interesting features on the cam-
Batchelor of Science in Home Eco- pus. stepped into the breach made good fortunate in having several disting-
receive their degrees and diplomas. The Museum, established by
in every respect. uished visitors speak in chapel. Many
nomics the History Club and Dr. Amanda
President Lance, of Young Harris other prominent educators are ex-
Johnson, contains a large collection The cast went through their parts
College, will deliver a short inspira- Cornelia Chappell, Columbus; Floy pected to visit G. S. C. W. during
of interesting articles. like seasoned actors.
tional address, after which the de- Miriam Creel, Union City; Edith Lee the summer session.
crees and diplomas will be awarded Recently into the hands of Dr. The characters included: Miss An-
Funderburk, Bainbridge; Willie Mae State Supt. M. L. Duggan and the
nette Cox as Bella; Mass Geraldine
by President Beor,on. This marks Gower, Dacula; Grace Gregg, Man- Johnson have come various articles new State School Supervisor, Pro-
the close of the largest summer of historical value for the Museum. Bray as Naomi; Miss Vivian Barn-
chester; Helen Jo Holsenbeck, Gray; fessor. Downs, were guests of G. S.
school ever held on the campus of Among them are a piece of the bat- well, Tilly; Miss Virginia McLendon,
Frances Yarbrough, Milledgeville. C. W. Friday, June 13. Dr. Duggan
th;> Georgia State Colleges for Wo- tleship, Maine, which was presented Laura; Miss Elizabeth McLendon,
Collegiate Normal Course gave and interesting' talk to the
IV; on. by Mrs. Norman Edwards. Sara F. Milly; Mi:s Willie Mae Stowe, Clara;
Frances Bridge^, Dawson; Mar- Ed-.yar.ds Patterson has given a Joe students and Prof. Downs led the
Miss Mary Kennedy, Child; Miss
The candidates for graduation )n- celle Putnam Butler, Marietta; Mil- Brown Pike used in the war between devotional exercises. Tuesday, June
Mabel Bra'ntley, Jack; Miss Mary
elude the following: dred G. Butler, Cairo; Ethel Florence the States. Mrs. Warren and fam- 17, Mrs. J. L. Beeson introduced at
Cross, Krux; Miss Ella Iloliis, Dr.
Carter, Jackson; Martha Alice Crow- ily have presented a five piece, col- the chapel exercises officers of the
Batchelor of Art? Sutdiffe; Miss Jennie Lee Cooley,
der, Milner; Rossie Culbreath, Moul- lection of old swords. Dr. J. L. Mrs. Sutcliffe; Miss Sara Singleton, D. A. R., who were visitors in Mil-
Mary Leone Bennett, Hazlehurst; trie; Lois Lee Darrington, Decatur; Beeson gave a cannon ball picked up Lord Beaufoy; this part was taken ledgeville. The ,guests were Mrs.
Clara Mae Cowart, Fair Mount; Sara Helen Munford Domingos, Macon; in Government Square Park. by Miss Catherine Allen after Miss Bun Wyle, Atlanta, Ga., State Regent
Marjorie DuPree, Sunny Side; Mary Singleton was called away Sunday of D. A. R., Mrs. Eli Thomas, At-
Williams Cross, Sfcatesboro; Willena When an orti^e of historical
Elizabeth Dur.den, Graymont; Beulah night. Miss Martha Stovall took the lanta, Ga., Regent of Atlanta Chap-
.Fort, North, S. C ; Gertrude Gilmore, value is given to be placed in Geor-
Pennington Everett, Irwinton; Julia part of Far.intosh; Miss Mae Ktiiles ter D. A. R. They spoke of the work
p^T^'itiough; Lill Katharine- Hailey, gia History Museum, it is put in
Katherine Edwing, Covington; Vir- was Hettie but because of illness w"s being done in the state by the or-
" Sarasota, Fla.; Nan Humby, Clay- a glass case ,Avhich is locked with unable to take her part, this was ganization.
ton; Dale Hamrick, Fair Mount; Re- ginia Marshall Frazier, Leland, Miss.;
name of the donor, the county from taken by Miss Martha Chapman.
becca Holbx*ook, Atlanta; Madelyn Rli&sa Mae Giddens, Swainsboro; Among those expected to speak
which it was obtained, and the date. Miss 'Gertrude Gilmore was pianist.
Vaught Jordan, Whigham; May At- Catherine Elizabeth Oilman, Milledge- to the students during the summer,
If particularly (historical, a bijief
wood Kittles, Valona; Evelyn Mar- ville; Bennie Lee Hall, Coleman; Tis play was written by Thomas are: Kyle T. Alfriendf Sec. G. E. A.
item is written about it. All pic- Supt. J. L. Yaden, Pres. G. E. A.,
tin, Newnan; Marion Douise May- Marion Harrison, Augusta; Ray William Robertson, famous English
tures of Governors, Famous Women, Prof. Geo. D. Goddard, and F. M.
field, Milledgeville; Etteinne Me- Kathryn Ivey, McBean; Dorris Vennie playwright, very popular with col-
and Statesmen of Georgia are to be Greene in charge of rehabilitation
Craine, Willacoochee; Eugenia Mc- Lindsey, Tennille; Estelle Lovvorn, celege students. He was founder of
framed. work and Dr. Harry Clark, Pres.
Donald, Fitzgerald; Marjorie Kath- Carrollton; Claramond Bess Lummus, the "teacup and saucer" school of
Covington; Cora Lee McEver, Eaton- Any contribution to this collection drama. Judson College.
leen McGee, Milledgeville; Jane
Elizabeth McLendon, Grovetown; ton; Sara Jane McGahee, Greenville; 'will be greatly appreciated, pictures
Frances Carolyn McMullan, Jones- Elizabeth McMillan, LaGrange; Ruth and slave diaries ar,e especially val- WHEN JANE TAKES A HAND
boro; Linnie Methvin, Dexter; Katie Powell Moore, Villa Rica; Elizabeth uable. By contriibutiing 'to this
Overstreet, Iron City; Laura Louise Museum you .are allowing others to
Louvenia Moore, Greensboro; Elinor
Cliff, Moultrie; Mary Addie Parker, Parramore, Boston; Dorothy Smith share with you your prized historical The play, "When Jane Takes A Many members of the G. S. C. W.
Donaldsonville; Willie Sue "Roberts, Paschal!',, Harlem; Jane Rambo, treasures and enabling Georgians Hand," the first of a series of de-
Blakely; Mary Julia Ratchford, Bar- of today to understand and appreci- faculty are attending various sum-
Social Circle; Farise Lillian Sasser, lightful entertainments arranged for
tow; Evelyn Vivian Redfern, Pavo. ate the Georgia of yesterday. mer schools, working for higher de-
Bonaire; Sadye Louise Tanner, Mont- the summer school, was most suc-
rose; Kathryn Georgia Taylor, grees. Among those attending Co-
Collegiate Normal Course cessfully presented by the Jonnson
Greensboro; Mrs. Kathe'rine Greer . BOWELL TO TALK AT G.' players, under the capable supervis-
lumbia are: Misses Annie Harper,
Effie Powell Shine, Columbus;
Tunnell, Milledgeville; Frances Syl- S. C. W. NEXT THURSDAY sion of Dr. Amanda Johnson, head of Frances Thaxton, Winifred Fowler,
Lucile Simpson, /Rockmar't; Jennie
vesta Woodard, Dublin. the history department, Thursday Sara Bigham, Katherine Butts, Stella
Lee Smith, Woodland; Izora Loyd Dr. Spright Do well, president of .June 12, 1930. Stelle, Helen Greene, Mrs. Allene
Batchelor of Science in Education Thomas, Patterson; Ina Mae Toler, Mercer University, will speak to the The acting was unusually good Owens, Mrs. H. S. Wooten. Those at
Irwiriton'; Kaltherine 'Tyler, Monti- G. S. C. W. summer school students
Lila Frances Boswell, Greens- cello; Una Violet Umphrey, Hinson, the principal characters being: Miss Peabody are: Misses Alice Napier,
next Thursday at the chapel exer- Bobbie Burns, as Jimmie, an estim-
boro; Clara Emma Brake, Savanah; Fla.; Margaret Eloise Ward, Iron Clara Morris and Mrs. Mary Joyce
cises. Dr. Dowell is one of the prom- able young man; Miss Frances Jack-
Sara Elizabeth Callahan, East Point; City; Florrie White, Moultrie; Eliza- Ireland. At the University of Geor-
inent educators of the South and is son, Archibald, the black imp; Miss
Georgia Kathe'rine (Calloway, Tal- beth Wood, Atlanta; Odessa Woot- gia, Mrs. Lynward Smith.
interested in educational problems. Josephine Proctor, Mr. Pendleton,
botton; Sara Louise Cook, Social ten, Abbeville;.
He will speak to the teachers about not too old for romance; Miss Mil-
Circle; Emma Davis, Meigs; Eunice
Collegiate Normal English Course their problems and how to meet
Godley, Woodbine; Sally Hall, Mil- dred O'Neal, Jimmie's father; Miss by the history club of G. S. C. W.
Sarah Butt, Columbus; Adelyn them. His address will no doubt be Gertrude Cooper, Mammy Josephine;
ledgeville; Ruby Lee Henderson, and was so successful that Dr. Scott,
Veryl Grier, Blakely; Essie Clark a most interesting and inspirational Miss Kathryn Duggan; Jane's cousin
Eton; Ann Stallings Hicks, Rome; Director of the summer school ask-
Hall, Miami, Fla.; Vera Lee Jackson, one to the teachers and students from New York; Miss Lillian Brown,
Ruth Thornton Hightower, Americus; ed them to present it again for the
Winder; Helen Jones, Gibson; Marie at summer school. Mr. Dare, Jane's father; Miss Mary
Gleo Johnson, Waycross; Alvaretta summer school.
Louise McComb, Milledgeville. Bchannan, Jane's aunt from New
Josephine Kenan, Statesboro; Clara
Duncan Lanier, Dublin; Lois Lord, Collegiate Normal Home Economics York; Miss Dorcas Paicker ,a social
Course FOR THE FOURTH OF JULY climber; Miss Annie Joe Moye, Jane
Toomsboro; 'Ruth Lord, Jefferson;
On the afternoon of July the fourth Dare; Miss Claire Flanders, the so- TO OUR ADVERTISERS
Wilma Martin, Bronwood; Margaret Martha Emily Cary, Georgetown.
MeCutcheon, Columbus; Vesta Mer- Collegevia'te NoVmal Commerc^l there will be a baseball game be- cial climber's daughter; Miss Caro-
tween the G. S. C. W. Co-eds and lyn Russell, the housekeeper; Edna The advertisers in this issue
ritt, Temple; Cornelia Montgomery, Course :
the regular students. Miss Mildred DeLeMar, Mr. Smith, boarder. have helped to make this paper
Commerce; Mildred O'Neal, Green- Marguerite Arthur, Quitman; Nell
Butler is at the head of the girls' Another impressive feature of the possible. Their cooperation is ap-
ville; Gertrude Peacock, Eastman; Williams, Quitman.
squad nad Mr. E. C. Jordan leads the entertainment was the art gallery of preciated. The staff urges every
Ellen Rambo, Blakely; Loyce Abbie A special train has been chartered
coeds. The gjame will be played famous works of art, represented by summer school sutdent to patro-
Ray, Macon; Mrs. Annie Lane over the Central of Georgia Railroad,
strictly by girls' rules. Members cf beautiful living figures from the nize those who have been so gen-
Sharpe, Rocky Ford; Mary Simpson, leaving .after the Commencement
the teams will not be chosen until the student body. erous with their, aid.
Milledgeville; Mary Cratch Span;ow, Exercises. Connections out of Ma-
Hawkinsville; Mary R. Talley, Villa con will be held for this train. morning of the fourth. This play was presented last spring

