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D ystopia Rising: Diaries of the Rust Empire is a regional source book to be used

in conjunction with the Dystopia Rising table top gaming system. This book is
designed to provide further details in regards to the territories of The Rust Empire,
Oilberta, the Under Sea, Bridgetown, the Genjian strain, the Red Star strain, the
Nation of Accensor strain, territorial threats, as well as the Fallow Hopes religion.
This book is not intended for use as standalone content, nor is any of the content
representative of actual places, people, or organizations.

A supplement book for the Dystopia Rising Table Top game for The Rust Empire
Copyright Eschaton Media Inc. and Dystopia Rising LLC 2015

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Dystopia Rising Introduction 4
an Eschaton Media Production

Original Concept Chapter 1: Flesh 6

Michael Pucci
6 Red Star
12 Nation of Accensor
Executive Producer 16 Genjian
Ashley Zdeb 20 Cult of the Fallow Hopes

Writers Chapter 2: Blood 30

Catie Griffin 30 Critters of the
Ian Powell Rust Empire
Michael Pucci 36 Undead Rusty Threats
40 Tools of the Trade
45 Mortis Amaranthine:
Additional Materials The “Grave Mind”
R.M. Sean Benjamin Jaffe
Chapter 3: Bone 53
Captain Thomas ‘Wang-Lord’ Buchanan, M.D 53 The Rust Coast
55 The Under Sea
Megan... Jaffe 65 Bridgetown
71 Lilac Empire
Design and Layout 77 Rusted Isles
83 Pacific Providence
Joshua Brain Jaffe 92 Burning City
James “Goblin” Timblin 101 Slurry
Michael Pucci 110 Oilberta
110 Deadmonton
S.C. Scola
Ralph Attanasia
Cryssy Cheung
Richard Gore
Zach Herschberger
Joshua Brain Jaffe
Anastasia Marston
Andrew Scott
Jaclyn Wellner
Matthew Volk

Cover Artist
Cryssy Cheung

Copyright 2015 Eschaton Media Productions

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All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Hello there! Not from around here, eh? Can tell by the way you’re just wandering around. Well
maybe I can help you out a bit. Give you a nice walk about. Maybe even tell you what to watch
out for. No need to thank me. I’m just doing my part around here. Though I wouldn’t say “no” to
a bit of that food you have there.

Where was I? Oh, yes. First of all, you should know how to act around the people here. You’re
too abrasive with your weapons and all. No offense meant, of course! Thing is, you have to
remember that being polite is important up here. We smile at each other like we’re friends and
act nice. That’s just the way things are.

But don’t mistake that for being good. There’s a difference between being nice and being good.
You’d better remember that if you’re going to survive.

This food is excellent, by the way. Got any more? I haven’t had a good meal in a few days.
Thank you! That hits the spot.

Now while you’re travelling around here, you’d better keep an eye on the fight between
the Mericans and the Reclaimers. They’re always at odds, you know—in every major city from
Raincouver all the way to the Under-Sea. Wouldn’t want to be part of that, eh? It gets messy.

Speaking of, you’d better be careful of people like me. Oh, don’t get the wrong idea. I’m
not that sort—yet. You see, when my people ascend, they go through a change. And a few of my
people have wound up fighting one another for dominance. I have my money on the Light of Hedon
members, myself. But I’m biased. The result is that you got entire cities smashed to bits from
the fights.

Anyway, thanks for the food. If you ever need something a bit more relaxing, let me know.
I know a guy who has a whole bunch of product that he’s looking to shift. Mind, that’s not
surprising. Everyone “knows a guy” around here. I blame it on the Diesel Jocks. They make trade
that much easier with their rides. Want to meet when of them? Head to Slurry. That’s where they
hold out for the winter.

Of course, there’s also the Saltwise. They have their ships and if you’re close to the coast,
it’s a lot cheaper to deal with them. Honestly, trade is pretty big around here.

So where are you headed next? You can’t be planning on going to Oilberta. That’s a death wish.
You have all of those Zed Heads around there—Full Dead, that is. Don’t tell them I said that,
of course. They run things around here. Rumor is they control the majority of the trade routes.

Now that we have all that over with, take a look at this. Yes, it’s a gun. Yes, it’s pointed
at your face. I’m sorry about this, but would you mind giving me all of your valuables?

What? I’m nice. Not good.

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
“Funny thing about being a Red Star is that people think it’s just about the money. It’s not.
It’s about community, and caring for each other, and that indeterminate bond that we all share
with one another. I will admit that the idea of commerce and finances are one of the biggest
sticking points between our cells and the outside world, but that is only because money matters
so damned much to outsiders. Look, if I am gifted with the unique skills and the fortunate
circumstances of great soil, and I am able to grow enough food for ten people, then there is no
reason why one person should extort some sort of letter of trade out of other survivors. We’re
survivors! Why should these little bits of notary mean anything? Look, sure, sometimes you are
going to do a little bit more work than the brother or sister next to you, but you know that
your brothers and sisters will have your back when push comes to shove. And if they don’t, and
they don’t pull their own share? Then they have no part in the cell.

But Red Star were born to exist as a community and were designed to take care of one another,
so more times than not, it’s the outsiders who want to be with us who screw things up. What you
don’t understand is that when we speak of our family, our cell, our unit... we aren’t talking
about other people. We are talking about an extension of our own being. We are talking about
a limb, a brain, and a heart. We are together in all things and even death or the Grave Mind
itself could not take that away from us. We are unified because we were born unified. However, we
stay united because we choose to be.”


R ed Star are a Strain of the new age that share a series of unique physical, social, and
philosophical traits. While most outward observers would only see the Red Star for their
politics and their doctrine, the truth of the matter is that there is much more to the organic
and genetic design of the Red Star. Red Star share a mindset almost akin to an insect colony.
Red Star are a pragmatic people who care very deeply for their own Strain and are inherently
untrusting of outsiders. Predominantly organizing themselves into communities, cells, unions,
or families, the Red Star at times bear strong similarities to hive-minded creatures. Well
organized, efficient, strong, and intelligent, the Red Star communal mentality allows Red Star
cloisters to grow and thrive in dangerous territories that would crush most other settlements.

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Beyond the doctrine, the Over the generations the Red Over the generations since
politics, and the economic Star have historically had the fall, the Red Star
viewpoints, there is a driving numerous issues with faith- continued to evolve and
purpose behind the Red Star. centered towns, greedy caravan strengthen their chances of
Red Star, while completely drivers, as well as outsiders survival, much as most other
capable of free thought and looking to join the commune Strains. As the Red Star
independent life, are innately for survival. As the Red Star evolved, they became a hearty
connected via a limited sort cells turned away each and Strain that had unity and a
of collective intelligence. every threat to their culture swarm-like mentality bred into
This evolution causes Red Star and their people, they became them as part of their physical
to be more trusting of other more and more insular and evolution.
Red Star, allows a deeper bond mistrusting of outsiders.
to be formed between long-term
cell members, and provides the
most amazing of feats: the
fact that zombies that were
once Red Star will not attack
living Red Star.

The Red Star, as best
can be identified, evolved
from a number of locations
that focused on tight knit
communities, such as in pre-
fall artists’ enclaves, deep
in the woods of environmentally
minded communal living
homes, and even from the
remains of pre-fall military
installations. These locations
of community, order, and co-
dependence were hotbeds of
growth for the Red Star.

With these basic origin

concepts it should be no
surprise that both the Eastern
and Western coastlines of the
Merican continent are dotted
with Red Star compounds.
Occasional Red Star bunker
communities can be found
all along the outer regions
surrounding most major cities,
and from the Frozen North to
the heaviest jungles of the
Pridelands, the Red Star have
taken hold.

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535) 77

Medical Notation Subject: Red Star Biology
The Red Star Strain has physical deviations in their growth and evolution that are not
normally apparent, unless one were to observe the social restrictions of the Red Star, or had
access to a preserved Red Star corpse. Physically speaking, the Red Star are not much different
than the standard Remnant at a glance. Normal bipedal design, varied skin tones, varied frames, and
varied builds.

However, once you are able to dissect the corpse of a Red Star, you will find a number of
biological differences. If you were to dissect the grey matter that is a Red Star’s brain, you would
find a mesh of thin purplish veins that permeate throughout both lobes of the brain. In addition
you would find that near the rear third of the brain there is a reoccurring knot-like gland. It is
theorized that this network of Infection-riddled veins as well as this additional growth provide two
unique aspects to the Red Star Strain.

First, this network of veins and this gland are located primarily in areas that are often times
found misshapen in latent psionicists. This mapping of the brain suggests an organic evolution to
make the Red Star resistant to the focused psionic effects of faith (Journal note: Please do not
provide these findings to any Accensorite or Fallow Hope representative; I am still occasionally
dodging rounds fired at me by Mericans after my Merican dissection).

Secondly, the gland that is located within the rear of the Red Star’s brain secretes a chemical
which, to the best of our understanding, produces a very mild form of euphoria. The most interesting
thing about this gland is that the gland reacts to the presence of other Red Star in the area! Even
when other senses are stripped away, the gland still produces the slightest amount of this liquid.
We theorize, with this information, that all Red Star share a degree of psionic hive mentality that
causes them to feel more trust and comfort when around others of their own kind. In addition, this
gland is triggered more strongly when the memory and sensory portions of the brain are stimulated
by the same source over a longer period of time. When a Red Star stimulus is introduced over a
prolonged period, the gland effectively forces the brain to feel a sense of comfort and trust.

It is our theory that this gland has caused the growth of the unified cell, as well as their
inability to adhere to profiting and capitalism. Red Star are literally made happy by being
surrounded by other Red Star, and when they are removed from outside forms of Red Star stimulus for
a prolonged period of time, they grow more and more agitated. In truth, it appears that it isn’t
that Red Star are angry to see outsiders, but instead, they just physically are not happy.

This revelation of latent communal psionic existence explains a great deal about the Red Star
culture. Aspects that we assumed were taught and learned portions of the Red Star culture are
actually items that are chemically enforced and triggered through psionics. Given the latent psionic
nature of most undead, this too explains why undead Red Star do not attack other Red Star. This
portion of the brain, still present in Red Star zombies, causes the undead to register living Red
Star as other zombies. The cultural phenomena of the Red Star model of communal living and sharing
is then actually produced as a byproduct of the nearly forced chemical reactions that a Red Star
has when they interact with their own for prolonged periods. The chemical production within the
brain makes the individual Red Star WANT to do what is right and good by their cell member without
need for reward. The shared latent psionic ties make the entire cell feel better when the other
individuals excel.

