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Names: Amelia, Dylan, Soumil Section: 8-4

Using Trade Secrets & Motivation to Beat the Game

I. Objective of the Game:

Write out the objective to win the game in words.

The Objective of this game is to knock down all of clown teeth (usually 5) with an
object(usually a ball or a beanbag) before the other players do or time runs.

II. “Trick Factor”:

Identify the “inside scoop,” as in what is it about the game, the physical setup or the skill
required, that makes the game a challenge for players.

The challenge is that the blaster does not provide the need force to accelerate the ball
fast enough to adequately knock the teeth down. So the players have to shoot the ball at
the teeth in a specific location higher than the teeth that knocks the teeth down. The
teeth may also may be made of a material that may be hard to knock down with the ball
given and the speed the ball travels.


III. Winning the Game:

What you need to do is hit the teeth at the top so the weight of
the teeth of is pushed backwards using gravity to fall backwards.
What you don’t want to do is hit the teeth with the ball in a point
where it results the teeth exerting an equal and opposite force.
When you press the button on the blaster to shoot the ball the air
pressure within will provide force on the ball that will accelerate
and speed up in the direction of the teeth. The force from the
ball will cause the teeth to fall down in the opposite direction.
This shows inertia, as the teeth were at rest before the force of
the ball hit it and then move into motion. One trick the game
makers put in agains t the player is that the force provided on
the ball might not be enough to accelerate the mass of the ball
fast enough to knock the teeth in certain places. Another setback
is that the mass of the teeth is more than the mass of the ball.
The velocity of the ball is determined by the direction and speed.
The blaster will shoot but Try NOT to aim at our reference
point, the center, aim higher! The potential kinetic energy is low
from that god darn awful blaster, causing gravity to affect the
ball and make it lower. If you don’t hit the teeth with the right
amount of force or in a specific way, the teeth will exert an equal
force on the projectile causing it to resist knocking the teeth

Be the coach and provide the players with the “words of wisdom” they need to win. Give them
the information and strategies to use so that they meet the objective the first time [or second.. or
third.. if they get 3 chances] to WIN the big prize!

Note: Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion and the following terms must be strategically incorporated
into the “Pep Talk,” so as to reflect the correct meaning within context, but done in such a way
that makes sense in everyday language.

Laws to Include — Law 1 [part 1 & 2] Law 2 [ f, m, a] Law 3

Terms to Include —
at rest motion reference point
force f mass
speed direction inertia
acceleration friction gravity
exert resist velocity
energy potential kinetic