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Problem Identification and Prioritization

Cues Nursing Diagnosis Rank Justification

As verbalized by the Impaired skin integrity - This is an actual problem of
client; “Dati po kasi nung the client therefore it is
related to contact with
nag skin asthma ako ranked as number 1
nagkaron po ng tubig- irritants/ allergens
tubig to’ (hands) tapos
nung natuyo nagging
ganito na po.”


- Dry, rough skin

- Cracked skin (both

Presence of ridges in the


Subjective: This is ranked as the second

priority problem because it is
The client stated Deficient knowledge
considered as a deficiency or
“Malinis po, walang in proper nutrition
and food preparation deprivation needs (“d-needs”) in
dumi wala pong langaw. that their lack of satisfaction causes
Pati po pagkain ng a deficiency that motivates people
vegetables and fruits.”
to meet these needs.
“Hindi po kami
nagluluto, minsan-
minsan lang. madalas
po bumibili nalang po
kami sa carinderia.” 2

“Hindi naman po ako

nagugutom agad,
minsan po
nakakalimutan ko
kumain pag nag-lalaro
ako ng toys ko”

 Client appears to
be uncertain
about her answer

Subjective Cues: Risk for Infection This is ranked as the last priority
related to inadequate because it is just a risk factor which
“ Pag sobrang kati, primary defenses as means it can still be prevented by
nakakamot ko po tapos manifested by dry skin
giving health teaching to the client
parang nagtutubig siya” and skin lesions

“Sabi po sakin ng doctor,

lagyan ko lagi ng
petroleum jelly yung
kamay ko”

Objective Cues:

 Dry hands

Cracked skin (both hands)