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Leading Stones of !42
As members of the 'Colonnade staff sat around Thursday;
Vol XVII. night,''reminiscihg, the'subject of news carrie up. How could
Mi31edgeviUe/G4., January 2, 1943. No. 12.
they help remembering . . . The reinstatement of Georgia
schools and colleges 'to the Southern Accredited list; the. Gol-

C G A And Art Department den Slipper Contest; "Who's Who; the vote on the honor sys-.
tem; graduation; ihe awarding of the Herty medal; the Georgia
Collegiate Press Association Convention;^ the State Music
Festival, and College Government elections.
Wai Sponsor Exhibition Rowanci To Present
Reinstatement «f Schools:
Rieinisitatement of GSCW and
other colleges of the University
Display Of Works Of Modem Artists Next Appreciation Siysitem by the Southern Associ-
SlatedFor January 15-19 In Library
The College Govemmen't Association, assisted by the Art
GSCW Students Hour Program Wed. ation of Colleges and Secondary
Schools or-' December 11th, was
the moat important story of the
W. H. Rowand/head of musi£
Dspartment will sponsor the exhibittion of 23 paintings by noted
modem artisits. This exhibition is scheduled for Friday, Janu-
Practice Teacli department of Shorter College,
recital W'Sdnesday night on the Goliden SUpiier:
ary 15, through. Tuesday, January 19, in the GSCW library. Ibrty-one GSCW students are Rome, Ga., will give an- organ Then there's the Golden Slipper
taMng courses in practice, ap- Appreciation Hour program. Contest held on- November 13th,
ThfC paintings are circulated iby 'Prentice and cadet teaching this in which this year's sophomores
the MuBeum of Modern Art in
New York and were selected as
Aerial Geography quarter. These girls are:
Mr. Riowand is a very talented proved victorious over a spunliy
musician and has given recitals freshman class.
an; dmitroduction to modern art. Sara Elaine Kannebrew, Doro- in Atlanta and various parts of Freshman Elections:
Bach picture will be appropri-
ately labeled with, a brief expla-
Offered AT GSCW thy Keel, Dorothy Joiner, Doro- the South.'
thy Dunahoo, Helen Brown, Bet-
Fresihman electioa^ in which
Hele'n Akitv was elected president
In cooperation 'w4tih the gov- ty Teasley, Jane Mangham, Nolle His program is as follows:
nation of the nmsterpiece, and
Ohoral Preludes—J. S. Bach. made valualble copy for the
the artist who painted it, but, ernment's plan to push, forward EUis, Lilyan Middlebrooks, Betty
"Come, Now Saviour, of the November 7 issue.
for the benefit of students and lonowledge of present day con- Jbrdan, Marjorie Stowers, Karen Who's Who:
teaeihers interested, several gal- ditions and developments, Mrs. Owens.
"Rejoice, Now, Christian Souls" Of €jspecial initerest was the
lery tallss offered by the Art Fern Doris is conduotlng a course Edith Murray, Hazel Stewart,
Deipantment wall be given by in aerial gtography this quarter Ethel Emibree, Frances McKee, "Blessed Jesus, at Thy Word" annourioemeint of the election on
"In Thee Is* Joy" October 17 of twelve students,
Miss Mamie Padgett to fully ex- for students %viho are interested Sarah Taylor, Mary Reese.
plain not only the picture itself, 'in Iftiis field. The government Chorals No. 2, in B M i n o r - ten seniors and two juniors, to
Helen Dunn, Olympia Diaz, Cesar Franck membership to Who's Who Among
but each movement and line th« has urged that such courses fee Situdents in American' Colleges
artist has suggiested. taught throughout the nation in Jane Reeve, Gertrude Erlich, Tempo di Scherzo (Symphony and Universities.
