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Previous Years’ SSC CHSL Questions

Asked for General Awareness

1. 2016 Nobel in economics was given for? – Contract Theory.
2. Bhavani dam is in which state? – Tamil Nadu.
3. Who is UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador? – Priyanka Chopra.
4. Tehri dam is on which river? – Bhagirathi River.
5. Rukmini Arundale is related to? – Bharatanatyam.
6. Dipika Kumari is related to? – Archery.
7. Tajmahal was built for? – Mumtaz.
8. When was Emergency imposed in India? – 1975.
9. Full form of GDP? – Gross Domestic Product.
10. Arya Samaj founder? – Raja Ram Mohan Roy.
11. Chemical name of baking soda? – Sodium Bicarbonate (NAHCO3).
12. With which state does Haryana not share a boundary? Madhya Pradesh
13. Which metal is liquid at room temperature? Mercury
14. Which is a scalar quantity? E (modulus of Elasticity)
15. Ellora caves are in which state? Maharashtra
16. Which of these can be found in an atom in pairs? Protons & Electrons
17. Who wrote the Arthashastra? Chanakya
18. Who invented the barograph? Ivan Eremeeff
19. 4 bits equal to? 1 nibble
20. How many times can a person become the PM of country?
21. Total amount(rupees) produced by a country and income is called?
22. Question on river’s water ppm value
23. Question on scientific name of fruit

24. Question on scientific name of water mammal
25. Who invented seismograph? – John Milne.
26. What is Newton’s 3rd law? – For every action, there is an equal and opposite
27. Kanha National Park is famous for which endangered species of deer? – Swamp
28. Which vitamin helps in Blood clotting? – Vitamin K2.
29. What is 5 in BOD5? – 5 Days.
30. First World War began in? – 1914.
31. Which catalyst turns milk into curd? – Lactobacillus.
32. Which Indian state has the maximum forest land? – Madhya Pradesh.
33. Bodo Tribe is found in? – Assam.
34. Bibi-Ka-Maqbara was built by? – Azam Shah (Son of Aurangzeb).
35. Oscar Award 2016 for Best Supporting Actress is won by? – Alicia Vikander.
36. Which is the highest grossing Hollywood movie ever? – Avatar (adjusted for
inflation – Gone with the Wind)
37. Which is the longest day in Northern hemisphere? – June 21.
38. Prithviraj Raso is authored by? – Chand Bardai.
39. Source of Plant’s energy? – Photosynthesis.
40. Who administers oath to the governor of an Indian State? – Chief Justice of State
High Court.
41. What is displacement? – Minimum Distance from the origin point.
42. Chipko Movement is associated with? – Preventing the Cutting of Trees.
43. Who is recently appointed as the Chief of Army Staff in India? – Bipin Rawat.
44. What is the monthly salary of Indian President? – INR 1.5 Lakh.
45. Longest river in India? – Brahmaputra.
46. Quit India Movement started is? – 1942.
47. What causes Ozone Layer Depletion? – CFC.

48. A Suitable Boy is written by? – Vikram Seth.
49. Kaziranga National park is famous for? – One Horned Rhinoceros.
50. Who gave the title Father of Nation to Mahatma Gandhi? – Subhash Chandra Bose.
51. Fundamental Rights of Indian Constitution are taken from which country? – USA.
52. First Nobel Prize in Physics? – Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen.
53. What is Sponge Phylem? – Multicellular organisms having bodies full of pores.
54. Who invented Venn Diagram? – John Venn.
55. Human body has how many bones? – 206.
56. Which animal is preserved in Jim Corbett National Park? – Bengal tiger.
57. Covalent bond is found in which of following? – CO2, Cl2, H2, O2
58. Nalanda University is in which state? – Bihar.
59. Electric tram was invented by? – Fyodor Pirotsky.
60. Theory of Relativity given by? – Albert Einstein.
61. Hottest planet of our Solar system? – Venus.
62. For which sport is Limba Ram famous? Archery
63. Who won the Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role in 2016? Leonardo Dicaprio
64. Desert festival is celebrated in? – Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.
65. Term period of Rajya Sabha Members is? – 6 years.
66. Device used for measuring the Depth of Ocean? – Fathometer.
67. Ecology term is coined by? – Ernst Haeckel.
68. Who is the author of ‘Glimpses of World History’? – Jawaharlal Nehru.
69. Who assassinated Mahatma Gandhi? – Nathuram Godse.
70. Pablo Picasso was a native of? – Spain.
71. Which of the following has the higher density? Ice, water, ethyl alcohol, acetone –
72. Who wrote “Glimpse of World History”? – Jawaharlal Nehru
73. What is the study of birds called? Ornithology
74. Oxidation process of metals is also known as? Rusting
75. Which is the hottest chilli?
76. World famous Konark Sum Temple was built by? – King Narsimhadeva I.
77. Who invented Electric Chair? – Alfred. P Southwick.
78. What is strength of Rajya Sabha? – 250.
79. Sports that Srikanth Kidambi is related to? – Badminton.
80. Study of Universe is called? – Cosmology.
81. Who first found Nitrogen gas? – Daniel Rutherford.
82. What kind of soil do mangroves grow in? Brackish
83. Which is the most efficient type of power plant which produces most
energy? Nuclear
84. Oxidation and Reduction reactions are together known as? Redox reactions
85. Which device is used to detect alpha and beta rays? Geiger Counter
86. Who acted in the movie “Top Gun”? Tom Cruise
87. “Don’t Be Evil” is the slogan of which company? Google
88. What is the scientific name of a squirrel? Sciuridae is the family and the name of
species is Scurius caroleinesis
89. Which movie won the Best foreign film at Oscars 2016? Son of Saul
90. Who wrote the book “Life Itself? Roger Ebert
91. Hitler belonged to which country? German politician (born in Austria).
92. Which film won the Oscar for Best Movie in 2014? 12 Years a Slave
93. Hematite ore is a mineral of? Iron Oxide
94. Chronological order of Gandhi’s Satyagrahas?
95. Siemens is a unit for? Electrical Conductance
96. Which is the longest day on northern hemisphere? June 21
97. Who was the wife of Prithviraj Chauhan? Samyukta
98. CRR decrease effects of?
99. Who played role of Gandhi in Oscar winning movie Gandhi? Ben Kingsley

100. Who wrote the book Hind Swaraj or Indian Home Rule in 1909? Mohandas K.
101. What is the velocity of object at maximum height? Zero (vertical velocity)
102. Where is Ranthambore fort situated? Rajasthan
103. Chromite is the ore of which metal? Chromium
104. What is stagflation? Persistent high inflation combined with high unemployment
and stagnant demand in a country’s economy.
105. Fundamental Duties in the Indian Constitution were borrowed from which
country? USSR
106. Dogri is the language of which state? Jammu and Kashmir
107. Azadirachta indica is the scientific name for which tree? –Neem
108. Which actress won the Oscar in 2016 for Best Actress in a Leading Role? –Brie
Larson (for the movie Room)
109. Which fundamental right cannot be suspended? Right to Life and Personal
Liberty (Act. 21)
110. If same force is applied on two diff body whose masses are different, what will be
same: Acceleration, Velocity, Kinetic Energy, Momentum? – acceleration (because F
is directly proportional to the rate of change of velocity i.e. acceleration. On the other
hand, KE and momentum are both dependent on mass. Since masses are different,
these values will be different)
111. What is the full form of PVC? Polyvinyl chloride
112. What is the name of the eldest Pandava brother? Yudhistir
113. Oncogene gene is responsible for? Cancers & Tumours

114. Who won the 2016 Oscar for the Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role? Mark
Rylance (for the movie Bridge of Spies)