- Doctor Altru J. Sephrea, Grave Robber

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Visual Identity pigments on a visible color reoccurring cultural themes
spectrum and how those colors found in each of these different
Varied in build, skin tone, trigger responses within the Red types of cell.
sexual preference, height, Star’s mind. While it is not
weight, and overall facial a universal constant, it is a
features, at a glance most Red somewhat regular occurrence that Common Types of
Star are almost completely Red Star gravitate towards these Communes
non-descript. There are very colors.
few visual cues that you Artisan Commune
are interacting with a Red Lack of Emotional Artisan Communes are among
Star, unless you observe them Response to Non-Red the most common Red Star
for a prolonged period of Star communities found in the
time. However, if observed Due to the euphoric response wastelands. Organizations of
long enough, the following that Red Star trigger in each crafters, brewers, and earnest
visual traits will assist in other, non-Red Star are nearly workers, Artisan Communes
identifying a Red Star. just background stimulus in the operate with the idea that all
Red Star’s mind. This often of their members work hard and
Sturdy and More results in very dour or stoic in turn are provided for by the
Tireless Forms interactions when a Red Star prosperity of the commune as a
Red Star never seem to interacts outside of their cell whole. While Artisans Communes
complain or grow tired of what or commune. do not have any direct form
is normally a daunting volume of of government, on occasion
daily labor. While not as strong Red Star do not stem from each team of crafters chooses
or enduring as the Iron Slaves one single pre-fall place of an individual to represent
or Reclaimers, the dedication to origin, but instead, are a a particular portion of the
laboring by Red Star is notable. parallel evolution that has cell for decision making
occurred in communities across and resource management.
Lack of Jewelry or the wasteland. With this The individual given this
Symbols of Opulence parallel evolution in mind, each responsibility changes
The vast majority of Red Star Red Star cell has localized regularly, and is chosen for
do not feel a need for status colloquialisms and mannerisms the task more to streamline
symbols which identify them as that all localized cell members the decision making process
separate or unique within the share. instead of any need of actual
crowd. leadership or direction.
Red Star have many unique
Similar forms of dress within customs and standards that Martial Commune
a group of people: This clothing are only shared within each Often found linked with
stands to be utilitarian cell; however, there are some Artisan or Philosphical
and reliable, however, the universal standards that apply Communes, the more combat
colors and cut of the clothing across the vast majority of focused cells of the Martial
identifies Red Star and their the Red Star Strain. The communes primarily deal with
cell. majority of Red Star customs outside threat. These cells
are influenced and forced by the operate in conjunction with
Tendencies Towards Red chemical and psionic reaction other more socially focused
and Black coloring in that Red Star have to one cells to ensure the provision
Equipment and Clothing another. The secondary influence and survival of each cell.
for the cultural focus of Red Often times Martial Commune
The colors of red and black Star is primarily related to cells will join with other
(not lack of light, but actual what geographic area each Red cells to ensure that both the
black pigment) are pleasing to Star cell originates from. The cell numbers, as well as the
most Red Star. This has to do following are the most common diversity of breeding stock, is
with the locations of these forms of Red Star communes, with maintained.
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Philosophical Commune Culture across any desire or want for making
Approaching the design of Communes profit. To provide for ones
philosophies in a classic brothers and sisters is the
light, the Philosophical Anti-Free Market greatest pleasure a Red Star
Communes focus primarily on The concept of a financially could feel, and to muddy this
the disciplines of medicine, driven free market is the interaction with a desire to
legalism, science, morality, antithesis of the Red Star’s make profit is beneath any
and mathematics. The existence both physically and true Red Star. Some Red Star
Philosophical Communes are mentally. With built-in drives will take from outsiders
entire cells of engineers, and wants for providing for to provide for their cell
scientists, crafters, and their own, and with a positive without any desire to provide
teachers coming together to reinforcement of feeling better any sort of “fair value” or
rebuild the knowledge bases of when providing for other Red means of producing a capital
the post-apocalyptic world. Star, the idea of holding back or profit producing venture.
With rational thought, complex surplus supplies for desire However, those Red Star that
debate, and growing volumes of a debt of currency goes do take from outsiders with
of educational materials, the completely against the drives the interests of the Cell (and
Philosophical Communes rely of the Red Star. not the drive of producing
heavily on both Artisan and commerce) are looked down upon
Martial communes for day-to- Red Star are only truly happy by other Red Star as being
day life. (to a near euphoric state) “impure”.
when they are providing for
their fellow Red Star without

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Uniform Clothing Faithless Advantages
Usually there are a few The Red Star are immune to
people in each cell that miracles of faith. Medical • Red Star know how to work
provide for the sewing and scientists believe that this together as effective teams
crafting of clothing for their resistance is due to the fact in the field and in the home,
cell. Given the Red Star’s that the Red Star have evolved allowing a Red Star who is
desire to provide the best in such a way that their being assisted by his or her
that they can for their cell mental form have developed an comrades to re-roll any 10s
members, clothing often times innate biochemical and psionic rolled, once. The initial 10 is
takes a uniform design. In networking that overcomes the considered a success, as well
addition, the colors black effects of outside sources. as any successes gained from
and red tend to be the most To the Red Star’s mind, both the second roll.
predominant in Red Star the concepts of believing in
clothing. Some believe it is anything other than one’s own • Red Star are a well built,
some sort of latent psionic Red Star cell, as well as the hardy people, and gain +1 die
suggestion that carries through ability of an abstract concept to all Endurance-based Survival
the Red Star. Most that bother of religion to lead one’s life skill checks.
to use their brains, however, by, are foreign fallacies
realize that black and red are created by delusional psions. Drawbacks
some of the easiest dyes to Both faith, and the powers of
make and the best colors for the faith, are truly pitiable • The cold pragmatism of the
hiding stains, blood, and gore. to the Red Star. commune leaves no room for
Faith, and Red Star deny it in
Mixing Cells Red Stars Without Other all its forms. Red Star may not
Red Star do not believe Red Star have any Faith Advancements,
in the religious concept When a Red Star finds nor receive the benefits of any
of marriage, however, they themselves in a territory Faith-based abilities.
do believe in the danger of that is lacking in other Red
inbreeding. Children born to Star, the individual normally • Red Star do not have
a cell are often times traded attempts to recreate a Cell a strong understanding of
or provided to other cells for living environment with non- commerce outside of pragmatic
raising and cultural identity. Red Star Strains. What is most barter-based trade, and lose
If a cell has lost many commonly found is that Red Star -2 dice to all Survival skill
members, newly born children will surround themselves with checks involving trading for
from different cells will be Strains or individuals with currency instead of barter.
brought into the cell from pack-like mentalities into a
neighboring cells. The same as cell structure, subconsciously
a Red Star in need of food is trying to find a way to
provided for, a Red Star cell recreate the feeling and bond
that is in need of growth is they have around other Red
provided for. At times, when Star. Unfortunately, mixed or
cells become so damaged that surrogate non Red Star cells do
limited members remain, those not fulfill the need and desire
remaining Red Star are folded for a Red Star to be among
into another cell. Those Red their own.
Star that will not be folded
into another cell, and do not
have a commune to provide for,
become joyless creatures who
desire nothing more than to
destroy those that would harm
Red Star culture.
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
“We are the children born through destruction who were chosen to be the leaders of this new

Look around you, my ascended kin. Look to a world without hope, look to a world without
meaning, look to a world filled with nothing but despair. The masses are born to do nothing more
than exist for a short period and then die.

But not us. We were born to achieve something greater. While the souls of the masses look to
one another for transient needs and passing desires, we understand that every action that is
taken here and now serves a greater purpose. We are meant to be the farmers of a new garden
of life. We are meant to teach and enlighten the world in regards to an elevated truth that
transcends the organics of life and death.

We exist because the world needs us. We exist by the will of faith. We exist to shepherd the
unenlightened into a new world of greater understanding.

While the masses sup on decayed flesh from their hunt, and drink a thousand drinks to dull
the pain of the world, we sup on truth and that which is within our cups is faith. While our
faiths may be different, and our focus divided, each of us serve a purpose that this world so
desperately needs.

We do not have faith, we are faith.”


B efore the fall of humanity, the Accensorite Strain did not have any genetic roots within
humankind itself. Humans as a whole were creatures that could not only gain or lose faith,
but were capable of thousands of degrees of different stages of faith and devotion during
the period of their life. Without a solid, single, evolutionary reference point from pre-fall
humanity, it should not be surprising that the nature and situational evolution of the Strain
relates directly to the period of time involving the Infection.

At the time of the fall of humankind, millions of people looked to faith as a means to escape
the gross horrors of the day. With little hope, the perceived end of life as they knew it, and
the traumatic nature that was day-to-day life, many people needed to cling to some sort of hope
for a savior.

For the vast majority of people, faith offered no respite to the growing plague.

For a very small portion of humanity, however, they were provided salvation in a way that was
not expected. Notations from the time of the fall suggest that the plague against humanity was
not a single trigger. It was not a single virus, infection, or bacteria that caused the fall.
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Instead, it was a combination Evolution It is impossible to measure
of both a fungal infection the ability of faith; however,
and an opportunistic airborne The Accensorites are a unique studies have been recorded in
retrovirus. When the symbiotic evolution of the post-fall places such as the Yard in the
relationship between the survivor that shares biological Mass and Aggieland in Lone
retrovirus and the fungal and physical qualities with Star recording the development
infection allowed for the both the Red Star and many and design of the brain of
repurposing of the human form, psionically capable creatures. Accensorites. What was found is
certain physical traits or Evolving around the wasteland, that much like an individual
medical procedures allowed the and not overly influenced by performing physical activities
stunting of the terminal (and the events of a particular becomes stronger, Accensorites
reanimating) infection. geographic location, the Nation that are capable of focusing via
of Accensor grew from the pre- faith and meditation can develop
In the case of the precursors fall roots of the truly the frontal lobe of their brain.
of the Accensorites, augmented devout and religiously
blood flow to the frontal dedicated. As the development of the
lobes of the brain prevented frontal lobe becomes more
the fungal infection from and more defined, darkened
completely overriding the infectious veins begin
primary organic drives of the to form through the
body. The Accensorite began front portions of the
to gain benefit from the Accensorite’s brain.
retrovirus infection,
but did not succumb to
the fatal combination
that caused what is
commonly known as “The

With these survivors

being able to
withstand, seemingly
by their faith alone,
the plague that was
decimating humanity, the
Nation of Accensor grew
from the first fallen bodies
of the end of times.
Leading fellow survivors
through the worst of times
by instilling faith and
devotion, the first days
would mark the future
evolution of the Nation
of Accensor forever.

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
The only other location that a It has been found, however, outsider faiths and moralities
similar occurrence has been noted that the longer and more intense as things to be destroyed
is in the brain of the Red Star. the Accensorite focuses and or disdained, occasionally
However, while the Accensorite practices with the forward performing small miracles
develop the frontal portion of portions of the brain, the less of faith, and occasionally
the brain, the Red Star show mentally and physically the looking to organize other
development in the lower (and we individual Accensorite seems children into parishes all make
believe more primal) portions of like the rest of us. the early social life of the
the brain. Accensorite awkward at times.
Developing organic evolutions When the young Accensorite is
The other major physical that vary from the cosmetic to not attempting to exert their
difference in the early stages the horrific, as well as finding strong will of faith, leading
of Accensorite growth is the themselves less capable of the neighborhood into salvation,
nature of the infected tissue. normal social interaction with or attacking heretic faiths, the
While the Red Star have a the outside world, Accensorites child Accensorite often needs
network of growth which seems to seem to become more monstrous special understanding from the
affect the overall reaction Red and emotionally disconnected as community.
Star have to outside stimulus, they grow older.
Accensorites seem to use the As Accensorites become more
frontal portion of the brain to adjusted to their feeling of
regulate and change the effects Visual Identity being different or strange
of physical development within compared to other youth, the
the individual Accensorite. While An individual Accensorite is Accensorite can begin to adapt
the webbing of fungal growth not remarkably different than to fit into their community for a
makes Red Star react and respond most other Strains when they are while.
differently to Red Star rather children. Sometimes mistaken for
than non-Red Star, the growth a Baywalker child or Remnant, As strong spiritual leaders
and development of the frontal the child born of the Nation and devoted followers of
lobe of the Accensorite seems to of Accensor is simply a child. faith, Accensorites often find
be an advanced form of adaptive However, as the Accensorite themselves leading the life of
evolution. child develops into their early priest, holy soldier, or pilgrim
years, the Accensorite begins to to the wastelands. Those that
As the Accensorite believes, quickly stand out from other non- do not dedicate themselves
over decades, the Accensorite’s Accensorite children. completely to their faith find
body changes. the means to include the faith
Inquisitive in nature, into every aspect of their day-
In addition to the relationship seeming somewhat disconnected to-day life.
of the frontal lobe and adaptive or otherwise “off,” Accensorite
physical evolutionary response, children tend to search for When an Accensorite reaches
the Accensorite show a form of reason and purpose behind mundane full maturity, the Accensorite
infectious mutation within the daily actions. Very quickly, truly begins to become
brain that is commonly found the Accensor begins developing visibly different from most
within those that have developed routines that they need to follow other strains. A series of
Psionic abilities as well as every day. Beyond these simple unstable mutations, focused
those of incredibly devout routines, the Accensorite begins and subconsciously directed by
faith. This form of evolution has to establish a key interest in the nature of the individual
allowed the Accensorite a limited the holy and divine. Accensorite’s faith, cause an
degree of reality manipulation evolution in the Accensorite.
via their faith much in the same Normally around the early These changes, while all
way the most devoted priests can teen years, Accensorites organic, are often times
call upon miracles. become troublesome within disturbing or terrifying to the
mixed communities. Seeing unaccustomed eye.
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Common being both saved and driven Growth of Separation
Accensorite by their faith, have most of As the Nation of Accensor
Evolutions their culture and their customs grow, and each Accensorite
defined by the guiding tenets of grows older, they become more
The following are the most the faith they follow. However, devoted to their faith and
common evolutions found within beyond the influence of their find themselves less and less
Accensorite characters once local community culture, and capable of relating with non-
they have been in play for a the influence of their faith, Accensorites. As the drive,
prolonged length of time. These there seem to be some cultural focus, and devotion of an
changes, while mostly non- customs found across the vast Accensorite grows with age,
mechanical, provide aesthetic majority of Accensorites. the degree of dedication and
changes and personal role play zealotry makes for normal
for the Accensorite character as Weaponry social interactions to be
they evolve. The majority of Accensorites, strained or non-existent.
while faithful, believe that
Most Accensorite evolutions the tools of humanity were
begin in the characters mid to meant to be used. Accensorites Advantages
late teenage years and continue that only use their faith as a
steadily until the individual sword and a shield normally do • Accensorites gain +2 dice
Nation of Accensor dies. Players not see puberty, and with that, to utilize any Faith-based
are encouraged to add their own are difficult to identify as Advancement or Survival skill
personal flavor to the character Accensorites. check.
evolution; however, as this
evolution occurs players should Silent Respect • Accensorites are truly
focus on more organic evolutions Accensorites have a love/hate blessed in their Faith, even
rather than synthetic or relationship with other Nation in their moments of weakness.
supernatural evolutions. of Accensor of different faiths. Critically failing a Faith-
While the Accensorite recognize based Survival check is
Bestial hair growth that members of other faiths considered only a normal
Claws or horns have a kinship due to living as failure for Accensorites.
Distorted voice embodiments of faith, they also
Elongated limbs, flanges, understand that their conflicting Drawbacks
teeth, or muscle tissue faiths will one day set them
Emotional disconnection from against one another. Religious • Accensorites may never
those outside of the shared zealots do not do well in close knowingly break the tenets of
faith quarters with religious zealots their chosen faith, holding to
Growth of horned spines, bone of other faiths. them with zealous devotion.
plating, or bone spurs Should they ever fully change
Increase of pheromone Markings of Faith or abandon their faith, all
production It is common for Accensorites symbols of their faith,
Malformation of the core frame to have brands, tattoos, or to including permanent marks such
Oddly colored eyes wear adornment that is symbolic as tattoos and brands, will
Psychological disassociation of their faith. Members of break or disfigure, displaying
from perceived “lesser” the Nation of Accensor do not their betrayal of their
creatures commonly hide their faith from original faith for all to see.
Total lack of body hair the outside world. When you
Unnatural discoloration of the know something to be right and • Accensorites proudly
skin natural as the Accensorites do display marks of their faith
Unnaturally shaped or with faith, there seems little on their equipment as well as
strangely contoured facial logical reason to ever hide their bodies, gaining a -3
features your devotion. dice penalty to disguise an
The Nation of Accensor, Accensorite.
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
“We were the last to fall.