<* G E X
& 8

May Kitties, Mrs. Annie Lane Sharp, Eleanor Fountain

a s..c. w. THE ALUMNAE
"SILENCE," PLEASE! For The Alumnae For G* S. C>
Pop! The cork is out. But its sound
BADGE OF IDENTIFICATION? "Why study", says Silly Sally Do-1 is the one inconsistency of the scene
Have you heard the walls tremble
nothin, "life's too short to both- Could any kind friend mention a When all the Smiths assemble —a quiet group of aristocrats-. We ^craoXiO^ooro.'c^c-.cfo^
Is there no way to identify mat-
rons? The matrons look so youth- ered with that! Eesides studying course to me—one of those cinch Their vast, indomitable clan even forget the question under dis-
doesn't get you any where. Just lis- town, Ga.; Sadie Coram, Beneval Josephine Pritchett, Griffin, Ga.; ley, Cochran, Ga.; Alice E. Brinson,
ful, it is difficult to distinguish them courses that is easy, needs no library That in all progress leads the van? cussion as the ice "plunks" into the NORMAL GRADUATES RETURN or Chambliss, Plains, Ga.; Sara Har-
ten to this, now. The more you glasses. We lose all admiration for rison, Arlington, Ga.; Flora Holli- ence, G;a.; Catherine Crowe!!, Perry, Reaux Mitchum, Milledgeville, Ga.; Columbus, Ga.; Ruth Brooks, Mc-
from the girls. For the sake of the work and allows one to keep a Like demigods of ancient myths FOR WORK TOWORDS DEGREES Jennie Louise Rivers, Louisville, Ga.; Rae, Ga,; Mildred Brown, Cordele,
young men on the campus the facul- study, the more you know. The more schoolgirl disposition?" Dot begged This dauntless regiment of Smiths a handsome face when the squeak day, Florence, S , C ; Glennie Ken- Ga.; Sunora Dumas, Gray, Ga.; Mary
you know, the more you forget. The of a shoe discloses that our "ideal Kate Ellis, Metter, Ga.; Zena Gar- Sara Roberts, Milledgeville, Ga.; Ga.; Carroll J. Butts, Milledgeville,
ty of the G. S. C. W. should be re- as she sank wearily down on her Goes sweeping on and on and on, When one fourth of the enroll- nedy Riddle (Mrs. H. S.) Alley, Ga.; ner, Warthen, Ga.; Frances Hall, Margaret Rockjwe]'] y.'^ledgcville, Ga.; Katherine Calloway, Talbotton,
more you forget, the less you know. man" walks "pigeon-toed." We can
quested to require all matrons to steaming little cot and faced her And not one of them is christened ment of a Summer School consists' Mary Sparrow, HawkinsvJ|te, Ga.; Kathleen, Ga.; Ellen Graham, Mil- Ga.; Mary Catherine Russell, Mc- Ga.; Annie Sarah Camp, Fairburn,
Therefore, the more you study, the barely restrain our excitement when
wear some badge of identification. roommate,—a senior, with a high John. of graduates of that College come Annie Stem'bridge, Ella Gap, Ga.; ner, Ga.; Sallie Hailey, 122 S. Links Donough, Ga.; Carrie Mae Shivers, Ga.
less you know. On the other hand,
One evening at the picture show and mighty air. In countless tasks they prove their an escape is being accomplished. back to go further in their work, a Annie Tod, Atlamaha, Ga.; Louise Ave., Sarasota, Ga.; Evelyn Hum- 221 Fourth Ave., S. W., Moultrie, The Alumnae, who are teaching
the less you study, the less you know. Then, at the tensest moment, the
a youthful looking matron came into "Well," began Mary, so well versed pitch, great compliment has been paid the Tod, Altamaha, Ga. Ga.; Eva Simpson, Hardwick, Ga.; in the college during the Summer,
the auditorium and seated herself on The less you know, the le;-:s you for r
in college courses that sire went This tribe denominated Smith, whirr of a motor annoys us. Our College; and the quality of its sev- 1921—Ruth Arnold, 310 Ramsey phires, Meriwether, Ga.; Margaret
get. The less you forget, the more Lewis, Bjainbridge, Ga.; Cornelia Lila K. Smith, Odessadale, Ga.; Sa- make a splendid showing-. They are:
the second row to the rear of the
you know. So, the less you study, only from force of hob'it, "I've been They stand their ground and have not thrill comes jostling down. vice is indeed well established. St., Dublin, Ga.; Pauline Belk, Buena
Lowe, Buena Vista, Ga.; Mary Mal- rah Stokes, Albany, Ga.; Nell Swint, Gertrude Anderson, A. B. Degree
middle tier of seats, exactly in the here four years, and if there ever quailed We miss our foreign favorites who We welcome the three hundred Vista, Ga.; Clara Emma Brake, 1918 lard, Statesboro, Ga.; Julia McCall, Gibson, Ga.; Ella Thompson, Hard- 1921 Hawki,nsville, Ga.; Valeritinc
the more you know. Now, isn't that are learning to talk. Or, when
center of the row. Who expected was one that was easy, I wasn't en- Though, Hall, Morgan, Moore might members of the Alumnae Associa- Barnard St., Savannah, Ga.; Emmie Pitts, Ga.; Kathryn McGoogan, Quit- wick, Ga.; LaVerne Thompson, Abbe- Barron, B. S. Degree 1928 Gray, Ga.;
sound philosophy?" "doubles" do their speaking parts,
a matron to do a think like, that? rolled. Dot, you might as well recon- have failed. tion who come back to their Alms. Kate Bristow, Crawfordsville, Ga,; man, Ga.; Elizabeth McLendon, ville, Ala.; Elizabeth. Townsend, Florence Barnett, B. S. Degree 1929
Suddenly a dashing young fellow To which Kranky Karrie Know— we are disappointed. Our strong, Mater for further work. We are Elsie Kennedy Pitman (Mrs. Elsie Grovetown, Ga.; Marian McMichacl, Greensboro, Ga.; Mildred Veatch, Asheville, N. C.; Mary Bacon Brooks,
cile yourself to ifock-bottom facts I will not dim the fair renown
came and could find none of the it—all replied, "How utterly prepo- Of Johnson, Jfones, Williams and brave man may dis tsug"uvdp hardl proud of their desire to return and K.) Plains, Ga.; Jessie Richardson, Jackson, Ga.; Linnie Methvin, Dex- Milledgeville, Ga.; Grace Whigham, B. S. 1925 Milledgeville, Ga.; Rosa-
no wand get to work.
many vacant seats to his liking ex- storious! why study? Ah, My dear, Brown; shrill squeak; our daintiest star is proud that the College should so Ivey, Ga.; Gladys Stembridge, Mil- ter, Ga.; Virginia Mixon, Rochelle, Box 564, Thomasville, Ga.; Florrie bel Burch, B. S. 1926 807 Crawford
be master of your surroundings. By "Anyway," Dot cheerfully answ-
cept the middle seat in the next to liable to have a harsh rumble. render the services of scholarship--- ledgeville, Ga.
ered, "I wish some teacher with a big- But when I count the kin and kith Ga.; Elinor. Olliff, Tylertown, Miss.; White, Moultrie, Ga,; Jeanette White, Ave., Augusta, Ga.; Mary Elliott, B.
the last row. Gladly these seated on only fifteen minutes study a day you Who could follow the unraveling- 1922—iG'ussie Butler, Camilla, Ga.; Lillian Riles, Cordele, Ga.; Annie B. Chipley, Ga.; Anna Williams, Ty Ty, S. Degree 1930 Norcross, Ga.; Mary
heart would let us come to class in Who bear the honored name of Smith character building—and hospitality
