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‘Black Panther’
fulfills overdue
hopes and dreams
02.20.18 Actor Terry Crews: Change may be slow
and hard-fought, but empowering movie
shows it’s inevitable. Your Turn In Life



“I thought we
had put a lot
of this stuff
behind us, us
as a country.” controls
Drama on ice
Sure, American Mirai Nagasu is fight-
ing for the bronze. But much of the
Charlotte Fedders,
who married John Fedders
in 1966. Charlotte says
the abuse started a
few months after their
on guns
wedding. She says people
attention in the women’s figure skat- didn’t talk about abuse White House supports
ing competition swirls around Russia. back then.
See our special Olympics section. closer background scrutiny
WASHINGTON – The businessman
who once supported tighter gun con-
IN NEWS trol — and then opposed it after he be-
came a presidential candidate — is
now under pressure to switch back in
favor of certain new firearms laws.
In the wake of last week’s mass
shooting at a South Florida high
school, President Trump has White

White House aide’s House meetings scheduled this week

with groups of students and local offi-
cials about the prospects of tougher

case dredges up gun laws to protect schools.

The president on Monday ex-
pressed some support for some
changes to the gun background check
Lorraine Nichols holds her son,
Charlie. HALI TAUXE/USA TODAY NETWORK ’80s abuse trauma system by opening the door to a bipar-
tisan congressional proposal designed
to improve the shar-
ing of mental health Final
Abandoned Florida
Ex-wife of prominent abuser sees parallels and criminal record
be- farewells
baby finds new home information
tween state and lo- As political
Humankind: Infant found in bed of Jayne O’Donnell cal agencies and the debates
pickup in May is doing “amazing” USA TODAY federal background intensify,
check database. funerals begin
Hidden details found The domestic violence news out of the White “While discus- in Florida.
in Picasso painting House this month was all too familiar to Charlotte sions are ongoing 3A
Fedders. and revisions are
1902 Blue Period masterpiece was Thirty-three years ago, she was the wife accus- being considered, the president is
painted atop another artist’s work ing her prominent spouse of serial abuse. Her supportive of efforts to improve the
then-husband, John Fedders, chief of enforce- federal background check system,”
IN MONEY ment for the Securities and Exchange Commis- Rob Porter resigned said White House Press Secretary
sion, was a tall, handsome lawyer with a very this month as White Sarah Sanders.
Cheers! Booze makers different public image than the one his family saw House staff Trump himself did not comment on
toast cut in excise tax at home. Like Jennifer Willoughby, ex-wife of secretary after gun control Monday. His weekend at
President Trump’s former staff secretary Rob Por- being accused of his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach,
Small manufacturers benefit most ter, Charlotte Fedders said she was regularly called domestic abuse. Fla., was dominated by a renewed gun
from two-year federal reduction an abusive name “to the point where it didn’t debate after a former student was
mean too much anymore.” charged with killing 17 people and
IN LIFE Fedders’ 1987 best-selling book, Shattered wounding more than a dozen at Mar-
Dreams, became a TV movie starring Lindsay jory Stoneman Douglas High School in
Oprah throws us a Wagner. Parkland, Fla.
big-screen ‘Wrinkle’ “It has just brought too many memories with all Sanders confirmed that Trump
the similarities,” Fedders said, citing black eyes spoke on Friday with Sen. John
Mogul leads diverse trio of astral and a broken window. “It’s been hard.” Cornyn, R-Texas, about a background
travelers in adaptation of classic book Back then, Fedders said, no one talked about check bill he has introduced with Sen.
that kind of abuse in the upper-middle-class Chris Murphy, D-Conn.
country-club world she inhabited. She stayed for Murphy said the president’s appar-
17 years after her wedding in 1966, through the be- Charlotte Fedders ent support “is another sign the poli-

A division of
Gannett Co., Inc.
littling, the physical abuse — including during her
first pregnancy — and the weeks of the silent
treatment she and their children often got.

See ABUSE, Page 2A

says her husband,
John, abused her
over 17 years of
tics of gun violence are shifting rapid-
ly.” In a tweet, the Connecticut senator
said that “no one should pretend this
bill alone is an adequate response to

1-800-872-0001, USATODAYSERVICE.COM See GUNS, Page 2A

Budget dysfunction’s cost: ‘High and rising’
Number of skyscrapers
Congress’ string of stopgaps
knots up even the basics
Such disruptions aren’t going to end
just because Congress passed a sweep-
ing bipartisan budget deal this month.
660 feet or taller built in The government is still running on
2017 in China, the most Deirdre Shesgreen yet another short-term spending bill —
in the world. USA TODAY one that bars most agencies from em-
Next in line: barking on new projects and that flat-
The USA with 10 completed. WASHINGTON – The Pentagon can’t lines spending for existing programs,
order new weapons systems or ramp up even those Congress determines are
ammunition production. Medical re- outdated or unneeded. The latest
searchers have their budgets sliced and spending patch will expire at midnight
SN ws" Ы

often scramble to reconfigure clinical March 23, setting up another funding

/W e П

trials. Highway projects are delayed, cliff in about five weeks.


O t's У

and maintenance is deferred. President Trump’s 2019 fiscal budget “It is both frightening and embar-
.C ha ГР

SOURCE Council on Tall Buildings and That’s what happens every time lays out his spending priorities and rassing that the world’s most experi-
Urban Habitat Congress passes stopgap spending bills targets for cuts, though Congress is

MIKE B. SMITH, JANET LOEHRKE/USA TODAY instead of a regular, full-year budget. unlikely to comply. JIM LO SCALZO/EPA-EFE See CONGRESS, Page 2A




Guns after a November shooting at a church in

Texas, would provide financial incen-
tives to states and federal agencies to
Continued from Page 1A work harder to comply with laws requir-
ing them to report criminal and mental
this epidemic.” health records to the National Instant
Yet is unclear how far Trump is will- Criminal Background Check System.
ing to go on gun control — or whether Gun sellers are required, in most cir-
he’ll take any action at all. cumstances, to run the names of would-
During his weekend at Mar-a-Lago, be gun buyers through the system.
Trump visited a local hospital to speak The shooter at the Texas church had
with people injured in the shooting and been allowed to buy guns despite having
their families. Some of the students who a criminal record because the Air Force
survived the shooting blanketed cable failed to share his records with the FBI.
television news programs — some of Trump, who has cited claims about
them watched by Trump — to press the suspect’s mental health problems
their case for more gun legislation. and criticized the FBI for failing to follow
In a rally Saturday, student and up on a tip about the shooter, has been
shooting survivor Emma Gonzalez went reluctant to back gun control after past
after the National Rifle Association by school shootings.
saying that “politicians who sit in their So have Republican members of Con-
gilded House and Senate seats funded gress, many of whom have received
by the NRA telling us nothing could have contributions from the National Rifle
been done to prevent this, we call B.S. ... Association and other groups who say
They say tougher guns laws do not de- President Trump has at least two events devoted to tackling school violence the focus should be on mental health
crease gun violence. We call B.S.” on his schedule this week. MANUEL BALCE CENETA/AP and tighter school security measures.
Other mass shootings during Trump’s schedule this week includes
Trump’s term — from the Las Vegas at least two events devoted to discuss-
Strip to a church in South Texas, both “safe schools act” to provide federal ing school violence.
within the past five months — have not money for security guards and consult- On Wednesday, he is scheduled to
led to legislative action, in part because “The president is supportive
ants on “hardening educational institu- host a “listening session” with high
Republicans who run Congress say laws of efforts to improve the federal
tions to protect our most valuable as- school students and teachers. The next
would be ineffective and in some cases background check system.”
sets: our school kids.” day, Trump will meet with “state and
would infringe on Second Amendment Sarah Sanders Trump’s critics were skeptical about local officials on school safety,” accord-
gun rights. White House press secretary whether he will really push for anything. ing to the White House schedule.
In a 2000 book, published well before Rick Wilson, a Florida Republican Trump has been criticized for a tweet
he ran for president, Trump said he has cessor Barack Obama and said: “The political consultant who has been criti- Sunday that seemed to blame the school
generally opposed gun control, but at eight-year assault on your Second cal of Trump, said he suspects Trump is shooting on the FBI’s investigation into
that time he did back a “ban on assault Amendment freedoms has come to a “reacting to the fact that he had a lot of Russia’s election meddling.
weapons” and “a slightly longer waiting crashing end. You have a true friend and folks at Mar-a-Lago reacting to” the kill- “Very sad that the FBI missed all of
period to purchase a gun.” champion in the White House.” ings of students. the many signals sent out by the Florida
In his 2016 campaign, Trump became Geraldo Rivera of Fox News, who “I’d be surprised if there was actual school shooter,” Trump said. “This is not
a champion of the Second Amendment spoke with Trump over the weekend, action,” he said, “but the NRA and its al- acceptable. They are spending too much
and welcomed contributions from the said he suggested the president support lies should realize that Trump has no time trying to prove Russian collusion
National Rifle Association and other a law to deny the sale of certain weap- fixed ideology, and reacts to emotion with the Trump campaign - there is no
gun rights groups. During the NRA con- ons to anyone under age 21. and other impulses.” collusion. Get back to the basics and
vention last year, Trump bashed prede- On Twitter, Rivera also suggested a The Cornyn-backed bill, introduced make us all proud!”

Abuse ly charming and smart,” she said.

After The Wall Street Journal wrote a
story detailing the abuse and possible
Continued from Page 1A financial improprieties revealed in her
divorce proceedings, Fedders said, “I
Fedders said she thought things think he was very surprised that the rest
had changed since then. of the country didn’t still feel that way.”
“I thought we had put a lot of this Fedders lives in Northern Virginia,
stuff behind us, us as a country,” said where she receives the same $400 a
Fedders, 74. “And it’s very disturbing month in alimony, which is supple-
to know that someone would be in mented by Social Security and a small
the White House that close to the inheritance. She retired from her job as
president without a full security a nurse in 2016.
clearance with this past that people Her former husband tried and failed
knew about.” to get a 25% share of the profits from her
Porter denies the allegations book. Charlotte Fedders used the money
against him. to help pay for their five sons’ college
Fedders said she “never said a education, to which John Fedders did
thing” about the abuse when admini- not contribute.
stration officials vetted her former “I don’t have a whole lot of money or
husband to be the chief of enforce- too many of the things I used to have,
The U.S. Capitol has been a house of fiscal feuding. SAUL LOEB/AFP/GETTY IMAGES ment at the SEC. but my life is great now,” said Fedders,
“I was afraid I’d be in real trouble if who sees her 10 grandchildren regularly.
he found out,” Fedders said. John Fedders could not be reached

Congress Benjamin Corb, a spokesman for the

American Society for Biochemistry
Women in prominent, affluent
families may tolerate physical and
for comment.
Only one of the grown children has
and Molecular Biology. Nearly every emotional abuse because of fears that any contact with their father, Fedders
Continued from Page 1A October, scientists “have 10% less disclosure could harm families’ repu- said. Visitation stopped 28 years ago
money for either a student in their lab tations and careers, pediatrician Na- after Andrew, then 12, told his father:
enced democracy is currently unable to or for (materials) to do experiments.” dine Burke Harris wrote in her new “Take me home. Violence is not the an-
carry out even the most basic responsi- More broadly, the constant cycle of book, The Deepest Well, which exam- swer” after he was shoved against a wall
bility of funding the services that Amer- self-inflicted showdowns created by ines the health effects of these experi- for misbehaving in an elevator.
icans are expecting from their govern- the weeks-long spending bills means ences on children. Her sons “are all wonderful men who
ment,” Alice Rivlin, a budget expert, told Congress has little time to set broad When more affluent people don’t treat their wives like princesses,”
senators at a hearing recently on Con- spending priorities and shift funding talk about domestic violence, the Fedders said. “They never raise their
gress’ broken budget process. levels to address emerging threats. problem continues, and it perpetuates hands or their voices.”
The cost of Congress’ spending dys- “We’re not paying attention to what the idea that “adversity is a problem When he reposted a video of the
function? “High and rising,” Rivlin said. we fund or how much. We’re not pay- for only certain communities,” wrote Facebook Live Fedders did with USA
“We lurch from crisis to crisis, wast- ing attention to whether it works or Harris, who heads the Center for Youth TODAY last week, her oldest son, Luke,
ing countless hours across the federal doesn’t work,” said Sen. Rand Paul, R- Wellness in San Francisco. commented:
government as employees prepare for Ky., who convened the Senate hearing. Domestic abuse survivor L.Y. Mar- “You CAN be a man from an abused
shutdowns or draft detailed, compre- Congress is required every year to low grew up in Philadelphia housing household and NOT continue the vio-
hensive yearly budget documents that pass a dozen separate spending bills to projects but knew that the stigma lence. Five of us can attest to that,
are completely disregarded,” Sen. Gary fund government agencies in time for about abuse is spread across socioeco- thanks to how we were raised by a
Peters, D-Mich., said at the Senate hear- the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30. nomic, racial and ethnic groups. strong woman/mother.”
ing, titled the “Terrible, No Good, Very The last time the House and Senate A decade ago, she launched the ad-
Bad Ways of Funding Government.” passed all of the separate appropria- vocacy group Saving Promise, named
Two examples: tion bills on time was more than two after her granddaughter, Promise,
❚ The Pentagon requested additional decades ago — in 1997. whom Marlow wanted Corrections & Clarifications
money this year for munitions. The to prevent from becom- USA TODAY is committed to accuracy.
White House agreed, and so did law- “We lurch from crisis to ing the fifth generation To reach us at any time, call 800-872-7073 or e-mail
accuracy@usatoday.com. Please indicate whether you’re
makers in Congress. But stopgap spend- of women in her family
ing bills, called “continuing resolu- crisis, wasting countless to become victims of
responding to content online or in the newspaper.

tions,” force the Department of Defense hours across the federal domestic abuse.
— and other federal agencies — to run “Unfortunately,
on autopilot, unable to make adjust- government.” L.Y. Marlow sometimes it takes 7950 Jones Branch Dr., McLean, Va. 22108, 703-854-3400
Published by Gannett, Volume 36, No. 110
ments or start projects. Sen. Gary Peters, D-Mich. high-visibility people (ISSN0734-7456)
“Every account is stuck at last year’s and circumstances for something to
funding, and you’re specifically barred To solve this problem of their own become part of the national agenda,”
from starting new programs and from making, congressional leaders have said Marlow, whose group works with Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. ET
increasing the procurement rate,” said called for a bipartisan “supercommit- the Harvard School of Public Health on
Todd Harrison, a defense budget expert tee” appointed to examine the problem domestic violence prevention. “The Regular U.S. subscription rates: $29 per month; $348 per
year. For customer service-related inquiries, please
at the Center for Strategic and Interna- and recommend reforms. Me Too and Time’s Up movements contact Barb Smith, VP/Customer Service, PO BOX
tional Studies, a Washington think Some budget-fixing proposals are didn’t get elevated until celebrities 650301, DALLAS TX 75265-0301, or fax 1-800-732-3631.

tank. “So if you bought 10 of a certain already in the legislative hopper. One said something, even though the other Advertising: All advertising published in USA TODAY is
subject to the current rate card; copies available from the
aircraft last year and you were planning bill would force lawmakers to go with- stories are no less important.” advertising department. USA TODAY may in its sole
to buy 20 this year, you can’t do that. out pay if they didn’t pass a budget and When Fedders read a blog post discretion edit, classify, reject or cancel at any time any
advertising submitted.
You’re stuck.” all the appropriations bills on time. Willoughby wrote last April, titled
Classified: 1-800-397-0070
❚ At the National Institutes of Health, Another would prevent Congress from “Why I Stayed,” she recognized simi-
SN ws" Ы

National, Regional: 703-854-3400

when Congress starts a fiscal year with a leaving Washington for scheduled larities to her own former life.
/W e П

Reprint permission, copies of articles, glossy reprints:

continuing resolution instead of a full- breaks unless lawmakers have adopt-

“Everyone loved him,” Willoughby www.GannettReprints.com or call 212-221-9595

O t's У

year budget, the agency automatically ed a budget blueprint. wrote of Porter. “People commented all USA TODAY is a member of The Associated Press and
.C ha ГР

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shaves 10% off federal grants it awarded Paul said the real problem is a lack the time how lucky I was.” Saturdays, Sundays and widely observed holidays.
to scientists across the country. of political will. People used to say such things Periodicals postage paid at McLean, Va., and at additional

mailing offices. USA TODAY, its logo and associated

“The NIH will hold back money so “Something has to change,” he said. about Fedders’ 6-foot-10 ex-husband, graphics are registered trademarks. All rights reserved.

they’ll have enough at the end of the “People have to have the will to do the too. They’d say, “He just must be so

POSTMASTER: Send address changes to USA TODAY,

year to try to fund new research,” said right thing.” wonderful to live with as he’s extreme- 8700-K Red Oak Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28217.



Agonized community says farewells

as legal, political debates mount
John Bacon

Mourners said goodbye Monday in

Florida to a 15-year-old video game fan
who loved Lebron James and Chicken
McNuggets and a 14-year-old Junior
ROTC member who spent hours volun-
teering as a community struggled to
come to grips with last week’s deadly
shooting rampage.
Funerals for Luke Hoyer and Alaina
Petty came one day after two other stu-
dents and a beloved teacher at Marjory
Stoneman Douglas High School were
laid to rest. Athletic director Chris Hixon
will be among those buried Wednesday;
assistant football coach Aaron Feis’
funeral is Thursday.
Luke’s cousin, Grant Cox, plays base-
ball for Clemson University. Cox paid
tribute to Luke and all the victims in an
emotional Facebook post, pleading for
people to “choose love” and declaring
hate is never the answer.
“Tears will never show you how
much I loved Luke,” Cox wrote. “He had
a whole life ahead of him and now I live
through him. I love you so much buddy!”
Alaina’s parents issued a statement Friends and loved ones gathered Monday to say goodbye to 14-year-old Alaina Petty at the Church of Jesus Christ of
saying it was impossible to sum up what Latter-day Saints in Coral Springs, Fla. Alaina was “loved by all who knew her,” her parents said. JOE RAEDLE/GETTY IMAGES
their daughter meant to her family and
“Alaina was a vibrant and deter- “Tears will never show you how much I loved Luke. He had ing period for purchases and expand
mined young woman, loved by all who a whole life ahead of him and now I live through him.” background checks, among other
knew her,” her parents said. changes.
While the community mourned, ac- Grant Cox Gov. Rick Scott called on the FBI to
Facebook tribute to his cousin, Luke Hoyer
cused shooter Nikolas Cruz and his law- release “all details surrounding the
yers were in court Monday asking a bureau’s failure to take action after re-
judge to keep documents in the case some Stoneman Douglas students since investigation told CNN. ceiving information on Jan. 5, 2018,
sealed. Defense lawyers said last week The New York Times reported that the On Tuesday, 100 students planned to regarding Cruz’s gun ownership, desire
that Cruz, 19, would be willing to plead senator had collected more than $3 mil- take the 450-mile bus ride from Park- to kill people, erratic behavior and dis-
guilty to murder charges to avoid the lion in donations from the National Rifle land to the state Capitol in Tallahassee turbing social media posts.” Last week,
death penalty and spare the community Association. to talk about guns and school safety Scott called for FBI Director Christopher
the pain of a trial. “We should all agree after #Parkland- with lawmakers. Tops on the students’ Wray’s resignation.
Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., told CBS Shooting that need better background list: a ban on military-style assault Also Monday, school officials worked
Miami that while he has problems with check process,” Rubio also tweeted. And weapons like the AR-15 type used in the on a plan to reopen Marjory Stoneman
the death penalty, he believes Cruz the White House said President Trump shooting. Douglas High for its 3,000 students. The
should be executed. supports improving the federal back- GOP state Sen. Bill Galvano says he district said the school would remain
“In this particular case it would be ground check process. will introduce a package of measures closed at least through Wednesday and
hard to argue against the death penalty,” Cruz legally obtained at least 10 rifles, that would raise the legal age for pos- that the goal was to have staff return to
said Rubio, who has drawn the ire of a law enforcement source briefed on the sessing an assault rifle to 21, add a wait- campus by the end of the week.

Veterans groups ask president Transgender

to keep VA head despite missteps troop policy
Donovan Slack Friday, he told USA TODAY he re-
is due on

WASHINGTON – Three veterans or-

mained committed to staying on and
fulfilling Trump’s agenda.
Other veterans groups took a wait-
ganizations urged President Trump to and-see approach. Tom Vanden Brook
keep Veterans Affairs Secretary David Garry Augustine, executive director USA TODAY
Shulkin in place despite a report that of Disabled American Veterans, said
said he misused taxpayer dollars during he is generally supportive of Shulkin WASHINGTON – The Pentagon is
a European trip last year. but is waiting to learn more about what likely to announce its new policy on
The American Legion ticked off a list transpired at the VA. transgender troops this week after six
of his accomplishments at the depart- “We’re still learning about all the months of legal battles that started
ment, including modernization of the particulars of the story. It’s still unfold- with President Trump’s tweets calling
appeals process for VA benefits, im- ing,” he said in an interview late Sun- for a ban on their service.
proved patient satisfaction, decreased day. “What we know so far is that the Several federal court rulings pre-
wait times and increased access to secretary used some bad judgment ob- vented the Pentagon from implement-
mental health care. An inspector general’s report criticized viously, but, you know, in the big pic- ing the ban. Defense Secretary Jim
“We have been encouraged by the VA Secretary David Shulkin over a ture, what he’s done for the VA, we be- Mattis announced in September that a
great progress Secretary Shulkin has European trip. WIN MCNAMEE/GETTY IMAGES lieve, is moving in the right direction … panel of experts would develop a pol-
made and believe that he remains the and we would like to see this resolved icy on transgender service members
best person to lead this important feder- so that he can get back to moving the by Feb. 21.
al public institution on the behalf of the VA in a direction we think is the right The policy will replace rules adopt-
American people,” the group’s national direction.” ed during the Obama administration
commander, Denise Rohan, said in a “We have been encouraged Shulkin is the only holdover from that allowed transgender troops to
statement Monday. the Obama administration in Trump’s serve openly for the first time. Those
One of the oldest organizations rep- by the great progress Secre- Cabinet rules set up procedures that gave
resenting veterans, AmVets, praised the tary Shulkin has made and He said last week that he believed transgender troops access to medical
secretary. he was targeted and undermined by a treatment and policies for recruiters to
“Please allow VA Secretary Shulkin believe that he remains the group of VA staffers installed in the top accept applications from transgender
the space necessary to do his job and ranks of the agency by the White volunteers for military service.
continue your focus on fixing the VA,”
best person to lead this House. Trump’s announcement by Twitter
Joe Chenelly, executive director of Am- important federal public Chenelly, the AmVets director, said in July caught military officials by sur-
Vets said in a statement directed at the the future of the agency is at stake. prise. They scrambled to issue guid-
president. institution on the behalf of “Now, the question, after over a full ance to ensure transgender troops that
Vietnam Veterans of America echoed the American people.” year of progress and tremendous they would not be drummed from the
those thoughts and expressed support strides in accountability, opening ac- service and that their medical care
for VA Deputy Secretary Tom Bowman, Denise Rohan cess to care, improving access to bene- would continue. The chairman of the
American Legion
who has been on the job since August. fits, tackling mental health, and Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine Gen. Jo-
“Keep both David Shulkin and Tom strengthening relations with stake- seph Dunford, issued a statement that
Bowman, and see where we are in a Days of turmoil followed. Friday, his holders, is whether the President is the Pentagon would not change its
year,” said Rick Weidman, co-founder of chief of staff, Vivieca Wright Simpson, ready to turn the keys to the VA over to policy until officially notified by the
the organization. “It hasn’t been long announced she was retiring after 32 ideologues who have designs on hav- White House.
enough.” years at the agency. ing VA go the way of railroads, airports, In September, Mattis issued interim
Veterans groups had been largely si- Investigators determined she misled energy companies, postal services, guidance that prevented transgender
lent since the VA inspector general re- ethics officials by doctoring an email to and other businesses that have been troops from being booted from service,
leased a report last Wednesday con- get clearance for Shulkin’s wife to travel privatized — and have also proven allowed for their medical treatment
SN ws" Ы

cluding Shulkin improperly accepted with him at taxpayers’ expense. profitable for a few,” he said in the and established the panel to develop
/W e П

tickets to Wimbledon and airfare for his Within hours, the White House in- the policy. After losing several court

O t's У

wife during a 10-day trip to Denmark stalled a new chief of staff, Peter Shulkin was sworn in as VA under- challenges, the Pentagon allowed
.C ha ГР

and London last July. O’Rourke, who was a member of secretary for health in July 2015. When recruiting to begin Jan. 1. USA TODAY
Shulkin said the findings were unfair Trump’s transition team and created Trump took office, he selected Shulkin reported that dozens of transgender

and inaccurate, then expressed regret the Office of Accountability and to lead the VA. Shulkin won Senate applicants filled out paperwork with

for the errors he and his staff made and Whistleblower Protection at the VA. confirmation in a 100-0 vote in Febru- recruiters, including at least eight with

reimbursed the government. Shulkin’s fate remained unclear. ary 2017. the Air Force.


Drought Day Zero: Cape Town

water may be shut off by June
Zaheer Cassim
and John Dyer
Special to USA TODAY
Picasso painted “La Miséreuse
CAPE TOWN, South Africa – Yasmin Accroupie” over another artist’s work
Dawood works hard to stick to the limit turned clockwise, seen at right using
of 13.2 gallons a day for residents as this advanced imaging technology.
city inches toward becoming the first in PICASSO ESTATE; ART GALLERY OF ONTARIO
the world to run out of water.
The stay-at-home mom showers
quickly once a day with her daughter,
keeping buckets in the stall to catch ex- Who knew?
cess water she uses to flush toilets —
when they absolutely have to be flushed.
Her daughter, Asma, 6, wears a spe-
Hidden art
cial uniform that needs less washing,
Dawood said. On days when she plays
cloaked in
sports, she wears her athletic uniform to
avoid laundering her regular outfit. Picasso Blue
Cape Town and its surroundings are
suffering a severe drought. Doyle Rice
Three years of a lack of rain and an USA TODAY
unseasonably dry winter mean that av- A resident of the Masiphumelele settlement collects drinking water from a
erage dam levels hover just over a quar- communal tap last month in Cape Town, South Africa. NIC BOTHMA/EPA Even Pablo Picasso used recycled
ter full. materials.
The countdown to “Day Zero” has be- One of the masterpieces of his Blue
gun. Reservoirs would drop below 13.5%, risk if there is millions of dollars at capture water, “but it’s also easier for Period from 1902 was painted atop an-
and the city would have to turn off all stake,” he said. us because we can afford it. These other work of art, one painted by an
taps to the metro area of 3.7 million. Byrne has considered leaving Cape people are poor, so it would be harder unknown Spanish artist, scientists
Officials had estimated the day Town “for a bit,” but he and his neigh- for them,” she said. announced this week.
would arrive in April or May. Tuesday, bors get by. Boonzaaier and her family had Using advanced imaging technol-
Cape Town pushed it back to June 4. “I don’t know how bad it’s going to thought about moving to Canada; she ogy, researchers found another paint-
Dawood’s younger daughter, Sara, get, and I know other people I have spo- said the water emergency is making ing under Picasso’s La Miséreuse Ac-
21⁄2, gets bathed in a bucket. “If we need ken to feel the same way, but only if Day the decision easier. croupie (The Crouching Woman).
an extra shower, we use a facecloth,” Zero comes,” he said. Editor Ngubani, 27, a domestic Picasso not only changed the subject
said Dawood, 40, who lives in the afflu- When the city had light rain one re- worker who lives in the Capricorn of the original painting (from a land-
ent suburb of Rondebosch. “If our hair is cent night, Byrne decided to give his car township, said life hasn’t changed scape to a portrait), but he also changed
dirty, we use dry shampoo — it works a wash. “People are concerned, but in a much, and people drink, cook and it from a horizontal to a vertical.
quite well.” way, they are still hopeful,” he said. clean like they normally would. Mountains in the original painting
Everything revolves around water — Evodia Boonzaaier, 33, a city govern- “People know there is a drought, but became the outline of the back of the
and saving it, residents said. ment worker, questioned whether they haven’t changed,” she said. “I’m subject in Picasso’s work, which de-
“Life is very water-conscious,” Da- people were doing enough to conserve worried because water is precious.” picts a crouching, cloaked woman. The
wood said. “Every drop counts.” water despite the city’s caps on con- Cape Town is in for a rude awaken- discovery allows viewers “to look in-
The water shortage changes ways of sumption. ing when Day Zero arrives, she said. side Picasso’s head and get a sense of
living and hurts livelihoods. She said residents of low-income The rainy season that begins in the how he was making decisions as he
Westley Byrne, 29, is a director’s as- townships have not altered their habits spring could help, but it probably won’t was painting the canvas,” says Marc
sistant in the city’s film industry. He much. Many live in homes that lack solve the city’s problems. Walton, a cultural heritage scientist at
said work has been scarce since the running water, and they share public Pushing back Day Zero has given Northwestern University.
crisis began. Byrne said international water pumps. Poorer areas don’t con- residents like Dawood reason to hope. The findings were announced at the
projects that used to come to Cape Town sume as much water as their wealthier The water shortage has been a annual meeting of the American Asso-
would rather go elsewhere because of neighbors, who feel the crisis more, “positive thing for my family,” she said. ciation for the Advancement of Sci-
the drought. Boonzaaier said. “We are learning to respect our envi- ence in Austin. “Picasso had no
“We often host big Hollywood pro- Wealthier residents may have run out ronment. It’s a good lesson.” qualms about changing things during
jects, and they wouldn’t want to take a of plastic buckets and other items to John Dyer reported from Boston. the painting process,” Walton said.

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Homelessness “They are a security

debate intrudes threat. Anyone could

be hiding under those

on Harry and blankets.”

