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Question Booklet Series :–

Question Booklet No. :–
ç'u iqfLrdk J`a[kyk %& ç'u iqfLrdk la[;k %&

Time Allowed : 1 Hour 30 Minutes Total No. of Questions : 120

vuqer le; % 1 ?kaVs 30 feuV PAPER – I ç”uksa dh dqy la[;k % 120

Roll No. : (Paper–I) OMR Answer Sheet No. :
vuqØekad % -------------------------------------------- ¼isij&I½ vks-,e-vkj- mÙkj if=dk la[;k : ---------------------------
Name of the Candidate (in capital letters) :
vH;FkÊ dk uke % ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Candidate's Signature Invigilator's Signature
vH;FkÊ ds gLrk{kj % ------------------------------- d{k fujh{kd ds gLrk{kj % ---------------------------------
General Aptitude Consisting of Reasoning,

Management Trainee
A and/or B and/or C PAPER – I Data Analysis, Computer Awareness, General 131
Awareness, Management and Current Affairs.
IMPORTANT:– Read the following instructions carefully. Do egRoiw.kZ%& fuEufyf[kr funsZ'k /;kuiwoZd i<+saA vius ç”uksa ds mÙkj
not mark answers on the question booklet, otherwise you may ç”u&iqfLrdk esa u yxk,a vU;Fkk p;u çfØ;k ls vkidh ik=rk oafpr
be debarred from the selection process. dj nh tk;sxhA

2. Before commencing to answer, check that the Question Booklet has

all the 120 questions and there is no misprinting, overprinting and/or
any other shortcoming in it. If there is any shortcoming, intimate the
Question paper is bilingual (Hindi/English). In case of any variation in Hindi
version, English version will be taken as final for evaluation purposes.
ç”u i= f}Hkk’kh; ¼fgUnh ,oa vaxzsth½ esa gSA fgUnh laLdj.k esa fdlh Hkh
fHkérk gksus ij ewY;kadu ds fy, vaxtsz h laLdj.k dks vfUre ekuk tk;sxkA
viuk mÙkj fy[kuk çkjEHk djus ls igys viuh ç'u iqfLrdk dh Hkyh&Hkk¡fr
tk¡p dj ysa] ns[k ysa fd blesa 120 ç'u gSa vkSj blesa fçafVax lac/a kh vFkok
vU; fdLe dh dksbZ deh ugha gSA ;fn fdlh çdkj dh dksbZ deh gks rks
same to your room invigilator and have it changed. No complaint in i;Zo{s kd dks lwfpr djsa rFkk iqfLrdk cny ysAa bl lanHkZ esa fdlh Hkh çdkj
this regard shall be entertained at any later stage. dh dksbZ f'kdk;r ij ckn esa dksbZ fopkj ugha fd;k tk,xkA
3. Ensure that your admit card and OMR sheet is signed by you lqfuf”pr djsa fd vkids ços”k&i= ,oa vks-,e-vkj “khV dks vkids }kjk
and the invigilator. If the same is not signed, your candidature ,oa d{k fujh{kd ds }kjk gLrk{kj fd;k x;k gSA ;fn gLrk{kj ugha
is liable to be rejected. fd;k@djok;k x;k gS rks ik=rk fujLr gks tk;sxhA

4. All Multiple Choice Questions carry equal 3 marks. There will be negative lHkh cgq&fodYi ç”uksa ds 3 cjkcj vad gSaA çR;sd xyr mÙkj ds fy,
marking of 1 mark for each wrong answer. No Mark will be awarded or _.kkRed 1 vad dkV fy;k tk;sxkA vuqÙkfjr ç”uksa ds fy, u rks dksbZ vad
deducted for not attempting a question. Darken ONLY ONE OVAL for fn;k tk,xk vkSj u gh dkVk tk,xkA çR;sd mÙkj ds fy, dsoy ,d vksoy dks
each answer. If you darken more than one oval or any stray mark is found dkyk djsaA ;fn vki ,d ls T;knk vksoy dkyk djrs gSa ;k ,d ls T;knk
on more than one oval, your answer will be treated as Wrong Answer vksoy ij dksbZ LVªs ekDZl feyrk gS rks vkidk mÙkj xyr ekuk tk;sxk ;|fi
even if one of the given answer happens to be correct and there will be fn;s x, mÙkj esa ls dksbZ lgh gks rks Hkh ,oa ml ç”u ij _.kkRed vadu

same Negative marking as stated above. Candidates are, therefore, fd;k tk;sxk tSlk fd Åij of.kZr fd;k x;k gSA vr% ç”uksa ds mÙkj nsrs le;
advised to keep this in mind while answering the questions. bu ckrksa dks /;ku esa j[ksaA
5. This is an objective type test in which each objective question is ;g ,d oLrqijd fdLe dh ijh{kk gS ftlesa çR;sd ç'u ds uhps Øekad
followed by four responses serialled (1) to (4). Your task is to (1) ls (4) rd pkj çLrkfor mÙkj fn;s gSaA vkids fopkj esa tks Hkh
choose the correct/best response and mark your response in the
mÙkj lgh@loZJs"B gS mldks vks-,e-vkj- mÙkj i= esa fn;s funsZ'k ds

OMR Answer Sheet only as per the instructions given and NOT
in the Question Booklet. vuqlkj fpfUgr dhft,A vius mÙkj ç'u iqfLrdk esa u yxk,A
6. Use Black Ball Point Pen for all your work on the OMR Answer Sheet. vks-,e-vkj- mÙkj if=dk ij lHkh dk;ks± ds fy, dkys ckWy Iokb±V isu
The ovals on the OMR Answer Sheet are to be completely filled by ls fy[ksaA vks-,e-vkj mÙkj if=dk ij vksoy dks iw.kZ :i ls dsoy dkys
ckWy Iokb±V isu ls HkjsaA ,d ckj fn, x, mÙkj dks cnyk ugha tk

Black Ball Point Pen only. ANSWERS ONCE GIVEN CAN NOT BE
CHANGED. Cutting/overwriting the answers are not allowed. ldrkA mÙkj dh dfVax ,oa vksojjkbZfVax dh vuqefr ugha gSA
7. Use of Calculators, Slide rules, Mobiles, calculator watches or any dsYdqysVj] LykbM:y] eksckbZy] dsYdqysVj ?kfM+;k¡ ;k bl çdkj dh dksbZ
such devices and any other study/reference material is NOT allowed Hkh ;qfä ,oa fdlh Hkh v/;;u@lanHkZ lkexzh vkfn dk ç;ksx ijh{kk d{k

inside the examination hall. esa oftZr gSA

8. Rough Work is to be done in the blank space provided in the jQ+ dk;Z iqfLrdk esa fdlh Hkh [kkyh LFkku esa fd;k tkuk pkfg,] vks-,e-
Question Booklet, not on the OMR Answer Sheet. No other paper vkj- mÙkj if=dk ij dksbZ Hkh jQ+ dk;Z u djsaA fdlh vU; dkx+t ij
will be allowed/provided for rough work. bls djus dh vuqefr ugha gSA
9. Handover the complete Question Booklet and OMR Answer Sheet ijh{kk dh lekfIr ds i'pkr~ viuh iwjh ç'u&iqfLrdk rFkk mÙkj&if=dk
to the invigilator on completion of the test. Do not take this Question i;Zos{kd dks lkSai nsaA ç'u iqfLrdk ;k blds fdlh Hkkx vFkok OMR
Booklet or any part thereof or OMR Answer Sheet outside the mÙkj if=dk dks ijh{kk d{k ls ckgj ys tkuk oftZr gS ,slk djuk
examination room. Doing so is a punishable offence. nUMuh; vijk/k gSA

DIRECTIONS: (Question No. 1 to 5) Answer the questions on funsZ”k% ¼ç”u la[;k 1 ls 5½ fuEufyf[kr ç”uksa dk mÙkj uhps fn, x,
the basis of information given below? lwpukvksa ds vk/kkj ij nsaA
A tournament is organized among five teams Ahmadabad, ,d VwukZesaV ik¡p nyksa vgenkckn] ckWEcs] dydÙkk] fnYyh ,oa baXyS.M
Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi and England. This is a round robin ds e/; vk;ksftr fd;k tkrk gSA ;g ,d jkÅUM jkWfcu yhx VwukZesaV
league tournament where each team has to play every other gS tks çR;sd ny dks çR;sd nwljs ny ls dsoy ,d ckj [ksyuk gSA
team exactly once. For any team, three points are awarded fdlh Hkh ny ds fy, thr gsrq rhu Iokb±V] Mªk ds fy, ,d Iokb±V ,oa
for a win, one point for a draw and no point for a loss. gkjus ij dksbZ Hkh Iokb±V ugha fn;k tkrk gSA
The following table is incomplete even after the end of the fuEufyf[kr rkfydk VwukZesaV ds [kRe gksus ij Hkh viw.kZ gSA

tournament. ny W D L P ¼dqy Iokb±V½
TEAM W D L P (Total Point) vgenkckn 7
Ahmadabad 7 ckWEcs 2
Bombay 2 dydÙkk 1

Calcutta 1 fnYyh 10
Delhi 10 baXyS.M 7
England 7
Where W = thrs x, eSpksa dh la[;k

W = Number of matches won L = gkjs x, eSpksa dh la[;k
L = Number of matches lost D = Mªk gq, eSpksa dh la[;k
D = Number of matches drawn P = dqy Iokb±V dh la[;k
P = Total Points
1. fdl ny@nyksa dks vgenkckn us gjk;k\
1. Which team/s did Ahmadabad beat?
(1) dsoy fnYyh vkSj baXyS.M
Only Delhi and England
Only Delhi
Only Bombay and Calcutta
Only Bombay and England
uj (2) dsoy fnYyh
(3) dsoy ckWEcs vkSj dydÙkk
(4) dsoy ckWEcs vkSj baXyS.M
2. Which team/s drew the match with Bombay? 2. fdl ny@nyksa us ckWEcs ds lkFk eSp Mªk fd;k\
(1) Only Ahmadabad (2) Only Calcutta and Delhi (1) dsoy vgenkckn (2) dsoy dydÙkk ,oa fnYyh
(3) Only Delhi and England (4) Only England (3) dsoy fnYyh ,oa baXyS.M (4) dsoy baXyS.M

3. Which team had the highest number of draw? 3. fdl ny esa Mªk dh la[;k loksZPp Fkh%

(1) Bombay (2) Ahmadabad (1) ckWEcs (2) vgenkckn

(3) Calcutta (4) Delhi (3) dydÙkk (4) fnYyh

4. Which of the following team/s did team England beat? 4. fuEufyf[kr esa ls fdl ny@nyksa dks baXyS.M dh Vhe us gjk;k%
(1) Only Delhi (1) dsoy fnYyh

(2) Only Bombay and Calcutta (2) dsoy ckWEcs ,oa dydÙkk
(3) Only Ahmadabad and Delhi (3) dsoy vgenkckn ,oa fnYyh
(4) Only Ahmadabad and Bombay (4) dsoy vgenkckn ,oa ckWEcs

