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Answers for Test 1

I. Listening
1. Keiko
2. JO6337
3. 4 months
4. (Advanced) English (studies)
5. (Young) children
6. pets
7. seafood
8. tennis
9. trains/ (the) train
10. this/ that afternoon
II. Reading
11. YES
12. NO
14. B
15. A
16. B
17. D
III. Grammar
18. B
19. D
20. D
21. A
22. A
23. C
IV. Writing
24. The answer may vary
25. The answer may vary
26. The answer may vary
27. The answer may vary
28. The answer may vary
29. The answer may vary
30. The painting is believed to be a masterpiece.
31. We are not allowed to eat in class by our teacher.
32. Does this bill have to be paid immediately?
33. She is going to be sent to a new school next year.
34. Members of National Assembly are elected every five years.
V. Pronunciation
35. Mr. Brown travelled to Bradford by train and watched a cricket match there.
36. The two brothers have bread and ice-cream for breakfast.
37. Mr. Trevor was crossing the road when he saw a car crashing into a bus.
38. The boy cried loudly because he broke his leg.
39. Try your best and bring victory for our country.