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3 0 5 Sophs and Seniors to Receive

Diplomas and Degrees on June 10
Rosalie Stages Successful ATHLETIC CUPS Mikell and Sutton to Deliver
Riot for Senior Sponsors Baccaluareate Addresses
The commencement program of The presentation of the awards by
events for the alumnae associa-
WELL RECEIVED tion, as announced by Miss Mary
Lee Anderson, president, follows:
the Recreation association
Thursday afternoon at Nesbitt woods
to individuals and to teams brought
BY STUDENTS June 7: Reunion for the classes
of 1902, 1903, 1905, 1921, 1922,
1923, 1925, 1932, 1934. The former
to a close the rather extensive pro-
gram sponsored by the association
during the past year.
Rosalie Rand arrived on the G. S. students will stay in Bell hall. For the second consecutive year The prospective graduating class
C. W. campus on Friday night for June 8: Alumnae induction cer- the present junior class was award- of the Georgia State College for
a very short visit. To be quite frank, emony, at 7:30 on the front cam- ed the silver loving cup for having Women includes one hundred and
the visit was rapid but riotous. Ros- pus. Alumnae banquet at 8:00, in the greatest number of points for fifty-nine seniors who are expecting
alie, a demure little country maid, Ennis recreation hall, with Miss participation in sports by members to recive baccalaureate degrees and
fresh from Indiana, by-gosh, played Lottie Moring Curl, second vice of the class. Lola Dowis, class man- one hundred and forty-six candidates
havoc with the "boys" and won the president at large, as toastmis- ager and queen of the brown color for collegiate normal diplomas.
v envy of all the girls. tress. The business meeting and team, received the cup for the class. The commencement exercises will
"Rosalie Runs Riot," the musical election of officers will follow the The gold color team was also be held at eleven o'clock on Monday,
comedy sponsored by the senior banquet. presented with a silver cup for the June 10, in the Richard B. Russell
class and starring Catherine Mallory, June 9: Reunion breakfast at second successive year for having auditorium. Dr. Willis A. Sutton,
proved to be a success in more ways eight o'clock in Atkinson hall. the greatest number of points. superintendent of the Atlanta public
than one. It showed the versatile Alumnae vesper service at 7:30 in Juliette Burrus, queen of the gold school system, will deliver the prin-
Miss Mallory in a different role the auditorium, with the class of color team received the cup for her cipal address. The degrees and diplo-
from her previous ones and she Of Tampa, Fla.
1925 in chareg of the program. team. This was the second time that mas will be conferred by President
played it to perfection. However, Senior Class President
June 10: Graduation exercises Miss Burrus has had the honor of Guy H. Wells.
Jeanne Parker as the jealous Lulu at 10 o'clock, with the completion receiving the cup for her team as The baccalaureate sermon will be
almost stole the show with her very of the induction exercises, and last year she was also elected gold Several New Books preached on Sunday, June 9, by the
timely remarks about life and men. queen by her teammates. Right Reverend Bishop H. J. Mikell,
Rosalie was only a little country
the end of the reunions.
The individual award for out-
Added to Library bishop of the diocese of Atlanta of
girl, but she soon learned the knack
Sanford Pays First standing sportsmanship was award- During the Year the Eposcipal church.
of saying, "My, but you're brainy," ed to Billie Jennings. A series of pre-commencement
or "You're so wonderful," and she Official Visit To The awards were presented by An unusually large number of entertainments will be given for
was the center of eight or more at- Miss Angela Kitzinger, head of the books have been added to the the graduates. The annual class day
tractive but jealous girls and their
G. S. C. Tuesday library in the form of gifts during which is to be held on Saturday,
physical education department.
attentive boy friends—who were Dr. S. V. Sanford, president of the The officers of the Recreation as- the term 1934-35. This total includes June 8, will climax the functions
showering her with the favors. University of Georgia and chancel- sociation for next year were pre- gifts from publishers, clubs and in- given with the members of the grad-
She left the boy who loved her In lor-elect of the University system sented. They are Kathleen Roberts, dividuals. uating class as honorees.
her old home town when she went of Georgia, was a guest on the G. S. Robbie Rogers, Mary Pitts Allen, and Among the gifts from individuals The prospective graduating class
to visit her very modern aunt Bella C. W. campus on Tuesday and Wed- Elizabeth Stucky. Old officers who to be specially noted are: Dr. Dan- includes:
in Boston, but like all good stories nesday. • spoke briefly were Billie Jennings, iels' gift of "The Golden Trove," a Candidates for degrees of Bache-
should be, she went back to him in Dr. Sanford spoke to the faculty Margaret Burney and Jane Haddock. book of poems by himself; Dr. Tay- lor of Arts: Jacques Elise Adams,
the end and lived happily ever aft- and student body at chapel on Wed- The members of the association lor's donation of a copy of his doc- Vidalia; Dorothy Brewton, Vidalia;
erward. nesday morning at 10:30. The time presented their past president and tor's dissertation, "Interpretation of , Helen Burns, Pittsview, Ala.; Mary
(Continued on page 3) (Continued on page 4) president for next year, Kathleen (Continued on page 4) | (Continued on page 3)
Roberts, with a suede jacket in ap-

Identity of Ima. Gossip and

preciation for her service and loy-
alty to the group. Red Cross Institute Held
Yvonne D'Amour Revealed
Letters were presented to the fol-
lowing girls for having participated
at least three times a week in the
at G.S.C.W. During Week
chief of the roll call workers of
ing her "spiel" muttered threats and athletic program sponsored by the A training school of the Red America and a hero of the World
It was a dramatic moment—the 'mprecations spread over the hall. association for the past two years: i
Cross chapter workers was held in War; "Red Cross in the Time of
rain beat a ceaseless tattoo; the Why doesn't she say who Ima is and seniors, Margaret Edwards, Billie
Disaster," by Maurice Reddy, of the
group of people gathered around get this over. At last the time came Howington, and Billie Jennings; Ennis recreation hall May 21 through
National Disaster Staff; "The Red
the table was tense, expectant—at and the speaker concluded with— juniors, Caroline Weddington, Em- June 1. Under the direction of Wil-
Cross Service to Veterans," by
the head of the table stood the as- "and Ridley is she." belle Thurmond, Lola Dowis, Kath- liam Carl Hunt, assistant manager Frank Casheal, who is field director
sociate editor. The moment had Ridley—the entire assembly gasp- leen Roberts, and Martha Williams; of the eastern area of the National at Fort Benning; "First Aid and Life
comt—the identity of the enigma of ed, as the editor and associate con- sophomores, Palacia Stewart, Eliz-
Red Cross, and Stone Crane, rep- Saving," by Ramon Eaton; "The Or-
the campus, G. S. C. W.'s own Ma- gratulated themselves on having abeth Stucky, Marjorie Lanier,
ganization of the Administration of
dame X, the "femme" for which all once again fooled the gullible G. S. Elizabeth McCall, Edna Jo Butler, resentative of North Georgia, dis- Red Cross Chapters," by Mr. Hunt
the enterprising campus Sherlocks S. C. public. Robbie Rogers, and Mary Peacock. cussions in every phase of the Red
and Mrs. Mildred Brook; "Voluntary
had been searching—in other words After recovering from the effects Freshmen were not eligible for let- Cross service were reviewed. Activity," by Miss Olivia Stokes.