5. Team England drew match with? 5. baXyS.M ds ny us fdlds lkFk eSp Mªk fd;k%

(1) Only Calcutta and Delhi (1) dsoy dydÙkk ,oa fnYyh
(2) Only Ahmadabad (2) dsoy vgenkckn
(3) Only Bombay (3) dsoy ckWEcs
(4) dsoy ckWEcs ,oa dydÙkk

(4) Only Bombay and Calcutta

6. If A = 1, FAT = 27 then FAINT = ? 6. ;fn A = 1, FAT = 27 rks FAINT = \

(1) 44 (2) 42 (1) 44 (2) 42

(3) 41 (4) 50 (3) 41 (4) 50

7. P, Q, R are educated; P, R & S are hard working; R, S, 7. P, Q, R f'kf{kr gSa( P, R, ,oa S ifjJeh gSa( R, S, ,oa T jkstxkj
& T are employed; P, Q, S, & T are polite. Who is esa gS P, Q, S ,oa T fouez gSaA dkSu f'kf{kr] ifjJeh] fouez ijUrq
educated, hard working polite but not employed. jkstxkj esa ugha gSa%
(1) P (2) Q (1) P (2) Q
(3) R (4) T (3) R (4) T

FCGK [A–1]
DIRECTIONS: (Question No. 8 to 10) These questions are to be funsZ”k% ¼ç”u la[;k 8 ls 10½ fuEufyf[kr ç”uksa dk mÙkj fuEufyf[kr
answered on the basis of the following table giving some data rkfydk esa fn, x, Hkkjr vkSj U;wthyS.M ds chp fØdsV eSp esa fn, x, dqN
about cricket matches between India and New Zeland vk¡dM+ksa ds vk/kkj ij fn;k tkuk gSA
India vs New Zeland : Hkkjr cuke U;wthyS.M%
Played : 42 [ksys x, dqy eSp & 42
won by India : 24 Hkkjr }kjk thrs x, eSp & 24
won by New Zeland : 18 U;wthyS.M }kjk thrs x, eSp & 18

Highest innings total : loksZPp ikjh dk ;ksx %
India 289 – 3 (50) Delhi 1994–95, New Zeland 348 (50) Nagpur Hkkjr 289 – 3 (50) fnYyh 1994–95] U;wthyS.M 348 (50) ukxiqj
1995–96 1995–96
Lowest innings total : fuEure ikjh dk ;ksx

India 113 (44.2) Perth 1985–86, New Zeland 126 (35) Bombay Hkkjr 113 (44.2) iFkZ 1985–86] U;wthyS.M 126 (35) ckWEcs 1995–96
eSp dk loksZPp ;ksx % 597 (89.3)
Highest match aggregates : 597 (89.3) U;wthyS.M 348–8 (50)
New Zeland 348–8 (50)
eSp dk fuEure ;ksx % 228 (84.3)

India 249 – (39.3) at Nagpur 1995–96
U;wthyS.M 115–7 (40.1)
Lowest match aggregates : 228 (84.3) Hkkjr 113 – (44.2) iFkZ esa 1985–86
New Zeland 115–7 (40.1)
India 113 – (44.2) at Perth 1985–86
Hkkjr ds fy, lSdM+k yxkus okys
117 S.R. Tendulkar – 14-5-97
Centuries for India 115 S.R. Tendulkar – 28-10-94
117 S.R. Tendulkar – 14-5-97
115 S.R. Tendulkar – 28-10-94
108 M. Azharrudin – 17-12-88
103 S.M. Gavaskar – 31-10-87 uj 108
M. Azharrudin – 17-12-88
S.M. Gavaskar – 31-10-87
M. Amarnath – 27-03-88
102 M. Amarnath – 27-03-88
U;wthyS.M ds fy, lSdM+k yxkus okys
114 G.M. Twiner – 14-6-75
Centuries for New Zeland
114 N.J. Astle – 26-11-95
114 G.M. Twiner – 14-6-75
108 K.R. Rutherford – 28-10-94
114 N.J. Astle – 26-11-95
107 M.D. Crowe – 15-11-95

108 K.R. Rutherford – 28-10-94

104 M.D. Crowe – 01-03-90
107 M.D. Crowe – 15-11-95
103 C.L. Cairne – 24.11.95
104 M.D. Crowe – 01-03-90
103 C.L. Cairne – 24.11.95 8. ;fn fdlh Hkh i{k ds }kjk thrs x, eSpksa dh la[;k dks ikb&pkVZ ij
n”kkZ;k tkuk gks rks U;wthyS.M }kjk thrs x, eSpksa dh la[;k dks
8. If the number of matches won by either side was to be

çnf”kZr djus gsrq ç;qä [k.M }kjk dsUæ esa vUrfjr dks.k D;k gksxk\
shown on the pie chart, what would be the angle
subtended at the center by the sector used to (1) 120°
represent the number of matches won by New Zeland? (2) 180°
(3) 154°
(1) 120° (2) 180°

(3) 154° (4) 130°

9. In the same pie chart the angle for India (to represent 9. mlh ikbZ&pkVZ js[kkfp= esa Hkkjr ds fy, ¼thrs x, eSpksa dh la[;k
the number of matches won) would be: çnf”kZr djus ds fy,½ dks.k D;k gksxk\

(1) 206° (1) 206°

(2) 230° (2) 230°
(3) 240° (3) 240°
(4) 180° 180°


10. The ratio of the number of matches in which centuries 10. Hkkjr }kjk cuk, x, lSdM+ks ls thrs x, eSpksa dh la[;k dk vuqikr
were made to the number of matches won by India is: D;k gS%
(1) 2/7 (1) 2/7
(2) 5/24 (2) 5/24
(3) 3/8 (3) 3/8
(4) 1/5 (4) 1/5

FCGK [A–2]
DIRECTIONS: (Question No. 11 & 12) The Venn diagram given funsZ”k% ¼ç”u la[;k 11 ,oa 12½ uhps fn;k x;k osu Mk;xzke fnYyh esa rhu
below shows the estimated readership of 3 daily newspapers nSfud lekpkj i=ksa ¼,p-Vh-] Vh-vks-vkbZ- ,oa LVsV~leSu½ ds vuqekfur
(H.T, TOI & Statesman) in Delhi. The total readership and ikBdksa dh la[;k n”kkZrk gSA dqy ikBdksa ,oa foKkiu ykxr çR;sd lekpkj
advertising cost for each of these papers is as below: i= ds fy, uhps fn;k x;k gS&
ikBd foKkiu ykxr
Readership Advertising cost lekpkj i=
(Lakhs) (Rs per sq cm) ¼yk[k esa½ (Rs per sq cm)
H.T. 8.7 6000 ,p-Vh- 8.7 6000

TOI 9.1 6500 9.1 6500
Statesman 5.6 5000 LVsV~leSu 5.6 5000
The total population of the city is approximately 14 million. “kgj dh dqy tula[;k yxHkx 14 fefy;u gSA osu Mk;xzke esa bafxr
The common readership (in lakhs) indicated in the Venn mHk;fu’B ikBd ¼yk[kksa esa½ n”kkZ;k x;k gS&

11. yksxksa dh la[;k ¼yk[kksa esa½ tks de ls de ,d lekpkj&i= i<+rs gSa%
11. The number of people (in lakhs) who read at least one (1) 4.7
newspaper is: (2) 23.4
(3) 17.4

(1) 4.7
(3) 17.4
(2) 23.4
(4) None of these

The number of people (in lakhs) who read only one

newspaper is:
(4) buesa ls dksbZ ugha

yksxksa dh la[;k ¼yk[kksa esa½ tks dsoy ,d lekpkj&i= i<+rs gSa%

(1) 23.4 (2) 17.4
(1) 23.4 (2) 17.4 (3) 11.9 (4) buesa ls dksbZ ugha
(3) 11.9 (4) None of these

DIRECTIONS: (Question nos. 13 to 15) Six products– Ariel, funsZ”k% ¼ç”u la[;k 13 ls 15½ N% mRikn &,fj;y] foosy] fju] fujek]
Vivel, Rin, Nirma, Gillette Gel and Pepsodent– are to be placed thysV tsy ,oa isIlksMsUM ,d nqdku ds f[kM+dh esa tks fd 1–6 rd uEcj
in six display windows of a shop numbered 1–6 from left to right dh xbZ gS] nqdku ds ckgj ck;sa ls nk;sa çn”kZu esa j[kh tkuh gSA dEiuh dh

of a shopper standing outside the shop. As per the company vko”;drk ds vuqlkj fju ,oa ,fj;y dks ,d nwljs ds vxy&cxy çnf”kZr
requirements, Rin and Ariel should be displayed next to each fd;k tkuk gS ysfdu ,fj;y fujek ls de ls de rhu f[kM+dh nwj gksuk
other, but Ariel should at least three windows away from Nirma. pkfg,A isIlksMsUV dks thysV tsy ,oa fju ds e/; esa j[ks tkus dks ojh;rk nh
Pepsodent is preferred to be kept between Gillette Gel and Rin
tkuh pkfg, ysfdu foosy ls de ls de nks f[kM+dh nwj gksuk pkfg,A foosy
but away from Vivel at least by two windows. Vivel cannot be
dks fju ds cxy esa ugha çnf”kZr ugha fd;k tk ldrk D;ksafd ;g fefJr

displayed next to Rin for the reasons of mixed-product indentity.

Also Vivel cannot be displayed in window 1.
mRikn dk ifjpk;d gSA iqu% foosy dks f[kM+dh &1 ij çnf”kZr ugha fd;k tk
13. Which of the following products is displayed left to
Ariel? 13. fuEufyf[kr esa ls dkSu&lk mRikn ,fj;y ls ck;sa çnf”kZr fd;k x;k gS\

(1) Rin (2) Vivel (1) fju (2) foosy

(3) Pepsodent (4) Nirma (3) isIlksMsUV (4) fujek

14. If the positions of Rin and Ariel are interchanged, 14. ;fn fju ,oa ,fj;y dh fLFkfr dks vny&cny fn;k tkrk gS rks

which item will be displayed in window 5? f[kM+dh&5 esa dkSu&lh oLrq çnf”kZr dh tk;sxh
(1) Vivel (2) Nirma (1) foosy (2) fujek
(3) Rin (4) Ariel (3) fju (4) ,fj;y

15. Which of the following products except Rin will be 15. fju ds flok; fuEufyf[kr esa ls dkSu&lk mRikn ,fj;y ds ck;sa
displayed left of Ariel but right of Gillette Gel? ysfdu thysV tsy ds nkfgus çnf”kZr fd;k tk;sxk%
(1) Rin (1) fju
(2) Pepsodent (2) isIlksMsUV
(3) Vivel (3) foosy
(4) Nirma (4) fujek

