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Course: SAP-SD Sample questions for practice

S. No Multiple Choice Questions Ans.

Conditions can be grouped into the following groups. Which of the following is not correct?
1 D
a)Pricesb) Discounts & Surchargesc) Taxes d) Transportation
In pricing, what object stores the condition type and thesequence in which they are executed in the Sales
2 document during pricing: B
a)Condition Tableb)Pricing Procedurec)Condition Recordd)Condition type

For which of the following you cannot set any routine in the copy control at Item level
3 C
a) General Item Datab) Partner Item Data c) Conditionsd) General Header data
The pricing procedure is not determined in Customizing according to:
4 D
a)Sales area b) Sales document c) Sold to party d) Ship to party
An access sequence is a search strategy that the system uses to find valid ___________for a________.
5 a)condition records, condition type b) pricing key, condition table A
c) key combination, condition table d)condition table, condition type
The first step in pricing configuration involves creating a:
6 A
a)condition table b) condition record c) access sequence d) condition type
Prices, discounts, and surcharges can be defined at various levels. Each level is defined by:
7 A
a)condition table b) condition type c) key combination d) conditions
____________ represents the properties of the pricing conditions.
8 A
a)Condition type b) condition table c) condition record d) access sequence
____________ contains the hierarchy for condition record access.
9 B
a)access sequence b) condition table c) condition record d) condition type
Text objects cannot be created at header and / or Item level for which of the following
10 a) Sales document type b) Delivery document type D
c) Billing document type d) Transportation
Which of the following are transmission media for SAP
11 A
a) SAP office b) External transmissionc) Telex / telefax d) Printer
The following are functions of the billing document in the SD process. Mark the incorrect answer.
a) Billing create billing documents for orders and deliveries
12 b) Billing update the document flow and billing status C
c) Billing do not update the credit account
d) Billing create documents in FI and forward data to Profitability analysis
The billing document consist of:
13 A
a) Header and item b) Only Header c) Only Item d) Schedule line
Which pricing element is used to control pricing so that you can specify a customer specific price rather than a
general material price to be used during automatic price determination in a sales document?
14 B
a) Condition Recordb) Access Sequence
c) Pricing Procedured) Condition Type
Which of the following statements are incorrect?
a) A Header condition type will always have an access sequence assigned to it.
15 b) A condition type that must be captured manually, will not have an access sequence assigned to it A
c) An access sequence is a search strategy.
d) An access sequence is made up one or more condition tables.
A condition table is a combination of fields, which form the key for which pricing element.
a) Condition Type
16 b) Access Sequence C
c) Condition Record
d) Pricing Procedure
The ...............represents an independent company in the legal sense, for which a complete set of accounts can
be drawn up for purposes of external reporting.
a) Company Code b) Sales organization A
c) Plan d) Division
18 .............. is stored for every condition type in pricing overview A
a) Access sequenceb) Condition table
c) Billing documentd) Credit memo
Text can be added to condition records. For which of the following agreements can long text be added?
19 a) Rebate Agreementsb) Promotions D
c) Sales dealsd) All of the above
Pricing condition types are grouped into which of the following:
20 a) Access Sequenceb) Pricing Procedure B
c) Pricing Recordd) Price Type
Which of the following denotes the access sequence?
a) contains the hierarchy for condition record access
21 b) represents the properties of the pricing conditions A
c) defines how the condition types are linked
d) none of the above
The condition type for price is
22 a) PR00 b) KA00 A
c) SKTO d) None of the above
You can mark a condition type in the pricing procedure as being (Choose the correct answer)
23 a) a mandatory condition b) A manually entered condition D
c) For statistical purposes only d) All of the above
The hierarchy of the different levels is determined by the sequence of entries
24 a) Access Sequence b) Condition sequence A
c) Pricing Sequence d) None of the above
With delivery related billing certain data is copied from the delivery document. Which of these are
a) Payment terms, Payer
25 C
b) Pricing, Payer, Payment terms, Incoterms
c) Ship to party, Shipping point, Plant, Incoterms
d) Payer, shipping point, plant, Payment terms
Account determination is carried out using the............
a) Condition technique
26 b) Condition type A
c) Condition records
d) Billing records
Account groups are already set up in the SAP standard system for the different Partner functions,
such as:
27 D
a) Sold-to party b) Ship-to party
c) Payer d) All of Above
...............is used to determine texts automatically when you create a text object.
28 a) Access Sequence b) Text control B
c) Customer master record d) Material master record
A correction of the pricing elements must be carried out in the ...........
29 a) Credit memo b) Debit memo B
c) Cash Invoice d) Billing document
..............contain various billing documents (invoices, credit and debit memos) and can be sent to a
payer on specified days or at certain intervals.
30 A
a) Invoice lists b) Sales document
c) Outbound delivery d) Billing document