Kelly Carpenter
Runs a pub across from Windsor Castle

Meghan’s wedding A plan to clear the homeless

from the streets has sparked
Some locals declare Windsor in early February,
about a half-dozen people were
a debate before the royal
wedding May 19 in Windsor
Windsor cannot bundled in sleeping bags amid Castle, reflected in a bank’s

be an eyesore cardboard boxes. Layers of window. LEON NEAL/GETTY IMAGES
clothing could be seen in prom-
Kim Hjelmgaard inent spots on the town’s High
USA TODAY Street, one of the main thor-
oughfares on which Harry and
WINDSOR, England – It’s a Markle will greet crowds as
place fit for a prince, but not, it part of a carriage procession.

seems, for a pauper. Windsor is filled with up-
Ahead of Prince Harry and market restaurants, tea rooms,
American actress Meghan pubs and fancy stores. Busi-
Markle’s wedding here May 19, nesses are renting out rooms,

this picturesque riverside town hiring extra staff, designing
is grappling with a problem af- royal-wedding-themed souve-
fecting a growing number of nirs — and preparing to be be-
communities across England: sieged by thousands of tour-
homelessness. ists, well-wishers and media.
Windsor is host to the But it is also a place caught
world’s oldest and largest in- up in the U.K.’s homelessness
habited castle. Queen Elizabeth problem. Over the past year,
II uses it on weekends. It has a
Gothic chapel that is the resting
place of 10 monarchs, including
Henry VIII. The town, 25 miles
homelessness in England is up
14% and has risen by 136% over
the past five years, government
statistics show.
For Less Than $ 200
west of London, has put on roy-
al weddings for centuries.
But in Windsor, population
32,200, only 12 to 15 people Try it RISK-FREE for 45 days!
But a rift in this serene place routinely live on the streets,
has opened up after Simon said Murphy James, who runs Complete Refund Guarantee!
Dudley, a local Conservative the Windsor Homelessness
Party official, suggested police Project, an aid organization.
should consider clearing the
destitute from Windsor’s
“Dudley called it an ‘epidem-
ic,’ ” James said. “It’s not an
How can a hearing
streets so that “aggressive beg-
ging and intimidation” and
epidemic.” Dudley has said his
remarks were misinterpreted.
aid that costs less
bags and debris do not spoil
Harry and Markle’s big day.
Stuart Thatcher, 40, a for-
mer heroin user who now occu-
than $200 be every bit
“It’s not just because they
are homeless and we don’t want
pies a coveted spot under a bus
shelter directly across from
as good as one that sells
them here, although it doesn’t
look great for tourists when
Windsor Castle, said he would
forcibly resist any attempts to
for $2,250 or more?
they are always being asked for make him leave.
money,” said Kelly Carpenter, “They will have to physically The answer: Although tremendous strides have
who runs a pub across from pick me up,” he said. been made in Advanced Hearing Aid Technology,
Windsor Castle, where the pair When asked about the up-
will wed. “They are a security coming royal wedding, Thatch-
those cost reductions have not been passed on
threat. Anyone could be hiding er said: “Is Harry marrying an to you. Until now...
under those blankets.” American? I’m really happy for MDHearingAid® uses the same kind of
When USA TODAY visited him. Of course, mate.”
Advanced Hearing Aid Technology
incorporated into hearing aids that cost
thousands more at a small fraction of
Iceland debates ban the price.
Over 300,000 satisfied MDHearingAid
on male circumcision customers agree: High-quality, FDA-
registered hearing aids don’t have to
cost a fortune. The fact is, you don’t
Some see an attack after birth, during childhood or
around puberty as a rite of need to spend thousands for a
on religious freedom passage. Jews and Muslims hearing aid. MDHearingAid is a
typically circumcise their sons — Don W., Sherman, TX
Kim Hjelmgaard to confirm or mark their rela-
medical-grade hearing aid
USA TODAY tionship with God. offering sophistication and high performance, and works right out of the box with no time-
While the practice is often consuming “adjustment” appointments. You can contact a licensed hearing specialist
Iceland could become the associated with Judaism, a conveniently on-line or by phone — even after your purchase at no cost. No other company
first country in Europe to ban 2007 report by the World
male circumcision, prompting Health Organization said Mus-
provides such extensive support. Now that you know...why pay more?
criticism from religious groups lims are the largest religious
about the ritual practiced in group to perform male circum- Can a Hearing Aid Delay or Prevent
both Judaism and Islam. cision. An estimated 30% of all Alzheimer’s and Dementia?
The legislation being debated males globally are circumcised, A study by Johns Hopkins and the National Institute on Aging suggests older
by Iceland’s Parliament would and about two-thirds of them individuals with hearing loss are significantly more likely to develop Alzheimer’s and
impose a six-year jail term on are Muslim, the agency said. dementia over time than those who retain their hearing. They suggest that an intervention
anyone who “removes part or all — such as a hearing aid — could delay or prevent this by improving hearing!
of (a child’s) sexual organs” for
non-medical reasons.
“It’s an attack on freedom of
religion,” Ahmad Seddeeq, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR
imam of the Islamic Cultural
Center of Iceland, said Monday.
Silja Dögg Gunnarsdóttir, a Hearing is believing and we invite you to try this
lawmaker from the center-right
Progressive Party, said she pro-
nearly invisible hearing aid with no annoying
posed the measure after realiz- whistling or background noise for yourself. If you
ing the country’s ban on female
genital mutilation had no Circumcision also has stirred
are not completely satisfied with your
equivalent for males. Iceland debate in the USA, such as this MDHearingAid, return it within 45 days for a Nearly Invisible
outlawed female genital muti- rally in San Francisco in 2011. AP
lation in 2005, in line with oth-
er nations, to prevent proce- In the United States, 98% of TINY PRICE.
dures that intentionally alter or Jewish men are circumcised, For the Lowest Price Call
injure female genital organs for the agency said. The organiza- BATTERIES
non-medical reasons.
“We are talking about chil-
dren’s rights, not about freedom
tion also said there is evidence
male circumcision protects
against diseases such as urin-
1-800-935-2301 INCLUDED!
of belief,” she said when she in-
troduced the bill this month.
ary tract infections, syphilis,
invasive penile cancer and HIV.
About 336,000 people live in In Iceland, Gunnarsdóttir’s
Iceland, including 250 Jews
and 1,500 Muslims, according
to government statistics and
draft law has political and
popular support. But religious
leaders around Europe have
Use Code HQ76
Seddeeq. The Nordic island na- expressed concern. and get FREE Batteries for 1 Year Plus FREE Shipping
tion is known for progressive “Protecting the health of
SN ws" Ы

legislation on gender equality. children is a legitimate goal ...

/W e П

Last month, the government but in this case (it is being

Proudly assembled in America!

O t's У

made it illegal for companies to used) without any scientific

.C ha ГР

pay women less than men — basis to stigmatize certain reli-

another world first. gious communities,” said

Male circumcision, or re- Cardinal Reinhard Marx of


moving the foreskin from the the Brussels-based Catholic


penis, generally occurs shortly Church in the European Union.



Abandoned Fla. baby finds new home

Dumped days after birth, were advised to stop trying. The hor-
mones could bring back the cancer.
boy is doing ‘amazing’ The couple turned to adoption and
completed the exhaustive vetting proc-
TaMaryn Waters ess. They were told it could take years to
Tallahassee Democrat identify a baby.
As the newborn remained at the hos-
pital for observation, she speed-dialed
TALLAHASSEE – His newborn legs the Florida Department of Children and
were bare and cold to the touch. Families and her case manager at the
That chilly morning of May 6, his Children’s Home Society to discuss a
short-sleeve onesie was wet, his diaper possible adoption of Whiskey Doe.
was soiled, his white bib was stained.
Curled up in the bed of a Nissan pickup, Welcome home
he was without a hat, a blanket or a
name. Charlie arrived May 10 at the Nichols’
He was less than a week old. And he four-bedroom home in northeast Talla-
was all alone. hassee in a new Graco car seat. A plush
It’s uncertain when the baby was cushion supported his head. A soft gray-
stowed in the truck bed or how long he and-white polka dot blanket kept him
was there. A college student walking cozy. He was safe and secure.
through the parking lot of the Meridian The house, which sits at the entrance
Apartments on High Road was drawn by Lorraine Nichols holds, Charlie, then 7 months, at a home in Tallahassee in Decem- of a quiet cul-de-sac, was plastered in
the sound of hushed cries and discov- ber. Nichols and her husband had been trying to adopt for months when Charlie portraits of his instant, forever family:
ered the child. Rattled, the 22-year-old was brought to the hospital where Nichols works. HALI TAUXE/USA TODAY NETWORK his parents and three grown siblings —
called police. It was 8:26 a.m. Within two brothers and a sister — and eight
minutes, an officer arrived, followed by nieces and nephews (one on the way).
paramedics. just in case the newborn had trouble Inside his nursery, a white crib was
As events unfolded, strangers found breathing. lined with baby lion linens. On the aqua
themselves at the right place, at the Lorraine Nichols, 46, will never forget blue walls, Charles Nichols hand-paint-
right time, to help an abandoned baby. that morning. ed colorful air balloons, flying airplanes
A week later, as if by divine design, Need some happy news? Little was known about the infant, and smiley-face clouds. “Charlie” was
that baby had a name, a home and a who was given the computer-generated spelled out in block letters on the front-
grateful mother who longed to nurture Check out usatoday.com for a daily name “Whiskey Doe” at the hospital. facing wall.
the newborn as her own. dose of inspiration. Nichols, a respiratory therapist for 18 Lorraine Nichols had always wanted
His name is Caleb, but his mom and years, said he was hypothermic, his a baby girl, but the odds always seemed
dad call him Charlie. body temperature dangerously low, stacked against them.
“The biggest concern we had at that even after the warming efforts of the Baby Charlie arrived one week before
Lights and sirens point was exposure to the elements,” paramedics. Doctors estimated he was 5 they were about to call a private adop-
said Suarez, who arrived around the to 7 days old, because his umbilical cord tion attorney. “I truly believe that what
Leon County EMS Captain Steve same time as an ambulance with two had fallen off. God has for you is for you,” Lorraine
Suarez had just grabbed a cup of coffee paramedics. “We could tell he was rela- “My heart just went out to him,” said. “It’s on His time.”
when a dispatcher’s voice piped tively new to the world.” Nichols said. “He was left alone.” On Sept. 7, four months after Charlie
through his field truck. Come with That Saturday morning, something When he arrived, Nichols monitored appeared in their lives, his adoption was
“lights and sirens,” the dispatcher said. told Suarez to put a special equipment his breathing and oxygen intake. For the made final.
He arrived in two minutes. bag in his truck. It contained a warming most part, the newborn was fine — cold, Since then, the couple have tackled
Tallahassee police officer Beth Bas- mattress designed for babies and chil- hungry and wet — but fine. No drugs each day while planning for the future.
com was on the scene at the student dren. The EMS field supervisor had used were detected in his bloodstream. He Baby Charlie has a passport for a family
apartment complex. In her arms, she it only once before, while training. had no obvious abnormalities. cruise in March. Swim lessons are set up
held a “cold, scared and young baby.” All Suarez called it “an incredible coinci- As a supervisor, Nichols works wher- for April, Taekwondo classes by age 3.
he had was a green pacifier and one un- dence” that left him thinking a higher ever she’s needed throughout the re- Lorraine said there are too many
used diaper; a loosely tied shirt was par- power was at work. gion’s largest hospital. That morning, what-ifs to count. She thinks of them all.
tially wrapped around his head and Sirens blared as the infant was she happened to be working in the ER. She prays a divine message may
body, the police report said. rushed by ambulance to Tallahassee Nichols is a two-time breast cancer reach the mother to let her know that
Temperatures dipped to 49 degrees Memorial HealthCare. Waiting in the survivor. She and her husband, Charles, the baby is in good hands, and he’ll have
that morning — 10 degrees colder than emergency room for the baby’s arrival 67, had spent tens of thousands of dol- a good life. She said, looking down on
usual. was a supervising respiratory therapist lars on in-vitro fertilization before they Charlie’s face, “It’s just been amazing.”

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Heavy rain could T-storms Rain Snow Ice/mix
lead to flooding Olympia
40 Bangor
from Texas to 40 Spokane
Portland 23 Miles City
Bismarck Duluth Marquette
New York Salem 40
1 11 19 29
44 9 Burlington Augusta

Tuesday and Boise Fargo Mpls-St. Paul 53 46

29 Billings 13 24
Wednesday. 34 9
Rapid City Grand Buffalo 54 59
5 Milwaukee Rapids 63 Albany
28 Pierre Sioux Falls
55 61 63
Eureka Idaho Falls Jackson
9 13 Cleveland 62
On this date in 1994, Caribou, 49 21 Hole Casper
Des Moines Madison
Lansing 69 Pittsburgh New York
Elko 14 12 North Platte
31 44 62 73 69 TODAY
Maine, hit 59 degrees, its 55 39 26 Salt Lake City 17 Chicago
Harrisburg Philadelphia
Carson City 31
Cheyenne Omaha
62 Columbus
70 70
record warmest winter 34 16 26 Kansas City Springfield 73 Washington Annapolis
(Dec.-Feb.) temperature.
San Francisco
34 69 Indianapolis Cincinnati
74 68
54 St. George Aspen
70 76
Las Vegas
42 20 21 Topeka
Charleston Richmond
49 33 Jefferson City St. Louis Louisville 80 73
56 Wichita 65 75 79

What weather conditions are

Dodge City
35 76 Raleigh
Los Angeles Santa Fe 35 Memphis
Charlotte 76
ideal for cool temperatures? 60
Palm Springs Flagstaff
41 Oklahoma 78 Nashville
62 29
65 83
A clear, calm night San Diego
45 66 Little Rock Birmingham Atlanta Charleston
Dallas 78 81 76 80 EXTREMES
with fresh snowcover. Alaska 58 68 72 Montgomery Savannah
El Paso Midland- Shreveport Jackson 83 81 Note: For contiguous

58 Odessa Austin
80 81 48 states through
Fairbanks Hawaii 72 Mobile
3 p.m. ET yesterday
37 Juneau
Honolulu San Antonio
Baton Rouge 79 83 HOTTEST:
Anchorage 36 81 76 Houston 83 New
32 78
83 Tampa Plant City, Fla.

Puerto Rico
San Juan
Brownsville 82 85 -24°
SOURCE AccuWeather Forecasts and graphics provided by AccuWeather Inc. ©2018
Butte, Mont. THURSDAY
@USATODAYWEATHER Below 10 10s 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s 100s 110+
TOP TRAVEL CITIES Air quality index (AQI)
Not as Cloudy, Partly A P.M. Sunny, Sunny,
TUE Fog TUE Fog TUE cool TUE Fog TUE Rain TUE T-storms TUE cold TUE Rain TUE sunny TUE t-storm TUE cold TUE cool
76/64 72/56 76/63 62/26 72/44 63/46
59/52 21/5 81/69 78/68 49/32 60/41
Partly Partly Partly Much Rain, Not as A little Mostly Partly
WED Shower WED sunny WED sunny WED sunny WED colder WED cooler WED cold WED rain WED Shower WED Rain WED sunny WED sunny
77/65 75/49 83/71 77/62
70/42 77/64 35/29 48/40 33/13 47/29 52/33 59/44
Incr. A little Mostly Cloudy Incr. Partly A P.M. A little Partly Partly
THU clouds THU rain THU Cooler THU cloudy THU spells THU Rain THU clouds THU sunny THU shower THU rain THU sunny THU sunny
50/39 43/33 56/47
80/61 79/61 39/35 33/16 39/32 82/71 77/66 55/39 58/44
AQI Good AQI Moderate AQI Moderate AQI Good AQI Good AQI Good AQI Good AQI Good AQI Good AQI Good AQI Good AQI Good
Mostly A bit of Partly Partly Mostly Sunny, A snow
TUE sunny TUE snow TUE Fog TUE Fog TUE sunny TUE Fog TUE sunny TUE cloudy TUE Sunny TUE cool TUE shower TUE Fog
24/6 83/71 69/58 70/58 60/46 74/60
85/76 86/66 58/38 31/11 54/41 40/26
Partly Sunny, Partly Partly Partly Partly Partly Partly Partly Cloudy, Partly
WED sunny WED cold WED T-storms WED sunny WED sunny WED sunny WED sunny WED sunny WED sunny WED sunny WED cold WED sunny
22/5 82/71
84/72 72/46 87/64 73/49 61/44 37/19 61/50 57/43 41/29 77/54
Snow, A little Some A little Partly Partly A stray Mainly A little
THU Shower THU 1-2” THU T-storm THU rain THU sun THU rain THU sunny THU Cloudy THU sunny THU shower THU cloudy THU rain
84/73 27/21 82/67 40/22
47/37 85/65 50/39 63/43 63/52 57/41 43/26 55/44
AQI Good AQI Good AQI Good AQI Moderate AQI Good AQI Good AQI Moderate AQI Good AQI Good AQI Moderate AQI Moderate AQI Moderate
c Cloudy f Fog i Ice r Rain sf Snowflurries sn Snow w Windy dr Drizzle h Haze pc Partly cloudy s Sunny sh Showers t Thunderstorms


64/39r Hartford, Conn.
70/39pc Nags Head, N.C.
67/57pc Sarasota, Fla.
Akron, Ohio 72/61c 65/33r Cleveland 69/61sh 63/31r Indianapolis 70/43t 44/34r Nashville, Tenn. 79/68pc 73/56r Savannah, Ga. 81/62sh 81/62f TODAY WED
Albany, N.Y. 62/53sh 72/34pc Colorado Springs 29/5c 28/12pc Islip, N.Y. 57/47pc 57/43pc Newark, N.J. 67/57f 71/47pc Scottsdale, Ariz. 56/34pc 59/39pc Beijing 47/23s 49/26s
Albuquerque 45/25pc 50/34s Columbia, S.C. 83/67f 83/65f Jackson, Miss. 81/66pc 80/62t New Haven, Conn. 58/48pc 62/43pc Shreveport, La. 80/63t 68/51r Buenos Aires 85/61pc 82/58pc
Allentown, Pa. 67/55f 72/44pc Columbus, Ohio 73/63c 64/36r Jacksonville, Fla. 81/65f 82/62pc Norfolk, Va. 75/59f 75/60pc Sioux Falls, S.D. 13/-4sf 20/4s Cancun, Mexico 84/76pc 85/74pc
Amarillo, Texas 54/15s 35/18s Corpus Christi, Texas 80/68pc 80/62c Jefferson City, Mo. 65/27r 37/28pc Oakland, Calif. 54/36s 56/32pc South Bend, Ind. 63/30r 36/27pc Dubai, UAE 79/64pc 79/66pc
Anaheim, Calif. 62/37s 62/43pc Dayton, Ohio 71/59w 59/33r Kansas City 34/16i 33/24pc Oklahoma City 66/23r 36/26i Spokane, Wash. 23/7pc 27/10c Frankfurt 40/28c 41/27pc
Anchorage, Alaska 32/21pc 33/27c Daytona Beach, Fla. 81/67pc 81/62pc Key West, Fla. 82/76pc 82/72pc Omaha, Neb. 26/9i 27/20s Springfield, Mo. 67/27r 36/29pc Hong Kong 73/62c 71/61c
Aspen, Colo. 20/-2sn 29/16pc Des Moines, Iowa 31/13i 29/20pc Knoxville, Tenn. 76/60pc 74/60r Palm Springs, Calif. 62/38s 63/44s Springfield, Ill. 69/29r 39/29pc Istanbul 49/44c 51/45c
Atlantic City, N.J. 61/53f 66/52pc Duluth, Minn. 19/0sn 19/-1s Laredo, Texas 87/69t 85/61pc Pensacola, Fla. 76/69r 78/67pc St. Louis 75/31t 38/30c Jerusalem 60/42pc 59/47c
SN ws" Ы

Augusta, Ga. 83/64f 84/61f Durham, N.C. 74/61f 76/63pc Lexington, Ky. 78/65pc 70/44r Pierre, S.D. 9/-14sn 14/-3s St. Petersburg, Fla. 87/70pc 88/68pc Johannesburg 80/60t 76/58t
Austin, Texas 75/60t 63/43r El Paso, Texas 58/39pc 63/38pc Lincoln, Neb. 25/8c 27/18s Pittsburgh 73/59pc 68/37r Syracuse, N.Y. 62/55sh 69/28r London 49/36c 46/33sh
/W e П

Bakersfield, Calif. 56/28s 58/28pc Fairbanks, Alaska 37/12sn 33/25c Little Rock, Ark. 78/55t 55/40r Portland, Maine 51/45sh 66/32pc Tallahassee, Fla. 83/66f 83/62pc Mexico City 74/50pc 76/51pc
Baton Rouge, La. 83/68f 81/69t Flagstaff, Ariz. 29/6pc 34/13s Long Beach, Calif. 63/40s 64/45pc Portland, Ore. 40/26pc 42/26c Tampa, Fla. 88/71pc 89/70pc Montreal 41/37r 50/19r

Billings, Mont. 9/-4pc 16/-5s Fargo, N.D. 13/-4sn 15/-2s Louisville, Ky. 79/65pc 66/45r Providence, R.I. 59/51f 68/45pc Toledo, Ohio 67/46sh 46/28r Moscow 21/7sf 15/3c
O t's У

Birmingham, Ala. 81/67pc 81/64t Fort Myers, Fla. 88/70s 90/68pc Lubbock, Texas 68/25s 39/23pc Raleigh, N.C. 76/60f 78/62pc Topeka, Kan. 33/15i 34/23pc Mumbai, India 92/77h 92/77h
.C ha ГР

Bismarck, N.D. 11/-11c 17/-8s Fort Smith, Ark. 69/43r 48/41r Madison, Wis. 44/17r 29/20pc Rapid City, S.D. 5/-15pc 16/-4s Tucson, Ariz. 54/35pc 61/38s Paris 44/30r 42/28pc
Boise, Idaho 29/20pc 36/21c Fort Wayne, Ind. 68/41sh 41/32r Manchester, N.H. 60/53f 70/35pc Reno, Nev. 39/15s 41/19pc Tupelo, Miss. 75/64pc 76/60r Rio de Janeiro 93/79c 95/78pc
Buffalo, N.Y. 63/58r 59/29r Fresno, Calif. 56/30s 59/30pc Memphis, Tenn. 78/65pc 65/48r Richmond, Va. 73/58f 77/61pc Tulsa, Okla. 65/26r 37/31r Rome 51/37c 54/39sh

Burlington, Vt. 53/52r 61/28pc Grand Rapids, Mich. 61/33r 37/27pc Milwaukee 55/25r 33/28pc Rochester, N.Y. 66/60r 66/29r Virginia Beach, Va. 72/61f 74/61pc Seoul 43/23pc 38/21pc
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 40/13i 30/22pc Green Bay, Wis. 39/20i 29/14pc Mobile, Ala. 79/68f 80/68t Sacramento, Calif. 55/28s 57/28s Wichita, Kan. 35/16i 35/24c Singapore 90/77pc 89/76pc

Charleston, S.C. 80/63f 80/62f Greensboro, N.C. 72/59f 72/61pc Modesto, Calif. 55/26s 57/29s San Antonio 76/63t 68/46r Wilmington, Del. 67/56f 72/47pc Sydney 71/67pc 75/67pc
Charleston, W.Va. 80/61pc 78/49r Greenville, S.C. 74/61f 75/63sh Montgomery, Ala. 83/66pc 83/64pc San Jose, Calif. 57/33s 59/30pc Winston-Salem, N.C. 71/59f 72/61r Toronto 58/52r 52/25r

Cheyenne, Wyo. 16/-1c 24/6pc Harrisburg, Pa. 70/54f 75/42pc Myrtle Beach, S.C. 73/61f 74/59f Santa Fe, N.M. 41/15c 43/26s Worcester, Mass. 58/51f 68/36pc Tokyo 50/37pc 46/37c


Our view: ‘America’s Harvest
Boxes’ will deliver socialism
Who knew that President Trump
and some in his Cabinet were closet So-
cialists. How else to explain their plan
to slash a partnership between govern-
ment and private industry that pro-
vides food for the poorest Americans
and partially replace it with a program
fresh from Cold War Bulgaria.
Since the 1960s, low-income Amer-
icans have received benefits from the
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance
Program (SNAP), popularly known as
food stamps, and used them to buy
food at about 260,000 retailers from
Wal-Mart to corner groceries to farm- Food stamp sign at a farmer’s market
ers’ markets. Now, the Trump admini- in Maine. ROBERT F. BUKATY/AP
stration has a bright idea: Eliminate R.J. MATSON, ROLL CALL, POLITICALCARTOONS.COM

much of the freedom to shop in private This from an administration that

markets, add a dose of bureaucracy, hasn’t shown much ability to get food to
and instead give the 42 million poor
Americans using the program all the
convenience of a soup line.
Under Trump’s proposed budget,
hungry people, even in an emergency.
It fumbled a contract to deliver 30 mil-
lion meals to Puerto Rico after Hurri-
cane Maria, pulling the contract after
Trump ‘alone can
the Department of Agriculture (USDA)
would purchase food with its bulk buy-
ing power, put in containers called
only 50,000 meals were delivered.
Office of Management and Budget
Director Mick Mulvaney found a snap-
fix it’ is now too true
“America’s Harvest Boxes,” and some- py way to describe this new scheme, Here’s how to save this shooting epidemic would be one way;
fixing our broken immigration system
how get them to 16.4 million house- calling it a “Blue Apron-type program.”
holds across the country. Just how, no That’s about as sensitive to people on collapsing presidency would be another.
one has explained. That will be a prob- food stamps as “Let them eat cake.” As a New Yorker, you know in your
lem for the states. But the administra- Blue Apron is a delivery service aimed Gabriel Schoenfeld heart and your head it’s insane that it’s
tion is sure of this much: Its plan would at well-heeled customers who want to far easier to buy semiautomatic weap-
save nearly $130 billion over a decade. purchase fresh ingredients to make The Florida school massacre and the ons than it is to get a permit to sell hot
Never mind that this would require a fancy recipes without going to the latest Mueller indictments have dogs on the sidewalk of Trump Tower.
gigantic bureaucracy to store food, as- store. Meals start at $9.99 per serving. brought a noticeable sense of solemni- You also know that scenes of young
semble boxes, let people pick up their The SNAP benefit for each person in ty to the national conversation. Presi- immigrants who were brought here as
boxes or distribute boxes to recipients, a single-parent household with chil- dent Trump, however, has used both to children being deported — to countries
keep track of the addresses and moves, dren is about $1.40 per meal — not ex- let loose an epic tweet storm. By trying they do not know and whose languages
track who gets the boxes and who actly fancy recipe resources. to exploit the FBI’s mishandling of they do not speak — would be a moral
doesn’t, and find a speedy way to re- This wacky idea has also taken at- Parkland to help him somehow escape calamity that will kill your reputation.
place late or stolen boxes. Just how tention from deep cuts to the program. the clutches of the Russia probe, the State the truth about these two is-
government would account for people Republicans have a reputation for president has descended to hitherto sues. Yes, many loyalists in your base
with dietary restrictions or allergies is favoring free choice and private enter- unplumbed depths of depravity. will flee, but you will gain greater num-
also unstated. prise over government mandates and For Trump the time is now 11:59 PM, bers in the broad middle.
And there’s this: The boxes would bureaucracy. Not anymore. With almost the witching hour. If he were Clean house. Fire Stephen Miller and
provide only half of the monthly allot- “America’s Harvest Boxes,” the Trump wise, he could still use the little time re- all the other weirdo staffers who have
ment, so the government would still be administration is delivering digital-age maining to try to salvage his collapsing steered your presidency into a dead
distributing debit cards. Twice the gov- innovation that only Karl Marx would presidency. If Trump were to ask for a end. Reach out to the moderate adver-
ernment and half the efficiency. approve. memo outlining the way ahead, here — saries you defeated for recommenda-
dotted throughout with dollops of es- tions of talented people to staff the
sential flattery — is what I would say: White House and the Cabinet properly.

Opposing view: USDA Mr. President, you already have

great accomplishments for which you
As you have done to acclaim with the
courts, you will finally find the genu-
will be long remembered: a historic tax inely best people.
innovation will deliver to states cut and the invigoration of the econo- The appearance — the reality — of
my, reflected in the record-breaking nepotism and financial conflicts of in-
Brandon Lipps agricultural abundance to provide performance of financial markets. terest have been deeply corrosive to
wholesome staple foods, while allow- While your visage may never be carved your presidency. Announce that you
They probably laughed at Fred ing people to make their own food pur- into Mount Rushmore, there’s still a are severing all financial ties to the
Smith when he conceived of FedEx and chases with the remaining portion of path forward that might earn you an Trump International Hotel down the
the efficient distribution of packages to their SNAP benefits. Because states honored place in the pantheon of street. As you acquire competent staff
customers. In Washington, it is a favor- know their populations best, they will America’s great presidents. and gain political strength, you won’t
ite pastime to criticize new ideas and have the flexibility to offer food options First, stanch the bleeding. The Rob need to lean on your children anymore.
claim they won’t work. But innovation for people with differing dietary needs. Porter wife-beating scandal and spe- Send Jared and Ivanka packing.
has always been one of the keys to suc- As true laboratories of innovation, cial counsel Robert Mueller’s investiga- Finally, find a way to bring the Russia
cess, and innovation is what America’s states can determine their own meth- tion are doing immense damage. Your investigation to a close. If you did polit-
Harvest Boxes represent. ods of connecting people with their principal subordinates are engaged in ically ugly things in the campaign,
The proposal will provide nutritious Harvest Boxes. Some may choose to knife fights while failing to serve your come clean and ask for forgiveness. If
food for people in need and reduce partner with non-profits or the private political and governing needs. With all you broke the law, throw yourself on the
costs to taxpayers at a time when the sector to arrange for boxes to be picked this, it is unsurprising that your stand- mercy of Congress and the American
national debt exceeds $20.5 trillion. up at non-profit or retail outlets, while ing with the American public continues people. A president who is more hum-
America’s Harvest Boxes will be just others may work with private sector in- to hover near historic lows. ble, who is candid, who finds a way to
what they sound like: containers of novators to deliver boxes to doorsteps. “I alone can fix it,” is what you once be popular won’t be readily impeached.
100% American-grown products to en- Bold proposals can raise concerns said. In this instance, it’s absolutely I cannot guarantee that these radical
courage nutritious diets. Using the De- because they are new and different. But true. There’s no one else to whom you steps will help you succeed. But if your
partment of Agriculture’s massive pur- the reality is that we must fulfill our can turn. You urgently need to make presidency goes down, it is better to do
chasing power, it will save about commitment to helping people who fundamental changes. so as the man you are rather than the
$129 billion over 10 years, and still pro- need assistance, while also dealing The best way to accomplish this is fi- immoral macho monster you’ve pre-
vide the same food value recipients get with the nation’s fiscal situation. USDA nally to let Trump really be Trump. That tended to be in the reality show that for
now through the Supplemental Nutri- is committed to doing right and feeding means getting rid of your phony con- too long you’ve confused for real poli-
tion Assistance Program. This com- everyone at the same time we keep servative veneer and becoming once tics and real life.
monsense proposal is a win for SNAP costs to a minimum. again the more liberal wheeler-dealer
recipients, taxpayers and farmers. New Yorker that you are. Break with Gabriel Schoenfeld, a member of
Recipients will retain the ability to Brandon Lipps is acting deputy your base on critical issues and make a USA TODAY’s Board of Contributors,
make food choices for themselves. undersecretary for USDA’s Food Nutri- dash for the American center. was a senior adviser to the 2012 Rom-
America’s Harvest Boxes will use our tion and Consumer Services. Dealing effectively with the mass- ney for President campaign.

Arming teachers is no answer to shootings Is our problem really about guns or
the core values and character of Amer-
with an exhausted sense of helpless-
ness. Only when the majority of Amer-
ican culture? From the treatment of our icans stand strongly united with a very
LETTERS ers want such a responsibility? A deter- indigenous people to the inequality and loud voice, demanding change to our
LETTERS@USATODAY.COM mined gunman would not be deterred greed of today, our history of misdeeds core values, can we change the culture
Arming teachers to stop gun violence by the threat because they often kill is well documented. Our mentally ill are of our society.
in the schools is a ridiculous idea. A themselves afterward or choose suicide put on the streets to fend for them- Our children are showing the way!
teacher in a classroom would be in poor by cop. selves. Eventually, they become ware- Jean E. Winkler
position to defend students when a The question should be, why is it so housed in a prison system with no via- Washington, Utah
gunman bursts in. Even at the entrance easy for someone to buy an assault- ble help.
to a school, a gunman armed with an as- style rifle with high-capacity magazines Those who elude the prison system
WANT TO COMMENT? Have Your Say at
sault weapon would have the advan- and bump stocks to increase the rate of are helped by loving, but weary, family letters@usatoday.com, @USATOpinion on Twitter
tage. There would be a lot of collateral fire? Why would any law-abiding citi- members and friends navigating an un- and facbook.com/usatodayopinion. Comments
damage. Do parents want their children zens want to buy such a weapon of mass known, overwhelming and sometimes are edited for length and clarity. Content sub-
mitted to USA TODAY may appear in print, digital
to be in the midst of shootouts in their destruction? horrifying journey.
or other forms. For letters, include name, address
SN ws" Ы

schools? Do they want to pay higher tax- George Magakis Jr. We allow very few of the many to de- and phone number. Letters may be mailed to
/W e П

es to arm and train teachers? Do teach- Norristown, Pa. fine us. The majority are overwhelmed 7950 Jones Branch Drive, McLean, VA, 22108.