FCGK [A–3]
DIRECTIONS: (Question No. 16 to 18) In the following funsZ”k% ¼ç”u la[;k 16 ls 18½ fuEufyf[kr ç”uksa esa çR;sd ç”u ds ckn nks
questions, each question is followed by two statements labeled I dFku I vkSj II dqN vk¡dM+ksa lfgr fn, x, gSaA vkidksa ;g fu.kZ; djuk gS
and II in which certain data is given. You have to decide whether fd D;k dFkuksa esa fn, x, vkadM+s ç”uksa ds mÙkj nsus ds fy, i;kZIr gSa\ fn,
the data given in the statements are sufficient to answer the x, vk¡dM+ksa dk ç;ksx djrs gq, vius jkstejkZ Kku dk ç;ksx djrs gq, p;u
question. Using the data given together with your everyday
knowledge, choose.
A. ;fn dFku I dsoy i;kZIr gS ysfdu dFku II vdsys ç”u dk
A. If statements I alone is sufficient but statement II alone mÙkj nsus ds fy, i;kZIr ugha gS
is not sufficient to answer the question. B. ;fn dFku II vdsys i;kZIr gS ysfdu dFku I vdsys ç”u dk

B. If statement II alone is sufficient but statement I alone
is not sufficient to answer the question.
mÙkj nsus ds fy, i;kZIr ugha gS
C. If both statement I and II together are sufficient to C. ;fn nksuksa dFku I ,oa II ,d lkFk mÙkj nsus ds fy, i;kZIr gSa
answer but neither statement alone is sufficient to ysfdu dksbZ Hkh dFku vdsys mÙkj nsus ds fy, i;kZIr ugha gS
answer the question. D. ;fn I ,oa II ,d lkFk ç”u dk mÙkj nsus ds fy, i;kZIr ugha gSa

D. If I & II together are not sufficient to answer the ,oa vfrfjä vk¡dM+ksa dh t:jr gSA
question and additional information is required?
16. Z dk eku gS
16. What is Z?
I. 3x+45+5z = 120
I. 3x+45+5z = 120 II. 4x+72+3y = 130 II. 4x+72+3y = 130

(1) A (2) B (1) A (2) B
(3) C (4) D (3) C (4) D

17. Did congress receive more than 40% of the 30000 17. D;k dk¡xzsl us ,d pquko esa 30 gtkj Mkys x, erksa ds 40% ls
votes cast in an election? vf/kd er çkIr fd,
I. ch-ts-ih- dks 45% er feys

I. BJP received 45% of the votes
II. Congress received exactly 11000 votes II. dk¡xzsl dks Bhd 11000 er feys
(1) A (2) B (1) A (2) B
(3) C (4) D (3) C (4) D
18. What was the combined average attendance per game 18. flrEcj ,oa vDVwcj eghus esa us”kuy LVsfV;e esa [ksys x, çfr [ksy
at the games at National stadium for the month of dk la;qä vkSlr mifLFkfr D;k Fkh\
September and October? I. flrEcj ds eghus esa dqy mifLFkfr 23100 ,oa vDVwcj ds
I. The total attendance for the month of September was eghus esa dqy mifLFkfr 25200 Fkh
23100 and the total attendance for the month October II. flrEcj ds eghus esa 20 [ksy ,oa vDVwcj ds eghus esa 22 [ksy

was 25200 [ksys x,A

II. There were 20 games played in September and 22 (1) A (2) B
games played in October (3) C (4) D
(1) A (2) B
(3) C (4) D

DIRECTIONS: (Ques. No. 19 & 20) In the following figure, the circle funsZ”k% ¼ç”u la[;k 19 ,oa 20½ fuEufyf[kr js[kk fp= esa o`Ùk&vkijkf/kd
stands for criminal background, the Hexagon stands for politician, i`’BHkwfe okyksa dks çnf”kZr djrk gS] ‘kBdks.k&jktuhfrK dks çnf”kZr djrk gS]
the triangle stands for rural and rectangle stands for wealthy. Study f=Hkqt&xzkeh.k dks rFkk vk;r&/kuoku dks çnf”kZr djrk gSA js[kkfp= dk
the figure carefully and answer the questions that follow. /;kuiwoZd v/;;u djsa rFkk fuEufyf[kr ç”uksa ds mÙkj nsaA

19. Non rural, wealthy politician are indicated by region: 19. xSj xzkeh.k /kuoku jktuhfrK dks fuEu {ks= çnf”kZr djrk gS%

(1) 8 (2) 9 (1) 8 (2) 9

(3) 10 (4) 12 (3) 10 (4) 12

20. Non rural wealthy politician with criminal background 20. xSj xzkeh.k /kuoku jktuhfrK tks vkijkf/kd i`’BHkwfe ds gSa] dks dkSu
are indicated by region: lk {ks= çnf”kZr djrk gS%
(1) 11 (2) 6 (1) 11 (2) 6
(3) 9 (4) 3 (3) 9 (4) 3

FCGK [A–4]
DIRECTIONS: (Question No. 21 to 25) Study the following table carefully and answer the questions below
funsZ”k% ¼ç”u la[;k 21 ls 25½ rkfydk dks /;kuiwoZd i<+sa ,oa uhps fn, x, ç”uksa ds mÙkj nsa&
Production of main crops in India (in million ٛ ones)
Hkkjr esa eq[; Qlyksa dk mRiknu ¼fefy;u Vu esa½
Crops ¼Qly½ 1991-92 1992-93 1993-94 1994-95 1995-96 1996-97
Pulses ¼nkysa½ 20.5 22.4 24.6 23.5 27.8 28.2
Oil seeds ¼frygu½ 32.4 34.6 40.8 42.4 46.8 52.4

Rice ¼pkoy½ 80.5 86.4 88.2 92.6 94.2 90.8
Sugarcane ¼xUuk½ 140.8 152.2 152.2 160.3 156.4 172.5
Wheat ¼xsgw¡½ 130.2 138.4 146.8 141.6 152.2 158.4
Coarse grain ¼vifj’Ñr vukt½ 45.6 52.8 60.4 62.4 58.2 62.8

Total ¼;ksx½ 450.00 486.8 513.0 522.8 535.6 565.1

21. Production of sugarcane in 1993–94 was 21. 1993–94 esa xUus dk mRiknu 1992–93 esa pkoy ds mRiknu dk
approximately what percentage of the production of yxHkx fdrus çfr”kr Fkk%

rice in 1992–93:
(1) 50 (2) 75
(1) 50 (2) 75 (3) 150 (4) 175
(3) 150 (4) 175

22. Production of what type of crop was going to increase 22. fn, x, o’kks± esa çR;sd o’kZ esa fdl Qly dk mRiknu çR;sd o’kZ c<+rk
in each year in given years: jgk%

(1) Rice
(3) Sugarcane
(2) Pulses
(4) Oil seeds

What was the average production of pulse in the given uj

(1) pkoy
(3) xUuk
(2) nky
(4) frygu

fn, x, o’kks± esa nky dk vkSlr mRiknu D;k Fkk\

years? (1) 26.8 fefy;u Vu (2) 20.5 fefy;u Vu
(1) 26.8 millian tones (2) 20.5 millian tones (3) 24.5 fefy;u Vu (4) 22.5 fefy;u Vu
(3) 24.5 millian tones (4) 22.5 millian tones

24. Production of oil seeds was what percentage of the 24. frygu dk mRiknu 1991–92 o’kZ esa dqy mRikfnr Qly dk fdruk
total crops produced in the year 1991–92: çfr”kr Fkk\

(1) 7.2 (2) 8.4 (1) 7.2 (2) 8.4

(3) 2.7 (4) 6.4 (3) 2.7 (4) 6.4

25. In which of the following years the total production of 25. fuEufyf[kr esa ls fdl o’kZ esa] 1994–95] 1995–96] vkSj 1996–
oil seeds in the year 1994–95, 1995–96 and 1996–97 97 o’kZ esa gq, frygu dk dqy mRiknu xsgw¡ ds mRiknu ds cjkcj Fkk%

was equal to the production of wheat?

(1) 1993–94 (2) 1994–95
(1) 1993–94 (2) 1994–95 (3) 1996–97 (4) 1992–93
(3) 1996–97 (4) 1992–93

DIRECTIONS: (Question No. 26 & 27) funsZ”k% ¼ç”u la[;k 26 ,oa 27½

A Bus starts from point ‘S’ and runs 10 Kms. towards North. It ,d cl fcUnq S ls çkjEHk gksdj 10 fdyksehVj mÙkj dh vksj pyrh gSA
takes a right turn and runs 15 kms. It now runs 6 kms after ;g nkfgus eqM+dj 15 fdyksehVj pyrh gSA iqu% ck;sa eqM+dj 6 fdyksehVj
taking a left turn. It finally takes a left turn, runs 15 kms and pyrh gSA vUrr% og ck;sa eqM+dj 15 fdyksehVj pyrh gS ,oa fcUnq T ij

stops at point ‘T’. :drh gSA

26. How far is point ‘T’ with respect to point ‘S’: 26. fcUnq T fcUnq S ls fdruh nwj gS%
(1) 15 km. (2) 16 km. (1) 15 km. (2) 16 km.

(3) 20 km. (4) 25 km. (3) 20 km. (4) 25 km.

27. Towards which direction was the vehicle moving 27. T fcUnq ij :dus ls iwoZ okgu fdl fn”kk dh rjQ py jgk Fkk\
before it stopped at point ‘T’? (1) if”pe (2) nf{k.k
(1) West (2) South (3) mÙkj (4) iwjc
(3) North (4) East

FCGK [A–5]
DIRECTIONS: (Questions No. 28 & 29) The following are the funsZ”k% ¼ç”u la[;k 28 ,oa 29½ ,d fØdsV ny xsancktksa ds dqN [ksyksa rFkk
statistics of some matches of a cricket team bowlers and the muds }kjk fy, x, fodVksa ds dqN vkdM+s uhps fn, x, gSaA A, B, C ,oa D
wickets taken. A, B, C & D are the fast bowlers of the team. ny ds rst xsanckt gSaA

28. If the number of wickets taken by spinners is 15, the
total number of wickets taken by bowlers is: 28. ;fn fQjdh xsancktksa }kjk yh xbZ fodVksa dh la[;k 15 gS] rks xsancktksa
}kjk yh xbZ dqy fodVksa dh la[;k gksxh%

(1) 50 (2) 45
(3) 40 (4) 35 (1) 50 (2) 45
(3) 40 (4) 35

29. What is ratio of the wickets taken by C to the wickets 29. ^C* }kjk fy, x, fodVksa dh la[;k ls ju vkmV }kjk fxjs fodVksa
dh la[;k dk vuqikr gS%

that fell through run-outs:
(1) 2:5 (2) 1:5 (1) 2:5 (2) 1:5
(3) 3:10 (4) 4:5 (3) 3:10 (4) 4:5

DIRECTIONS: (Question nos. 30 to 32) There are 3 types of funsZ”k% ¼ç”u la[;k 30 ls 32½ dkxt] vkS’kf/k ,oa f[kykSuk rhu çdkj ds
industries, paper, drug and toy industry. Six workers A, B, C, D, m|ksx gSaA N% etnwj A, B, C, D, E ,oa F bu m|ksxks esa dke djrs gSaA
E and F work in these industries. Only two of them can work in
one industry. No one can work in more than one industry. ‘A’
does not work in paper industry. ‘B’ and ‘E’ do not work in toy
industry. ‘A’ and ‘B’ do not work in the same industry. ‘D’ does uj
buesa ls dsoy nks O;fä ,d m|ksx esa dke dj ldrs gSaA dksbZ Hkh ,d ls
vf/kd m|ksx esa dk;Z ugha dj ldrkA A dkxt m|ksx esa dk;Z ugha djrkA
B ,oa E f[kykSuk m|ksx esa dk;Z ugha djrsA A ,oa B ,d gh m|ksx esa dk;Z
ugha djrsA D vkS’kf/k m|ksx esa dk;Z ugha djrkA A ,oa D f[kykSuk m|ksx esa
not work in drug industry. ‘A’ and ‘D’ do not work in toy industry. dk;Z ugha djrsA E ,oa F ,d gh m|ksx esa dk;Z ugha djrsA
‘E’ and ‘F’ are not in the same industry.
30. dkSu&ls nks etnwj vkS’kf/k m|ksx esa dk;Z djrs gSa%
30. Which two workers work in the drug industry?
(1) AE (2) EB
(1) AE (2) EB (3) CF (4) buesa ls dksbZ ugha
(3) CF (4) None of these

