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Abelino “Abel” Reyna

February 28th, 2018 Criminal District Attorney

A couple of weeks ago our office dismissed several Twin Peaks cases in an effort to narrow the
focus of this investigation to those most culpable for the Twin Peaks violence. As you recall,
the information we gleaned during the first trial was invaluable in helping to come to this

I mentioned at that time that other cases may require similar action. Our office has been hard at
work going through each of these cases to determine which cases warrant the attention and
utilization of our limited judicial resources.

Today we will be presenting 13 additional cases for dismissal and refusing 24 cases for
prosecution, bringing the total to 58 disposed cases.

Again, these dismissals should not be considered an exoneration of the individual defendants or
the gangs they belong to. Nor should these actions be viewed as “folding” or “giving up” by any
means. To reiterate, this is an effort to narrow in on those most culpable and avoid expending
your precious judicial resources on lower level gang members.

While it’s been said by my detractors that this is an effort to avoid taking the stand at a hearing,
that could not be further from the truth. I would remind the public that I have already taken the
stand in two of these matters. Furthermore, the lies, half-truths, and rumors about me and this
office have made their way to the public through Biker Gang Defense Lawyer filings and
reporting by the media. Personally, I am looking forward to a case that warrants a hearing and
believe it will end in a favorable ruling for the prosecution. The thing that seems to have been
forgotten is that it is not the baseless accusations against me that remain to be seen – but rather
the cross examination and questioning of my accusers and witnesses being called on my behalf
that hold the real truth behind these accusations.

Until such time as that opportunity presents itself, we must focus on seeing that justice is done
for the good people of McLennan County. We cannot let ourselves get caught up in the political
smear tactics of disgruntled former employees and Biker Gang defense lawyers intent on seeing
that their clients escape the justice they deserve.

My commitment remains to the people of McLennan County and to see that justice is done in
each and every case. This will not change regardless of others’ efforts.