While many of the Strains claim bizarre cultural origins for their evolution, we are the
only people to have a clear history of our origins recorded through the entire duration of the
fall of mankind. Our ancestors were a part of a project known as First Hope – an international
effort to organize the uninfected. It was a project born of desperation by the remains of what
was once known as the United Nations. Little did we know that we would evolve – just like all
of the other Strains.

The truth is that the plague wasn’t an accident – far from it. It was intentional; a way
to control the world’s blooming population. Our ancestors were unknowingly chosen via consumer
demographics to be spared this plague, something that we now know as “the Infection.”

The plague was grown using micro-fungal organisms, cultivated in the shaping of our
environment. These organisms were partly introduced to the populace with mass produced food and
partly with genetically engineered organisms. It was considered brilliant by the scientists at
the time – a way to cull our global population in a relatively humane way so that our planet
could support life as we knew it without the need for drawn-out suffering. About 80 percent
of the world’s population ate mass produced food that was infected with these organisms. The
remaining 20 percent, our ancestors, were spared. It was damnation lifetimes in the making, fed
to humanity one bite at a time. The ancestors of our people were chosen not by some special
formula. Instead, they were chosen by the choices they made in their daily lives. They did not
consume the mass marketed products. They were people that lived outside of high-density cities
with chemically treated water. They were wealthy enough to eat well. They were located in areas
where “higher minded” people lived away from the general populace.

Then the trigger event happened– horrifically fast. The triggers of the global population
control program, an event known as “Project Rock Salt,” started with a variety of health issues
across the globe that seemed unrelated. However, beneath all of the visual symptoms was a
single reoccurring theme – the fungus within their bodies.

My ancestors, the ancestors of the Genjian and the first generations of the Genjian strain,
came from all walks of pre-fall humanity in small clusters throughout the world. After humanity
died, we held the world for countless generations trying to rebuild a dying planet. For a time,
we were the last humans in existence.

It was a fight that we lost when the Infection adapted to take even the last survivors of
mankind and cause them to become the Genjian.

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
History The first fast-moving and Evolution
aggressive zombies were born
The Genjian Strain from the same Infection variant At the time of the fall
originated when the last that caused the Genjian to of humanity, the humans that
bastions of humanity were lost become a Strain instead of would become the ancestors to
to the later evolutions of the the remains of humanity. As the Genjian were not defined by
Infection. Located around the the Infection swept over the a single cultural aspect. The
world in stronghold settlements surviving settlements, the dead ancestors of the Genjian were
and highly defensible would rise as the incredibly people who, due to the way they
communities, the Genjian Strain deadly forms of zombie now lived their lives, were able to
were outsiders, even on their commonly known as Bursters and avoid what would be the most
own planet. Hunters. potent man-made weapon of all
time: The Infection.
The name Genjian evolved With the knowledge of how
from the term gaijin, which deadly the dead would become, a
in the Japanese language living tradition of sacrificial
means outsider, or not- bodily mutilation was enacted
Japanese. This name, and many upon the dying with the hopes
of the cultural customs of that the newly risen would be
the Genjian, originated from hindered in their hunger.
the organization and resource
provision of survivors on the
Japanese isle of Hokkaido.
Taking up the efforts of
organizing the survival
of humanity, many aspects
of Japanese language and
culture were adapted to and
used across the surviving
settlements out of both habit
and necessity. As the years
continued, the Hokkaido
resistance provided the
majority of the inoculations
and medications that kept the
survivors alive.

Each Genjian settlement

originally was a human
settlement that had survived
the initial fall, and delayed
the death of humanity for
a few hundred years. The
Genjian culture would have
still been considered nearly
human when the first evolved
Strains were being born in the
wastelands. When the Infection
did overtake the surviving
holdouts, it did so with a
brutality and vigor unseen by
most Strains.
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
The Infection was born from an from clinical studies, was not assist nearly ten generations
international operation known as completely understood. Within of survivors to continue life
Project Rock Salt. Project Rock weeks, even people with limited on a dying world. However, as
Salt was a series of programs conditional health markers were generations continued onward,
intended to prevent world becoming infected. so too did the evolution of the
overpopulation through organized world-killing Infection, which
global planning of wars, systematic Those that were the most would eventually do away with the
class warfare, pollution of the resistant to the Infection, the last hope for humanity.
mass population’s food and water, ancestors of the Genjian, pulled
and lastly, the introduction of a together in an attempt to reclaim
kill switch that would later become the planet for the human race. Visual Identity
the death of humanity. As the Infection began to rise
in threat and the planet became Genjian life often revolved
The kill switch, a genetically less and less hospitable over the around getting to and from
engineered and infectious fungus generations, the ancestors of the survivor settlements quickly. With
that shared much of the same Genjian faced certain extinction. this in mind, Genjian armor tends
genetic code as the black fungus to be lightweight, made of easily
found around highly irradiated At the time of the fall of man, replicable resources, and is
areas, was released into the there were a number of bastions easily mended on the go.
international populace. The idea that stood as the remaining
behind this rapidly spreading and holdouts for humanity. An effort Genjians evolved from a
adapting infection was that not known as First Hope pulled many collection of mixed cultures, but
all host bodies would be able to of the untainted people from survival as a Genjian adapted them
support it. Only individuals who the failing world together. The to be agile and with lithe builds.
fell into certain categories and largest of these holdouts for While this is not to say that
lifestyles would be affected due humanity were located in Darwin, there are not sturdier and more
to the chemical preparation that Australia; Hokkaido, Japan; and rugged Genjians, the majority of
had been already introduced into the Aravalli Mountain Ranges Genjians are lean and lanky.
the mass populace. Higher blood of India. A number of smaller
sugar levels, reduced immunities, communities dotted the North and Genjian carry visual markers
increased mercury levels, and a South American continent, as well known as Mon to represent
number of other factors created the as all across Europe. their family lineage. These
perfect spawning ground for the final visual markers are descended
stage of the Rock Salt program. As the world fell apart, the from iconic images used to
surviving military and scientific identify communities, membership
In short, mass-produced and teams based out of Hokkaido assignments, and resource shipment
genetically engineered food and did everything they could to containers. Each human survivor
drinks were not enough. When mass- network the surviving humans settlement had an easily branded
produced materials carrying bio- together. Medical supplies and image that was used for marking
forming materials were introduced resources from Hokkaido reached medical supply shipments as
into a low income area where out to the world stamped with well as identifying locations.
water sources were chemically the message “No longer are we These images were used instead
treated, in combination with other divided as people. Today we are of existing pre-fall localized
predetermined triggers, then the all unified as outsiders, gaijin cultural icons, with the hope
host environment for what would on our own planet.” The efforts that pre-fall nationalism and
become the Infection would be of these holdouts, as well as separatism could be avoided. Mon
perfect. the organization of the Hokkaido did not identify someone racially,
centers, allowed humanity’s death since nearly all human survivor
The downfall of the program was to be delayed for generations. settlements were made of mixed
in the adaptability of the fungal In pushing off death for so cultures and nationalities, but
infection, in that the adaptive long, the survivors of humanity instead simply pinpointed a
nature of the fungus, once removed developed antibodies that would geographic location.
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Sample Mon Cultural Customs Territorial Respect
Before the Genjian became
Sacrificing the Self a Strain, they were pocket
The variant of the Infection civilizations of humanity’s
that caused the evolution of survivors. Part of surviving
the Genjian Strain has evolved involved ensuring that disease
to match the medication and carriers and the ill were not
processes that were once used allowed within settlements. The
to keep less potent versions cultural traditions of asking to
of the Infection at bay. This enter someone else’s territory
contested evolution has produced and the distrust of outsiders
a violent and virulent variation who allow themselves in without
of the Infection that causes permission has carried from the
The image of a mountain incredibly deadly variants of human survivors to the modern
silhouette in a circle the undead to rise from fallen post-apocalyptic Genjian.
represents Genjian whose Genjian. Many Genjian, in
community was within the particular those that reside
Aravalli Mountain Ranges. within high population centers, Advantages
will commit a corpse-mutilating
form of suicide with the hopes • Genjian are social
of sparing their community the observers, with a keen eye
threat that each Genjian can for social customs. After
become. This process includes silently watching an organized
severing the spine of the dying social event such as a dinner,
slowly, so that the regenerative religious rite, or party for
properties of the infected body twenty minutes, a Genjian
can begin to reknit the wounds may approach and is at a +1
in deformed ways. The intent Wiles when interacting in that
of these personalized rituals setting.
is to ensure that even if the
The image of fire and water fallen were to rise as a fast or • If a Genjian uses Science!,
chasing each other in a circle skilled killer, the mutilation Animal Handling, or the
is represents Genjian whose of one’s body while alive would appropriate Lore to identify a
community was within the region weaken the post mortem form. non-human opponent, they inflict
of Darwin, Australia. an additional point of damage
Mon Recovery with Brawling, Melee, Thrown,
Before the birth of the or Bow attacks against that
Genjian Strain, the symbols of enemy.
community were taken from the
fallen to confirm to surviving
relatives that a loved one had Drawbacks
passed. Much like soldiers
taking dog tags from the fallen, • The Genjian treat others
Genjian that find markings of Mon with honor, and they expect
on bodies of Hunters or Bursters the same in return. It is not
will often collect these icons uncommon for Genjian to demand
The image of a circle divided with the hope of bringing peace satisfaction from or even honor
into six rounded pieces, with and closure to the surviving duel those that besmirch their
the top three clear to represent loved ones. family’s name. A Genjian who
the sky and the bottom three fails to do so will be at -1
filled to represent the earth, Resolve until the slight is
was the Mon of Hokkaido Island. addressed.
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Cult of the Fallow Hopes
“The world did not die.

This is the fight for humanity. Say what you will about Strains, and of how we have changed,
but all of us come from humanity. And humanity? Humanity isn’t done yet. While some have walked
away from their charges, while some have forgotten their duty, the Cult of the Fallow Hopes has
not given up our charge. I have not turned my sword to plowshares. I have not accepted that the
world cannot be saved.