31. Which two work in the paper industry? 31. dkSu&ls nks etnwj dkxt m|ksx esa dk;Z djrs gSa%
(1) AE (2) EB (1) AE (2) EB
(3) BD (4) None of these (3) BD (4) buesa ls dksbZ ugha
32. Paper, Drug and Toy are represented by which of the 32. dkxt] vkS’kf/k ,oa f[kykSuk Øe”k% fdlds }kjk çnf”kZr fd;k tkrk gS\

following respectively? (1) ACD (2) EFD

(1) ACD (2) EFD (3) BAC (4) buesa ls dksbZ ugha
(3) BAC (4) None of these

,d csUp ij cSBh 5 yM+fd;ksa dk QksVksxzkQ fy;k tkuk gSA lsty j”eh


33. Five girls are sitting on a bench to be photographed. 33.

Sejal is to the left of Rashmi and to the right of Binni. ds ck;sa rjQ ,oa fcéh ds nkfgus rjQ gSA eerk j”eh ds ck;ha rjQ
Mamta is to the left of Rashmi. Ragini is between Rashmi cSBh gSA jkfxuh j”eh ,oa eerk Bhd e/; esa cSBh gSA jkfxuh ds Bhd
and Mamta. Who is sitting immediately right to Ragini? nkfgus rjQ dkSu cSBk gS\

(1) Rashmi (2) Mamta (1) j”eh (2) eerk

(3) Binni (4) Sejal (3) fcéh (4) lsty

34. The most likely code for “MUSSOORIE” out of the 34. ßMUSSOORIEÞ dk lokZf/kd mi;qä dksM gksxk%

following is: (1) 281120653

(1) 281120653 (2) 157722984
(2) 157722984 (3) 227766123
(3) 227766123 (4) 559977113
(4) 559977113

FCGK [A–6]
DIRECTIONS: In the following number series only one number funsZ”k% fuEufyf[kr la[;k Ja`[kyk esa ,d la[;k xyr gSA xyr la[;k dks
is wrong. Find out the wrong number. Kkr djsaA
35. 18000, 3600, 720, 144.2, 28.8, 5.76 35. 18000, 3600, 720, 144.2, 28.8, 5.76
(1) 5.76 (2) 720 (1) 5.76 (2) 720
(3) 144.2 (4) 28.8 (3) 144.2 (4) 28.8

36. Given two positions of the dice as being. 36. ikals dh nks fLFkfr;k¡ bl çdkj nh xbZ gSa%

When 2 is at the bottom which number is at the top: tc 2 ry esa gksxk rks dkSu&lh la[;k “kh’kZ ij gksxh%

(1) 5 (2) 4 (1) 5 (2) 4
(3) 1 (4) 6 (3) 1 (4) 6

37. In a certain code language ‘bring the white board’ is 37. fdlh fuf”pr dksM Hkk’kk esa ^bring the white board* dks ^ka na
written as ‘ka na di pa’ and ‘White and black board’ is di pa* ,oa ^white and black board* dks ^na di sa ra* fy[kk
written as ‘na di sa ra’. How is ‘the’ written in that code? tkrk gS rks ^the* dks ml dksM esa dSls fy[kk tk;sxk\

(1) ka (2) pa (1) ka (2) pa
(3) ka or pa (4) ra (3) ka or pa (4) ra

38. In a certain code STREAMLINE is written as 38. fdlh fuf”pr dksM esa STREAMLINE dks BFSUTDMHKL fy[kk
BFSUTDMHKL. How is SCIENTIFIC written in that code? tkrk gSA mlh dksM esa SCIENTIFIC dks dSls fy[kk tk;sxk%


Pointing to a lady in a photograph, Meera said, “Her uj


fp= esa efgyk ds rjQ b”kkjk djrs gq, ehjk us dgk ^mlds firk ds
father’s only son’s wife is my mother-in-law”. How is ,d ek= iq= dh iRuh esjh lkl gS*A ehjk ds ifr ls fp= esa fn;s gq,
Meera’s husband related to the lady in the photo? efgyk ls D;k lEcU/k gS\
(1) Uncle (2) Son (1) pkpk (2) iq=
(3) Nephew (4) None of these (3) Hkrhtk (4) buesa ls dksbZ ugha

40. If the following numbers are arranged in descending 40. ;fn uhps fn;s la[;kvksa esa çR;sd vad dh fLFkfr dks myVdj bu

order after reversing the position of the digits in each la[;kvksa dks vojksgh Øe esa O;ofLFkr dj fn;k tkrk gS] rks dkSu&lh
of them, which of the following will be in the middle? la[;k e/; esa gksxh\
783, 159, 376, 852, 617 783, 159, 376, 852, 617
(1) 376 (2) 852 (1) 376 (2) 852
(3) 617 (4) 783 (3) 617 (4) 783

41. Which of the following is an Article provided by the 41. lafo/kku ds fdl vuqPNsn ds vuqlkj cPpksa dh f”k{kk jkT; ds uhfr
constitution regarding children education comes funs”k ds fl)kUr ds Hkkx&IV ds vUrxZr çnku fd;k x;k gS%
within PART IV “Directive Principles of State Policy”: (1) 6 o’kZ dh mez ls 14 o’kZ dh mez rd ds lHkh cPpksa dks eq¶r

(1) Providing free and compulsory education to all ,oa vfuok;Z f”k{kk bl rjg ls çnku fd;k tkuk tks fd jkT;
children of age of six to fourteen years in such a dkuwuu fu/kkZfjr djs
manner as the state may be, by law, determine (2) vius cPpksa ;k vkfJr] tks 6 o’kZ ls 14 o’kZ dh mez ds e/;
(2) Providing opportunities for education to his child or as gksa] dks f”k{kk dk volj çnku djuk

the case may be, ward between the age of six and (3) lHkh cPpksa dks çkjafHkd cpiu ns[kHkky ,oa f”k{kk çnku djuk
fourteen years. tc rd os 6 o’kZ iw.kZ u dj ysa
(3) Providing early childhood care and education of all (4) mi;qZä lHkh
children until they complete the age of six years

(4) All of these

42. The total number of ministers, including the prime 42. ç/kkuea=h dks lEefyr djrs gq, ea=h&ifj’kn esa eaf=;ksa dh dqy la[;k
minister, in the Council of Ministers shall not exceed yksd&lHkk ds lnL;ksa dh dqy la[;k ds ------- ls vf/kd ugha gksxk%
......... of the total number of members of the House of
the people: (1) 20% (2) 25%
(3) 10% (4) 15%
(1) 20% (2) 25%
(3) 10% (4) 15%
FCGK [A–7]
43. Find the incorrect statement with respect to money bill: 43. /ku&fo/ks;d ds lanHkZ esa dkSu&lk dFku vlR; gS\
(1) If any question arises whether a bill is money bill or (1) ,d fo/ks;d /ku&fo/ks;d gS ;k ugha] bl ç”u ds mBus ij
not, the decision of the speaker of the house of the yksd&lHkk v/;{k dk fu.kZ; vafre gksrk gS
people shall be final. (2) /ku&fo/ks;d jkT;lHkk esa is”k ugha fd;k tk,xk
(2) Money bill shall not be introduced in the Council of (3) yksd lHkk }kjk ikfjr /ku&fo/ks;d jkT; lHkk dks mlds vuq”kalk
States ds fy, Hkstk tk,xk vkSj mlds ckn yksdlHkk jkT;lHkk ds lHkh
(3) A money bill passed by the House of the people shall ;k fdlh vuq”kalk dks ;k rks LohÑr dj ldrk gS ;k vLohÑr
dj ldrk gS

be transmitted to council of states for its
recommendation and House of the people may (4) ;fn yksdlHkk }kjk ikfjr dksbZ /ku&fo/ks;d jkT;lHkk dks mlds
thereupon either accept or reject all or any of the vuq”kalk ds fy, Hkstk tkrk gS vkSj 21 fnu ds vUrxZr okil
recommendations of the council of states. ugha vkrk gS rks mldks bl dky ds O;rhr gksus ds i”pkr ftl
(4) If any money bill passed by the House of people and Lo:i esa yksdlHkk }kjk ikfjr fd;k x;k gS mlh Lo:i esa nksuksa

transmitted to Council of States for its lnuksa }kjk ikfjr gqvk eku fy;k tk,xk
recommendation is not returned to the house of
people within a period of 21 days, it shall be deemed
to have been passed by both houses at the expiration
of the said period in the form in which it was passed

by the House of people.

44. There shall be a Supreme court of India consisting of a 44. orZeku esa loksZPp U;k;ky; esa ,d eq[; U;k;k/kh”k ,oa nwljs ttksa dh
chief Justice of India and of not more than .......... other la[;k ----- ls T;knk ugha gksxh%
judges at present:
(1) 25 (2) 35
(1) 25 (2) 35

(3) 30 (4) 27
(3) 30 (4) 27

45. Arakan Yoma is the extension of the Himalayas 45. vjkdsu ;ksek fgeky; dk foLrkj gS] tks fLFkr gS
located in: (1) E;kUekj esa (2) usiky esa
(1) Myanmar (2) Nepal (3) d”ehj esa (4) cywfpLrku esa
(3) Kashmir (4) Baluchistan

46. Which of the following may be used by the Reserve 46. fuEufyf[kr esa ls fjtoZ cSad vkWQ bf.M;k }kjk ra= esa ls vfrfjä
Bank of India as a tool to draining out excess money eqæk dks ckgj fudkyus ds fy, ,d ;a= ds :i esa ç;ksx fd;k tkrk
from the system: gS%

(1) Increasing Cash Reserve Ratio (1) udn lafpr vuqikr c<+kdj
(2) Increasing Reverse Repo rate (2) fjolZ jsiks jsV c<+kdj
(3) Reduction in Repo rate (3) jsiks jsV ?kVkdj
(4) Both (1) & (2) (4) nksuksa (1) ,oa (2)

“kCn dk foLrkfjr Lo:i gS%


47. The word FTP stands for: 47. FTP

(1) File Transit Provision (2) File Translate protocol (1) QkbZy VªkfUtV çksfotu (2) QkbZy VªkUlysV çksVksdky
(3) File Transfer Provision (4) File Transfer Protocol (3) QkbZy VªkUlQj çksfotu (4) QkbZy VªkUlQj çksVksdky

