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Technical name: J_1AF317

Short text
Sales Information Regime (Argentina)

You use this report to generate a magnetic file that contains details of the transaction documents related to
sales, rentals, and services invoiced to customers.

In Argentina, companies are liable to submit these transaction documents on a monthly basis to the tax
authorities. You can download the magnetic file with the relevant details and submit it to the tax authorities.

On the selection screen, specify the following:

 Company code

 Document number

 Fiscal year

 Ledger

You can also specify the following restrictions for the display using the fields below:

 In the General Selection group box, you can specify the following:

o Document type

o Posting date

o Entry date

o Reference number

o Reference transaction

o Reference key

o Logical system

 In the Additional Selections group box, you can specify the following:

o Tax code
o Special G/L Indicator for Accounts Payable

o Special G/L Indicator for Accounts Receivable

o Correspondence Type for Customs data

 In the Create Files For CITI group box, you can specify the following:

o Run with File output

Select this check box to download the magnetic file in the specified path

o Name of local file

Specify the file path for storing the magnetic file

 In the File Information for Sales group box, you can specify the following:

o Create sales file

Select this checkbox to create the following files in the directory paths that you specify:
- Sales document file
- Sales VAT rates file

o Under Application Server Path, specify the directory paths on the application server, where
you want to save these files.

The system validates if the file path entered by the user aligns with the file system
configurations authenticated for the report. The file system configuration includes a Logical
File Name FI_J1AF317_FILE and Logical File Path FI_AR_FILE_PATH , associated with
the report. You should maintain the physical file path that you need to use in this report,
against the Logical File Path FI_AR_FILE_PATH using transaction FILE.

o Under Local PC Path, specify the directory paths on the local PC, where you want to save
these files

o Tax ID

Specify the tax ID corresponding to the tax category Perception not Categorized

The report generates the following transaction details:

 Document details such as document type, number and date

 Record type

 Customer details such as, customer ID, name

 Invoice details such as Operation Total Amount (total invoice amount), total amount of concepts that
are not part of the Net Taxable Price, Net Taxable base amount (tax base), Tax amount, Exempted
operation amount

 Sales document file and sales VAT rates file on the specified file path on the application server

To access this report, on the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Accounting -> Financial Accounting ->
Accounts Receivable -> Reporting -> Argentina -> Sales Information Regime.