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Curriculum vitae


Date Of Birth: Jan 30th 1982
Email: sikander.physicst@gmail.com

Impact Factor:124.52
h-index= 07

Vill and P/O Dagai, Mohallah Hamzakheil, Phone: (+92) 3325794925
District Swabi, Tehsil Razar, KPK, Phone: (+92) 3339459711

Research area
Condensed Matter Physics (Electronic Structure Calculation): In condensed matter physics, I do
study on Electronic Structure, Elastic properties, optical and thermoelectric properties of the solid
materials in the light of Density Functional Theory (DFT). It may be mentioned that with the
knowledge of band structure of a material, the understanding of various properties of materials has
been increased in the past few decades. Starting with atomic number only, the electronic structure
calculation can be done and based on the information one can engineer to modify the crystal
structure and further can determine the total energies of all the possible crystal structures. Thus
the most stable structure can be determined. In the second part, I study on the elastic properties
of the materials. It is of particular interest as they determine the mechanical stability of the
materials. Elastic properties of a solid are important because of they relate to various fundamental
solid state properties. Therefore, it will be desirable if before carrying out expensive and tedious
time consuming process of experiments to determine electronic band structure, density of states
and elastic properties, one can use computational tools for theoretical calculation to understand
these parameters and hence save both the time and resources for technology development with
better-designed experiments. DFT is commonly used to calculate the electronic structure of simple
and complex systems containing many atoms such as large molecules or solids. It is based on
electron density rather than on the wave function and treated both exchange and correlation but
approximately. In this method, many body problems of interacting electrons and nuclei are mapped
to a series of one-electron equations which is called Kohn-Sham (KS) equations. For the solution
of the KS equations, several methods have been developed with the Linearized Augmented Plane
Wave (LAPW). Based on this, a computer code WIEN2K is used to solve the KS equations and
thus obtain the crystal properties on atomic scale.
Year Certificate/Degree University
2016 PhD University of West
Bohemia, Pilsen,
Czech Republic.
2011 M.Phill. Hazara University
2008 M.Sc. University of Malakand
2002 B.Sc. University of Peshawar
2000 F.Sc. BISE Peshawar
1998 SSc. BISE Peshawar

My PhD thesis dissertation:

First principle studies of optical, thermoelectric and electronic characteristics of com-
plex materials.

Master in Philosophy thesis title (M. Phil):

Study of medicinal plants by using PIXE techniques.

Teaching; Teaching experience in different graduate and undergraduate institutes during 2006-

Currently working as an Assistant Professor at University of Lahore, main campus

Sargodha, Pakistan

• Wien2k code
• Elastic Code
• BoltzTraP Code

• Success as a laboratory and tutorial instructor in general Physics, Experienced working in a

multidisciplinary team. Appropriate organization, record keeping, verbal and written com-
munication skills.
• Have enough experience of working in different computer programs including MS-word, MS-
excel MS-Power Point, and Web Browsing etc.

Courses studied in PhD:

1. Physical Chemistry for Metallurgists
2. Experimental methods of material properties study
3. Theory of plasma-based technologies
4. Physical Biology
5. Density functional theory
6. Application of Laser in Bio Physics
7. Full Potential Linear Augmented Plane Wave Method 1
8. Full Potential Linear Augmented Plane Wave Method 2
9. Light Interaction with the Matter - Linear Phenomenon 1

Other subjects studied (in M.phil and Master):

Quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics,
Quantum optics Magnetism, Electronics
mathematical method Plasma physics,
Modern physics Nuclear physics
of physics, Optical properties,
Electro dynamics, Electro magnetic theory
Classical mechanics, Solid state