115. Chittorgarh Fort is located in which state? Rajasthan

116. Who invented the Steam Engine? Thomas Savery / James Watt
117. Who was the son on Babur? Humayun

118. Who was the father of Prithviraj Chauhan? Someshwar Chauhan

119. Who was the first Indian Woman to win an Olympic Medal? Karnam Malleshwari
for (Weightlifting)

120. Who discovered Bacteria? Antony Van Leeuwenhoek

121. Shabana Azmi is not (Activist/Actor/Dancer)? Dancer.

122. How many Rajya Sabha Members can the President appoint? 12

123. Who is the author of ‘Ignited Minds’? Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

124. Mohiniyattam dance belongs to which state? Kerala.

125. Which planet is also called the “red planet”? Mars

126. Which part of the brain forms the continuation of the spinal cord within the
skull? Medulla Oblongata

127. Number of official languages in India? 22.

128. Chandragiri fort is located in? Andhra Pradesh.

129. Turquoise is a mineral of hydrated phosphate of? Copper and Aluminum.

130. Earth rotates from? West to East.

131. Which bill cannot be passed by Rajya Sabha? Money Bills.

132. Instrument to measure earthquake? Seismoscope.

133. Kobe Bryant related to which game? Basketball.

134. Aurobindo was born in? 872.

135. Function of catalyst in reaction? To increase the Rate of Reaction.

136. Awards won by A P J Abdul Kalam? Bharat Ratna, Padma Vibhushan, Hoover
Medal, Padma Bhushan, etc.

137. Full form of DNS in network? Domain Name System.

138. Which state gets the maximum rainfall? Meghalaya.

139. Vitamin C deficiency causes? Scurvy.

140. Panchatantra is written by? Vishnu Sharma.

141. Who can remove president? By passing of impeachment by both the houses of

142. Which festival is celebrated on full moon? Gamha Purnima.

143. Whom did Alexander the Great defeat? Porus

144. What is Mycology the study of? Fungi

145. What is Gir National Park famous for? Asiatic Lions

146. Which book did Nelson Mandela write? Long Walk to Freedom/ Conversations
with Myself

147. What is Article 343 known for? Official Languages of India

148. What is celloulose made of? Polysaccharides

149. What is the glowing part of sun called? Photosphere

150. From which country was the concept of bicameral legislation borrowed by
India? UK

151. When does the sun fall exactly on equator? 20th March & 23rd September

152. Who built the Agra Fort? Akbar (completed by Shah Jahan)

153. Who won the Ramon Magsaysay award in 2016? Thodur Madabusi Krishna (of
India) & Bezwada Wilson (of India)

154. First Bollywood star to be featured on the Time Magazine? Parveen Babi.

155. Sun rays reach the earth in? 8 minutes 20 sec.

156. Malayalam is spoken in which state? Kerala.

157. Headquarters of ICC is located in? Dubai, UAE.

158. Who invented Electroscope? Jean-Antoine Nollet

159. PDF Abbreviation? – Portable Document Format.

160. Chand Bibi was the ruler of? Bijapur & Ahmednagar

161. The book “12 years a slave” was written by? Solomon Northup

162. Who won the Oscar for Best Director in 2016? Alejandro González Iñárritu

163. Maithili language is spoken in which state? Bihar

164. When is Olympic Day? June 23rd

165. Mangifera Indica is the scientific name of? Mango

166. ho built the Golden Temple? – Guru Ram Das

167. Who is the 1st Mr. India to have won ‘Mr. World’ title? – Rohit Khandelwal

168. In which state is Sun Temple located? – Odisha (Konark)

169. Dispur is the capital of which state? – Assam

170. In which state is Kodaikanal hill station located? – Tamil Nadu

171. In India, with whom does the Executive Power of the Union lie? – President

172. The first non-Englishman elected as Chairman of the International Cricket

Council was? – Cydle Walcot
173. Which of the following has zero electron affinity? – Noble Gases like Helium,
Argon, Neon, etc.

174. Who became the first chief minister of Telangana? – K. Chandrashekar Rao

175. Who is the first British Author to win the Man Booker Prize for fiction twice?
– Hillary Mantel

176. What was the Social System of the Harappans?

177. Which of the following vedas provides information about the civilisation of the
Early Vedic Age? Yajurveda

178. Which university became famous in the post-Gupta Era? Nalanda University

179. Banabhatta was the court poet of which emperor? Harsha Vardhana

180. Who was the first Indian ruler to establish the supremacy of the Indian Navy in
the Arabian Sea? King Raja Raja I

181. When was the Hawa Mahal built? 1799

182. Who is the chairperson of NITI Aayog? PM Narendra Modi

Which is a bacteria that fixes nitrogen in soil? Nitrogen

183. Which is the lowest layer in the earth’s atmosphere? Troposphere

184. In which year was Nehru born? 1889

185. What is the mascot of linux? Tux the Penguinn

186. Dandiya is the folk dance of which state? Gujarat

187. Who was the first female Chess Grandmaster?

188. Where was Mahatma Gandhi born? Porbandar

189. Which gas is used in welding? Acetylene

190. Who wrote the play, “Julius Ceaser”? William Shakespeare

191. What was “Keoladeo National Park” formerly known as? Bharatpur Bird

192. Where will the summer olympics for 2020 be held? Tokyo, Japan

193. Who invented the Dynamite? Alfred Nobel

194. What is the Mona Lisa painted on? Poplar Panel

195. Question on Perfect Competition Market.

196. Question on Calculation of Demand Elasticity.

197. What is India’s National Flower? Lotus

198. Which instrument is used to measure blood pressure? Sphygmomanometer

199. When is International Yoga Day celebrated? 21st June

200. In which year was Subhash Chandra Bose born? 1897

201. Which part of the body does pneumonia affect? Lungs

202. The star Sirius is also known as? Dog Star

203. Which of the people listed have not received a Bharat Ratna award? Major Dhyan

204. Full form of MLC is? Member of Legislative Council

205. Who chooses Rajya Shabha members? MLAs

206. Which of these are also known as suicide cells? Lysosomes

207. Mesothelioma cancer occurs in which body part? Lungs

208. Who discovered general anesthesia?

209. What is Gregor Mendel famous for? Genetics and Hybridization

10 | P a g e
210. What was India’s position in the final tally at Rio Olympics? 67th

211. Ozone is found in which layer of the atmosphere? Stratosphere

212. Who wrote the Shiva trilogy of books? Amish Tripathi

213. Which is the first Asian City to host the Summer Olympics? Seoul, South Korea

214. Who wrote “I too had a love story” Ravinder Singh

215. Permanent Revenue Settlement of Bengal was introduced by? Lord Cornwallis

216. The father of extremist movement in India is

217. The World Bank normally gives – loans, advice, and an array of customized
resources to developing countries

218. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) came into existence with – Bretton
Woods Conference

219. The 2016 Nobel Prize in Economics was given for? Contract Theory

220. The deposits of the ancient Tethys Sea were folded to form? The Himalayas

221. What is the largest irrigation canal in India called? Indira Gandhi Canal

222. Who was awarded the Bharat Ratna on his 100th birthday?- Dhondo Keshav

223. Who built the Gateway of India? George Wittet

224. Who wrote the book “Train To Pakistan”? Khushwant Singh

225. When was the National Anthem sung for the very first time? 27 December 1911

226. Who won the National Snooker Championship in 2016? Aditya Mehta

227. In which year was Jehangir born? 1569

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228. Which of the following districts lies on the international border of India?

229. Who invented the logarithms? John Napier

230. The exhaust gases in vehicles contain which poisonous gas? Carbon Monoxide

231. Which is the largest Union territory in India? Andabar & Nicobar Islands

232. Chlorophyll occurs in which part of the plant? Leaf

233. Who discovered the Benzene molecule? Michael Faraday

234. Largest 5 digit number divisible by 89?

235. sec(4π/3) = ?

236. √(1+tan2A)/tanA = ?

237. One question based on linear equations, find value of k.

238. Simple and Compound interest is given in a certain period, find rate of interest.

239. One part of 1 quintal wheat is sold at 10% profit and remaining part at 20%
profit. Find the amount of wheat sold at 20% profit if the overall profit is 14%.

240. A is 4 times more efficient than B. If A completes the work in 45 days less than B,
in how many days can both complete the work, working together?