48. A technique in which data is written to two duplicate 48. nks MqIyhdsV fMLd ij ,d lkFk vk¡dM+s fy[ks tkus dh rduhd dks

disks simultaneously, is called: dgrs gSa%

(1) Mirroring (2) Multiplexing (1) fejfjax (2) eYVhIysfDlax
(3) Duplicating (4) Copying (3) MqIyhdsfVax (4) dkWfiax

49. The Eighth Schedule of the Constitution of India 49. Hkkjrh; lafo/kku dh vkBoha vuqlwph esa fdlds fy, çko/kku gS%
contains provisions regarding: (1) vuqlwfpr Hkk’kk
(1) Scheduled languages (2) “kiFk ,oa iqf’V

(2) Oaths and Affirmations (3) tutkrh; {ks=ksa dk ç”kklu

(3) Administration of Tribal Areas (4) la?k jkT; ,oa leorÊ lwph
(4) Union, State and Concurrent Lists

50. The recent cyclone Phailin has its name originated from: 50. vHkh gky gh esa vk;k lkbZDyksu Qsfyu uke dk mn~xe dgk¡ ls gqvk%
(1) Thailand (2) Myanmar (1) FkkbZyS.M (2) E;kUekj
(3) Bangaldesh (4) Japan (3) ckWXykns”k (4) tkiku

FCGK [A–8]
51. Win-Win strategy is also known as: 51. ^fou&fou* j.kuhfr tkuh tkrh gS%
(1) Compromise (2) Avoidance (1) le>kSrk ds uke ls (2) mis{kk ds uke ls
(3) Competition (4) Collaboration (3) çfr;ksfxrk ds uke ls (4) lgHkkfxrk ds uke ls

52. ‘Grape Wine’ is used in context of: 52. ^xzsiokbu ¼tu çokg½* dk ç;ksx fuEu ds lanHkZ esa fd;k tkrk gS%
(1) Formal Communication (1) vkSipkfjd lapkj
(2) Informal Communication (2) vukSipkfjd lapkj
(3) {kSfrt lapkj

(3) Horizontal Communication
(4) Vertical Communication (4) Å/okZ/kj lapkj

53. Listening is the most frequent, perhaps the most 53. lquuk] lokZf/kd ckjackj gksus okyk] laHkor% dk;ZLFky ij gksus okyk lcls
important type of on-the-job communication. But, there vf/kd egÙoiw.kZ lapkj gSA ysfdu çHkkoh :i ls lquus esa dbZ ck/kk,a gSaA
fuEu esa ls dkSu lquus ds ekxZ esa ,d ço`R;kRed ck/kk ugha gS%

are many barriers to the effective listening. Which of the
following is not an attitudinal barrier to listening?
(1) iwoZxzg
(1) Prejudices (2) vU;fo’k;ksa esa rUe;rk
(2) Preoccupation with other matters (3) vLi’V xSj&fof”k’V lans”k
(3) Unclear, nonspecific message (4) ,d uSfefÙkd n`f’Vdks.k

(4) A casual attitude

54. Personnel management is basically an extension of: 54. dkfeZd ç”kklu ewyr% fuEu dk ,d foLrkj gS%
(1) Labour management (2) General management (1) Je çcU/ku (2) lkekU; çcU/ku
(3) Employee management (4) None of the above (3) deZpkjh çcU/ku (4) buesa ls dksbZ ugha

55. Manpower planning deals with:

Determining of personnel needs
Wage fixation of workers
Selection uj
55. tu”kfä vk;kstuk fuEu ls lEcfU/kr gksrh gS%
(1) dkfeZd t:jrksa dk fu/kkZj.k
(2) dkexkjksa dh etnwjh r; djuk
(3) p;u
(4) Welfare of employees (4) deZpkfj;ksa dk dY;k.k

56. 360 degree feedback involves appraisal by: 56. 360 fMxzh QhMcSd esa fuEu }kjk ewY;kadu fd;k tkrk gS%
(1) Line manager’s (1) ykbu izca/kd
(2) Subordinates (2) v/khuLFk
(3) Superiors (3) ofj’B vf/kdkjh

(4) Anyone who is directly in contact with the appraise (4) dksbZ Hkh O;fDr tks ewY;kadu ds lkFk lh/ks laidZ esa gks
57. KANTIASM is a theory related to: 57. KANTIASM buesa ls fdlls lEcfU/kr fl)kUr gS%
(1) Motivation (2) Leadership (1) vfHkçsj.k (2) usr`Ro
(3) Ethics (4) Perception (3) uhfr”kkL= (4) çR;{k Kku

58. Which of the following is not a principle associated 58. fuEukafdr esa ls dkSu&lk fl)kUr oSKkfud çcU/ku ls lEc) ugha gS%
with scientific management? (1) dk;Z dks O;ofLFkr djus ds fy, i;Zos{kd ugha vfirq deZpkjh
(1) Workers, not supervisors, are responsible for mÙkjnk;h gS
organizing work (2) dk;Z fu’iknu dks ;g lqfuf”pr djus ds fy, ekWuhVj fd;k tkrk

(2) Work performance is monitored to ensure that gS ftlls fd mi;qä ifj.kke fey ldsa
appropriate results are achieved (3) gj dk;Z dks lEiUu djus dk ,d loZJs’B rjhdk gksrk gS
(3) There is one best way to perform each task (4) deZpkfj;ksa esa fof”k’V fuiq.krk,a gksrh gSa vkSj os dk;Z fu’iknu ij

(4) Workers have specialized skills and focus on /;ku dsfUær djrs gSa ftlesa mu fuiq.krkvksa dh vko”;drk gksrh gS
performing tasks that require those skills

59. SCSI is a term related with: 59. SCSI ,d ikfjHkkf’kd in gS ftldk lEcU/k gS%

(1) Storage (2) Network Data Transfer (1) HkaMkj.k (2) tkyØe vk¡dM+k LFkkukUrj.k
(3) Keystroke Rate (4) Picture resolution (3) dq¡th vk?kkr nj (4) fp= ek=d

60. What are the units used to count the speed of a 60. eqfæ= dh xfr dh x.kuk ds fy, fdu ;wfuVksa dk ç;ksx fd;k tkrk gS%
printer? (1) CPM (2) DPI
(1) CPM (2) DPI (3) PPM (4) BIT
(3) PPM (4) BIT

FCGK [A–9]
61. Direct X is a: 61. çR;{k X gS%
(1) Computer Part (1) ,d dEI;wVj dk fgLlk gS
(2) Software that drives Graphic hardware (2) ,d ,slk lk¶Vos;j gS tks vkys[kh ;a= lkexzh dks lapkfyr djrk gS
(3) A User Interface (3) mi;ksäk vUrjki`’B
(4) None of these (4) mijksä esa ls dksbZ ugha
62. A source program is a: 62. ,d lzksr Øekns”k gS ftlesa%

(1) Program written in a machine language
(1) Øekns”k ;a=kfJr Hkk’kk esa fy[kk tkrk gS
(2) Program to be translated into machine language
(2) Øekns”k dk ;a=kfJr Hkk’kk esa vuqokn fd;k tkrk gS
(3) Machine language translation of a program
(3) Øekns”k dk ;a=kfJr Hkk’kk vuqokn gS
(4) Program that cannot be translated into machine
(4) ,d ,slk Øekns”k ftls e”khuh Hkk’kk esa vuqokn ugha fd;k tk
ldrk gS

63. A Compiler is a: 63. vuqHkk’kd%
(1) Combination of computer hardware (1) dEI;wVj ;a= lkfexzh dk la;kstu gS
(2) Program which translates from one high–level (2) ,d ,slk Øekns”k gS tks ,d mPp Lrjh; Hkk’kk ls nwljh Hkk’kk esa
language to another vuqokn djrk gS

(3) Program which translates from one high–level to a (3) ,d ,slk Øekns”k gS tks ,d mPp Lrjh; Hkk’kk ls ;a=kfJr Lrj
machine level ij vuqokn djrh gS
(4) Combination of computer hardware and software (4) dEI;wVj ;a= lkfexzh vkSj çfØ;k lkfexzh dk la;kstu gS

64. Mark the correct prompts for the hard disk: 64. gkMZ fMLd ds fy, lgh çksEIV~l dks fpfUgr djsa%

(1) C:
(3) C:\

1 KB memory is:
(2) C:>
(4) C:\>

(1) C:
(3) C:\

1 KB Le`fr gksrh gS%

1000 ckbZV~l
(2) C:>
(4) C:\>

(2) 210 ckbZV~l

(1) 1000 bytes (2) 2 bytes (1)
(3) 106 bytes (4) 102 bytes (3) 106 ckbZV~l (4) 102 ckbZV~l
66. Unix is a: 66. ;wfuDl ¼Unix½ gS ,d%
(1) Multi-user system (1) eYVh&;wtj flLVe
(2) Multitasking system (2) eYVhVkfLdax flLVe

(3) Interactive operating system (3) bUVjSfDVo vkWijsfVax flLVe

(4) All of the above (4) mi;qZä lHkh

67. ERP means: 67. ERP dk rkRi;Z gS%

(1) Energy resource planning (1) ,utÊ jhlkslZ Iykfuax
,UVjçkbZt jhlkslZ Iykfuax

(2) Enterprise resource planning (2)

(3) Expert resource planning (3) ,DliVZ jhlkslZ Iykfuax
(4) None of the above (4) buesa ls dksbZ ugha
68. UNIX is an example of: 68. UNIX ,d mnkgj.k gS%

(1) Batch processing operating system (1) cSp çkslsflax vkijsfVax flLVe dk
(2) Time sharing operating system (2) VkbZe “ks;fjax vkijsfVax flLVe dk
(3) Real time sharing system (3) jh;y VkbZe “ks;fjax flLVe dk
(4) None of these (4) buesa ls dksbZ ugha

69. The binary equivalent of 63 is: 69. 63 dk ckbZujh led{k gksxk%

(1) 0110 0011 (2) 0111 1110 (1) 0110 0011 (2) 0111 1110
(4) buesa ls dksbZ ugha

(3) 0111 0001 (4) None of these (3) 0111 0001

70. Under what arrangement any computer can become 70. fdl O;oLFkk esa dksbZ de~I;wVj loZj cu ldrk gS rFkk dksbZ loZj
server and any server can become computer: de~I;wVj%
(1) In local Area Network (1) yksdy ,fj;k usVodZ (Lan)
(2) In Peer to Peer (2) ih;j Vw ih;j (Peer to Peer)
(3) In client server system (3) DykbZUV loZj flLVe (Client Server System)
(4) In Wide Area Network (4) okbZM ,fj;k usVodZ (WAN)
FCGK [A–10]
71. Which of the following is not correctly matched ? 71. fuEufyf[kr esa ls dkSu&lk lgh lqesfyr ugha gS%
(1) Anemometer- Wind speed (1) ,fueksehVj & ok;q dk osx
(2) Ammeter- Electric Current (2) ,ehVj & fo|qr /kkjk
(3) Tachometer- Pressure Difference (3) VSdksehVj & nkc vUrj
(4) Pyrometer- High Temperature (4) ikbjksehVj & mPp rkiØe