the row accorded the young man the will be enabled to understand the I say, "God bless you everyone," of a mystery when the bang of a for which for so many years G. S. Evelyn Fleema(n, Winterville, 'Ga.; Rowan, McDonough, Ga.; Beulah Ga.; Cornelia Witherington, Dexter, Evans, B. S. 1928 Milledgeville, Ga.;
the cool part of the day, and then
privilege of crawlitig over their laps mysteries o fthe universe, to enjoy For the Master knows what he has door follows every dectective? The C. has been famous. Sara Sims, Hollenshead, Lincolnton, Scarborough, Cordele, Ga.; Mildred Ga.; Ila Cade Williams, Greenville, Mabry Harper, B. S. 1928 Milledge-
to reach the desired place. to their fullest extent the beauties serve refreshments." heroine's sobs irritate us so we can't Ga.; Lottie Parker, ,Sylvania, Ga.; Stell, Fayetteville, Ga.; Selma Sher- Ala.; Elizabeth Camp, Fairburn, Ga.; ville, Ga.; Maggie Jenkins, B. S.
done. K. K. Scott,
Did he occupy the first vacant of art, to appreciate the magic "Oh, for goodnesssake, Dot, snap sympathise properly. Husbands are President Alumnae Assio. Eugenia Thompson, Tennille, Ga. rer, Milledgeville, Ga.; Margaret Era Childs, Omaha, Ga.; Mray Lee 1928 Dooling, Ga.; Bernice Brown
seat? Oh, no, a place was reserved rhythm of words." out of it. This is college, not fairy- 24—Smiths disappointed to fin dthat all the cry- 1898—Mary Jordan Smith, (Mrs. 1923—Mary Louise Battle Rob-
And, then, red headed, freckled land." 1G—Williams Elizabeth Vickery, Hartwell, Ga.; Clegg, Scotland, Ga.; Thelma Cole- McCulhr (Mrs. C. B.) A. B. 1930
on his right. A girl soon accepted ing babies weren't left at home. W. H.) 202 North Harris St., Sand- erts (Mrs. Abbeville, Ga.; iLouijse Sara. L. Williams Stapleton, Ga.; man, Milledgeville, Ga.; Louise Con- Milledgevilile, Ga.; Cassie Simpson,
the space bv his side. But what! faced Youth piped up, "Why study? The conversation was dropped, but 15—Thompsons Neither, have they escaped the thun- ersville, Ga. Billue, Irwinton, Ga.; Bertie Brown, Elizabeth Wolfe, Savanah, Ga.; Mar- oly, Albany, Ga.; Edna DeLamar, B. S. 1928 504 S. Wayne St. Mil-
Aw, shoot! I can't be bothered." Dot sighed many times during the .12—Halls
chargrin when she looked over and dering voice of a virago, 1904—Myrtice Bailey, Griffin, Rockmart, Ga.; Annie Lee Claxton guerite Simmerson, Milledgeville, 2908 Tenth Ave. .Columbus, Ga.; ledgeville, Ga.; Marie Louise Smith,
beheld her matron on the other side Age, with a tender, amused smile weeks that followed, and Mary had 8—Browns Husband and wife can look at the !Ga.; Z'ell Rozier, Sparta, Ga.; Emma i Newsome
rNewsumc (Mrs.)
\i*x-.a.j Wrightsville,
».—» — Ga.; Ga. Martha E. DeLoache, 502 Miller St., B. S. 1928 Blakely, Ga.; Ora Orem,
of her beau! A little oign language looked up from his work long enough a sneaking idea that she was still battles on the screen. Yet, who ex- Roberts Bealey, (Mrs. Sam) St. Ruby C. Conner, North Hill St. Grfi LaGrange, Ga.; Lucille Darden, Mil- B. S. 1927 3649 Walsh St., Jackson-
conveyed the dangerous proximity of to say, "Study hard, my dears, make building air-castles. 7—Mo ores 1928—Catherine Louise Allen. Co-
0 - Morgans pects them to listen to the familiar Marys, Ga. [fin, Ga.; Jessie Hale Gresham, (Mrs. ledgeville, Ga.; Margaret Darsoy, ville, Fla.
the matron, and a glum young man the best of your opportunities; study A kind friend by the name of G—Iveys sound of dishes crashing abouc? 1906—Mrs. Nelle Womack Hines, Walter Quinn) Washington, Ga.; lumbus, Ga.; Annie Kate Andrews, Whigham, Ga.; Annie J. Davis, Live Those that have returned to the
and a nervous girl sat silent and I row, and decide later why." Dean E. H. Scott answered not only G—Davis And women will always begrudge the Milledgeville, Ga.; Evelyn Martin, Clara Dundan Lanier, Dublin, Ga.; Roberta, Ga.; Rosa Bowdoin. 909 N. Oak, Fla.; Luice Davis, Milledgeville, College to do post-graduate work
watched the picture. the wish of the freshman, but also INEZ TRAPP. vitaplSone's precedence ]in their Greensboro, N. C.; Lollie V. Martin Mary McGehee, Columbus, Ga.; Mil- Jefferson St., Milledgeville, Ga.; Ga.; Mildred Dillard, Gusseta, Ga.; are as follows:
SINGING, GOOD AND OTHERWISE the wish nearest the heart of every special hobby—talking! Thomas (Mrs. Fred H.) 578 Boule- dred Mitchell, 301 Palmetto Ave., Eileen Brannen, Statesboro, Ga.; Mary Dimon, Columbus,
ivxcu^ i/imww, vjwmuuu., Ga.; Jewell.. ! Mrs. Marguerite W. Chapman A.
^ t .., ...
G. S. C. W. A PLACE TO SLEEP Is everybody happy? Why. cer- G. S. C. girl when he arose in chapel vard PI. N. E., Atlanta, Ga. Sanford, Fla.; Mary Strozier, Green- Vera Delle Brown, Summertown, Ga.; Dodd, Marietta, Ga.; Mary Driskell, i B. Degree 1925 8G6 Mulberry St.
THE UNWELCOMED GUEST 1907—Ruth Reid Burch, 524 E. ville, Ga. Clara M. Cowart, Fairmount, Ga.;
Before morniji^ /there must be tainly, and .why not? For here wo three weeks after his conversation DISCOVERED—A PLACE TO EAT Sparta, Ga.; Annie Will Garner, Macon, Ga.; Martha Riviere, A. B.
night—Wut nights at G. S. C. W. are down at G. S. C. Summer School, and announced to the faculty and
It all happened on a hot night dur-
V Clay St., Thomasville, Ga. 1924—Margaret Burke, Milledge- Ellse De Jarnette, Eatonton, Ga.; Sandersville, Ga.; Mary Bell Gibson, I Degree 1928 Rochelle, Ga.; Mattie
are no short that they are hardly over twelve hundred strong, and en- members of the student body, words Marjorie, the bubbling enthusiast ing study hall at G. S. C. Tele, Whit- 1909—Carleen Stewart Bell (Mrs.) ville, Ga.; Terressa P. Green Frank- Willena Fort, North, S. C ; Mil- Quitman, Ga.; Frances Goss, Stem, Mae Torrance Carswell (Mrs. W. J.)
worth mentioning. An exaggerated joying being here too. One of the to his effect. of the Freshman class, rushed madly ter, Betty and Fanny occupied their
y Trion^Ga.; EthelHall, Irwinton, Ga.; lin (Mrs. Graham) Tennille, G^i.; dred George, Swainsboro, Ga.; Mar- N. C ; Margaret Graham, St. Mary's B. S. 1926 Seminary Hill, Texas.
view of the siuation, you'll say. But most attractive features of our sum- "A new courie is being offered into the room. An armful of books favorite places in the room ajj
M a x e l l Anderson Sutton, (Mrs. S. Mamie E. Torrance Jr., Rt. 3 Box guerite Gilbert, Dudley, Ga.; Sara Rd., Columbus, Ga.; Minnie Mae
wait until you hear! mer school is the chapel hour when beginning June 26. This is a one flew into the middle of a be-mud- working industriously on love' let- H.) 114 S. E. Fifth Court, Ft. 52, Milledgeville, Ga.; Gertrude Grimes, Fort Valley, Ga.; Nanadelyn Grant, Leslie, Ga.; Ruby Hall, Dan- LITTLE LOG CABIN
Night—I drop into bed, stretch my we gather each day at eleven o'clock hour course in Watermelon consump- dled bed. Lauderdale, Fla. Toole, ,Macon, Ga.; Lucile Fountain, Hall, Moultrie, Ga.; Elizabeth Ham- ville, Ga.; Berna Hartley, Zebulon, Not yet have the Summer School