241. Nagarhole national park is part of? – Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve.

242. Minimum age for becoming a candidate for Lok Sabha election? – 25.

243. Mean temperature of earth? – 16°C.

244. Helicopter invented by? – Igor Sikorsky.

245. Designer of India Gate? – Edwin Lutyens.

246. First Indian to score triple century in Test Cricket? – Virender Sehwag.

247. Bahadur Shah Zafar was born in? – 1775.

12 | P a g e
248. First American president to win Nobel Peace Prize? – Theodore Roosevelt.

249. Substance used to remove smell from water? – Bleach.

250. If ice melts into a vessel, level of water will? – Decrease.

251. What is the capital of Australia? Canberra

252. Which country has the largest coal deposits? USA, China, India, Russia? USA

253. Ashoka belonged to which dynasty? Maurya, Gupta, Pallava, Chola? Maurya

254. Which is the second highest peak in the world? K2

255. Which is the largest freshwater lake in the world? Lake Superior

256. Who invented the optical fiber? Narinder Singh Kapany

257. Ellora Caves are located in which city? Aurangabad, Maharashtra

258. What is the speed of wind measured by? Anemometers

259. Which film won the Best Film at 2016 IIFA Awards? Bajrangi Bhaijaan

260. What is the function of the enzyme Trypsin? Hydrolyses Protein

261. Hemis cup 2016 winner? New Zealand

262. Who wrote ‘The White Tiger’? Arvind Adiga

263. First chief election commissioner of India? Sukumar Sen

264. Which was the first country to ban carbon related question?

265. The battle of Tarain was fought in 1191 between? Prithviraj Chouhan (victor)
& Mohammad Ghuri

266. With which sport is Apurvi Chandela associated? Shooting

267. Who sang Jag Ghoomeya? Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

13 | P a g e
268. Who wrote Broken Wings? Khalil Gibran

269. To which class does a spider belong? Arachnid / Arthropod

270. How many times has Kangana Ranaut won the National Film Award? Three (2
times for Best Actress – Queen, Tanu Weds Manu and 1 time for Best Supporting
Actress – Fashion)

271. What was the name of the first satellite in space? Sputnik I

272. Acceleration due to gravity at a distance 2R from the surface of the earth? g/9 i.e.

273. Taste of ethane gas? Tasteless

274. Marble is which type of rock? Metamorphic

275. Nobel Peace Prize winner, 2016? Juan Manuel Santos.

276. Which country won the Copa America Tournament, 2016? Chile.

277. Brihadeshwara temple is located in? Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu.

278. Rowlatt act passed in? February, 1919.

279. ISRO was set up in? 1969.

280. The largest fresh water lake in Asia? Baikal.

281. Hypothalamus gland is related to? Brain and it controls temperature levels.

282. How many presidents have assumed office in India until now? 13.

283. Antimatter of electron? Positron.

284. What is the minimum age of Governor? 35.

285. Indian Rail connects how many stations? 7,112.

286. PepsiCo CEO? Indra Nooyi.

14 | P a g e
287. Majuli Island is in? Assam.

288. Retirement age of the Supreme Court judge? 65.

289. One question on World War

290. Which tax increases as the income increases? Income Tax

291. Who were the China Opens Doubles Winners in 2015? Sania Mirza & Martina

292. Civil Disobedience Movement started on? 12 march 1930.

293. Full form of RAW? Research and Analysis Wing.

294. Birth year of Alexander the Great? 356 BC.

295. Decimal equivalent of binary 101? 5.

296. Scientific name of Carrot? Daucus carota (subsp. sativus)

297. Scientific name of Onion? Allium cepa.

298. 1st Indian to score triple hundred in a test match? Virender Sehwag.

299. Chloroprene, neoprene, isoprene are types of? Rubber

300. 2016 Australian grand prix winner – Nico Rosberg, Mercedes.

301. Sachin Tendulkar plays for which county? Yorkshire

302. GPS full form? Global Positioning System.

303. Full form of DNA? Deoxyribonucleic acid.

304. How many layers does skin have? 3 (Epidermis, Dermis, Hypodermis).

305. Which of the following Indians have won Nobel Prize? C V Raman.

306. Which festival in India is related to boat race? Vallam Kali

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307. Hygrometer is used for measuring? Moisture Content of Air

308. Author of ‘Arabian nights’? Tahir Shah

309. Who invented the rocket? Robert Hutchings Goddard

310. Question on singer in the film Sultan?-

311. What is the capital of Portugal? Lisbon

312. Akbar belonged to which dynasty? Timurid

313. Madrid is the capital of which country? Spain

314. What is the structure of the carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) molecule? Tetrahedral

315. Baghdad is the capital of which country? Iraq

316. Who wrote the Harry Potter series? JK Rowling

317. Who designed the Indian Parliament? Edwin Lutyens

318. What gives carrots its orange colour? Beta Carotene

319. Who built Bibi ka Maqbara? Azam Shah

320. Who was the first Indian man to win an individual silver medal at the
Olympics? Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore

321. The battle of Kanauj was fought between? Sher Shah (victor) & Humayun

322. Which is the highest airport in the world? Daocheng Yading Airport, China

323. Who won the Bharat Ratna Award in 2015? Madan Mohan Malviya & Atal Bihari

324. Who won the Women’s T20 World Cup in 2016? West Indies

325. Which is India’s cleanest railway station? Surat

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326. The IC chip was first introduced in which generation of computers? Third

327. What is used to translate assembly language to machine language? Compiler

328. Question related to 2015 nobel prize

329. Question related to concept of Weight in physics

330. Question related to anti-depression drug

331. Question on World Heritage site

332. Indian and Chinese painters showcased their paintings in which country between
5th and 10th centuries?

333. Which Indian won the Nobel Prize in literature? Rabindranath Tagore

334. What is greenhouse effect? Warming due to CO2, methane and other gases

335. When was Panipat battle fought {1757,1857,1764,1526}? 1526 between Babur &

336. Who built Jodhpur fort? Rao Jodha

337. “Look East” was the policy of which Indian Prime Minister? P.V. Narasimha Rao

338. How many members in the Rajya Sabha? 238+12 = 250

339. Canis Vulpes is the scientific name of? Fox-

340. Scientific name of fruit/vegetable given. What is common name?

341. What is solid CO2 known as? Dry Ice

342. To move a file from one place to another, what function is used? Drag and
drop/cut copy paste

17 | P a g e
343. What instrument is used to measure amount of rainfall? Rain

344. What instrument is used to measure atmospheric pressure? Barometer

345. Which is the longest railway platform? Gorakhpur

346. Arrange the emperors from the Khilji dynasty in ascending order of their
birth. Jalal-ud-din Khilji, Alauddin Khilji, Shihab ad-Din Umar, Qutb ad-Din

347. Who invented the dishwasher? Josephine Cochrane

348. Flamingo festival is celebrated in which state? Andhra Pradesh

349. Who was the first to use Oil Paint? Jan Van Eyck

350. Where is Machu Picchu located? Peru

351. Who won the Man Booker Prize in 2016? Paul Beatty for The Sellout

352. What is the theme of the 2016 World Environment Day? Zero Tolerance for the
Illegal Wildlife Trade

353. Who won the Arjuna Awards in 2016 for athletics? Lalita Babar

354. Which new game has been included in the 2020

Olympics? Baseball/Softball/karate

355. Who succeeded Illtutmish? Rukn ud din Firuz/ Razia Sultana

356. Who wrote “The God of Small Things”? Arundhati Roy

357. What is the other name of Acetic Acid? Vinegar

358. The Jallianwala Bagh massacre took place on? 13th April 1919

359. What is the capital of Myanmar? Naypyidaw

18 | P a g e
360. Question related to greenhouse gases.

361. Who wrote ‘The Jungle Book’? Rudyard Kipling

362. How many seats in the Rajya Sabha are from Karnataka?

363. What is the capital of Argentina? Buenos Aires

364. What chemical is used to ripen mangoes artificially? Calcium Carbide

365. Hypertension can be controlled by?

366. What is baking soda also called? Sodium Bicarbonate

367. Which of the following activities is not a cause of air pollution? {Agricultural
Work, Mining, Acid Rain Fall} Acid Rain Fall (effect not cause)

368. An object was thrown from a certain height and took 1 second to reach the
ground. What was the initial speed of the object?

