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1347 McVeety Drive
Regina, Sk
S4N 7C9
306 789 6961 CEL 306 531 4573

To Whom It May Concern

Reference: Cassidy Shostak

Cassidy is presently completing her internship, the last requirement for her Bachelor of
Education. She is an exemplary student who achieves high grades. As Cassidy has progressed
through her degree program, she has demonstrated passion for learning and a strong work
ethic. She easily forms relationships with people she meets. Cassidy’s relationships with
children are a quality that will make her an excellent teacher. She effortlessly sets forth
expectations for behavior while valuing and respecting them as individuals.

Cassidy is dedicated and passionate about teaching. She thoughtfully and masterfully plans
lessons and experiences that benefit the children she works with. Such experiences include
arranging for a special package to be delivered to her students to encourage oral language and
reading, buying books to share with her students that she knows her students will love, playing
board games and cards with children and preparing a bulletin board that lets each student
share their talents with caregivers and others in the school.

Cassidy’s has had experiences that will be very helpful as she begins her career as a teacher.
While completing her studies, Cassidy worked full time in summers and part time during the
school year with autistic children. The experience has given her insight into the world of special
education students. As she transferred this experience to the classroom, she would talk about
different ways she would differentiate instruction for students who were struggling, for English
Language Learners or for students with diagnosed conditions. Her ability to apply what she
learned through work to the classroom is quite remarkable. Cassidy has also participated in
Projects Abroad, a volunteer experience in Africa and travelled throughout the United States
and Canada. These intercultural experiences provide her with a world view that is accepting
and tolerant.

Cassidy is a wonderful beginning teacher that is open to new ideas. With outstanding moral
intelligence and a bubbly, enthusiastic personality she would be an asset to any elementary
staff. Please do not hesitate to call if you have questions.

Laurie Gatzke
Supervisor of Assessment
Regina Public Schools