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Issue 2
VH 28/3/02


The Model 540 is designed to be used Configurable inputs are available for
as: Fuel, Safety On, Reset and Lamp Test.
► Protection Expansion module This allows the module to function with N/O
► Annunciator or N/C switches.
► a combination of both the above.
Five fully configurable auxiliary inputs are
Able to be used as a stand-alone module provided to give protection expansion or
or as part of a complex control system, annunciation. These can be selected to be
the 540 is particularly suited to providing indication, warning, shutdown or electrical
input expansion to the DSE 500 Series trip either immediate or on start-up or held
control modules. off during safety on delay.
The Safety On Timer can be selected to
Uncommitted LED’s allow configurable
be either internal from the Fuel On input
annunciation in a choice of colours:
being active, or externally fed from
Red, Green or Amber.
another device such as the 520
Indication or warnings -STEADY
Automatic Start module.
Shutdown or Electrical Trip - FLASHING.
C Supply:
An alarm reset input is provided to
8 to 35 V Continuous.
enable alarms to be cleared. It can be Cranking Dropouts:
configured to be fed from either plant Able to survive 0 V for 50 mS,
negative or plant positive DC. This gives providing supply was at least 10 V
maximum flexibility to the module, and before dropout and supply recovers
allows for interfacing with an output relay to 5V. This is achieved without the
on a 520, to enable the 520 control The 500 series modules have been need for internal batteries.
switch to be the master alarm clear designed for front panel mounting. Max. Operating Current:
control. The module is fitted into the cut-out 200 mA at 12 V. 130 mA at 24 V.
with the fixing clips removed. These Max. Standby Current:
The module also features plant DC are then fitted from the rear. 15 mA at 12 V. 15 mA at 24 V.
supply monitoring alarms and can Connection is via locking plug and DC alarm voltage Range:
provide indication of a high or low supply socket connectors. Minimum Low Volts trip:- 0V
voltage. This feature can be disabled if Maximum High Volts trip:- 40V
not required. Time delay :- 0sec – 60minutes
Auxiliary Relay Outputs:
Alterations to the system are made by
5 Amp DC at supply voltage.
using a PC and the 808 interface. This Dimensions:
also provides the operator with real time
72 X 72X 118.5
diagnostic facilities to monitor the Weight:
operation of the system. 0.3Kg
Operating Temperature Range:
Relay outputs are provided by way of
-15 to +55°C
two configurable outputs. Normally the
relays are configured as Warning and
Shutdown alarm outputs. However,
relays are configurable to activate on a NOTE: For applications
range of functions, conditions or alarms. requiring more than 5 input
The relay outputs are at negative plant channels it is possible to use
supply to give compatibility with the multiple modules to achieve
inputs to other 500 series modules. the number of input
Additionally each module can be fitted to channels. Alternatively the
a 157 relay expansion module to provide DSE model 541 provides 10
a further eight fully configurable volt free
input channels as standard
relay outputs.
and also features additional
relay outputs.

DSE reserve the right to change specificaion

without prior notification


72.0mm 13


Panel Cut-out: 68mm x 68mm



NOTE:- When connected to

808 a completed Panel/Gen-set
Real time diagnostic
status display is available

Internal DC
Monitoring Circuit Protection Expansion / Annunciator 1 -Ve Plant DC

5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 3 4

1 2
1 2 Configurable Relay Outputs
Safety Lamp
Fuel On Reset Test
F 3

∗ 4
5 Configurable Inputs
∗ =Reset Input configurable to
be switched to +Ve Plant DC
or -Ve Plant DC (Default).

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