O t's У

.C ha ГР

“USA TODAY hopes to serve as a forum for better understanding and unity to help make the USA truly one nation.” – Allen H. Neuharth, Founder, Sept. 15, 1982

Gannett Company President USA TODAY President Associate Publisher

Executive Editor: Patty Michalski Editor, Editorial Page: Bill Sternberg

& Chief Executive Officer & Publisher President, USA TODAY Network
Managing Editor: Donna Leinwand Leger Chief Revenue Officer: Kevin Gentzel




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Drinking in
Whiskey, beer big incentives
80%: Excise tax cut on
spirits for the first
spaces grow
as more are
makers soak up
100,000 proof gallons

50%: Excise tax cut on

tailored to fit
beer for the first Some cater to women

tax cut savings 60,000 barrels pro-


$142 million: Saved

annually by the U.S.
or specific industries
Rachel Layne
Special to USA TODAY

Small producers expected to see biggest benefits beer industry.

Karen Burton’s longtime dream of a
home for building industry entrepre-
neurs in Detroit came to fruition in
Bolstered by a $55,000 city devel-
opment grant, Burton and husband
Bobby opened SpaceLab Detroit, a
5,200-square-foot co-working space
in the heart of downtown just as the
real estate market there gathers
steam. In October, the area cracked
Realtor.com’s Top 10 hottest U.S. mar-
kets, coming in eighth.
“I did freelance architectural design
for quite some time. I worked from
home, worked from my clients’ of-
fices,” said Burton, 52. “I just wanted
the amenities available in an architec-
ture office and to be able to share re-
SpaceLab now has 30 members
working in construction, interior de-
sign, architecture, real estate law,
property management and even furni-
ture supply. It’s filled with tailored fea-
tures such as a large-scale printing
plotter and a specialized materials li-
brary. Members are steps from city of-
fices that oversee building applica-
tions and permits, and some are team-
ing up to bid on new contracts.
As well-known co-working compa-
nies such as WeWork offer space to
businesses in many industries, a
growing number of niche or specialty
players such as The Wing and Hera
Hub, which cater to women, are grow-
ing in popularity. There are spaces
centered on specific industries such as
Biolabs, which offers co-working to
biotechnology firms, or Boston’s
Workbar, which has a regional focus.
These specialty hubs are a sign of the
The federal excise tax on spirits, wine and beer has been slashed through 2019. GETTY IMAGES/ISTOCKPHOTO co-working industry maturing a dec-
ade after the recession sparked de-
Lizzy Alfs make more than 100,000 proof gallons
USA TODAY NETWORK-Tennessee in a year — big Tennessee whiskey See CO-WORKING, Page 2B
Sponsored by producers such as Jack Daniels,
NASHVILLE – Toasting the nation’s George Dickel and Ole Smoky — will
USA SNAPSHOTS© booming economy, alcoholic-beverage still save 16 cents per proof gallon for
producers — from craft beer brewers to production of 100,000 to 22 million
large whiskey distilleries — are taking gallons.
advantage of a big tax cut. “This is an economic incentive for
The federal excise tax on spirits, wine distilleries to increase production, add
and beer has been slashed through 2019 more people and buy more supplies,”

under the Craft Beverage Moderniza- said Will Cheek, an alcoholic beverage
tion and Tax Reform Act, which sup- law attorney and partner at Waller
porters say will allow owners to pour Law.
of small business owners say those savings back into their business- Craft brewers are also enjoying a
they do not know how to es. Many alcohol producers hope the tax significant tax break under the new
reach new prospective
cut will be extended beyond its two-year law.
customers on their own.
lifespan. Breweries that make fewer than 2
Among thriving small
The biggest benefits go to small pro- million barrels annually — which in-
businesses who use
marketing tools, 63% use ducers. cludes all 60-plus breweries in Ten-
social media advertising. The law, passed in Congress with bi- nessee — pay a new excise tax rate of
partisan support, slashes the excise tax $3.50 per barrel, a 50% reduction, on
SOURCE Staples survey distillers pay per proof gallon of liquor the first 60,000 barrels produced. Karen and Bobby Burton are the
of 503 small-business owners from $13.50 to $2.70 for the first 100,000 founders of SpaceLab Detroit.
JAE YANG, PAUL TRAP/USA TODAY gallons produced. Big producers that See BOOZE, Page 2B KAREN AND BOBBY BURTON
SN ws" Ы

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Worried about crash? Check Dow Theory

Followers give Wall Street vestment system that keeps you from
panicking every time the market starts
market: If in coming weeks the Dow in-
dustrials surpass their Jan. 26 closing
to a new bull market.
But there never has been a market
the benefit of the doubt heading south. The Dow Theory is the high of 26,616.71 and the Dow transports timing system that consistently catches
oldest and perhaps the most popular of close above their Jan. 12 record finish of the exact day of bull market tops and
Mark Hulbert such systems. Like any good investment 11,373.38, then the Dow Theory would bear market bottoms, and there never
Columnist discipline, it provides you with preset consider the bull market alive and well. will be. And the perfect is the enemy of
USA TODAY rules that try to differentiate between By contrast, a bear market signal the good. Jack Schannep, editor of The-
less serious bouts of market volatility would be triggered if either the Dow in- DowTheory.com, one of the country’s
and the beginnings of devastating bear dustrials or transports couldn’t beat leading Dow Theorists, put it this way:
markets. their January highs, and both close be- “The genius of investing is recognizing
Panic is a bad investment strategy. Currently, followers of the Dow The- low their early February lows — the direction of the trend — not catching
Yet that is exactly how many inves- ory are giving the stock market the ben- 23,860.46 in the case of the industrials the highs or the lows.”
tors reacted this month when the stock efit of the doubt. and 10,136.61 for the transports. One confirmation of the Dow The-
market dropped precipitously. They in- The Dow Theory was created in the Until then, Dow Theorists wait, let- ory’s value comes from a study conduct-
discriminately dumped their stocks at early part of the last century by William ting the market tells its story. And one of ed in the 1990s by three finance profes-
whatever prices they could get. Peter Hamilton, then editor of The Wall the key tenets of Hamilton’s approach is sors — Stephen J. Brown of New York
Odds are good that they will end up Street Journal. He introduced the strat- that the market’s major trend is pre- University, William Goetzmann of Yale
regretting their behavior. egy in a series of editorials in the news- sumed to remain in force until formally University and Alok Kumar of the Uni-
I say that not just because the stock paper up until his death in 1929. He ad- reversed. That’s why the Dow Theory versity of Miami. They tested the Dow
market has recovered some over the last vised readers to focus not on the initial currently is giving the bull market the Theory over the nearly 70-year period
few sessions. It is still possible that a pullback from market highs but on the benefit of the doubt. from 1930 (the year following Hamil-
bear market did begin from the late- market’s attempt to recover from that Note carefully that the Dow Theory ton’s death) to the end of 1997, finding it
January market highs. But since most pullback. A bear market signal would be isn’t designed to catch the exact tops beat a buy-and-hold by an annual aver-
scary drops do not lead to major bear triggered if that recovery were so weak and bottoms of bull and bear markets. age of 4.4 percentage points per year.
markets, it’s virtually assured that — that either the Dow industrials or the By requiring a decline from market Mark Hulbert, founder of the Hulbert
over the long term — selling after every Dow transports would fail to close above highs to prove itself before a bear mar- Financial Digest, has been tracking in-
unnerving decline will lead to more their previous highs, and then both Dow ket is declared, for example, the strategy vestment advisers’ performances for
losses than gains. averages would break below their lows is guaranteed to suffer losses at the be- four decades. Email him at mark@hul-
If you’re not a long-term buy-and- hit in the initial pullback. ginning of a bear market. The same goes bertratings.com or go to www.hulbert
hold investor, therefore, you need an in- Here’s how that applies to the current in reverse when a bear market gives way ratings.com.

Chicken is
finger lickin’
gone at KFC
around U.K.
Nathan Bomey

Why didn’t the chicken cross the

road? In the United Kingdom, the an-
swer is there aren’t enough of them to
cross — and that’s bad news for the
900 KFC restaurants there.
The fast-food chain once known as
Kentucky Fried Chicken is engulfed in
a crisis in the U.K., where about two-
thirds of its restaurants are temporari-
ly closed amid delivery challenges.
The cause? A chicken shortage —
coming at a chain whose core product
is chicken. Trying to make light of the The Oasis Coworking Community houses water-related start-ups inside Milwaukee’s Global Water Center. KAHLER SLATER
situation, KFC referenced the old-
fashioned riddle joke in a tweet.
“The chicken crossed the road, just
not to our restaurants,” KFC’s United Co-working age $11.08, while space in offices run by a
management company brings in $8.86,
HLW and consulting firm Instant Group,
83% of people working in flexible spaces
Kingdom and Ireland outfit said on according to a 2017 survey from the said they benefited in the past five to 10
Twitter. “We’ve brought a new delivery Continued from Page 1B Global Workspace Association. When years from being able to cultivate direct
partner onboard, but they’ve had a building owners run co-working spaces, business opportunities, expand profes-
couple of teething problems — getting mand for more flexible workspace for profit per-square-foot jumps to $14.29. sional networks and enjoy a better
chicken out to 900 restaurants across freelancers and start-ups. More niche offerings are showing up working environment.
the country is pretty complex!” “Co-working has finally become just as big companies partner with the “That’s part of why some of these
The chain promised not to “compro- mainstream. Everybody thinks it was largest co-working operators. In 2016, smaller, specialized spaces can exist be-
mise on quality, so no deliveries has an overnight success. But it was 10 Microsoft said employees in New York, cause they can provide niche services,”
meant some of our restaurants are years in the making. You now need to Atlanta, Philadelphia and Portland, said Peter Bacevice, a research asso-
closed and others are operating a lim- differentiate,” said Liz Elam, founder Ore., could work from WeWork spaces ciate at the University of Michigan and
ited menu or shortened hours.” of the industry’s biggest gathering, the globally. About 25% to 30% of WeWork director of research at HLW.
Only about 300 were open as of Global Coworking Unconference Con- members now hail from companies with Workbar CEO Bill Jacobson, 47, co-
Monday morning. ference. more than 1,000 workers. founded the Boston-based company in
The situation was not expected to The number of U.S. workers who Connecting with people in similar or 2009. It now has 18 locations, eight com-
affect the U.S. market. KFC spokesper- use co-working may double to 1.08 complementary industries is a benefit pany-branded and 10 that are partner-
son Tori Oman said it was an “isolated million in 2022 from last year, accord- of working in a co-working space. That ships.
issue” in the U.K. that the company is ing to a forecast from Emergent Re- was one of the reasons Kristi Sherfinski, One includes a space for financial
working hard to rectify. search and GCUC, pronounced “juicy.” 45, was attracted to the newly opened technology entrepreneurs and freelan-
“We want to thank our incredible Last year, there were an estimated Oasis Coworking Community, which cers inside Digital Credit Union, a non-
restaurant teams, who are working flat 4,043 co-working spaces, up from just houses water-related start-ups inside profit financial co-op. Another Workbar
out all hours to get us back up and run- 14 a decade earlier, the study found. By Milwaukee’s 98,000-square-foot Glob- space designed to incubate new busi-
ning again,” Oman said in an email. 2022, that could reach 6,219. al Water Center. nesses operates inside Framingham
The exact cause of the delivery Co-working tenants pay by the “I was looking in downtown Milwau- State University.
problems was not immediately clear, hour, day or month rather than sign kee for something I could afford. As a In 2016, Workbar partnered with of-
but the U.K.’s Guardian publication re- years-long leases. They get amenities start-up company, money is very tight,” fice supply retailer Staples and operates
ported that KFC blamed the episode on such as conference room space, coffee said Sherfinski, who runs Helianthus, a in three stores.
delivery service DHL. and camaraderie. one-woman wetland design and envi- Blending cross-industry spaces with
Oman did not address a USA TO- That can bring in more money for ronmental firm. “I was really attracted to niche versions “is a very powerful com-
DAY inquiry on the potential DHL con- operators. Annual profit per square the idea of collaboration.” bination,” Jacobson said. “And that’s
nection. But DHL acknowledged a foot for a co-working space is an aver- In a report from global design firm what we’ve set out to do at Workbar.”
problem. “Due to operational issues a
number of deliveries in recent days
have been incomplete or delayed,” the
company said in a statement. “We are
working with KFC and our partners to Booze savings to upgrade equipment and po-
tentially add another staff member to
Linus Hall, owner of Nashville’s Yaz-
oo Brewery, said he’s happy to see the
rectify the situation as a priority and help with a new line of spirits. tax break, but he’s not yet making long-
apologize for any inconvenience this Continued from Page 1B “This benefits everyone in the indus- term plans to reinvest those savings
may have caused.” try. That’s what I think is huge,” Tatum since it only lasts through 2019. He
Yum Brands-owned KFC had 21,487 Brewers producing more than 2 million said. “Often tax breaks go to either the hopes the temporary tax break will be
restaurants worldwide as of the end of barrels annually will pay $16 a barrel, big guys or the little guys, but not every- become permanent.
2017. Sales at U.K. KFC stores rose 5% down from $18, on the first 6 million body at one time.” “It’s hard to hire somebody with the
in 2017. barrels produced. Whiskey remains one of Tennessee’s extra margin or launch in new distribu-
Contributing: Kim Hjelmgaard The Brewers Association projects top exports, thanks in large part to tion markets or even buy some new
the reduced excise taxes will save the megadistiller Jack Daniel’s in Lynch- equipment when you know it’s a one-
U.S. beer industry $142 million annu- burg, which sells whiskey in 160-plus time deal,” Hall said, adding the brew-
ally. countries. More than 30 other distiller- ery’s property taxes increase signifi-
SN ws" Ы

Kris Tatum, president of the Ten- ies now operate in the Volunteer State. cantly this year at its high-profile Gulch
/W e П

nessee Distillers Guild and partner/ Meanwhile, the state’s craft beer in- location.

O t's У

general manager at Old Forge Distill- dustry is booming, with 60 breweries Still, Hall said the brewery is poised
.C ha ГР

ery in Pigeon Forge, said members of churning out 250,247 barrels of craft to save about $80,000 in taxes this year
the guild are “ecstatic” to save money beer in 2016, per the Brewers Associa- under the new law. Yazoo has an annual

on taxes and reinvest in their busi- tion. Under the new law, that means production of about 25,000 barrels.

nesses. He said the East Tennessee Tennessee brewers are poised to save “We’re just looking at the whole land-

WILFREDO LEE/AP distillery he manages plans to use the nearly $875,900 in taxes this year. scape,” Hall said.



What stands out

❚ Throttle response: Quick.
❚ Clutch: Not quite right.
❚ Price: Ouch.

The WRX STI is a well-sorted performance car with cool tech inside and out, making it a spirited drive. SUBARU

Spunky Subaru WRX STI lacks refinement

Price, fuel economy, lack of safety front seats. The STI’s beating heart is a 305-horsepow-
er, turbocharged 2.5-liter 4-cylinder boxer-style en-
2018 Subaru WRX STI
features leave drivers wanting gine. There is only one transmission, a 6-speed man- ❚ What: A small performance car.
ual. All-wheel-drive is standard. ❚ When: On sale now.
Brian Wong While I liked the throttle response, it also highlight-
Cars.com ed my biggest problem with the WRX STI: its clutch ❚ What makes it go: A turbocharged 2.5-liter 4-cylin-
and shifter. I’ve always had problems with Subaru der engine producing 305 horsepower.
For fans of performance cars, the last couple of clutches, which are heavy, feel inconsistent on the ❚ How thirsty: 17 miles per gallon in the city, 22 mpg
years have been a breath of fresh air. catch and are hard to drive smoothly. I can usually fig- on the highway and 19 mpg overall.
Sure, we lost the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution to the ure out a clutch within a few days with a car, but after a
scrap heap of history, but we gained the Ford Focus RS week with the STI, I was still a little flummoxed. ❚ How much: Starts at $36,955, including destination
in 2016, and the Honda Civic Type R finally made its However, if you push the STI, it remains a reward- charge.
U.S. debut as a 2018 model. Those two, along with the ing experience. The suspension tuning is a bit stiff for ❚ How big: 15 feet.
Volkswagen Golf R, are a strong set of competitors. everyday use, but it pays off when you’re moving
Subaru, with its WRX STI, is determined not to get quicker. The STI’s best trait is how it puts down power: ❚ Overall: Subaru WRX STI’s rally pedigree still shines
lost in the mix. The all-wheel drive works hard. I was also a fan of the through, but the car’s performance chops don’t over-
The 2018 WRX STI gets a slew of minor updates for STI’s power steering. come the car’s roughness.
the new model year that are geared to enhance perfor- The STI’s fuel-economy figures are not good, an es-
mance and styling and address the STI’s interior qual- timated 17 miles per gallon in the city, 22 mpg on the
ity issues. The driver-controlled center differential is highway and 19 mpg overall. The Civic Type R, by com- fee, but my test vehicle stickered at $39,455, thanks to
now fully electronic, the suspension has been retuned parison, is rated 25 mpg combined. Plus, it requires the racing seats. The Limited model at $41,755 isn’t
and the Brembo brake system now features larger premium gas. much easier to stomach.
cross-drilled, vented discs front and rear, as well as Though 2018 brought updated cabin materials, That’s a lot of scratch for a car that doesn’t have an
six-piston front-calipers, compared to the the four- they’re still not up to snuff for a car with a price tag that upmarket interior and is lacking in safety features. At
piston calipers last year. pushes $40,000. It felt on par with the interior of the all but the top level, you won’t find forward collision
There is a new front grille and 19-inch alloy wheels Focus RS I tested in 2017, but it was definitely behind warning, automatic emergency braking, lane keep as-
to enhance styling, as well as updated LED headlights the Civic Type R and Golf R in terms of materials and sist or adaptive cruise control here. Subaru does offer
that are steering-responsive — they pan left and right design. The backseat is especially sparse, with no its EyeSight safety system on other vehicles with a
as you steer. Inside, there are updated cabin materials power ports or vents for those passengers. manual transmission (including the 2018 WRX), so its
and the option of a new pair of Recaro performance The STI starts at $36,955, including the destination absence here is troubling.

Mercedes-Benz moves closer

to self-driving with C-Class
Chris Woodyard cylinder turbocharged engine that produces 255
USA TODAY horsepower, 14 more than the 241 horsepower in the
outgoing model. It will come with a 9-speed automatic
Mercedes-Benz’s top-selling model worldwide, transmission, which has become increasingly popular
the C-Class compact sedan, is getting an update that in the industry to save gas.
will add more power and automated driver safety Inside, the new multifunction leather steering
systems. wheel will have buttons that work with swiping mo-
It will bring the brand a step closer to self-driving tions such as on the screen on a smartphone. The but-
capability, using a system similar to the one found in tons are intended to allow the driver to control func-
the larger E-Class. tions both on the instrument panel and infotainment
The new C-Class, which will get its premiere at the system while keeping their hands on the wheel.
Geneva Motor Show, also has a redesigned front end, There’s also a touchpad in the center console for
with a change in the look of its bumpers, LED head- controlling the infotainment system. If that isn’t
lights and taillights. enough, it also works by voice command.
While buyers have moved to a preference for Using cameras and radar that see as far as 1,640 feet
SUVs, the C-Class remains a top priority for the Ger- ahead, the C-Class will be able to drive mostly by itself
The 2019 BMW X4 will start at $50,450. BMW man luxury brand with sales numbers too big to ig- in some situations. It also has a lane-keeping system
nore. Mercedes said it sold 415,000 in 2017. and can automatically slam on the brakes if it detects a
The new 2019 version will go on sale in the U.S. late crash is about to occur.

BMW reveals in the year, Mercedes said.

The new C-Class will be powered by a 2-liter, 4-
C-Class is made at four plants around the world, in-
cluding Mercedes’ U.S. plant in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

bigger, lighter
X4 crossover
Nathan Bomey

German luxury automaker BMW revealed a rede-

signed version of the X4 crossover that’s bigger and
stronger than its predecessor, following a trend of ve-
hicles growing larger as Americans lose interest in
passenger cars.
The 2019 BMW X4 will be released in July with a
starting price of $50,450.
The sporty crossover is 3 inches longer with an ad-
ditional 2.1 inches on the wheelbase. It’s also 1.4 inch-
es wider.
Taken together, those increases reflect a notice-
ably heftier look, but lightweight materials allowed
engineers to take weight out of the vehicle.
The vehicle will be offered with several different
powertrain options.
A 4-cylinder base model paired with the X4
SN ws" Ы

xDriv30i gets 248 horsepower and goes from 0 to 60

/W e П

miles per hour in 6 seconds.


O t's У

The performance model, known as M, comes with

.C ha ГР

a 6-cylinder engine. The X4 M40i gets 355 horsepow-

er and goes 0 to 60 mph in 4.6 seconds.

Standard safety features include a frontal colli-


sion warning system and automatic emergency brak-


ing. The new C-Class, which will premiere at the Geneva Motor Show, has a redesigned front end. MERCEDES-BENZ


STATE-BY-STATE News from across the USA

ALABAMA Montgomery: Auburn ILLINOIS Evanston: Northwestern lawmakers are considering easing program called “Restorative Justice,”
University’s Dixon Center has hosted University will fund events this workplace restrictions on convicted where current and former prison
the first eastern U.S. training program spring as part of the 50th anniver- felons to help them get jobs. inmates work on public art projects.
for wildland firefighters. sary of the bursar’s office takeover.
MONTANA Potomac: A conserva- RHODE ISLAND North Providence:
ALASKA Juneau: Doctors have con- INDIANA Bloomington: The city’s tion easement has been put on the State Police are encouraging troopers
firmed a case of mumps in the city police department is facing criti- historic Hayes Family Ranch in the to take their guns to church services.
for the first time since 1997. cism for buying an armored truck. Potomac Valley of Missoula County.
ARIZONA Lake Havasu City: Arizona IOWA Burlington: The Steamboat NEBRASKA Sidney: Workers at Ca- whose wife was killed when a car
State University’s campus here gets Senior Center may have to close bela’s former headquarters received being chased by police collided with
about 150 students a semester, and after Des Moines County leaders cut buyout offers from Bass Pro Shops, the car she was riding in has filed an
officials want to recruit more. $12,000 from its budget request. which bought Cabela’s last year. “unreasonable risk” lawsuit.
ARKANSAS Little Rock: The 15-mem- KANSAS Wichita: Police say a NEVADA Reno: A low snowpack has SOUTH DAKOTA Mitchell: Dakota
ber Red Tape Reduction work group woman who pulled over for a funer- forced a ban on snowmobiling until Wesleyan University has a partner-
is studying the state’s occupational al procession was killed when a van further notice at the popular Bridge- ship with Apple in which full-time
licensing requirements to identify slammed into the back of her SUV. port Winter Recreation Area. students on campus will get an iPad
unnecessary regulations. on the first day of classes this fall.
KENTUCKY Mount Washington: A NEW HAMPSHIRE Plymouth: Tenny
CALIFORNIA Avalon: Authorities say special election is set Tuesday to fill Mountain Ski Area that closed eight TENNESSEE Nashville: Hunting and
a buffalo attacked and gored a camp- the seat of Dan Johnson, a state years ago now has snow tubing. fishing licenses went on sale Sunday.
er last weekend on Catalina Island. legislator who committed suicide.
NEW JERSEY Camden: Authorities TEXAS Plainview: A former insurance
COLORADO Colorado Springs: Au- LOUISIANA Baton Rouge: Congress- say an 84-year-old driver veered agent was sentenced to life in prison
thorities say the super-secret Nation- man Clay Higgins wants state fish- onto a sidewalk, striking and killing for stealing from elderly clients.
al Space Defense Center at Schriever ery officials to set up bounties for an 8-year-old girl riding her bike.
UTAH Salt Lake City: Police say a car
Air Force Base now operates 24/7. invasive Asian carp, saying that
NEW MEXICO Farmington: The city apparently involved in a street race
would lessen damage they cause.
CONNECTICUT Rocky Hill: The state of Bloomfield may use online fund- smashed into the historic Eagle Gate
lottery’s security director is on paid MAINE Augusta: The state’s winter raising to pay $700,000 in legal Monument at Temple Square.
leave following a probe into why hunting seasons for bobcats ends costs to defend a Ten Command-
VERMONT Burlington: State health
100,000 special New Year’s game Wednesday, while fox and squirrel ments monument ordered removed.
officials report an outbreak of mumps
tickets were mistakenly disregarded. seasons close a week later.
NEW YORK Albany: Attendance at among students at the University of
DELAWARE Bethany Beach: Bethany MARYLAND Baltimore: With an state parks increased last year, to- Vermont and St. Michael’s College.
Beach has become the third Delaware emergency transit shutdown al- taling 71.5 million visitors.
VIRGINIA Stuart: Gov. Ralph North-
town to restrict beach tents. ready underway, officials say they’ll
NORTH CAROLINA Wilmington: am went to Patrick County to sign
have to close and repair system
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Former The Corps of Engineers is pumping legislation paving the way to reopen
tracks again in August.
school board president Peggy Cooper sand on Wrightsville Beach. Pioneer Community Hospital.
Cafritz, known for her contributions MASSACHUSETTS Boston: The city
NORTH DAKOTA Fort Yates: Au- WASHINGTON Spokane: Construc-
to art, died Sunday at age 70. is seeking artists to design a memo-
thorities say an ex-director of an tion of an overpass that will allow
rial dedicated to Martin Luther King
FLORIDA Orlando: Orange and Semi- elder abuse prevention program on larger animals such as elk to cross
Jr. and Coretta Scott King.
nole counties, their cities and Kissim- the Standing Rock reservation is over I-90 is now visible westbound.
mee are on track this year to get “qui- MICHIGAN Dexter: Officials plan to accused of embezzling $100,000.
WEST VIRGINIA Charleston: State
et zones” with no train horns at safe- cut down more than 100 trees along
OHIO Cleveland: Authorities say a Police Lt. Michael Baylous has been
ty-enhanced railroad crossings. a stretch of road because drivers
body found burning in a trash pile confirmed as U.S. marshal for the
keep veering over and hitting them.
GEORGIA Warner-Robbins: Robins had signs of a possible gun wound. Southern District of West Virginia.
Air Force Base will soon handle over- MINNESOTA St. Paul: City teachers
OKLAHOMA Yukon: Oil from a bro- WISCONSIN Milwaukee: An original
haul maintenance on C-130 planes will vote Thursday on a tentative
ken pipeline spilled into a pond near Pablo Picasso print worth as much as
flown by the Navy and Marine Corps. contract giving them 1% pay hikes.
a residential neighborhood here. $50,000 was stolen from a down-
HAWAII Honolulu: Officials say a MISSISSIPPI Greenwood: The U.S. town art gallery, WITI-TV reports.
OREGON Bend: A hiker fell at Smith
good Samaritan drove a bulldozer Geological Survey says a low-flying
Rock State Park while seeking a WYOMING Sheridan: A Wyoming
through floodwater to get firefighters helicopter is gathering data through
shortcut to a parking lot. Community Foundation report says
to three stranded motorists. early March over parts of the Mis-
the state’s minority populations grew
sissippi Delta for high-resolution PENNSYLVANIA Philadelphia: The
IDAHO Pocatello: Alpine Animal by a combined 57% between 2000
maps of underground aquifers. Barnes Foundation and Mural Arts
Hospital says it was notified of a and 2016, while whites are up 20%.
Philadelphia are collaborating on a
canine flu case in Rigby. MISSOURI Jeffersonville: State Compiled from staff, wire reports.

Scanning your eyes Incredibly useful online sites that

could reveal heart will make your life a whole lot easier
disease, Google says
Tech Talk right? One of the most overlooked vulnerabilities is
Edward C. Baig Kim Komando your router. Hackers can break into this device as easi-
USA TODAY ly as any other, a process called “DNS hijacking,” and
most victims wouldn’t think to check whether it’s se-
I can look into your eyes and see straight to your cure. This site (https://www.f-secure.com/en_US/
heart. It may sound like a sappy sentiment from a If you had to guess, how many different websites web/home_us/router-checker) offers a free service
Hallmark card. Essentially though, that’s what re- do you think exist in the world today? From simple that’s specially designed to scan your router for break-
searchers at Google did in applying artificial intelli- blogs to complex businesses, the Internet spans the ins. You may be surprised how easy and fast this diag-
gence to predict something deadly serious: the likeli- gamut, dispensing and gathering information. Keep nostic is; just click the “Check Your Router” icon, and
hood that a patient will suffer a heart attack or stroke. your answer in your head because, at the very end of you’ll receive a near-instantaneous report.
The researchers made these determinations by ex- this article, I’ll give the closest estimate we have. ❚ Write like your English teacher wants you to.
amining images of the patient’s retina. Luckily, all kinds of websites exist that offer free Ernest Hemingway was great at a lot of things: hunting
Google, which is presenting its findings Monday ways to perform simple yet essential tasks. Here are wild animals, out-drinking his friends and writing
in Nature Biomedical Engineering, an online medical some lesser-known sites you’ll use time and again. very concise sentences. Hemingway Editor is de-
journal, says that such a method is as accurate as ❚ A search site just for streaming movies and signed to mimic his minimalist prose. Copy and paste
predicting cardiovascular disease through more in- programs. You want to watch a movie. What’s the a few paragraphs into the site’s text box, and the editor
vasive measures that involve sticking a needle in a easiest way to find out if that movie is available on will outline problematic parts such as long sentences,
patient’s arm. At the same time, Google cautions that Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube, HBO Now, obscure words and confusing passages.
more research needs to be done. CW, Starz, Showtime, PlayStation or another stream- For an all-encompassing grammar checker, Gram-
According to the company, researchers have pre- ing service? Most importantly, if it’s free on Netflix or marly has taken homes and offices by storm. You can
viously shown some correlation between retinal ves- HBO Now, then there is no need to pay to rent it on paste a document and have it checked at the Gram-
sels and the risk of a major cardiovascular episode. iTunes or Amazon. marly site. The app and browser extension works
Using the retinal image, Google says it was able to The site JustWatch sifts through almost every across programs and platforms, pointing out your split
quantify this association and 70% of the time accu- streaming service out there to find a specific title or infinitives in email, word processors, websites or on
rately predict which patient within five years would show you what’s new on a particular service. In just a social media.
experience a heart attack or other major cardiovas- few clicks, JustWatch will tell you where to find it, ❚ For the tinkerers among us. Apps, browsers, de-
cular event, and which patient would not. Those re- whether it’s available on a subscription service and vices, smart gadgets — they all come in different
sults were in line with testing methods that require how much it costs to rent or buy. Since platforms such forms, and they don’t all cooperate with each other. We
blood be drawn to measure a patient’s cholesterol. as Netflix vary around the world, you can also search often struggle to hook up one service to another, espe-
Google used models based on data from 284,335 by country for available content. cially when they were created by rival developers.
patients and validated on two independent data sets ❚ A simple way to send large files privately and IFTTT is short for “if this then that,” and the site is
of 12,026 and 999 patients. securely. It’s bound to happen. You have a large file designed to help different devices and services talk to
“The caveat to this is that it’s early, (and) we that you need to email. Your email program chokes on each other. These so-called “recipes” can make your
trained this on a small data set,” says Google’s Lily the file’s size, and your service provider politely posts gadgets do things as in a chain of events. Want your
Peng, a doctor and lead researcher on the project. a message that says, “The file size exceeds the limit smart lights to blink three times when you are tagged
“We think that the accuracy of this prediction will go allowed.” Thanks. in a photo on Facebook? Or how about getting a noti-
up a little bit more as we kind of get more compre- To the rescue is Send. It lets you share files in a fication on your phone when your favorite artist tweets
hensive data. Discovering that we could do this is a fast, safe and temporary way. Upload a file — up to a about tickets to a concert?
good first step. But we need to validate.” gigabyte, in almost any format — and Send will create ❚ Print online articles without all the ads. You
a URL, which you send to the recipient. Once the file would think, after all these decades, it would be easier
is downloaded somewhere else, it’s deleted from the to print pages off the Internet.
Internet, and it automatically vanishes after 24 Print Friendly takes the headache out of this proc-
hours. ess: Just paste a URL into the field and hit “Preview.”
This, as well as Firefox’s respected encryption Print Friendly trims away a lot of the extraneous in-
software, ensures that your file won’t fall into the formation and gives you the meat of the page, and you
hands of some hacker. You can also check and see can review your document as a PDF before hitting
whether the file was downloaded on the other end, so “Print.” It’s shockingly effective, especially for soft-
SN ws" Ы

you don’t have to wait for the recipient to send confir- ware that’s free.
/W e П

mation. ❚ And the answer is ... Here’s the number of web-


❚ Make sure hackers are not lurking in your rou-

O t's У

sites in the world today: At the time of writing, it was

.C ha ГР

ter. You’re using Internet security software. You have 1,331,525,090.

secured your wireless network. You’ve enabled your Learn about all the latest technology on the Kim Ko-

network’s firewall. You’ve got complex passwords mando Show, the nation’s largest weekend radio talk

The image on the right shows how the algorithm that contain an uppercase letter, a number, a sign and show. For her daily tips, free newsletters and more, vis-

picks out vessels to predict blood pressure. GOOGLE the name of your fourth-grade teacher. All done, it her website at Komando.com.