My brothers and sisters – because all that carry their arms in the name of the Cult of the
Fallow Hopes truly are my brothers and sisters – have not forgotten either. You may stand
there, away from the front lines of the war of humanity, and hold your lantern to cast out the
light. You may stand there and hope, and wish, that the war were over. Your light will not hold
back the darkness if we do not act to push it back. Your beat will grow silent unless we fight
to drive back that which would destroy us. We cannot rest on our laurels, we cannot accept the
demise of the promised land, we must not allow our blades to grow dull nor our intent to be

We did not see the end of life on this planet, we only saw the fall. When you fall, you get
back up. Humanity is not dead, humanity just fell. Now we must get back up, dust ourselves off,
and do what must be done. This war is not over. The war never ceased. Our fight is not over. Our
fight never ceased.

The report of our rifles will be our beat. The flash of our muzzles will be our light. Every
soldier of the Cult of the Fallow Hopes will be your hero. Each among the faithful, one true
family. Hope is not lost; it rests fallow just beneath the surface waiting for the blood of the
unjust to awaken it again.

The war is not over. Pick up your weapon.”

T he Cult of the Fallow Hopes

as a faith are often times
seen by outsiders as zealots,
may be, continues each and
every day. While others may
grow lax, accepting the way
weapons, armor, and munitions
for service to the Cult of
the Fallow Hopes. Cooks and
extremists, and at times a that life is in the post- farmers work tirelessly to
threat to those not of the apocalypse, the Cult of the dry and preserve foods for
faith. While many would wish Fallow Hopes continue to fight faith members who will spend
to think that this isn’t the with the hopes of a brighter long stretches of time on the
truth, the fact is that the tomorrow. road. Doctors focus primarily
Cult of the Fallow Hopes is on their field studies by the
primarily filled with zealots, The Cult of the Fallow Hopes most advanced teachers and
extremists, and people who operates on a militaristic study long and hard to join
are willing to kill in the design that organizes the ranks of the Grave Robbers
name of their cause and their settlements into well-designed who identify and act against
faith. To the Cult of the combat machines. Supplies are threats to the living.
Fallow Hopes, the war to save managed, organized, and quickly
humanity never ended. The war re-purposed to the needs of
to ensure that humans survive, the Cult of the Fallow Hopes.
as mutated or changed as they Crafters are hired for making
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Tenets of the be followed down to the letter did not stop its spread, but
Faith of the word. In the instance instead gave those afflicted by
a leader is not the superior it a destiny of agony amongst
person for making decisions, it the undead. Radiation did not
The faith and commands of the is the responsibility of the kill the plague, but instead,
Fallow Hopes are considered Fallow Hopes to not follow the allowed it to adapt and grow
direct orders to be followed at inferior person’s leadership. faster than we have.
all times. While these tenets
would not have faith members The tools of our salvation are
mindlessly cast themselves Remain faithful. the intent we formulate and the
into death, the tenets of the God is testing us action that we follow through.
faith do require active and and we must meet the Salvation does not reside
direct action. challenge through within the burn of radiation,
strength of arms. and those that embrace the
Seek the damned where We do not know the nature of unbalanced mutations of forced
they dwell; wipe the Almighty, but we do know radioactive change strengthen
the scourge from the that at the time of the fall the grave with every moment. It
Earth. of humanity, we should have is not the individual that grows
The Fallow Hopes serve best all been destroyed. We know and changes with the spread
where they can kill undead. that only the interest and of Hellfire; it is the damned
This active culling of the interaction of a divine being Infection we carry within us. As
undead menace extends beyond could engineer for us to stand the Infection adapts and grows,
just clearing territories of here changed, but with a second it will eventually evolve beyond
their local undead threat, but chance. While we are no longer the slim blessing we have of
also requires active forays human, we are what remains of independent thought and self-
into the wasteland to purge humanity. No matter what god identity.
the undead, to actively fight each member follows, or how
against the creature which they personify that entity, For their sake, and our own,
births the undead, and to followers of the Cult of Fallow we must cut down those that
actively seek out and destroy Hopes identify that there is embrace the Hellfire of our
necropolises when able. indeed a higher power and that demise.
we are doing our best to do
that higher power’s will.
Follow your superior’s Each person, even one
commands to the The Fallow Hopes was given tainted by Hellfire,
letter; dereliction of to this planet so that we may may be redeemed if
duty lead us to this redeem where humanity fell. they find the light.
fallen world. All are given a second
This tenet is a double-edged chance; there is no
sword that promotes order, Do not trust those third chance.
saves lives, and ensures the who rely on the green
quality of our leadership. This glow. They call it Not all who follow the
tenet dictates that each member radiation, but it is path of the opposition do
of the Fallow Hopes must follow the light of Hellfire. so because they knowingly
the direction of those who are It has been recorded that the accepted a poisoned destiny.
their superior, though not fungal portion of the plague Some who are born into heretic
necessarily their supervisor. that struck down humanity has faiths, raised in misguided
This tenet dictates that when been able to adapt to nearly communities, or who have not
one is in an area of their any environment threat that was been educated in the ways
expertise, and they are the thrown at it. Fire did not burn of the Cult of Fallow Hopes
superior choice for decision- all of it away, it carried its should be provided a means for
making, that individual must disease in the smoke. Medicine potential redemption.
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Those who are of the faith leads a unit with more of a their weapons, presents their
may be tempted, or act in such focus on the militaristic and medicinal brews, and all their
a way where their heresies are mission-oriented nature of equipment to the higher-ups of
intended to be slights against the Cult of the Fallow Hopes the faith. As the higher-ups
the faith. Those that stumble instead of focusing on the of the faith bless each weapon
in their faith shall be given spiritual. Colonels tend to and each piece of equipment
a second chance to be guided structure their local units in in turn, they also inspect
to the way. Those who knowingly strict militaristic standing the quality and condition of
understand the truth of the Cult with higher and lower ranking the equipment before use. Any
of the Fallow Hopes and who members focusing on particular subpar items are immediately
would willingly act against the needs of the unit as a whole. replaced with items from the
tenets or will of the church Fallow Hopes local armory due
will be put to death upon not Chaplain to there being a demon at
accepting their second chance. A Chaplain is the other co- work in the equipment. This
leader of a smaller, single ritual is both functional and
settlement unit of the Cult meaningful on a spiritual level
Organization of of the Fallow Hopes. Although for the faith’s members.
the Cult a Chaplain stands as an equal
to a Colonel, a Chaplain leads Blessing of the
a local unit’s spiritual and Peaceful Night
Minister-General religious instead of the A tradition rumored to have
In major population centers, more militaristic approach. links to Genjian techniques
the faith may choose to promote Chaplains of the Cult of Fallow and culture, if a member of
a Minister-General to organize Hopes tend to organize their the faith is suffering or has
matters of the faith on a local cult in more of a less become so enfeebled or wounded
large scale. Minister-Generals structured community, focused that cannot embody the tenets
function by organizing a network on its spiritual purity. While of the faith, senior members
of supporters beneath them that units organized by Chaplains of the faith will come to
can identify needs, organize may not have the immediate pray over the enfeebled cult
the faith, and ensure that military strength that other member as the individual is
Colonels and Chaplains within units have, these units tend euthanized.
a territory are willing to work to produce more devoted and
together for the greater good. zealous members. Long Walk – When a member
of the Cult of the Fallow
Minister-Generals do not Hopes feels that the Infection
stay in position without a The Faith is coursing strong in their
supporting cabinet of assistants of War: veins, and they fear that in
who are competent and skilled, Traditions the coming months they may
or if the Colonels and Chaplains of the Faith succumb to the Infection,
of an area are unwilling or the individual begins a final
unable to support the decisions pilgrimage known as the Long
the Minster-General makes. Blessing of the Warring Walk. Knowing that they are not
Hand long for the world, and unable
Colonel Before the Cult of the Fallow to continue the will of the
A Colonel is the co-leader of Hopes engages in a siege of Cult, the sickened individual
a smaller, single settlement an area where many could die, walks into the wastelands
unit of the Cult of the the faith enacts a tradition looking to kill as many undead
Fallow Hopes. The primary known as the Warring Hand. Each as possible before they die.
difference between a Colonel member who is entering into
and a Chaplain is that while the fight lines up in row after
both are seen on equal footing row of Fallow Hopes members.
with one another, a Colonel Each member then field strips
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Purge of the Cursed Marching Orders: Inquisition of the
Shell Disciplines Fallow
Priests of heretical faiths are of the Cult It is sad, but at times
beyond redemption. Their devotion members of the faith become
to their faith does not allow for corrupted by outside influence.
individuals to willingly accept Within the faith of the It is the duty of the
the second chance provided by Cult of Fallow Hopes are some Inquisition of the Fallow
the Cult of the Fallow Hopes, unique subsects that organize to travel the wastelands,
and with that, the body of the and train very specific skill visiting chapels of the Cult
heretics must be purged before sets. These unique chapters of Fallow Hopes, and ensuring
being laid to rest. Captured within the Cult of the Fallow that each chapel operates
heretic priests are placed within Hopes have specialized missions in exactly the function the
a metal cylinder shaped like an that ensure that the greater faith requires. Members of the
oversized shell casing. A metal cause of the faith can continue Inquisition of the Fallow are
grate is applied over the top of forward. From units of Psion feared for their unyielding
the shell casing to prevent the Hunters to medical doctors dedication, unbreakable
heretic’s escape. The heretic, that specialize in dealing spirit, and willingness to
in their metal casing, is carried with plague-borne diseases, eradicate any threat from
by two long poles to where the the subsects of the faith feel within or without.
casing is placed over a raging that while the Fallow Hopes
fire. The heat of the fire causes is a higher calling, these The Grave Line
the metal case to slowly cook subsects are a higher The Grave Line are
the heresy from the priest, so purpose. more than just the
that their soul may know peace foot soldiers of the
in death. apocalypse, they are
shock troops who have
accepted their
demise a long
time ago.