colleges, and by next year the Martha Lois Roberts, Lillie Oel- V)—^Louis Verne Honor System:
The times ,for visitin<g the ex-
plan will have reached high ericn, Myra Scott, Maurine Brant- Choral,. "Love Brings Great
hibit have-not yeit been deter- Overwhetoing vote of the three
schools and even grammar ley, Ruth Mulli'ns, Jessie Atkin- Suffering"—Flor Peters
mined since they must necessa- son, Lonnie Lee Smith McNel- upper classes to operate under
rily conform to the library class ley, Ohriistine Willingham Gay. Praeiudium—Zoltan Kodaly the Honor System was announc-
schedule}, tiut an ana:W)uncement The course is purely of a sur- Cantilena-^arl McICinl-ey ed October 9.
vey nature since no text book Alma Ivey and Jane Cleveland
will be made later. Fanfare d'Orgue—^Harry Rowe GiTadmlijon:
will be .used. M's. Doris plans are at Midway; Rebecca Home, SheUey Graduation, in' which 216 sen-
• GSCW is fortunate in having
to begin the' course vnth a study Claxton; Mildred Ennis, Hartwell; iors received their coveted de-
the advanliage of displaying^ this
of .the development. of the air- Mary^ Ruth.Foshee and Elfeanor grees, was an im.portant event
exhiibftr'as "'t¥e paintings are
plane. Wi'th the "perfection of Jones at Jesuip, Carolyir Wilson OGLETBEE TO SPEAK recorded of June 5.
'siohie of the most famous of mod-
this development,, its, preeminent and Clara Nell Smith at Eaton- Her'y Medal:
ern times. Th'sy are marvelous Carhne Ogletree, presideht of
effects upon the association of ton; ,and Lucy Ruth B-edington The awarding on May 2 of the
reproductions ar.d afiford a sur- Freshman Y, will speak on "Fac-
the nations of the world will be and Mary Nell Branan at Tig-
vey of painting from 1830 to
discussed. nail. Frances DuPree is doing ing Life with Christ in' 1943" at Hfenty Medal to Dr. Townes R.
1900. cadet ttaching in Atlanta. Vespers on Sunday, January 3rd. Leigh, dean of the college of
Situdty of current affairs and lartsi land -sfiiences at the Ujni-
Those to be on display are:
map work will be essential to vensity of Florida, for outstand-
Woman with Pearl Rang, by
the completion of the required
Icnowledge. Topography as well
mk% Dance Nanless To Gree ing s-erviice as a, teacher and for
his research on plants and soils,
Drama, b\y Daumier as the location of important W3is of nation-wide interest.
• Crispin and! Scapin, by Dau- states and cities •wall be included
mier in the course. perjy GCPA Cojivent^un:
Then there was the convention
'Boy with a Fife, by Mlanet Mrs. Doris intends that stu- By BEE McCORMACK after him. The lights were dim- of the Georgia CoUegia.te Press
Boating, by Manet dents ma'ke la survey of the pos- med and soH'gg were sung, fol- AEsoclaticn, held on April 24-25
Summer, by Monet Nineteeai foity-two v<4Uingly
sibdlity and probability of the /3urrendered his position to young lowed by a program of readings on' our GSCW-campus.
Race Horses, by Degas formation of an; interniational air by Carlene Ogletree, Jane Sparlcs, Music Festival:
Two Dancers,, by Degas and virulent forty-ithree Friday Mary Kenn'edy, and Marian Bes-
force to help in maintaining and The seventh annual conference
Venice, by Renoir ' night to the welcoming accom- sent,. During the readings, the
enforcing peace after the War. of the Georgia State High School
paniment of Auld Lang Syne, center doors to the terrace open'-
Woman' Comfbiing' Her Hair, by Thi© aerial geography course's Musiic Festival held ' on' this
effectively rendered by some five ed to reveal an illuminated
Renoir aim is to ediuicate the youth of campus A.pril 9-10 wais of state-
hundred Jessies ga.thered to wit- globe surrounded by candles, a •wiide interest.