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Terry Crews
Guest columnist
She didn’t wear NEWS & VIEWS
all black, but it
looked that way
under certain
light. Duchess
Terry Crews:
Kate donned a
dark green
Jenny Pack-
ham gown
with a black
is a giant
ribbon at
the British
Academy Film
leap forward
Awards on
Sunday. So it In 1915, D.W. Griffith’s The Birth of A
seemed that Nation (originally titled The Clans-
the royal was men) was the first American motion
sort of dressed picture screened at the White House.
in solidarity The film featured a romanticized, he-
with British roic view of the Ku Klux Klan, while
stars who wore blacks, in particular, were presented
black for their as evil, conniving, violent rapists.
own version of KARWAI TANG/ Portrayed with righteous fervor by
the Time’s Up WIREIMAGE white actors, some in blackface, the
movement in London. film was enthusiastically praised by
Kate’s outfit, and Prince William’s President Woodrow Wilson, who is re-
traditional tux, seemed safe choices ported to have gushed, “It is like writ-
for the royals, who avoid political As Mrs. Which in “A Wrinkle in Time,” Oprah Winfrey needed a small army to ing history with lightning, and my only
statements. help her dress, put on her makeup, even to sit in the elaborate costumes. regret is that it is all so terribly true.”
I’ve often said that history doesn’t
give a damn if it’s true or not; what

Follow Oprah
matters is who’s telling it. The same
goes for mythology. The first modern
comic book, Action Comics, featuring
Superman, was created in 1938,
smack-dab in the middle of American

into ‘A Wrinkle segregation, and popular myths creat-

ed by these books were never kind to
blacks. Read and consumed by chil-
dren, these books infected the culture

in Time.’ Really.
of the day with racist black characters
like Ebony White, Whitewash Jones
and Steamboat.

Andrea Mandell USA TODAY


THEY SAID WHAT? SANTA CLARITA, Calif. – Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon and
THE STARS’ BEST QUOTES Mindy Kaling, bejeweled and festooned in fantastical garb, are peer-
As an immigrant who has fallen ing over a teenager who lies crumpled on the ground.
in love with this country, for “She’s giving in to the darkness,” says a hushed Winfrey, whose
what it’s worth, please allow me to
speak to the rest of the world in eyebrows have been replaced with clusters of purple gemstones.
America’s defense. Donald Trump
does not represent America — well,
“Breathe, sweetie,” coaxes a flame-haired Witherspoon as a regally Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan)
and T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman)
to be completely honest, he does costumed Kaling looks on, worried. Storm Reid, then 13 and playing don't see eye to eye in “Black
reflect it a bit. But the point is,
A Wrinkle in Time’s protagonist, Meg Murry, flutters her eyes. Panther.” MATT KENNEDY/MARVEL
America is not one thing; it’s a beau-
tiful mess of contradictions where
good and bad are mixed together.”
“This is a life or death situation,” di- Now, Disney’s Wrinkle is cracking I’ve often said that history doesn’t
— Host John Oliver as Last Week
rector Ava DuVernay calls out from be- Hollywood’s glass ceiling. It marks the give a damn if it’s true or not;
Tonight returned Sunday
hind a monitor. “And, action!” first time any studio handed a budget what matters is who’s telling it.
A Wrinkle in Time, the sci-fi adven- of $100 million or more to a woman of The same goes for mythology.
ture about a teen who combs the uni- color.
verse for her missing father, hits thea- DuVernay’s inclusive worldview is
ters March 9 — 56 years after author reflected throughout Wrinkle. In L’En- Which brings us to Marvel’s Black
Madeleine L’Engle unveiled her sci-fi gle’s book, Meg Murray is a white teen- Panther, an unapologetically black
novel, a work that defied skeptics by ager from Connecticut; in the film superhero movie depicting an African
featuring both quantum physics and a she’s an African-American girl from warrior/king from the fictional coun-
young girl at its center. South Central L.A. who comes from an try of Wakanda. There have been suc-
L’Engle’s mind-bending fantasy, interracial family. The latter is “never cessful films characterizing black
which employs three astral travelers commented on, which I think is great,” superheroes before, notably Blade
as the girl’s guides (Mrs. Which, says a bearded Chris Pine, who plays with Wesley Snipes, but none with a
played by Winfrey; Mrs. Whatsit, Meg’s astrophysicist father. mostly black cast, black director and,
IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY played by Witherspoon; and Mrs. The director also shifted from the amazingly, a black writer. Even the
WHO’S CELEBRATING TODAY Who, played by Kaling), went on to be- all-white Mrs. characters in L’Engle’s soundtrack is executive-produced by
come Newbery Medal-winning re- a black record label.
Sidney Poitier is 91. Cindy Crawford quired reading in many schools. See WRINKLE, Page 7B It doesn’t disappoint, tackling ac-
is 52. Rihanna is 30. tion, humor and intense drama that fi-
nally, to my relief, wasn’t race-related.
It was extremely satisfying to witness
African-themed costumes, technol-
USA SNAPSHOTS© ogy and warfare, but most of all to see
black people onscreen as full-fledged

human beings, not just a sidekick or
comic relief until the real hero shows
up. Also, the film’s empowerment of
of Americans say they frequently its fierce female heroes rivals last
see others leave a public restroom year’s ground-breaking Wonder Wom-
without washing their hands. an, handling two sides of the typically
marginalized coin with polished grace.
As a black man growing up in the
comic-book era, I remember seeing
SN ws" Ы

Christopher Reeve as Superman in

/W e П

1978 and how happy I was to see a hero


O t's У

from those pages on the silver screen

.C ha ГР

for the first time. “You will believe a

man can fly” was the movie’s market-

ing tagline, and I was hooked.


SOURCE Bradley Corp. survey of 1,035 adults First assistant director Michael J. Moore, director Ava DuVernay and star




Decoding ‘Black Panther’ bonus bits

A (spoiler-y) look at what
might be coming next
Brian Truitt

Black Panther is the latest superhero

movie to rule the Marvel Cinematic Uni-
verse — and box office, too — and natu-
rally that means neat end-credits
scenes that set up where this expanding
galaxy goes next.
In the new film, Chadwick Boseman’s
African ruler T’Challa ascended to the
throne of the technologically advanced
nation of Wakanda, and he returns in
the mega-throwdown Avengers: Infinity
War (in theaters May 4). So do T’Chal-
la’s tech-whiz kid sister Shuri (Letitia
Wright), his army general Okoye (Danai
Gurira) and massive Wakandan warrior
M’Baku (Winston Duke). But there’s a
pair of Black Panther bonus scenes that Captain America (Chris Evans, center) and Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman, right) lead their allies in the fight against
hold some clues to what fans will see invading villains in “Avengers: Infinity War” this May. Recognize anyone else in there? MARVEL STUDIOS
next in Marvel’s movie future.
OK, let’s dig in.
War, where T’Challa didn’t want his a climactic Civil War fight between Cap- Cheadle), Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) and Fal-
Wakanda becomes father, King T’Chaka (John Kani), to tain America (Chris Evans) and Iron con (Anthony Mackie) to fight the cos-
a major world player address the U.N. Man, and Cap took him to Wakanda to mic force of the evil Thanos (Josh Bro-
“He felt that’s not the most effective heal and deal with his Hydra brain- lin) on African soil.
After centuries of his homeland hid- way to get things done,” says Panther washing issues. “It’s the ‘welcome to the MCU mo-
ing its mind-blowing advancements be- executive producer Nate Moore. Now, Winter Soldier appears in the second ment,’ ” Moore says. “In Black Panther,
hind the guise of a third-world country, T’Challa has realized that “actually, you Black Panther bonus scene, emerging that conflict is very much about the
T’Challa announces at the United Na- do need to reach across all of the aisles if from a hut after being awakened by Wa- Wakandans — well, now when you have
tions in Vienna that Wakanda will be you want to effect change on a large kandan children (who call him “White a king who all of a sudden is opening up
sharing its knowledge and resources scale.” Wolf ”) and finding Shuri, who beckons the borders of the country, the threats
with the rest of the globe. T’Challa’s moment on the interna- him to come with her. “Much more for are much bigger than anyone anticipat-
“Wakanda will no longer watch from tional stage hints at drama that could you to learn,” she tells him as he looks ed. And that notion that ‘OK, we just
the shadows. We cannot. We must not,” come up in a Black Panther sequel, not across a beautiful landscape. went through this civil war. Wait, space-
he says, wanting to be a force for con- only in how other nations react to If anybody has the technical know- ships are landing?’ is a fun one to play
necting mankind and helping those in Wakanda being a geopolitical power, how to undo Bucky’s programming, it’s with.”
need. “We must find a way to look after but the ripple effect back home. Shuri, Moore says, and theirs is “a cool There was definitely honor and re-
one another, as if we were one single “Not everybody in Wakanda is like, dynamic” to play forward in future spect between Cap and Panther in Civil
tribe.” And when a representative from ‘Whatever you say, boss!’ ” Moore says. films. “We do like to think there’s a War, so when they meet again, the dy-
another country condescendingly ques- “He decided to do this thing and maybe friendship there born of his thankful- namic deepens between the two heroes:
tions what a place like Wakanda could it’s not something that would have ness but also just understanding how Now an international fugitive, Cap
offer the rest of the world, T’Challa gives passed had they done a public voting smart she is to do this. ... She under- comes “hat in hand” for help and T’Chal-
a knowing smile. referendum.” stands Bucky’s inherent goodness.” la obliges, though some Wakandans
The scene is reminiscent of Tony The sequence also sets the stage for might give their monarch some side eye.
Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) outing him- An old hero meets a new one the Wakandans’ role in Infinity War: Says Moore, “It speaks to T’Challa
self as Iron Man at the end of his first The first trailer showed Panther and being heroic outside of the office of
Marvel movie 10 years ago, but it’s also a The last time we saw Bucky Barnes, Okoye teaming up with Captain Amer- kingship but also the way that ultimate-
callback to Black Panther’s first appear- aka the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan), ica, Winter Soldier, Black Widow (Scar- ly it sets him up to be one of the lead
ance in 2016’s Captain America: Civil he’d just had his metal arm ripped off in lett Johansson), War Machine (Don figures of the Avengers.”

Letitia Wright is here to school Crews

Continued from Page 5B

those other movie princesses One by one, I showed up for them all
— Batman, Captain America, X-Men,
Anika Reed Spider-Man — but I wondered, “How
USA TODAY can black people be included in any of
these movies, especially since their
Move over, Black Panther: Wakan- presence in the comic books that cre-
da’s princess is taking her rightful place ated them was so minimal?” When I
as the breakout star of Marvel’s Black was a teen, the main ones — Captain
Panther. America’s sidekick The Falcon, Luke
Although the movie’s titular charac- Cage and Black Panther — weren’t get-
ter is the superpowered alter ego of ting their own movie anytime soon.
T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman), the king I made do for years with black
of Wakanda, his teenage sister Shuri, sports and music stars fulfilling the
played by Hollywood newcomer Letitia roles that were left out of the comics.
Wright, is the film’s real force. My favorite book was Superman vs.
Dubbed “the smartest person in the Muhammad Ali, in which Ali actually
world; smarter than Tony Stark“ by ex- beats Superman in a fair fight because
ecutive producer Nate Moore, Shuri is Superman loses his superpowers. I
the genius behind some of Wakanda’s had posters of Michael Jordan flying
most advanced technology and the cre- through the air, along with Kareem
ator of Black Panther’s suits and gad- Abdul-Jabbar’s skyhook.
gets, made from the mythical, nearly in- In a knowledgeable nod to my
destructible metal known as vibranium. experience as a teen, the poster of the
“I’ve never really seen a character like album cover to Public Enemy’s It Takes
that in a script before,” Wright says. “I A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back is
never saw a young black girl being inter- prominently featured several times in
ested in engineering or science or math Black Panther. I could not hold back a
or wanting to heal people. I saw lots of smile, because I had that poster in my
stereotypes, and that’s clearly the dif- room as a teen, and it even hangs in my
ference in why I really wanted to play office today. These men became our
that part.” Teenage princess Shuri (Letitia Wright) is the smartest person in the world in superheroes.
Shuri shows her strengths in the lab “Black Panther.” She’s a tech wizard who’s also fierce on the battlefield. MARVEL Seeing Black Panther in all its glory
as well as on the battlefield, switching fulfills so many hopes and dreams I
seamlessly from jokingly flipping off her had as child. Adding this experience to
older brother to using her tech creations spinoff. “In the comic books, she be- by all these people who are amazingly things I wondered if I would ever see,
to suit up as a Wakandan warrior. comes the Black Panther, but I would good,” she says. Director Ryan Coogler like America having a black president,
“These characters exist, but we never like to do it where Chadwick is still Black “would pull me to the corner and re- I smile again.
see them on the screen, especially the Panther and they can team up,” Wright mind me that I’m here for a reason and Change may be slow and hard-
mainstream level,” she says. “It was says. “Anything can happen. that I have something to offer.” fought, but as long as we never give up,
something really positive, so I wanted to “Maybe we can have an all-female From Lupita Nyong’o, Wright says it is inevitable.
put that out there into the world.” Marvel film,” Wright hints. “We’ve been she received advice “about how to Terry Crews is an actor and activist.
The 24-year-old actress moved to talking about it. It’s only a matter of handle what will happen when the film
London from Guyana when she was 7, time.” comes out” and managing fame.
and attended acting school before scor- For now, Wright is focused on getting “Michael B. (Jordan) would give me Corrections & Clarifications
ing roles in British TV and movies. You the great messages from Black Panther advice about taking ownership of pro-
may have seen Wright in episodes of out to the masses. ducing and putting out projects that I In some editions Monday, a Life story
BBC’s Doctor Who, AMC’s Humans or “The thing that stood out to me was want to see, like, not to wait for some- incorrectly credited the 1996 Summer
Netflix’s Black Mirror, or her first major everyone’s dedication to bringing the one to hand me a project,” Wright says. Olympics performance of The Power
film role in the indie coming-of-age dra- story to life,” Wright says. “That spirit of She says Angela Bassett gave her a of the Dream. Celine Dion sang the
SN ws" Ы

ma Urban Hymn, but her star is just be- excellence inspired me to bring my A nugget of wisdom from her more than theme at the opening ceremony; the
/W e П

ginning to fully rise. game.” 30-year career in the industry: “Aim for song was performed again at the

O t's У

Wright is poised to continue a mas- The movie’s veteran actors were also longevity instead of quick fame.” closing ceremony by Rachel McMul-
.C ha ГР

sive 2018, with upcoming starring roles on hand to give rookie Wright advice on Wright has another goal for her role lin and a choir of other children.
in May’s other Marvel offering, Aveng- acting, the pressures of fame and the fu- in the movie, touted as a celebration

USA TODAY is committed to accuracy.

ers: Infinity War, and Steven Spielberg’s ture. and elevation of blackness and black

sci-fi film Ready Player One (March 29). “Sometimes I felt like I wasn’t good womanhood. “My approach is the To reach us at any time, call 800-872-7073 or e-mail
accuracy@usatoday.com. Please indicate whether you’re

Fans are already imagining a Shuri enough on set, because I’m surrounded truth, and aiming for the truth.” responding to content online or in the newspaper.


Continued from Page 5B

book, instead assembling Winfrey,

Kaling and Witherspoon as Meg’s galac-
tic guides. “I just started to think about
really wanting to represent different
kinds, cultures, sizes, ages of women,”
DuVernay says.
When Winfrey read the script by Fro-
zen’s Jennifer Lee, she was taken with
“Ava’s idea for inclusion, diversifying,
opening it up so that the Mrs. are not all
like Mrs. Doubtfire, little New England
biddies, but this eclectic group of star
angels who have their own way of being
in the world. That was really kind of
thrilling to me.”
Kaling, DuVernay adds, “is a piece of
the puzzle that is so important, because
when we talk about inclusion in this
country we say black and white, and we
forget all the other people. The three of
them together are quite formidable in
what they represent for women at large.”
Today, a Girl Scout cookie drive adds
an earthly touch on a soundstage
cloaked in massive saturated blue
sheets, onto which the computer-gener-
ated world of Wrinkle will be overlaid.
(DuVernay tosses a box of cookies to
Reid once the scene wraps.) Director Ana DuVernay and Oprah Winfrey consult as Storm Reid looks over the script of “A Wrinkle In Time.”
Cameras roll, and Reid pretends to
struggle to breathe as Winfrey and cast
stand in position on sheets of glass here. “I never planned on being in A
made to look like an iceberg. Wrinkle in Time. It came about because
DuVerney squints at the screen. “I never planned on being in Ava said (the movie was) going to be
“You’ve got fingerprints I can see all shooting in New Zealand,” where pro-
around her,” she says. “It’s supposed to ‘A Wrinkle in Time.’ It came duction moves the following week. “I al-
be ice.” A female production assistant about because Ava said ways wanted to go to New Zealand!”
runs in, wiping the surface down. The So much so that Winfrey blocked out
director, dressed in jeans and a black (the movie was) going to Wrinkle’s shooting dates on her calen-
sweatshirt, joins in on hands and knees, dar to hang out and be a spectator. It
pointing out prints to wipe.
be shooting in New Zealand. was only then that DuVernay, who gen-
DuVernay stays on the floor with I always wanted to go to erally avoids asking Winfrey for favors,
Reid, softly talking to the young actress, asked her to read the script. Winfrey fell
who is playing her first major role. “All New Zealand!” for Mrs. Which, a character she calls
right?” she says. The teen nods. “Let’s Oprah Winfrey sort of a Glinda the Good Witch imbued
get another (take),” the director says. with the wisdom of Maya Angelou.
Once they wrap, Winfrey regally am- dressed. Or was it four this morning?” And now, she’s stuck. Literally.
bles by in her metallic blue lipstick, a DuVernay and Reid work on some of At night, she says, “it takes me at “I can’t move my arms. Oh, I’m
blond curly wig and a huge geometric the finer points. PHOTOS BY ATSUSHI least a half-hour just to get (Mrs. caught,” Winfrey sighs. “This happens
skirt. Today is the second day Pine has NISHIJIMA/DISNEY ENTERPRISES Which’s makeup) off. See, my own eye- all day long.”
worked alongside the mogul. “It’s so brows are covered. They’re glued down. What does Winfrey do when she goes
cool, man,” he says. “We talked books Those makeup removal pads, I use like home after a day in full hair and makeup?
together the other day,” trading recom- she inches in platform heels toward her 10 of those first, then a makeup remover “I will open the refrigerator in my ho-
mendations. (His was Anthony Doerr’s tent. “It is a THING,” she says a few min- thing, and then you start the whole tel and get a bad glass of wine. You
All the Light We Cannot See.) utes later of her getup, leaning precari- washing process.” know, the kind with the cap on it.” She
Embodying Mrs. Which is no joke: It ously on a stool. “Two people have to Get down to brass tacks, and Winfrey laughs. “And take a hot bath and (the
takes two aides to hold Winfrey up as help me sit. Three people help me get acknowledges she didn’t expect to be next day) start all over again.”

Report puzzle problems to us at

PUZZLES feedback@usatoday.com or 1-800-872-7073


EDITED Fred Piscop By David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek 2/20 D E B K O C E E D N C A
BY Gail Grabowski Find and Circle: N T A A O L G I I L U M
Three mammals starting with B ☑☐☐ A AWR B D U C G K A A
AFTER THE Three eight-letter, three-syllable words ☐☐☐
© Andrews McMeel

Three seven-letter countries ☐☐☐ L E H V A O I T C E D I

FALL Three five-letter colors ☐☐☐
Two four-letter musical genres ☐☐ E T I B J D O A I M O C
1 Pokes fun at Monday’s answer: SPRUCE CEDAR PINE / SANDWICH FLAWLESS C N T J E Z L N D O R A
5 Tea-producing LYNX LION I A E M C B F O L K N Y
Indian region
10 Timber-shaping QUICKCROSS UP & DOWN WORDS
14 “Makes sense to By John Wilmes 2/20 By David L. Hoyt and Russell L. Hoyt 2/20

15 Old, but new again “Livin’ la ____ Loca” by 1. JURASSIC
Ricky Martin
16 Itchy material, to 2.
some Long-legged wading bird
17 Modern TV or PC
display Tractor-trailer 4.
19 Confesses, with 5.
“up” 2012 film, “Rock of ____”
20 100 beats per 6.
© Andrews McMeel

minute, say Discover rival 7. POINT

21 Thorn in one’s side
22 Replaceable joint “_ ___ to differ!”
Clues: Monday’s Answer
23 Sotheby’s offering 1. 2015 dinosaur movie YOUR TURN
25 All hell broken loose Monday’s Answer 2. Guinness achievement TURN RIGHT
10-cent piece 3. Vinyl album spinner RIGHT AFTER
27 Poolside S T A X 4. Automated instrument AFTER ALL
conveniences “Without warranty”
5. It’s black or white
31 Just plain silly © Andrews McMeel 2/20 disclaimer
6. Sunshine State destination CLEAR SIGN
34 “___ Lake” 66 Temporary insanity, 18 Before you know it 53 Treat with contempt A L O E 7. Famous military academy SIGN UP
(Tchaikovsky ballet) e.g. 24 Filled, folded food 55 Domino or die dots QUICKCROSS
35 Pieces often made 67 Misspoke, say 26 Sound of 7-Down 56 “The Good D O W N ON YOUR PHONE PLAY ONLINE
of cedar 2/19 mobilegames.usatoday.com PUZZLES.USATODAY.COM © Andrews McMeel
68 Mireille of “Big 27 Network for Dinosaur” dinosaur
39 Cubs great Santo Love” political junkies 58 Ancestry.com
40 Election-influencing 69 They’re often 28 In the loop SUDOKU
org. blitzed 29 Place for a comb or 60 Top-drawer
41 Lacy ornamental 70 iPod contents wallet 61 Multivitamin element
Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x2
mats box contains the numbers 1 through 9 (no repeats). box contains the numbers 1 through 6 (no repeats).
71 Russo of “The 30 Cruise line vessel 62 Org. with a closing
42 Nanny’s offspring Intern” 32 Some urban
43 Bill Clinton’s state pollution
bell 1 9 4 4 5 6
65 Final plays in many
(Abbr.) DOWN 33 Fund, as a museum
44 Set lofty goals 1 Major falling-out 36 Manning of the
NFL OTs 4 8 5 2 5 6
45 Cash in the 2 Any of the gridiron Monday’s Answer
Philippines Bahamas 37 Voice of the 6 5 4 8 4 3 1
46 Landlocked 3 Smile from ear to Apple Watch
Himalayan land ear 38 Many summer 1 5 6 4 3 1 4
48 All worked up 4 Fixed course of job holders
50 Continent action 41 Carnegie 8 7 1 2 6 5
separators 5 Lob trajectory of self-
54 Place for a body 6 Novak Djokovic, by improvement 8 4 6 5 6 5 4
wrap birth 45 Book of sacred DIFFICULTY RATING $$$))
55 Peace talks goal 7 Kettle emanation songs 9 7 3 6 Monday’s Answers
57 Religious splinter 8 Site for a bout 47 Stands in for 9 1 6 7 3 5 2 4 8 3 1 5 6 4 2
group 9 Dollars and cents 49 Apple Watch 2 6 1 5 4 7 2 1 8 9 6 3 2 6 4 1 3 5
59 Lacking toppings 10 Rousted out of bed downloads 2 3 8 9 4 6 1 7 5
63 Rubs the wrong 11 Rough period on 51 Star player, to a 2 9 4 1 6 4 5 7 2 8 3 9 6 2 3 5 1 4
3 5 9 4 8 1 6 2 7
way Wall Street team 2/19 2/20 DIFFICULTY RATING ))$$$ 7 8 2 6 9 3 5 1 4
4 5 1 3 2 6
64 Reading for one 12 Part of DMZ 52 India’s first CROSSWORDS SUDOKU FUSION 1 4 6 2 5 3
8 7 3 1 2 9 4 5 6
sitting, perhaps 13 Ultimatum ender prime minister ON YOUR PHONE ON YOUR PHONE 6 9 1 3 5 4 7 8 2 5 3 2 4 6 1
Answers: Call 1-900-988-8300, 99 cents a minute; or, with a credit card, 1-800-320-4280. mobilegames.usatoday.com mobilegames.usatoday.com © Andrews McMeel 4 2 5 8 6 7 3 9 1 2/19

TXTPERT Today’s theme
SN ws" Ы


Performing arts E Q U A T I O N
/W e П

Across Down English screen legend Rearrange the words to complete the quote.
1. 825368 1. 827

Use the 3 4 Charlie Chaplin offers COURAGE FAILURE FOOL MAKE TAKES
4. 7243268 2. 54448464 phone E A C H T


O t's У

5. 738 3. 8663 keypad to 5


___________ IS ______________. IT ___________ ___________

.C ha ГР

decode the
5 6 7. 3223 6. 5323 6
clues. P I G
9. 326 8. 228
7 8
10. 443833
For example:
TO ________ A ________ OF ______________.
2 could be A,

B or C ... and
9 U H R U
5678 could 9


10 be LOST

Monday’s Answer: “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants

© USA TODAY and Rich Coulter Yesterday’s solution us to be happy.” - Benjamin Franklin



USA TODAY’s Kelly Lawler chats with readers Mondays at 2 p.m. ET
at facebook.com/USATODAY. Read edited excerpts below, email
questions to klawler@usatoday.com or tweet them to @klawls and visit
her live online.
Question: How is it that Vincint A: If you’re talking about streaming,
didn’t get to (go up) against Evvie there are ways to watch series without
on The Four: Battle for Stardom paying for a subscription. CW’s site
finale? and app, for instance, does not charge
Answer: The mechanics of this real- a fee or require a cable subscription,
ity competition show are a bit odd. But but it does include ads. And if you do
because The Four relied so heavily on pay for cable, many networks, includ-
battles in the episodes between two ing FX, NBC and AMC, will let you
competitors, it meant not all of the stream their shows online after logging
final four went up against each other. in with your cable provider. But yes, a
So the finale featured a four-way com- lot of TV content is behind a streaming
petition in the opening, then a battle paywall these days, and, as Apple and
between Evvie and Zhavia, then one Disney get into streaming, that’s un-
between Candice and Vincint. Since likely to change.
Evvie and Candice won those battles, CW doesn’t require a fee to watch its shows, including “Riverdale” KATIE YU/CW
they were vying for the championship. Q: Do you think The Walking
Dead can bounce back from declin-
Q: Will there ever be a time where ing ratings, or has the show peaked? audience, and the quality has dropped But lower ratings for The Walking Dead
you can watch anything without a A. I think it has probably peaked in significantly. It’s not quite the phe- are still better than the ratings for most
subscription? Or even a universal the ratings and creatively. The past nomenon it was, and a lot of the online cable and broadcast series, so it isn’t
subscription? season and a half have seen declines in buzz has moved on to newer shows. signing off anytime soon.

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ilarly spiritually-themed 2007 USA WWE SmackDown from Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix (Live) Chrisley Knows Chrisley Knows Chrisley Knows Chrisley Knows
CW series Reaper. Sam (Harri- Velocity ToyMakerz Ford Mustang GT. Inside West Coast Customs (N) Inside West Coast Customs ToyMakerz Ford Mustang GT.
son) and Sock (Labine) help VH1 America’s Next Top Model (N) Love & Hip Hop Miami Love & Hip Hop Love & Hip Hop
Kevin on his own mission, as he Viceland It’s Always Sunny It’s Always Sunny It’s Always Sunny It’s Always Sunny Hate Thy Neighbor (N) Desus & Mero (N) Desus & Mero

tries to help Marc (Rhenzy Fe- WE Law & Order Baby killed. Law & Order Jewish jeweler murdered. Law & Order Honors student dead. Law & Order Politician’s secret.

liz), a young guy who left home Weather Tornado Road Kansas and Nebraska. Tornado Road Little Sioux, Iowa. Tornado Road New storm chasers. Weather Caught on Camera

looking for adventure. WGN America Cops Cops Cops Cops Bellevue Continuing the hunt. (N) Cops Cops
Cinemax Whip It Small-town misfit wants to be a roller derby girl while chasing love and 17 Again A bitter man in his 30s mysteriously gets a second Strike Back
purpose. Ellen Page, Drew Barrymore (2009) chance to be 17. Zac Efron, Leslie Mann (2009) (9:55) White nationalists.
Encore Shane Alan Ladd Marnie A beautiful thief, who uses her looks to steal from her employers, changes her identity and lands Ash vs. Evil Dead Ash vs. Evil Dead
(1953) (6:46) a job at a publishing house in Philadelphia. Tippi Hedren, Sean Connery (1964) (8:47) Teens take Delta. Ash is hunted.
FXM The Other Woman Three women team up The Other Woman A woman discovers that her boyfriend is married and teams up with his wife and 13 Going on 30
for revenge. Cameron Diaz (2014) another woman he is having an affair with to get revenge. Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann (2014) (9:15) (2004)
Hallmark Movies Psych Man found naked in a field says he Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Road Less Traveled The Postables take a road trip Murder, She Wrote A virtual-reality game.
was the victim of alien abduction. to track down a small boy in Colorado. Eric Mabius, Kristin Booth (2018)
HBO Get Out Man discovers terrifying truth concerning his Divorce Robert finds 2 Dope Queens Phoebe shares her Here and Now Ramon and Shokrani
girlfriend’s parents. Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams (2017) Tom. experiences. search for details.
Lifetime Movie Double Daddy Teen learns that her boyfriend has gotten her and a new girl in school Girl Missing A young woman’s reconnection with her mother and family places her
pregnant. Mollee Gray, Brittany Curran (2015) in danger. Francesca Eastwood, Kiersten Warren (2015)
Showtime G.I. Jane Female soldier undergoes Navy Homeland Carrie makes a discovery. The Chi Brandon’s relationship with Jerrika Our Cartoon Homeland Carrie
Kevin (Jason Ritter) is on a training. Demi Moore (1997) (6:55) is put in jeopardy by his actions. President makes a discovery.

mission. ELIA JOSHUA ADE/ABC Starz Obsessed Temp worker tries seducing Counterpart Howard learns of another Wild Things A high school guidance counselor is accused of Dracula 2000
her employer. Idris Elba (2009) (7:09) side to Emily. rape by two voluptuous students. Kevin Bacon (1998) (9:56) Jonny Lee Miller
TMC Don’t Knock Twice Troubled teenage girl and estranged The Autopsy of Jane Doe A coroner and his son perform an Brimstone Woman on run from ruthless
mother must try to stop demon. Katee Sackhoff (2017) autopsy and realize nothing about it is normal. (2016) (9:35) preacher. Guy Pearce (2017) (11:05)
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This week, the four chefs are
SN ws" Ы

Golf The Squeeze Golfer goes to Las Vegas for a tournament. Jeremy Sumpter (2015) The Squeeze Golfer goes to Las Vegas for a tournament. Jeremy Sumpter (2015)
tasked with creating healthy
/W e П

MLB MLB Tonight Brewster’s Millions A man must spend a fortune in a month. Richard Pryor (1985) MLB Tonight
dishes that are still flavorful but

NBA Jacksonville WHO? On the Shoulders of Giants Samuel L. Jackson (2011) (9:25) NBA Specials Jacksonville
O t's У

lighter on the calories. The first NBCSports


2018 Olympic Winter Games from PyeongChang, South Korea (Live) 2018 Olympic Winter Games
.C ha ГР

round requires them to incor- NFLN Top 10 High-powered offenses. A Football Life John Randle A Football Life Kevin Greene NFL Total Access
porate a faux noodle and a fish

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filet; the second is a diet drink; COMPLETE LISTINGS (N) New episode.

and the third includes super- TVLISTINGS.USATODAY.COM


food açaí berries. Customized to your location



Mum’s the word for Harper
Nationals star says he won’t talk free agency 3C

NBA should bow to fans’ demands

All-Star draft likely to be televised 4C

Pac-12’s bubble about to burst?