ters, novels, notebooks and lessons. lin, Macon, Ga., R. 3; Aldine Heard,
tired to open them not one minute in the auditorium. During this par- tion, held at five o'clock, in the cool Tiny, the adored roommate, who Why honestly, you could have heard 1910—Clifford Claire Williams Gordon, Ga.; Lucille Greenway, Bar,- Ga.; Dorothy Henderson, Lexington, students been taught to sing, the
Moultrie, Ga.; Willie Mae Hewett,
ing t oopen them not one minute ticular time several phases of our shade in front of Atkinson Hall. had finally overpowered her insom- a pin drop! Adams (Mrs. Clifford W.) Oxford, tow, Ga.; Leslie McGoogan, Quitman, Ga.; Nellie Hitt, 1212 Anthony Rd. very recent musical production, "Our
Louisville, Ga.; Delia Helcomb, Ball
earlier than seven o'clock. At mid- life are touched. First, a few minu- A squeal of delight arose from nia, caused by the excitement of her Ga,; Louise Brown, Tennille, Ga.; Ga.; EVelyn McMichfael, ' Jackson, Augusta, Ga.; Ann Hicks, c!o. Batt- Little Log Cabin in the Pines." Of
But suddenly the quiet atmosphere Ground, Ga.; Emma (Sue Holsen-
night I am brought from a peaceful tes are devoted to the devotional, one Dot. first few days of schools, was jerk- was interrupted. Whitter, Betty and Inez Ellison, Milledgeville, Ga. Ga.; Frances Padgett Craig (Mrs.) tery Machine Co., Rome, Ga.; Ger- course, they all know who wr.ote it
beck, Monticello, Ga.; Ardath Loyd,
sleep by a sound of Availing, I jump which consists of the Bible being "Surely", she mused, "There must ed unceremoniously from her rose- 1911—Eugenia Culbertson Hill- , Glennville, Ga.; Margaret Wise, trude Peacock, Eastman, Ga.; Mary —Mrs. Nelle Womack -Hines. And
Fanny hurried to various parts of Nicholls, Ga.; Eddith Montgomery,
unceremoniously from my bed, dash read by the gentlemen members of be fairies." pillowed bed. "Tiny, oh, Tiny," she the room holding their ears and ex- house (Mrs. J. B.) Calhoun, Ga.; I Fitzgerald, Ga Ellen Perkins, Wadley, Ga.; Mable cheer up. girls. We'll sing jt yet.
Woodbury, Ga.; Gertrude Moseley,
across the room to the window to the faculty, and the entire faculty called excitedly, "the campus is plaining the excitement to Tele, Lois Britton, IColumbus, Ga., R. F ' 1925—Sara ~ Cook, Social Circle, Menlo, Ga.; Inez Murphy, Milledge- Clare Pearson, Ivey, Ga.; Elsie Bea- Those of you who have nor yet
see if I can aid the person or animal and the student body engaging in filled with red arrows and all over who had not moved. A stranger had D. No. 1. Ga.; Willie Kate Godwin, Edison, ville, Ga.; Ollie Page, Swainsboro, trice Rhebei-g', Covington, Gh.; visited the little log cabin should do
in distress. My run across the room the Lord's Prayer. Then comes the ATTENDING CHAPEL them is printed 'Follow' Me To Food! entered the room. He was not even 1912—Marion Wallace, Griffin Ga.; Veta Hmmett, Hogansville, Ga.; Ga.; Myrtle Lou Sears, Carrollton, Louise Russell, McDonough, Ga.; so. It is the pride of the college.
seems to waken more completely my singing which is led by Mrs. Hines. I was so nearly starved that in my polite for instead of knocking at the Ga, Mary Hudson, 715 Ninth St., Etowah, Ga.; Bobbie Lee Smith, Ball Ground, Annie Pearl Smith, Milledgeville, Until a few years ago, the woods
sleeping senses, and I discover to my How marvelous it feels to sing with Entering the auditorium in all col- mad rush for the end of the trail, I door and asking for entrance he had ' 1913—Jennie W.ai'd Wilis JMrs. T. Tenn.; Ruth Leggett, Broxton, Ga.; Ga.; Addie Zue Smith, Carnegie,
Ga.; Betty Snead, Meriwether, Ga.; in which the log cabin is built be-
amazement, that the utterly desolate a thousand others so that you can ors,
forgot my money. So I'm here to come in through the window. His J.) IIII Brady St., Davenport, Iowa. Thelma Henderson, Eton, Ga.; Leila Ga.; Marion Sparrow, Hawkinsville, Maude Stewart, Milan, Ga.; Sadye longed to the men on the campus
sounds is the voice of a broken-heart- sing heart's content and not worry Girls and boys with mail of all kinds, gather you, money and all. Let's appearance was frightful and his Inez Trapp, Marietta, Ga.; Eliza- Herman, SandersviUe , Ga.; Ruth Ga.; Maggie Stewart, Scott Ga.; Tanner, Montrose, Ga.; Kathryn Tay- across town. Last year the "Y" of
ed twain ring out, in song, his senti- about r.unning a whole chorus—why, Some wishing they had heard from go." rapid touring of the room had terri- beth Moore, Milan, Tennessee; Bes- Jordan, Tvmnell H\ll, Ga.; IWiMe Zella Strickland, LaGrange, Ga.; lor, Greensboro, ,Ga.; Mary Eugenia G. S. C. W. erected the little log cab-
ments to his beloved. Knowing that the lady in the balcony doesn't know other,
"Well, Marjorie, what's all this fied the girls. sie Bruce Harris, Albany. Ga. Mae Maples, Camilla, Ga.; Abbie Mc- Louise Tye, Milledgeville, Ga.; Mar- Turner, Royston, Ga.; Cornelia Veal, in in the pines and made other addi-
I am not the one to whom he is sing- you, and from the way you're sing- Still, many never mind. Oconee, Ga.; Nellie Mae Wadswoi;th, tions to form a perfectly entrancing
about?" drolled out Tiny, fully awak- 1914—Kate Wisdom, West Point, Call, Pitts, Ga.; Ethna Louise Mc- garet Wlicox, Guyton, Ga.; Frances
ing, "All That I'm Asking is Sympa- ing, she might think you are an Now who would conquer the foe? Wadley, Ga.; Marion White, Comer, retreat,
ened from her nap. Ga.; Emmie Moran, Cook (Mrs. Cowen, Fort Valley, Ga.; Cornelia Williams, Woodbury, Ga.
thy," I climb back in bed and in operatic star. And the songs we Next, is getting a seat comfortably "Just follow me and I'll show you."
No one was anxious but to keep from
Emory S.) Milledgeville, Ga. Montgomery, Commerce, Ga.; Myrtie Ga.; Corinne Yearty, Cochran, Ga.;
Tired of studying? Avo you hot?
spite of the noise, I fall asleep again, sing,—"Little Liza Jane", "Row near a door being called a coward Tele, who was Stewart, Scott, Ga.; Annabel Vaugh- 1929—Evelyn Humphrey, M'iL- Lois Louise Briggs, Meldrim, Ga.;
"Oh Billie, we're ready to go." 1915—Euri Bell Bolton, Parrott, 1 Do you want to get away from the
HoiTors! At one o'clock I awake. Your Boat," "G-R-I-N, Grin" and Of which room-mate or friends not so excited as the other girls, an, Thomasville, Ga.; Bettie Sue ledgevj'ille, Ga.; Bertha Johnson, Carolyn Brunson, Blakely, Ga.; Sara
crowd and be by yourself? Visit the
The three left the dormitory in made the attempt. With a broom in Ga.; Lurlene Bristow Wooten (Mrs.
Such shrieks! My young roommate other well known classics. Besides Saved man ymany times before Zachary, 507 Mcintosh St., Milledge- Ellaville, Ga.; Evelyn Jones, Ameri- Callahan, East Point, Ga.; Isabel cabin. Be alone with nature. You
high anticipation for what awaited T\ D.) Lumber. City, Ga.; Cornelia ville, ,Ga.; Dorothy Moore, 1547 cus, Ga.; Alvaretta Kenen, States- Cliott, Lincolnton, Ga.; Louise