Women with Ghildreoi, by Re- America toward helping to make
noir a progressive and open-minded ness the tran'sitlon of years. symbol of the light and peace Campu?. Elections:
Mor'Easter, by Homer peace. The gym formed an ideal setting which we all hop^e nineteen
Last March the campus elec-
John Biglen' in a Single ScuU, for the entrance -of young nine- forty-three wUl bring with it. tions TE'siulted in' the victory of
teen forty-three at GSCW. Col- MIei-ry greetiings of "Happy Louise Faver, as CGA president;
lb(y Eakins
Toilers of the "Sea, by Ryder
Three Appointments orful streamers and bells were New Year" rang out on all sides Edfyithe Trapnell, as Y president;
Still Life, by Ceaanne Are Made To Faculty decoratively 'hung a^nd postei-'s and the first bag event of nine- and Olympia Diaz, as Rec Asso-
The Village,, by Cezanne The^'char.'ges 'in the faculty^ ef-, depicted the change in the re- tene forty-three calendar was ciaitio-m president.
The Rted Waistcoat, by Cezanne fe-ctive at the beginning of this gents of time. brougihit to a close. Let us hope
Tlhree Models, by Seurat quarter were annourjoed this Notable by its absence was the that the note cf joy and hope Basketball Season
Arearea, ib|y Gauguin week. Miss Athleen Benton is a male eleiner;t which, thoiagh., ,of and happiness which was sound-
Tia Matete, by Van Gogh r.'ew memibler of tlie secretarial course, missed, hampered but ed with the entrance of a new Opens Wednesday
Liandisaape with Cypresses,,, by department's faculty; Miss Rena Mtie the evening's gaiety. Jun- a'i:d' troubk'd year, wiU be the • The hasiketbiall seaiso'n will get
Van Gogh Jenlcins and Miss Sarah. McGee iors and seiaiors, however, dress- keynote, of the months to come underway Wednesday at 4:45
The Old Peaeant, by Van' Gogh have joined the P^abody faculty ed as sailors, soldiers, marintsa, and let "us" also hope that young p.m. in the gynunasium. Glynise
Chestnut BQossoms by Van to replace Miss Catherine Butts and what-have-you, filled quite ninbteen forty-three has tucked Smith has been appointed ibas-
Oogh and Mi:S3 Miriam Fullbright re- adequately the positions of the a dove of peace and an olive ketball maimagei' to fill the va-
sjpeotively. Resignations have absent gentlemen. cancy made by Grace Bonner.
branch of victory in hi« hat.
Nine Students been accepted from - Miss Lena Dancing was the principal ac- IVLiss Billie Jemndngs will sponsor
Martin of the chemistry depart- tivity, and jiilterfbiug fiends got a this aotiviity,. Everyone is urged
Complete Work ment, and Miss Grace Potts' of thrill when Amn Cook and Edna
SKINNER PRESENTED to come to 'Vcie 'gymnasium to
Nlf rte 6tuit<en.ts, 'oompletfe their the Physioar, Education depart- Morriss cax'Pied off .the' trophys play or to learn to play. The.
degree requirements at the end ment. Mifis Martin has accept- offered to the most hep rug cat- tournament will begin, after a few
©f fiaU quarter. They are: ed a position with the fipvem- ters. Runners-iup* for tlie title The MlUedsrevUle Ctooper- condltiionirig _ppaotioes in order
Mary Curry,' Marguerite Jones, ment at Baltimore,' Md., and Mliss were Sara Penn and Ann Pippin. ative Concert Affisooiatkw wUl that it 'may ibe completed with-
Mary Lenier,; Margaret Oyerton, Potts ;;y5dll;.resu(inc!''feer work at Alt the stroke of twelve, old present Ctnieliol Otis Sklnsitr out interfierjnig wifth ilthe activi-
Clyde ReynoldB; ' ^ li^ary Scott, the Terns College lor , "W^eh, as luuteteea iSontjHwo aitlaggered- jin in ooneert at RMsaell audtto- ties of the WAVES. 'Praoticea.