Conferences/Workshops Attended:
• ”5Mv tandem Accelerator And Its Applications by Dr. Aqeel Ahsan Khurram on 8th October
• Participated in a seminar delivered by Dr. Gul Rasool (research Officer South-Korea) on
computational physics, 9th March 2010, at university of Hazara.
• Workshop arranged on Astronomy Physics by Physics Department university of Hazara.
• School on LHC At NCP, Islamabad from 24 April to 04 may 2011
• International conference on Condensed Matter Physics and Engineering Bahauddin Zakariya
University, Multan, Pakistan 2012.
• International workshop on Materials Modeling and simulation University of Malakand Pak-
istan 2013.
• DPG-Frhjahrstagung (DPG Spring Meeting) Dresden
• Autum School on correlated Electrons (FZ, Jlich) (poster presentation)
• Hands-on course Introduction to the application of ab-initio methods in spectroscopy, New
Technologies Research Centre, University of West Bohemia address: Univerzitni 8, 30614
Plzen, CZ, February 23rd to 27nth (poster presentation)
• DPG conference in Berlin, March 15th to 20th 2015 (Oral talk)
• DPG conference in Regensburg, March 6th to 11th 2016 (Oral talk)
• The Women University Multan, February 21th to 22nd 2017

Language Skills:
Proficient to speak, English (international),
read and write
Proficient to speak, Urdu (national),
read and write
Proficient to speak, Pashto (local)
read and write,

Publications in Journal:
1. Sikander Azam, A. H. Reshak; Transport Properties of APdCu(Se2)(Se3) (A: K and Rb):
New Quaternary Copper Palladium Polyselenides, RSC Adv., 4 (2014) 20102
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Journal of Alloys and Compounds 615 (2014) 507513
4. O. Miloud Abid, A. Yakoubi, A. Tadjer, R. Khenata, R. Ahmed, G. Murtaza, S. Bin Omran,
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RMn2Ge2 (R = Ca, Nd and Y) intermetallic compounds, Journal of Alloys and Compounds
616 (2014) 475482
5. Sikander Azam, Saleem Ayaz Khan, Jan Minar, Wilayat Khan, Haleem Ud Din, R Khenata, G
Murtaza, S Bin-Omran, Souraya Goumri-Said; Coulomb interaction and Spin-orbit coupling
calculations of thermoelectric properties of the quaternary chalcogenides Tl2PbXY4 (X=Zr,
Hf and Y=S, Se), Semicond. Sci. Technol., 30 (2015) 105018 (9pp)
6. Sikander Azam, Saleem Ayaz Khan, Jan Minar, Souraya Goumri-Said; Exploring the elec-
tronic structure and optical properties of new inorganic luminescent materials Ba(Si,Al)5(O,N)8
compounds for light-emitting diodes devices, Current Applied Physics, 15 (2015) 1160-1167
7. Fahad Ali Shah, Saleem Ayaz Khan, Suneela Arif, Sikander Azam, R. Khenata, S. Bin Om-
ran; Theoretical investigation of electronic structure and optical response in relation to the
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8. Sikander Azam, Saleem Ayaz Khan, Souraya Goumri-Said; Revealing the optoelectronic and
thermoelectric properties of the Zintl quaternary Arsenides ACdGeAs2 (A=K, Rb). Materials
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9. Saleem Ayaz Khan, Sikander Azam; First principle investigation of electronic structure, chem-
ical bonding and optical properties of tetrabarium gallium trinitride oxide single crystal,
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10. Sikander Azam, A. H. Reshak; Theoretical calculations for MUO3 (M = Na; K; Rb): DFT
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17. Sikander Azam, A.H. Reshak; Electronic structure, chemical bonding and optical properties of
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27. Sikander Azam, Saleem Ayaz Khan, Souraya Goumri Said, Mohammed Benali Kanoun; Pre-
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Academic References:

• Prof. Dr. Jan Minar

Department Chemie und Biochemie Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitt Mnchen,
Butenandtstr. 11, Haus E 81377 Mnchen, Germany
Email: Jan.Minar@cup.uni-muenchen.de

• Prof. Dr. Ondrej Sipr

Institute of Physics Academy of Sciences of the
Czech Republik Cukrovarnicka 10162 53 Praha 6 Czech Republic
Email: sipr@fzu.cz

• Dr. Ghulam Murtaza

Assistant Professor,
Department of physics,
university Peshawar Pakistan,
KP. Pakistan

• Dr. Bin Amin

Assistant Professor,
Department of physics,
University of Hazara,
KP. Pakistan