I hurry to the rescue." A bad dream, these, we sing religious songs, patri- To know how the next class begins. them at the end of the line of red her hand she chased the creature all will find it restful and invigorating.
nothing mor.e,' she assured me. I sink otic tongs, love songs or what have ar.rows.
over the room. Finally, he alighted H Chappell, Portsmouth, Va.; Emma Wrightsboro Rd., Augusta, Ga.
Florence Davis,' Meigs, Ga.; Geraldine
boro, Ga.; May Atwood Kittles, Val- Chambliss, Moreland, Ga.; Emogene
into bed for the third time with a you? Now, there's a tap of the bell, on the light bulb and was overcome ona, Ga.; Ruth Lord, Jefferson, Ga.; Curl, Swainsboro, Ga.; Dorothy
strong hope of gentle, peaceful sleep. Another important fact about our Commanding to get quiet that it's
On the ground floor of Chappell by the broom's long whiskers. V Holliman Guigan (Mrs. Geraldine H.
1926—Louise G. Cason, 102 Cole-
Ave,, Macon, Ga.; Eloise Dye,
Frances Matthews, Talbotton, Ga.; Dicks, Washington, Ga.; Mrs. Annielu GRANDPA AND I
Hall they entered a very small yet Mac Guigan) 842 Oak St. S. W., At- Miss Aline Gladys Mathews, Byron, Dunn Johns, Milledgeville, Ga.; Anna
Listen! The next sound that comes chapel is that it is the center of in- time to sing, What a relief! And it was discov-
attractive room, where eyes and lanta, Ga. iGtiffin, Ga.; Janie Fountain, Gor- Ga.; Celia McCall, Pitts, Ga.; Ettein- JBridges, Sandersville, Ga.; Mary The moon rose over the court house,
to my ears is the ringing of the alarm formation. Here, through the an- Probably, "Farmer's; In The Dell" noses encountered the most plesant ered that the poor innocent guest was
clock. Never has a clock rung so loud! nouncements made by the faculty And Mrs. Hines says, "Make it ring!" of experiences, sandwichs, salads, no other, than Mr. Mosquito Hawk. 191G—Rosa Lee Howard, Dover, don, Ga.; Lou Garwood, Brunswick, ne McCranie, Willacoochee, Ga.; Eva 1 Leone Bennett, Hazlehurst, Ga.; And grandpa shuffled by,
My suite mate is getting up to study. and students, you learn what is going - - -. : y:r-;;:T;':-:;~:-; ;c^7^-^f^^W^ \ Ga.; Bernice Lynch, 118 Piedmont Ga.; Fannie Laura Harrell, Eastman, Lou McGowan, Cartersville, Ga.; Re- Lorraine Batson, Milledgeville, Ga.; I looked over the court house
I glance at my watch. Pour o'clock- on. There is quietness throughout the and ice cream. MY WORK Ave., Macon, Ga.; Lois Moore, Dub- Ga.; Allie Mae Lanford, 188 Ga. becca Morton, Gone, Ga.; Katie Ellen Ansley, Buena Vista, Gan Edna And grandpa looked at the sky.
auditorium when announce- Decisions made, places found, and berly (Mrs. J. E.) Glennville, Ga. Ave., S. W. Atlanta Ga,.; Sallie Mont- Moore, Greensboro, Ga,; Mary Mc- Amos, Butler, Ga.; Mary Julia Dos- I saw the glories of Paris,
Three hours to sleep—Maybe. A profitable and enjoyable hour is lunches eaten happily the girls re- I cannot go home today,
ments are made, 1917—Amogene Anthony Gross ford, Dublin, Ga.; Ruth Phinazee, Millan Moor'?,, , Montezumla, G'a.; ter, Aochelle, Ga.; Josephine Home, Clothes, laughter, and wine
Six o'clock—a sound—or can such our chapel hour—and visitors are
For. the courtesy of the announcer turned to their room?, satisfied and My work must be clone, & i (Mrs.) West Palm Beach, Fla.; Wil- Goggins, Ga.; Grace Elizabeth Rawls, Addie Parker, Donalsonville, Ga.; Finlerpon, Ga.; Genevieve Huff, I saw the beauties of Venice,
a fuss as I hear He designated by the welcome. joyous over having found a place And so, I stay.
and fear of the need of aid. lie, Irwinton, Ga.; Mary C. Simp- 4.09 N. Jefferson St., Dublin, Ga.; Louise Franks, Sparta, Ga.; Flor- Moultrie, Ga,; Margaret Agnes Jones Paintings and sculptures devine.
dignified name of sound? I open my
English as We all know there will be a an in- right on, the campus where delicious, The day will come Loyce Ray, 341 Canling Ave., Macon, ence Giles, Oxford, Ga.; Gladys v The moon over the court house,
son, Milledgeville, G,a.'
eyes in sudden fright and then crawl Do you want to write appetising food could be bought for When I can go home Ga.; Katherine Smith, Palmetto, G'a.; Louise Hall, Bartow, Ga.; Cora E. 2805 Tenth Ave.; Columbus, Ga.; Old grandpa shuffled by
other folks do? spiring talk, 1918—H-diTi.etft 'Allen, Mjttledge- Virginia McLendon, Groverton, Ga.; I saw much over, the court house,
out, of bed disgusted, I he'ar in nominal sums. But I cannot go home today. Lucille Thomas, Newnan, Ga.; May Hall, Irwinton, Ga.; Lill Hailey, 122
Keep a-trying; That will make one feel like a bean- ville, Ga.; Mary Hitchcock Dodd
loud, merry tones "Row, Row Your,
see the Belle Thompson, Ttennille, Ga,; S. Links Ave., Sarasota, Fla.; Hazel Geneva McMillan, Milledgeville, Ga.; Grandpa saw only the sky.
Boat" sung in true round fashion. You can never succeed or stalk. (Mrs. G. F.) Rome, Ga.; Gladys Helen Agnew, Menlo, Ga.; Mary
I shall go home tomorrow, Gwendolyn Turk, Cordele, \ Ga.; Harden, Reidsville, Ga.; Evelyn Ham- MARY M. MOORE.
A moment later—the splashing of thing through Paulk, Cairo, Ga.; Clara L. Webb, Agnes Anderson, Hawkinsville, Ga.;
Chapel is now over, ONLY A FRESHMAN This work will be done Mozelle Daniel, Eastman, Ga.; Nellie mett, Hogansville, Ga.; Ruth High-
water and the tune changes to "Sing- Complaining or crying. Fitzgerald, Ga. Dorothy Barr, Milledgevilile, Ga.;
Bringing joy, not sorrow Baker, Forest Park, Ga.; Catherine tower, Americus, Ga.; Helen Jo Misses Ella Margaret and Cordelia
ing in the Bathtub." Just stick to yor guns till the task Hurrying back to one's rooms or 1919—Zdlma Baughan, !A.lvlaton; Evelyn Ann Biggers, 1512 Fourth
classes, i A freshman, having heard some My life work begun Bervyman, Royston, Ga.; Mattie Lou Holsenbeck, Gray, Ga. Hollis of Social Circle hav'e been
Oh! Before morning there must You've done, five hundred girls diiscuer^ng the Joy, love, work:—all one Ga.; Josephine Childs, Omaha, Ga.; Burch, Eastman, Ga. Ave., Columbus, Ga.; Mrs. Edna away from the college for several
Walking in each other's shadow,
be night. G. S. C. W, is a grand old And success is there to greet you. In twos, threes, groups or masses. third hour, asked, "The Third Hour" Yes, I shall go home tomorrow. Wilma Martin, Bronwood, Ga.; Vesta 1927—Ethel Baker, Forest Park,
1930—Elizabeth Merritt, Jackson,
Black, Miledgeville, Ga.; Juila Bos- days this past week because of ,a
placo, but it's no place to sleep—• What fun! Merritt, Temple, Ga. Ga.; Edrie Minis, Thomasville, Ga.;
even at night. MRS. A. L. SHARPE. SALLY HAILEY. is that Elinor Glynn's latest book?" MARY M. MOORE.
i Ga.; Selma Brannan, Statesboro, Ga.;
.1920—Mildred L. Bozeman, 88 Ada Brown Smith (Mrs.) Summer- Margaret Neal, Summarvijle, \G&.; well, Talftotton, Ga.; Mabel Brant-
bereavement in the family.
Arlington Place, Macon, Ga.; Elean-

