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Body of Certificate

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Quality Control
Abad Baehaki
+62 21 8934339
Reg. 20171109090800
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Final inspection data

MasterEmaco S 5400 Material 50393243

25KG Paper, bags

Lot 0017661100

Production Date : 30.08.17

No. Test Description Specification Result

BASF Method Range
1. Physical Appearance Grey powder, Pass
TM1022 lumps free

2. Flow Table, (cm) 18 - 22 18

TM219 (FJ/WI/007)

3. Plastic Density,(g/mL) 2.00 - 2.20 2.17

TM215 (FJ/WI/035)

4. Compressive Strength,(MPa) 1 day ≥ 18 47.7

FJ/WI/001 (ASTM C109) 7 days ≥ 40 62.0
28 days ≥ 60 74.9

Abad Baehaki - QC/QA Supervisor

The above data were derived from our routine check. They give no assurance of
the suitability of the product for any particular purpose. The sampling was done
during mixing of the product and the analysis was done immediately after sampling.

Unsuitable transportation or storage conditions may cause alterations.

The purchaser is not relieved from examining the product upon delivery.

This Certificate of Analysis was printed electronically and is valid without a signature.

The aforementioned data shall constitute the agreed contractual quality of the product at the time of passing of risk. The data are controlled at regular intervals as part
of our quality assurance program. Neither these data nor the properties of product specimens shall imply any legally binding guarantee of certain properties or of fit-
ness for a specific purpose. No liability of ours can be derived therefrom.

This is a computer-generated document. No signature is required.

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