369. Full form of ICR is? Intelligent Character Recognition

370. Worksheet is related to which application? Microsoft Excel

371. Rann Mahotsav is celebrated in? Gujarat

372. What was the name of the tiger that recently passed away? {Sundari,
Dia, Lucky} Lucky

373. What is the ph value of water? 7

374. Yellow River flows in which country? China (aka Huang He River)

375. Which is the longest written Constitution in the world? Indian Constitution

376. Beetroot is a type of? Root

377. In which year was the Panchsheel Treaty between India and China signed? 1954

19 | P a g e
378. Who was the winner of the 2016 Under 19 World Cup? West Indies

379. How many Filmfare awards has Shah Rukh Khan won so far? 14

380. What kind of market restricts a seller from entering? Pure Monopoly

381. Who discovered Oxygen? Joseph Priestly

382. Who invented the Lightning Rod? Benjamin Franklin

383. How many states are there in India? 29

384. Nur Jahan was the wife of? Jehangir

385. What is the name of the park inside Taj Mahal? Charbagh

386. When was the 1st Battle of Tarain fought? 1191

387. Which was the first country to adopt a constitution?

388. How many seats in Chandigarh Lok Sabha?

389. Which drug is used to cure glaucoma?

390. Lungs are the primary organs for? Respiration

391. Who was the first man in space? Yuri Gargarin

392. Which sector generates maximum share of electricity? Thermal Power

393. An item’s price increases from Rs.907 to Rs.1000 and its demand decreases from
4600 to 4200. A question based on this.

394. Which country is the biggest producer of wheat? China

395. Which queen was referred to as Bloody Mary? Queen Mary I of England

396. Manas Reserve is located in which state? Assam

397. Who wrote Malgudi Days? R K Narayan

20 | P a g e
398. Where are the biggest mangroves in India located? Sunderbans, West Bengal

399. Which hormone is responsible for growth and development in plants? Auxin

400. Question based on Magnetic Flux.

401. Number of members in Lok Sabha from Haryana? – 10.

402. Kalinga Battle was fought in? – 262-261 BC.

403. United Nations Organization (UNO) was established after which war?
– 2nd World War.

404. What is the highest award that Mary Kom has won? – Padma Bhushan.

405. Who is referred as the Father of Microbiology? – Antonie Philips van


406. Who formulated the Theory of Evolution? – Charles Darwin.

407. What do you feel when the lift is going down with uniform acceleration? – You
feel lighter.

408. Tomb of Iltutmish is in? – Delhi.

409. Alaknanda river flow through which city? – Badrinath.

410. Mars is which number planet in our Solar System? – 4.

411. Jeev Milkha Singh is related to which sports? – Golf.

412. 1 kb is equal to how many bytes? – 1024.

413. Who is the author of ‘Pakistan: the gathering storm’? – Benazir Bhutto.

414. What is Sugarcane (Grass/Herb/Stem)? – Grass.

415. Which of the following is a Pain Relief medicine?

21 | P a g e
416. What is the Capital of Czech Republic? – Prague.

417. Shivaji Maharaj was crowned in? – 1674.

418. Lowest melting point among Mercury, Lead, Iodine? – Mercury.

419. Who started Ganesh festival? – Lokmanya Tilak.

420. NCP was formed in? – 1999.

421. What is the function of RNA? – Protein synthesis.

422. BJP belongs to which family? – Sangh Parivar.

423. Shah Jahan built Taj Mahal for? – Mumtaz.

424. What is the common name of Sodium Bicarbonate? – Baking Soda.

425. Who invented Nuclear Reactor? – Enrico Fermi.

426. Hopman cup is related to? – Tennis.

427. What is the language of Jnanpith Award winner Raghuveer Chaudhary?

– Gujarati.

428. Which country has the maximum number of borewells? –

429. Type of unemployment in which a person moves to another location in search for
a job?

430. One question related Khajuraho Temples.

431. A factory raises salary of employees from 2000 to 2250 but the brick price
decreases from 15 to 14, calculate revenue margin.

432. Hitler belongs to? – Germany.

433. If torque is zero, what is constant? – Angular momentum.

434. Respiration takes place in? – Cytoplasm.

22 | P a g e
435. If force is zero, what will be constant? – Acceleration.

436. Babur was related to which dynasty? – Timurid House and Mughal Dynasty.

437. Anju Bobby George is related to which game? – Athletics.

438. Bandipur National Park is in? – Chamarajanagara district, Karnataka.

439. Photosynthesis takes place in? – Plant Cell.

440. LPG is a mixture of? – Commercial Butane and commercial Propane.

441. London is capital of? – United Kingdom.

442. Photosynthesis takes place in which part of the plant cell? – Chloroplast.

443. First newspaper of India? – Bengal Gazette.

444. Which state has the longest Coastline? – Gujarat.

445. The Test of My Life is written by? – Yuvraj Singh.

446. Newton’s 1st law is also known as? – Law of Inertia.

447. Highest honor received by Azim Premji? – Padma Vibhushan.

448. Konkani is official language of? – Goa.

449. Where is Alai Darwaza? – Qutub Complex, Delhi.

450. What is the tenure of member of Lok Sabha? – 5 years.

451. In which type of market, profit is maximized by maintaining production of a

product? – Oligopoly.

452. Who invented Tire? – Robert W. Thomson.

453. Bharatnatyam dance form belongs to? – Tamil Nadu.

454. Port Blair is the capital of? – Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
23 | P a g e
455. Which actor has won the most number of National Awards? – Shabana Azmi.

456. Battle of Plassey was fought in? – 1757.

457. Which is the excretory organ of cockroach? – Malpighian Tubules.

458. Who wrote The Algebra of Infinite Justice? – Arundhati Roy.

459. Highest guava producing country? – India.

460. The cave which is related to Hindu, Buddhist and Jain? – Ellora Caves.

461. What is the formula of Cadmium Nitrate? – Cd(NO3)2.

462. What is the Commercial name of Hydrogen Peroxide? – Peroxide Blonde.

463. Who won Sultan Azlan Shah Cup? – Australia.

464. Shah Jahan belongs to which dynasty? – Mughal.

465. Whose pic is on USA $5 dollar? – Abraham Lincoln.

466. All India Trinamool Congress was established in? – 1998.

467. Evaporation of water from plants is called? – Transpiration.

468. Who invented dishwasher? – Josephine Cochrane.

469. Kalakad Tiger Sanctuary is situated at? – Tamil Nadu.

470. Which chemical is used in Nail Polish Remover? – Acetone or Ethyl Acetate.

471. Who is the author of ‘Discovery of India’? – Jawaharlal Nehru.

472. Which of the following is a type of skin disease? – Dermatitis.

473. Who is the father of Jahangir? – Akbar.

474. Dachigam and Hemis National Parks are situated in? – J&K.

475. First viceroy of independent India? – C. Rajagopalachari.

24 | P a g e
476. Who scored 400 runs in a Test Match? – Brian Lara.

477. Uranus is the _____ largest planet? – Third.

478. First ISRO satellite launched for education? – GSAT-3 or EDUSAT.

479. Hyderabad is the capital of? – Telangana.

480. Highest civilian award awarded to Priyanka Chopra? – Padma Shri.

481. Malayalam is the official language of? – Kerala.

482. Which of following caused by fungus? – Tinea or Athlete’s foot.

483. Potassium ion in noble gas configuration? – K+1.

484. Which medicine helps to cure osteoporosis? – Risedronate.

485. Article 352 refers to? – National Emergency.

486. Article 356 refers to? – President’s Rule.

487. How many seats does Maharashtra have in Lok Sabha? – 48.

488. Article 31 is related to? – Right to Property.

489. Who invented Contact Lens? – Adolf Gaston Eugen Fick.

490. Which part of brain does sensing contacts, feeling etc.? – Parietal Lobe.

491. Instrument used for measuring blood pressure? – Sphygmomanometer.

492. Which committee has recently made some changes in BCCI? – Lodha Committee.

493. Who is the author of Five Point Someone? – Chetan Bhagat.

494. Aurangzeb timeline and dynasty? – 1658 – 1707 (Mughal)

495. Capital of Canada? – Ottawa.

496. Bandhavgarh National Park is located in? – Umaria, Madhya Pradesh.

25 | P a g e
497. Bihu folk dance belongs to? – Assam.