Miss Janet Christian of the class


SOCIAL NE of '27, who has been teaching in
Broughton High school at Raleigh,
North Carolina, is spending the sum- Visit
Sandwiches Pies

SENT THREE TYPES OF PLAYS v. Miss Agnes Durham was the guest Mrs. Rufos Chapel had as guests mer at the college with her mother, THE ROSE TEA ROOM
PUS The G. S. C. W. Summer School
THE COLONNADE On July 9 Mrs. La Fleur's dramatic
faculty and students are delighted A, V *of her sister, Miss Esther Durham, for the past week-end her mother, Mrs. Christian, and is assisting in
of Camak, on June 22. father, and husband of Amerjcus. Dr. Beeson's office.
C. J. THOMPSON'S Milledgeville, Ga.
Milledgeville, Ga., June 28, 1930 to welcome the visiting teachers.
classes will present in the schobl * * * * * *
Dear Sara, The English Department has Mrs. Country Store
PUBLISHED TWICE MONTHLY BY STUDENTS auditorium "White Magic," a light Mrs. L. M. Pope and Miss Eliza- ' Miss Mary Perry of Shady Dale Regular Meals-: -Special Sunday
Would that you could be up here and dainty performance for the pur- Bernice Brown McCullar A. B., G. Miss Elizabeth Hearn, a graduate
OF THE GEORGIA STATE COLLEGE FOR with me! You'd feel like a second pose of instruction. On the same S. C. W., former editor of the Mil- beth Thomas spent the week-end of was a visitor at the college for a Chicken Dinner
of G. S. C. W., was on the campus Formerly L. L. Beck's Stand
WOMEN CORNER HANCOCK CLARK Rip Wjinkle. :Ch1ang|es! Changes! evening there will be "A Ring from ledgeville Times and Milledgeville's June 22 at the home of their mother few hours on Thursday.
* t *
Sunday. Salads Waffles
STS. MILLEDGEVILLE, GA. since 1913. only woman lawyer; and Mrs. La- near Griffin. :|: * *
Venice," a suggestion of tragedy. * * * Mr. Ray Fleming of Macon was a
Subscription Rate. 50c per year In June 1921, the first degrees Fleur, B. 0. from Emerson School of
These two plays are suitable for Misses Kathleen May and Devorah visitor at the college Sunday.' Miss Frances Rainey of Narcross
were officially conferred at the Col- grammar grade students. Oratory, Boston, Massachusetts; and.
A. B. from Brenau College, Gains- Lewis of "Moultrie spent the week- spent the week-end with Miss Mary
"Entered as second-class matter October 30, 1928, lege. There were four hundred four On July 11 the same classes pre- end of June 22 with relatives in Ma- Elliott.
at the post office Milledgeville, Ga., under the hundred four to graduate this June. sent a roaring satiric comedy with ville, Georgia. Mrs. LaFleur has had Mr. J. E. Freeman of Blakely was
* * *
Act of March 3, 1879." Out of that number over one hun- medieval style ,.and setting. Thisi experience in America and abroad in * * *
the week-end guest of Mrs. Free-
dred young women received their de- comedy will prove interesting to both' her field of work. She teaches in Miss Lucy Phillips land Mr. A.
man. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Roziman and Corticelli and Onyx Hose, all
grees. the School of Speech and Dramatic * * * Mrs. Newton of Macon visited Miss A "Ham" Sandwich and Cold
COLONNADE STAFF 1929-1930 adult and youth. Art at Brenau College. Adams visited Mary Malposse and Mrs. Westbrook of Cordele visited Mildred Bozeman, a student at G. new shades.
Two dormitories, Ennis Hall and .Mildred Horton of Davisboro, June her daughter, Eula, on Sunday.
Miller Bell, have been added. Miller IMPERSONATOR GIVES Miss Cassie Simpson, B. S., G. S. S. C. W., on Sunday; Diink will make you forget its
Editor-in-Chief Catherine Allen 22. —$1.50 to $1.95—
C. W. teaches mathematics. During^ * * *
Managing Editor Marion Sparrow Bell has two annexes and Terrell CHARACTERIZATION the year, she teaches mathematics * * *
Hall has three. The old Study Halls Miss Lois McMichael of Jackson Miss Lois Twilley spent the past hot!
Advertising Manager Josephine Proctor Miss Annie Shearouse of Guyton
in Atkinson and the Mansion Annex "Appearances often deceive" was in the Luthersville, Georgia High. was the week-end visitor of her sister week-end at her home in Jewell. 1 . F. DAVIS
Feature Editor May Kittles was the guest of Miss Margeret Wil-
have been converted into dining proved beyond a doubt on Friday School. Miss Evelyn McMichael, in Bell An-
Alumnae Editor Virglna Kenan cox on June 18.
halls. During the regular session evening, June 27 by Mr. Beilhaez, Miss Elizabeth Moore, B. S., G. S. * * *
Sports Editor Virginia Clark approximately one thousand stud- who is a noted impersonator. He C. W., and at one time instructor * * * Mr,?. D. M. Hokenbeck of Atlanta utmai^mruMium
Y Miss Dorothy Cook of Augusta was r i m m V | « i r r l , M i > » - I - M I ^ r « . # ^ - W j f . . T T I , L T l l l l l W . ' W U t

Associate Editor. AusteUe Adams ents take their meals in Atkinson presented a variety of character here, teaches Primary Education. Miss Lila Grace Eubanks of Ro- is visiting her mother, Mrs. Kiser.
the guest of Miss Marguerite Arthur
Society Sara L. Morgan Dining Hall. The Ennis Hall girls studies—children, old women, bald- Miss Moore has primary work in the chelle and Miss Martha Wilcox of * * *
of Quitman on June 18. ^^ssss^fssszsss^s^iis^jssss^sass
have the Mansion Annex dining room. headed, and whiskered men—by his Citrus Grove School, Miami, Fla. McRae spent the past week-end at
Locals Gene'vieve Hviff * * # Miss Adie Lee Moye was the week-
The girls have a lunch room in the wonderful gift—the "power of Miss Zell Rozier, A. B., G. S. C. W. their respective homes.
Circulation Manager Mildred O'Neal basement of Chappell building and suggestion." Miss Lucy Nibblett, of Gladesville, end guest of her uncle, Mr. 0, W. IIS WEEK ONLY
has nearly completed her Master's # :j: $

