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Tiana Ellis Blakely 

2. 38 
3. Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale - Bachelor of Arts in Administration of Justice 1997-2000 
    Loyola University Chicago School of Law - Juris Doctorate 2001 - 2004 
4. Assistant Public Defender - Law Office of the Cook County Public Defender 
5.  Chicago - Roseland 2nd Subcircuit, Lifelong Resident 
6.  I am in my 14th year of practicing law; my entire career has been with the Public Defenders Office. 
7.  My sole practice area is Criminal. 
8.  Cook County Bar Association - Member; Black Women Lawyers Association - member 
9. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated - Member, Poe Classical PTA, Fernwood Park Advisory Council 
10. I am currently a Deputy Registrar; I spend a lot of time informing people of their right to vote with 
focus on ex-felons, who tend to believe they no longer have a right to vote in the State of Illinois.  I 
regularly host expungement forums in my community where I assist individuals with getting their records 
sealed and or expunged.  I have hosted forums for the senior citizens to discuss estate planning and 
trusts.  I am a regular speaker at local high schools for career day and discussing other issues such as 
how to appropriately interact with police, knowing your rights etc. 
11.  I don't have any political involvement, I am a strong advocate for exercising your right to vote and 
being informed voters. I don’t believe that politics have a place in the judiciary. 
12. I have never run for Judge before. 
13. I do not have any published writings. 
14.  I want to be a Judge because I have the requisite skill and knowledge.  I have been found Highly 
Recommended, Recommended and Qualified by the area bar associations.  I have a very calm 
demeanor and will treat everyone who comes before me with dignity and respect.  Last but not least, I 
want to bring compassion to the bench.  In areas where I am allowed to use discretion, I plan to exercise 
that discretion with empathy while following the law. 
15.  I think that there is a lack of diversity in the justice system.  This problem exists for numerous 
reasons.  There are not many minorities pursuing law degrees and even fewer who go on to be members 
of the judiciary.  I also believe the justice system is on overload and as a result; victims, plaintiffs, and 
defendants feel they don’t get the attention needed from the courts. 
16.  I grew up in Roseland on the far south side of Chicago.  I still reside that community for various 
reasons.  I know that my community needs a lot of help and if people who are successful abandon the 
community then there is no one left to "take care" of the community.  No role models or working class 
people for the young girls and boys to look up to.  I am very active in my community with the youth and 
the seniors.  When I give back, I don't have to reach too far.  This is so important for so many reasons.  
But most important, I understand "people." I understand the issues that affect my community, not 
because I volunteer there every blue moon then go back home, I understand it because I live it every 
day. I will be a great Judge by combining my legal experience, knowledge of the law and life experiences 
to make sure that justice is served for all not some. 
17.  I want the voters to know that while I am only in my 14th of practicing law, I am well qualified for the 
job as evidenced by my bar ratings.  Practicing for 20 plus years in itself does not qualify you to serve as 
a Judge nor does it mean you are the better candidate.  I am experienced, compassionate and 
dedicated to justice.  I refer to myself as the "People's Choice," I have no political ties. Politics have 
absolutely no place in the judiciary.