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ASSOCIATE SUPERINTENDENTS TERRY HURLBURT 560. University Avenue Waukee IA $9263 fomail | duetastowmkeeshostion phone | 5159575161 fax | 5159872701 Ria BOE WAUKEE Sat (boaeaeeieatitany COMMUNITY SCHOOLS January 26, 2017 (Sent via certified mail & via e-mail to frank@westownadmedia com, Frank Scaglione - Westown Sports Marketing 7522 Hickman Road Windsor Heights, Iowa 50324 Re: Access to School Property, School Activities, and Students, Dear Mr. Scaglione: We have received a report that you may have engaged in inappropriate conduct with one or more Waukee Community School District students, Because of the report we received relating to your conduct, you are hereby no longer welcome on any Waukee Community School campus. You are no longer welcome at any Waukee Community School activity. As of today, Waukee High School's School-to- Work Program is ending its relationship with you and Westown Advertising Media. If you choose to come to the campus or you are present ai any Waukee school activity, you will be asked to leave. If you refuse to leave, school staff members may consider you a trespasser and will call law enforcement for assistance, In an effort to create a transition plan for the remainder of the winter season, please contact Jim Duea via e-mail regarding clarification of ownership of content and equipment no later than Monday, January 30, 2017. Aside from that stipulation, you must refrain from contacting ot communicating with any Waukee Community School District student or employee, except me We regret that these measures are necessary, but the Distriet’s first obligation is to make sure the school is safe and orderly for everyone concerned. We appreciate your cooperation with this, request. Sincerely, —K—fom2 Kirk Johnson, Associate Superintendent Waukee Community School District Ce: Cindi MeDonald, Superintendent Lora Appenzeller-Miller, CFO Cary Justmann, WHS Principal Jim Duea, Waukee CSD Activities Director