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
The Grave Line are a group service of the Cult of the However, to remove more potent
of religious zealots that Fallow Hopes. These high-octane radioactive material, the Cult
charge headlong into firefights heroes use their mobility, and of Fallow Hopes needs to have
within Grave Mind active areas, the sound of their equipment, individuals who not only have
giant undead swarms, heretic- to draw masses of multiple an understanding of how to
controlled civilizations, and thousands of undead away from handle radioactive materials
wage unblinking war against settlements all while harrying and situations, but also are
psionic threats. The Grave Line the enemy. Using weapons which able to handle these materials
are identifiable by the image of deliver wide-spreading shots directly. The Engineers of the
a coffin top which is tattooed designed to hit something in Infernal study, store, and work
on the back of the member’s a large crowd, these hooting to purge highly radioactive
hands, as well as emblazoned and hollering soldiers of the materials from the world. The
on the armor and weapons of wastelands are always trying to issue with the Engineers of
the faithful. The Grave Line is keep just ahead of the death’s the Infernal is that such high
made of troops who have lost grip. doses and long exposure to
their families, lost their loved radiation often causes illness,
ones, and are eager to risk it Operatives mutation, and death in unit
all to strike back against the Within the Cult of the members. While the Engineers of
world that hurt them. Fallow Hopes are small groups the Infernal are a necessity,
of highly trained individuals they are not one that most
Doctors of the that work hand-in-hand with members of the faith willingly
Final Plague organizations such as Murder, embrace.
This network of Cult of Inc. These Operatives function
Fallow Hopes doctors are as standalone cells, that, Students of the Blind
known, by common slang, as when fed documentation on a It is believed by many
Grave Robbers. Working with certain target, act silently members of the Cult of
experienced doctors and and efficiently to remove the Fallow Hopes, as well as by
scientists both in and outside threat. Favorite targets for individuals outside of the
of the faith, the Doctors of the Operatives are slave faith, that those individuals
the Final Plague document and traders, Nation of Accensor with psionic capabilities have
research the Infection that that have ascended within a direct link to the undead
courses through all Strain’s the ranks of other faiths, biomass known commonly as the
bodies, as well as the source priests of heretic religions, Grave Mind. Theorizing that the
of the undead threat. Doctors and targets deemed otherwise higher degree of infectious
of the Final Plague are impossible for other Fallow materials found in the brain
identifiable by their long Hopes members to remove. of those psionically capable
beaked masks, which often increases the connection that
contain perfume soaked fabric the living psion has with
and herbs to cover the stench Necessary Evils: the undead hordes, it is now
of the materials they work Heresies commonplace for members of
with. of the Faith the Cult of Fallow Hopes to
execute psionically capable
Brightburn Calvary individuals.
The Brightburn Calvary is Engineers of the
a series of units that are Infernal One group within the Cult
primarily Diesel Jocks, Rovers, Radiation allows for the of Fallow Hopes views that
and thrill-seeking Mericans who plague within the Strains to any person born with psionic
have taken the fight to high adapt, evolve, and grow faster abilities, who devotes
velocities. Squads of rag-tag than standard evolution. This themselves to the faith and
Diesel Jock rides, outfitted for adaptation and growth is a needs of the Cult of Fallow
speed and fuel conservation, great threat for the future Hopes, have successfully
have been drafted into the of the Strains of humanity. accepted their second chance
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
and deserve redemption. These better armed and provided
psionically capable Fallow Hallowed Halls for than most highly trained
Hopes members are known as the militaries in the wastelands.
Students of the Blind. It is This stockpile of weapons,
the charge of these individuals Bastion of Good Faith: munitions, and equipment has
to discover communities Old York drawn the eye of many of the
that harbor those who are Not far from the waterfront neighborhood gangs, wondering
psionically capable, to offer of the Brokelands is a military if the Cult of Fallow Hopes
the second chance to those encampment known as the Bastion intends a violent purge of the
that are willing to devote of Good Faith. This location, a territories of Old York.
themselves to the faith, and Cult of Fallow Hopes training
to ensure the eradication of ground and stronghold, Bunker 237: Lone Star
any psionic persons who do not earned its name due to their Lone Star is a culture of
accept the higher call of the willingness to work alongside corruption, firearms, and high
Fallow Hopes. the Sainthood of Ashes with explosives. The fact that
the focus on the greater good. Bunker 237 has survived as
Off the shore is a half-sunken long as it has is a testament
Saviors of the Lost pre-fall tanker that has been to the ability and training
Of the Cult of Fallow Hopes, named the Second Arc. At this of the Cult of Fallow Hopes
the Saviors of the Lost are location, the Sainthood of members who staff this small
the least trusted subsect of Ashes cultivate and harvest entrenchment. Deep in the
the faith. The Saviors of the hearty seeds that are then territory that is contested
Lost feel that the only way to redistributed throughout the between the Pridelands and
truly strike out and affect wastelands. Lone Star, the inhabitants of
the heretic faiths of the Bunker 237 continue to uphold
wasteland is to identify all of While the Sainthood’s Postal their orders: to ensure that
the key members, to be privy Service is a strong force fuel continues to be made
to private conversations, and that is more times than not available for the war machines
to be in key places of influence able to handle itself, the of the Fallow Hopes, and to
when the time is right to drag value of these harvested seeds monitor the activities of the
down heretic faiths. To serve forced the Sainthood of Ashes Unborn of Teixiptla.
the interests of the Cult of to reach out to the Cult of
Fallow Hopes, the Saviors of Fallow Hopes for assistance. The Unborn of Teixiptla
the Lost infiltrate heretic Considering the need for an Old offer a threat to the Cult of
religions, to the point of York stronghold, the greater Fallow Hopes that is unique
partaking in blasphemies of good of the project, and the to their Strain and the
faith, so that they may become potential for the Cult to be Full Dead. As the only two
close to influential members of able to purge the damned for completely “walking damned”
these faiths. great distances alongside the Strains discovered so far in
Sainthood of Ashes, the Bastion the wastelands, these two
of Good Faith was founded. Strains are monitored and, when
opportunity allows, destroyed.
The Bastion of Good Faith, Due to their small numbers,
seeing the advantage of the unit members at Bunker 237
networked connections, has use tactics to make their work
continued its growth and spread look like Raider strikes, hits
in the Old York region. Making from Diesel Jock riders, or
ties with groups such as the acts of aggression on behalf
Tremors, Papaya Firearms, of larger settlements.
and the Iron Cross Mercenary
Company, the faithful of the
Bastion of Good Faith are
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Hope’s Armory: Ziegfield’s Wall: Outpost with the intent of
Northern Rust Coast Broken Coast purging the Final Knights from
If the Cult of the Fallow North of the City of Lost Vegasia.
Hopes were to have a heart, Angels and east of the Frisky
a central command, it would City is a series of mountains While the Cult of Fallow
without a doubt be Hope’s and active volcanos known Hopes would prefer open
Armory northeast of the as the Smoking Tops. Hidden warfare, the way both Vegasia
Northern Gates past the Under somewhere in this deadly land and the Final Knights operate
Sea. This location serves as of poisonous gasses, burning prevents this from being a
a watching wall between the rivers, and deadly terrain is a viable tactic. With espionage,
threats of the wastelands, place known as Ziegfield’s Wall. guerilla warfare, and attacks
the raiding Diesel Jocks Ziegfield’s Wall is a mobile of opportunity being the battle
of the north, the hill born unit of Diesel Jocks who are theater, things do not look
Mericans, and the civilized devoted to the Cult of Fallow optimistic for the Cult.
community known as the Under Hopes, who use the horrific
Sea. With over five thousand terrain of their residence
trained soldiers and countless as a cover for their swarms Soldiers of Note
more being trained into the of treaded Iron Horse rides.
Cult of Fallow Hopes every Gaining numbers every day, the
day, Hope’s Armory is an unit known as Ziegfield’s Wall Admiral Sheelan
impenetrable military base. absorbs outsider Diesel Jock Kittyhalk
Populated primarily by those tribes from the area, and raid Operations on the open sea
born of the Nation of Accensor, those tribes that do not bend belong to the Salt Wise.
the devotion and extremes to the faith of the Cult of Fortunately for the Cult of
this group of the Cult of Fallow Hopes. It is said that Fallow Hopes, Admiral Sheelan
Fallow Hopes are willing to go once enough troops have been Kittyhalk raises the banner
to in the name of faith are gathered, and enough trike and high for Salt Wise to follow.
limitless. dual tread iron horses have Operating off of three offshore
been crafted, that the entirety pre-fall oil rigs, two lashed
It is rumored that within the of Ziegfield’s Wall will join pre-fall tankers, and operating
confines of Hope’s Armory are the Retribution Outpost to a small fleet of fast-moving
a number of pre-fall military siege Vegasia. raiding ships that function on
devices, including both both sails and motors, Admiral
mechanized combat vehicles as Retribution Outpost: Kittyhalk ensures that the
well as devices reported to be Vegasia waterways along the Broken
able to fly in the sky. While In the wastelands outside of Coast and the Rust Empire are
there is no way to confirm these Vegasia, recently constructed strongly in the hands of the
points without being a high along the route of the regular Cult of the Fallow Hopes.
ranking member of the local Guts N’ Bolts road race
Cult, common rumor is that the tournament, is a new military Standing almost six feet
Cult of the Fallow Hopes have encampment known as Retribution tall, athletic, and completely
a vault of blueprints they Outpost. This location, settled androgynous like other Salt
have put together that outline by the Cult of the Fallow Wise counterparts, Admiral
how to create heavy artillery, Hopes, has been given one Kitthalk is a skilled captain,
motorized combat vehicles, set of orders: Purge the sin a matchless oceanic tactician,
and step-by-step guidelines from Sin city. Organizing the and a ruthless killer.
to produce vast volumes of outcast, the converts from Functioning as an active member
firearms, explosives, and other heretic faiths, and outlying of the Cult of Fallow Hopes’
munitions. communities that have suffered war against Heretics, the
at the hands of the Final Admiral oversees a number of
Knights, the Cult of Fallow coastal raids in the name of
Hopes has set Retribution the faith.
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Chaplain Erica the Major-General requires a Organizing her documentation
Steelframe great deal of agitation before and working with a league
the notorious Yorker temper of doctors known as Grave
Chaplain Erica Steelframe comes out. Robbers, Engineer Caramin
leads her swarm of faithful Gedmone will very soon be
Diesel Jocks known as A shrewd businessman and known as Historian Caramin
Ziegfield’s Wall through the an even shrewder tactician, Gedmone instead. Her plan
mountainous and deadly regions the Major-General has been to deconstruct and record
of the Smoking Tops mountain assisting the Sainthood of the details of the fall of
range. With tightly cropped Ashes with their re-seeding humanity, approached from
hair, leathery skin, and efforts across the wasteland. both a mechanical and medical
lean muscles like a coiled As each area is re-seeded, and viewpoint, will be combined
suspension, Chaplain Erica growth begins to show life, with recorded historical
Steelframe looks at a glance the Major-General secretly data to produce the first
like the kind of woman that contacts trusted members of the scientifically proven history
would ride into a town and Cult of Fallow Hopes to move of the fall. While her work is
start a bar brawl instead of to occupy these territories. necessary and in high demand,
being a religious leader. Once occupied, these members she has earned enemies both
Chaplain Steelframe does not focus on converting would be inside and outside the faith
accept weakness, softness, or travelers to the faith of the from her devotion to scientific
forgiveness in her ranks. She Cult of the Fallow Hopes, truths.
believes that for a heretic killing the damned that come
to be worthy of their second into the area, and purging
chance, they need to survive heretics that come anywhere
being dragged by an iron horse near these newly terraformed
for a mile up the side of a regions.

Chaplain Erica Steelframe Engineer Caramin

and her wife Joanna organize Gedmone
their tribe with a combination A brilliant engineer based
of faith, ruthlessness, and deep within the heart of
motivation that borders the Second Hope stronghold,
between insanity and Engineer Caramin Gedmone works
brilliance. with the traditional Genjian
community to deconstruct and
Major-General Roger document pre-fall mechanical
Simzees miracles. Working with the
technology and information
Overseeing the interests hidden deep within the walls of
of the Cult of Fallow Hopes the city-sized bunker, Engineer
in the Brokelands territory Carmin Gedmone is one of the
of Old York, Major-General few people in the wastelands
Roger Simzees ensures that the who has a solid understanding
delicate operations of the of exactly how the fall of
Bastion of Good Faith stay humanity happened.
functional. A calm and stoic
man, born in Old York itself,

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Animals of the Rust Empire
The lush, verdant forests of the Pacific Northwest have always been a breeding ground for all
manner of insects, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and mammals. Now, it’s been generations since
human encroachment provided any sort of threat, and that fact mixed with the bizarre radiation
of the Ruined Earth has caused an explosion of color and life. The dizzying array of fauna,
however, does not exist alone. As with the rest of the world, the omnipresent undead have eked
out their own niches in this environment. Travelers far from home in the Rust Empire beware.
There’s more out here than cougars and bears.

Of course, there are also cougars and bears.

The territory of the Rust Empire has created an environment unlike any other. Combining areas
of heavy rainfall, sections of scorching heat, and one of the largest habitat-able coastlines
in the entire Merican Wasteland the verdant life of the Rust Empire is as diversified as its
culture. While nearly any creature imaginable can be found in some portion of the Rust Empire,
there are a handful of creatures that are unique to these territories. From adorably furry to
disgustingly deadly, it can all be found in the Rust Empire.

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Bull Moose
When it comes to the Bull Moose, you’ll want to watch out. Natural Ones bred these creatures
to be fierce in battle and relentless on foot. If you’re trying to out pace a Natural One on a
Bull Moose, you’re out of luck; these animals can go for miles without tiring.

The Bull Moose, like the Plague Moose, stands

at an impressive height of about ten feet. With
massive antlers and strong legs, these creatures
are nothing to mess with. They are trained and
bred to be loyal to their riders, and while not as
aggressive as wild moose, they can still lash out if you’re
not careful.

Brawn Wiles Appearance Luck Agility Endurance Knowledge

9 2 1 1 3 7 2

Movement: 3/6 Health:20 Defense: 2(+1) Armor Points: 10 Resolve: 1 Fatigue: 7

Skills: Athletics 4, Awareness 2, Melee 5, Intimidate 3
Special Traits: Huge, Feral Minded, +1 Bonus to Attack, Damage Reduction 2
Attacks/Weapons: Charge +4
Special Ability: Frost Charge: The Bull Moose, given about thirty feet running start can perform
a charge strong enough to knock over a train. The Front Charge does triple damage to anything
in front of the animal, and knocks back whatever is in front ot the creature at least twenty
feet. Natural Ones who have domesticad the animal know better then perform this maneuver while
mounted. Anyone riding the animl will certanily tbe thrown clear on contact.

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Bramble Horn Elk
The Bramble Horn Elk is an incredibly swift creature that travels in herds which range in
size from 20 to 50 members. The Bramble Horn Elk has incredibly thick skin, lean muscles, fast
reactions, and defend themselves by using herd tactics. The Bramble Horn Elk males have racks
of sharp, almost saw toothed, horns that rest upon their head as well as a thick set of neck
muscles capable of cracking small trees in half with a twist of the neck.

