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Racheal Boyd “Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse” 1 /2/ 2018

Managing Impulsvity Lesson

SWBAT list ways they can manage their impulses in various school settings.

Materials  Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse (PGS 1 - 19 )

 Managing Impulsivity Survey (See Below)

Vocabulary  Considerate (10)
 Amused (11)
 Furious (14)

Do Now:
Managing Impulsivity Survey (See Below)

Name ______________________________ Date____________

Managing Impulsivity Survey

Directions: Circle one response for each question

1.Do you always keep your hands to yourself? YES SOMETIMES NO

2. Do you always stop and think before you make a choice? YES SOMETIMES NO

3. Do you interrupt others? YES SOMETIMES NO

4. Is it okay to do whatever you want? YES SOMETIMES NO

5. Can you wait for something if it is not your turn? YES SOMETIMES NO

Teacher: Today, we’re going to be working on the habit & mindset “managing impulsivity”.
We started our lesson by completing a survey about some of the behaviors I see in the
classroom. I was curious about what you think about your behavior. The questions on the do
now, all relate to the habit & mindset managing impulsivity

When we keep our hands to ourselves, think before we act take our time, remain patient and
remain calm, manage our impulses. When we do not do these things, we do not manage our
impulses. This is a habit and mindset that everyone including myself has trouble with.
Explicit Instruction:
Teacher: Before, we start the lesson, let’s watch a short video about managing our impulses.

* Show youtube video about managing impulses*

Teacher: In the video, they started with the definition of impulsive. We saw students run in the
hallway, pull hair, throw things, and other inappropriate behaviors. After that, they described
managing impulsivity in 3 ways: First they said we must think before we act, second we must
take our time, third we must remain calm, and lastly we must be thoughtful. When we do all of
these things we will be successful at managing our impulses.

Teacher: Sometimes I have a hard time managing my impulses. For example, when someone
drives too slow in front of me, I become angry, and beep my horn. This is not managing my
impulses. I do not think before I act, or remain calm when I beep at other drivers.

Teacher: To help us learn about managing impulsivity, we are going to be reading some of
the book, “Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse” by Kevin Henkes. While we’re reading the book, I’m going
to stop, mention, and note how Lily did, and did not manage her impulsivity (write on power
point or anchor chart).

Teacher: When we are finished reading, we will complete a short activity about managing
impulsivity while in school.

*Introduce vocabulary before reading text *

*Begin reading text *

* Stop on page 10*

Teacher: We just learned that Lilly got a new plastic purse over the weekend. She was really
excited about her purse, and wanted to share her purse and all of the belongings with the
class. She did not manage her impulses at all on this page.

Teacher: First she interrupted the teacher during story time, and could not remain calm. Even
after he redirected her.

Teacher: During spelling, Lilly interrupted the class, and was not considerate of Mr.Slinger, or
her classmayes.

Teacher: During nutrition, she stood up during the lesson, and showed everyone anyway.

Teacher: Each time, Lily did these things, she did not manage her impulses. She did the exact
opposite. Instead of being calm, considerate, or thinking before she acted, Lily did what she
wanted. She did not care how it made others feel, or the consequences.

Teacher: Let’s continue reading to learn what happened next.

* Continue reading *
Guided Practice
* Stop on page 13*
Teacher: After Lily had her things taken, she did not manage her impulses again*
Teacher: Can I have someone guess what she did?

* STUDENT RESPONDS / Correct if there is a misconception*

Teacher: Awesome. Lily became angry, and drew a mean picture of her teacher, and then
put it in his book bag? How does this relate to managing impulses?

Student: Lily acted off of anger, she did not think about how her teacher would feel when she
got that nPte(or similar answer)

Teacher: That is correct. Lily was not calm, she did not think about her actions, or take her
time when she decided to write that note to Mr.Slinger. Let’s continue reading to see if Lily
learned her lesson.

Stop on page 16

Teacher: What just happened?

Student: Lily found a note from the teacher, and he wrote nice things to her. She felt bad after.

Teacher: This is a perfect example as to why we should manage our impulses. Lily did not do
the right thing in school, and instead of thinking about her choices, she acted off of anger. She
did not consider her teachers’ feelings. Now she feels bad that she wrote that nasty letter while
she was being impulsive.
Send off
Teacher: Today we learned about managing impulsivity by reading the book, Lily’s Purple
Plastic Purse, and watching a short video. We learned that managing impulsivity happens
when we take our time, think before we act, and remain calm.

Teacher: This book showed us many ways that students do manage their impulsivity. It also
taught us what can happen when we make the wrong choice, or do not think about our

Teacher: For your assessment today, you’ll be completing a worksheet. On this worksheet, you
will work with your classmates to list or describe ways you can manage impulsivity while in
school. Before you begin, I will give you an example from each category. My example will be
left on the powerpoint during your work.

Teacher: Do I have any questions before you complete your assignment?

Assessment / Independent Practice
Name__________________________________________ Date:______________________________

Directions: Complete the sheet below.

What are some ways I can manage impulsivity?

In the classroom? In the cafeteria?

 Remaining silent during instruction  Waiting patiently on the lunch line

At Recess / Resource ? In the hallway?

 Waiting to use equipment until it’s my  Walking to my destination


What is something Lily could have did to manage her impulses while in Mr.Slinger’s class?