League might send just two teams to NCAAs 4C


MLB takes about to join
historic and
action on exclusive club

Jorge L. Ortiz

MESA, Ariz. – The sight of Gary

Sanchez repeatedly calling time to go
confer with his pitcher will become,
well, at least a bit less frequent.
The New York Yankees catcher has
been among the most egregious of-
fenders when it comes to slowing
games down to a crawl with frequent
mound visits, a practice that grew es-
pecially aggravating during the 2017
Major League Baseball is taking ac-
tion against the inaction, announcing
Monday a series of steps to speed up
games that last season set a record
with an average length of 3:05.
Pitch clocks won’t be installed, as
had been expected, but MLB and the
players association agreed to limit the
number of mound visits to six a game,
excluding the instances when a pitch-

See MLB, Page 2C

Bell, Keenum
might be
team tagged
Mike Jones
Capitals left wing Alex Ovechkin has 593 goals in his career. BRAD MILLS/USA TODAY SPORTS
Tuesday is the first day NFL teams
can use the franchise tag as a means to

prevent prime players from hitting the
free agent market, which opens next
month. March 6 is the deadline to des-
ignate franchise or transition tag play-
ers. Each club is allowed to tag one of
its players.
As a refresher, the franchise tag Erik Brady The Washington Capitals winger ac- That’s it. That’s the list.
provides a one-year, guaranteed con- USA TODAY tually needs seven goals to get to 600 for This comes as news to Ovechkin.
tract equal to the average of the top five his career. And if Ovechkin gets them in Though, now that he’s heard, he’d be
salaries at a player’s position or 120% CHICAGO – Alex Ovechkin is ring- his next 21 games — which will take him happy to join the club.
of his salary the previous season if that ing up historic numbers, and statisti- to his 1,000th NHL game — he’ll join one “Yeah, it’s nice to be in the company,”
represents a higher value. Franchising cians are keeping track. Does he? of the most exclusive clubs in hockey. he says. “Obviously, as long as you take
a player doesn’t preclude a team from “Not really, I would say,” he tells Here are the NHL players who a moment (to think), it’s nice to be in
reaching a long-term deal, inevitably USA TODAY. “I need six goals, or sev- reached 600 goals in 1,000 games or history.”
one that’s more cap friendly, by July 16. en, to get to 600. So I think you just fewer: Ovechkin scored once Monday in a
have to play. Play your game and it will Wayne Gretzky. Mario Lemieux. Brett
See NFL, Page 2C come.” Hull. See OVECHKIN, Page 2C


10 Teams for the

Olympic wom-
en’s hockey tourna-
ment in the 2022 Bei-
jing Games, up from
In skiing there are
a few things you
can do to play mind
games, so I use every
eight after an an- OR

nouncement Sunday Downhill medal contend-
by the International er Lindsey Vonn, on slow- UP
Ice Hockey Feder- ing up in her training run TO

ation. on Monday so she didn’t
South Korea’s Yura Min and post the fastest time. As
Alexander Gamelin USA TODAY SPORTS
8 New cases of the
norovirus as of
Sunday, bringing the
she told NBC, “I like let-
ting other people think
that they’re faster.” on a Serta® Adjustable Set*
FIRST WORD total to 283.

I went to the costume repair

over there, and I was like, LAST WORD
‘Stitch me in please.’ So they
SN ws" Ы

stitched it in three places, just in I am so flattered that NBC wanted me to

/W e П

case. I put it on first and then she work as a correspondent, but if I took this

opportunity, I would have to leave the Olympic


stitched it, so I can’t even get out

O t's У

team and I would have to leave the (Olympic)

.C ha ГР

of it if I wanted to.”

South Korea figure skater Yura Min, Figure skater Adam Rippon, who had agreed to work Limited Time Offer
who had a costume malfunction in the for NBC at the Olympics but decided against it Visit sertaretailers.com to find a retailer near you.

team competition From staff reports *Some restrictions apply. See website for complete promotion rules and details.


Ovechkin is going right now.”

Ovechkin is on pace for 92 points this
season. That would be his highest total
Continued from Page 1C since 2009-10, when he had 109. And it
would be the first time he’s averaged
3-2 win against the Buffalo Sabres for more than a point per game since the
his league-leading 35th goal. He scored 2013-14 season, when he recorded 79
his 34th goal plus three assists in a 5-2 points in 78 games.
win at the Minnesota Wild on Thursday. “He’s doing it in a league where it is
Those five points give him 1,101 for his harder and harder to score,” Trotz says.
career: 593 goals and 508 assists. He’s “He gets the best of the best as defend-
the only player who made his NHL de- ers and checking lines.”
but in this century to reach that plateau. Pace-of-points projections are just
Ovechkin’s debut for the Caps came the sort of statistical stuff that Ovech-
Oct. 5, 2005. Could he have imagined kin professes to ignore.
then the numbers he is reaching now? “I would say I don’t pay attention to
“I would say you don’t think about it,” that,” he says. “I just enjoy my time right
he says. “When you came to the league now. Enjoy the numbers I make and do
you just have to do your thing, try to stay my thing.”
on the team and try to show your best Still, he does appreciate round num-
hockey.” bers. “This year it’s going to be 1,000
The numbers make a convincing case games for me, and nobody has played
he’s done precisely that. 1,000 games in this franchise,” he says.
“Yeah, obviously it has been 12 years,” “And I am going to be No. 1. I am very
Ovechkin says. “So, terrific numbers. happy and I can’t wait to reach that
Pretty nice.” Alex Ovechkin made his debut with Washington in 2005, but he and the Capitals milestone.”
Here’s the funny thing: Sometimes, have yet to win a Stanley Cup in that time. BRAD REMPEL/USA TODAY SPORTS There is one other hole in his résumé:
when terrific numbers accumulate over Ovechkin has never won Olympic gold.
time, as if in slow motion, you forget to He dearly wanted to play in the Pyeong-
marvel at them. Orpik figures among the most im- have Stanley Cup yet, so that’s the No. 1 chang Winter Games, but they are going
Caps defenseman Brooks Orpik says pressive things is that Ovechkin has priority.” on without NHL players. Might Ovech-
Ovechkin reaches milestones so often played this long without significant in- Left unsaid: The players he’d like to kin play for Russia in Beijing in 2022 —
“that it almost seems kind of normal. jury. join in the 600/1,000 club all won Cups. when he’ll be 36 — should the opportu-
But then you look back at it and think, “As physical and reckless as he was This season, Ovechkin’s 13th, offers an- nity arise?
‘Wow.’ ” when he was younger, it’s amazing,” Or- other chance at the chalice. “I don’t know where I’m going to be in
Coach Barry Trotz seconds that emo- pik says. “And he still plays pretty phys- “Every year is a shot,” he says. “You four years, here or in Russia,” he says.
tion. ical.” just have to get ready for it.” “Four years is a long distance. So I don’t
“When he starts passing some of Still, for all of that, there’s one num- The Caps signed Ovechkin to a his- know.”
these milestones, you realize what a ber that bedevils Ovechkin. Stanley toric 13-year contract in 2008, reported Yes, but would he if he could?
great talent he is,” Trotz says. “Not that Cups won: zero. And he’s the one who at the time at $124 million. He was 22 “Yeah, of course,” he says. “If I’m go-
you don’t know that he is, but you start brings up this unpleasant fact. then. He’s 32 now. ing to be healthy and able to play hock-
to recognize that he’s a legendary talent. “I want Stanley Cup,” he says. “I don’t “I signed huge deal for so many years, ey, yeah, of course I would.”
He is the greatest goal scorer of his gen- care about the numbers. That’s why I so I was lucky guy,” he says. “I am lucky Just imagine what kind of numbers
eration. And he’s proving it by putting play. I don’t play for numbers. It’s nice to I came to the Washington Capitals. I Ovechkin might reach by then.
up numbers that are insane. That’s the get big numbers. It’s nice to be in com- have great relations with everybody, “Yeah,” he says, flashing a crooked
best way to say it.” pany with the great players. But I don’t and I am very happy with how my career grin. “You’re right.”

NFL of his rookie deal, he is in line for a big

payday. He’s the priority of the offsea-
son for Dallas.
Continued from Page 1C Dolphins WR Jarvis Landry: Mixed
signals out of Miami, where Landry is
Under the exclusive franchise tag, coming off of a career-best season (112
players aren’t allowed to negotiate with catches, nine TDs). Some days, there are
other teams. However, they can be trad- rumors of progress; others, anything
ed once they sign their tender offer. but. If talks stall, Landry could receive
Non-exclusive tags allow outside teams the tag, which means drawing a salary
to negotiate with a player but his origi- of roughly $16 million in 2018.
nal team has the right to match any offer Panthers G Andrew Norwell: Caroli-
or decline it and receive two first-round na needs to keep Cam Newton’s line in-
picks from the other club as compensa- tact. The franchise tag would be worth
tion. approximately $15 million to Norwell —
Transition tags are calculated by av- maybe a bit rich for the Panthers’ taste,
eraging the top 10 salaries at a player’s but they have to consider the move.
position. Transitioned players can ne- Lions DE Ezekiel Ansah: Detroit’s
gotiate with other teams and his original top pass rusher is coming off a 12-sack
club can match any offer sheet. Howev- campaign. However, Ansah’s injury his-
er, failure to match does not bring back tory might be reason for pause before
any compensation from the player’s franchising him for something in the
new organization. neighborhood of $17.5 million.
Here are some of the biggest names Seahawks DT Sheldon Richardson:
who might be tagged: After being acquired from the Jets last
Steelers RB Le’Veon Bell: Unable to year, he proved his worth to coach Pete
reach a long-term deal last year, Pitts- Carroll, who says Seattle intends to keep
burgh franchised Bell, who played the Richardson. It’s hard to say if the team
2017 season on a one-year deal worth Running back Le’Veon Bell carried the franchise tag for the Steelers last season, will be able to reach an extension to
$12.1 million. The Steelers still want to making $12.1 million. PHILIP G. PAVELY/USA TODAY SPORTS avoid the tag. But after giving up a sec-
lock up Bell, and he wants the same ond-round pick and WR Jermaine
thing (even though he’s had some fun Kearse to obtain Richardson, the Sea-
with the idea of going elsewhere). How- hawks definitely don’t want him to wind
ever, to buy time, GM Kevin Colbert Championship Game. Now, the Vikings list in 2017. Still, many around the up a one-year rental.
could tag Bell, who would then be guar- find themselves in a situation in which league expect Minnesota to retain Kee- Other tag possibilities: Rams DB La-
anteed at least $14.5 million in 2018. Keenum, Bradford and Teddy Bridge- num’s services, though pursuing Kirk marcus Joyner or WR Sammy Watkins,
Vikings QB Case Keenum: After en- water all have expiring contracts — Cousins in free agency is still an option. Redskins QB Kirk Cousins (it could still
tering 2017 as the backup, he took over though it’s possible Bridgewater’s deal Cowboys DE Demarcus Lawrence: happen to create a trade scenario but is
for injured Sam Bradford and went 11-3 could toll into 2018 due to his extensive After a breakout season, during which very unlikely), Jaguars WR Allen Robin-
before leading Minnesota to the NFC time on the physically unable to perform he earned $1.2 million on the final year son, Bears CB Kyle Fuller.

MLB the players, many of whom are still sit-

ting on the sidelines waiting to sign new
There doesn’t appear to be any clear
winners or losers in this latest round be- USA SNAPSHOTS©
contracts. tween the parties, who have been at
Continued from Page 1C Still, the news release announcing odds for a couple of years over how to
the new rules points out the timer op- speed up the game and whether there is
er is removed. The new allowed total, tions are on the table. actually a need for it.
which grows by one for every extra in- “I am pleased that we were able to The reduced commercial breaks do
ning, includes visits by managers, reach an understanding with the Play- offer a tangible gain of about six min-
coaches and teammates, even if they ers Association to take concrete steps to utes a game, and it’s hard to see how it

don’t occur right on the mound. address pace of play with the coopera- would be all that difficult for players and
In addition, the break between in- tion of the players,” Manfred said in a the coaching staff to avoid visiting the
nings will be tightened by 20 seconds, statement. “My strong preference is to mound more than six times. At this
with the countdown clock getting set at continue to have ongoing dialogue with point there are not even penalties for
Gold medals
2:05 for locally televised games and at players on this topic to find mutually ac- breaking such a rule, only an encour-
won by the
2:25 for national telecasts. It remains at ceptable solutions.” agement to follow it.
USA all time in
2:55 for postseason games. There’s also In other words, this is not nearly Manfred would like to see more ur-
Olympic snowboarding,
a new measure in place to make pitching enough. At the owners meetings less gency from the players, whose habits of
most by any country.
changes a bit quicker. than three weeks ago, Manfred offered dawdling on the mound (hello, Pedro
The modifications don’t go nearly as to hold off on a pitch clock for the com- Baez) or constantly stepping out of the NOTE Through Feb. 17
far as Commissioner Rob Manfred ing season and 2019 if game times went box to adjust their equipment add to the SOURCE TeamUSA.org
seemed determined to take them in his down by at least 10 minutes to 2:55, but game’s perception as languid. That ELLEN J. HORROW, JANET LOEHRKE/USA TODAY
efforts to accelerate the increasingly the players balked at that proposal. makes it a hard sell among young audi-
glacial pace of games, which grew by And union head Tony Clark made it ences used to instant gratification.
nearly 41⁄2 minutes in length last season. clear he would continue to fight tooth As to how the changes will impact the
The collective bargaining agreement and nail against anything that might in- way the game is played, Chicago Cubs
that came into effect in December 2016 fringe on work conditions. manager Joe Maddon said the effect Corrections & clarifications
gave Manfred the power to unilaterally “Players were involved in the pace- would be negligible, and everybody
SN ws" Ы

USA TODAY is committed to accuracy.

impose new measures such as a 20-sec- of-game discussion from day one and would get used to the new rules after
/W e П

To reach us at any time, call 800-872-7073 or

ond pitch clock and a timer between are committed to playing a crisp and ex- some initial consternation.

e-mail accuracy@usatoday.com. Please indicate

O t's У

batters. citing brand of baseball for the fans,” “We’ll have to just figure out a more whether you’re responding to content online on in
.C ha ГР

But at a time of increased acrimony Clark said in a statement, “but they re- non-verbal method of communication. the newspaper.
between MLB and the union because of main concerned about rule changes that We’re not going to be texting,” Maddon A headline in some editions Monday

the dramatic slowdown in offseason could alter the outcome of games and said, drawing chuckles. “It’s going to be misspelled the surname of U.S.

signings, Manfred decided to exercise the fabric of the game itself — now or in a new normal. You learn how to do it and slopestyle skiing silver medalist

patience rather than further alienate the future.” you do it. That’s all.” Nick Goepper.



thing I ever
had to do’
Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo is from Parkland, Fla., and went to the school where a recent mass shooting occurred. GEOFF BURKE/USA TODAY SPORTS

Cubs’ Rizzo went back home and gave heartfelt speech to Douglas High students
Jorge L. Ortiz “It was the hardest thing I ever had to Students in Parkland have gone on and security guard who was killed by
USA TODAY Sports do, going back,” Rizzo said. “You don’t social and traditional media demanding Cruz as he tried to shield students. In
know what to say. There’s nothing you action, appealing for civic leaders not to addition, Rizzo confirmed his agent’s
MESA, Ariz. – Anthony Rizzo was di- can say. … Just to see how real it is, it’s let Douglas follow the path of Sandy niece was also shot dead.
agnosed with cancer 10 years ago and sad.” Hook Elementary School in Newtown, “Every single one of my best friends
endured six months of chemotherapy. A 2007 graduate of Douglas, Rizzo Conn. Although 26 people, including 20 in high school, we all have memories of
That wasn’t as difficult as facing the has become baseball’s main connection children, were killed in that 2012 shoot- coach Feis,” Rizzo said. “For him to lay
grieving community in his hometown to a calamity that has gripped the nation ing rampage, no meaningful measures his life down like that and save kids, it
of Parkland, Fla., after Wednesday’s as the latest in the series of mass mur- were taken nationally to prevent such just shows the type of person he is. He
shooting at his old high school left 17 ders. future tragedies. has, I believe, a daughter or son at home.
people dead and 15 injured. Shortly after hearing the news, Rizzo “They just went through the scariest He’s a true hero. You have this monster
The Chicago Cubs first baseman left posted a tweet encouraging the commu- time of their life, that no one should ever coming in shooting up a school and he
camp to lend his support to the victims nity to stay strong and calling for have to go through,” Rizzo said. “For jumps in front of kids and saves their
of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High change. them to be outspoken about it, it shows lives.”
tragedy, then delivered a heartfelt On Monday he emphasized that they’re not just going to sit back and be Rizzo grew up in Parkland, a small
speech at a candlelight vigil Thursday, doesn’t necessarily mean he’s advocat- another statistic. They really want to town in Broward County where his par-
vowing to students that normalcy ing gun-control measures. make a change.” ents were among the first to buy a
would eventually return. “I don’t know what needs to be done. None of Rizzo’s direct relatives per- house.
Upon rejoining the Cubs on Monday, I don’t know enough about it,” Rizzo told ished in the shooting, to which former He not only still lives there but main-
Rizzo expressed his pride in seeing reporters. “I know there’s a lot of shoot- Douglas student Nikolas Cruz has con- tains ties to the school, to which he do-
Douglas students speaking out de- ings. I know they’re done with a specific fessed, but he knew several people af- nated $150,000 for the installation of
manding change and related his experi- make (of weapon). But I don’t know fected. lights at the baseball field.
ence trying to help out amid so much what needs to be done. Some type of Rizzo and his brother played football He saw Feis three weeks ago at the
pain. change needs to happen for the better.” under Aaron Feis, an assistant coach lights’ unveiling.

Harper’s future hot topic, and he’s not talking

Bob Nightengale Fantasy baseball preview “If I’m the organization,” Harper said,
Columnist “I want the best players on my team. My
USA TODAY Our 56-page special edition has the all fans deserve that. The players deserve
tools you need to dominate your draft. that.”
They include nearly 400 players cap- Harper can’t believe there’s still a
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – It’s the sules, team-by-team depth charts, Who’s Who of unemployed players re-
hot topic that will burn all season in projected 2018 statistics, overall rank- maining on the free agent market, in-
baseball’s consciousness, but since we ings and rankings by position and an cluding 14 who are represented by his
live in such an impatient society, no one experts’ mock draft. Available on news- agent, Boras.
wants to wait for the drama to unfold stands or at sportsspecials.usatoday “There’s a guy like (2015 Cy Young
before knowing the ending. .com. winner) Jake Arrieta right now,” Harper
We want to know where Bryce Har- said, “I’d put him on my staff any day of
per will be playing next year. We want to thing but give the Washington Monu- the week. I mean he’s one of the best
know how many zeros will be in his pay- ment to keep him. pitchers in the game, one of the best
check. We want to know whether he’ll Bryce Harper is in the final year of his The Nationals had exploratory talks playoff pitchers in the game. I’m not
be wearing Dodger or Cubbie Blue or contract.BRAD MILLS/USA TODAY SPORTS with Boras a year ago that stalled when sure what people are thinking, but if I’m
Yankee pinstripes or stay in his Wash- ownership believed he wanted at least a a fan base or a team and you’re trying to
ington Nationals uniform. 13-year deal exceeding $500 million. lose ballgames to get the No. 1 pick, I’ll
Bryce Harper ended the fun Monday He talked about everything related to They talked again early this winter, Nats take freaking Jayson Werth over a first-
before it could get ever started. baseball except his own future. general manager Mike Rizzo said, but it round pick any day of the week.”
He announced that he is not talking Harper, who could become baseball’s was nothing more than preliminary ne- Something will be dreadfully wrong
about free agency. first $400 million man, or even gotiations. next winter if a 25-year-old, five-time
Not now. $500 million, says he’ll try to stay on “I look forward,” Rizzo said, “to many, All-Star doesn’t have every team in
Not for the rest of the season. script the entire season. He’s not going many more years with him. He’s dear to baseball interested in his services, with
Not until he signs his next contract. to talk about his dad’s love for the New my heart.” at least a handful willing to write a
“I will not be discussing anything rel- York Yankees, wondering if they would Rizzo says the Nats will continue at- check for at least $300 million and per-
ative to 2019 at all,” Harper told a room dare trade Stanton in a year to make tempts to sign Harper all year, insisting haps a couple that will top $400 million.
packed full of reporters at the Nationals room for him, and possibly third base- there’s no deadline, and plan to talk “He deserves every penny he gets,”
spring training complex. “If you guys man Manny Machado, too. even after the start of the regular sea- said Nats starter Gio Gonzalez, who’s
have any questions about 2019 or any- Las Vegas homeboy Kris Bryant son. also eligible for free agency. “He’s a su-
thing past 2018, you can call (agent) might be one of his best friends, but he “I never understood the logic in hav- perstar. Correction, make that a rock
Scott (Boras) and he’ll answer you guys. won’t talk about sharing deep-dish piz- ing a deadline like that,” Rizzo said. star.
“If you guys do ask anything, I’ll be za with him as teammates in Chicago. “We’ll keep talking. Hey, we did the “Him and Trout are phenomenal for
walking right out the door.” He lives a few hours along the highway same with (Stephen) Strasburg and baseball. Those guys are why kids now
So no one asked. from Los Angeles but won’t start remi- signed him in May.” want to play baseball, and why baseball
Harper began his news conference niscing about the days of Vin Scully and Indeed, Strasburg signed a seven- needs these guys, and why baseball
reading prepared remarks off his cell- Tommy Lasorda. And the Phillies might year, $175 million contract in May 2016, needs to take care of these guys. I guar-
phone, sat there for 17 minutes, telling be sitting on a mountain of cash, but it five months before he was eligible for antee that whatever teams gets him will
SN ws" Ы

everyone that he’s fully healthy, the doesn’t mean he’ll be calling Mike Trout free agency. be really happy for a long, long time.”
/W e П

team is talented as ever, new manager to get Philadelphia Eagles season The Marlins might have a better The bidding will start in eight

Davey Martinez will be a perfect fit, he tickets. chance of winning the World Series months. Baseball’s annual winter meet-
O t's У

.C ha ГР

was shocked to see the Miami Marlins Public silence. than Harper re-signing with the Nats ings, which happen to be in Harper’s
trade Giancarlo Stanton, Marcell Ozuna The Nationals, who have exclusive before he tests the free agent market, hometown of Las Vegas, are in 10

and Christian Yelich, and he can’t be- negotiating rights for the next eight but then again, with this strange mar- months. In the meantime, we can start
lieve the players still available in this bi- months with Harper, say they’ll keep ket, who can possibly project what own- the speculation now, with or without

zarre free agent market. their talks private too but will do every- ers might do next winter? Harper’s help.



‘Give the people what they want’

Players plead with NBA, Cleveland teammate.
In fact, after connecting on one of the
union to air All-Star draft game’s decisive buckets with Irving,
James reminisced about their time to-
Michael Singer gether.
USA TODAY “It was phenomenal, it was phenom-
enal,” he said. “Anytime you’re able to
LOS ANGELES – Toronto Raptors All- get back and play with one of your old
Star shooting guard DeMar DeRozan teammates, and as great as he is, we all
made the most vocal plea for televising know that. The flashiness, the ballhan-
the player draft immediately after Sun- dling, the ability to shoot, it was just
day’s All-Star Game. great to get back on the floor with him. It
“Give the people what they want,” he was a great moment, for sure.”
said. “I think everybody wants to see it. James was also enthusiastic about
At the end of the day, every single per- the weekend’s host, Los Angeles, which
son that gets picked, you are an All-Star, many wonder whether it will be his new
so it doesn’t matter where you really go, home when the Cavs star becomes a free
so I think televise it.” agent this summer.
NBA Commissioner Adam Silver ap- “I think L.A. is a perfect place to host
peared to be listening to players, fans All-Star Weekend,” James said after be-
and media when he acknowledged after ing named MVP with his 29-point, 10-
the game the likelihood of revealing the rebound, eight-assist outing. “You’ve
All-Star draft order next year on TV. LeBron James celebrates after winning MVP and leading Team LeBron over Team got so many people from all over the
“When we sat with the union and Stephen in the All-Star Game at Staples Center. RICHARD MACKSON/USA TODAY SPORTS world coming to watch our game and
came up with this format, we all agreed, just be a part of All-Star Weekend. And
let’s not turn something that’s 100% we know the traffic. We understand
positive into a potential negative to any Silver didn’t have exact details on a few more answers from James on that. But traffic is traffic and — but L.A.
player,” he told ESPN. “But then ... may- what would be the latest iteration of the what had previously been an unknown can accommodate that.
be we’re overly conservative because NBA’s revamped All-Star format, but he draft order. “It’s built for stars. It’s built for enter-
then we came out of there, and the play- was confident it would be sorted out. “I took Kevin (Durant) first, then I tainment. It’s built for cameras and
ers were, ‘We can take it. We’re All- In the wake of Sunday’s competitive took Anthony Davis, and I followed that bright lights, and it’s a great place for it. I
Stars. Let’s have a draft.’ So it sounds All-Star Game, which saw Team LeBron with Kyrie (Irving) and DeMarcus hope everybody had a great weekend. I
like we’re going to have a televised draft storm back on Team Stephen 148-145 (Cousins),” James said, ending specula- know I did. I know my family did. So it
next year.” thanks to crunchtime defense, fans got tion of where he selected his former was a great weekend.”


Bubble Tracker: Pac-12 could send just 2 teams?

Scott Gleeson and Shelby Mast send a mind-boggling two teams to the Atlantic 10 fornia, UCLA, Utah
USA TODAY NCAAs — Arizona and Arizona State —
if the three bubble teams don’t put Locks: Rhode Island Southeastern
Rivals UCLA and Southern California things together in the homestretch of Bubble: St. Bonaventure
sit tied in second place in the Pac-12 the regular season. Locks: Auburn, Tennessee, Texas
standings behind league leader Arizona. UCLA and USC have won two games Big East A&M, Alabama, Kentucky, Missouri, Ar-
Yet as of right now, both have NIT- in a row, so their omission has much kansas, Florida
caliber profiles and are on the outside more to do with other movement on the Locks: Villanova, Xavier Bubble: LSU, Georgia
looking in for USA TODAY’s latest pro- bubble and the success of fellow border- Probable: Creighton, Seton Hall
jected field of 68 NCAA tournament line teams. UCLA has three road games Bubble: Butler, Providence, Mar- Mid-majors
teams. to close out Pac-12 play, and USC has quette
Of course, conference standings two out of three on the road. They face Locks: Gonzaga, Nevada
don’t matter to the NCAA tournament each other March 3 in the regular-sea- Big Ten Bubble: Saint Mary’s, Middle Ten-
selection committee, and that’s why Ar- son finale, a game that surely will have nesse State, Loyola (Ill.)
izona State has solidified its at-large bid postseason implications. Locks: Michigan State, Purdue, Ohio Removed from consideration: Tem-
while being .500 in the Pac-12 race. It’s State ple, Maryland, Oklahoma State, Oregon,
also why Washington, another team American Athletic Probable: Michigan New Mexico State, Mississippi State,
that trails UCLA and Southern Califor- Bubble: Nebraska, Penn State Boise State
nia in conference records, is the only Locks: Cincinnati, Wichita State, About our bracketologist: Mast has
bubble team to squeak into the Dance at Houston Big 12 been projecting the field since 2005 on
this point. his website, Bracket W.A.G. He joined
The Huskies’ résumé features a win Atlantic Coast Locks: Kansas, Texas Tech, Oklaho- USA TODAY in 2014. In his fifth season as
over current No. 1 seed Kansas and No. 3 ma, West Virginia our national bracketologist, Mast has
seed Arizona. But losses to subpar Locks: Virginia, Duke, North Caroli- Bubble: TCU, Texas, Kansas State, finished as one of the top three bracke-
Pac-12 foes weigh down Washington’s na, Clemson Baylor tologists in the past four March Mad-
profile. This team is currently in the Probable: Miami (Fla.), Florida State, nesses. He’s also predicted for The Indi-
play-in game as a No. 11 seed — show- Virginia Tech Pac-12 anapolis Star and Collegeinsider.com
casing how unsafe it is three weeks from Bubble: Louisville, North Carolina and is an inaugural member of the
Selection Sunday. State, Syracuse Locks: Arizona, Arizona State Super 10 Selection Committee. Follow
So, realistically, the Pac-12 could Bubble: Washington, Southern Cali- him on Twitter @BracketWag.