Betty Shaw/ HieleB Tbbb, and aasoifitont professor o£ pthynloal and ottt asaiw with little nine- iHiRi Tluinidmr night, JaiiH- will be hdd on Monday .and
Kina'Wilcgp,;, •,,.•' ,, ;'••::• ••.'••.; •e<Jucati<?n. •" '"•:' teen iQTtsrHtftiree .runniBf giaily • M i y i * . ... WwRieadayB of'. eadh -Iwwk T'"'''

^li^ SatiudaY' Jani^ny 2« 1343 Sattii4iiT« I v l i u n r 2. 1913 THE cotONNADE Page Thiree
I Miorley.
Life-Saving Classes
Life Among WAVES Is Open For Students
New Books Added ".Balcony , Empiire" — Eleanor
and Reynold® Pacl^ard.

"We Took to tihe Wcods"—

pesctibed By Lieut. Tanck • Affnerica:^, Red Cress Senior
Lif-D-^Siavirig and' Instructor's To Rental Library Louise Dickenson.
"Reprisal" — Btfcel Vsmce.
courses are being offered by the Miss Betty Ferguson anr-ounc-
•Lieutenant O'g) RV H. Tanck's arrival on the GSCW campus "My Worid and Welcome to
Hhysical Education DepGrtmon't ed THiursday that these boolc^
two .weeks ago, as temporary officer in'charge, m.arked the-? tliis quart.er at 4:4.0 Monday, It"—James Thuiter.
have (been a^dded to the rental
firet evidence of the WAVES, or "Ripples," as the enlisted Wcdni2sriay vand Friday after- library: "Our Hearts Were Young and
members of the Naval Women's Reserve are sometimes called. ncor-. These courses receive /'Listen, Hans" — r)oroth.v Gay"—Cornelia Otis Skinner.
regular phjisical education credit, lihcmpison. "See Here, Private Hargrove"
Originally GSCW v^s chosen —Marion. Hargrove.
rnd tiie students, includirg jun-
as an indocftriniation school for Peacock Js Acting "Suez to Singapore" — Cecil
The befit sdlers W'ere predict-
recTUiils tout now it has become iors and seniors, are urged to see Bi-QWi-n.

a liniisihing' center 'wihere selected

President Of IRC Miss Bsitty Lippman' immedi- "Drivin' Woman" — E.li2iabeth ed 'by' Miss Ferguson as being:
Beit-.y Robb Peacock, vice- •ately to sign up. P. Chevalier. "Thorofare," "My V.'orld and
girls will be given training that
"Look to the Woman" — Le- Welcome To It," "Our Hearts
will advance them to toe rating president, ^\'ill serve as acting Successful completion of ,these
Were Young and Gay," ard "See
of Yeomen, third dass F>etty of- pre.si<<iiMit of the In'ernatio"nal courses will enable qa.ialifier3 to Grand Ctellborn.
Relations club during the ab- "'TJiorofare'' — Christopher Here, Private Hargrove."
ficer. • • receive certificates ir<su'ed 'by the
The Naval Staff officer should sence of the president, Christine American Red' Cross. A student .JL^SiJSt <^ A ,#> d
arrive about the ISth' of the Willin,?ham Gay, who married is eligible who has passed her
month a:nd' 4O0 • "Ripples" will Captain Alex Gay at Cochran ssver.'te'eTith birthday and is in
come' aboard" their new tfnip Field. December 10. Mrs. G.;y sound physical colidition to qua-
arofund'- the end of the mon^tli. is now doing apprentice teaching
lify for a senior certificate.. A •^-
'llhe • sched'ule that awaits th;-3m at Claxton. Ga.
is severe. Their day begins at
student must have completed a
IRC will cooperate witli the senior course and passed tine
G o'clock in the morning and ywCA in planning and conduct- exjamination or haw re\dewed it
ends .?\t ten o'clock at night. ing the Institute of Human Rela- suc'cessfully within the preceding
Daring that time, they attend tions thi5 year. The Club hss v?ar to fce eligible to take the t H E BOLDEST-HEARTED BUCCANEER
six lecitures,', practice typing for chosen F.ussia and its people as instructor's course.
tv.-o hours,, drill for another two a topic for special.'study.
hours during wiiich they will
m.arch . atout •••sixte?n miles, .have 500K KEVTEW
ore hour of sihletic?, and after
taking out the tim? for c-'-urly
and msals, they v/ill have 25 Stout-Hearted English z^re
minutes to s>er!d st they ple3?o.