Ima Gossip was about to be re- of the first disclosure, the privileged ters but those who received honor- Thirty chapters from Florida, Ala- A nutrition project was outlined
vealed. characters attending the Colonnade able mention for active participa- bama and Georgia were represented. by a former G. S. C. W.- student,
The associate editor went into her banquet were ready for another. tion in sports were Hazel Land, The topics for discussion and their Miss Estelle Bozeman and Mrs. Paul
dance—it was a clever toast (hadn't This time the editor rose. Her.toast Frances Roane, Jane Haddock, Elea- representatives were "Home Health
Farcas, of Albany. Miss Helen Col-
Miss Hallie Smith written it?) and was concerning Yvonne D'Amour, a nor Murphey, Roberta Robinson, and Nursing Activity," by Alice \
well, an outstanding social worker
the associate was determined to give new upstart this year, whom it has Libby Smith, Leila Balkcom, and Dugger, a nursing field representa-
in America gave a course in ele-
it, since she had spent two days in been said played havoc with Fannie Katherine Walters. tive; "Finance of the Red Cross mentary case work.
the college hospital learning it. Dur- (Continued on page 3) (Continued on page 3) Chapters," by Harrison Heckman, (Continued on page 4)
dale, Norwood; Zelma Mae Baughn, Rosalie Runs Riot
such a paper, I was on the staff when I was a
college boy. The paper, I think, is one of the
she said what she did about fraternity pins, and
I wonder how many girls who have 'em caught 0*m GOSSIP Collegiate 305 Degrees and
Diplomas Given
Alvaton; Jane S. Bedell, Folkston;
Lena Elizabeth Brown, Hapeville;
Carroll, Trion; Gladys Cassell, Or-
lando, Fla.; Ora Jane Chapman,
best I have ever seen a college get out. The the drift?
Oh dere—to think that this is the
Prattle (Continued from page 1)
Mabel Eunice Bryant, Savannah;
Woodstock; Edna Chewning, Atlan-
ta; Hazel Vache Cobb, Eastman; The
(Continued from page 1)
songs in the performance were
news has been well gathered and reported. The Don't forget, write in to the Colonnade office Julia LeGay Butts, Milledgeville; Julia Collins, Atlanta; Virginia a bit unusual and caught the au-
last Colonnade and my last oppor- Josephine Calhoun, C o l u m b u s ;
Published Weekb &V Students of The editorials have sensed the best public opinion and tell 'em you like my column, so perhaps I love the taste of lipstick Frances Camp, Greenville; Mary Avery Cook, Marietta; Emma Ruth dience's attention, particularly Miss
tunity to wonder whether I should Grace Carolyn Camp, Jonesboro;
G E O R G I A S T A T E COLLEGF and have helped us think more correctly about He said as he neared her face; Carolyn Carmichael, Comer; Martha Cranford, Buena Vista; Sara Eliza- Mallory's snappy tunes.
maybe I'll be back with you next year. tell all I know or whether you Laura Viola Carruth, Roswell; Kath-
FOR WOMEN She blushed, delayed a moment, Love Carter, Fort Valley; MiLdred beth Davidson, Lithonia; Hetty The cast included Catherine Mal-
questions relating to student and faculty welfare. know all I tell. It's been worlds of ryn Jack Childers, Milner; Ruth
Then passed her vanity case. Claire Champion, Macon; Margaret Louise Davis, Flint; Martha Chry- lory, as the fresh-from-Indiana
Milledgeville, Ca. fun trying to decide and after view-
Corner Hancock and Clark Sts.
Through the same medium, may I not be per- Financing an Education ing some of the things that have
—The Technique. Volina Cox, Cartersville; Susan-
Douglas Colquitt, • Columbus; Pau-
Collins, Commerce; Mrs. Annie Wade stene Dennard, Gordon; Genevieve Rosalie; Larraine Carmichael, as
mitted to express my appreciation to the indi-
How to finance an education is not a new gone down by my name, I'll say that
Lester Culpepper, Louisville; Maude Duke; Decatur; Rose Dunn, Dublin; Uncle Ebenezer Rand; Agnes Smith,
"Entered as second-class matter October 30, vidual members of the faculty for their loyalty Somewhat old — but maybe you line Wise Derrick, Oglethorpe; Eleanor Davis, Atlanta; Mary Irene Lucy Lee Ellis, Perry, Fla.; Mary as Howard Vernon, the boy back
problem — a phenomenon of our chaotic era. I believe I'm a braver girl than I Helen Doster, Monroe; Mary Louise
1928, at the post office, Milledgeville, Ga., and cooperation. I have never seen people quite haven't heard of it: DeShong, Decatur; Olive Helen Louise Ennis, Stone Mountain; Alice home; Weldon Seals, the up-to-date,
It has probably existed ever since the first was in September. S'funny what a Dunn, Marietta; Mary Jimmie Ez-
under the Act of March 3, 1879." as sympathetic and -appreciative of the work little Gossip can do, isn't it?
