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Analysis of Through the Eyes of the Enemy by Stanislav Lunev

(Chapter 2,3,4)
by Dr. Jeffrey Russell, PhD

Stanislav Lunev was a Soviet GRU agent who defected to the United States in
March of 1992 after a successful career of intelligence gathering from China and
the United States. As the highest-ranking military defector to the U.S., he is in a
unique position to detail the intelligence aspect of the cold war and the
emergence of the Russian mafia as a threat to national security. His only book to
date was published May 25, 1998.
[Note: This book was published 20 years ago and much has changed with
geopolitics. The purpose of this analysis, in relation to Q post #827 on February
24, 2018, is to aid in decoding the meaning of the post.]

Chapter 2 My Military Childhood

As a child I lived in Leningrad near Smolninsky Park right on the parade route. I
remember watching military parades and waiving my little red flag. As the tanks
and soldiers rolled by, I cried out “Long life to the Red Army!” My father was a Lt.
Colonel in the army and he was a war hero. But he wanted to keep me out of the
military. I was born in 1946 after my father returned from WWII. My father was
transferred to MGB after the war. This was a precursor to the KGB. After my
father retired, we moved to Sochi, a resort city on the Black Sea coast. After the
4th grade, I decided to join the Suvorov Military School. This was in 1957.

Chapter 3 America, The Enemy

I lived in that school for 7 years enduring long hours of classes and harsh physical
training in merciless weather. When I was 13, I was told my father had died who
was my only family. At my school we were trained in all kinds of military activities
from mountaineering to war games planning. Always we were told that the
United States was The Enemy whose goal was world domination. American
imperialism became very real during the Caribbean Crisis (Cuban Missile Crisis).
Later, when I was in the GRU I learned more about this crisis. The Soviet
operation was code-named ANADYIR.
Between July and October of 1962, more than 42,000 Soviet troops were
relocated to Cuba which we called the “Island of Freedom.” In this deployment
was a missile division that had more than 150 nuclear warheads. These were
located on strategic missiles that could reach anywhere in the U.S. There were
also tactical nuclear weapons which could have taken out all of U.S. naval ships
blockading Cuba. The GRU helped orchestrate a disinformation campaign to
conceal these troop movements. Fidel Castro and the U.S. government did not
learn about the extent of the buildup until 1992. The agreement reached with
Kennedy forced the removal of missiles from Cuba but also the U.S. had to
remove all nuclear missiles from Turkey.
After this crisis, I began to study everything about American culture and its
military because I wanted to protect my Motherland. I graduated from the
Military School in 1964. Then, I went into the regular army and continued by
training at the academy in Tashkent.

Chapter 4 Tactics and Strategy

I spent 3 years in Tashkent learning to become a military commander. About 10%

of the education there was in Marxist-Leninist ideology. This was crucial to upper
level advancement in the military. There was a large earthquake in the area in the
middle 1960s and I was part of the rescue and security afterwards. Thousands of
lives were lost but only a small percentage was reported by Moscow to keep out
foreign aid which would also bring in spies to the area disguised as aid workers.
In 1967, the Six Day War began between Israel and Egypt just before graduation.
After graduation, I was assigned to the Tank Division in Hungary.