498. Which has more atomic number than fluorine (Be, N, Na, O)? – Oxygen (O).

499. Which organ is called the Chemical Lab of Human Body? – Liver.

500. How many members of Rajya Sabha are from West Bengal? – 16 (now 15).

501. Number of steps in Surya Namskar? – 12.

502. First opposition leader in Lok Sabha? – Ram Subhag Singh.

503. Glucose is stored in our body in the form of? – Glycogen.

504. National Film Awards started in? – 1954.

505. Caves near Mumbai harbor? – Elephanta Caves.

506. Continental Drift Theory is given by? – Alfred Wegener.

507. Electron movement around nucleus is called? – Orbital.

508. Which of the following has the lowest melting point?

509. One question based on the chronological order of American presidents.

510. Highest Civilian Award received by Saina Nehwal? – Padma Bhushan.

511. Pluto was discovered by? – Clyde Tombaugh (1930).

512. What is Mars’ position by size? – 7th.

513. What is Earth’s Circumference? – 40,075 km.

514. Number of Lok Sabha members from Gujarat? – 26.

515. Geet Sethi is assosiated with which sport? – Billiards.

516. Scientific name of Cow? – Bos Taurus.

517. Who is known as Father of Computer? – Charles Babbage.

26 | P a g e
518. Ajanta cave is related to which religious? – Buddhism.

519. Who is the author of ‘2 States’? – Chetan Bhagat.

520. Yellow color of Urine is due to? – Urochrome.

521. How many electrons should Barium lose to attain noble gas configuration? – 2.

522. Which period is known as the Golden Age of Indian History? – Gupta Empire.

523. Ovis aries is the scientific name of? – Sheep.

524. Where is Sundarban Delta? – West Bengal.

525. Name of the bomb dropped on Japan? – Little boy and Fat man.

526. Telugu is spoken in? – Andhra Pradesh.

527. Which law is also called Newton’s Law of Force? – Newton’s First Law.

528. What frequency range is the High-Frequency band? – Radio Waves.

529. The first hang glider was designed by? – Leonardo DaVinci.

530. When is the World Population Day observed? – 11 July.

531. Number of Lok Sabha seats from Rajasthan? – 25.

532. Spectacles glass is made up of? –

533. One question related to Energy for plants.

534. Brendon McCullum belongs to which team? – New Zealand.

535. Chandragupta Maurya was born in? – 340 BC.

536. Antibiotics was invented by? – Sir Alexander Fleming.

537. The Three Musketeers is written by? – Alexandre Dumas.

538. Which of the following is the Coldest Planet? – Neptune.

27 | P a g e
539. First woman to become the Chief Justice of High Court? – Leila Seth.

540. Who said that ‘The earth revolves around the Sun’? – Nicolaus Copernicus.

541. Chemical formula of Methanol? – CH3OH.

542. Path of projectile motion is? – Parabolic.

543. Gaur Maria Dance form is related to? – Madhya Pradesh.

544. Purest form of water? – Rainwater.

545. What does Liver secrete? – Bile juice.

546. Linear momentum of a body is _____ at every point of a circular path?

– Changing.

547. HTML is a? – Markup language.

548. Indian parliamentary languages for recording/printing of debates???

549. As per Newton’s Gravitational Law: Force is directly proportional to product of

the masses.

550. A convex lens is immersed in a liquid of Higher refractive index, the nature of
lens will ____? – Change.

551. What is the capital of Austria? – Vienna.

552. Jahangir Belongs to which Dynasty? – Mughal.

553. Bahujan Samaj Party was established in? – 1984 by Kanshi Ram.

554. One question based on Marginal Salary.

555. One question based on Ferns in plants?

556. One question related to the Hampi monuments?

557. Who used Guerilla Warfare techniques? – Shivaji Maharaj.

28 | P a g e
558. What is the chemical formula of Acetic Acid? – CH3COOH.

559. Which railway station is a UNESCO World Heritage Site? – Chatrapati Shivaji
Terminus, Mumbai.

560. According to the size Neptune is _____ largest planet. – 4th.

561. What is the capital of UAE? – Abu Dhabi.

562. Which wildlife sanctuary shares its border with Bangladesh? – Sundarban.

563. First Indian woman to receive the Nobel Prize? – Mother Teresa.

564. Shiva Thapa is related to? – Boxing.

565. Who is the Chairman of Rajya Sabha? – Vice-President.

566. Giddha Dance form is related to? – Punjab region.

567. Who is the author of ‘My Truth’? – Indira Gandhi.

568. Value of g decreases with? – Increase in Height.

569. Full form of ATM? – Automated Teller Machine.

570. Chairman of NITI Aayog? – Prime Minister.

571. Functional unit of Kidney? – Nephron.

572. Commander in Chief of Akbar? – Behram Khan.

573. Who invented Universal Standard Time? – Sandford Fleming.

574. Algae are (Producer/Decomposers/Consumer/Parasite)?

575. Full form of APS? –

576. Father of Columbus? – Domenico.

577. Moti Masjid is included in? – World Heritage Site.

29 | P a g e
578. Instrument to measure time accurately? – Chronometer.

579. What is the formula of Ozone? – O3.

580. Formula of Ammonium Dichromate – (NH₄)₂Cr₂O₇.

581. Number of Rajya Sabha seats from UP? – 31.

582. What is the capital of Norway? – Oslo.

583. Trusted General of Akbar? – Man Singh.

584. Kailash Satyarthi was awarded which Noble prize? – Peace Prize.

585. Which planet has the maximum satellites? – Jupiter.

586. Moti mosque situated in which complex? – Red Fort Complex.

587. Who is inventor of neon lamp? – Georges Claude.

588. Inderjeet Singh is related to which sport? – Shot Put throw.

589. 22nd amendment in the Indian Constitution is related to? – Fixing number of
terms of President.

590. RBI was nationalized in? – 1949.

591. Durand Cup is associated with? – Football.

592. The ratio of width to length of our National flag is? – 2:3.

593. The largest part of the Human Brain is? – Cerebrum

594. Bimbisara belonged to which dynasty? – Haryanka dynasty.

595. The Great Himalayan Park is located in? – SaiRopa, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh.

596. How many Rajya Sabha members are nominated by the president? – 12 out of

597. What is the scientific name of Neem? – Azadirachta indica.

30 | P a g e
598. Raipur is the capital of? – Chhattisgarh.

599. World War I started in? – 1914.

600. Contraction of heart is known as? – Systole.

601. Mahabalipuram was developed by? – Narasimhavarman I, Pallava Dynasty.

602. Who is the author of ‘Everyone has A Story’? – Savi Sharma.

603. What is the position of Mercury from Sun? – One.

604. What is the full form of HTML? – HyperText Markup Language.

605. What is the unit of Electrical Conductance? – Siemens.

606. Where is Kala Ghoda Arts Festival celebrated? – Kala Ghoda, South Mumbai.

607. As a music director, who has received the most awards? – A R Rahman.

608. Winner of Ranji Trophy 2015-16? – Mumbai.

609. Who designed our Parliament building? – British architect Edwin Lutyens and
Herbert Baker.

610. The effect if Angle of inclination of projectile from horizontal is increased?

– Range will increase up to 45° than decrease.

611. Mars is _____ largest planet in our Solar System. – Seventh.

612. CPI full form in context of Indian Politics? – Communist Party of India.

613. Scientific name of Apple? – Malus domestica.

614. End product of carbohydrates digestion? – Sugars.

615. Unit of electric energy? – Joule.

616. One question related to Mars Orbiter Mission.

31 | P a g e
617. One question based on the Matrix movie.