^^T^en •Ti.:;? srhcc'-jlc i-. worked out
in finr.l form, o copy val; be &e- ibed III ^'The Fortres^^
•ou-ed' for publicnti'-:'n.
Bach enlisti-d member of the This Fortress, b y Manning^ Coles, is anothsr of icdav-'s
Womer."® Reserve has tv;o dark
fcilue suits, or.p combination rain iiinsly end stirring dramas portraying the England oi V/crld
coat and tco coat with innei Wii II, and candidly revsals the sim.ple, stout heart of the
lir.ing for severs v.^eauier.. fouv English people.
reserve blue cotton shirts ici'
ordinary wear, and two dar!'. Cclos has effecvively blcnd-;d
the elements cl" romance and
bilue cotton blouses f"r dress or
parade, tv.'o pcirs of black sho's intrigue and has pervaded the PSA will meet Sunday after-
AvitOi low heel?, one pair cf short wih:le v-ith a quiet humor that noon at 5 o'clock. The review
black hather gloves, one blue I'otih e.Trichcs and enlivens hi.s •"•f Charles Sbeldon's ''In His
hat, one h.av>elock or raincape, story. Hi,? ability at character- Steps" v/ill 'be continued. ALice
two black ra)-cn ties, fcur jrairs nation manifests itself in the New'Sll vr'll lead the devotional.
of lisle cotton hos3 and such u,n- \'i\i.dne'ss with \\'hidi he depicts
menionables or underclothing as the- English villagers. They are
jdiie d?.ea-.2 neces^rary, but which •;:.'tr.bo']3 of ihe English fighting
th.e Na\'y does not fuoish.
Iia::t but moijt important is the
du'iy they will perform. After
spirit—steacdlas.t and undaunted
in face of attack by a ruth'lsss
completing tlieir three montlis of
This Por(xess covers the life Free Delivery lalrtf

of Tcm Langrish from the end CRE6AR

training at G-SCW, they will be
sant to various naval stations all of Vrorld V.'
^ ar I to tlie beginning IN TECHNSCOLOR Themai
of the prrcent conflict. The st-:ry Giorg*
over /..".nerica v.'here they v/ill
relpace the Yojmans riow doing
bsgins vi'ith Giamherlain's dec-
laration cf v/ar on the A_x'is.
office duties. These men will SHOPPE

then to free to g? on s?a du/y Langriiith, shaken by the nsws,
where they are so badly needed. re?-!lb the details of his service ON SECOND FLOOR
du"i.:g vh'
B first World War and Hevf Permanent Wave Ma- WEDNESDAY—JANUAF.Y Sth
Thuis. those you:.':; Vv'-xnen who
qualify as WAVES are doing av his long and bitter adjustment to ''hbe oi Nfiwepl Type Has
m.nch as any one ma.n could do t!h?. worJd that followed. His Been Added. We Urs Best
in the American' effort to v/Ln life in the tiny village of Wes- Chemicals Money Can Buy!
tihis war. Ey t"ain:ng diligently terly,. wHiere 'he found love and 1 IF YOU WANT THE BEST.