72. Mercosur, a multilateral organization belongs to : 72. ejdkslqj ,d cgqi{kh; laxBu lacaf/kr gS%
(1) nf{k.kh vesfjdk ls (2) mÙkjh vesfjdk ls

(1) South America (2) North America
(3) South Asia (4) Europe (3) nf{k.kh ,f”k;k ls (4) ;wjksi ls

73. JDBC stands for : 73. ts-Mh-ch-lh- dk foLr`r Lo:i gS&

(1) Java Data Base Conductivity (1) tkok MkVk csl dUMfDVfoVh

(2) Java Developer Base Connectivity (2) tkok Msoyij csl dusfDVfoVh
(3) Java Data Base Connectivity (3) tkok MkVk csl dusfDVfoVh
(4) Java Developing Base Connectivity (4) tkok Msoyfiax csl dusfDVfoVh

74. “Milk of Magnesia” is a suspension of- 74. ßfeYd vkWQ eSXuhf”k;kÞ fdldk lLisU”ku gS%

(1) Magnesium Sulphate (1) eSXuhf”k;e lYQsV dk
(2) Magesium Hydroxide (2) eSXuhf”k;e gkbMªksvkWDlkbM dk
(3) Magnesium Chloride (3) eSXuhf”k;e DyksjkbM dk
(4) Magnesium Carbonate (4) eSXuhf”k;e dkcksZusV dk

75. The contents of memory will not be lost, when power 75. fctyh pys tkus ij Le`fr dk fo’k;&oLrq [kks,xk ugha%
goes off, in:
(2) ROM
(4) All the above
uj (1) EPROM esa
(3) EEPROM esa
(2) ROM esa
(4) mi;qZä lHkh

,d dsUæh; dEI;wVj tks ,d ;k T;knk mixzg okys dEI;wVj ls f?kjk

76. A central computer surrounded by one or more 76.
satellite computer is called: gqvk gS] dgykrk gS&
(1) Bus Network (2) Ring Network (1) cl usVodZ (2) fjax usVodZ
(3) Star Network (4) All of the above (3) LVkj usVodZ (4) mi;qZä lHkh

77. Shah Jahan fought the battle of Kartapur against – 77. “kkgtgk¡ us dÙkkZiqj dk ;q) fdlds fo:) yM+k%

(1) Guru Hargovind singh (2) Guru Har Kishan (1) xq: gjxksfoUn flag (2) xq: gjfd”ku
(3) Guru Har Rai (4) Guru Teg Bahadur (3) xq: gj jk; (4) xq: rsxcgknqj

78. Where is “ Ninety East Ridge” situated? 78. ßukbUVh bLV fjtÞ dgk¡ fLFkr gS&
(1) Pacific Ocean (2) Indian Ocean (1) ç”kkUr egklkxj (2) fgUn egklkxj

(3) Arctic Ocean (4) Atlantic Ocean (3) vkdZfVd egklkxj (4) vVykafVd egklkxj

79. Consider the following paragraph : 79. fuEufyf[kr iSjkxzkQ ij fopkj djsa&
He was seriously injured in police lathi Charge in Lahore og lkbeu deh”ku ds fo:) çn”kZu djus ds nkSjku ykgkSj esa iqfyl
during demonstration against Simon commission for ykBhpktZ esa xaHkhj :i ls ?kk;y gks x, ftlds dkj.k mudh ckn esa

which he subsequently died in November, 1928. Later on uoEcj] 1928 esa e`R;q gks x;hA mlds i”pkr fczfV”k vf/kdkjh tks fd
the British officer, who was responsible for lathi charge mu ij ykBhpktZ ds fy, ftEesnkj Fkk mldks Hkxr flag ,oa jktxq:
on him was shot dead by Bhagat singh and Rajguru. us xksfy;ksa ls Hkwu MkykA

The revolutionary referred to in the above paragraph is: mijksä iSjkxzkQ esa lanfHkZr ØkfUrdkjh gS&
(1) Pandit Govind Ballabh Pant (2) Lala Lajpat Rai (1) iafMr xksfoUn cYyHk iar (2) ykyk yktir jk;
(3) Mangal Singh (4) Motilal Nehru (3) eaxyflag (4) eksrhyky usg:

80. The part of the human brain that retains memory is the: 80. euq’; ds efLr’d dk dkSu&lk Hkkx Le`fr dks dk;e j[krk gS%
(1) Hypothalamas (2) Cerebellum (1) gkbiksFkykel (2) lsjscsye
(3) Cerebral Cortex (4) None of the above (3) lsjsczy dkWjVsDl (4) buesa ls dksbZ ugha

81. Knesset is the name of the Parliament of: 81. uhlsV fdl ns”k dh laln dk uke gS%
(1) Norway (2) Sweden (1) ukosZ (2) LohMsu
(3) Israel (4) Spain (3) bt+jk;y (4) Lisu

FCGK [A–11]
82. Match List I with List II and select the correct answer 82. lwph I dks lwph II ls lqesfyr djsa ,oa lwph ds uhps fn, x, dksM ls
using the codes given below the lists: lgh mÙkj dk p;u djsa%
List–I List–II lwph–I lwph–II
I. Linux A. Internet I. Linux A. Internet
II. Pentium B. Programming Language II. Pentium B. Programming Language
III. C++ C. Microprocessor III. C++ C. Microprocessor
IV. Modem D. Operating System IV. Modem D. Operating System

(1) I –D, II- C, III-B, IV-A (1) I –D, II- C, III-B, IV-A
(2) I –C, II- D, III-B, IV-A (2) I –C, II- D, III-B, IV-A
(3) I –B, II- C, III-D, IV-A (3) I –B, II- C, III-D, IV-A
(4) I –D, II- B, III-C, IV-A (4) I –D, II- B, III-C, IV-A

fuEufyf[kr dFkuksa ij fopkj djsa%

83. Consider the following Statements : 83.
I. Polar diameter of the earth is about 40 km larger than I. i`Foh dk /kzqoh; O;kl mlds fo’kqorh; O;kl ls yxHkx 40
its equatorial diameter fd-eh- cM+k gS
II. The most abundant element in the Earth crust is II. i`Foh dh HkwiVy ij lcls vf/kd ek=k esa vkWDlhtu fo|eku gS
oxygen III. xzh’e v;ukar ij lw;Z dh fdj.ksa ddZjs[kk ij Å/okZ/kj iM+rh gSa

III. On summer solstice Sun’s rays fall vertically on tropic mijksä esa dkSu&lk dFku lgh gS
of cancer (1) I, II, III
Which of these statement is/are correct? (2) I ,oa II
(1) I, II, III (2) I and II (3) II ,oa III
(3) II and III (4) II only (4) dsoy II

84. Consider the following statements:

I. Prime meridian passes through Greenwich and is at
zero degree longitude.
II. International date line, on the map appears as a
84. fuEufyf[kr dFkuksa ij fopkj djsa%
I. vkfn&js[kka”k ¼çkbe esfjfM;u½ xzhufop ls gksdj xqtjrk gS ,oa
“kwU; fMxzh ns”kkUrj js[kka”k ij gS
II. vUrjkZ’Vªh; fnukad js[kk 180° ns”kkUrj ds lkFk lh/kh js[kk dh
straight line along 180 degree longitude rjg ekufp= ij çdV gksrk gS
III. While crossing international date line from east to III. vUrjkZ’Vªh; fnuk¡d js[kk dks iwjc ls if”pe dh vksj ikj djus
west, one loses a day ij ,d fnu dh gkfu gksrh gSA
IV. Tropic of cancer lies at 23.5 degree latitude north IV. ddZ js[kk 23.5 fMxzh v{kkUrj mÙkj ij iM+rh gS
Which of these statements are correct? buesa ls dkSu&lk dFku lR; gS

(1) I, II, III, and IV (2) I and II

(1) I, II, III, ,oa IV (2) I ,oa II
(3) I and III (4) II and III
(3) I ,oa III (4) II ,oa III

85. The device to convert alternating current into direct 85. oSdfYid /kkjk dks çR;{k /kkjk esa ifjofrZr djus ds fy, ç;qä ;a= gS%
current is: (1) VªkalQkeZj (2) jsDVhQk;j

(1) Transformer (2) Rectifier (3) vkYVjusVj (4) dUMsUlj

(3) Alternator (4) Condenser

86. Who is acknowledged as the father of scientific 86. fdls oSKkfud çcU/ku dk tud dgk tkrk gS%

management: (1) gsujh Qs;ksy (2) psLVj vkbZ cukZMZ

(1) Henry Fayol (2) Chester I. Barnard (3) ,Q- MCY;w Vsyj (4) ihVj Mªdj
(3) F. W. Taylor (4) Peter Drucker

87. Hierarchy in management: 87. ^çcU/ku esa in lksiku* ¼inkuqØe½%

(1) Is some times called a chain of command (1) dks dHkh&dHkh vkns”kksa dh J`a[kyk dgk tkrk gS
(2) Should always be followed in communication (2) dk i=&O;ogkj esa ges”kk vuqdj.k djuk pkfg,
(3) Is never responsible for red tape (3) dHkh Hkh yky Qhrk”kkgh ds fy, mÙkjnk;h ugha gksrk

(4) Means fairness combined with equity (4) dk vFkZ gS fu’i{krk lfgr U;k; laxfr

88. “Unity of command” is violated under? 88. fuEu esa ls fdlds vUrxZr ^deku ,drk* vfrØfer gksrh gS\
(1) Line organization (1) ykbZu laxBu
(2) Line and staff organization (2) ykbZu rFkk LVkQ laxBu
(3) Functional organization (3) dk;kZRed laxBu
(4) Horizontal organization (4) {kSfrt laxBu ¼Horizontal organization½

FCGK [A–12]
89. A star employee is one: 89. ,d LVkj deZpkjh og gS%
(1) High in performance and high in potential (1) mPp fu’iknu ,oa mPp {kerk
(2) Low in performance and low in potential (2) fuEu fu’iknu ,oa fuEu {kerk
(3) High in performance and low in potential (3) mPp fu’iknu ,oa fuEu {kerk
(4) Low in performance and high in potential (4) fuEu fu’iknu ,oa mPp {kerk

90. According to “Scalar Principle” of management: 90. çcU/ku ds ßLdsyj fl)kUrÞ ds vuqlkj%
(1) ,d çcU/kd çR;{kr% lhfer O;fä;ksa dh la[;k dk ns[k&js[k dj

(1) A manager can directly supervise a limited number of
people ldrk gS
(2) The line of authority must be clearly defined (2) çkf/kdkj dh js[kk dks Li’Vr;k ifjHkkf’kr gksuk pkfg,
(3) Exceptionally complex problems are referred to higher (3) T;knk tfVy leL;k,a çcU/ku ds mPp Lrj ij lnafHkZr dh tkrh
levels of management gSa

(4) Each subordinate should have only one superior (4) çR;sd v/khuLFk dk dsoy ,d ofj’B gksuk pkfg,

91. “Espirit de crops” principle means: 91. ßLihfjV Mh ØkIlÞ ds fl)kUr dk vFkZ gS%
(1) Union is strength (2) Union is power (1) la?k ,d “kfä gS (2) la?k ,d lÙkk gS
(3) Union is motive (4) Union is command (3) la?k ,d mís”; gS (4) la?k ,d lapkyu gS

