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3rd grade book report, poster, presentation

CATEGORY 4 3 2 1
Content Report clearly tells all Report clearly tells Report clearly tells Report clearly tells
of the following: title, about 5 of the about 4 of the about 3 or less of the
author, setting, main following: title, following: title, author, following: title, author,
characters, beginning, author, setting, setting, main setting, main
middle, and end. main characters, characters, beginning, characters, beginning,
beginning, middle, middle, and end. middle, and end.
and end.

Grammar There is 1 There are 2-3 There are 4-5 There are more than
grammatical(spelling, grammatical grammatical(spelling, 5
punctuation, word (spelling, punctuation, word grammatical(spelling,
usage) mistakes in punctuation, word usage) mistakes in punctuation, word
the book report. usage)mistake in the book report. usage) mistakes in
the book report. the book report.

Illustration Illustration shows a Illustration Illustration does not Illustration is messy

character, scene or somewhat shows a show a character, and hard to figure out
important object from character, scene or scene, or important what it shows.
the book clearly and important object object from the book
neatly. from the book and/ or is somewhat
clearly and neatly. messy.

Poster Followed the Followed all but 1 Followed all but 2 of Didn't follow 3 or more
directions provided of the directions the directions directions. The
and all information is provided and all provided and all the information in the
typed into the poster the rest of the rest of the information report is not correctly
correctly. information is is typed into the done.
typed into the poster correctly.
poster correctly.

Presentation Spoke clearly and Somewhat difficult Wasn't able to Was asked to speak
loudly for all to hear. to understand or understand what the up more than once.
Held poster up for all wasn't loud enough student was reading Poster was flashed
to see. to hear. Wiggled or was asked to but no able to be seen
while holding up speak up once. by anyone.
the poster, not all Flashed poster for all
were able to see it. to attempt to see.