Much has changed in race, athletics but much still to do

Greg Moore said Mecham came and met with them crowd, “ ‘Are you planning to raise your
The Arizona Republic early in the fight. family here? … Do you want to raise your
“The first thing he said was, ‘Black kids in a state that’s being called the
people don’t need a holiday, what you ‘new Mississippi’?”
PHOENIX – A lot can change in 25 people need is jobs,’ ” Stewart recalled. The debate was nasty and was taking
years. “That conversation didn’t last long.” a heavy economic toll.
A lot can stay the same. Steve Wilks Kevin Herm Mecham always framed it as an issue Phoenix lost the opportunity to host
Bookending that span, Arizona went Sumlin Edwards of state’s rights. the 1993 Super Bowl. The Fiesta Bowl
from the only state that didn’t recognize By 1992, Stewart was tired. He want- had trouble attracting teams. Conven-
Martin Luther King Day to the only state ed people to understand MLK Day as an tions and concerts were pulling out.
where three black coaches were hired in the SEC. Or the Big Eight. Or the Big American holiday. It was for equality Jerry Colangelo remembers all of it.
the same offseason to lead major foot- East. Or the Big West. Or the Southwest. and opportunity, against oppression His Suns were winning 50 games a
ball programs. The ACC had Jim Caldwell, though. and exclusion. For togetherness and year back then (1988-95). Every year.
Black History Month is a time for re- This offseason, ASU hired Herm Ed- morality, against church bombings and For seven years in a row. Five of those
flection. It’s appropriate to note these wards. Arizona brought in Kevin Sum- lynch mobs. seven years, they won 55 or more. It was
moments and ask: How did we get from lin. And the Arizona Cardinals — they Stewart had been pushing for years galvanizing.
there to here? changed their name in ’94 — tapped and had seen every inch of progress During that run, Colangelo acquired
In 1993, the first year Arizona observ- Steve Wilks. slide back. one of the greatest players in the sport’s
ed MLK Day statewide, the head football All three are black. It’s remarkable. He was ready to quit. history, trading for Barkley in June 1992.
coach in Tempe was Bruce Snyder. Dick “You’re talking to a guy, who when I Then his phone rang. It was Frank It’s not fair to say the trade brought
Tomey led the program in Tucson. Joe got traded there, we didn’t have MLK Camacho, the longtime TV anchor. MLK Day to the state.
Bugel ran the then-Phoenix Cardinals. Day,” Charles Barkley said. “It was a big Camacho didn’t understand, either. It is fair to say that the same civic
All three were white. It wasn’t re- deal.” He grew up in south Phoenix and emotion that brought 300,000 people
markable. Almost every head football Barkley has always scratched his didn’t think there should have been any out to celebrate the season after the
coach was white then. head over it. He still lives in the Valley question about whether there should Suns lost in the 1993 NBA Finals — “a
Art Shell was an exception. He was in and says he’s never been treated poorly have been a King holiday. love-in,” as Colangelo called it — was
charge of the Los Angeles Raiders and because of his race in Arizona. “What are you gonna do?” Camacho present four days before the franchise’s
had taken the job in 1989, becoming the He wasn’t the only one who didn’t get asked Stewart. greatest season began.
NFL’s first black head coach since Fritz it. He said he knew that by calling Stew- On Nov. 3, 1992, Arizona became the
Pollard ran the Hammond Pros in 1925. About 15,000 people had marched to art he was at the edge of what his em- only state with a voter-approved MLK
SN ws" Ы

That’s 64 years, if you’re counting. the state capitol in 1988. They put up a ployer allowed. But he said that because Day. The people wanted it, back then.
/W e П

By 1993, the percentage of black fight that rattled the nation, but not

he wasn’t covering the story, he took a Now, there are seven black head
O t's У

coaches in the NFL had skyrocketed. Gov. Evan Mecham. risk that could have cost him his job. coaches in the 32-team NFL and about a
.C ha ГР

There were two. Shell in the AFC. Dennis Mecham died 10 years ago. Feb. 21, Camacho told the story recently at dozen black coaches at college football’s
Green in the NFC. 1988. He was 83. the Arizona Capitol, one floor above an top tier.

It was worse in college. Rev. Warren Stewart helped lead the exhibit showing the history of MLK Day A lot can change in 25 years in Arizo-

There were no black coaches in what movement from the basement of his in the state. na. A lot can stay the same around the

was then the Pac-10. Or the Big Ten. Or church to get the holiday recognized. He “I asked him,” Camacho told a small nation.


A. Dillon celebrates win with butt tattoo

Winner of 500 gets ‘Daytona brought us to victory lane. I’ll never forget that.”
Dillon, who became the 18th driver to win both the
champ’ in permanent ink Daytona 500 and Coca-Cola 600 — NASCAR’s most
famous race and its longest one — had 500 text mes-
Bob Velin sages Sunday night on his phone. “I haven’t looked
USA TODAY through them all, but I’m going to savor every moment
of that,” Dillon said. “I can truly say I got all my friends
DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Hours after he won the here, and a part of this race team and the ones that
60th Daytona 500 on Sunday in spectacular fashion — aren’t here all contacted me on my phone.”
when he led only on the final lap — Austin Dillon made Richard Childress, the owner of Richard Childress
sure his unlikely victory was going to stick with him for Racing and grandfather of the Dillon boys, was blown
a long time. away by his grandson’s victory. It was 20 years ago that
So Dillon went out with his buddies and crew mem- Austin Dillon returned the iconic No. 3 to Daytona’s Childress and his driver Dale Earnhardt Sr. celebrated
bers and got a tattoo. On his butt. victory lane. MARK J. REBILAS/USA TODAY SPORTS Earnhardt’s only Daytona 500 victory. Three years lat-
Not that you will be able to see it anytime soon. er, Earnhardt was killed on the last lap of the 500.
“Yeah, I got a tattoo last night. It says Daytona 500 Asked to compare the two victories two decades
champ on it,” the 27-year-old Dillon said Monday brother Ty is also a driver in the Monster Energy NAS- apart, Childress said, “They’re both so different. I
morning during a news conference at the Daytona 500 CAR Cup Series, won the Super Bowl of stock car rac- know how much it meant to Dale to win the Daytona
Championship Breakfast. “It’s pretty cool. And you’ll ing. The moment he crossed the finish line just ahead 500. He came so close so many times, and it just
never be able to see it either. Whitney (his wife, a for- of rookie Darrell “Bubba” Wallace Jr., Dillon went from wouldn’t have been right if he didn’t have it on his résu-
mer NFL cheerleader) is probably the only one who’s little known driver who previously had one win in the mé. That was one of the most special wins I’ve ever
going to see it for a while. Cup series — last year’s Coca-Cola 600 — to the toast been involved in.
“Actually a lot of guys got tattoos last night. Every- of the racing world. Suddenly, Dillon’s name is on ev- “Then last night to see my grandson 20 years later,
one was lined up. It was pretty cool.” ery racing fan’s lips. and win the Daytona 500, it’s hard to beat blood.”
One who didn’t was crew chief Justin Alexander, “It truly won’t sink in for a long time, but seeing that Dillon will be in New York on Tuesday for the cham-
who promised to ink up his face a bit if the team wins a race car down there, I want to go hug it,” Dillon said of pion’s media tour, then it’s on to Atlanta Motor Speed-
championship. his No. 3 Chevrolet Camaro, which will be put on dis- way for Sunday’s Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500.
A day after what was by far the biggest triumph of play for a year in Daytona International Speedway’s “We’re still trying to win races,” Dillon said. “This is
his career, it still hasn’t sunk in that Dillon, whose ticket and tours building. “It’s a pretty race car, and it the beginning, I feel like.”


NBA Detroit
25 9
27 9
155 174
156 199
13. Auburn
14. Arizona
23-4 358
21-6 340
18. South Florida
19. Georgia
Margin of Victory: 0.260 seconds.
Caution Flags: 8 for 37 laps.
Saint Louis
Montreal 58 22 29 7 51 149 185 15. Ohio State 22-7 339 9 20. Duke 20-7 184 17 Lead Changes: 24 among 14 drivers. MISSOURI 10 Mississippi
All Times ET Buffalo 60 17 32 11 45 143 198 16. Michigan 22-7 325 21 21. NC State 21-6 132 25 Lap Leaders: A.Bowman 0; D.Hamlin 1-10; ARKANSAS 5 Kentucky
17. Clemson 20-6 324 12 22. Green Bay 23-3 106 19 J.Marks 11; Ku.Busch 12-14; A.Bowman 15- LSU 4 Vanderbilt
EASTERN CONFERENCE Metropolitan Division 18. Rhode Island 21-4 263 14 23. Belmont 26-3 98 24 22; E.Jones 23-33; R.Stenhouse 34-44; C.El- WYOMING 41⁄2 New Mexico
Atlantic Division GP W L OT Pts GF GA 19. Tennessee 19-7 208 17 24. LSU 18-7 87 — liott 45-48; J.Logano 49-51; Ku.Busch 52- VALPARAISO 4 N. Iowa
W L Pct GB Washington 59 34 18 7 75 185 176 20. Saint Mary’s 25-4 173 15 25. Oklahoma St. 18-8 73 21 62; A.Bowman 63-67; R.Blaney 68-93;
Toronto 41 16 .719 — 21. West Virginia 19-8 168 20 Others receiving votes: Minnesota 60, Day- P.Menard 94; M.Truex 95-98; R.Blaney 99- National Hockey League
Pittsburgh 61 35 22 4 74 195 180
Boston 40 19 .678 2 New Jersey 59 31 20 8 70 180 181 22. Nevada 23-5 143 24 ton 29, Mercer 19, Miami 14, Arizona St. 12, 122; A.Allmendinger 123; R.Blaney 124- Tuesday
Philadelphia 30 25 .545 10 Phildelphia 59 30 19 10 70 178 172 23. Houston 21-5 119 — Iowa 11, Michigan 10, West Virginia 7, 170; D.Hamlin 171-173; R.Blaney 174-193; Favorite Line Underdog Line
New York 23 36 .390 19 Carolina 60 27 23 10 64 162 180 24. Middle Tenn. 22-5 72 — Gonzaga 5, California 3, Cent. Michigan 3, D.Hamlin 194; Ku.Busch 195-196; R.Blaney PHILADELPHIA -165 Montreal +155
Brooklyn 19 40 .322 23 N.Y. Islnders 61 29 26 6 64 203 219 25. Arizona State 19-7 47 22 Oklahoma 3, Quinnipiac 3, Nebraska 3, 197; D.Hamlin 198-205; A.Almirola 206; TORONTO -193 Florida +178
Southeast Division Columbus 59 29 25 5 63 157 169 Others receiving votes: Creighton 34, Ken- Southern Cal 1, Syracuse 1. A.Dillon 207 WASHINGTON OFF Tampa Bay OFF
W L Pct GB N.Y. Rngers 60 27 28 5 59 173 191 tucky 31, Virginia Tech 20, Florida State 18, Leaders Summary (Driver, Times Led, Laps NEW JERSEY -105 Columbus -105
Washington 33 24 .579 — Texas A&M 15, Florida 14, Seton Hall 13, Led): R.Blaney, 5 times for 113 laps; D.Ham- DETROIT OFF Nashville OFF
Miami 30 28 .517 3½ WESTERN CONFERENCE Baylor 12, St. Bonaventure 11, UCLA 11, AUTO RACING lin, 4 times for 18 laps; Ku.Busch, 3 times for WINNIPEG
Los Angeles +154
San Jose OFF
Charlotte 24 33 .421 9 Central Division Butler 9, Kansas State 9, Miami 9, Nebraska 13 laps; A.Bowman, 3 times for 11 laps;
Orlando 18 39 .316 15 7, Loyola of Chicago 6, Arkansas 3, ETSU 2, E.Jones, 1 time for 10 laps; R.Stenhouse, 1 EDMONTON OFF Boston OFF
GP W L OT Pts GF GA time for 10 laps; C.Elliott, 1 time for 3 laps; VANCOUVER -108 Colorado -102
Atlanta 18 41 .305 16
Winnipeg 59 35 15 9 79 196 157
Boise State 1, Louisiana-Lafayette 1, New NASCAR Monster Energy
Mexico State 1, Oklahoma 1, TCU 1. M.Truex, 1 time for 3 laps; J.Logano, 1 time
Central Division Nashville 57 34 14 9 77 177 150 Cup-DAYTONA 500 Results for 2 laps; A.Allmendinger, 1 time for 0
W L Pct GB Dallas 59 34 21 4 72 179 157 AP Top 25 Poll Sunday
Cleveland 34 22 .607 — St. Louis 60 34 22 4 72 171 153 The top 25 teams in The Associated Press’ laps; A.Almirola, 1 time for 0 laps; A.Dillon, DEALS
college basketball poll, with first-place At Daytona International 1 time for 0 laps; J.Marks, 1 time for 0 laps;
Indiana 33 25 .569 2 Minnesota 59 32 20 7 71 177 169 P.Menard, 1 time for 0 laps.
Milwaukee 32 25 .561 2½ Colorado 58 31 23 4 66 179 173 votes in parentheses, records through Feb. Speedway
Wins: A.Dillon, 1. Monday’s Sports Transactions
Detroit 28 29 .491 6½ Chicago 59 25 26 8 58 169 170 18, total points based on 25 points for a Daytona Beach, Fla. Top 16 in Points: 1. R.Blaney, 48; 2. A.Dillon,
Chicago 20 37 .351 14½ first-place vote through one point for a Lap length: 2.50 miles 42; 3. P.Menard, 42; 4. J.Logano, 41; 5. BASEBALL
Pacific Division 25th-place vote and previous ranking: American League
WESTERN CONFERENCE Record Pts Prv (Start position in parentheses) M.McDowell, 39; 6. D.Wallace, 39; 7.
Southwest Division GP W L OT Pts GF GA 1. (14) Austin Dillon, Chevrolet, 207 laps, 0 D.Hamlin, 35; 8. A.Almirola, 33; 9. C.Buesch- BALTIMORE ORIOLES — Agreed to terms
1. Virginia (42) 24-2 1601 1
W L Pct GB Vegas 58 39 15 4 82 202 158 rating, 42 points. er, 32; 10. M.Truex, 30; 11. A.Bowman, 29; with OF Alex Presley on a minor league
2. Mich. St. (19) 26-3 1565 2
Houston 44 13 .772 — San Jose 59 32 19 8 72 175 161 2. (7) Darrell Wallace Jr, Chevrolet, 207, 0, 12. R.Newman, 29; 13. T.Bayne, 28; 14. contract.
3. Villanova (4) 24-3 1509 3
San Antonio 35 24 .593 10 Calgary 60 30 21 9 69 169 175 39. A.Allmendinger, 27; 15. C.Bowyer, 22; 16. LOS ANGELES ANGELS — Agreed to terms
4. Xavier 24-4 1398 4
New Orleans 31 26 .544 13 Anaheim 60 29 20 11 69 167 170 3. (2) Denny Hamlin, Toyota, 207, 0, 35. Ku.Busch, 21. with 1B Chris Carter on a minor league
5. Duke 22-5 1292 12
Memphis 18 38 .321 25½ Los Angeles 58 31 22 5 67 167 145 4. (5) Joey Logano, Ford, 207, 0, 41. NASCAR Rating Formula contract and OF Chris Young on a one-year
6. Texas Tech 22-5 1206 7
Dallas 18 40 .310 26½ Edmonton 58 24 30 4 52 162 191 5. (21) Chris Buescher, Chevrolet, 207, 0, 32. A maximum of 150 points can be attained contract.
6. Gonzaga 25-4 1206 9
Northwest Division Vancouver 59 23 30 6 52 157 189 8. Kansas 21-6 1166 13 6. (16) Paul Menard, Ford, 207, 0, 42. in a race. National League
Arizona 59 17 32 10 44 143 197 9. Purdue 24-5 1130 6 7. (3) Ryan Blaney, Ford, 207, 0, 48. The formula combines the following cate- CINCINNATI REDS — Agreed to terms with
W L Pct GB 8. (13) Ryan Newman, Chevrolet, 207, 0, 29. RHP Ben Rowen on a minor league con-
Minnesota 36 25 .590 — Sunday’s Games 10. N. Carolina 21-7 1074 14 gories: Wins, Finishes, Top-15 Finishes, Av-
11. Cincinnati 23-4 954 5 9. (22) Michael McDowell, Ford, 207, 0, 39. erage Running Position While on Lead Lap, tract.
Oklahoma City 33 26 .559 2 Philadelphia 7, N.Y. Rangers 4
12. Auburn 23-4 873 10 10. (20) AJ Allmendinger, Chevrolet, 207, 0, Average Speed Under Green, Fastest Lap, ST. LOUIS CARDINALS — Agreed to terms
Denver 32 26 .552 2½ Edmonton 4, Colorado 2
13. Wichita St. 21-5 870 19 27. Led Most Laps, Lead-Lap Finish. with RHP Jason Motte on a minor league
Portland 32 26 .552 2½ New Jersey 3, Carolina 2, OT
14. Arizona 21-6 831 17 11. (37) Aric Almirola, Ford, 206, 0, 33. contract.
Utah 30 28 .517 4½ Pittsburgh 5, Columbus 2
15. Clemson 20-6 683 11 12. (29) Justin Marks, Chevrolet, 206, 0, 0. FOOTBALL
Pacific Division Toronto 3, Detroit 2
Winnipeg 7, Florida 2 16. Ohio St. 22-7 680 8 13. (18) Trevor Bayne, Ford, 206, 0, 28. ODDS National Football League
W L Pct GB 17. Michigan 22-7 615 22 14. (39) David Gilliland, Ford, 206, 0, 0.
Golden State 44 14 .759 — San Jose 5, Dallas 2 MINNESOTA VIKINGS — Named Todd
18. Rhode Island 21-4 455 16 15. (10) Clint Bowyer, Ford, 206, 0, 22.
L.A. Clippers 30 26 .536 13 Monday’s Games 16. (19) Jamie McMurray, Chevrolet, 205, 0, Pregame.com Line
Downing senior offensive assistant.
Minnesota 5, N.Y. Islanders 3 19. Tennessee 19-7 427 18 HOCKEY
L.A. Lakers 23 34 .404 20½ 21.
Sacramento 18 39 .316 25½ Washington 3, Buffalo 2 20. Nevada 23-5 330 24
17. (1) Alex Bowman, Chevrolet, 205, 0, 29. COLLEGE BASKETBALL National Hockey League
Boston 2, Calgary 1, OT 21. West Virginia 19-8 329 20 Tuesday
Phoenix 18 41 .305 26½ 18. (24) Martin Truex Jr, Toyota, 205, 0, 30. CAROLINA HURRICANES — Reassigned F
Ottawa at Nashville 22. Saint Mary’s 25-4 291 15 Favorite Line Underdog
Sunday’s Games 23. Houston 21-5 263 — 19. (38) Kyle Larson, Chevrolet, 204, 0, 18. Lucas Wallmark to Charlotte (AHL).
Los Angeles at Chicago 20. (34) Gray Gaulding, Toyota, 204, 0, 17. NC STATE 7 Boston College CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS — Traded D Mi-
2018 All-Star Game Anaheim at Vegas 24. Middle Tenn. 22-5 87 — BAYLOR 21⁄2 West Virginia
Team LeBron 148, Team Stephen 145 25. Florida St. 19-8 63 — 21. (27) Jeffrey Earnhardt, Chevrolet, 204, chal Kempny to Washington for a condi-
Monday’s Games Tuesday’s Games Others receiving votes: Baylor 52, Kentucky
0, 16. OHIO STATE 14 Rutgers tional 2018 third-round draft pick.
Montreal at Philadelphia, 7 p.m. 22. (40) Mark Thompson, Ford, 203, 0, 15. Rhode Island 61⁄2 LA SALLE NEW YORK ISLANDERS — Recalled G Ea-
No games scheduled. Tampa Bay at Washington, 7 p.m. 33, Arizona St 32, Arkansas 23, UCLA 20, St. 23. (33) William Byron, Chevrolet, 203, 0, BUTLER 5 Creighton mon McAdam from Worcester (ECHL) to
Tuesday’s Games Columbus at New Jersey, 7 p.m. Bonaventure 13, Virginia Tech 12, Creight- 14. BALL ST 9 N. Illinois Bridgeport (AHL). Recalled G Christopher
No games scheduled. Florida at Toronto, 7 p.m. on 10, Penn St. 6, Kansas St 5, Missouri 5, 24. (30) D.J. Kennington, Toyota, 201, 0, 13. W MICHIGAN 5 Cent. Michigan Gibson from Bridgeport on an emergency
Wednesday’s Games Nashville at Detroit, 7:30 p.m. Texas A&M 4, TCU 4, Butler 2, Loyola of Chi- 25. (12) Kyle Busch, Toyota, 200, 0, 12. E. MICHIGAN PK Toledo basis.
No games scheduled. San Jose at St. Louis, 8 p.m. cago 2, Alabama 1, Oklahoma 1, Boise St. 26. (11) Kurt Busch, Ford, accident, 198, 0, TEXAS A&M 6 Mississippi St
1, ETSU 1. MICHIGAN ST 17 Illinois
Thursday’s Games Los Angeles at Winnipeg, 8 p.m. 21. GEORGIA SOUTHERN — Agreed to a con-
Brooklyn at Charlotte, 7 p.m. Boston at Edmonton, 9 p.m. 27. (36) Matt DiBenedetto, Ford, accident, BOWLING GREEN 7 Akron tract extension with men’s basketball
Colorado at Vancouver, 10 p.m. 198, 0, 10. Buffalo 61⁄2 MIAMI (OHIO)
New York at Orlando, 7 p.m.
Philadelphia at Chicago, 8 p.m. Wednesday’s Games
COLLEGE WOMEN’S 28. (25) Brendan Gaughan, Chevrolet, ac- OHIO 4 Kent St
coach Mark Byington through the 2021-22
Washington at Cleveland, 8 p.m. Ottawa at Chicago, 8 p.m. BASKETBALL cident, 198, 0, 9.
Oklahoma City at Sacramento, 10 p.m. Dallas at Anaheim, 10 p.m. 29. (9) Ricky Stenhouse Jr, Ford, accident,
L.A. Clippers at Golden State, 10:30 p.m. Calgary at Vegas, 10:30 p.m. 197, 0, 15.
Friday’s Games AP Top 25 Poll 30. (15) David Ragan, Ford, accident, 107,
The top 25 teams in The Associated Press’ 0, 7.
Atlanta at Indiana, 7 p.m.
Boston at Detroit, 7 p.m. COLLEGE MEN’S women’s college basketball poll, with first- 31. (6) Kevin Harvick, Ford, accident, 105, 0,
place votes in parentheses, records 10.
Charlotte at Washington, 7 p.m.
Milwaukee at Toronto, 7:30 p.m.
BASKETBALL through Feb. 18, total points based on 25 32. (31) Brad Keselowski, Ford, accident,
102, 0, 5.
Cleveland at Memphis, 8 p.m. points for a first-place vote through one
point for a 25th-place vote and last week’s 33. (4) Chase Elliott, Chevrolet, accident,
Miami at New Orleans, 8 p.m. USA Today Top 25 Poll
Minnesota at Houston, 8 p.m. The top 25 teams in the USA Today men’s
Record Pts Prv
101, 0, 7.
34. (26) Kasey Kahne, Chevrolet, accident,
Red Sox sign slugger Martinez
L.A. Clippers at Phoenix, 9 p.m. college basketball poll, with first-place 1. UConn (32) 26-0 800 1 101, 0, 3.
Portland at Utah, 9 p.m. votes in parentheses, records through Feb. 2. Mississippi St. 28-0 765 2 35. (28) Danica Patrick, Chevrolet, acci-
San Antonio at Denver, 9 p.m.
Dallas at L.A. Lakers, 10:30 p.m.
18, points based on 25 points for a first-
place vote through one point for a 25th-
3. Baylor 25-1 735 3 dent, 101, 0, 2. The most coveted free agent slugger on the market
4. Louisville 27-2 688 4 36. (8) Erik Jones, Toyota, accident, 59, 0, 1.
place vote and previous ranking:
Record Pts Pvs
5. Notre Dame 25-2 686 5 37. (17) Daniel Suarez, Toyota, accident, 59, has finally found a home. Outfielder J.D. Martinez
6. Texas 22-4 632 6 0, 1.
NHL 1. Mich. St. (20) 26-3 782 1 7. South Carolina 22-5 597 8 38. (35) Jimmie Johnson, Chevrolet, acci- has agreed to terms with the Boston Red Sox on a
2. Virginia (8) 24-2 773 3 8. Oregon 24-4 587 9 dent, 59, 0, 1.
3. Villanova (4) 24-3 745 2 9. Florida St. 22-4 521 12 39. (23) Ty Dillon, Chevrolet, accident, 59, 0, five-year contract worth $110 million, according to a
All Times ET 4. Xavier 24-4 656 4
EASTERN CONFERENCE 5. Duke 22-5 655 10
10. UCLA
11. Missouri
40. (32) Corey Lajoie, Chevrolet, engine, 8,
baseball official with direct knowledge of the deal.
6. Gonzaga 25-4 602 8
Atlantic Division 7. Texas Tech 22-5 588 6
12. Oregon St. 21-6 443 15 0, 1. The official spoke to USA TODAY on the condition of
GP W L OT Pts GF GA 13. Maryland 22-5 367 10 Race Statistics
Tampa Bay 59 39 17 3 81 211 159
8. Kansas
9. Purdue
21-6 566
24-5 526
14. Ohio St. 22-6 359 16 Average Speed of Race Winner: 150.551 anonymity because the trade has not been finalized.
15. Tennessee 21-6 358 11 mph.
13 8 80 188 140
20 5 77 204 172
10. North Carolina 21-7 498 16 16. Stanford 19-9 319 14 Time of Race: 3 hours, 26 minutes, 15 sec- Martinez hit .303 with 45 home runs and 104 RBI last
11. Cincinnati 23-4 497 5 17. Texas A&M 20-8 247 17 onds.
Florida 56 26 24 6 58 166 185 12. Wichita State 21-5 404 18 season. He was traded from the Detroit Tigers to the
Arizona Diamondbacks in late July, and his slugging
prowess helped propel the Diamondbacks to a wild-
SUPER 25 BOYS BASKETBALL RANKINGS card playoff berth. The Red Sox can use the offensive
upgrade after finishing last in the American League
1. Montverde Academy, Montverde, Fla. (32-0). Previous ranking (PR): 1.
2. Sunrise Christian, Bel Aire, Kan. (21-2). PR: 2.
17. Roselle Catholic, Roselle, N.J. (20-4). PR: 18.
18. Oak Ridge, Orlando (25-4). PR: 19.
in home runs in 2017 and with their archrivals in the
3. Oak Hill Academy, Mouth of Wilson, Va. (36-1). PR: 3. 19. Brentwood Academy, Brentwood, Tenn. (22-5). PR: 20. American League East, the New York Yankees, ac-
4. University High, Davie, Fla. (28-1). PR: 4. 20. Wasatch Academy, Mount Pleasant, Utah (21-2). PR: 21.
5. Bishop Montgomery, Torrance, Calif. (26-0). PR: 5. 21. Riley, South Bend, Ind. (21-0). PR: 22. quiring slugger Giancarlo Stanton this winter.
6. Findlay Prep, Henderson, Nev. (29-4). PR: 6.
❚ The top-ranked Wake Forest men’s team won its
22. Upson-Lee, Thomaston, Ga. (27-0). PR: 23.
7. Paul VI, Fairfax, Va. (26-2). PR: 7. 23. Plymouth Whitemarsh, Plymouth Meeting, Pa. (24-0). PR: 24.
8. McEachern, Powder Springs, Ga. (25-2). PR: 8. 24. Cretin-Derham Hall, St. Paul, Minn. (20-1). PR: 25:
9. Simeon, Chicago (25-3). PR: 9. 25. Gonzaga Prep, Spokane, Wash. (23-0). PR: Not ranked. first national championship Monday, defeating No. 7
10. Shadow Mountain, Phoenix (23-1). PR: 10.
11. Memphis East, Memphis (23-3). PR: 11.
UCLA 4-2 to win the ITA National Team Indoor
12. La Lumiere, La Porte, Ind. (20-3). PR: 12.
13. Imhotep Charter, Philadelphia (22-2). PR: 14.
Dropped out: No. 15 Richland, Wash.
The Super 25 rankings are compiled by USA TODAY Sports’ Jim Halley, based on results,
Championship in Seattle.
14. Guyer, Denton, Texas (34-1). PR: 16. tradition, quality of players and strength of schedule. Next rankings: Feb. 27. Results are
through Feb. 18 games. Regional rankings are available at usatodayhss.com.
From Steve Gardner, Bob Nightengale and wire re-
15. DeMatha Catholic, Hyattsville, Md. (25-5). PR: 17.
16. Garfield, Seattle (24-1). PR: 13. ports

Times Eastern. Programs live unless noted. Check
GENESIS OPEN Kevin Chappell (40), $78,000..............69-71-70-71—281 (-3)
Talor Gooch (40), $78,000...................73-70-67-71—281 (-3)
Austin Cook (8), $17,964.....................74-66-73-72—285 (+1)
Brendan Steele (8), $17,964...............72-71-71-71—285 (+1) local listings.
Jason Kokrak (40), $78,000 ................68-72-69-72—281 (-3) Tom Hoge (6), $16,437........................67-73-71-75—286 (+2)
Sunday Rory McIlroy (40), $78,000 ..................71-69-73-68—281 (-3) Retief Goosen (6), $16,437 ................68-71-75-72—286 (+2) COLLEGE MEN’S BASKETBALL: Rutgers at Ohio
Vaughn Taylor (40), $78,000 ..............72-70-68-71—281 (-3) Martin Kaymer (6), $16,437...............73-67-75-71—286 (+2)
At Riviera Country Club Rafa Cabrera Bello (27), $46,996 ......72-67-73-70—282 (-2) HaoTong Li, $16,437 ...........................71-71-69-75—286 (+2) State (Big Ten, 7 p.m.); Rhode Island at La Salle (CBS
Los Angeles John Huh (27), $46,996 ........................70-72-70-70—282 (-2) Adam Schenk (6), $16,437 .................76-67-72-71—286 (+2) Sports Network, 7 p.m.); Illinois at Michigan State
Purse: $7.2 million Luke List (27), $46,996..........................72-71-69-70—282 (-2) Adam Scott (6), $16,437.....................72-72-71-71—286 (+2)
Yardage: 7,322; Par: 71 Peter Uihlein (27), $46,996 ..................70-73-69-70—282 (-2)
Dominic Bozzelli (27), $46,996............67-75-69-71—282 (-2)
Ben Silverman (6), $16,437 ................72-71-70-73—286 (+2)
Ryan Blaum (5), $15,696 .....................71-70-72-74—287 (+3)
(ESPN, 7 p.m.); West Virginia at Baylor (ESPN2,
Final Matt Kuchar (27), $46,996 ..................73-71-69-69—282 (-2) J.B. Holmes (5), $15,696......................71-71-73-72—287 (+3) 7 p.m.); Creighton at Butler (Fox Sports 1, 7 p.m.);
Bubba Watson (500), $1,296,000...68-70-65-69—272 (-12) Anirban Lahiri (27), $46,996 ...............72-69-67-74—282 (-2) Harold Varner III (5), $15,696 ............73-70-72-72—287 (+3)
Tony Finau (245), $633,600 ..............66-71-68-69—274 (-10)
Kevin Na (245), $633,600..................68-70-67-69—274 (-10)
Jamie Lovemark (27), $46,996 ...........68-70-73-71—282 (-2) Kelly Kraft (4), $15,408........................71-72-72-73—288 (+4) Mississippi State at Texas A&M (SEC Network,
Graeme McDowell (27), $46,996.......69-66-70-77—282 (-2) Ryan Armour (4), $15,120...................71-71-74-73—289 (+5)
Patrick Cantlay (123), $316,800 ........66-69-69-71—275 (-9) Patrick Rodgers (27), $46,996 ............70-71-72-69—282 (-2) Padraig Harrington (4), $15,120.......71-73-71-74—289 (+5) 7 p.m.); Indiana at Nebraska (Big Ten Network,
Scott Stallings (123), $316,800 ..........71-68-68-68—275 (-9)
SN ws" Ы

Sam Saunders (27), $46,996...............67-69-72-74—282 (-2) Sean O’Hair (4), $15,120 ....................71-72-73-73—289 (+5)
Adam Hadwin (92), $241,200 ............70-74-66-66—276 (-8) Luke Donald (18), $33,120..................71-72-72-68—283 (-1) Martin Piller (4), $14,832 ....................72-72-75-71—290 (+6) 9 p.m.); Northern Iowa at Valparaiso (CBS Sports
/W e П

Phil Mickelson (92), $241,200 .............70-71-67-68—276 (-8) Tommy Fleetwood (18), $33,120 .......70-71-73-69—283 (-1) Abraham Ancer (3), $14,400 .............72-69-75-75—291 (+7)
Cameron Smith (92), $241,200..........72-68-65-71—276 (-8) Branden Grace (18), $33,120.............70-72-69-72—283 (-1) Greg Chalmers (3), $14,400 ..............73-69-74-75—291 (+7)
Network, 9 p.m.); Kentucky at Arkansas (ESPN,

Martin Laird (70), $180,000 ................68-73-68-68—277 (-7) Charles Howell III (18), $33,120..........74-70-69-70—283 (-1) Thomas Pieters (3), $14,400 ..............71-71-71-78—291 (+7) 9 p.m.); Mississippi at Missouri (ESPN2, 9 p.m.); Saint

Ryan Moore (70), $180,000.................68-68-71-70—277 (-7)

O t's У

Jonas Blixt (12), $24,516 .......................71-71-68-74—284 (E) Charl Schwartzel (3), $14,400............71-73-73-74—291 (+7)

Xander Schauffele (70), $180,000.....71-70-68-68—277 (-7) Bryson DeChambeau (12), $24,516 ...71-69-72-72—284 (E) Tyrone Van Aswegen (3), $14,400 ....70-72-75-74—291 (+7) Louis at Dayton (ESPNU, 9 p.m.); Vanderbilt at LSU
.C ha ГР

Jordan Spieth (70), $180,000..............71-70-69-67—277 (-7) Brandon Harkins (12), $24,516 ............71-70-74-69—284 (E) Chez Reavie (3), $13,896 ....................68-76-77-71—292 (+8)
Justin Thomas (70), $180,000 .............69-71-67-70—277 (-7)
Aaron Baddeley (56), $133,200.........72-68-67-71—278 (-6)
Charley Hoffman (12), $24,516...........75-69-69-71—284 (E) Vijay Singh (3), $13,896 ......................72-70-73-77—292 (+8) (SEC Network, 9 p.m.)
Troy Merritt (12), $24,516......................68-71-72-73—284 (E) Sangmoon Bae (2), $13,608............73-71-73-77—294 (+10)

James Hahn (56), $133,200................70-69-70-69—278 (-6) Pat Perez (12), $24,516..........................72-70-69-73—284 (E) David Lingmerth (2), $13,608 ..........73-71-76-74—294 (+10) SOCCER: Champions League, Round of 16, first leg,
Derek Fathauer (50), $111,600 ..........68-70-68-74—280 (-4) Kevin Streelman (12), $24,516 .............72-70-69-73—284 (E)
Dustin Johnson (50), $111,600...........74-69-64-73—280 (-4) Nick Taylor (12), $24,516.......................71-71-74-68—284 (E) Chelsea vs. Barcelona (Fox Sports 1, 2:30 p.m.); Bay-

Sung Kang (50), $111,600 ..................70-72-69-69—280 (-4) Chad Campbell (8), $17,964 .............73-71-73-68—285 (+1)
Alex Noren (50), $111,600 .................71-69-71-69—280 (-4) ern Munich vs. Besiktas JK (Fox Sports 2, 2:30 p.m.)

