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General Directions: Read the items very carefully. Write your answer in each space provided.

Test I. True or False

Directions: Write TRUE if the statement is correct and FALSE if otherwise.
_______1. A safe workplace is clean, organized and well-lit.
_______2. One must unplug the power from the source before opening a case and performing services.
_______3. It is a best practice that a fire extinguisher and first aid kit be available in the workplace.
_______4. You are allowed to open the power supply or a monitor.
_______5. You can bring food and drinks inside the laboratory.
_______6.The key to a well-tuned computer system is the proper configuration.
_______7. The cmd is located in the Local Disk D.
_______8. Registry is a collection of database of configuration of database of configuration in Windows
Operating System.
_______9. The shortcut of Microsoft Configuration is Ipconfig.
_______10. Configuration is the way a system is set up.

Test II. Multiple Choice

Directions: Write the letter of the correct answer in a clean sheet of paper.
1. What boot configuration utility allows setting the programs that will run at startup?
a. Ipconfig b. regedit c. msconfig d. dxdiag
2. What application allows you to edit the registry?
a. Ipconfig b. regedit c. msconfig d. dxdiag
3. Which of the following enables you to test sound and graphics output?
a. Ipconfig b. regedit c. msconfig d. dxdiag
4. Which of the following is an applet that controls the look of windows?
a. Appearance and Themes c. Performance and Maintenance
b. Network and Internet d. Sounds, Speech and Audio
5. Which of the following applets does not belong to performance and maintenance category?
a. Administrative tool b. Automatic Updates c. Power Options d. System
6. Which of the following is a wizard used to configure MS Windows for vision, hearing and mobility needs?
a. Accessibility Option c. Sounds, speech and audio
b. Security Center d. User Accounts
7. Which of the following tab in direct X Diagnostic tool displays your current audio settings?
a. Input b. Music c. Sound d. System
8. Which of the following networking cable category is the most commonly used?
a. Cat3 b. Cat 5 c. Cat 5 and 5e d. Cat 6
9. What copper-cored cable is surrounded by a heavy shielding?
a. coaxial cable b. fiber optics c. optical fiber d. twisted pair
10. What Ethernet cable is used to connect two devices directly?
a. cross- over b. straight-through c. both A and B d. none of the options
11. Which of the following is a number used to identify a device on a network?
a. Default gateway b. DNS Server c. IP address d. Subnet mask
12. In which of the following IP address classes does belong to?
a. Class A b. Class B c. Class C d. Class D
13. What command is used to test the ability of the source computer to reach a specified destination
a. Ipconfig b. Msconfig c. Ping d. Regedit
14. What do you call an approach to computer networking where all computers show equivalent responsibility
for processing data?
a. Client server b. Peer to peer c. Peer to client d. None of the options
15. Which of the following is an example of a Class A subnet mask?
a. b. c. d.

Test III. Directions: Give the complete meaning of the following acronyms.
1. UTP
2. STP
3. IP
4. TCP /IP
6. FTP
7. SSH
10. DHCP
11. DNS
12. TTL
13. LAN
14. VPN
15. NIC

Test IV. Write the following task.

Matutina’s flash drive (USB drive) was infected with virus turning files into shortcut. Using the command prompt
(cmd), what should you enter to delete the virus in her flash drive? Write it below.