a Tea Room in the basement of Mil- spent the week-end of June 22 at Parker, in Sandersville.
REPORTERS:—May Moore, Mildred Stell, Eleanor Degree at Emory University, Atlanta, Miss Emogene Hall has gone to
ler Bell Annex. The Home Econo- Y. W. C. A. CABINET FOR home. * * f: Dresses 99c
Fountain, Emogene Curl Mrs. Annie Lane Georgia. She teaches in the Educa- Wrightsville to take part in the wed-
mics department has charge of the
Sharpe, Mrs. H. S. Riddle, Mary Moore,
Elizabeth Cowart, Lillian Ledbetter,
SUMMER SCHOOL tion Department during the year
Miss Rozier teaches in the Druid
ding of Miss Florrene Hatcher, a Misses Mamie Lee Hokenbeck and
Misjii Vtfr jHlcnTff.cn/fcal spent the popular member of the class of 1930. Ada Bradbury spent the week-end
week-end of June 22 at her home in
Pwwm istne
The poultry yard is gone. Instead The following Y. W. C. A. cabinet Hills Junior. High School, Atlanta,. * * $ at Eatonton with their parents. SNOW'S LAUNDRY
Evangeline Dantzler Gladys Stembridge, of it there are eight tennis courts, was elected for summer school. Pres. Georgia. Also, the Education De- Monticello.
Mrs. E. P. Gue of New York City Clean it With Snow •
Inez Trapp, Lucille Thain, Ella Margaret one basketball court and a baseball Gertrude Gilmore; Sec, Mildred partment is very fortunate to secure vHited Miss Anne Hicks last Satur-
Miss Rosalyn Walsh, of Garfield, Mr. Lewis of Greensboro visited
Hollis, D. W. Urquhart, Eloise Dye, Addie diamond; also a College heating plant Butler; Treas., Paunee Rigsby. Com- four other teachers, Mr. J. T. All- Phone 440
that furnishes hot water for all the mittee chairmen are, Gertrude Gil- man, Superintendent of Schools, Dal- was the guest of Miss Margaret Bur- day and Sunday. his sister, Miss Margaret Lewis, on
Sue Smith, Sallie Hall. den, of Graymont, June 22.
* :!•. *
dormitories. The cold frames have more, hospitality; Mildred vButler1, ton, Georgia; M. J. Lance, new presi- Miss Eddie Ingram of Atlanta, a
* * * * * *
their, places but a number of others publicity; Mary Dimon, social; Agnes dent of Young Harris College; and vising senior of the college, and her
has been added. The collage has its Jones, Morning Watch; Alvanetta Mr. L. M. Lester, Superintendent of Miss Louise Bellue spent the week- Miss Emogene Hall, a member of
sister, Miss Catherine Ingram, were
• T^Z^FvToF ENGLISH DEPARTMENT OFFERS own ice plant too. Think of that! Kenan, Vespers, Sara Cross, Bible Schools, Griffin, Georgia. These have end of June 22 at her home in Ir- the class of '28 and a teacher in
the guests of Miss Sally Hall on Sun-
CQURSE One room in each dormitory is Study; Louise Chambliss, Decorating. had years of successful experience winton. Middle Georgia College, is spending
day. Miss Eddie Ingram is studying
used as an infirmary. The college her vacation here with her mother
in the pi'ivate and public schools of at Georgia University this summer.
English 47, a course in Magazine has a wonderfully equipped hospital, DR. WEBBER TO GIVE DEMON- the State. Miss Elizabeth Reese of Newnan Mrs. Hall, and taking a commercial You make no mistake when you
There is no institution in Georgia * ••* f?
course at the college.
Literature, is being offered this sum- o nthe campus. This was erected in STRATION OF PLAYS AND GAMES is visiting Miss Yna Hall and Miss « ) TRADE MARK ~REG. U.S. PAT. OF>.
where summer school students have Dr. Williams T. James, of Greer, Miss Madge McGriff of Hawkins-
mer for the first time. The maga- memory of Dr. Parks. Catherine Allen in Ennis. have your shoes repaired by
so great an opportunity to learn the S. C, who received his B. S. from ville visited friends on the campus
zine has come to have an .important You should see the new Arts Build- * * *
history of Georgia as at our own G. Dr. George Harris Webber, head of Furman University,. and his Ph.D. last Sunday. Misses Mary Goodwin ami Mamie
S. C. W. On our campus is the old
place in the literature and world of ing 'Tis an enormous structure con-
today, and the course is a very im- sisting of class rooms for the stu-
Department of Psychology at G. S. C. from Cornell University, teaches in , Misses Vera McMichael and Lucy
V Niblett of Monticello spent the
Beall went to Eatonton this past
HARPER & HARPER Fowler-Flemister
Governor's Mansion which is now
portant step forward. It opens a dents, Peabody High School and Prac-
W., will give a demonstration pi the Psychology Department*; Dr. Miss Louise Manheim had as her week-end for a visit to relatives.
the home of our college President, plays and games, date to be select- James teaches Psychology afljfeJtlig.,.., week-end at home.
guests on Sunday her father and
Dr. J. L. Beeson. The capital of
thoroughly new field not only to tice School. The assembly hall is in
students interested in English, but the High School building.
ed later. He is to use his class in Mississippi State College for Wo-
rft :i!

Miss Iverson Dewis from Decatur

mother, Mr. and Mrs. Israel Manheim Miss Sarah Riley of Harlem, who
oaf t o
our state was once located in Mil- extra curricular activities for demon- men, Columbus. of Hawkinsville.
also to students interested in Science, The auditorium is magnificent. stration. is visiting Miss Betty Jane Pierratt. was graduated from G. S. C. W. in
ledgeville. The old capitol is now G. S. C. W. wishes a pleasant stay * * *
Psychology, Sociology, jHiistory, or About fourteen hundred students !*• *'* Hi June, was the guest of her sister,
one of the main buildings on the The program will be as follows: to all and hopes they will return .,» .,. ^. Mrs. Esmond Gue of Philadelphia Miss Julia Riley, on Sunday.
any of the other various fields. All meet there for chapel exercises at iSSiSKs
G. M. C. campus. There is the old 1. Grand March, ending witih each summer. Misses Clara Addy and Margaret was here for the week-end of June
the different types of magazines are eleven o'clock. Dr. Parks' portrait
Oglethorpe University 'where [Sid- serpentine.. (Sta'rten.) Stapleton were called to Columbia, 14 with her sister, Ann Hicks.
studied, read, and discussed accord- hangs on the right and Dr. Chappell's
ney Lanier a|tei^ded school a)nd 2. Looby Loo. G. S. C. W. FACULTY RENDERS S. C., Sunday to attend the funeral * * * Miss Betty Jane Pieratt, a gradu-
ing to literary quality of magazines, on the left.
where Woodrow Wilson as a little A—Jump Jim Crow (Rhythm) STUNT NIGHT PROGRAM of a friend. Misses Marie Matthews and Cath- ate, of the class of '27, who has been
value of material contained, and the The following new courses of study
boy came to visit his uncle.
kinds of magazines. 3. Jolly, is the Miller. Members of the G. S. C. W. facul- * * * erine Farmer, seniors here last year teaching in Forest City, North Caro- 'SINK BOTTLED
There are several colonial homes of are offered now: Health sociology, 4. Candle Relay—Team work) Miss Clara Lanier spent the week- were among the Sunday visitors on lina, is visiting her mother, Mrs. !•;!
Dr. Alice Hunter has charge of the Spanish, French and journalism. That ty rendered in amusing and enter-
influential and prominent men who 5. Flag Relay—(Enthusiasm) taining stunt night program Wed- end at her home in Dublin. the fifteenth. Pieratt, and studying stenotypijng.
course this summer, and the work means more faculty members.
tookpart in the early history of Geor- 6. Potato Relay— (.Competition) nesday evening in the auditorium un- * * *
is going forward splendidly. The Dr. Beeson is president of the col- Miss Edna McElheny from Monti- * * *
gia. These homes are noted and 7. Virginia Reel. der the direction of Mrs, Nelle Wo- A last year's Freshman, Miss Len-
course in Magazine Literature is of lege. Dr. Scott is dean of the Col- cello, a recent graduate of the col- ise Roberts, spent a day with Eliza-
studied because of the marvelous mack Hines. i ; i'•') Misses Bonnie Blalock and Muriel
much value and is -a step in the pro-
architecture. Dr. Lindsley, professor gress of the department and of the lege of Education, and Dr. W. T. S. C W. STUDENT OFFERED - r •
legt, visittd friends here this week- beth Cowart and Lillian Ledbetter. Lott had as their guest on Sunday
of chemistry, has purchased an old college. Wynn is dean of the College of Arts end. Miss Clarice Clark of Jacksonville,
home and is going to restore it to its and Sciences. Mr. Fowler is bursar. :|: * *
Miss Dorp Dell Downing paid her Ga.
Misses Napier, Tucker, Barnett, Bur- FEEL WELCOME Little Frances Cloud is visiting Alma Mater a "flying visit" Friday, Every Bottle Sterilized
original beauty. * * *
"THAT SOMETHING" fitt, Harper, Thrash, McClure and Mis Alvaretta Kenan, a very prom- From the minute the Summer her mother,, Mrs. Virginia Cloud.
Then there are the state institu- The sine qua non of every human Mrs. 'Hines are still here. Mr. Kemp inent student on the campus, has School students got off the train in June 20. Miss Sara Cochran, spent Sunday
* * w
tions including the boy's reforma- make-up is "that something." The * * *
has his same position as college elec- been offered a fellowship at Tulane Milledgeville they have received a. Miss Eleanor Olliff and Mrs. in Macon with her mother. •
tory, state farm, and the asylum. most potent, (undefinable .'element Miss Ruth Harrison entertained
trician. Surely, you remember Cor- University, New Orleans. This hon- hearty welcome. They have been Graham Franklin spent the week-end Miss Edna McElhenny from Mfflnti- * :|: .-|:
All of these places mentioned, to- of every institution is "that some-
nelius. He is here yet—a more faith- or will give Miss Kenan an oppor- made to feel they are Avanted as a in Tennille. cello. Mr. and Mrs. Israel Manheim
gether with many others, will prove thing." tunity to work towards her master's summer citizen of the city. * * * JEDGEVIHE COCA-COLA EOTTLING CO.
ful janitor never lived. * •* * and Miss Madge McGriff of Hawkins-
very beneficial and interesting to the Our campus is built on that which
teachers now and to the pupils in the is clearly defined in the hearts of The flowers are beautiful. Each degree. Mrs. L. M. Pope and Miss Eliza- Miss Martha Edwards was surpris- ville spent Sunday with Louise Man-
matron is responsible for her dormi- ODE TO "BROWNIES" : I • ? beth Thomas had as their recent ed by a visit from Miss Sarah Bell heim wh^ is a st-iiuem; at the college. T. H. Clark, Prop.
classroom. those girls who have experienced the tory and they have quantities of ^
Miss Laura Houser attended the At breakfast the girls ask in a round- guests Mr. Geo. D. Godarcl of Mil- of Augusta.
joys, inspirations, even the hardships daisies, brown-eyed-susans and nas- about way, her, Mr. Green and son of Perry, * * *
wedding of her brother in Fort Valley K
and disappointments, as the spirit of
G. S. C. W.
turtiums. Dr. Beeson has had shrub- on Friday, returning to the college "Now, my dear roommate, what
shall I wear today?
Mrs. J. C. Means and son, Fain, of Mr. and Mrs. Carrigan, Ag Shee- Miss Esther Chafin, of Camak,
Sycamore, and Mr. J. R, Coleman of han, and Catherine Jones arrived had as her guests on Sunday, June m i
bery planted around all of the build- Sunday.
Is it really necessary for me to It is this spirit of faith, love and ings. The campus is one of the My wardrobe is limited and your Macon, who are connected with the very unexpectedly to celebrate Monk 22, her father and mother, Mr. and
answer the questions of average loyalty which forms the "tie that prettiest to be found anywhere. clothes are few, rehabilitation work of Georgia. Carrigan's birthday Tuesday, June Mrs. H. A. Chaffin, and her broth-
well-informed persons with: "I hav- binds." Changes! Changes! since you and I Mr'. C. C. Moseley and Mr. J. P. This is sad plight, what ever shall * * n>
Iff 24. ers, Maynard and J. B., also of Ca-
en't had time to read it." Every day A sweetness and graciousness of were here, yet the college spirit is Pughsley of Lyons were visitors to I do?" HV Miss Tassie Reed was the recent * * * mak.
someone mentions a book I should manner, and charm of dignity char- the campus Sunday. At evening our thoughts turn to
one hundred per cent. I never saw guest of Miss Vesta Merritt. •is * *