Douglas, Sanford, Fla.; Lucile Flem- Fortson, Elberton; Alma Iola Foun- un-married Aunt Bella; Georgellen
schools began and ambition for knowledge There was a young lady of Trent gard, Roswell; Voncile Garrason,
which a new man has to do.
ister, Griffin; Celia Freeman, tain, Gordon; Harriet Deborah Ful- Walker, as Vera Maxwell, a college
EDITORIAL STAFF stirred man to strive toward its attainment. Speaking of funny things—I'd Who said she knew what it meant Ludowici; Annie Rachel Gibson, Toomsboro; Lillian J. Goff, Uvalda; ler, Atlanta; Virginia Blanton Gar- girl; Catherine Moore, as Omini Toy
And, lastly, I want each student to know that really like to have a vision of the When men asked her to dine Milledgeville; Mary Goldstein, Mil-
Editor-in-Chief Betty Reed As far back in history as we care to delve Cornelia Graham, Clemson College, rett, Midland; Leila Frances Garri- Sang, a Japanese girl; Sara Ruth
I have enjoyed the year because of the way the Gave her cocktails and wine; ledgeville; Lucile Griffith, Reynolds;
Associate Editor Evelyn Aubry we find that formal education usually had its
way Ethel Dye looks at life. I'll bet S. C; Edith Marcia Hall, Lyons; son, Marietta; Mary Foxworth Allmond, as Dolores Moreno, a
She knew what it meant— Marjorie Hodges, Brinson; Margaret
News Editors Doris Adamson individual girls have welcomed me into the
root in the religious interests of the country
she sees enough to welcome her to Helen Hanna, Conyers; Daisy Cath- Gaulding, Concord; Lois Ethel God- Spanish girl; Florence Knight, as
But she went. Wyolene Holsenbeck, Gray; Eloise
Sara K. Vann work at G. S. C. W. I have not been able to be any gossip club. I really thought ryn Highnote, Richland; Mrs. Gladys bee, Millen; Sara Virginia Gray, Jaula Dresslar; Jeanne Parker, as
merging almost imperceptibly into the realm Kaufman, Columbus; Mary McCar-
Charloe Jo Kimbrough of as much service as I would have wished. I
nuthin' uv it until the day Martha —Purdue. Arnold Hogan, Milledgeville; Billie Lyons; Barbara Evelyn Groover, Lulu Gibson, the jealous one; Mil-
thy, White Oak; Mrs. Bessie Reeves
Feature Editor Martha Embrey have not had time to learn all of you by name,
of philanthropy as conditions of time and place Angley was chairman of a program O'Connor Howington, Tampa, Fla.; Ochlochnee; Doris Elizabeth Hall, dred Watson, as Myra Bryant; Sara
might determine. When the American Colonies in English clas sand got up and an- A co-ed columnist says the reason McGrew, Thomaston; Patricia Mad- Katie Israils, Atlanta; Elizabeth Bonaire; Virginia Christine Hardi- Bell, as Nina, the maid; MiLdred
Y. W. C. A. Editor Elizabeth Smith but I know how genuine and fineallof the G.
were founded, educational institutions were set nounced that Ethel had a shifting- men put women on a pedestal is to den, Concord; Frances Martin, Daw- Crawford Jamieson, Savannah; Eliz- son, Byron; Mary Elizabeth Harrell,
Stewart, as Bruce, the chauffeur;
Editorial Editor Grace Greene son; Alice Mae Mashburn, Atlanta; Myra Jenkins, as Sheridan Gran-
S. C. W. girls are. I hope for each a happy va- point of view and that she would get them out of the way. That's not abeth Jennings, Augusta; Jewell Eastman; Grace Hayes, Bonaire;
Reporters: up under the various sects and denominations Mrs. Louise Baker Moore, Milledge- ville, a real estate dealer; Gladys
cation, and that all who do not finish may be now discuss it. She must lead a so; they do it because they're too Jones, LaGrange; Lillian Jordan, Mary Elizabeth Henderson, Atlanta;
Anna Deille Brown, Elizabeth Henry, who came to the new land in their determined ville; Margaret Crawford Mosley, Harris, as Donald Norman, Lulu's
able to return in the fall. very entertaining sort of life for lazy to stoop when they want a Dania, Fla.; Sara Elizabeth Land, Jessie Rose Herndon, Dalton; Eve-
Adelaide Jackson, Mildred Parker, Odene search for freedom according to their concept of Byron; Carrie Kate Oglesby, Elber- fiancee; Edna Lattimore, as Julian
with a shifting point of view every kiss. Columbus; Ila Beatrice McCarthy, lyn Gay Herrin, Winder; Frances
Peavy, Margery Smith, Marjorie Shuman, May 29, 1935. GUY H. WELLS, President ton; Lois Tate Pangle, Tunnel Hill; Gaynor, a poet.
liberty. Money and other help from the father- scene is a moving picture. She —The Technique. White Oak; Elizabeth Lamar Maness, Floreine Herron, Columbus; Lois
Grace Collar. Marie Katherine Pinkston, Ludo-
lands started many a missionary school. As the oughtta get a lot of slants on life at If Mrs. Dionne works under geo- Atlanta; Martha Ann Moore, Grif- Ethel Hicks, Cartersville; Lillie The boys and girls of the chorus
BUSINESS STAFF any rate! wici; Wilma Proctor, Andalusia, Ala.;
metric progression, she will have 25 fin; Mrs. Louise Joiner Neary, Way- Jewel Highfield, Silver Creek; Sara were Frances Ellison, Rosalie Sut-
Business Manager Martha Fleming Snooping new settlements prospered and the frontier
the next time, says one of Emory
Rose Lee Raines, Macon; Myra Vir-
cross; Harriet Carter Nelson, Ideal; Clyde Hitchcock, Milledgeville; Edith ton, Sue Thompson, Dorothy Allen,
Advertising Manager Avlona Athon MENTAL GYMNASTICS pushed farther west—the older institutions took Guess Catherine Walters sorta ginia Ray, Norwood; Ruth Pharr
cut the lights out with a fuse blow-
University. Leone Newton, Millen; Rebie New- Hodges, Oconee; Mary Hogg, Ella- Palacia Stewart, Henrietta Greer,
on a more settled character and gradually grew Roberts, Lawrenceville; Julia Ruck-
Advertising Assistants Frances Roane Or give your ignorance a chance ing a crack that she made at a girl
Then there are those who think ton, Millen; Mildred Frances Parker, ville; Alice Virginia Holland, Rome; Margaret Pattrick, Wilda Slappey,
er, Alpharetta; Laeta Sanders, Com-
Tommy Cooke to assert itself into the endowment and private institutions of she had better stop while the stop- Cohutta; Cora Belle Parks, Gaines- Minnie Ruth Holsenbeck, Milledge- and Juliette Burrus.
