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Lesson Plan Template

Learner and Environmental Factors

Grade Level: Kindergarten
Content Area: Math

Standards (KCCRS):
K.OA. 3 Decomposing numbers in multiple ways
Lesson Performance Objective:

Students are to be count domino dots and put into 3 equations with 90% accuracy.





Background Knowledge required

Be able to add two numbers together to get an equation

Be able to read two sides of a domino

Be able to place numbers into an equation

Student Grouping(s)

Whole group



Anticipatory Set: (The HOOK)

Do you remember the time we played dominos? How we would flip them over and try to solve a math
problem with them? Today is just like that time in MTSS. We are going to work in pairs to solve some
math equations using our dominos. Sounds like fun right?!

Introduce the Lesson:

What we will do is take 3 dominos and create equations with them with at least 90% accuracy.


 Teaching the Lesson (I DO IT)

o Stand up in front of the classroom and ask the students, “Do you know what this is?”
(Hold up a domino)
o Students should say that it is a domino.
o“Yes you are correct! These are the dominos that we have worked with in MTSS. We are
going to create equations using the dominos dots.”
o Show the students that there are different numbers of dots on both sides of the line.
o “I’m going to take my dominos and flip them over so I can’t see the dots.” (Flip over all
the dominos face down)
o “Next, I will flip one domino over and look at the dots on the domino.” (Count one side
and then the other side to see how many dots there are)
o “Now I am going to take my paper and right an equation using the domino dots.” (Count
one side and write the number down. Next put and addition sign and then write the
next dots and what they add up to be. After that write and equal sign and solve the
o “You will work in pairs that I assign to work with the dominos. You and your partner
need at least three equations on your paper and you must solve them. If it is not
finished in time you will have to do them after lunch.”
 Check for understanding with sample problems, situations, questions. (WE DO IT)
o Does anyone not understand how the game will be played?
o Do I need to perform the rules for the game again?
 Guided Practice and/or Independent Practice (YOU DO IT)
o Students should be working in pairs to solve the dominos given to them
o They should also be writing the equations down and adding the dots together to get an
Closure: *

“What I need everyone to do is freeze. “

“I’m going to come by with the bag and please put your dominos inside the bag.”

“After I have collected all the dominos, I need you to make sure that your name is on your paper and
please leave them at your desk.”

“Now we are going to go to lunch so, please grab your lunchboxes and get in line quietly.”

Assessment/Evaluation: *

The assessment piece is the papers I had them write their equations on. I must check to make sure that
they have at least 3 equations and that they are correct.