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Continuing Education

Today I talk about language classes, why I choice this area of the CE, well today I don’t fell sure
about what can I do to my future but a like study and I need preparation for a better work.
The World Languages program offers the most comprehensive, non-credit selection of language
classes in Washington State. Whether your goals include travel, hobby learning or enhancing your
career, you will find our courses to be affordable and accommodating.
Taught by our engaging and professional World Languages instructors, students will be provided
with a great venue to meet new people and have fun. Course content may vary depending on the
instructor and students, allowing for a stress free and flexible approach to learning new language
You can study many language like Chinese, Dutch, French Hawaiian,Spanish , etc and you can
study American Sign Languaje, Traslation, interpretation certificate program
American Sign Language (ASL)
is the first language of many deaf North Americans and one of the most commonly used languages
in the United States. Whether you have a deaf or hard-of-hearing family member or friend, are
deaf or hard of hearing yourself, or simply want to pursue a personal interest, World Languages
Institute ASL classes are designed for you. Our skilled instructors make learning sign language
fun and easy with classes designed to accommodate busy adults. Classes meet once a week in the
evening for eight weeks. If you plan to learn ASL, it’s great to take classes with a friend so you’ll
have a partner to practice with during the rest of the week.
The Translation and Interpretation (Credit) Certificate Program offers balanced, comprehensive,
and rigorous professional training for individuals with high fluency in English and at least one
other language. The program is designed for students seeking to facilitate communication between
speakers of these languages. This unique certificate is one of the few credit programs of its kind
in the United States, and offers experienced working professionals up-to-date training for aspiring
and practicing translators and interpreters.
this is a self-supporting program offering credit toward two certificates, one in interpretation and
the other in translation. Permission is required to take courses. Students may start the program
during any quarter of the year. The programs are intended for bilingual people of diverse
educational backgrounds who are interested in pursing a career in interpretation or translation. The
primary criterion for admission is high proficiency in the candidate’s working languages. The
certificate granted will be language-specific.
You can work in hospitals, universities, and government agencies like court or police office, you
have many opportunities of work.