friend. Thought to my heart and merce; Ruth Sapp, Broxton; Frances
Martha Wyatt learning we know today. The missionary aspect ping is good. ville; Edith A. Percy, Collins; Sarah ville; Dorothy Hooten, Milledgeville;
Just to show you how few of the things you "soles" I'd die when the girl said, Maude Scott, Cordele; Winnie Mil-
Exchange Editor Bonnie Burge became philanthropic in tone, even though the Edwina Perry, Macon; Helen Grace Gertrude Hunt, Katheleen; Ruth Dr. Bolton Gives
know that you—as a person who has devoted "These oxfords are about ten years dred Sheppard, Savannah; Jessilee
J A professor in one of our univer- Phillips, Monticello; Marilee Raley, Teasley Hutchinson, Moreland; Mary
4-5 of your life (and 5-4 of your parents') to fundamental denominational interest often con- old" and Kat left the foot and got
sities has the right idea about this
Sims, Newnan; Eleanor Smith, Odes-
Louisville; Selma Gertrude Robinett, Breakfast at Baldwin
The End being schooled—should know I suggest that you tinued. The schools in the newer settled country ahead with, "Gee, you must have
whole thing. Says the prof., "All
sadale; Rebecca Louise Smith, At-
Shallman; Frances Clifford Sanchez,
Ruth Ivey, Augusta; Florence Jamie-
son, Savannah; Virginia Jenkins,
It is with conflicting emotions that* we write had big feet when you were a little lanta; Sarah Sheila Smith, Ft. My- Dr. Euri Belle Bolton entertained
take this logical faculty test . . . before you look carried forward the missionary spirit, develop- those who are absent, stand up." Barwick; Mary Frances Sawyer, Dooling; Dorothy Kempson, Brooks; at a delightful breakfast on Sunday
our last words for the last issue of the Colonnade girl"! Won't say who the girl was ers, Fla.; Annie Margaret Spears,
for the answers, you swindler ! ! ! ing in the same way as outposts grew to cities. Macon; Lillian Lewis Shumate, Mon- Felice Kimbrough, Atlanta; Marian morning at the Baldwin hotel in
that was left in darkness at such a Jeffersonville; Mary Agnes Staple-
for this year. It has been enlightening, the
1. Name the capital of Oregon. Education—like anything else in our organ- A conversation between women tezuma; Mrs. Mary Hines Jordan Hazel Lay, Winder; Mary Elizabeth honor of the senior members of her
remark but if you'll come up 111 ton, Stapleton; Emily Summerour,
work on the paper during the past months, and 2. Give the term applied to a person who always concerns who, why, how, Smith, Sandersville; Pricilla Stan- Leverrett, Macon; Sara Kathleen psychology classes.
ized society—costs money. These costs must be tell you how I felt around that time. Duluth; Marjorie Elizabeth Sykes, i
when, and wear. ford, Mt. Vernon; Nellie Fae Styles, Loveless, Atlanta; Martha Elizabeth
our eyes have been opened to many things that can use both hands equally well. met. People must live while they study. Publicly Columbus; Dorothy Virginia Thom- The dining room of the Baldwin
Anyone who doesn't believe that —Tower Time.s Bowdon; Jean Verdier, Plainville; McKenney, Atlanta; Hessie McClen- was attractively decorated with
have long gone unnoticed; and we have en- 3. Who was (yea, just try) the only bachelor as, Macon; Sarah Elizabeth Todd,
joyed the dabbling into the writing
business. president of the United States?
supported colleges and universities will not
solve the board-room-clothes-incidentals prob-
Jane Cassels, Louise Donehoo, Mar-
garet Garbutt and a slew of others
y Mclntyre; LaNelle Vandiver, Jef-
Nettie Bernard Ware, Toomsboro;
Nell Katherine Whiddon, Sanders-
don, Soperton; Elizabeth McMichael, early summer flowers.
The goat's not my favorite mammal Hamilton; Martha Margaret Mc-
ferson; Ruth Vinson, Cordele; Leila Among those present were Mabel
And at the same time it is with a feeling of re- 4. Name the five great lakes. lem; they will not care for dependent families. aren't members of a "dopey" bunch Though Ghandi dotes on it, I know. ville; Eleanor Leonard Wooten, Michael, Cork; Sara Martha Mathis, Brophey, Grace Webb, Cora Belle
Grace Webb, Quitman; Sara Bert
lief that this the issue of the Colonnade—for a 5. Who is now the chief justice of the U. S. Hit-and-miss aid that makes a gesture of help- just go to their rooms and buy two Its milk is delicious Buena Vista. Sandersville; Emily Mathews, Atlan- Parks, Palacia Stewart, Mary Lev-
White, Camilla; Mary Jim Williams,
few months,' any way. Coca Colas from the Y instead of And doubtless nutritious; Candidates for degrees of Bache- ta; Helen May, Rome; Frances Allen erett, Elizabeth Taylor, Ina Neal,
Supreme Court? lessness but has no relation to basis requirements Greensboro; Thelma Frances Wil-
one. 'Tis a truly bright arrangement But I don't like the creature's B. O. lor of Science in Home Economics: Morris, Milledgeville; Ina B. Neal, Pauline Derrick, Martha. Carter,
The Colonnade is the voice of the students, 6. Who is accepted as (a) world's amateur of demand and supply will not solve the prob- liams, Dalton.