have read. But I've had to read acterize each girl who has trod the more harmonious, co-operative work.
textbooks and write papers, read more stately grounds of G. S. C W.. It is
clothes again,
Another frock for dinner, oh
* * *
Miss Elizabeth Cowart's family
came by to spend the day with her You are missing opportunity's limei sur
Kipling's lines express the sentiment And no one shall work for money, N Miss Jessie Musselwhite of Rey- on their way to South Georgia. first knock when you fail to take
textWooks 'and write more papers. the calmness and serenes of the sur- for the faculty and student body. and no one shall work for pshaw; then * * * notice of happenings around the
nolds, on her way to Athens summer
When I've studied for quizzes I must roundings, enhanced by nature that "And only the Master shall praise us, fame, It is always thus and will always be Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Jackson enjoy- campus. There is something always
school, stopped by t ovisit her Alma
rush off or this pleasure or that. enters into her very being. It be- and only the Master shall But each for the joy of the working, We're the slaves to fashion you and ed seeing their daughter,' Frances going on—always something or some-
Where would I get my fun? comes a part of her, and so tangible blame; and each, in his separate star, me. * * * Jackson, for a while Sunday. one to see. Visitors from all parts
Those stacks of interesting maga- it is that even time cannot sever "Sliiall draw the thing as he sees it But one little girl I envy very much m of the state come and go without
zines are just bulging with enjoy- its hold. for the God of things as they She isn't bothered with this dress
Miss Neta Barham of Blakely, a * * *
Miss Louise Kent had as her guests being noticed by some, but everybody
Authorized eaier
ness of purposes along with many June graduate in library science of
able articles. Those books my On our campus a feeling of Demo- are!" parade and such knows when a visitor comes to see
cracy predominates. Unity of dress,
other qualities, go to make up "that Emory University, spent the week- on Sunday Mrs, Kent, her mother
friends mention must please them, something" ofr which our Georgia Make your plans to meet me here She's always; dressed for tea, sports end with Misses Dorothy Jones and andMiss Mary Alice Kent, her sister, me
« »—it's a red letter day on "my"
judging1 from their praise of them. the brown uniform, brings a feeling next June. Let's get our B. S. de- or town of Eatonton. calendar.
State College for Women stands. Mildred Tarver.
Indeed, I must do some of my belat- of equality to the rich and poor
From President Beeson to J a m e s - gree together. So here's to the uniform girl and
ed reading or be shoved in the side- alike. Favors are accorded to none Cordially yours, her skirt of brown.
all have the good of the college at Y
lines by the conversation of the aver- but equality to all. INEZ TRAPP—Class 1913. —MRS. GLENNIE K. RIDDLE.
age person. ' ' ;* The sameness of tasks, the one- heart.

#i m
One of the most entertaining and
WHEN GOING HOME ON WEEK-ENDS OR END OF SUMMER educational features of the summer
school was the Puppet Show put on
Odorless Dry Cleaners
SCHOOL CALL US FOR BUS SCHEDULES last Friday by the children of the
Practice School as their closing pro- YOUR DRESSES HANDLED BY AN EXPERT PLEATER
Trav el us
This was a wonderful example of
creative interest on the part of in- 25 per cent Discount
termediate grade children, the minia-
Phone Eos Station 351 ture stage and scenery being con-
structed by the fourth grade during
Cash and Carry
the past year after carefully observ-
ing the stages in the Assembly Room
and the auditorium. The children
painted the scenery, wrote the plays
The Greatest Thing in. Miliedgeville and made and dressed the puppets
Sia L»4 Smd O

Is G* So C. W* Summer School The first play "Children of Other

Lands" beautifully portrayed the peo-
Special Sale of Kayser's Silk Stockings, Smart, Dull Sansheen,
ple and customs of many of the Siik from tip' to toe.
countries about which they had been All the new shades, very sheer. Special Sale $1.25.
studying in geography during <:he
year. The second was a quaint lit- If You Want The Best Shop At
Recognizing that fact, have supplied our stock with an attractive tle pageant "The Founding of Geor-
line of Gift Novelties, Fountain Pens, Stationery, Books, Maga- gia" which showed vividly the big-
heart and unselfish spirit of General E. E. Bell's
zines and every thing carried in a first class Book, Music and Oglethorpe both in aiding the poor
debtors of England and in his kind-
Spoiling Goods establishment—Summer School Students are ness toward the Indians. The last
play was a clever representation of
always welcome in our store. Pinocchio the naughty puppet who
because of his deeds of kindness at
last became a real live boy.
One very unique feature of the
Puppet Shows was the fact that the
The Baldwin Furniture Co.
R. H. WOOTTEN curtain above the stage was thin
enough that the movements of the
children coujld be se.en as they
Miliedgeville, Ga.
operated the puppets. Of this the
children were unaware.
Between the three puppet shows
various other numbers were given,
one among them was that the little
First Grade Rhythm Band played two
selections which were greatly (ap-
preciated and enjoyed by the audi-
ence and by the players as well. This
band, is a remarkable achievement
for such small children. They play-
ed the drum, zilophone, tambourines,
Compliments V
triangles, rattles, and many other
toy instruments in perfect time with
the music.

Of much interest to G. S. C. W.
students is an announcement receiv-
ed last week by the Y. W. C. A. of
Luan Nosris, born to Mr. and Mrs.
John Norris of Choon Chun, Korea
on June 13, 1930. Mrs. Norris will
be remembered as Miss~Oma Good-
son, former Y. W. C. A. secretary of
the college. Miss Goodson married Compliments Of
SLEEP IN SAFETY in June 1928 and sailed for Korea
where she and her husband have been
Comfort and safety are found in every home built with Vertical Hal- doing missionary work. GJST Atlantic &. Pacific ll
low Tile with its circulating air chambers, a proof against heat and
cold and protection from fire. Its low cost of construction, eliminat- "THE COED"
ing insurance and upkeep. It will shelter you in old age with the There is a current rumor that one
self-same wall long after the ordinary type of construction has decay- of the coeds in the Math class rec-
ed. ently defined a logarithm as the song
of a lumberman.
Oconee Clay Products Co* THE LIFE THAT COUNTS
MANUFACTURERS OF CLAY PRODUCTS Miliedgeville, Ga. The life that counts must toil and
fight; Drugs—Toilet Articles—Stationery, Candy, Cigars, Sodas and
Must hate the wrong and love the Sandwiches— V

Must stand for truth by day, by SERVICE WITH A SMILE
night. Of Course
This is the life that counts.
The life that counts must hopeful be;
In darkest night make melody: Culver & Kidd Drug Co.
WELCOME G. S. C. W. SUMMER SCHOOL STUDENTS Must wait the dawn on bended knee, hone 224 Miliedgeville, Ga.
This is the life that counts.
The life that counts
Must aim to rise above the heart to
summit skies;
The Miliedgeville Banking Co This is the life that counts.
The life that counts must helpful be,
The cares and needs of others see; FROM
MILLEDGEVILLE'S MILLION DOLLAR BANK Must seek the slaves of sin to free.
This is 'the life that counts.
The life that counts is linked with
Williams & Ritchie
And turns not from the rod; JEWELERS
But walks with joy where Jesus trod.
Miliedgeville, Ga.
This is the life that counts.

*^w<y^ia£^^i;i^ MMNJUJIJJUIUWIIUWW "


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