Paul Casey (8), $17,964.......................73-71-71-70—285 (+1)

Bud Cauley (40), $78,000 ....................70-72-69-70—281 (-3)




Twenty years ago, we saw another No. 3 Chevy win at Daytona. Sunday,
Austin Dillon found the perfect way to celebrate with a first-place finish in
the debut race of the Camaro ZL1. Congratulations to Austin and the entire
Chevy team. You’ve given the perfect introduction to the ZL1 and helped
make Chevy the winningest manufacturer at the DAYTONA 500.®

NASCAR® is a registered trademark of the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, Inc.
SN ws" Ы
/W e П

O t's У

.C ha ГР


USA’s Snow Queen, hockey team and
triple-axel skater will be in spotlight

❚ The greatest women’s skier of all time, Lindsey Vonn, top photo, will
be the one to watch in the women’s downhill 4D
❚ With a 5-0 trouncing of Finland and its respected goaltender, the
U.S. women’s hockey team has a blueprint of what it will need to do
against defending champion Canada in the gold medal game 6D
❚ Mirai Nagasu, left, the first American woman to land a clean triple
axel in Olympic history, will have a tough road against the Russians,
including controversial Alina Zagitova, who backloads her programs
with all of her jumps to gain bonus points 6D

Vonn photo by Eric Bolte/USA TODAY Sports; hockey photo by James Lang/USA TODAY Sports; Na-
gasu photo by Robert Deutsch/USA TODAY Sports

OLYMPIC MEDAL LEADERS Inside ❚ Like all South Korean citizens, Olympic
volunteers air their grievances directly
Country j j j Total
to the president 4D
Norway 11 9 8 28 ❚ U.S. bobsledder Jamie Greubel Poser’s
sister is a South Korea native 2D ❚ U.S. Alpine skier Lindsey Vonn says, “I
Germany 10 6 4 20 stand by my values, and I’m not going
❚ Elana Meyers Taylor is out recruiting
SN ws" Ы

Canada 6 5 6 17 to back down” in spite of social media

the next generation of American bob-
/W e П

Netherlands 6 5 2 13 backlash 4D

sledders 2D

❚ Complete medals table and latest

O t's У

OA Russia 0 3 8 11

❚ Dan Wolken column: IOC shouldn’t

.C ha ГР

results 5D
reinstate Russia 3D

❚ Olympic Games TV listings 5D

❚ Norway makes sports fun, and it’s
❚ For results, galleries and videos, check

paying off at these Games 3D






Greubel Poser draws inspiration from sis

Sibling is native ing like, ‘My sister could be here. She
could be any one of these people that
of South Korea I’m meeting,’ ” Greubel Poser said. “It’s
very emotional. It’s crazy. It’s hard to ex-
plain, just walking around and taking it
Nancy Armour in and thinking that life could be com-
Columnist pletely different, but this is how it
USA TODAY worked out.”
Greubel Poser sent her sister an end-
less amount of photos — mostly of food.
PYEONGCHANG, South Korea – The Greubels have tried to make sure
From the time Pyeongchang was chosen Elizabeth maintains a link to her heri-
to host these Winter Olympics, Jamie tage and sent her to Korean language
Greubel Poser knew she had to be here. classes when she was younger. But it’s a
As much for her sister as for herself. hard language to learn, and Peter Greu-
Greubel Poser’s 17-year-old sister, bel said she got frustrated with it.
Elizabeth, was adopted from South Ko- “The only time she was using it was
rea when she was 5 months old. Until a at school,” he said. “So we opted to let
few days ago, she hadn’t been back. that kind of go to the wayside.”
“I never thought I would have that Korean food, however, was a different
connection in my sports career,” said story.
Greubel Poser, the driver of the USA-2 “She loves Korean food,” Greubel Pos-
bobsled. “I was always motivated be- er said. “We have this amazing (Korean)
cause I was so competitive and I loved restaurant in our hometown, and our
competing in sports. But to have a new family eats there all the time. She loves
meaning behind why I wanted to com- it.”
pete there was just different. Indeed, that was one of the things
“I wanted to go in Sochi because I Elizabeth was looking forward to about
wanted to be the best in the world at my getting to Pyeongchang. While she en-
sport,” she said. “I still do, but this has a joyed the food in Seoul — “I wanted eggs
deeper meaning for me now.” this morning for breakfast, and she
Elizabeth and her father, Peter, spent wanted kimchi and pork,” Peter Greubel
the past couple of days in Seoul, where said — it wasn’t any different from what
they did a street tour that took them to she gets in the USA.
several palaces and then a food tour. The other thing Elizabeth is looking
They took a train to Pyeongchang on forward to — besides seeing her sister
Monday, arriving in time to see Greubel and brother-in-law, of course — is meet-
Poser’s husband, Germany’s Christian ing Olympians.
Poser, compete in the two-man bobsled. When Elizabeth and Greubel Poser
Christian Poser and Nico Walther were FaceTiming last week, Elizabeth
were in first place heading into the final told her sister she wanted to meet Chloe
two runs. Jamie Greubel Poser, who is Two-time Olympian Jamie Greubel Poser says, “This has a deeper meaning for Kim.
34, begins competition Tuesday night. me now.” Her sister, Elizabeth, is from South Korea. JEFF SWINGER/USA TODAY SPORTS “She said, ‘I’m standing right next to
“It’s been exciting,” Elizabeth told her.’ I freaked out. I was in an ice cream
USA TODAY. “It’s been different be- store,” Elizabeth said. “I want to meet in
cause it’s a whole different culture.” Greubel Poser said she and her brothers Cups are in Europe, and Elizabeth was a her person because she’s 17, I’m 17. She’s
Greubel Poser grew up in Newtown, accompanied their parents to John F. little too young to join her father and Korean, I’m Korean.
Pa., with two younger brothers, so she Kennedy airport, where they eagerly brother in Sochi four years ago, when “And because she’s an Olympic gold
was thrilled when her parents said they waited at the gate for her sister. Greubel Poser won a bronze medal. medalist.”
were adopting Elizabeth. She got her “We were super excited waiting,” (Their mother, a physician, couldn’t Depending on how things go the next
first passport because of her sister, a re- Greubel Poser said. “A couple got off the take off of work, and their other brother few days, her sister and brother-in-law
quirement as part of the family’s back- plane and had our sister. It was just an was in school.) might soon be, too. What a sweet ending
ground check. incredible moment and something I’ll But when Greubel Poser came to Pye- that would be, Greubel Poser winning
Unlike adoptions from some other never forget for the rest of my life.” ongchang for last year’s test event, it the ultimate prize in a country that has
countries, parents don’t come to South Elizabeth has never been to one of was as if her little sister was with her. already given her so much.
Korea to pick up their babies. Instead, her sister’s races. Most bobsled World “Just kind of walking around and be- Contributing: Rachel Axon

Athletic, strong and fast? You should try bobsled

Current team focused on ping a 365-pound sled and all the other
equipment around the world in a crate).
recruiting future squad Thus, women’s bobsledders aren’t
really groomed as much as they’re con-
Dan Wolken verted, which is where Meyers Taylor is
USA TODAY constantly on the lookout for prospects,
reaching out to more than 100 a year by
PYEONGCHANG, South Korea – A her estimation. Half of the women’s na-
few weeks after her Olympics are over, tional team last year, she said, were her
U.S. bobsled pilot Elana Meyers Taylor recruits, including former Baylor track
plans to spend a lot of time on social and field star Kehri Jones, who was her
media. But rather than starting Twitter brakeman last February when she won
fights or posting Instagram selfies, her gold in the world championships.
cause will be a more noble one: Recruit- How did she find Jones? By calling
ing her eventual replacement. Baylor’s strength coach, Chris Ruf, and
She does it by any means necessary, asking who might have the right attri-
whether it’s scouting college softball butes to make it in bobsled.
games on television, canvassing “It’s a sport that lends well to conver-
strength and conditioning coaches at sion,” said Meyers Taylor, who convert-
top college athletics programs or simply ed herself after her softball career end-
lobbying them on Facebook to give bob- ed. “And it lends well to athletes who
sled a try. have that multisport background be-
“I get a ton of ‘nos,’ ” Meyers Taylor cause you’re athletic, you’re able to pick
said. “But that’s never stopped me be- up new skills quickly and that’s really
fore.” what it takes to be a bobsledder.
The pitch is a simple one to young “As a brakeman you can come in in a
women who have exhibited athletic at- short amount of time and win medals. U.S. pilot Elana Meyers Taylor hopes to corner the market for future American
tributes in other sports such as strength But even if you never make an Olympic bobsledders by recruiting after the Games. MARK RALSTON/AFP/GETTY IMAGES
and sprinting speed that would come in team, even if you don’t win a medal or a
handy on a bobsled. If you ever thought world championship medal, you have
about competing in the Olympics, Mey- the chance to travel around the world converting volleyball players in the past primary goals over the last decade.
ers Taylor tells them, here’s an opportu- and represent your country. This is the because of that jumping, that power. Aja Evans, a former sprinter and shot
nity in a sport you don’t have to spend most amazing thing I could ever think of You have to go and spike a ball down putter at Illinois, said bobsled can be a
your entire life trying to master. doing, and, who knows, you might make someone’s throat. That’s a hidden gem turning point important in the partici-
And while Meyers Taylor’s efforts an Olympic team as well.” of a conversion to bobsled.” pation of black women at the Winter
have already paid off — her brakeman at That pitch also worked on Gibbs, a Jamie Greubel Poser, who will pilot Games, noting the celebrated Nigerian
these Olympics, Lauren Gibbs, transi- former all-Ivy League volleyball player the other U.S. sled, said bobsled is the bobsled team that will compete this
tioned from power lifting just four years at Brown who was connected with Mey- perfect sport for women to be converted year.
ago — she’s hoping success at these ers Taylor through Olympic rugby player into because there are so few sports that “I had a pretty unique combination
Games combined with her recruiting Jillion Potter. Gibbs, who has an MBA allow them an opportunity to compete (with sprinting and shot put), but the
pitch in the coming months will replen- from Pepperdine and was working in a after college. consistent thing between those two was
ish the ranks for 2022 and beyond. corporate job with an online retailer, “For a lot of us, we didn’t know bob- the power from my legs and being able
“We really try to take advantage of eventually quit her job to give bobsled a sled was an opportunity for us to pur- to get up in the air when I threw the shot
this opportunity,” she said. “Every four shot, transformed her body from 205 sue,” said Greubel Poser, who competed or get out of the blocks,” she said.
years it’s about rebuilding and making pounds down to 170 and rose through in the heptathlon and pentathlon at “That’s basically what I do on the block
sure we have a fresh crop of athletes.” the ranks to land the coveted slot as Cornell. “It wasn’t on my radar that I in our sport now is you literally go from 0
As successful as the U.S. team has Meyers Taylor’s brakeman. could be an Olympian because the to 100 and we’re moving 365-pound
SN ws" Ы

been since women’s bobsled was added “She’s so powerful off the blocks,” sports I watched were sports like figure sled, so you have to have that power for
/W e П

to the Olympic program in 2002 — it has


Meyers Taylor said. “Off the first 5 me- skating or gymnastics, things you had to sure, and speed is a big portion of it.
O t's У

had at least one medalist in every com- ters of the sled, that’s really when you do your entire life to even have a shot.” Track and field athletes usually transi-
.C ha ГР

petition — it’s not easy to sustain. get the sled going. She’s better than any- Recruiting from more traditional tion pretty well because we’ve learned
Americans generally don’t grow up bob- one in the world at that portion, so it women’s sports has also opened up op- technique and how to run our whole

sledding, there isn’t a lot of money to be really complements my style. Her po- portunities for the U.S. Olympic team to lives. A lot of college athletes have po-

made in it and yet it’s expensive to get werlifting background but also her vol- become more diverse, which has been tential in the sport of bobsled and don’t

on the World Cup circuit (imagine ship- leyball skills. We’ve been successful one of the U.S. Olympic Committee’s even know it.”



IOC, don’t even think about reinstating Russia

Dan Wolken athlete here is clean. It doesn’t matter if
Columnist there are athletes from other countries
USA TODAY who are not. And it certainly doesn’t
matter whether someone spiked Krush-
elnitckii’s drink at a training camp in Ja-
PYEONGCHANG, South Korea – pan, which is the excuse now reportedly
There is a breathlessly hilarious, per- bubbling out of the Russian delegation.
fectly nonsensical symmetry to Russia’s Maybe Krushelnitckii, a curler with a
first hiccup after one of the biggest dop- hulking physique who made a striking
ing scandals in Olympic history occur- pair with wife Anastasia Bryzgalova
ring in a sport in which lifting weights during their bronze medal run in mixed
and being physically fit only recently doubles, is the victim of a sabotage
became in vogue. campaign. Maybe he’s just using the
For Russia, having a curler disquali- same excuse hundreds of cheaters have
fied from a medal would be akin to SMU attempted to use when they’ve been
football coming back from the death caught. Can anyone know for sure?
penalty in the 1980s, only to get put on But for the purposes of reinstating
probation for cheating in field hockey. Russia at the closing ceremony — an
While Aleksandr Krushelnitckii’s posi- event that would be tantamount to a
tive test for the banned substance mel- big, ceremonial wet kiss from the IOC —
donium is brazen and outrageous given any positive test should be a non-start-
the controversial nature of Russia’s The Court of Arbitration for Sports has opened a positive doping test er.
mere presence at these Games, let’s investigation of Russia’s Aleksandr Krushelnitckii. He won bronze in mixed You want to reinstate Russia? Fine. It
concede it’s worthy of a good chuckle. doubles curling with his wife, Anastasia Bryzgalova. SOOBUM IM/USA TODAY SPORTS will happen eventually anyway. But do it
Here’s what isn’t funny at all: The In- in a low-key manner in the middle of
ternational Olympic Committee possi- August, not in a way that celebrates its
bly reinstating Russia by the end of the this time, given that some Russian ath- there were clean Russians, the IOC said, delegation and makes the rest of the
Games and letting its athletes walk un- letes were allowed to come and compete let them compete, nevermind the whole countries watch the Russian literally
der their flag at the closing ceremony. under the Olympic flag as the Olympic thing about the country that hosted the wave their flag at the send-off for the
It shouldn’t happen. It can’t happen. Athletes from Russia, a clunky designa- last Winter Olympics systematically Pyeongchang Games.
Not if the IOC wants to maintain any tion that fools no one but ensures that a manipulating the tests. Whatever. Russia has already sucked up enough
shred of credibility, not if it wants the country of 145 million people still has The point is, that kind of gift should of the oxygen from these Olympics just
rest of the world to believe it considers reason to watch on television. come with a zero-tolerance policy at- by being here as a semi-rogue sideshow.
doping to be a serious breach of its eth- As usual, the IOC needed some twist- tached. It doesn’t matter whether you At this point, returning them to equal
ical standards for fair competition. ed logic to justify that decision, but at think meldonium helps a curler. It status would be nothing more than the
That notion already was on thin ice least you can sort of understand it. If doesn’t matter if every other Russian IOC attempting to erase reality.

Medals-leading Norway dominates with unique approach

Youth system focuses on
fun, friendships, medals
Dan Wolken

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea –

They’re not here to gloat. The Norwe-
gians, in fact, will go out of their way to
tell you there’s still a long way to go at
these Olympics before they reach their
goals and win the overall medal count.
They’re also not here to tell anyone
(such as the struggling U.S. team;
cough, cough) how to go about their
business or impose their Norwegian so-
cietal values, which they believe are di-
rectly tied into the success of their win-
ter sports development.
“We’re not a gorilla beating its chest,”
said Tore Ovrebo, the Norwegian Olym-
pic Committee’s director of elite sports.
“We know it can change very quickly.
We have to work hard.”
But from a U.S. perspective, let’s be
real about this: Norway is kicking our
red, white and blue rear ends in Pyeong-
chang. And we’re not the only ones.
Norway, which is always among the
best nations at the Winter Games de-
spite having roughly the same popula-
tion as the Detroit metropolitan area, is
on track to win at an unprecedented lev-
el with 26 medals and nine golds, practi-
cally matching their all-time best per-
formance as the host country in 1994.
Barring a major drought the rest of the
way, Norway is likely going to meet its
pre-Olympic goal of 30 and run away
with the medal count.
Apparently being No. 1 in the United
Nations’ Human Development Index
last year wasn’t good enough for Nor- Norwegian athletes, including the women’s 4x5-kilometer cross country relay that won gold, have stood on the podium at
way. Now they want to beat your brains the Pyeongchang Games medals plaza 28 times through Monday’s competition. KEVIN JAIRAJ/USA TODAY SPORTS
on the ski slopes, too.
“Now we have 26, and that’s our his-
torically best medal count,” Ovrebo to have the highest-ranked 10-year-old health care, free college education and really want to succeed in: fun, friend-
said. “We had 26 in Lillehammer in ’94 athletes in the world but rather the most high employment rates. ships and medals.”
which was a home game and we got 26 mature adults. “We have quite a high level of life Ovrebo doesn’t want to come across
in Sochi, but this time we thought we “A huge amount of Norwegian kids quality for a very high percentage of the as though he’s being critical of any other
had to raise the bar because sports are are doing sports, so we have very broad people, and that puts them in a position country or that the Norwegian approach
in a very good condition and we thought recruiting base, and our top sports pro- where they can actually choose sports is best for any other country than Nor-
as a nation we were better than 26 and grams and our kids are very closely con- as a kind of self-realization and devel- way.
we want to deliver more.” nected in our system,” Ovrebo said. opment arena,” Ovrebo said. “They’re He also acknowledges that the coun-
They’re delivering, all right. The “They can compete, but we don’t make not struggling for their lives, so they’re try’s plentiful snow and many months
question is how. like No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 before they’re in quite free and quite educated and have of cold weather have something to do
Ironically, for a country that’s been their 13th year. We think it’s better to be good health state. That means many of with becoming so good at winter sports
winning everything here, Ovrebo be- a child in this way because then they the youth are actually in a position as opposed to summer, where they rare-
lieves much of the success traces back can concentrate on having fun and be where they can choose sports.” ly reach double figures in medals.
to its disregard for the scoreboard with with their friends and develop. We think And if that isn’t utopiaish enough for “We want to be better at summer
younger athletes. the biggest motivation for the kids to do you, get this: Even when the athletes sports because there are lots of kids do-
Unlike the USA, where we keep score sports that they do it with their friends grow up and start competing for big tro- ing summer sports, but they don’t have
of everything all the time, Norway puts and they have fun while they’re doing it, phies, they remain friends. Not made- the same natural advantages and the
kids in sports but doesn’t let them keep and we want to keep that feeling for-TV and Twitter friends, but, like, funding is much lower for their sports,”
score until age 13. The idea is to make throughout their whole career.” real friends. Among the other things Ovrebo said. “But if they’re not funded,
sports part of their social development Fun remains a key tent of the Norwe- Norway encourages is for the sports and they die. We’re really working hard on
so that the motivation to stay involved is gian experience even when they grow coaches to get out of their silos and talk that piece.”
SN ws" Ы

to have fun with their friends, not win- up, which is important since, as Ovrebo to each other and learn from each other. Although government support for the
/W e П


acknowledges, “it’s not a very compet- “We go abroad as a big team that national Olympic committee all goes
O t's У

Eventually, the Norwegians intro- itive society from the start.” In other wants to have fun, and we should be into the same financial pot, the market-
.C ha ГР

duce competition and the most ad- words, Norway doesn’t look at sports as even better friends when we come back ing money and sponsorships are much
vanced sports science techniques they an avenue to fame and fortune, nor is it home than when we leave Norway,” Ov- stronger for skiing and biathlon, so

can develop to pump out their medal- an escape from their troubles. Because rebo said. “We also have a very high am- those tend to attract the best athletes.

hoarding biathletes, skiers and ski most Norwegians, it turns out, don’t bition for results. Hey, even a little powerhouse such as

jumpers. But the idea, Ovrebo said, isn’t have many troubles given the universal “So it’s those three elements that we Norway can’t overachieve in everything.



President listening to will of volunteers

Complaints down presidential watches. Some have only a
few signatures, but others have thou-
leaky pipes and other problems. They
also complained of lousy food.
from Games’ start sands.
The issue of volunteers is an impor-
The Pyeongchang Organizing Com-
mittee said only 141 volunteers left be-
tant one for Moon, whose political ca- cause of the problems and said the bulk
Jim Michaels reer rides at least partly on the success of problems have been resolved.
USA TODAY of the Olympics. “We’ve been doing what we can to
“The Blue House is ... very interested address the needs of the volunteers,
PYEONGCHANG, South Korea – in the operation of the Games so they making sure that they’re taken care of,”
Olympic Games volunteers had a host of have also received some letters” of com- Volunteers enjoy themselves after the Park said.
gripes, ranging from lousy food to over- plaints, said Nancy Park, the Olympic women’s giant slalom was postponed It seems to be working. Complaints
crowded accommodations. organizing committee spokeswoman. because of strong winds last week. from volunteers on social media have
So they did what many of their fellow Blue House is the presidential palace. ALEXANDER HASSENSTEIN/GETTY IMAGES dwindled in recent days.
countrymen do: They went to the presi- About 14,000 volunteers are working Petitions are part of the popular pro-
dent. at the Winter Games. They are impos- test culture here. Massive protests led to
Petitioning the president has become sible to miss, with their red and gray They levied a slew of complaints in the impeachment of Park Geun-hye,
extremely popular. Last year President uniforms and irrepressible cheeriness. the days leading up to the Games. Vol- Moon’s predecessor.
Moon Jae-in opened the floodgates by Leaving a freestyle skiing event this unteers said they were stranded at ven- South Korea’s post World War II his-
promising the presidential website past weekend, dozens of young volun- ues because of a lack of buses. Many tory has been marked by turmoil and
would become a national bulletin board teers lined the path to smile and wave also said they had to stand in subfreez- episodes of military rule, but it has
for citizens who want to be heard. goodbye to spectators even though it ing weather without properly heated emerged as a vibrant democracy.
More than 50,000 petitions have was late and the temperature was drop- cabins to escape the cold during breaks. Politicians have learned to listen to
been filed, ranging from a plea to ban ping. They get free housing, but in the early the voice of the people.
eating dog meat to urging the Blue “They are the face of the games,” Park days many volunteers complained of Contributing: Thomas Maresca in
House to publicly sell commemorative said. “They’re very important to us.” overcrowding and apartments with Seoul

No showdown for Vonn, just spotlight Vonn ignores

Greatest women’s skier gold in the downhill and bronze in the
super-G, she was skiing with a badly
social bullies
all in at these Games bruised shin. Josh Peter
With one last chance to have the USA TODAY
Nancy Armour Olympics she wants, Vonn has poured
USA TODAY every bit of herself into these Games. PYEONGCHANG, South Korea –
The death of her beloved grandfather, Lindsey Vonn, the target of hateful
PYEONGCHANG, South Korea – Don Kildow, on Nov. 1 only hardened comments on social media, said she
Lindsey Vonn has the spotlight all to her resolve. has no plans to change her social
herself. “This time I have a more important media strategy and disengage.
Rather than a showdown with young mission; win for my late Grandpa,” “No, that’s what bullies want you to
American teammate Mikaela Shiffrin, Vonn said in an Instagram post the do,” Vonn said Monday after her train-
the women’s downhill is now all about night before the super-G. “He will be ing run at the downhill course. “They
the Speed Queen and her pursuit of an- watching from the best seat in the want to defeat you. I’m not defeated. I
other gold in her signature event. The house, hopefully looking out for me stand by my values, and I’m not going
spotlight will be squarely on Vonn on and guiding me down the mountain.” to back down.
Wednesday, regardless of where she fin- Lindsey Vonn says she plans to Vonn didn’t win the super-G, tying “I may not be as vocal right now
ishes. compete in the downhill and the for sixth after making a mistake in the with my opinions, but that doesn’t
“I’ve tried not to think about it as be- combined, which will be held on last turn. But she was upbeat after- mean they’ve won. I haven’t changed
ing my last Olympic downhill and just back-to-back days. ward, knowing her best race was still my mind.”
focus on the moment, the right here and MICHAEL MADRID/USA TODAY SPORTS in front of her. Vonn, the American ski racing star,
the right now,” Vonn said Monday. “In general, this season, I feel like came under harsh attack on Twitter af-
It’s that here and now that had made I’ve been much better in downhill than ter her sixth-place finish in the su-
the prospect of Vonn and Shiffrin in the the most tantalizing story lines of the super-G,” Vonn said Saturday. “And per-G Saturday; many of the com-
downhill so intriguing. Games. But the fireworks keep fizzling. this hill, it suits me really well for ments referred to Vonn’s criticism of
Vonn is the greatest female ski racer First was Saturday’s super-G, which downhill.” President Trump.
of all time, and it won’t be long before Shiffrin dropped after racing the giant She’s backed that up. She had the Before the Olympics, Vonn said she
the modifier becomes irrelevant. With slalom and slalom the two previous fastest time in Sunday’s training run. would not visit the White House if in-
81 World Cup victories, she needs six days. (And taking gold in the GS, for Despite backing off a bit Monday, she vited. In December she told CNN, “I
more to surpass Swedish male Ingemar those keeping track.) Now it’s the down- still finished third, 0.35 seconds be- want to represent our country well. I
Stenmark’s record. hill, which Shiffrin is skipping to focus hind Austria’s Stephanie Venier. don’t think that there are a lot of peo-
And Shiffrin might one day pass on the Alpine combined that was moved “I’m not looking to do anything spe- ple currently in our government that
them both. from Friday to Thursday. cial here in the training runs,” Vonn do that.’’
A month shy of her 23rd birthday, There’s still the combined, where said Monday. “I just want to get a feel- On Monday, Vonn sighed while say-
Shiffrin has 41 World Cup wins. But both are expected to be in the medals ing for the line. I’m trying some differ- ing, “I always try to remember that it’s
most of those have been in the tech hunt. But that’s not quite the same as ent skis every day to seeing what’s people talking behind a computer and
events, meaning she and Vonn rarely the downhill, the premier ski race in the running. But, in general, I’m really they’re going to say anything. The
crossed paths on the World Cup circuit. Olympics. What could be better than happy.” most important thing is that I’m hav-
That changed this season, as Shiffrin seeing a torch passed at 90 mph? It is only a matter of days before ing a good time.
began adding speed events to her Then again, it feels right that Vonn Vonn’s Olympic career is over, and she “I’m enjoying being at the Olym-
schedule. gets the spotlight to herself in the race can see the finish line ahead. But as pics. My family’s here. They love me,
She got her first career downhill win that’s defined her. she’s done for the better part of two and of course there’s going to be peo-
this season — at Lake Louise, of all For all that she’s achieved, Vonn’s decades, she will not let up until she’s ple that hate me and hope I ski off a
places, which has been dubbed “Lake luck at the Olympics has been stunning- crossed it, pushing hard until the very cliff and die. But that’s fine. I’m not go-
Lindsey” for all of Vonn’s success there ly bad. She was eighth in the downhill in end. ing to do that.
— and last month shared a podium with Torino, two days after she had to be air- “You can’t get too sentimental right “I just take it for what it is. At some
Vonn in Cortina, Italy. lifted to a hospital following a scary now because I still have to race, I still point you have to laugh and say this is
With Shiffrin hoping to do all five crash in training. She missed Sochi after have to be focused,” she said. “After- just completely ridiculous.”
events in Pyeongchang, the idea of see- reinjuring her knee about six weeks be- wards I’ll do some reflecting.” Vonn is scheduled to race in the
ing her and Vonn, 33, go head-to-head fore the Games. And savor that one last race that be- women’s downhill Wednesday and the
with Olympic gold on the line was one of Even in Vancouver, where she won longed all to her. combined Thursday.

