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To our well loved and man of action

municipal mayor Hon. Benjamin D. Tesoro, and to his equally
supportive and competent Vice-Mayor, Hon. Emmalyn M.
Rillera, to the equally consistent and dependable municipal
councillors who exerted time and effort to be here with us
__, to our very own compassionate and proficient head of the
Barangay, Brgy Capt. Lou S. Bergado and to his equally
capable council who are surely around with us, to the most
respected brgy. captains of the different barangays, to all the
families around, to the efficient Pacpaco Elem School Teaching
Force spearheaded by the amiable Mr. Manolito P. Malicdem,
to all our valued guests, mga kabarangay, kapamilya, kapuso,
kapatid, friends, ladies and gentlemen..... a very pleasant
evening filled with grace and WELCOME TO OUR CHRISTMAS
BALL 2012.
Looking at everyone’s face, I can see and feel mixed
emotions of joy and excitement, young and old, hold the same
But of course, who would not feel that way....Tonight we
are going to celebrate the most awaited, most joyous, and most

significant event of the year..... the birth of our Saviour Jesus
Each part of the world has its own Christmas Traditions...
to show love and faith to our Almighty Father. Celebrating and
commemorating Christmas means rejoicing to the birth of our
Savior Jesus Christ. His birth marks our Salvation and the story
of his life is the beginning of Christianity.
Pacpaco residents as I believe, are Christians, in faith,
hearts, spirits, minds and actions. That is the reason why
everyone is here to be part of this big celebration for our
Saviour Jesus Christ.
Let us show to everyone, that the residents of this
community are united, and living harmoniously in accordance
to the will of God.
(So friends let us stay long and bear with us until the end
of the program)
So not to extend your agony of excitement..... let us
formally open our program......
1. It is only fitting and proper for us to start our program with
a prayer /and to lead us, /May I call on Bro. Richard
Repangcol.... May I request the audience to please rise as
we offer praises to our Almighty Father...

2. May I request the audience to please remain standing as
we sing with pride and honor our national anthem......
Mdm. Liezel Alcantara conducting.
3. (Welcome Address) And to extend us all/ with a warm
welcome... may I Call on Brgy. Kgwd. Rainnier Casica for
his Welcome Address
(Thank you sir for that very warm welcome you have
4. And for us to feel more the cordiality of this affair, May I
call on Kgwd. Fernando Montaos for his Opening Remarks.
5. At this juncture, let us switch our attention to the surprise
number to be rendered to us by the most powerful,
energetic and young hearted senior citizens.... how about
welcoming them with a big big hand.....
6. A meaningful Christmas message will be delivered to us
by the very inspiring, the woman with generous heart and
action.....matched with gleaming beauty and undeniable
ability..... Ladies and gentlemen....... let us all welcome with a
resounding round of applause.... our Beloved Municipal Vice
Mayor.... Hon. Emmalyn Malazo Rillera...... as she gives a
meaningful Christmas Message.

7. We are about to witness another surprise number coming
from Purok Rang-Ay... Let’s welcome them with a resounding
round of applause.
8. And to make our evening delightful and meaningful. We
are indeed lucky to have with us tonight, the man of action,
with great determination and dedication to serve and uplift
the living condition of the people of San Manuel, a
magnanimous man.
Ladies and gentlemen..., it is such an honour to share
our stage to our beloved Municipal Mayor...Hon.
Benjamin Diza Tesoro...let’s welcome him as he gives
an inspirational talk.
(Thank you Mayor for that very profitable thought
you have shared)

And to keep the dance floor hit and alive.....may I call on


Another surprise number to give us another taste of

entertainment will be coming from ___________

At this juncture, let us listen to the closing remarks to
be rendered to us by our well loved and very inspiring
father of the Barangay, Brgy. Capt. Lou S. Bergado..