618. Ptyalin Enzyme is produced in? – Salivary glands.

619. Teratali folk dance is related to? – Rajasthan.

620. In the equation of gravity, G stands for? – Gravitational constant.

621. Dudhwa Tiger Reserve is located in? – UP.

622. Bajirao belongs to which dynasty? – Peshwa.

623. Deepak Parekh is related to? – Banking Industry.

624. Indian Constitution is made up of how many words? – 117,369 words.

625. Salim Chisti Dargah is located in? – Fatehpur Sikri.

626. Qutub Minar is located in? – Mehrauli, Delhi.

627. Mohs scale is used to measure? – Relative Hardness of Minerals.

628. Who won UEFA Euro Cup 2016? – Portugal.

629. Who has won the maximum number of Film Fare Awards? – Shah Rukh Khan.

630. Uranus position from the sun? – Seventh.

631. Article 43A of Indian Constitution is related to? – Participation of workers in

management of industries.

632. Who invented PlayStation? – Ken Kutaragi.

633. Atomic number of Hydrogen? – 1.

634. Instrument to measure light intensity? – Photometer.

635. The Oath of the Vayuputras is written by? – Amish Tripathi.

636. Article 43A is related to? – Directive principles of state policy.

32 | P a g e
637. What is the ion of Calcium Fluoride? – Ca+2 and F–.

638. Which Gas is harmful for the Ozone Layer? – Greenhouse Gas.

639. One question was on Pteridophyte.

640. One numerical question based on Economics during recession.

641. One question related to Ruskin bond.

642. Shimla is the capital of? – Himachal Pradesh

643. Who is the author of Midnight’s Children is? – Salman Rushdie

644. What is the full form of TCP? – Transmission Control Protocol

645. Where does Ganga Sagar mela take place? – Sagar Island

646. Who invented water turbine? – Benoit Fourneyron

647. Where is Kanchenjunga situated? – Nepal

648. What is the capital of Denmark? – Copenhagen

649. Where is Dandeli wildlife sanctuary located? – Karntaka

650. Santosh trophy is awarded for? – Football

651. What is the full form of BSP? – Bahujan Samaj Party

652. Study of cells is known as? – Cytology

653. Bahadur shah belongs to which dynasty? – Timurid dynasty

654. How many Rajya Sabha seats are there in Tamil Nadu? – 18 seats

655. Full form of HTTP – Hypertext Transfer Protocol

656. Where is Sheesh Mahal located? – Lahore, Pakistan

33 | P a g e
657. If economy is at the current growth rate of 7.6 and inflation 2.2 what is actual
growth rate?

658. First lok sabha speaker? – Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar

659. Who invented www? – Tim Berners-Lee

660. Viscosity depends on? – Temperature

661. Lucknow is capital? – Uttar Pradesh

662. Panaji is capital of? – Goa

663. Aurangzeb was the son of? – Shah Jahan

664. Night blindness is caused due to? – Vitamin A deficiency

665. Who invented aspirin? – Felix Hoffmann

666. Majuli Island is in? – Assam

667. Marble is which type of rock? – Metamorphic

668. Brihadeshwara temple is located in? – Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu

669. Antimatter of electron? – Positron.

670. Indian Rail connects how many stations? 7,112.

671. The largest fresh water lake in Asia? Baikal.

672. With which sport is Apurvi Chandela associated? Shooting

673. First woman in space was? – Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova

674. Non-stick cooking utensils are coated with? – Teflon

675. The ‘Char Minar’ is in? – Hyderabad

676. The National Anthem was first sung in which year? – 1911

34 | P a g e
677. Which of these articles deals with sedition? – Article 124A

678. When did the Haldighati battle take place? – 1576

679. Which player holds the record for scoring most centuries in Test cricket?
– Sachin Tendulkar

680. What is the unit of Magnetic Flux density? – Tesla

681. Scientific name for lizard? – Lacertilia

682. Vascular bundles are present in? – Plants

683. Demand decreases from 750 to 650 and price increases from 15 to 20, find
elasticity. – ?

684. Who was the 6th Lok Sabha Speaker who later become president? N. Sanjiva

685. Who has authored the book, ‘Our Impossible Love’? Durjoy Dutta

686. What is the chemical formula for water? H2O

687. Dzongkha is the official language belonging to which country? Bhutan

688. When was the Kalinga war fought? 262–261 BC

689. Where is the Amrabad Tiger Reserve situated? Telangana

690. The original 1950 constitution is preserved where? Library of the Parliament of
India, New Delhi

691. Where is the group of Monuments at Pattadakal is situated in? Karnataka

692. When was the first test match in cricket played? 15 March 1877

693. Which is the deepest trench known to man? Mariana Trench

694. The Ten degree channel separates – Little Andaman and Car Nicobar
35 | P a g e
695. Which element has a higher atomic number than Aluminium?

696. Who invented the dishwasher? Josephine Cochrane

697. In a perfect competition – (a) the manufacturer controls the price of product by
changing the amount of production (b) All competetors gain in the long term etc…

698. One question with Pallakad in Kerala.

699. What is the capital of Greece? Athens

700. Which post among the following is the 2nd most senior? {President, Vice
President, Prime Minister, Chief Justice of India}?
701. The capital of which state is Ranchi? Jharkhand
702. Which team won the very 1st Cricket World Cup? West Indies
703. Who was the finance advisor during the reign of Akbar? Raja Todarmal
704. BCG Vaccine is effective against? Tuberculosis
705. One question on Run Rate

706. Who is the writer of the book, ‘Principles of economics’? N. Gregory Mankiw

707. Which of the following is the chemical formula of Sodium silicate? Na2O3Si

708. The most abundant element in Earth’s crust? – Oxygen

709. Who invented the Postal Stamps? – Rowland Hill.

710. What is the colour of Australian Cricketers’ cap? – Green

711. Amartya Sen was given Nobel Prize in? – Economic Sciences

712. Which woman rebelled against British during the revolution of 1857 in Oudh
was? – Begum Hazrat Ali.

713. Marx belonged to? – Germany

714. Seoul is the capital of? – South Korea.

36 | P a g e
715. Honshu Island is located in? – Japan

716. Who is attributed for Laser invention? – Gordon Gould.

717. Kidney filters how many liters of blood daily? – 180 liters

718. Currency of North Korea? – North Korean won.

719. SI unit of Torque is? – Newton-Metre.

720. Sabarimala Pilgrimage is located in? – Periyar Tiger Reserve.

721. What is the unit of Illumination? – Lux

722. Hepatitis disease is a form of? – Liver Inflammation.

723. Article 221 of Indian Constitution is related to? – Salaries of Judges.

724. Which of the following folk / tribal dances is associated with Karnataka?
– Kunitha

725. Which of the following elements has the lowest melting point? - Helium

726. Akbar gave the title of ‘Mian’ to whom? – Tansen

727. Ghatothkach was from which dynasty? – Gupta

728. Which dynasty conquered a large area of Mughal Empire?

729. What is Earth’s position from sun with respect to the distance? – ~150,000,000

730. What is the chemical formula of Ammonia? – NH3.

731. Number of Chromosomes in Humans? – 46 or 23 pairs.

732. Fullerene was discovered by? – Richard Smalley, Robert Curl, James Heath, Sean
O’Brien, and Harold Kroto.

37 | P a g e
733. First postage stamp was used by? – United Kingdom and Ireland in 1840.

734. Author of ‘I too had a love story’? – Ravinder Singh.

735. Gyaneshwari contains the description of? –

736. Guga-Navami is the festival of? – Hindus

737. International Snooker Championship 2016 winner? – Mark Selby.

738. Cardiology is related to? – Curing of Heart diseases

739. The original constitution of India is preserved in? – Parliament House

740. Fourth state of matter is known as? – Plasma

741. Article 228 of Indian Constitution is related to? – Transfer of cases to high

742. Churches were made in Goa by? – Portuguese

743. One question based on Halogens.

744. One question related to Scientific Names.

745. Deuce is related to? – Tennis

746. Which Mughal ruler allowed British to setup factories in 1617? – Jahangir

747. Malayalam is the official language of which UT? – Kerala

748. As per Indian Constitution, how many fundamental rights are there? – 6

749. Insulin is formed in? – Pancreas

750. Name of acid present in the bee sting? – Methanoic Acid.

751. Nawab of Bengal during battle of Plassey? – Siraj-ud-Daulah.

752. June Solstice is Winter Solstice in the? – Southern Hemisphere.

38 | P a g e
753. Which acid is present in Ants? – Formic acid.