and carryir'g cut the man-sized intrigU'e, is climaxed by the SHOP AT
schedule, described above, to rfioctin'g of a German parachu-
qualify for a strenous office iob tist in a field nearby. He in E. E. BELL'S
in a niav^l is'tation, they ars jurt t'-icn brought into closer unity
as mu^h bT-'hi-':! the grims of the with the villagers, for he rea-
big shir<5 S3 th'^ mm ^^•''^••"m thoy lizes the immensity of the task
sat f'ee from s^.ore cuti'rs. v.fnich faces his country. Eai; Sunday. Dinner
This Fortress offers the reader Where There's Good Food
thorough entertainment, botli for ?.nd Good Service THURSDAY ^II^D FRIDAY—JAJ^UARY 7{!'i and 8:h
its qualiti'CS as a first-rate story
We Meed Coat a.id for itis convincing portrait of PAUL'S CAFE
our ally at war. Iml Flynsi • klms M^Ja
Hangers in
75c per 100
When in Need of HAVE SEEN SINCE LAST SPRING. COMiE EARLY (TliB Life story of lames J. Curbstt)
, Caison-illaii Hale -<
Otir Lines Axe Complete! WOOTTEN'S BOOK STORE AT OUR BOX-dFiFlCE NOW! • ••..;•••..,^i.•l^f:, ..i'l,! v . )?•'.!••

i . : i ^ i C '. v:';,' ';•.'.;>;. ;;.;••!I:'

Rose's 5-lOc Store ii dk£k,Jk ik it JL,Ai Ai,A ik it.i» ik ik it>,i4M>,.
I;....;!.,:!,,'' •;.•.''.•'•••'!'!;,!':,', ..i,^
TH& COLONNADE Sfttoxday, Iaauwy,2, 194(1
P^e Foiir


Associated Golle6iate Press
Priorities (iutter Closet Space And I suppose no matter what kind of wars
come along there will be articles on fashions
Distributor of By JEWELL WmiE and people who read them. You've had this
Col!e6iate Di6est said' to you before, but, "We are at war and
This is the story of a sad disappointment. you don't realize it." Prob^ly not—neither
Published weekly, during school jyear 0X
cept during holidays and examination periods Once upon a time, we ^thought for a very short time that do i at lease we don't if actions still mean
by the students of the Georgia State College one tremendous convenience had resulted from priorities, anything.
for "\(Vomen, Milledgeville, Georgia. Subscrip- but it hasn't. For years we have wondered what to do We are. still subject to the influence of fads.
tion price $1.00 per year. Entered as second- with extra coat-hangers. Of course, we could sell them We still buy new sweaters when old ones
class matter October 30, 1928, in the post of-
fice, Mille^gsviUe, Georgia, under the Act of to an establishment which specializes in the rejuvenation would do. We still buy scarfs, pins, brace-
March 3, 1879. of wearing apparel for'the stupendous sum of one-quarter lets—no they don'tcost much individually but
of one cent each, but after we had made the necessary when we add it all up, the result is startling.
AICN TINSLEY. Businese Manager trips "down" to take all of the extra ones, our profit was "And you want us to around in sack cloth
CATHBEUNE FOSTER.. .Maaiaging Editor eaten up in half soles. We could have allowed them to and ashes?"
JEWELL W n i E . . . . AssociatB Editor clutter up seven-eighths of our closet's space indefinitely, "No."
MajHOiie Shepaid, Evelyn PoPe, but with closets the size they 'are,, it was aboslutely impos-
sible to hang up our dress when we did that. Our coat "Well, we have the money. Why not
News Editor buy new clothes—or pins or bracelets? Just_
Mary Emma Schultz..Photographic E<titor hangers were to us what old razor blades were to our
brothers. because this world has gone mad, do we have
Mary FiTeash. Exchange Editor
Mary E^inedy Circulation Manager to go in mourning?"
