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Welcome to the Highway Capacity Software (TM) for

Windows 98/NT/2000/XP, HCS+ (TM), developed by the
McTrans Center at the University of Florida. This
version of HCS implements the procedures defined in
the 2000 Highway Capacity Manual (HCM 2000) which is
Copyright 2000 by the Transportation Research Board

HCS+ includes modules implementing Urban Streets (HCM

Chapter 15), Signalized Intersections (HCM Chapter 16),
Unsignalized Intersections (HCM Chapter 17), Two-Lane
Highways (HCM Chapter 20), Multilane Highways (HCM
Chapter 21), Freeway Facilities (HCM Chapter 22), Basic
Freeway Segments (HCM Chapter 23), Freeway Weaving (HCM
Chapter 24), Ramps and Ramp Junctions (HCM Chapter 25),
and Transit (HCM Chapter 27).

HCS+ is a typical Windows installation and the system

must meet the following minimum requirements including
16 MB RAM preferred, VGA+ Monitor and 35 MB Hard Disk
space available. Service Pack 3 (or higher) must have
been installed in order to run under Windows NT4.

This will be a completely new installation, separate from

any existing HCS-2, HCS-3 or HCS2000 version. The install-
ation program will present a license agreement, which must
be agreed to for installation to proceed. It is recommended
that HCS2000 be uninstalled before installing HCS+.

The installation will copy several files to the specified

folder and place icons on Start/Programs menu. We recommend
that the defaults be accepted for this installation to avoid
files conflicting with previous versions. Once installed,
the user can click on Start, then Programs and select McTrans,
then HCS+ to access the program (HCSplus.exe) if these
defaults were accepted.

McTrans has spent the last four years developing new features
for the Highway Capacity Software toward this release of HCS+.
This new version adds many significant improvements for more
efficient data coding, more comprehensive analyses, and better
output options. And, there are additional programs to
supplement typical traffic study needs.

HCS+ New Features:

HCS-Style Freeway Facilities Module
MUTCD Warrant Analysis Module
Signals Oversaturated Multiple-Period Analysis
Signals Preset Phasing Selections
Signals "Advice" button monitors input data for errors
Signals automated I-Value from upstream signal data
Improved Quick Entry screen for easier lane coding
Many new Formatted Reports, now with a Save Report option
DAITA program to collect turning movement counts using HCS+
Read Jamar count board data directly into Signals
An enhanced Main Menu presents buttons for the various analysis
modules included in HCS+. These include HCM 2000 procedures
(Freeways, Weaving, Ramps, Multilane, TwoLane, Signals,
Unsignal, Arterials, Transit and Freeway Facilities), the PLUS
programs (Warrants, ARTPLAN,FREEPLAN, HIGHPLAN and DAITA) as
well as Help and Exit. Each button provides a recognizable
graphic representation with a "tool tip" to provide names.

To open a module, just click on the appropriate button. Once

the module is loaded, the File/New menu item or the New File
icon must be selected. This will present a dialog box for
choosing an analysis type (i.e., Operations, Design or
Planning). Detailed Help is available in each module,
specific to that analysis type, and by using the F1 key in
any field, with references to the HCM sections, exhibits or
equations being utilized. Valid ranges are shown on the status
bar. There are several data files also included which represent
the HCM 2000 Sample Calculations. Please contact us with any
questions or problems getting started.

Office Licenses Licenses are available
License Fees include first year of continuous support
Provides for automatic upgrades with electronic downloads
Toll-free telephone and electronic file exchange support
No more upgrade fees with new continuous support structure

HCM 2000 procedural upgrades planned for the future include:

� Pedestrian and Bicycle spreadsheet applications
� Interchange Ramp Terminals Analytical Procedure
� Detailed Roundabout Methodology
� Improved Freeway Weaving Procedures
� Revised Urban Street Methodologies

McTrans Center Tel: (352) 392-0378

University of Florida Fax: (352) 392-6629
PO Box 116585 E-mail: mctrans@ce.ufl.edu
Gainesville, FL 32611-6585 http://mctrans.ce.ufl.edu/

HCS+ is copyrighted software of the University of Florida.

Its further use or dissemination without the expressed written
permission of the McTrans Center of the University of Florida
is prohibited.