While the horns of the males are dangerous, the true threat of the Bramble Horn Elk is how
the herd as a whole reacts to threats. The Bramble Horn Elk, depending on the number of young
in the herd, will either run swiftly to escape, or turn and stampede directly at a threat. If
the number of young in the herd is high, the Bramble Thorn Elk will charge a threat instead of
potentially leaving the young behind to be eaten by a predator. If the number of young in the
herd is small, the herd nimbly attempts to outrun threats as a loping mass of tightly packed

Brawn Wiles Appearance Luck Agility Endurance Knowledge

6 2 2 1 5 4 1

Movement: 3/7 Health:10 Defense: 1(+1) Armor Points: 5 Resolve: 1 Fatigue:5

Special Traits Feral Minded, +2 Agility in forest,
Attacks/Weapons: Ram +1
Special Ability: Coordinated attack: A herd of Branble Horn Elk will assist each other exactly
like player characters use the assist ability.

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Plague Bear
There are creatures of strength and there are creatures of speed. Unfortunately for those that
venture into the North Mountains, the Plague Bear is both. Rotting flesh and patched fur cling to
the exposed muscles of the Plague Bear as it roams the forests and mountains in the North. Its
harsh, chilling bellow echoes through the cold woods. It’s said that these creatures are powered
by the Infection, possessing strength beyond that of any normal bear. If you’re unfortunate
enough to meet one of these animals alone, you’d better pray, because there’s no way you’re
escaping with life and limb intact.

Brawn Wiles Appearance Luck Agility Endurance Knowledge

8 2 0 1 6 8 1

Movement: 3/6 Health:20 Defense: 2(+1) Armor Points: 10 Resolve: 1 Fatigue: 7

Skills: Athletics 4, Awareness 2, Melee 5, Stealth 2, Intimidate 2
Special Traits: Huge, Feral Minded, +1 Bonus to Attack, Damage Reduction 3
Attacks/Weapons: Bite +3 Claw +3
Special Ability: Unstoppable: The Plague Bears incredible damage reduction makes it all but
unkillable without vehicle-mounted weaponry. Furthermore, the Plague Bear takes half damage from
all melee.

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Plague Moose
Imagine a creature that stands a good ten feet tall. Now imagine that creature with massive
antlers and powerful hooves. Finally, imagine if that creature’s bones poked from its flesh,
with blood congealing on sinewy tissue as its tendons strained and shifted with each step that
the animal made. That’s the Plague Moose.

Similar to the Plague Bear, the Plague Moose is one of the terrors of the North. Surprisingly,
neither moose nor bear prey on one another. Instead, the two seem to haunt the forests in search
of the living. Most believe that these creatures are undead, and they wouldn’t be wrong. Massive
Plague Moose can be found ripping into anything they come across, man or beast. Reclaimers that
haul timber from forests sometimes encounter these creatures, and while they’re easy to take
down with a few allies, it’d be best to climb the nearest tree if you’re alone.

Brawn Wiles Appearance Luck Agility Endurance Knowledge

6 2 1 1 2 5 1

Movement: 3/6 Health:14 Defense: 2(+1) Armor Points: 8 Resolve: 1 Fatigue: 7

Skills: Athletics 2, Awareness 1, Melee 5, Intimidate 2
Special Traits: Huge, Feral Minded, +1 Bonus to Attack,
Attacks/Weapons: Bite +5, Gore +3
Special Ability: Crushing Bite: The Plague moose is not as resilient as the plague bear, but it
hits much much harder. The Plaue mosse will pin prey with it’t massive antlers, and a successful
gore attack impales the victim on the massive antlers of the beast, which then holds the victim
against the ground and goes to work with it’s jaws, which can crush boulders. It’s teeth are not
sharp, so it makes up for this with power.

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Sabotage Otters
The wildlife all along the Rust Empire coast is amazing and wonderful to behold at a
distance. However, most of that wildlife is deadly in its own unique ways if you were to get
too close. This fact holds true for the Sabotage Otters that plague the waterways along the
coastline. Sabotage Otters are adorable fur-covered creatures with nimble little hands, giant
eyes, and playful dispositions. Oftentimes survivors have found the Sabotage Otters along the
coastline playing with bits of scrap or stones that they have found along the shore.

However, Sabotage Otters are actually fuzzy jerks. When Sabotage Otters sense that there is
another large animal in the waterways around them, a single Sabotage Otter allows itself to be
seen playing. Acting blissfully ignorant of its
environment, the single “bait otter” allows the
threat to get closer to it. Meanwhile, swarms
of two to three dozen otters flank
the threat from beneath the water,
hidden in the mud, or obscured in
carefully placed underground debris.
When the otters swarm, not only do they work
to pull their victim beneath the water but
the Sabotage Otters also use their sharp
nails and teeth to attack the most tender
of regions of the body, such as the genitals,
eyes, throat, and stomach.

In addition, Sabotage Otters have learned that the

boats that fishmongers and sailors use are often filled
with stores of food. Using their nimble little hands,
swarms of Sabotage Otters have been known to assault the
underside of a ship to work together to pry apart boards and
waterproofing on the ship, causing it to slowly sink.

Brawn Wiles Appearance Luck Agility Endurance Knowledge

3 3 4 (cute) 2 7 2 2

Movement: 3/6 Health:5 Defense: 2(+1) Armor Points: 10 Resolve: 1 Fatigue: 7

Skills: Athletics 3, Awareness 5, Repair (dismantle) 1
Special Traits: Feral Minded, +1 Agility While in Water
Attacks/Weapons: Bite +4
Special Ability: Pry In: Multiple Sabotage Otters, given enough time, can take almost anything
apart. Rumors of entire barges dismanbtled in just a few weeks have been verfied by locals.

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Undead Threats of the Rust Empire
You’d better be careful around here, eh? Watch your step and keep your friends close. Oh,
that’s not a threat. I wouldn’t threaten someone who has a big gun like yours. That’d be
impractical—and short-lived.

No, I meant that you’d better be careful walking alone in the north—in the wilderness. You
see, there are things that lurk in our woods and on our fields—things that are worse than the
Raiders and even some of the people around here. There are things that you southerners have no
idea how to deal with.

“What things,” you ask? Well that’s a story in and of itself. There are monsters that dwell
in the darkest stretches of our forests—places where the sunlight has trouble penetrating. This
is where the monsters hide.

Why am I out here? Well that’s a good question. I’m a bit of an expert on these creatures—
the undead, that is. You probably just called them “zed.” I come here every so often to take a
few notes—update my research.

Have you ever seen a piece of frozen meat? It’s pretty much a block of ice. It’s hard,
immovable and unyielding. But even though the zed are essentially walking pieces of rotten meat,
they move around in our colder environment—fascinating, isn’t it?

You see, the zed here are uniquely suited to their surroundings. I believe that it’s likely
that many of these zed have evolved a system that’s a bit like what you see in fish—yes, fish.
Most fish are cold-blooded, you see, but there are some that manage to generate their own heat to
be warmer than their environment.

In the case of the undead, I believe that they possess specialized fungus that can thrive
in colder temperatures. This fungus is the catalyst for the decaying process. And as you know,
decay generates heat and thus...

Oh, you’re not interested in that? Well I suppose you would be more interested in practical
knowledge. What with your weapons and your attitude and... right, then.

First of all, always remember to listen—and listen closely. That cracking twig? That
shifting limb on that tree over there? It could be the wind, yes. But it could also be one of
the zed that perch and wait for travelers to pass below. Believe me when I say that what those
things do to do a person isn’t pretty. I’ve watched grown men being stripped of their flesh and
pulled up into the canopy as they screamed for mercy. Usually, all that’s left of them is a
puddle of blood.

There are also larger things in these woods, too. They may not hide as well, but they more
than make up for that with sheer size and strength. Trust me when I say that you’re better off
running from one of those things if you’re out by yourself.

Hope that helps a bit. At this point, I better get going myself. I don’t want to get caught
out here after dark. It gives them the advantage, you see. Not good to get caught...

Shhh! Do you hear that? Listen for a moment. I think it’s a...

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Chittering Dead
The tall trees that permeate
the entire Rust Empire region
offer miles of vertical lumber
to be harvested. What the trees
also provide is a tall canopy
where Chittering Dead wait to
fall on unsuspecting victims.

Chittering Dead are very bony

zombies with long claws similar
to a Hunter zombies, but a
frame more closely resembling
a barely animated skeleton.
Chittering Dead scramble
their way up trees and tall
buildings, much like their
East Coast cousins the 13th
Story Ghast. However, instead
of actively hunting a target,
the Chittering Dead gather in
clusters in the branches of
trees and simply wait.

Dozens of bodies, locked into the branches of tall trees with a death grip, hang waiting for
victims to pass beneath them. As the bodies hang in the trees, the wind will cause the corpses
to sway and clatter, causing an eerie sound similar to a wooden wind chime. If a number of
victims pass beneath a swarm of Chittering Dead and are loud enough to draw attention from
above, the Chittering Dead simply release their grips and fall upon their victims in a massive

Ignoring broken limbs and bones, the Chittering Dead aim to kill or maim their targets with
the impact of their bodies falling from such great heights. As the victims of the Chittering
Dead lay wounded on the ground, the last sight they see are broken flesh- covered remains
dragging themselves forward to consume their victims.

Brawn Wiles Appearance Luck Agility Endurance Knowledge

2 2 0 1 3 2 1

Movement: 3/6 Health:8 Defense: 1 Armor Points: 10 Resolve: 1 Fatigue: 2

Skills: Awareness 2 Stealth 4, Intimidate 2
Special Traits: Undead, Mindless, +2 Agility While in Trees
Attacks/Weapons: Bite +1
Special Ability: Death Drop: The Chittering Dead takes -3 damage from falls, and will bite on
the way down, doubling the damage.

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Hook Corpses
Hook Corpses are insidious creatures. Lying prone along roadways, Hook Corpses tend to reach
out toward moving objects and cling to them like burrs on a plant. When Hook Corpses grasp onto
a target with their claw-like hands, they latch on and attack the target until the target ceases
to move. In the case of a person, this often means attempting to crush a victim while biting at
exposed sections of flesh.

In the instance of a caravan or even a large zombie, a Hook Corpse will hang onto the moving
object until the object ceases to move or the Hook Corpse is dislodged. Hook Corpses have a
tendency to latch onto the bottom of caravans so regularly that Rovers who travel through the
area tend to assume that there is a zombie beneath every single caravan.

Brawn Wiles Appearance Luck Agility Endurance Knowledge

3 1 0 1 2 3 0

Movement: 3/6 Health:8 Defense: 1 Armor Points: 10 Resolve: 1 Fatigue: 2

Skills: Awareness 2 Stealth 4, Intimidate 2
Special Traits: Undead, Mindless,
Attacks/Weapons: Bite +1
Special Ability: Death Grip: The Hook Corpse’s hand is configured in such a way that it literally
can not release something unless it has it in it’s jaws or the hand itself is severed.

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Iron Corpse
The tarlike skin of the Iron Corpse leads to a bizarre undead hunting technique. The Iron
Corpse, a large zombie standing roughly three times the size of an adult Merican, lumbers along
with bulky arms and legs. This massive creature, walking like a massive undead gorilla, uses
its excessive strength to rend its targets limb from limb before devouring the insides.

While this unnatural strength would normally be enough to make the Iron Corpse a threat, the
true danger of the Iron Corpse revolves around the nature
of the creature’s skin. The spongy form of the Iron
Corpse not only has a tendency to get objects
lodged into it, but the Iron Corpse also
exudes a glue-like substance that bonds
stronger than tar. Theorized to be active
and hungry growths from the ever-present
fungal Infection, this substance has
been known to capture people, blades,
branches, and even hunks of scrap in
the Iron Corpse’s skin.

As people attempt to strike, hit, or

otherwise attack an Iron Corpse with
melee weapons, there is a very likely
chance that the attacking weapon (or
person) will become stuck in the Iron
Corpse’s body. As more and more objects
build up on the Iron Corpse, the Iron
Corpse gains a sort of makeshift armor
that is made up of debris, bone, and even
living victims.

Brawn Wiles Appearance Luck Agility Endurance Knowledge

7 1 0 1 2 7 1

Movement: 3/6 Health:20 Defense: 2(+1) Armor Points: 10 Resolve: 1 Fatigue: 7

Skills: Athletics 3, Awareness 2, Melee 2, Intimidate 4
Special Traits: Huge, Feral Minded, +1 Bonus to Attack, Damage Reduction 4
Attacks/Weapons: Pummel +1
Special Ability: Asphalt hide: The Iron Corpse is covered in a sticky tar-like excretion.
Because of this, any Melee attack connecting with the Iron Corse has a 50% chance of getting
stuck. Removing the object requires beating the Corpse in a Brawn check, but each subsequent
attempt after a failure gives the corpse +1 to retain the object as it gets more and more
encased in it’s sap-like ichor.