92. ROM is an example of which of the following? 92. ROM fdldk ,d mnkgj.k gS\
(1) Volatile memory (2) Cache memory (1) vfLFkj Le`fr (2) dS”ks&Le`fr
(3) Non volatile memory (4) Virtual memory (3) xSjvfLFkj Le`fr (4) vkHkklh Le`fr
93. Which of the following term is not related to internet: 93. fuEufyf[kr esa ls dkSu&lk ,d in bUVjusV ls lacaf/kr ugha gS&

(1) Hyperlink
(3) Browser

ASBA scheme is related to:

(2) Search Engine
(4) Function key
(1) gkbijfyad
(3) czkmtj

(2) lpZ&baftu
(4) QaD”ku&dh

¼,Lck½ Ldhe fdlls lacaf/kr gS%

(1) Initial Public Offer (1) çkjafHkd lkoZtfud çLrko ¼bfuf”k;y ifCyd vkWQj½
(2) Central Government Scheme for Women Empowerment (2) efgykvksa ds l”kfädj.k gsrq dsUæh; ljdkj dh ;kstuk
(3) A scheme in commodities market (3) oLrq cktkj esa ,d ;kstuk
(4) Pension scheme of Government of India (4) Hkkjr ljdkj dh ,d isa”ku ;kstuk
95. Which three candidate cities were voted in bids for the 95. 2020 xzh’e vksyafid ds fy, uhykeh cksyh esa dkSu&ls rhu vH;FkÊ

2020 summer Olympics: “kgj dks ernku fd, x,%

(1) Tokyo, Istanbul and Rome (1) VksD;ks] bLrucqy ,oa jkse
(2) Tokyo, Istanbul and Doha (2) VksD;ks] bLrucqy ,oa nksgk
(3) Baku, Madrid and Rome (3) ckdq] eSfMªM ,oa jkse
(4) Tokyo, Istanbul and Madrid (4) VksD;ks] bLrucqy ,oa eSfMªM

96. Which Chapter of The National Food Security Act 2013 96. jk’Vªh; [kk| lqj{kk vf/kfu;e 2013 dk dkSu&lk v/;k; efgyk
speaks of Women Empowerment that Women of l”kfädj.k dk o.kZu djrk gS fd 18 o’kZ ;k mlls T;knk mez dh
eighteen years of age or above to be head of x`g.kh dks jk”kudkMZ fuxZeu gsrq eqf[k;k ekuk tk,xk%
household for purpose of issue of ration cards:

(1) v/;k; VII (2) v/;k; VI

(1) Chapter VII (2) Chapter VI (3) v/;k; V (4) v/;k; IV
(3) Chapter V (4) Chapter IV

12 O;fä;ksa dk ,d leqnk; tks fd ,d gksVy esa cSBd ds fy,


97. A group of 12 men gathered for a meeting in a hotel and 97.

a traveler who stumbles into their amidst. The story bdV~Bs gq, ,oa muds chp yM+[kM+krk gqvk ,d ;k=hA dgkuh ,d
involves a missing rich man, a dead hermit, a large sum xk;c /kuh O;fä] ,d e`r ,dkUroklh] Lo.kZ dh ,d cM+h jde ,oa
in Gold and a beaten up whore. The multiple voices ,d fiVh gqbZ oS”;k dks lfEefyr djrk gSA fofo/k vkoktsa viuh

takes turn to tell their own stories and gradually what dgkuh dk o.kZu djrh gSa ,oa /khjs&/khjs gksdhVhdk ds ,d NksVs dLcs ds
happened to the small town of Hokitika is revealed. lkFk D;k gqvk] ;g of.kZr gksrk gSA
From the above identify the name of the book:
mi;Zqä ls fdrkc ds uke dks igpkusa%
(1) The Lowland
(1) n yks yS.M
(2) The Luminaries
(2) n Y;wehuSfjt+
(3) A tale for the time being
(3) , Vsy QkWj n VkbZe chax
(4) The testament of Mary
(4) n VsLVkesUV vkWQ eSjh
FCGK [A–13]
98. 27th recipient of the Indira Gandhi prize for Peace, 98. “kkfUr fu%”kL=hdj.k ,oa fodkl ds fy, bfUnjk xk¡/kh iqjLdkj ds@dh
Disarmament and Development is: 27osa fotsrk gSa%
(1) Ela Bhatt (1) byk Hkê
(2) Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (2) ,ysu tkUlu ljyhQ
(3) Wangari Maathai (3) oaxkjh eSFkkbZ
(4) Sheikh Hasina (4) “ks[k glhuk

99. Consider G-20 summit held in the first week of 99. flrEcj 2013 ds çFke lçkg esa vk;ksftr G-20 f”k[kj okrkZ ij

September, 2013. Which statement is incorrect with fopkj djsaA f”k[kj okrkZ ds lanHkZ esa vlR; dFku crk,¡
reference to this summit: (1) ;g :l dh jkt/kkuh&lsV ihVlZcxZ esa flrEcj 2013 esa
(1) It was held in Russian capital- St Petersburg in vk;ksftr fd;k x;k
September, 2013. (2) Hkkjrh; ç/kkuea=h eueksgu flag us pkyw vkfFkZd ladV ij çdk”k

(2) Indian Prime Minister Manmohan singh focused on the Mkyk ,oa G–20 jk’Vªksa ls mudh ekSfæd uhfr;ksa ij T;knk /;ku
ongoing economic crisis and urged the G-20 nations nsus ds fy, vkxzg fd;k
to pay more attention to their monetary policies (3) Ýkal phu ,oa :l] lhfj;k ds fo:) lSfud dk;Zokgh djus ds
(3) France, China and Russia were opposed to military fo:) Fks
action against Syria. (4) G–20, 2014 f”k[kj okrkZ vkLVªsfy;k fczlcsu esa vk;ksftr gksuh

(4) G-20, 2014 summit is to be held in Australia, Brisbane gS
100. As per finance bill of 2013, TDS is applicable on sale of 100. 2013 foÙk fo/ks;d ds vuqlkj vpy dk lEifÙk;ksa dh fcØh ij lzksr
immoveable property where the sale consideration of ij dVkSrh ykxw dh xbZ gS tgk¡ lEifÙk foØ; çfrQy -------- ds
property exceeds or is equal to ____. Income tax cjkcj ;k vf/kd gksA ------- dh nj ls vk;dj lEifÙk ds -------

@____should be deducted by the ____ of the property }kjk dkVdj ljdkjh [kkrs esa tek fd;k tkuk pkfg,%
and should be deposited to the Government Account.
(1) Rs 50,00,000/-, 1%, Purchaser
(1) Rs 50,00,000/-, 1%, Purchaser (2) Rs 1,00,00,000/-, 1%, seller
(2) Rs 1,00,00,000/-, 1%, seller (3) Rs 50,00,000/-, 10%, Purchaser
(3) Rs 50,00,000/-, 10%, Purchaser
(4) Rs 50,00,000/-, 1%, Seller
(4) Rs 50,00,000/-, 1%, Seller

101. Who was appointed as Prime Minister of Australia recently? 101. vHkh gky gh esa vkWLVªfy;k dk ç/kkuea=h fdls fu;qä fd;k x;k%
(1) John Howard (2) Kevin Rudd (1) tkWu gkoMZ (2) dsfou jM
(3) Julia Gillard (4) Tony Abbott (3) twfy;k fxykMZ (4) VkWuh ,cV

102. A high level panel headed by RBI Governor Raghuram 102. Hkkjrh; fjtoZ cSad ds xoZuj dh v/;{krk esa ,d mPpLrjh; iSuy us
Rajan has recommended a new development index for ,d u, rhu Lrjh; jSafdax ç.kkyh ij vk/kkfjr jkT;ksa ds fy, ,d u,
the States on the basis of a new three tier ranking fodkl lwpdkad dh vuq”kalk dh gSA ml jkT; dks igpkusa tks lcls
system. Identify the State falling in least developed de fodflr dh Js.kh esa vkrk gS%
(1) mÙkjk[kaM (2) xqtjkr

(1) Uttrakhand (2) Gujarat (3) jktLFkku (4) rfeyukMq

(3) Rajasthan (4) Tamilnadu

103. Which of the following State has emerged as India top 103. vkS|ksfxd fudk; ,slkspse }kjk çnku fd, x, vkadM+ksa ds vk/kkj ij
state in investment implementation rate as per data Hkkjr dk dkSu&lk jkT; fuos”k ykxw djus dh nj esa Hkkjr ds “kh’kZ

provided by Industry body, Assocham: jkT; ds :i esa mHkjk%

(1) Punjab (2) Chattishgarh (1) iatkc (2) NÙkhlx<+
(3) Haryana (4) Assam (3) gfj;k.kk (4) vle

104. Mullaperiyar dam is in the state of _____ and there is a 104. eqYyk isfj;kj ck¡/k ----- jkT; esa fLFkr gS ,oa blds fy, vUrZjkT;h;
interstate dispute between _____ for this. The supreme fookn ----- ds e/; gSA loksZPp U;k;ky; us bl ekeys ds fy, -----
court appointed _______ committee to look into the - desVh fu;qä fd;k%

(1) dsjy] dsjy ,oa rfeyukMq] U;k;k/kh”k ,-,l- vkuUn
(1) Kerala, Kerala and Tamilnadu, Justice A.S.Anand (2) dsjy] dsjy ,oa dukZVd] U;k;k/kh”k oekZ
(2) Kerala, Kerala and Karnataka, Justice Verma (3) dukZVd] dukZVd ,oa dsjy] U;k;k/kh”k ih-,u- Hkxorh
(3) Karnataka, Karnataka and Kerala, Justice P.N. Bhagwati (4) rfeyukMq] rfeyukMq ,oa dsjy] U;k;k/kh”k ds-th- ckykÑ’.ku
(4) Tamilnadu, Tamilnadu and Kerala, Justice K.G.

