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te Nepal Vote- A Creative campaign to increa

Voter turnout in the EUMC Segment

About us:

• Nishma Bajracharya- Media & PR Head

• Neeraj Sharma- Business Development Head
• Vivek Bir Pandey- Creative Head
• Sajeeb Chand- Managing Director
Our Base:

Most of the brands served by us are either Market Leaders

or strong leader contenders
Serving the mind market for more than a decade
Among the ten largest creative agencies in Nepal
Reputed company with highly dedicated and qualified staff
Full fledged creative team
Strong Client Servicing and Media Team
We offer:

Strategic Communication Planning

Creative Development

Media Planning, Buying & Relations

Advertisement Research

Impact Assessment
Creative Recognition:

2000 Outstanding contribution 2003 For Best Radio Ad

Award VNY
2005 Most Popular Ad of the

2003/4/5/6 Best Nominations

2001 Best Agency- Life


2006 / 2007 BOSS Excellency Award –

Nominated for
Best Service Company

the total population of Nepal, 21% fall under the EUMC Segmen

, only 12% of them are registered and only 7.5% are a

16% of the EUMC had turned out to vote in the last elections, we
itnessed a different result.
Why is there a need for this
Perception of the EUMC:

Useless and Unnecessary

k that who so ever wins the elections do not care abo

er gets elected wont do good for the country, their job
ot trust the outcomes of the election process
the process is all too corrupted for them to participat

The process lacks the value and importa

Common Perception:

tand in the heat for almost a whole day to put someon

he office whom you do not trust and relate to……………

bjectives of the campaign:

Change the perception of the segment by

fostering trust of the electoral process

Generate mass appeal

for the electoral process
Generate, Create & Sustain interest in the
Electoral process
in the Minds & Hearts Of The EUMC
duce increase in high voter percentage in the upcoming elec
ommunication Delivery Platforms

• Process Awareness
• Communication Visibility
• Communication Recall


Events Media
• Process Awareness/Interest
• Process Awareness/Interest • Motivation for Turnout
• Build Process Confidence • Build Process Confidence
• Motivation for turnout • Communication Recall
• Promotion Point of Contact
• Process Awareness/Interest
• Communication Visibility
• Info on Process Activities
• Motivation for Turnout
• Communication Recall
Strategic Communication Groundwo
Campaign Communication Focus:

Voters BOND Election Process

addressing the concerns of
voters needs and create Aspiration
That can relate
Realization on the part o
Which can
assist in
to The voters
Voter’s This in turn
shall be
Influencing factor in Voter
Communication Theme:

Vote Nepal Vote

unts, make the bes
Campaign Design Visualizations
Campaign Mnemonic:
Print Advertisement Concepts
Print Ad 1
Print Ad 2
Print Ad 3
Website Layout:
Interactive Media
TVC Concept:
Radio Jingle:

Jaga Jaga Nepali Ho aba hamro palo

Yo desh lai naya disha dine

Ek vote, ek nirnaya, surakshit garaun

afno adhikar
Yo desh lai naya aadhar dine

Kartavya ho aja hamro dayito ho aja

Yo desh lai naya gantabya dine

Jaga Jaga Nepali Ho aba hamro palo

Media Planning & Budgeting
Nepal Television
Kantipur Television

M Television Avenues TV

S Kantipur FM
Inside KTM. Valley
Image FM

M Radio
E Regional FMs

I Kantipur

A Daily Newspapers
Annapurna Post
The Himalayan Times
Press Himal Khabarpatrika
L Conventional Banners

Leaflet / Direct Mailers

A POCs Posters
c Large Vinyl Stickers (Mass Visibility)
Drama with Gurukul
i Interactive Toll Free Help Lines
e Face Book Vote Nepal Vote
s Vote Nepal Vote Webpage
Vote Nepal Vote
Media Plan 2010
ampaign Impact Assessment:

assessment will be done in 3 parts 6 monthly pattern

assessment parameters will be as follows:

mpaign reach and visibility
s the message understood?
s the campaign able to evoke the minds and hearts of the EUMC
s the campaign delivery platform effective?
s the campaign able to generate interest to induce voter turnou

easure of the assessment will be based on a combination of questionna

mal interviews conducted among the target audience.

al assessment will always be on the voting day as to

terest by relating with the emotions of the target aud
to come to vote. The number of voter turnout of the E