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Times Eastern. Programs Nordic Combined: Men’s
MEDALS TABLE pacz), 3:16.86. Rhoads, Kevin Bickner, Casey Larson), Semifinals
3. Latvia 2 (Oskars Melbardis, Janis Stren- (377.20) 377.20. United States 5, Finland 0 live unless noted. Check individual large hill/10km
ga), 3:16.91. 10. Czech Republic (Roman Koudelka, Monday
Through Monday 4. Germany 3 (Walther Nico, Christian Pos- Cestmir Kozisek, Vojtech Stursa, Viktor Po-
Semifinals local listings. gold medal final; Short
er), 3:17.06. lasek), (370.10) 370.10.
(64 medal events) 5. Germany 1 (Johannes Lochner, Christo- 11. Italy (Sebastian Colloredo, Davide Bre- Canada 5, OA Russia 0 Track: Gold medal final;
Nation G S B Tot pher Weber), 3:17.14. sadola, Federico Cecon, Alex Insam), Seventh Place CNBC Women’s Curling: United
6. South Korea 1 (Won Yunjong, Seo (364.50) 364.50. Korea vs. Sweden, 10 p.m.
Norway 11 9 8 28 Youngwoo), 3:17.40. 12. South Korea (Kim Hyun Ki, Choi Seou, Tuesday 5 p.m. States vs. South Korea
Germany 10 6 4 20 7. Canada 3 (Nick Poloniato, Jesse Lums- Park Je-Un, Choi Heung-Chul), (274.50)
den), 3:17.74. 274.50.
Fifth Place
Canada 6 5 6 17 Switzerland vs. Japan, 2:30 a.m.
Netherlands 6 5 2 13
8. Austria 2 (Benjamin Maier, Markus Sam-
Men’s Curling: United 5 p.m.
mer), 3:17.76. SPEEDSKATING United States 5, Finland 0
OA Russia 0 3 8 11 U.S. Finishers States vs. Switzerland
Men’s 500 United States 2 2 1 — 5
United States 5 3 2 10 14. United States 3 (Justin Olsen, Evan Final Finland 0 0 0 — 0
Hockey Game of the Day
Weinstock), 3:18.54.
Austria 4 2 4 10
21. United States 2 (Nick Cunningham, Ha-
1. Havard Lorentzen, Norway, 34.41. First Period—1, United States, Gigi Marvin 10 p.m. (replay)
France 4 2 4 10 2. Cha Min-Kyu, South Korea, 34.42. (Meghan Duggan, Amanda Pelkey), 2:25.
keem Abdul-Saboor), 2:29.69. 3. Gao Tingyu, China, 34.65. 2, United States, Dani Cameranesi, 18:38.
Japan 2 5 3 10 25. United States 1 (Codie Bascue, Samuel
Mc Guffie), 2:30.09.
4. Mika Poutala, Finland, 34.68. Penalties—Brianna Decker, USA (illegal hit), Ice Hockey: Men’s quar- USA
Sweden 4 3 0 7 5. Daichi Yamanaka, Japan, 34.78. 3:31; Michelle Karvinen, Fin (tripping), 4:59;
South Korea 3 2 2 7 FIGURE SKATING
6. Joji Kato, Japan, 34.831. Tanja Niskanen, Fin (illegal hit), 7:46; terfinal (live) 3 p.m.
7. Ronald Mulder, Netherlands, 34.839. Amanda Pelkey USA (hooking), 13:36.
Switzerland 2 4 1 7 Ice Dancing 8. Nico Ihle, Germany, 34.89.
China 0 5 2 7 Short Program U.S. Finishers
Second Period—3, United States, Jocelyne
Lamoureux-Davidson (Kelly Pannek, Dani
NBC Ice Hockey: Men’s elim-
Italy 2 1 3 6 1. Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue, Canada, 15. Mitchell Whitmore, United States, Cameranesi), 13:21 (pp). 4, United States,
Czech Republic 1 2 3 6 83.67 (Q). 35.13. Hilary Knight (Sidney Morin, Kendall 3 p.m. ination round (live)
2. Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Ci- 23. Jonathan Garcia, United States, 35.31. Coyne), 13:55. Penalties—Sara Sakkinen,
Britain 1 0 3 4 zeron, France, 81.93 (Q). 26. Kimani Griffin, United States, 35.38. Fin (elbowing), 11:23; Rosa Lindstedt, Fin
Slovakia 1 2 0 3 3. Zachary Donohue and Madison Hub- (cross-checking), 12:00; Isa Rahunen, Fin Biathlon: Mixed relay 7 p.m.
Australia 0 2 1 3 bell, United States, 77.75 (Q). (interference), 16:39; Hilary Knight, USA (il-
4. Alex and Maia Shibutani, United States, MEN’S HOCKEY legal hit), 16:59; Sara Sakkinen, Fin (hook- gold medal final; Nordic Olympic Ice; Figure Skat-
Finland 0 0 3 3 77.73 (Q). ing), 19:42.
Belarus 1 1 0 2 5. Anna Cappellini and Luca Lanotte, Italy, Third Period—5, United States, Dani Cam- Combined: Men’s individ- ing: Ladies’ short pro-
Poland 1 0 1 2 76.57 (Q). All Times ET eranesi (Hannah Brandt, Amanda Kessel), ual large hill/10km gold
Spain 0 0 2 2
6. Dmitri Soloviev and Ekaterina Bobrova, Preliminary Round :45 (pp). Penalties—None. gram (live)
OA Russia, 75.47 (Q).
7. Evan Bates and Madison Chock, United Group A Shots on Goal—United States 11-18-9-38. medal final
Ukraine 1 0 0 1 Finland 2-7-5-14.
Slovenia 0 1 0 1 States, 75.45 (Q). W L Pts GF GA
Goalies— United States, Maddie Rooney. 10:35 p.m.
Kazakhstan 0 0 1 1
8. Andrew Poje and Kaitlyn Weaver, Cana- Czech Republic 2 0 8 9 4 Finland, Noora Raty. 8 p.m.
da, 74.33 (Q). Canada 2 0 7 11 4
Latvia 0 0 1 1 9. Piper Gilles and Paul Poirier, Canada, Women’s Curling: Canada
Liechtenstein 0 0 1 1 69.60 (Q). Switzerland 1 2 3 10 9
WOMEN’S CURLING Alpine Skiing: Women’s vs. Great Britain and
10. Nicholas Buckland and Penny Coomes, South Korea 0 3 0 1 14
Britain, 68.36 (Q). downhill gold medal final South Korea vs. Olympic
11. Marco Fabbri and Charlene Guignard,
Group B
MONDAY’S MEDALISTS W L Pts GF GA All Times ET (live); Figure Skating:
Italy, 68.16 (Q).
OA Russia 2 1 6 14 5
Country W L Athletes from Russia
12. Kirill Khaliavin and Sara Hurtado,
Spain, 66.93 (Q).
South Korea 5 1 Ladies’ short program
Slovenia 0 1 4 8 12 Japan 5 2
BOBSLED 13. Jonathan Gureiro and Tiffani Zagorski,
United States 1 1 4 4 8 Sweden 5 2 (live); Bobsled: Women’s WEDNESDAY
Men’s Two-Man OA Russia, 66.47 (Q).
GOLD—Germany (Francesco Friedrich, 14. Natalia Kaliszek and Maksym Spody- Slovakia 1 1 4 6 7 United States 4 3 competition; Snowboard-
Thorsten Margis) riev, Poland, 66.06 (Q). Group C Britain 4 3
GOLD—Canada (Justin Kripps, Alexander 15. Chris Reed and Kana Muramoto, Ja- W L Pts GF GA
ing: Men’s big air compe-
pan, 63.41 (Q). Canada 3 3
BRONZE—Latvia (Oskars Melbardis, Janis Sweden 3 0 9 8 1 China 3 4 tition (live) 12:05 a.m.
Strenga) SKI JUMPING Finland 2 1 6 11 6 Switzerland 2 5
Men Team (K120) Germany 0 2 2 4 7 OA Russia 2 5 NBC Sports Network Freestyle Skiing: Men’s
SKI JUMPING Final Ranking
Team Event Large Hill
Norway 0 2 1 2 11 Denmark 1 6 ski cross gold medal final;
(First and second jumps in Sunday Sunday 5 a.m.
GOLD—Norway (Andreas Stjernen, Robert
Johansson, Johan Andre Forfang, Daniel parentheses) Sweden 3, Finland 1 Sweden 8, Britain 6
Short Track speed skat-
1. Norway (Andreas Stjernen, Robert Jo-
Andre Tande)
hansson, Johan Andre Forfang, Daniel An-
Czech Republic 4, Switzerland 1
Canada 4, South Korea 0
Canada 10, Switzerland 8 Women’s Curling: United ing: gold medal final
SILVER—Germany (Richard Freitag, Karl South Korea 12, China 5
dre Tande), (545.90; 552.60) 1098.50.
Geiger, Andreas Wellinger, Stephan Playoff Round South Korea 7, Sweden 6 States vs. South Korea
Leyhe) 2. Germany (Richard Freitag, Karl Geiger,
Andreas Wellinger, Stephan Leyhe), Monday Switzerland 11, OA Russia 2 NBC Sports Network
BRONZE—Poland (Kamil Stoch, Stefan Hu- Canada 8, Japan 3
la, Maciej Kot, Dawid Kubacki) (543.90; 531.80) 1075.70. Qualifications United States 7, Denmark 6 7 a.m.
3. Poland (Kamil Stoch, Stefan Hula, Maciej United States vs. Slovakia
Monday 2:40 a.m.
Kot, Dawid Kubacki), (540.90; 531.50) Tuesday
SPEEDSKATING 1072.40. Britain 8, Switzerland 7 Ice Hockey: Men’s elim-
Men’s 500 4. Austria (Manuel Fettner, Gregor Schlie-
Qualifications United States 10, China 4 Ice Hockey: Men’s quar-
GOLD—Havard Lorentzen, Norway renzauer, Michael Haybock, Stefan Kraft),
Slovenia vs. Norway, 2:30 a.m. Japan 5, Sweden 4 ination round (live)
SILVER—Cha Min-Kyu, South Korea (493.70; 484.70) 978.40.
Switzerland vs. Germany, 7 a.m. OA Russia 8, Denmark 7 terfinal (live)
BRONZE—Gao Tingyu, China Finland vs. South Korea, 7 a.m. Tuesday
5. Slovenia (Jernej Damjan, Peter Prevc,
Quarterfinals Canada vs. China, 12:05 a.m. 9:30 a.m.
Anze Semenic, Tilen Bartol), (492.40;
475.40) 967.80. Czech Republic vs. United States-Slovakia United States vs. South Korea, 12:05 a.m. USA
winner, 10 p.m. Britain vs. Japan, 12:05 a.m.
MONDAY’S RESULTS 6. Japan (Noriaki Kasai, Daiki Ito, Taki Ta- Nordic Combined: Men’s
keuchi, Ryoyu Kobayashi), (475.50; 465.00) South Korea vs. OA Russia, 7:05 p.m. 2:30 a.m.
Sweden vs. China, 7:05 p.m.
Switzerland vs. Denmark, 7:05 p.m.
individual large hill/10km
7. OA Russia (Denis Kornilov, Alexey Ro-
BOBSLED mashov, Evgeniy Klimov, Mikhail Nazarov), Canada vs. Britain, 7:05 p.m. gold medal final; Biath- Ice Hockey: Women’s
Men’s Two-Man (409.60; 400.20) 809.80. Wednesday
Final Ranking 8. Finland (Janne Ahonen, Jarkko Maeaet- All Times ET Sweden vs. United States, 6:05 a.m. lon: Mixed relay gold bronze medal game (live)
1. Germany 2 (Francesco Friedrich, Thor- tae, Antti Aalto, Andreas Alamommo), Sunday Switzerland vs. Japan, 6:05 a.m.
sten Margis), 3:16.86. (397.50; 392.90) 790.40. Classification (5-8 place) OA Russia vs. Canada, 6:05 a.m. medal final
1. Canada 1 (Justin Kripps, Alexander Ko- 9. United States (Michael Glasder, William Japan 2, Sweden 1, OT South Korea vs. Denmark, 6:05 a.m.
Women’s Tiebreaker, 6:30 p.m.

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In re: chapter 11
periodically expire, or may be terminated, but are usually re-negotiated or extended
VelocIty HoldIng company, Inc., et al.,1 case no. 17-12442 (KJc) with no interruption or change for our U-verse members. Additionally, from time to time
debtors. (Jointly administered) it is necessary to change channel line-ups as well as television package contents. The
notIce of hearInG to conSIder confIrMatIon of the chapter 11 plan
fIled By the deBtorS and related VotInG and oBJectIon deadlIneS programming changes set forth below may occur as follows:
pleaSe take notIce that on February 14, 2018, the United States Bankruptcy court for the district of
delaware (the “court”) entered an order [ecF no. 401] (the “disclosure Statement order”): (a) authorizing February 2018:
Velocity Holding company,Inc.and its affiliated debtors and debtors in possession (collectively,the“debtors”),
to solicit acceptances for the Joint Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization of Velocity Holding Company, Inc. and its As previously noticed, AT&T’s contract with the programmer for the following channels is set to expire. While these
Affiliated Debtors (as modified,amended,or supplemented from time to time,the“plan”);2 (b) approving the channels will continue to be available to U-verse members so long as AT&T has the rights to carry them, if a reasonable
Disclosure Statement for the Joint Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization of Velocity Holding Company, Inc. and its
Affiliated Debtors (the“disclosure Statement”) as containing“adequate information”pursuant to section 1125 agreement cannot be reached with the programmer the programming will no longer be available. AT&T may modify the
of the Bankruptcy code;(c) approving the solicitation materials and documents to be included in the solicita- channel location for the programming by moving them from their current channel location to a channel between 9501 –
tion packages (the“Solicitation packages”);and (d) approving procedures for soliciting,receiving,and tabulat-
ingvotesontheplanandforfilingobjectionstotheplan. 9599, and if a reasonable longer term agreement cannot be reached with the programmers, we may lose the rights to
pleaSe take fUrther notIce that the hearing at which the court will consider confirmation of the carry them (listed in alphabetical order) in or after February 2018: Ovation (channel 385 and 1385 in HD), and Stingray
plan (the“confirmation Hearing”) will commence on March 28,2018,at 11:00 a.m.prevailing easterntime,
before the Honorable Judge Kevin J.carey,in the United States Bankruptcy court for the district of delaware, Karaoke (channel 96 and 1096 in HD), Stingray Music (channel 500, 531 and 1500, 1531 in HD).
pleaSe Be adVISed:tHe conFIRmatIon HeaRIng may Be contInUed FRomtImetotIme BytHe coURt As well as the following local channels:
oR tHe deBtoRS wIthoUt fUrther notIce otHeR tHan By SUcH adJoURnment BeIng annoUnced In
open coURt oR By a notIce oF adJoURnment FIledWItHtHe coURt and SeRVed on all paRtIeS entItled
tonotIce. 1) n Alabama, in the Montgomery-Selma area, WNCF (channel 32 and 1032 in HD);
crItIcal InforMatIon reGardInG VotInG on the plan
Voting record date. the voting record date is february 14, 2018 (the“Voting Record date”), which is 2) In Georgia, in the Columbus area, WLTZ (channel 38, 39 and 1038, 1039 in HD);
thedatefordeterminingwhichholdersofclaimsinclass3areentitledtovoteontheplan. 3) In Ohio, in the Cleveland area, WBNX (channel 7 and 1007 in HD);
Voting deadline. the deadline for voting on the plan is wednesday, March 21, 2018, at 4:00 p.m.
prevailing eastern time (the“Voting deadline”).If you received a Solicitation package,including a Ballot,and 4) In Texas, in the Corpus Christi area, KZTV (channel 10 and 1010 in HD); in the Odessa-Midland area, KWWT
intend to vote on the plan you must:(a) follow the instructions carefully;(b) complete all of the required infor- (channel KWWT);
mation on the ballot;and (c) execute and return your completed Ballot according to and as set forth in detail in
the voting instructions so that it is actually received by the debtors’notice and claims agent,donlin,Recano
& company, Inc.(the“notice and claims agent”), on or before the Voting deadline.A failure to follow such
crItIcal InforMatIon reGardInG oBJectInG to the plan March 2018:
aRtIcle X oF tHe plan contaInS ReleaSe, eXcUlpatIon, and InJUnctIon pRoVISIonS, and SectIon As previously noticed, AT&T’s contract with the programmer for the following channels is set to expire. While these
10.6. contaInS a thIrd-party releaSe.tHUS,yoU aRe adVISed to ReVIeW and conSIdeR tHe plan
caReFUllyBecaUSeyoURRIgHtSmIgHtBeaFFectedtHeReUndeR. channels will continue to be available to U-verse members so long as AT&T has the rights to carry them, if a reasonable
plan objection deadline.the deadline for filing objections to the plan is March 21,2018,at 4:00 p.m., agreement cannot be reached with the programmer the programming will no longer be available. AT&T may modify the
prevailing easterntime (the“plan objection deadline”).all objections to the relief sought at the confirmation channel location for the programming by moving them from their current channel location to a channel between 9501 –
Hearing must: (a) be in writing; (b) conform to the Bankruptcy Rules, the local Rules, and any orders of the
court; (c) state, with particularity, the legal and factual basis for the objection and, if practicable, a proposed 9599, and if a reasonable longer term agreement cannot be reached with the programmers, we may lose the rights to
modification to the plan (or related materials) that would resolve such objection; and (d) be filed with the carry them (listed in alphabetical order) in or after March 2018: Havoc TV HD (channel 1490), MegaTV (channel 3008
court (contemporaneously with a proof of service) and served upon the following parties so as to be actually
received on or before the plan objection deadline: (i) Co-Counsel to the Debtors: cole SchotZ p.c., in HD), SNY HD (channel 1704), U-verse Shopping Multiview application (channel 412 and 1412 in HD), and U-verse
norman l.pernick (no.2290), patrick J.Reilley (no.4451), 500 delaware avenue, Suite 1410,Wilmington, de Paquete Espanol application (channel 3001); World Fishing Network HD (channel 1679).
19801, telephone: (302) 652-3131, Facsimile: (302) 652-3117, email: npernick@coleschotz.com, preilley@
coleschotz.com -and- proSkaUer roSe llp, Jeff J. marwil (admitted pro hac vice), paul V. possinger
(admitted pro hac vice), christopher m. Hayes (de Bar no. 5902), Jeramy d.Webb (admitted pro hac vice), 70 And the following channel:
West madison, Suite 3800, chicago, Illinois 60602, telephone: (312) 962-3550, Facsimile: (312) 962-3551,
email: jmarwil@proskauer.com, ppossinger@proskauer.com, chayes@proskauer.com, jwebb@proskauer. Newsy (channel 175 and 1175 in HD).
com; (ii) U.S. Trustee: office of the United States trustee, linda J. casey, 844 King Street, Suite 2207,
lockbox 35,Wilmington, de 19801, email: linda.casey@usdoj.com; (iii) Counsel to the Official Committee
of Unsecured Creditors Appointed in These Chapter 11 Cases: whiteford, taylor & preston llc, As well as the following local channels:
christopher m.Samis,l.Katherine good,the Renaissance centre,405 north King Street,Suite 500,Wilmington,
delaware 19801, email: csamis@wtplaw.com, kgood@wtplaw.com -and- foley & lardner llp, erika l. 1) In Florida, in the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area, WPLG (channel 10 and 1010 in HD); in the Orlando-Daytona area,
morabito, esq., Brittany J. nelson, esq.,Washington Harbour, 3000 K Street, n.W., Suite 600,Washington, d.c.
20007-5109,email:emorabito@foley.com,bnelson@foley.com -and- foley & lardner llp, michael J.Small, WKMG (channel 6 and 1006 in HD);
esq., lars a. peterson, esq., 321 north clark Street, Suite 2800, chicago, Illinois 60654-5313, email: msmall@ 2) In Georgia, in the Jacksonville, FL-Brunswick area, WCWJ (channel 17 and 1017 in HD), and WJXT (channel 4
foley.com, lapeterson@foley.com; (iv) Counsel to the ABL DIP Lenders: Goldberg kohn ltd., Randall
Klein,prisca Kim,55 east monroe,Suite 3300,chicago,Illinois 60603,email:randall.klein@goldbergkohn.com, and 1004 in HD);
prisca.kim@goldbergkohn.com -and- richards, layton & finger, p.a., John H.Knight,one Rodney Square, 3) In Michigan, in the Detroit area, WDIV (channel 4 and 1004 in HD);
920 north King Street,Wilmington, de 19801, email:knight@rlf.com; and (v) Counsel to the Ad Hoc Group
of First Lien Term Lenders and Term DIP Lenders: Stroock & Stroock & lavan llp, Jayme t. goldstein, 4) In Texas, in the Houston area, KPRC (channel 2 and 1002 in HD); in the Odessa-Midland area, KOSA (channel
daniel p.ginsberg, matthew garofalo, 180 maiden lane, new york, ny 10038, email:jgoldstein@stroock.com, 7, 16 and 1007, 1016 in HD); in the San Antonio area, KSAT (channel 12 and 1012 in HD);
dginsberg@stroock.com,mgarofalo@stroock.com -and- young conaway Stargatt & taylor llp, matthew
B.lunn,1000n.KingStreet,RodneySquare,Wilmington,de19801,email:mlunn@ycst.com. 5) In Wisconsin, in the Madison area WKOW (channel 27 and 1027 in HD);
addItIonal InforMatIon
obtaining Solicitation Materials. the materials in the Solicitation package are intended to be self-
explanatory.If you should have any questions or if you would like to obtain additional solicitation materials (or
paper copies of solicitation materials if you received a cd-Rom),please feel free to contact the debtors’notice April 2018:
andclaimsagent,by:(a)callingthedebtors’restructuringhotlineat800-581-5607(tollfree)or212-771-1128 AT&T’s contract with the programmer for the following channels is set to expire. While these channels will continue
(international); (b) visiting the debtors’ restructuring website at: https://www.donlinrecano.com/clients/
vhc/Index;(c) writing to donlin,Recano & company,Inc.,Re:Velocity Holding Company,Inc.,et al.,attn:Voting to be available to U-verse members so long as AT&T has the rights to carry them, if a reasonable agreement cannot
department, po Box 192016, Blythebourne Station, Brooklyn, ny 11219 (first class mail) or donlin, Recano be reached with the programmer the programming will no longer be available. AT&T may modify the channel location
& company, Inc., Re:Velocity Holding Company, Inc., et al., attn:Voting department, 6201 15th ave, Brooklyn,
ny 11219 (hand delivery or overnight mail); and/or (d) emailing VelocityVote@donlinrecano.com. you for the programming by moving them from their current channel location to a channel between 9501 – 9599, and if a
may also obtain copies of any pleadings filed in the chapter 11 cases for a fee via paceR at:http://www.deb. reasonable longer term agreement cannot be reached with the programmers, we may lose the rights to carry them (listed
uscourts.gov.please be advised that the notice and claims agent is authorized to answer questions about,and
provide additional copies of,the solicitation materials,but may not advise you as to whether you should vote to in alphabetical order) in or after April 2018: NFL Network (channel 630 and 1630 in HD); NFL RedZone (channel 1629 in
acceptorrejecttheplan. HD); QVC (channel 420 and 1420 in HD); QVC2 (channel 421).
the plan Supplement. the debtors will file the plan Supplement (as defined in the plan) on or before
March 14, 2018, and will serve notice on all holders of claims entitled to vote on the plan, which will: (a)
inform parties that the debtors filed the plan Supplement; (b) list the information contained in the plan As well as the following local channel:
BIndInG natUre of the plan:If confIrMed, the plan Shall BInd all holderS of claIMS
1) In Alabama, in the Montgomery-Selma area, WCOV – FOX (channel 20 and 1020 in HD)
and IntereStS to the MaXIMUM eXtent perMItted By applIcaBle law, whether or not
SUch holder wIll receIVe or retaIn any property or IntereSt In property Under the
plan, haS fIled a proof of claIM In the chapter 11 caSeS or faIled to Vote to accept or
reJect the plan or Voted to reJect the plan.
Wilmington,delaware, dated: February 15,2018
cole SchotZ p.c., /s/ Patrick J. Reilley , norman l. pernick (no. 2290), patrick J. Reilley (no. 4451), 500
delaware avenue, Suite 1410, Wilmington, de 19801, telephone: (302) 652-3131, Facsimile: (302) 652-
3117,email:npernick@coleschotz.com,preilley@coleschotz.com -and- proSkaUer roSe llp,Jeff J.marwil
(admitted pro hac vice), paul V. possinger (admitted pro hac vice), christopher m. Hayes (de Bar no. 5902),
Jeramy d. Webb (admitted pro hac vice), 70 West madison, Suite 3800, chicago, Illinois 60602, telephone:
(312) 962-3550, Facsimile: (312) 962-3551, email: jmarwil@proskauer.com, ppossinger@proskauer.com,
chayes@proskauer.com,jwebb@proskauer.com,Counsel to the Debtors and Debtors in Possession
the debtors in these chapter 11 cases, along with the last four digits of each debtor’s federal tax identifi-

cation number, include:Velocity Holding company, Inc.(1790);Velocity pooling Vehicle, llc (4630); ed tucker
distributor,Inc.(9197);Ralco Holdings,Inc.(0707);Rally Holdings,llc (0707);tucker Rocky corporation (5967);
SN ws" Ы

tucker-Rocky georgia,llc (8121);motorsport aftermarket group,Inc.(0080);dFR acquisition corp.(4542);J&p

cycles,llc (2512);Kuryakyn Holdings,llc (2341);mag creative group,llc (4754);magnet Force,llc (2635);
/W e П

motorcycle Superstore, Inc. (1046); motorcycle USa llc (8994); mustang motorcycle products, llc (3660);

O t's У

.C ha ГР

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Controversy follows Russian figure skater

Euro champion said Joe Inman, a highly regarded U.S.
international figure skating judge who
eyes bonus system worked the women’s event at the 2002
Salt Lake City Olympics but is not judg-
ing at these Games.
Christine Brennan “There’s supposed to be a balance so
Columnist everything difficult can’t be in one part
USA TODAY of the program,” Inman said in a recent
interview. “It would be reflected in the
composition mark (one of the five pro-
PYEONGCHANG, South Korea – The gram components). For me she would
women’s figure skating competition get two points less (out of 10) than if she
hasn’t begun at these Olympic Games, had balance in the program.”
yet we already know who is going to Audrey Weisiger, who coached two-
come in first and second, barring epic time U.S. Olympian and three-time na-
collapses on the ice, which could hap- tional champion Michael Weiss, agreed.
pen, but probably won’t. “She should get credit for the jumps
An Olympic Athlete from Russia will and the judges should take off in the
win, and another Olympic Athlete from component scores,” she said.
Russia will come in second in the com- As she watched Zagitova skate in the
petition that begins Wednesday with women’s team competition long pro-
the short program and ends Friday with gram (and beat Nagasu by a mile, more
the long. It will be either 18-year-old than 20 points), 2014 U.S. Olympic team
two-time defending world champion bronze medalist and three-time U.S. na-
Evgenia Medvedeva, or 15-year-old tional champion Ashley Wagner tweet-
Grand Prix Final and European champi- ed a strong critique of the program:
on Alina Zagitova. Or vice versa. Med “I respect the competitive approach.
and Zag. Zag and Med. That’s gold and But ... cannot do this set up. It’s not a
silver right there. program. She killed time in the begin-
Everyone else is fighting for the ning and then just jumped the second
bronze medal, including American Mi- half. It’s not a performance. I under-
rai Nagasu, the 24-year-old who wasn’t stand that this is what the system al-
in the conversation until she landed her lows but it’s not all figure skating is
historic triple axel to help the United about. … I find back loaded programs
States win the bronze last week in the very empty in the front and too chaotic
team competition. at the end.”
It wouldn’t be a top international Paul Wylie, the 1992 Olympic silver
women’s figure skating competition medalist who is working for Westwood
without its share of controversy, howev- One here, thought another one of the
er. This one involves one of the Rus- five component scores — skating skills
sians. (Of course it does.) It’s the way — should come into play with Zagitova.
Zagitova has laid out her long program, “I feel like she’s going so slowly,” he
specifically her jumps. They’re all in the said. “I don’t ever feel like she’s reaching
last two minutes of her program, every a top speed in the entire program. I think
single one of them. She doesn’t do any that an Olympic gold medalist needs to
jumps in the first half of her program, sail around the rink a little bit.”
then jumps like mad in the final two Zagitova doesn’t skate with the speed
minutes — all to get the 10% bonus in that Nagasu does, especially going into
points for jumps in the second half of a their respective jumps. The interna-
program. tional judges who are in love with both
Talk about gaming the system. The Russian women don’t seem to care, but
idea behind the bonus is that skaters Wylie does.
will have already tried several jumps in “I don’t think (Zagitova) would be
the first two minutes, so their legs will able to do all the jumps in the second
be getting tired, hence awarding the 10% half if she was going into them with the
extra for jumps tried in the final two speed that Mirai takes into her jumps.
minutes. She couldn’t do jump after jump after
But Zagitova gets the bonus without jump if she was going with any speed.
having put in the exertion. Nagasu, for Just look at her ice coverage, it’s very
instance, has a well-balanced long pro- moderate, whereas Mirai is flying into
gram: eight triple jumps in all, five in the her triple axels, flying into her triple flip-
first two minutes, three in the last two triple toe.
minutes. Zagitova has seven triple “I’m old school enough to like that
jumps, all in the final two minutes. Medal favorite Alina Zagitova of Russia backloads her program with jumps, which and think that you don’t deserve the
Some rave about her strategy, saying has sparked some criticism. ROBERT DEUTSCH/USA TODAY SPORTS skating skills marks unless you’re build-
she is only doing what the rules allow ing up a lot of speed.”
and that she is smart to rack up as many Every single one of these points is
points as possible any way she can. (the five scores that focus not on the judges are doing is one of the world’s top valid and should be taken into account
But others wonder why the judges jumps but on artistry and the like), par- judges. by the judges in the women’s event. But
aren’t penalizing her for an unbalanced ticularly the component score for com- “When everything in the second half this is the Olympics, and these are the
program with the tools available to position of the program. of the program is jump, jump, jump, you Russians, and this is figure skating. I’m
them: in the program component scores One of those wondering what the tell me if that’s a balanced program,” not optimistic.

Beating Finland provides blueprint for USA

Kevin Allen ted two goals.
USA TODAY The Americans have outshot all of
their opponents, including Canada, but
GANGNEUNG, South Korea – U.S. they had not been scoring at the rate
goalie Maddie Rooney was 7 months old they should.
when the Americans captured the first Stauber had spent four practices
Olympic women’s hockey gold medal in working on finding ways to score with
1998. She thinks she was “in the crib defenders packed in front of the net.
watching that game.” “Tips. Screens. Deflections,” Stauber
Every U.S. player knows the story of said. “You are going to have to get some
that historic triumph, and every player ugly ones.”
knows no American woman has worn Gigi Marvin, Hilary Knight and Joce-
an Olympic hockey gold since then. lyne Lamoureux-Davidson also scored
“That has always been our dream — for the USA. It was Knight’s first goal of
to follow the 1998 team,” Rooney said. the tournament, another positive sign
“They have been our leaders and great for the Americans.
role models. It would mean everything “We are clicking,” Knight said. “We
for us.” are humming. It wasn’t just one line — it
The 2018 U.S. team continued its was all four.”
quest to break Canada’s Olympic domi- The five goals came against Finland’s
nance by defeating Finland 5-0 Monday Noora Raty, considered by some to be
to set up a gold medal meeting Thurs- the world’s best goalie.
day. Canada defeated the Olympic Ath- “Very excited by what I saw tonight,” U.S. forward Dani Cameranesi celebrates one of her two goals against Finland.
letes from Russia 5-0 in the second Stauber said. ANDREW NELLES/USA TODAY SPORTS
semifinal. The Americans played their best
“You literally train four years for this game of the tournament, though Staub-
one game,” U.S. forward Monique La- er thinks his team could have been a lit- But this American team has shown heartache of losing an Olympic final.
moureux-Morando said. “We are a tle cleaner. unrelenting resolve on and off the ice. “It’s like having a bad relationship
tightknit group. This is what we worked “But we had gold medal preparation,” Before starting their Olympic journey, and having it go sour,” she said. “It’s al-
for — the chance to play for this gold Stauber said. the American women won a hard- ways going to be there, a main part of
medal.” The Americans will need the same fought battle against USA Hockey over your fabric. But it has motivated me tre-
What U.S. coach Robb Stauber might level of preparation and performance to increased financial compensation. mendously.”
SN ws" Ы

have enjoyed most about the win beat Canada. The teams are as evenly It might have helped prepare them She says she has learned from her
/W e П

against Finland is that it provides a matched as two competitors can be. for this battle, although no one is think- failures, mostly about who she is and

O t's У

blueprint for how the USA needs to play Their games are routinely decided by ing about those negotiations now. what she wants. It’s also taught her
.C ha ГР

to beat Canada. The Americans went one goal. The Americans have won sev- What does matter is that there are 10 about her team and what it needs to do
aggressively to the net and scored three en of the past eight world champion- Olympic veterans on the American team to be successful.

power-play goals. ships, but the Canadians won the past who know the pain of losing a gold med- “What we are looking to do in the gold

“It shows we were in the position to four meetings of the pre-Olympic tour al game. medal game,” Knight said, “is to do

score,” said Dani Cameranesi, who net- and won 2-1 in the preliminary round. Knight has twice experienced the something extraordinary.”