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Equipment of the Region

T he majority of the equipment found in the territories around the Rust Empire focuses around
function as well as lethal effectiveness. The equipment designed to serve the needs of engineers
or lumberjacks is generally more functional as a tool than as a weapon. However, this is not to say
that the equipment of the Rust Empire cannot be deadly if wielded in the trained hands of a killer.
However, an axe that is specifically designed for cutting down trees rather than people does not
serve as well as a weapon that is designed for the sole purpose of ending life.

Double Bit Felling Axe

A common and classic weapon found throughout the region, the
Double Bit Felling Axe is a woodcutter’s axe with a striking
surface on either side of the axe head. Using minimal metal,
the Double Bit Felling Axe uses a series of locking bolts to
attach a foot-wide section of metal to a sturdy wooden handle.
This allows the traveling woodworkers to remove the wooden
shafts, if need be, for ease of tool shipment. The heads on
these blades are much shorter and wedge-like than a standard
weapon would be, so the Double Bit Felling Axe functions more
like a mace with a single edge to it than a sharpened melee

Craft: 4 Damage: 3 Skill: Heavy Block: Brawn Price: 25 Splash:

5 Special: None

Timber Knuckles
With the volume of wood in the Rust Empire region, it’s no
surprise that lumber has a tendency to be used in unexpected
ways. Timber Knuckles are a fantastic example of adapting the
resources of an area to suit the needs of the people. Timber
Knuckles are a series of fire-hardened wooden straps that the
Lumbering Union made famous in bar brawls and pit fights all
along the coast. Wrapping dense fire-hardened wood in leather
straps, the Timber Knuckles are wrapped around the hands of
would be brawlers to add additional wallop to their punches.
While not very functional against the undead, the nearly
completely unidentifiable leather straps and carefully whittled
sections of wood can easily be snuck into areas as a hidden
weapon (or an easily disposable one). Rumor has it that some
thugs have taken to carving inlaid images into their Timber
Knuckles so that any sections of severely bruised skin left
behind on a victim would have particular patterns and designs
left in relief in the flesh.

Craft: 3 Damage: 1 Skill: Brawling Block: Brawn Price: 10-15

Splash: 4 Special: None

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Peavey Pike
A long handled wooden shaft with a strange metal hook at the
end of it, a Peavey Pike is primarily used for the hauling
and moving of lumber. With a spiked end and a hinged hook
that latches into roughly the same area as where the spike
impales, the Peavey Pike also effectively serves as a means to
immobilize both fast moving and large undead so that other team
members can put the threat down. Impaling the spike through
the neck to shoulder region, the latching hook swings around
and makes it so that a victim would have to lift the hook
before backing off of the spike. As most animals and undead
lack the knowledge and skill to reach behind them and pull up
the hook, victims of the Peavey Pike find themselves either
impaled pushing forward or hitched in place as they attempt
to pull backwards. There have been stories about poor bastards
who attempted to use a Peavey Pike on threats much larger than
them, and lacked the common sense to let go when needed.

Craft: 4 Damage: 3 Skill: Long Block: Brawn Price: 20 Splash: 4

Special: None

Chicory Brew
Little keeps the troops working better than a caffeine-
infused drink. While coffee beans themselves are a rare and
expensive commodity in the Rust Empire, a general knockoff
called Chicory Brew has flooded the market to take its place.
With a flavor similar to coffee, Chicory Brew contains brewed
components from both the chicory and the coca plant. Providing
drinkers with a wide-eyed and slightly addictive state of
being, the majority of locations such as the Under Sea consume
Chicory Brew at incredibly high volumes. Also known as Brown
Brew, Morning Sludge, and Life Juice, the flavoring of Chicory
Brew can be changed with the addition of nuts, berries, honey,
or even hooch.

Refresh Fatigue at double the normal rate, and +1 to

Endurance for one hour per mug (roughly one pint). However,
after two mugs, the drinker becomes jittery and twitchy, losing
1 Wiles and 1 Agility until they gain at least an hour’s rest.

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Genjian Equipment
While the majority of the post-apocalypse world has had to rebuild the proverbial wheel when
it comes to technology and equipment, the Genjian strongholds have been able to maintain a large
volume of designs and techniques for the production of advanced equipment. While many of their
blueprints and designs are not feasible given post-apocalyptic conditions, there are a number of
key pieces of equipment that have carried over from the old world to the new. These pieces of
equipment, only seen in the hands of Genjian from the strongholds and in the hands of the rare
individual who looted a Genjian corpse, are not only highly powerful but provide functionality
beyond some of the best Pure Blood funded equipment.

Rifled Barrels
The vast majority of firearms used in the dystopian future are little better than black
powder rifles that fire wads of lead. While cartridge bullets have been adopted by many larger
communities, the focus on the quality and design of firearm barrels has not been a widely pursued
science. The firearm guidebooks preserved from prior cultures have allowed the Genjian the
knowledge and ability to make rifled barrels for their weapons. The high quality rifled barrels
produced within Genjian strongholds are more accurate, fire further, and are less likely to have
misfires than most standard wasteland weapons. Produced in hand operated lathes, the process
of rifling out the barrels for firearms has given Genjian soldiers a massive advantage in the
apocalyptic future.

Add +1 Craft, + 1 Damage Range and 20 Range to any conventional firearm.

It is a difficult repair or engineering check to replace the barrel, however.

Collapsible Monk Spade

A massive two-handed weapon that combines the reach of a
polearm, the strength of a mace, and the functionality of a
trident. With a sharpened pick at one end, and a crescent-
shaped blade at the other, the Monk Spade not only capitalizes
on the additional reach needed to keep the undead at bay but
also uses an incredible amount of force produced by a longer
lever arm.

In addition, the standard Genjian Collapsible Monk Spade

uses a locking screw in the center of the shaft of the weapon.
This locking point allows the weapon to not only be broken
down for ease of transport, but may be used as two shorter
ranged weapons (an axe and a pick) at closer range areas. The
functionality of the Monk Spade, when applied to the need
of the period of the fall, produces a three in one killing

Craft: 5 Damage: 4 Skill: Short (Separate) Long(connected)

Block: Agility Price: 20 Splash: 4 Special: Defensive

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Utility Trenching Tool
A one-handed axe, this weapon is the utility blade that no
Genjian would leave the stronghold without. With the weapon’s
head sharpened to a scooping point, a serrated back half,
and a small arced set of prongs above the serrated back half
of the axe head, the Utility Trenching Tool serves as both a
weapon and a large number of utility tools in one. The pair of
prongs function as a nail remover, a pry bar, and is incredibly
functional for piercing armor. The serrated back of the axe
head works as a saw for cutting timber as well as a bone saw in
a pinch. The scooped tip of the axe head not only works as a
limited-use stabbing point, but also doubles as a shovel tip.
The axe head, which is nearly the entire length of the weapon,
not only functions as a hatchet and combat axe, but has been
seen used as a functional cleaver for the harvesting of game
meat. The pommel of the Utility Trenching Tool unscrews to
provide not only a dry space for a small flint and steel, but is
also capable of being emptied to attach the Utility Trenching
Tool as a halberd head. While there are a number of weapons
that outperform the Utility Trenching Tool as just a weapon,
very few beat it for overall functionality.

Craft: 5 Damage: 2 Skill: Short Block: Agility

Price: 20 Splash: 5

Adaptive Breaching Armor

While Adaptive Breaching Armor is rare to see even in Genjian
strongholds, its existence is without a doubt a reality that
would-be raiders have learned to dread. A full body suit of
armor that uses a combination of slatted metal, interlocking
chains, hardened helmets, spiked shin guards, and often
terrifying face plates, the Adaptive Breaching Armor is
frighteningly useful.

While prohibitively expensive to make, as each set of

Adaptive Breaching Armor is custom designed for an individual,
Adaptive Breaching Armor provides incredible protection,
mobility, and reinforced metal hand and foot guards that
function as deadly brawling enhancements. Taking influence from
pre-fall guidelines for the production of metal armor, as well
as tactical guides which outlined the functionality of SWAT
gear, Adaptive Breaching Armor is used by the most skilled
defenders of a Genjian stronghold. As each set of Adaptive
Breaching Armor is made, the Mon of the community the armor was
produced in is blazoned on every piece of the equipment. Each
set of armor is tested by having the individual who wears the
armor left in a locked room with a number of shambling undead.
If the armor is breached in any way by the undead, both the
armor and its maker are destroyed.

Craft: 4 Damage: 4 Skill: Short/Long (For halberd) Block:

Agility Price: 30 Splash: 4 Special: Multi-use
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Woven Tactical Vest
Almost everyone wears armor in the dystopian future.
However, the Woven Tactical Vest, a standard in
Genjian strongholds, requires very little in the way
of resources while also providing functional and
flexible armor. Similar to the armor that was used
by ancient Roman culture, the banded armor of the
Woven Tactical Vest utilizes bands of metal that
are interlocked by a combination of metal links and
strands of leather. The Woven Tactical vest flexes
and moves with the body, providing coverage for the
throat, torso, and upper arms of the wearer.

Beyond the ability of the Woven Tactical Vest to

provide flexible lightweight armor, the design of the
system allows for the wearer to attach small hooks
and knots to the links of the armor for the hanging
of pouches or scraps of fabric. While seemingly
simple in concept, this design allows the Genjian
to apply more layers of fabric as the terrain gets
colder, remove sections as the weather gets warmer,
and even swap out their outer layer to be dried
without having to remove the entire section of
armor. These clips also allow an individual to attach
pouches, skins of water, or sheathes for blades. Locking
these supplies into place, the Genjian is able to move
quickly while not having to worry about bags or equipment
catching on materials as they run.