FCGK [A–14]
105. Which personality has been nominated to 105. [kk|] miHkksäk ekeys ,oa lkoZtfud forj.k ij laln dh LFkkbZ
parliamentary standing Committee on Food, consumer lfefr ij fdl O;fäRo dks gky gh esa ukekafdr fd;k x;k gS%
affairs and public distribution recently: (1) fQYe vfHkus=h js[kk
(1) Film Actress Rekha (2) fQYe vfHkusrk vferkHk cPpu
(2) Film Actor Amitabh Bacchan (3) fØdsVj lfpu rsUnqydj
(3) Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar (4) fQYe vfHkus=h gsekekfyuh
(4) Film Actress Hema Malini

106. Under which scheme ministry of CAF & PD releases 106. CAF ,oa PD ea=ky; dh fdl ;kstuk ds vUrxZr KBK ftyksa gsrq
allocation of rice at BPL rates for KBK districts: BPL nj ij pkoy dk vkcaVu fd;k tkrk gS
(1) Emergency Feeding Programme (1) vkikrdkyhu QhfMax çksxzke
(2) World Food Programme (2) fo”o [kk| dk;ZØe

(3) Annapurna Scheme (3) vUuiw.kkZ ;kstuk
(4) Wheat Based Nutrition Programme (4) xsgw¡ vk/kkfjr U;qfVª”ku çksxzke
107. Which Country has for the first time connected its 107. fdl ns”k us igyh ckj vius ;wjksfi;u ,oa ,f”k;u Nksj dks cksliksjl
European and Asian sides by opening a railway tunnel LVªsV ds uhps ,d jsyos lqjax dks [kksydj tksM+k tks fd dkys ¼CySd½
leqæ ls ekjekjk ds leqæ dks tksM+rk gS%

under Bosporus Strait that connects black sea to the
sea of Marmara:
(1) VdÊ (2) cqYxkfj;k
(1) Turkey (2) Bulgaria (3) tkftZ;k (4) jksekfu;k
(3) Georgia (4) Romania

108. Recently BRICS group of emerging economies have 108. gky gh esa BRICS leqnk; dh mHkjrh vFkZO;oLFkkvksa us $100
agreed to set up a $100 billion foreign currency pool to
be called as a contingent Reserve arrangement :
(1) To Counter terrorism which is an impediment to
growth of these countries uj fcfy;u fons”kh eqæk iwy ftls dkWfUVUtsUV fjt+oZ vjsat+esUV dgk tkrk
gS] mldks LFkkfir djus ds fy, djkj fd;k gS ftlls fd%
(1) vkradh dk;Zokfg;ksa ls fucVk tk lds tks bu ns”kksa ds fodkl esa
ck/kd gSa
(2) To counter the impact of pull – out by foreign investors (2) fons”kh fuos”kdksa }kjk fudy tkus okys çHkko ls fuiVus ds fy,
when the US federal Reserve started tapering tc vesfjdh QsMjy fjt+oZ ifjek.kkRed ljyhdj.k dk;ZØe dks
quantitative easing programme Vs<+k djuk çkjaHk djsa
(3) To meet the fund requirements of BRICS countries (3) BRICS ns”kksa ds QaM vko”;drkvksa dks iwjk djus ds fy,
(4) To eradicate poverties in BRICS countries (4) BRICS ns”kksa esa xjhch dks tM+ ls lekIr djus ds fy,

109. Find the incorrect statement among the following: 109. fuEufyf[kr esa ls vlR; dFku dks igpkusa&
(1) The Ahimsa messenger Programme has been (1) vfgalk esalsUtj çksxzke efgykvksa ,oa cPpksa ds fo:) fgalk ls
launched by the center to combat violence against fuiVus ds fy, dsUæ ljdkj }kjk “kq: fd;k x;k gS
women and children. (2) f=iqjk gkbVsd oksVj fjdkZfM±x flLVe ^oksVj oSfjfQ;scy isij
(2) Tripura became the first state of India to use the high vkfMV Vªsy* lfgr bysDVªkWfud oksfVax e”khu dk ç;ksx djus okyk

tech voter recording system” Voter verifiable paper Hkkjr dk çFke jkT; cu x;k
audit trail” with electronic voting machines (3) Hkkjr ljdkj us 2013-14 o’kZ ds fy, [kk|kUu mRiknu dk
(3) Government of India has set a target of 259 million 259 fefy;u Vu dk y{; fu/kkZfjr fd;k gS
tones of food grains production for the year 2013-14 (4) ns”k esa fnYyh loksZPp çfr O;fä vk; okyk “kgj gS

(4) Delhi has the highest per capita income in the country

110. On 9 May 2013, atmospheric concentrations measured 110. 9 ebZ 2013 esa gokbZ esa vk;ksftr f”k[kj okrkZ ds fudV ekis gq,
near the summit in Hawai’i exceeded 400 parts per okrkoj.kh; ladsUæ.k igyh ckj 400 ikV~Zl çfr fefy;u ikj dj
x;kA bl ,sfrgkfld lhek dks ikj djus ds lkFk gh fo”o ,d u,

million for the first time since measurements began. In

crossing this historic threshold, the world entered a [krjs okys {ks= esa ços”k dj x;kA ;g i`’BHkwfe gS%
new danger zone. This is the background of:
(1) etwjks fMDysjs”ku dh
(1) Majuro Declaration (2) D;ksVks çksVksdkWy dh

(2) Kyoto Protocol (3) okrkoj.k ,oa fodkl ij fj;ks fMDysjs”ku dh

(3) Rio Declaration on Environment and Development (4) okrkoj.k ,oa LokLF; ij ije fMDysjs”ku dh
(4) Parma Declaration on Environment and health

111. Those who win the confidence of their followers by 111. tks vius mPpdksfV ds Kku dh otg ls vius vuqxkeh dk fo”okl
their superior knowledge is called: thr ikrs gSa] os dgykrs gSa%
(1) Democratic leader (2) Intellectual leader (1) çtkrkaf=d usrk (2) çcq) usrk
(3) Institutional leader (4) Creative leader (3) laLFkkxr usrk (4) fØ;k”khy usrk
FCGK [A–15]
112. Identify the mismatched pair in National Sports awards 112. jk’Vªh; [ksy iqjLdkj 2013 esa xSj lqesfyr tksM+s dks igpkusa
2013: (1) jksUtu lks/kh & jktho xk¡/kh [ksy jRu vokMZ
(1) Ronjon Sodhi- Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award (2) jktdqekjh & vtZqu vokMZ
(2) Rajkumari Rathore- Arjuna Award (3) iwf.kZek egrks & æks.kkpk;Z vokMZ
(3) Poornima Mahato- Drona Charya Award (4) /kesZUæ nyky & /;kupan vokMZ
(4) Dharmender Dalal- Dhyan chand award

113. There are now ............ known races of Ug99. They are 113. vc orZeku esa Ug99 dh ------ Kkr çtkfr;k¡ gSaA og vkil esa

all closely related and are believed to ?kfu’B :i ls lEcfU/kr gS ,oa ,slk ekuk tkrk gS fd mHk;fu’B iwoZtksa
have evolved from a common ancestor. If this wind }kjk mRiUu gq, gSaA ;fn ok;q }kjk QSyk gqvk ;g jksx vQxkfuLrku]
blown disease were to hit Afghanistan, Pakistan and ikfdLrku ,oa Hkkjr dks viuh pisV esa ysrk gS rks ;g fo”o esa ------
India, It would hurt .......... availability around the globe. dh miyC/krk dks cqjh rjg çHkkfor djsxk%

(1) 7, Wheat (2) 8, Wheat (1) 7] xsgw¡ (2) 8] xsgw¡
(3) 9, Wheat (4) 10, Paddy (3) 9] xsgw¡ (4) 10] /kku

114. India extended USD 144- mn line of credit to which 114. “kfä lapj.k ,oa forj.k ifj;kstukvksa ds fodkl ds fy, Hkkjr us
following countries for development of power fdl ns”k dks USD 144 fefy;u dk lk[k çnku fd;k%

transmission and distribution projects: (1) lfcZ;k (2) ,LVksfu;k
(1) Serbia (2) Estonia (3) ykbcsfj;k (4) cksfyfo;k
(3) Liberia (4) Bolivia

115. India and which country in September, 2013 decided to 115. flrEcj 2013 esa Hkkjr vkSj dkSu&lk ns”k f}i{kh; djsalh LoSi
expand their bilateral currency swap arrangement from foU;kl 15 fcfy;u US MkWyj ls 50 fcfy;u US MkWyj flrEcj
15 billion US dollors to 50 billion US dollor till
December, 2015:
(1) China
(3) USA
(2) Germany
(4) Japan
uj 2015 rd c<+kus ds fy, fu.kZ; fy;k%
(1) phu
(3) vesfjdk
(2) teZuh
(4) tkiku
116. Management by objective implies: 116. mís”; }kjk çcU/ku ¼MBO½ esa fufgr gksrk gS%
(1) Setting objectives at the top (1) “kh’kZ ij mís“;ksa dks r; djuk
(2) Setting objectives at subordinate level with the help of (2) “kh’kZ ds lg;ksx ls v/khuLFk Lrj ij mís“;ksa dks r; djuk
top (3) ykHkksa dks vf/kdre djus ds fy, mís“;ksa dks r; djuk
(3) Setting objectives to maximize profits (4) lHkh Lrj mís“;ksa dks r; djuk

(4) Setting objectives at all levels

117. Which is a method of off-the-job training: 117. ukSdjh ls ijs çf“k{k.k dh ,d fof/k gS%
(1) Position Rotation (2) Brainstorming (1) fLFkfr pØ.k (2) cszuLVkfe±x
(3) Apprenticeship (4) Vestibule School (3) ,çsUVhf“ki (4) osLVhcqy Ldwy

118. ESOP stands for: 118. ESOP dk o`gn Lo:i gS%

(1) Employee Stock Operation Plan (1) ,EIykbZ LVkd vkijs”ku Iyku
(2) Employee Stock Opinion Plan (2) ,EIykbZ LVkd vksfifu;u Iyku
(3) Employee Stock Organizational Plan (3) ,EIykbZ LVkd vkxsZukbZts”kuy Iyku

(4) Employee Stock Option Plan (4) ,EIykbZ LVkd vkI”ku Iyku
119. The concept of Six Sigma is associated with: 119. flDl flxek dh vo/kkj.kk fdlls lec) gS%
(1) deZpkjh lq/kkj

(1) Employee improvement

(2) Quality work life (2) xq.koÙkk dk;Z thou
(3) Zero defect (3) “kwU; nks’k
(4) Statistical employee performance (4) lkaf[;dh; deZpkjh fu’iknu

120. Leaders who rely forever on the same internal advisers 120. tks usrk lnSo vkUrfjd lykgdkjksa ij fuHkZj jgrs gSa] fuEu dkj.k ls
run the risk of being betrayed due to: fo”okl?kkr fd, tkus dk tksf[ke jgrk gS%
(1) Lack of trust (1) fo”okl dh deh
(2) Improper distance from authority (2) çkf/kdkjh ls vuqfpr nwjh
(3) Closer leader-adviser relationship (3) usrk&lykgdkj ds ?kfu’B lEcU/k
(4) Lack of impartiality of the opinion (4) er dh fu’i{krk dh deh

FCGK [A–16]
PAPER-I (131_General/Depot/Movement)

1 3 31 3 61 2 91 1

2 2 32 3 62 2 92 3
3 1 33 1 63 3 93 4
4 2 34 2 64 4 94 1

5 2 35 3 65 2 95 4
6 4 36 2 66 4 96 2
7 1 37 3 67 2 97 2
8 3 38 1 68 2 98 2

9 1 39 3 69 4 99
10 2 40 1 70 2 100 1
11 3 41 3 71 3 101 4
12 3 42 4 72 1 102 3
1 uj
16 4 46 4 76 3 106 1
17 2 47 4 77 1 107 1
18 3 48 1 78 2 108 2
19 49 1 79 2 109 2

20 3 50 1 80 110 1
21 4 51 4 81 3 111 2
22 4 52 2 82 1 112 4
23 3 53 3 83 3 113 2

24 1 54 2 84 1 114 3
25 2 55 1 85 2 115 4
26 2 56 4 86 3 116 2
27 1 57 3 87 1 117 4

28 2 58 1 88 3 118 4
29 1 59 1 89 1 119 3
30 1 60 90 2 120 4

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