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Planning and Pre-Production

Unit 6: Visual Production


o Production Schedule
o Props List
o Crew List
o Location Recces
o Clearances and Confirmations
o Contingency Plan
Production Schedule
Please include location, time of film, what you are filming and teams members including actors

Monday Tuesday Wednes Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Start Continue Finish Plan Finish pre- Film car Collect
writing writing writing storyboard production exterior props
script script script shots
Finding Organise Find Prepare
props for filming
filming props (charge
fake dates with camera,
blood) cast. props)

Monday Tuesday Wednes Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Film scene Film extra (Possibly) (Possibly)
1 with shots for Prepare Film
Owen scene 1 scenes 2
for and 3 with
without shoot 2
Jemimah Owen and
Monday Tuesday Wednes Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Props List

Item Item Description Who uses it When it is used

Backpack x2 Dull coloured and Finn and Throughout the

slightly dirty. Chloe film.

Anonymous Slightly dirty The hunters. Scene 2

Mask x1

Futuristic Rifle Dull coloured The hunters Scene 2


Pistol x1 Black Finn Scene 2

Water Bottle Blank and full of water Finn Scene 1

Watch Grey or black (dull Finn Throughout the

colour) film.

Flashlight Dull coloured Finn Scene 2

Crew List

Person Role Dates Needed

Owen Feetham Finn 5th February 2018

Jemimah Newman- Chloe 5th February 2018


Jack Penton Hunter 1 5th February 2018

Hunter 2
Location Recce
Please produce a location recce for EVERY location used

Insert photo of location (do not draw) Type of room/area:

Road in woods.

Location Address:

Woodlands Road, Henley on


Sat Nav details (Post code):

Nearest Train Station:

Henley train station

Nearest Bus stop:

Lighting Information: Solutions:

Dull lighting Film during cloudy day

Sound Information: Solutions:

Quiet Only film when no cars are passing

Power Information Solutions:

No power Charge batteries in preparation for

filming and take spare batteries.

Hazards Solutions:

Cars and trees Don’t stand in road and be careful

where you are walking.
Clearances and Confirmations
You need confirmation emails from everyone that is featuring in your music
video. Please screenshot these emails including the dates and times they are
agreeing to paste them below.

If you are filming somewhere that requires permission, please obtain

permission and paste the confirmation below.
Contingency Plan
What are your plans for if something goes wrong? What back up actors,
locations and equipment do you have?

If an actor doesn’t turn up, I will have to take their place as I am currently not
starring in it. If the location is busy or not accessible, then there is a smaller
woods near my house which we could film at instead. I will bring spare props
that I have in case they get damaged or lost.