754. Loksabha called which house? – Lower House.

755. What is the capital of Madhya Pradesh? – Bhopal

756. Coca-Cola invented by? – John Pemberton.

757. Ajanta Cave are located in? – Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

758. Highest award given to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar? – Padma Vibhushan.

759. What does ‘S’ represent in BRICS? – South Africa.

760. Ananas comosus is the scientific name of? – Pineapple

761. Sariska Wild Life Sanctuary is located in? – Alwar, Rajasthan.

762. Who authored ‘The Secret of the Nagas’? – Amish Tripathi.

763. Author of the book, ‘In this life’? – Christine Brae.

764. Who sang the song, ‘Jag Ghumeya’? – Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

765. Which of the following has the lowest Melting Point (C, Na, H)? –Hydrogen

766. One question based on Anaemia.

767. One question based on projectile motion.

768. One question related to SAARC countries.

769. Capital of Ireland? Dublin

770. Internet protocol inventor? Robert E. Kahn

771. Whose tomb was the 1st garden tomb in the subcontinent? Humayun

772. Who won the Bharat Ratna award in 2015? Atal Bihari Vajpayee

39 | P a g e
773. Under which article of the Indian Constitution was the State of Emergency
declare in 1975? 352

774. What is the scientific name for cumin? Cuminum cyminum

775. Who wrote the book ‘Life of Pi’? Yann Martel

776. Which of the languages listed is not from South India {Konkani, Maithili
etc.}? Maithili

777. Formula for ammonium chloride? NH4Cl

778. Bile is secreted by which organ? Liver

779. Odd man out (Salt Satyagraha, Quit India Movement, 2 more options)

780. Full form of IMF? International Monetary Fund

781. Pyrite is an ore of {Iron, Copper, Molybdenum, Manganese} Iron

782. Which of the following is a beta blocker used in the case of heart attacks?

783. Full form of TCP? Transmission Control Protocol

784. Anjum Chopra is related to which sport? Cricket

785. Indravati tiger reserve is located in which state? Chhattisgarh

786. What is the scientific name of Babool? Acacia nilotica

787. A set of maps is called? Atlas

788. Which of the following elements has the lowest melting

point {Lead, Iodine, Iron, Nitrogen}? Nitrogen

789. Economics related question: D is given as 24000-18P, S= 18000-6P, then

condition of equilibrium?

790. What is the capital of New Zealand? Wellington

40 | P a g e
791. Who invented the LED? Nick Holonyak & Oleg Losev

792. Who wrote the book ‘The Twentieth Wife’? Indu Sundaresan

793. Udit Narayan was awarded which of the following {Bharat Ratna, Padma Shri,
Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan}? Padma Bhushan

794. What does Article 31a of the Constitution refer to? Right to Property

795. How many parts are there in the Indian Constitution? 22

796. What type of bonds exist in water? Hydrogen bonds

797. What dynasty did Ashoka belong to? Maurya

798. Cholera is caused by? Bacteria Vibrio Cholerae

799. Who discovered the value of G (universal gravitational constant)? Isaac Newton

800. Which is the alkaline earth element after Neon? Magnesium

801. One question on demand curve

802. One question on Holocaust

803. One question on Anaerobic respiration

804. One question on National Parks

805. Capital of Italy? Rome

806. Kaladeo National Park is located at? Rajasthan

807. What is the unit of capacitance? Farad

808. Pentlandite is an ore of? Nickel

809. Protein is built and synthesized by which part of the cell? Ribosome

810. Whose biography is “Daughter of the East”? Benazir Bhutto

41 | P a g e
811. Chemical formula of ammonia? NH3

812. Which actor won the National Film Award? Amitabh Bachchan (for Piku)

813. Who partitioned Bengal in 1905? Lord Curzon

814. How many sessions of the Parliament are held in India? Three (Budget,
Monsoon, Winter)

815. The inventor of noodles belonged to {China, Japan, South Korea, North
Korea}? China

816. Who founded the International Premier Tennis League {Mahesh Bhupati,
Leander Paes, Roger Federer, Martina Navratilova}? Mahesh Bhupati

817. What is the cause of Polio {Bacteria, Virus, Mosquito}? Virus

818. Which metal has the lowest boiling point {sodium, tin, oxygen}? Sodium

819. Where is Nathula Pass located {Pakistan, China, Bhutan, Nepal}? China

820. What is the minimum age for a Rajya Sabha member to become Prime
Minister? 30 years

821. 1 question on optical lenses.

822. 1 question on ozone layer.

823. 1 question on Hacking program whose answer is – Microsoft

824. 1 Economics question on Price.

825. 1 Economics question on Demand Supply Elasticity

826. When was the barcode invented?

827. What is the chemical name for aluminium nitrate? Al(NO3)3

828. Who was the first Indian in space? Rakesh Sharma

42 | P a g e
829. Pratibha Ray, the Jnanpith awardee, writes in which language? Odiya

830. Which green house gas is responsible for ozone layer depletion?

831. Which is the oldest national park in Maharashtra? Tadoba Andhari Tiger Project

832. Battle of Delhi – in 1556 between Hemu and Mughals

833. Who wrote the book “Palace of Illusions”? Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

834. Baji Rao II belonged to which dynasty? Peshwa

835. What is the SI unit of heat? Joule

836. Where is the Iron Pillar located? Delhi

837. Abhinav Bindra is associated with which sport? Shooting

838. Name the author of “The Namesake”. Jhumpa Lahiri

839. Who was the first Indian to win an Oscar? Bhanu Athaiya (for costumes in

840. Which is the largest national park in India? Hemis National Park, Jammu

841. What are proteins made of? Amino acids

842. Which is the hottest planet in the solar system? Venus

843. Which article proposes a Uniform Civil Code in India? Article 44

844. Gandhinagar is the capital of? Gujarat

845. Who established the Sabramati Ashram? Gandhiji

846. One economics question on Point Elasticity Problem.

847. What is the Capital of Finland? Helsinki.

43 | P a g e
848. Persian translation of Mahabharata? Razmnama.

849. Who authored the book ‘Jaya’ Devdutt Pattanaik.

850. Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station was designed

by? Frederick William Stevens.

851. What are kidney stones composed of? Calcium Oxalate.

852. Shahji Bhonsale was from which dynasty? Bhonsale Dynasty.

853. Angiosperms are? Seed-producing plants.

854. Nobel Prize 2015 for Physics was given to? Arthur B. McDonald, Takaaki Kajita
(For the discovery of Neutrino Oscillations).

855. Who invented the mouse? Douglas Engelbart.

856. Who was King Ajatashatru’s father/son? Father:King Bimbisara and


857. What is the full form of RNA? Ribonucleic Acid.

858. Dichlorodifluoromethane is also known as? Freon-12

859. Which of the given gases is harmful to the Ozone layer {N2, N2O H2CO3}? N2O
(Nitrous Oxide)

860. Article 31c of the Indian Constitution is related to? Increasing Judicial Scrutiny
of Land Reforms.

861. Where is Similipal Tiger Reserve located? Odisha.

862. Article 27 of the Indian Constitution is related to? Freedom as to payment of


863. In which year was the RBI nationalized? 1949.

864. Who is the defense minister of India? Manohar Parrikar.

44 | P a g e
865. Who has not scored a double century in one day cricket? Brain Lara

866. One question on query language.

867. Who wrote India 2020? Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

868. Ottawa is the capital of which country? Canada.

869. Ichthyology is the study of? Fish.

870. What is the capital of Telangana? Hyderabad.

871. Where is Humayun’s tomb located? Delhi.

872. What is the scientific name of the jackfruit? Artocarpus heterophyllus.

873. NaHCO3 is the chemical name of? Baking Soda.

874. Who invented c language? Dennis Ritchie.

875. Faraday is the unit of? Electric Charge

876. Where is Anamalai Tiger Reserve located? Tamil Nadu

877. Whose picture can you find on the $50 note in USA? Ulysses Grant

878. Which of these elements has the lowest melting point {hydrogen, silver, zinc,
copper}? Hydrogen

879. Author of ‘The Girl Of my Dreams’? Durjoy Dutta

880. Which is the most abundant inert gas in the atmosphere? Argon

881. Who invented the gas turbine? Aurel Stodola & John Barber

882. How many types of human teeth are there? Four

883. What is the atomic number of Silicon? 14

884. How far from the center of earth is the center of the moon? 384,403 km
45 | P a g e
885. Which ruler transferred his capital from Delhi to Daulatabad? Muhammad bin