—that business of selling dopes all —Florida State College. Anne Lee Arnett, Newnan; Leta Thompson; Addie Kathleen Nelson, Wilda Slappey, Sheila Smith, Sara
and as such we have tried to make it this year. tennis champ (b) pro. world's heavyweight lem. during the day and at night too. Candidates for degrees of Bache- Boynton, Albany; Emily Nelson Co- Finleyson; Frances Catherine Nick- Jane Deck, Helen Burns, Sujette
The various changes that have been desired by champ (c) pro. world's heavyweight wrestling Long before the debacle of 1929, educational Fact it—it's such a wide awake idea Upon observing a notice, "Dates lor of Science in General Science: wart, Union City; Margaret Lucile les, Blythe; Jane Elizabeth Norman, Adams, and Dr. Bolton.
students during the year have been
made champ? administrators, alumni and community groups, that the regular customers at these for English Exams," a freshman at Jean Battle, Talbotton; Margery Crane, Albany; Florence G. Dobbins, Nashville; Ruby Elizabeth Oakley,
drink stands get dopey during Harvard remarked that there are Crittenden, Shellman; Ethel Dye, Thomasville; Lalla Louise Durham, Fairburn; Edna Maude O'Neal, La- Louisville; Habel Jeannette West-
known through the columns of the paper. Some 7. What college has the largest student en- keen thinking individuals had been aware of
study hall and are able to stay hardly any more functions here to Blthe; Margaret Edwards, Savannah; Americus; Mabel Ellis, Monticello; Fayette; Jane O'Neal, College Park; brook, Dalton; Alice Amanda Wilkes,
of the suggestions brought about the desired rollment in the United States? the growing difficulty with which students were awake when it's time for lights to go which a fellow can go stag. Frances Dana Gowen, Atlanta; Lula Belle Glover, Zebulon; Eunice Florence Elizabeth Oplinger, Way- Collins; Joyce Wilkes, Lyons; Char-
changes; some of them have gone for naught. 8. What do the initials U. S. S. R. represent?" meeting educational charges. Self-help enter- out long enough to get some study- Mary Ruth Griffin, Villa Rica; Nina Pearl Hendricks, Metter; Carolyn cross; Blanche Isabelle Orr, River- lotte Williams, Haddock; Edith Wil-
Those that were not changes were probably de- 9. Name the longest river in the United prises grew up. More aid funds were started. ing done. Gentle hint to teachers- That she Mae Hanson, Decatur; Marguerite Hughs, Stillmore; Carolyn Laine, dale; Sara Kathryne Orr, Calhoun; liams, Cordele; Mary Martha Wil-
creed by the Powers that Rule as better the States. . An enormous number of stop-gap schemes were serve Coca Colas in your class rooms Has charms Harrison, Harlem; Elizabeth Ann Cochran; Frances Lazenby, Augus- Robbie Carolyn Osburn, Covington; liams, Sylvania; Julia Mildred
way they were, 10. What book it is safe to predict will be and watch girls open their eyes to I must Henry, Ringgold; Bertha Barr Hop- ta; Dorris Nichols, Screven; Mrs. Margaret Murphy Pace, Hapeville; Womack, DeSota; Mary E. Woods,
evolved. Loan services were increased. Each
new facts. The longer the pause Confess kins, Havana, Cuba; Margaret Love Eleanor Carr Nixon, Macon; Caro- Evelyn Parker, Buena Vista; Martha Hawkinsville; Juanita Wright, Hard-
The freedom of the press has reallybeen the year's best seller? institution worked on its own problem and vol-
that refreshes—the better, But what Hudson, Ochlochnee; Pauline Joiner, lyn Virginia Oliver, College Park; Frances Paulk, Ocilla; Charlotte wick.
more nearly free this past year that at any other (Each question has value of 10. Compute your untary organizations came into the arena of Oglethorpe; Buena Kinney, Villa Nancy Elizabeth Sale, Sharon; I. V.
Are charms Peacock, Rome; Odene Peavy, Una-
The reports of the Atlanta trip
time since G. S. C. W. has had a newspaper. score on that basis. Possible score 100). service. Without access? Rica; Rhosland Leaptrott, Hard- Sherrill, Bowdon; Ruth Odene Stone, dilla; Martha Elizabeth Pinson, Syl-
Well, virtue does have it own reward, in spite
that those Commerce girls took last
No fair-minded person would wish to mini- week are still coming in good and wick; Catherine Beatrice Moore, Au- Athens; Sarah Talley, Villa Rica; vester; Sara Hart Pye, Monticello;
Identity of Ima
This has been entirely due to the tolerance of —Plainsman.
gusta; Matilda Callaway Otwell, Carolyn Goldsmith Tappan, White Audrey Rainey, Buena Vista; Mary Is Revealed
the administration and to the cooperation and of all that's been said to the contrary. But on mize or ridicule the generous American attitude strong and you can't tell me tthat
(Continued from page 1)
Augusta; Grace Pfeiffer, Sylvania; Plains; Dorothy Turner, Moultrie; Estelle Reeves, Waynesboro; Mary
interest of our president. Save for a few times, second thought, perhaps in this instance, it's not in all this miscellany of college aid. they don't know how to combine Co-eds at Minnesota caught wear- Squeers' fan mail. The editor con-
Elizabeth Pollard, Jacksonville; Mil- Josephine Vickery, Martwell. Nell Reid, Rome; Robbie Rogers,
the Colonnade has had entire freedom to ex- virtue — just patience personified. Or something. The tragedy has been that the vast amount business with pleasure in a big ing fraternity pins are fined ten cluded her little jingle (also com-
dred Hinton Stewart, Haddock; Lo- Gainesville; Grace Ruscsell, McDon-
way. They know how it's done. dollars. We wonder if Mahatma Candidates for degrees of Bache- posed by Miss Hallie) with "to you
press student opinion uncensored -and the edi- Here I've been waiting for lo, these many of effort in student aid has been so scattered, detta Wright, Atlanta. ough; Mary Elice Samson, Sanders-
Ghandi approvesof this idea. We lor of Science in Vocational Home she's Yvonne, but to me she's
torial board has been allowed more latitude in months to get a chance to write a gossip or so unrelated to the problems as a whole, that "Huddy" Hudson takes the cake :A hate to think where he'd be without
Candidates for degrees of Bache- Economics: Mabel Elizabeth Bro- ville; Nancy Helen Shell, Turin; An-
for the dumbest act on the trip, Grace." But alas! no Grace was to be
editorial expression than ever before. dirt column for this here paper, and am only today we have a vast. superstructure that is lor of Science in Education: Eliza- phy, West Palm Beach, Fla,; Doro- nette Maude Shepard, Colquitt; Mary
however. She heard the first truck .his. found. The editor, being a very
getting an opportunity to do so in the last wobbling and in danger of at least partial col- beth Culver Alford, Milledgeville; thy Foss, Lindale; Marian Miles, Helen Simmons, Montrose; Harriette
The Colonnade staff would like to express to dash down the street, so she dashed quick-witted young women, never
issue. lapse unless it is reinforced. Undoubtedly a new down seven flights of steps pronto Three sweetest words: "I love Edith Allen, Shellman; Mary Barks- Griffin; Helen Dean Paschal, Har- Eleanor Sims, McDonough; Mary
let it be said that a journalist
Dr. Wells their appreciation for the interest he Beatrice Sirmons, Blakely; Ethel
But the reason is this—according to present .you," "All is forgiven," and "Dinner lem; Helen Thomas, Newnan; Helen couldn't come to the rescue in any
has shown in the paper and the co-operation he edifice constructed according to modern en- in order to be out of the hotel in
is served."