. Then came the lovely day when a skict returned from the "No, just think a moment."
cleaners dragging a cardboard hanger behind it. Ah,
Rationing In Relation To Colleges bliss! "Now," v;a thought, ,"we can throw away the card-
It's hard, actually to realize that our "fifty
centses," and our "dollar ninety eights" are
We have been called upon to cooperate board one and use up one of those little pieces of wire
going to help us win this war any sooner but
•with the additional nation-wide food program which has been annoying us." But, oh,_no! Sister sud-
they will. Every war stamp we buy will help
as announced by Claud R. Wickard, the Sec- denly remembers the paper shortage and positively re-
get those we love home a little sooner. Hadn't
retary of Agriculture. In addition to the fuses to allow us to lay a -malignant hand on that precious
we really rather have that than a sweater like
coffee and sugar rationing, this program will article. Oh, well, we still dream of card board hangers,
the girl down the hall?
control the use of dairy products, fats, oils, becoming as common as paper handkerchiefs disposa-
meats, dried fruits, and all canned fruits, and ble things are so convenient. The "use once and throw Of course there will always be some
vegetables. This will not have a noticeable away" slogan has such hum'an appeal. The dear child people who will be careless when the world
snatched our little piece of triangulr card board and gave is trying to save. We don't suppose that can
effect on our meals in the college dining halls be helped, but believe us—they will be mark-
which have been carefully planned with sub- it to the Boy Scouts.. We gave up our tender dream of
ed, because—for the duration, it is fashion-
stitutes for the ration products. finally finding a non-nuisance coat hanger for the duration
able not to be* fashionable.
for we could still use those ultra extra wirecontraptions.
At least 25 per cent of the nation's food "Ah, ha! Who's been messing in our closet?" Well, well,
stuff must go to our men in, the service and well. Mother had given all our "ultra-extras" to the scrap
to'Our allies. However, our duty concerns Tuition Free Courses Offered
drive along with Dad's razor blades. May the saints pre-
' Nl^Sif viAVfisfii'i' 'not only V;'hat we eat in the dining hall bul There is a great demand in the Govern- .
serve drawers! ment for civiHan junior enginees. Women •
what we buy down town. Our share of these
with college degrees in any field may now
products have been secured for us by the qualify for junior engineering positions in the
college. V/hat v/e buy of the rationed goods Federal Civil Service by taking a short tuition
down town is over our share. free course, it was announced by the United
States Civil Service Commission.
This course has been developed' by the
College Aims Rejuvenated U. S, Civil Service Commission and the U.S.
We have just returned from a Christmas Office of Education as a part of the Engneering,
holiday, which was probably the most cheer- Science and Management War Training Pro-
gram, to prepare women for engineering ac-
less in our experience. The very atm-osphere tivities in order to supplement the rapidly
lacked the traditional Christmas spirit. ' The diminishing supply of male engineers, many
absence, often for the first time, of many of whom are entering the armed forces.
men friends, brothers, and sweethearts, made Arrangements have been made for any
the pressure of a v/ar time holiday season felt institution offering college engineering train-
more poignantly than it has been since last ing to gve the course, provided a sufficient
December. However, a .determined brand of number of persons enroll. It may be given
gaity was evident for most Americans found as a 10 week, full time day course or as a 27
week evening course covering 320 hours of-
it impossible to enjoy the usual effervescent lecture, recitation and problem work, in such
festivities and substituted calm good will. subjects as engineerng computations, engi-
The sobriety of the manner in which Christ- neering drawing, elemenjary mechanics of
mas was observed this year is indicative of materials, surveying, and job processes an4„ l^\
methods. ,
ihe spirit in which America has determined to
achieve victory. Our nation, as a whole, has Persons who successifully com|plete the
abandoned boisterous carelessness for the du- course i^nd who are otherwise qualified are
ration to settle into a serious effort to earn eligible for junior engineering positidns pay-
peace. We, as are other college students, are ing an entrance salary of $2,000 a year in
obligated to n:iake every effort to cooperate Washington, D. C , |and throughout the
with our government in spirit as .well as in United States. All appointments will be war
defense work. As a new quarter and a new(^ service appointments. The duties in general,
year's beginning, v;e now have an opportun- are to perform such work as testing 'and in-
ity to "pull in our belts" and determine that spection of engineering materials, design or
our men in service shall not do all the fight- testing of apparatus and machinery, assisting
ing. in experimental research, drawing plana for
minor projects, preparing m.aps, making com- •
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