886. What is article 20 related to? Protection of certain rights in case of conviction for

887. How many gigabytes of memory is there in one petabyte? 108

888. What disease is caused by a deficiency of protein? Kwashiorkor/Marasmus

889. What is the capital of Dadra & Nagar Haveli? Silvassa

890. For what subject did CV Raman win a Nobel Prize? Physics

891. Who invented the induction coil? Charles Grafton Page, Nicholas Callan

892. If in convex mirror, the size of image is 16 cm and that of the object is 20 cm,
then what is its magnifying power? 1.25

893. What is the SI unit of inductance? Henry

894. Who were the first T20 Cricket World Cup winners? India

895. When did Aurangazeb die? 1707 in Ahmednagar

896. What is the chemical formula of ammonium nitrate? NH₄NO₃

897. Which caves house a Shiv temple? Elephanta

898. Carica papaya is the scientific name of which fruit? Papaya

899. Who was the first temporary/interim chairman of Constituent

Assembly? Dr. Sachchidananda Sinha

900. Who wrote the book “Choker Bali”? Rabindranath Tagore

901. Chernobyl disaster of 1986 is not related to? Kazakhstan

46 | P a g e
902. Which of the given musical instruments is not Indian
{Madal, Tanpura, Sitar, Flute}? Flute

903. Which city located at bank of River Narmada? Bharuch

904. Who was the prime minister before Atal Bihari Vajpayee? P.V. Narasimha Rao.

905. Atocarpus integra is the scientific name of? Jackfruit.

906. What is the scientific name of guava? Psidium Guajava.

907. In which year was Humayun born? 1508.

908. Which is the highest award received by Anupam Kher? Padma Bhushan.

909. Who was the longest serving Prime Minister of India? Jawaharlal Nehru

910. Who invented the 3d printer? Chuck Hull

911. Where is Panna National Park located? Madhya Pradesh

912. What is the capital of Turkey? Ankara

913. Which state has the maximum number of Loksabha seats? UP (85)

914. Which of following store fat-soluble vitamins {skin, liver, blood}? Liver

915. What is alpha particle? Radioactive helium nucleus

916. Where are Bhimbetka Rock Shelters located? Madhya Pradesh

917. Where is Periyar National Park located? Kerala

918. Which chemical is used to make someone unconscious? Chloroform

919. English is the official language of {Delhi, Chandigarh, Daman Diu, Dadra Nagar
Haveli}? Chandigarh

920. How many electrons are there in Iron? 26

47 | P a g e
921. What is the full form of ALU? Arithmetic Logic Unit

922. Before independence, Bangladesh was a part of? Pakistan

923. Who is the author of the book “Go Clown: #AccheDin for Comedy”? Shatrugna

924. Which is the highest civilian award won by Kamal Hasan? Padma Bhushan

925. Who was the first person to swim the English Channel? Captain Matthew Webb

926. Urdu is the official language of which state? Jammu Kashmir

927. Micheal Schumacher is known for which sport? Formula 1 Racing

928. What is the SI unit of entropy? Unit joule per kelvin

929. In which range does Periyar Nation Park lie? Western Ghats

930. To which religion did Ashoka convert after the Kalinga War? Buddhism

931. Which of the states do not share their boundary with Chattisgarh {WB, MP,
Jharkhand, Orissa}? West Bengal

932. In which year was Non-Cooperation Movement started? 1920

933. Which island lies in the Arabian Sea? Lakshadweep

934. Grevillea robusta is the scientific name of? Silky Oak/ Silver Oak

935. How many players are there in Kabaddi? – Seven

936. What is the scientific name of Guava? – Psidium guajava

937. Battle of Haldighati was fought between? – Maharana Pratap and Akbar

938. What is the Scientific name of bamboo? – Bambusoideae

939. Which state has the highest number of Lok sabha seats in India? – Uttar Pradesh

940. What is the full form of SEO in Computer Science? – Search Engine optimization
48 | P a g e
941. Port of Spain is the capital of? – Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

942. Hampi is situated in? – Karnataka

943. In which state is Ranthambore Bird Sanctuary situated? – Rajasthan

944. How many UTs are there in India? – 7

945. To which state does Chang lo folk dance belong? – Nagaland (performed by
Chang tribe)

946. Who invented Java? – James Gosling

947. Acinoxy Jabatus is the scientific name of? – Cheetah

948. Which of the following elements have atomic number greater than that of Zinc?
– Bromine (Other options – Fe, Cr, Ni)

949. Who is the author of India: From Midnight to the Millennium? – Shashi Tharoor

950. No of hydrogen atoms in decane? – 22

951. Kuchipudi dance form belongs to? – Andhra Pradesh

952. Battle of Karnal was fought between? – Nader Shah and Muhammad Shah

953. What is the capital of Bihar? – Patna

954. Scientific name of washing soda? – Sodium Carbonate

955. Which of the following is a foreign bank? – HSBC

956. First state where Panchayati Raj was introduced – Rajasthan

957. Which of the following is India? – Secular

958. SI unit of magnetic flux? – Weber

49 | P a g e
959. What is the motion depicted by the trajectory of a cannon’s gunpowder after
launch? – Projectile Motion

960. When was Gandhi-Irwin pact signed? – 5 March 1931

961. Who is the author of Inheritance of Loss? – Kiran Desai

962. Who invented LCD projector? – Gene Dolgoff

963. Which of the following elements have atomic number higher than iron? – Cobalt

964. Medicine given for Thyroid patients – Levothyroxine

965. Where is Manas reserve located? – Assam

966. Which cricketer has scored highest runs in t20? – Chris Gayle

967. In which country did Gandhi complete law? – South Africa

968. Tehri Dam is located on? – Bhagirathi River

969. Capital of Manipur? – Imphal

970. Writer of the ‘English teacher’ book? – R. K. Narayan

971. Scientific name of pomegranate – Punica granatum

972. Who built Lal Quila in Delhi? – Shah Jahan

973. Itanagar is the capital of? – Arunachal Pradesh

974. Who invented Java? – James Gosling

975. Which of the following elements have atomic number greater than that of Zinc?
– Bromine (Other options – Fe, Cr, Ni)

976. No of hydrogen atoms in decane? – 22

977. SI unit of magnetic flux? – Weber

978. Medicine given for Thyroid patients – Levothyroxine

50 | P a g e
979. Which cricketer has scored highest runs in t20? – Chris Gayle

980. Battle of Haldighati was fought between? – Maharana Pratap and Akbar

981. Which city located at bank of River Narmada? Bharuch

982. Who were the first T20 Cricket World Cup winners? India

983. Which caves house a Shiv temple? Elephanta

984. Chernobyl disaster of 1986 is not related to? Kazakhstan

985. When did Aurangazeb die? 1707 in Ahmednagar

986. What is the scientific name of elephant? – Loxodonta

987. Battle of Kannauj was fought between Sher Shah and ___? – Humayun

988. What is the full form of ISP? – Internet service provider

989. In which state is Patliputra situated? – Bihar

990. First woman Governor in India? – Sarojini Naidu

991. What is the Scientific name of cobra? – Ophiophagus hannah

992. Ghoomar is a traditional folk dance of which state? – Rajasthan

993. How many Lok Sabha seats does Kerela have? – 20

994. Who invented marker pens? – Yukio Horie

995. Which of the following is not a Nobel laureate? – Satyajit Ray

996. What is the chemical formula of Aluminium nitride? – AIN

997. Which of the following have atomic number greater than that of Chlorine?
– Potassium

998. Which of the following is the capital of France? – Paris

51 | P a g e
999. Which of the following states is the largest producer of rice? – West Bengal

52 | P a g e

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