Athletic Cups Awarded Williams, Newnan. Slade, Cordele; Augusta Clyde
indications our editor won't be with us next situation, rose to the occasion grace-
has given them throughout the year; to Dr. gineering skill is required, but the old building time. But "Huddy" took all the kid- (Continued from page 1) Smith, Haddock; Florence Evelyn
Three saddest words: "Twins this Candidates for collegiate normal fully by passing the buck to her as-
Wynn for his work as adviser, and for his wil-
year, and somebody will have to be the stool must be conserved until the new is ready for ding from the group afterwards time," "External use only," and
Individual awards for archery were
diplomas: Ruth Adams, Stapleton; Smith, Hapevilfle; Margery Julian
sociate with those now immortal
pigeon, and I know she can't be that and an in- with her customary good nature, and to Doris Adamson, who won the Smith, Tennille; Mary Virginia words, "But Gracie just laughted
lingness to help at all times; to the staff of the occupancy. "Not sufficient funds." Martha Anderson, Summit; Merle
came up grinning. And don't you archery tournament sponsored for Smith, Sandersville; Norene Smith, and laughed 'cause she knew all the
mate of the Federal pen at the same time. It While the highroad of progress in the educa- just love her laugh? It's a scream. —Auburn Plainsman. Anderson, Nicholls; Marianna Aus-
Milledgeville Times for their interest and con- amateurs; for tennis, Sue Thompson, Forsyth; Alleyne Spiller, Atlanta; time that Yvonne was Little Aud-
seems that the editor has been doing something tional world may be clearly defined, it is sub- tin, Conyers; Ethlyn Gray Baston,
structive criticism and help; to the faculty and Now girls, when I look back at singles, and Frances Roane and Bil- Martha Stapleton, Folkston; Har- rey." Whereupon the associate, who
a bit undercover and now they've brought it out The best argument we can think Milledgeville; Marion Baughn, At-
students for their suggestions and criticism ject to ruts from much and varied traffic, and the columns that have been made lie Jennings doubles. Honorable riette Starke, Atlanta; Catherine being another journalist could also
•of in behalf of birth control is that lanta; Clifford Bond, Eastman; Lo-
in the light, and she's in trouble. From all the students with their mass weight and energy can with gossip I see that I am very mention in the achery tournament Stewart, White Plains; Mary Emily rise to an occasion, rose and deliv-
which have aided the staff immensely. .saxaphone players are born, not rene Bostwick, Camilla; Jewell
dirt we can gather she's,in danger of paying a help to push the financing vehicle out of the much indebted to quite a few peo- was given to Katherine Walters and Storey, Zebulon; Catherine Story, ered a response which cleared up
We have done our best this year to publish .made. Bowdon, Milledgeville; Ellen Boyer,
huge fine or going to the pen, or both, And Mary Callaway. Mary Callaway won Warwick; Margaret Sturgis, Warren- the mystery, It seems that Gracie is
a newspaper that was worthy of your perusal if deep rupt in which it has gradually been sinking, ple around here for some good Sparta; Elsie Boykin, Sylvania; Neo-
whoever heard of a newspaper editor (or a col- building material, And now, because the beginners' tournament. ton; Bernadette Sullivan, Milledge- Yvonne and Little Audrey is
What can students do to bring about a better We hear that the death of an in- line Boykin, Sylvania; Elgah Brant-
mot your enjoyment. they have allowed me to give their ville; Emma Sullivan, Zebulon; Mar- D'Amour, or the other way around,
litch gal) having money enough to pay a fine? dividual can be determined by an The Johnsonian has defined a ley, Oconee; Dorothy Mae Brewton,
basis for handling their educational financing names and their stories too, I am garet Sullivan, Milledgeville; Mary at any rate they have been turning
But all joking aside, I'm on probation now, so investigation of the lenses of the miracle as a woman who won't talk. Waycross; Catherine Elizabeth
problems? The answer is not a magic formula just before inviting all persons Thompson, Pinehurst; Christine out the weekly column of the worst
Farewell Message please if you like my "column" write to the for pulling bunnies and five dollar bills out of whom I have mentioned in this
eyes, Those whose lenses harden at How about a man who won't scatter Bridges, Berner; Anna Deilla Brown,
Elizabeth Trice, Thomaston; Sara advice ever released on this campus.
an early age die young, etc, Judging cigarette ashes all over the new Hillsboro; Miriam Elizabeth Burke,
The Colonnade staff has asked me if I had a Colonnade office' and let 'em know that I'm K. Vann, Macon; Carolyn Lillian
silk hat, Careful thinking, planning and contin- column to join the Gossip club. We'll by the hard looks some of our profs rug? Hapeville; Mary Burson, Cobbtown; And so it's all over for another
•word to the student body for the final issue. I being read, If you like it, I continue. I not, I Wade, Macon; Evelyn Winifred year. Now the faculty no longer
uous work are needed on which to base new have a good time meeting on the •can give when we don't know a Edna Jo Butler, Ramhurst; Frankie
do wish to write a few statements. pass, on into that state know as oblivion, And much talked of campus and we'll question correctly, we calculate . And then there's the Scotchman Louise Calhoun, Soperton; Sara Wade, Lithonia; Lula Bernice Wal- has to fear lest Ima Gossip will flay
techniques capable of expansion as they de- ler, Swainsboro; Mary Bertha Ward, them in her column and all the Jes-
• First of all, I want to express my apprecia- that would be bad. spend our time discussing pals who there's plenty of the said profs who who bought only on spur because Margaret Campbell, Macon; Jewell
velop. It is not so much ready cash that should make the minutes of our meeting in- Lincolnton; Mertys Carol Ward, Ar- sies can solve their own room-mate,,
tion to the staff for the excellent paper they "have been dead for at least thirty he knew that if one side of the horse Bernice Cannon, Macon; Sarah Eve-
AND ABOUT FRATERNITY PINS be provided as the harnessing of facilities and teresting. ;years. •• , ' went, the other would be sure to lyn Cargill, Savannah; Martha Gray lington; Mrs. Drane Watson, Stella- problems without any interference
have given us throughout the year, I know some-
Rosalie kinda told the truth Friday night when energies, RIDLEY. —F, S, C, W. follow. Carrithers, Fort Valley; Margaret. ville; Virginia Elizabeth Watson, from Yvonne.
