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nae >| University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore. Ph: 082-99028248 kt? Institute of Environmental Engineering & Research (IEER) a tw Gomecrmng Sema “SS Web: wn. uet edu phtaculiesfacutisinfol¢eparment?RID=introductonsis=13, Se o- [EER VET—2o-18y Minutes of the Meeting (MoM) Dede; 18 -03-Dolb Subject Meeting with representative from World Wide Scientific regarding the Purchase of Tender Venue Equipment Directors Office, IEER Present Prof. Dr. Sajjad H. Sheikh (Director, IEER-In Chair) Dr Muhammad Umar Faroog (OrMUF), Assistant Professor (Lab Incharge IEER) ‘Mr. M, Awais Jamil (Equipment Section, UET, Lahore) ‘Mr. Muhammad Afzal (World Wide Scientific (WWS) representative) Date held — March 17, 2016 ‘There was a lot of concem on the inordinate delay is supply of equipment by Wordwide Scientific. In this regard a meeting was convened. The minutes are summarized below. item Minutes 1 Through open competitive bidding, following equipment were awarded to M/S Worldwide Scientific (WwW) SFNo. Equipment PONG. issue date 1._ | Water purification system RIKI | 7917-2014 2 [Bench top pHiconductiviyiDO | IR/KI-4544 19-11-2014 | meter 3._| Kjeidhal analysis system TRKIABAA io7. 2014 4 [BOD incubator —Tinxiarsea 19-17-2014 Equipment at serial No.3 have been supplied. While equipment at serial no.1,2 and 4 are yet to be provided. Director IER expressed his deep concem on the inordinate delay in furnishing the equipment allotted to MIS Worldwide Scientific. He said that the PO was issued dated 19-11-2014, however, the equipmentis yet to be furnished. The contractor provided all related documents for LC opening, which "were forwarded to the Treasurer office on 20-01-2015 vide letter no. IEER-UET-2015-646, More than one complete year has elapsed. Unfortunately, the contractor did not take any interest to process his case. The contractor was reminded many times but to no avail. Finally, notices were given though emails dated 23-02-2016 and 16-03-2016. But the contractor made no move for LCs. Mr. M. Afzal, representative from WWS told the Chair that their Principle is not ready to deliver the equipment on LC, therefore the purchase of remaining equipment is pending. ‘Mr Awais told that the Principal has given Proforma Invoice, in which itis undertaken by him that he will provide the equipment on LC. Thus he is contractually bound to provide the equipment through LC. At this belated stage he cannot back out from his written commitment, On this Mr Afzal had no answer ‘The Chair pointed out that due to nonprofessional altitude of WWS, the Institute has suffered inreparable loss in its research activities ‘The Chair told Mr Afzal to finally convey the decision of WWS on 18-03-2016 before close of business hours (4:00 pm) through email. In case they are unable to supply the instrument and meet their contractual obligation, the Institute would have left with no option but to forfeit the bid security and move the case of black listing of WS not only in UET but also write to Government of the Punjab for blacklisting WSS throughout the Punjab in all Government Organizations. Author: Dr M. Umar Faroog (Lab In-charge) Reviewed and edited: Prof, Dr Sajjad H. Sheikh (Director IEER) Copy: 1 2 Convener, Central Purchase Committee, UET, for his kind information and record Worldwide Scientific 18/3/2016 (Prof. Dr. SAJJAD H. SHEIKH) Director Insiute of Environmental Engg. & Research ‘University of Engg. & Technology, Lahore