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Group 1 – Booming Population

Leader: Tan, Maria Fatima O

Secretary: Villamor, Mariella Lois
Cutillar, Rayfiel C. Añonuevo, Jaypee
Macabus, Judelyn Castro, John Philip P.
Vaflor, Cris Ann C. Fuentes, Paulino III

BOOMING POPULATION: Source of All Environmental Problems

In this ever changing world of ours, it cannot be denied that as humanity go further in
technological development, we are also going further in producing more offsprings per hour
compared before. In a positive sense, this growing population helped us in producing more
workforce that is genetically capable on working long hours that will benefit the economy in the short
run and the growing population also helped us in creating chances on nurturing or producing
someone that will leave a mark in the world – a person that can change drastically the world
landscape like a single human can be a catalyst of change for the whole world. Growing population
also helps us in having more opportunities in producing better innovations that will help in the
furtherment of not only the human race as a whole but also to the species that coexist with us.

We are always focus for ourselves right? We never see that as we continue on hoping for the
nativity of that someone, we are putting the world into destruction. As population grows, we are
creating a city near the coastlines of our seas due to overpopulation and scarce resource of land that
is most of the time owned by prominent people, we are also creating a more polluted environment
because as population grows, more and more automobiles are purchased for the sake of travelling
with ease. We, the human race continues to create more problems in the society, as our population
grows, we became the very reason of the non-existence of animals due to extinction in which we
slaughter more and more endangered animals for living or as a food, It cannot be denied that as we
continue to grow we are putting not only ourselves into risk but also to the species around us that
might continue to thrive longer if not for our selfish desires and luxurious needs. Making their
population grow instead, we are making their numbers gradually diminish as we continue to grow,
it’s like we are inversely related to each other rather than positively related to each other. It is also
really sad that some natural habitats of animals are destroyed like forests just for us to build
residential houses on our own, we destroy the forests for us to build a residential housing there or
using the lumber acquired from the trees as a support to our to-be house.

In a generation where technological advances is about to reach its peak, we continue to be

the greatest serial killers of nature, we hinder the growth of animals just because of our selfish desires
and as we continue to grow in the quickest manner we are only thinking for our own survival without
taking into consideration the animals around us that also helped in our own preservation. In the long
run, we are only killing ourselves with our actions, it is not only the animals that are affected but also
us, we will be victims of our own actions, we incessantly throw our wastes in the rivers and we
continue to pollute our air as we continue to grow due to the growing need of scarce resources that
in the end due to the direct relation of our population to the negative effect, we overexploit resources
that doesn’t need to be exploited in the moment that sometimes we overexploit fossil fuels without
at least taking into consideration that our over exploitation will only lead to our demise by increasing
the CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) consumption we are pushing ourselves to the brink of stronger
typhoons, flashfloods, landslides and forest fires that is the byproduct of our own actions which is
collectively known as climate change.
As the data generation continues to thrive within the society, we must educate ourselves to
our actions by thinking that population growth is not a problem per se, rather when it is used
properly through proper education, it will be valuable asset. Educate yourself that as we work
together by making awareness program of our actions and its effect to the environment, we could at
least lower the chances of man-made disasters. All of us must work together if we want to achieve a
Utopic type of world, stop pin pointing, all of us are at fault here, we must do what is right, know what
is right, act what is right and lastly, all of us must act what is right to achieve a better working world
with species working together for a perfect harmony.