thing of the'effort and work it takes to put out

UASKME New Officers for Practice School HobbyGroup Tea Seniors Honored
Campus Clubs Hold Seniors Given in Honor With Graduation
Dear Miss Yvonne,
Slowly but surely, I am drifting
Are Announced Class Night of Miss Moye Entertainments
toward madness. I never saw such
(Editor's note: Various clubs on The Peabody High school seniors Miss Annie Jo Moye was enter- The formal dance on Friday night
people in my life. These Biology
the campus have elected their offi- held their Class Night exercises in tained recently at an alfresco tea, given by the seniors will bring to a
students haunt me in my sleep.
cers for next year at different the Assembly hall on Tuesday, May given in her honor by Miss Louise climax the series of entertainments
Right in the midst of a serious out-
times this spring- and we have been 28, at eight o'clock. The program Smith and the members of the Per- honoring the graduating students
door meeting, half of the meeting
asked to publish the names of those took the form of a porch party at sonality Interest group of Activity which were given during the past
}umps up and heads for a tree,
who have been elected. We were which the class president, Florence Council. weeks.
peers mysteriously up into the fol-
unable to obtain the officers of all Hartman, entertained the class. The Among those in the receiving line The dance will be given in the
iage, murmurs disturbingly, and
the clubs.) eminent entertainers procured for were Miss Annie Jo Moye, Dr. and library at eight o'clock with Larry
then chases after an innocent bug.
History Club the occasion included: the Wonder- Mrs. Guy H. Wells, Col. and Mrs. Moore and his Novelty Orchestra
Honestly, everytime I see some hag-
President: Georgellen Walker, Mc- ing Poet, Drilley Blott (Nellie But- Jenkins, Miss Emily Simpson, Miss furnishing the music. Chaperones
gard, wild-eyed, distracted student,
Donough; vice president: Weldon ler, class poet); the outstanding Sara K. Vann and Miss Louise will be Dr. and Mrs. Guy Wells, Dr.
I don't have to guess twice; I know
Seals, Waycross; secretary: Florence scenario writer, Miss Getta Lotta Smith. and Mrs. Hoy Taylor, Miss Ethel
that it is what used to be a Biology
Knight, Social Circle; treasurer: Garta, (Alice Humphries, class his- The lawn in front of the audi- Adams, Dr, and Mrs. William T.
student. Why, the place is fairly
Elizabeth Chandler, Milledgeville. torian) who depicted incidents in tourium was very attractively ar- Wynn, and Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Fow-
infested with the creatures. Never
Home Economics Club the history of the class by means of ranged with tables and beach um- ler.
stare up into the air as though you
were looking for something. I tried President: Mary Lillian Murphey, real life talkies; the famous phrenol- brellas. Punch bowls around which The dance given by the junior
it once and one of those people Augusta; vice president: Claudia ogist, Pull the wool-over-your-eyes was placed cut flowers, added much class on May 4 was the first of the
came along, fastened her claws in Little, Macon; secretary: Vida Thur- Blooie Deanie (Dorothy Veatch, to the loveliness of the summer set- series of entertainments for the
my shoulder, knocked my chin up mond, Midville; treasurer: Florence class prophet) who after feeling the ting. Delicious sandwiches were also seniors. Since then, the sophomore
into the clouds, grabbed a handful Shearouse, Bowden. protuberances on the heads of the served. Those in charge of the erv- class has been host at a picnic sup-
of hair, and began tugging in a fran- Spanish Club seniors, prophesied what each girl ing were members of the Interest per, and the different dormitories
tic, restless manner. Yvonne, I have President: Elsie Kersey, LaGrange; would become; and the brilliant law- group. Assisting were Miss Ethel have had a series of parties.
just got to know something. I ab- vice president: Sara Calhoun, Mount yer, Carla Evie Bughes, who read Adams, Miss Maggie Jenkins, Miss Bell Hall was host at a formal
solutely can't go on in this manner. Vernon; secretary: Ledra DeLamar, the last will and testament of the Rosabel Burch, Mrs. Kathleen Woot- dinner on May 17. Bell Annex en-
I tell you they are driving me crazy. Columbus; treasurer: Carolyn Cole- class of 1935. In order to make the en, Mrs. Anne Smith, Miss Blanche tertained at a theatre party on May
I get into the tub with my shoes on; man, Perry. occasion as unique as possible the Green and Miss Margaret Candler. 24. Atkinson hall gave a porch party
I put salt in my coffee; I pull the Health and Physical Education Club hostess, Florence Hartman (gifto- The guests included the faculty of on May 25, Terrell hall entertained
window down when I mean to push President: Lola Dowis, Atlanta; rian) presented the favors before the G. S. C. W., the faculty of G. M. C, at an informal dance, Terrell B and
it up; I brush my teeth with Wood- vice president: Mary Pitts Allen, dinner. Each girl was presented with the wedding party, friends of the C was host at a late supper party
bury's cream; oh, please, tell me Monticello; secretary: Robbie Rog- a small gift which would help her bride, members of Activity Council on May 19, and Ennis hall gave a
anything, just anything. ers, Gainesville; treasurer: Palacia in her prophesied career. and friends of members of the Per- theatre party followed by a recep-
Stewart. After the exercises the members of sonality Interest group. tion on May 27.
Biology Club the senior class gathred in the col- On Wednesday night, May 29, Mr.
Dear "Buggy-Wuggy," Frank D. Adams, manager of the
You've certainly got trouble plus President: Edith Tanner, Atlanta; lege tea room where the class ban- Red Gross Holds
vice president: Rebecca Anderson, quet was held at which Miss L. R. Campus theatre, was host at a
more trouble on your hands. Yes, I I n s t i t u t e Here theatre party for the members of the
know how they "are. Everything Atlanta; secretary: Vilda Shuman, G. Burfitt, Miss Mary Lee Ander-
Cooledge, treasurer: Juanita Willis, son, and Mrs. C. E. Fowler were senior class. On Sunday Dr. and
which may prove curious immed- (Continued from page 1)
guests of the class. This entertain- Mrs. Wells held open house for the
iately gets spotted. Speaking of the Atlanta. Julian Boehm, a famous magician
ment was greatly enjoyed by the and chairman of the Atlanta roll call seniors, and Sunday night the home
goobs peeding up into trees reminds Granddaughters Club
economics club gave a supper for
me of that bird's eye view idea. President: Ala Jo Brewton, Vi- entire class. presented a most entertaining pro-
Members of the eighth grade as- gram Friday night. Mr. Boehm is the senior members of the club. On
Join the Biology class and travel. dalia; vice president: Rosa Blue
Sunday morning Dr. Euri Belle
See the world on the wing. Gaze into Williams, Buena Vista; secretary: sisted in depicting the class history. distinguished for having been dec-
Bolton gave a breakfast at the Bald-
the depths of the mystic leaves and Elizabeth Lucas, Reynolds; treasurer: Miss Gussie Tabb and members of orated with an orchid by Walter
the ninth grade arranged and Winchel for his outstanding Red win hotel in honor of the senior and
see nature in its own original "tweet, Frances Manning, Barnwell, S. C.
served the banquet. sophomore graduates in her psy-
tweet." Listen, don't worry; every- Mathematics Club Cross work.
chology classes.
thing'U work out all right if you President: Elsie Kersey, LaGrange; Mrs. Mildred Shelton Brook, the
just trust and believe in the impos- vice president: Mary Peacock, Co- Dr. Sanford Makes general representative for South bare.
lumbus; secretary: Martha Harrison,
sible. "Birds of a feather flock to- Visit, to G. S. C. W. Georgia gave a talk in chapel Tues- Who gives himself with his alms
gether." Insects are just insects, Atlanta; treasurer: Louisa Noyes, day morning. She said "the Red feeds three—
that's all— think nothing of it when Atlanta. (Continued from page 1) Cross is an organization that be- Himself, his hungering neighbor
you see them together. I know it's Commerce Club was moved up half an hour in order longs to American people to do hu- and me.' "
an awfully "fowl" situation but all President: Fay Pilkenton, Molena; that all students might hear him be- manitarian work in America as well
of these things rise to a settled vice president: Mary Davis, Clayton; tween the examinations which were as abroad. The purpose is to set up
perch at some time or other. secretary: Caroline Crockett, Brad- scheduled for Wednesday morning. a program that will help prevent
Scientifically Yours, enton, Fla.; treasurer: Frances Man- On Tuesday he delivered the bac- disaster and to function in time,of
v YVONNE D'AMOUR. ning, Barnwell, S. C. calaureate address to the gradua- disaster." She ended her speech by
Activity Council tion class at G. M. C. and spent part saying that "Red Cross volunteer
Dear Miss D'Amour, President: Ethel Tos, Claxton; vice' of the day on the military college service carries out Sir Launfal's vis-
Halp, murder, or any bloodthirsty president: Lucille Thomas, Macon; campus. On Wednesday at noon the ion:
yell you can think of. It's a Spec- secretary: Dorothy Ingram, Atlanta; faculty of G. S. C. W. entertained 'For the Holy Supper indeed
trum and its refracting all of my ig- treasurer: Mirian Gordy, Perry. at a luncheon in the Mansion in Is whatsoever we share with anoth-
norance, terrible writing, and fero- honor of him. The wives and hus- ers need,
cious temper. I've written in those bands of all faculty members were Not what we give but what we share
annuals until I feel like if I see an-
New Books Are also present. For the gift without the giver is
other one, that well-meaning and Added to Library
when you do write in someone's an-
"ah, please, just a line" annual own-
er is going to be made a riddled (Continued from page 1) nual, be certain that you are writing Callie's Beauty Shop
the early administration of the Pea- in the annual you think you are. JI3.50 Wave for $2.50
piece of humanity in short order.
This is one of the most ghastly mis- $5.00 Oil for -— $3.50
The next ink will be slung another body education fund"; and from Dr.
takes I know. $6.00 Realistic for $5.00
way. If the fountain pens would Jarnegan his book, "Growth of the END CURLS
write, it wouldn't be so hard but oh, American People." GRACIE GREENE,
$2.50 for .— ._ $1.50
Visit our...
deliver me, when I get hold of a Miss Hallie Smith has made sev- LITTLE AUDREY. $3.50 for $2.50 BEAUTY SHOPPE
eral donations, among which are
fountain pen that has to be wrapped
Van Dyke's "Blue Flower" and
(Second Floor)
around a column and flung threat- For your Refreshments, Sandwiches n T V PACE
eningly across the room before it "Valley of Vision." New Equipment
And Regular Meals, come to the— HLA U H I L
will form a first letter of "best Rev. L. E. Roberts contributed the Three Expert
wishes." And, Yvonne, when you Schaft-Herzag Encyclopedia of Re- Formerly Ivey-Turner Ice Cream Parlor Operators
don't even know who you're talking ligious Knowledge, and Bertha Hop-
Pleased to sell you Coolest place in town
to and have to look up the name on kins donated fifteen books of various Moderate Prices
the front of the book, well now types.
that's when I call out the marines.
Hats Greatly Reduced MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT . . .
I feel like "over-seas," too. I don't staff. The one who presents an an-
think that there's much that can be Hose 59c to $1.25
done but there must be something
behind the MUCH that will help
nual to be signed should croom
"Please" and hold her breath as her
victim mutters gutteral sounds to
Graduation Gifts
a little. the tune of "I'll Be Glad When
HAT SHOPPE Sandwiches — Ice Cream — Cold Drinks
ACUTE AUTOGRAPHER, You're Dead, You Rascal You."
Dear Acute Autographer, "Solitude" would be ideal but be-
fore its all over you'll be likely to ALLEN A SWIM SUITS
So the annual is using up your
time, huh? Just sign your name on succumb when she delicately sug- $1.95 to $4.95 EMBOSSED STATIONERY for
the dotted line and you'll get a gests "What's the Reason?" Oh, well, M\ the newest colors and styles GRADUATION GIFTS at
passport into someone's book. "You cheer up—you might someday be
Ought to be in Pictures" is the
proper theme song for the Spectrum
humming "When I Grow Too Old
To Dream." Only one thing more—
"Fashions of the Hour" R. H. WOOTTEN'S