Craft: 6 Coverage: C/A Price: 65 Defense: 1 AP: 125

Damage Reduction: 4 Penalty: None Special: Varies

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
The Mortis Amaranthine
and the Grave of Minds
F irst Hope was one of
the last chances that
humanity had to survive and
a better understanding of the
symbiotic biomasses within the
planet and the ties shared
What most people don’t
understand about evolution
is that most creatures which
repopulate the world as a between the living, the dead, rely on a separate host form
whole. Utilizing a combination and these biomasses. either evolve to eventually
of medical inoculations, become independent, or they
sealed environments, and Excerpt from the evolve aspects that make life
active engagement of a sealed Journal of Hamden A. easier (not harder) for their
community, the materials from Pierce host body. In this instance
the site of First Hope offered “Notations to be official it would seem that the fungal
the longest living history after the data is confirmed, aspect of the Infection brought
of events during the fall but it would appear that the faster healing, stronger
of humanity. Even with the documentation found within bodies, a longer life span,
best of efforts, however, the First Hope states that there better adaptability to the
Genjian community of First was an average lifespan of environment, and a resiliency
Hope eventually fell, and the fifty years for individuals to a steadily degrading world.
inoculated humans became the within the Genjian strongholds Wounds healed faster and
last Genjian to develop the in the first two generations people lived longer providing
Strain evolution. after The Incident. This a longer suitable host form
lifespan jumped from fifty for the fungal aspect of the
The notes that have been years to nearly eighty years Infection.
recovered from First Hope in the third generation, and,
have been cross-referenced save for instances of outside The viral aspect seems to
with other salvaged finds involvement, the lifespan of be the faster evolving and
and reviewed by the more the individual then again grew dangerous portion of what
scientifically minded. This has to 125 years in the fourth caused the end of humanity.
allowed a small community to generation. During the fifth
begin to comprehend the general generation, life spans crept The problem regarding the
timeline of what happened upward to almost 200 years. condition we exist in, and
during the fall of humanity. These records indicated that the scenario that looks to
individuals who were not part have killed off humanity, is
Until the engineers, doctors, of the active exterior guard, opportunity. The fungal growth
and historians finish collecting or who were allowed to retire that exists within the Mortis
the data and presenting to the interior after a period Amaranthine provides much of
everything in a producible of service, began to show signs the physical aspects of our
format, the following notes of a longer and longer extended condition while attempting to
have been hurriedly rewritten lifetime. override the host form’s mind.
from leaked information. Some Undead have lost the need for
of these details were stolen by Records of stronger vitals, a majority of their bodily
religious zealots looking to healthier bodies, and more functions; they have become
carry supposed proof of their robust living seem to be the simplified creatures that
faith to the outside world; marker for when the fungal eat and reproduce and share
others are notations that have aspect of the perfect storm a stronger electromagnetic
been stored off site in fear of that was the end times plague connection (or ‘psionic’ as is
a purge by the Cult of Fallow began working its way into the the common vernacular). The
Hopes. These notes do provide human habitants of First Hope. fungal aspect of the Infection
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
has taken over the body as the Oh, how I hate that term Summary Notes, Doctor
unbalancing agent. ‘Infection.’ It suggests Jaine Rivet Enray
our existence is driven by “We spent roughly 6
Raiders, as they are commonly nothing more than a single hours every day for nearly
known, seem to be evolutions of influencing agent when the two months analyzing a
the Infection, where specific fact of the matter is that massive preserved portion of
viral and bacterial conditions we are a cacophony of viral, underground undead biomass.
(which coincide with the fungal bacterial, fungal, and genetic This biomass seems to respond
growth) have taken primary pre-disposition that produced to electric stimulation, much
control of the mind and body a perfect storm. This perfect like large sea creatures do,
of the host form. Some of storm, just by the number of and latches onto any exposed
these mutations may still be variables involved, seems more flesh, attempting to re-bond
spread via bodily fluids. Other calculated and planned than itself to existing infectious
forms of Raider or ‘Bad Brain’ mere chance.” material. During our two months
conditioning now only reproduce of experimentation, we found
hereditarily. that the biomass was a sort of
undead cesspool of infectious
diseases and fungal materials
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
that have woven together in Amaranthine and individual Notes from Historian
either accidental or evolved perception, there was another Theodor Anvil
cohabitation. measurable difference in Maximillian Repricore
interactions. After setting a “The log of information that
Our theory, and the focus baseline response relating to we have been given access to
of our inquiries within psionic connection, Strains, is astounding.
the biomass, relates to and the biomass as a whole,
the physical properties of we expanded our experimental While the vast majority of
electronic pulses produced by inquiry in regards to the original texts have been lost
the brain and the variations Mortis Amaranthine directly. due to age and situation, the
caused by different Strains and Having our psionic control documentation stored within
mentally capable individuals. subjects perform feats of the Genjian strongholds is
psionic capability within reported to be accurate. I
The results were astoundingly close proximity to the Mortis have witnessed firsthand how
clear. Amaranthine, we noted an this generation of printers
immediate and drastic result. and scribes have copied prior
On 30 iterations, the massive Outside of our workspace the duplicated documentation with
biomass produced extensively primary bunker became a hotbed the utmost care to ensure
more complex, disturbing, focus of activity for undead every letter, every marking,
and dangerous hallucinations within the area. In addition, and every word is recreated
for the observers in our within the biomass itself, we identically.
exploratory group when found that the biomass had
at least one psionically latched onto the participants If we can assume that these
capable individual was and actively attempted to force notations are accurate, and
within the group. Swapping us to become part of it (read, that the prior generations had
this individual out for a the biomass began to try to the same degree of dedication
more common psionically kill us). to reproducing the facts as
incapable individual allowed these current inhabitants, then
for more nominal and literal Only by executing the the documentation just at this
interactions of thought and psionic participant were we one site paints a very specific
memory within the biomass. able to remove the majority picture as to why humanity
of our exploration team from fell.
(It should be noted here, the shared consciousness and
for those who have not read physical absorption of the Reading through the pre-fall
our initial studies, that the biomass. This same approach, documentation offers a great
Mortis Amaranthine seems to of severing the cause of the insight into the mind and
be a portion of the larger psionic influx, was repeatable lives of the average human.
biomass that causesa mental 23 times before we ran With great discrepancies in
link between all creatures out of psionically capable wealth and resource accesses
that carry heavy levels of assistants.” verses need, it would seem
the fungal portion of the the world was divided into
Infection. Immersion within the incredibly wealthy, the
the biomass causes a degree of fortunate, and the incredibly
bleed between the individuals poor. Documentation suggests
within the biomass, the biomass massive ‘corporations’ which
itself, and the currently influenced the day-to-day lives
absorbed mental imprints of the of the entire world. Grasping
minds of the now long undead.) such a concept of worldly
control is mind boggling to
In addition to the more me, and I am still trying
pronounced bleed between the to come to grips with the
mental connection of the Mortis technology and means suggested
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
in these pre-fall scriptures. fall) fought a race with the Infection
If what is written back before adaptive threat within the
the fall is accurate, and human body. With medication,
what was transcribed was not vaccines, and medical Fungal Properties
embellished upon, it suggests procedures, humans tried to The regenerative and
that the pre-fall humans had repopulate the planet as a environmentally adaptive nature
mastered a degree of sensitive whole in stronghold bunkers. of the Infection relates
technology that cannot function These bunkers ended up being directly to the fungal growth
in our modern environment. the origin for the Genjian portions that permeate within
More so, it suggests that Strain as a whole. each Strain’s form. These
pre-fall humanity had means regenerative properties allow
of safe, fast, transportation The part I find most for much faster, easier, and
that could span the entire interesting about the suggested less stressful recovery from
planet quickly. Beyond these story are the details from physical wounds. Primarily
amazing technological abilities during the time of the fall found within the bloodstream,
in regards to movement, (admittedly, details that we have been able to identify
we also have documentation sometimes conflict or are not a fungal entity that exists
that suggests that the pre- written from the objective within each Strain. This fungal
fall humans had a vast data level). There are numerous aspect has adapted differently
center where nearly everyone references to a population between different Strains,
in the world could access control program known as showing slight variations of
public forms of education, ‘Project Rock Salt,’ a form adaptability and qualities. The
reference, communication, and of warfare on the majority fungal growth within the Iron
entertainment instantly. of humanity as a means of Slave has a bio-luminescence
population control, as well as to it, while the fungus within
Given the fervor of the systematic development of an Pure Blood bodies does not
Telling Visions’ followers, I increasingly toxic environment react well to radiation.
will be very careful with where to kill off ‘less productive’
and how I share the knowledge members of society. It should be noted that the
of such a massive worldwide fungus has adapted uniquely to
network of transmissions. Reviewing these details makes reside within each individual
me believe that the truest Strain, and is resistant to the
The interesting story from monsters died before the fall.” particular bacteria and viruses
before the fall connects the found within that specific
suggested history of pre-fall Organic Relation of the Strain. When blood from one
humanity with details released Infection to Living Strain is introduced into a new
during the duration of the fall Flesh Strain’s body, the blood either
itself. Most people believe “In the day to day existence immediately adapts to the new
that the fall was a single of the standard Strain, there form or is quickly consumed by
event and that humanity was are a number of symbiotic and the host body.
wiped out swiftly. This is not co-existent processes that have
exactly accurate. During the become interwoven to allow
fall, the vast majority of our existence. In an attempt Viral Properties
humanity did succumb to what to map out the relation of We are still unable to
is now inaccurately named ‘The these processes, we have begun identify the number of
Infection.’ However, humanity dividing the common slang of different viruses and
attempted to survive for a ‘Infection’ and ‘Grave Mind” bacterial growths that
number of generations after the into two different categories. reside within each standard
initial destruction of society These two categories are then living Strain. We have been
as a whole. Major corporations divided down to identifiable able to identify that it
(the same that seem to be sub-processes or regions of the seems that the temporary
involved in the design of the greater subject matter.” termination of the host
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
body causes a situation required to cause extended This utilitarian approach
where vital portions of the blood flow into an area, explains why, when we die,
delicate fungal-bacterial- oftentimes operations or the organic matter that
viral equilibrium are thrown mental trauma are required exists in the environment
out of balance allowing to jump-start a Strain’s as a whole quickly seeks to
for uncontrolled growth in capacity towards psionic absorb and consume our fallen
bacterial cultures. The capabilities. flesh. In instances where
fungus seems dependent upon we are closer to the near
the operational form of the Looking through pre- surface portions of the grave
body to continue to absorb fall notations, we believe as a whole, the body may be
nutrients (and, to some that psionic ability is completely consumed back into
degree, mental imprints... directly related to both the the Mortis Amaranthine. At
still figuring that part stimulation of a chemical other times, when deceased
out) and transporting those identified in the pre-fall as Strains are further away from
nutrients to the base hive. dimethyltryptamine and its the main infectious body, the
The viral aspects of the relation to the fungal body ‘ego’ of the individual seems
Infection seem to be a as a whole. It appears that to dissolve and be carried
combination of retroviruses those minds that develop on to the shared mental
attempting to adapt the psionic properties have consciousness of the fungal
body as a more streamlined developed a higher degree of materials while the organics
primitive creature with more direct manipulative control of the individual slowly
focus on primary drives than of dimethyltryptamine in reknit and reawaken, worse
higher sentient functions. We the world as a whole. This for the wear.
noted an exceptionally higher chemical, outlined by pre-
degree of bacterial and viral fall scientists as one of the This adaptability of the
infection within Raiders and building blocks of reality, physical body, and the
other non-Strain persons. allows for the individual ability for the mind to be
Strain to manipulate carried post mortem in a
We have been able to find perceived reality (as well shared consciousness, is
that a vast majority of host as some physical laws) with one of the most traumatic
virus and bacteria found in focus and force of will. experiences an individual can
both the Mortis Amaranthine have. The mind, separated
and the living Strains do Utility Properties from the body, is partially
not completely match what is An interesting effect of absorbed into the collective
found in the different forms the biological mass Infection consciousness of all of the
of mobile dead. that is carried within the undead forms and deceased
individual Strain is the bodies that exist. While the
biologically unifying nature imprint of the reptilian sub-
of the organics. The biology brain struggles to survive,
Psionic Properties of the blood borne fungus the senses of the active mind
Psionics appear to be a causes a higher degree are assaulted with memories,
medical condition where blood of organic adaptability alien thoughts, and forced
flow within the brain, causes between individuals of the perceptions.
an excess buildup of fungal same Strain. Operations
growth over latent portions that involve replacing lost
of the mind. To a degree, parts, blood transfusions, or
all Strains that have blood replacement skin are almost
within the brain (and that guaranteed to be accepted
is all of them) have the when two of the same Strain
potential for developing are used as both the subject
psionic abilities. In and the donor.
addition, due to the focus
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Mortis keep sane and pull themselves situations where the majority
Amaranthine out of the hive mind that of the form is unaffected from
Improper Name: commonly is experienced at the what we would consider massive
Grave Mind point of death. In addition, destruction. Pre-fall warheads
if an individual is killed, detonated within portions
the Collective Intelligence of the Mortis Amaranthine
The Mortis Amaranthine is a is the area that has the seemed to cause some minor
series of massive biological highest influence on what irritation at best. In response
masses, scaled on size with mental images the deceased and to the explosion, the Mortis
entire coastal regions or reconstituting body perceives. Amaranthine shifted part of its
sections of the ocean, that As the Infection keeps the body form causing earthquakes in a
operate using a set of six in a near death state while number of regions.
currently identifiable portions it reknits, the mind is in a
of its body. The last two suspended state within the In addition to defense by
portions of the body, while not greater shared consciousness. volume, the Mortis Amaranthine
physically attached, are argued also has a series of interior
to be symbiotic relations The Digestive Body bodies that work the same way
instead of portions of the body The Mortis Amaranthine clotting agents work within
itself. This point is highly consumes materials to continue a standard Strain’s body. A
debated. existence. Due to the overall number of near-Strain symbiotic
size of each Mortis Amaranthine creatures, ones that spend the
The Collective form, traditional consumption majority of their time carried
Intelligence is not an option. It is in pod-like wombs within the
Shared across a network of theorized that the Mortis Mortis Amaranthine, can be
complex nerve endings and a Amaranthine gains nutrients excreted from the body in
series of thousands of miles for its fungal form through areas near where consistent
of folded brain-like tissue a combination of absorption injuries and threats occur.
is the region of the Mortis from the environment and These Strain-like entities lack
Amaranthine that acts as the leaching nutrition via the many higher brain functions
regulatory host body for mindless zombies that are that Strains possess, but their
the greater host. A folded extruded from the main form. martial capacity and silent
network of fungal growth and When these undead masses eat hive mind make them into lethal
flesh twisted to form a brain- and gain nutrition, often defenders of the grave.
like organ, the Collective times they become slowed or
Intelligence is theorized to cease moving. This allows the The Pod Body
use electronic pulses to direct undead to become easier to I do not wish to overly
and respond to reactions to kill. As both the undead and focus on this fact, but the
heavily infected bodies on the the Strain die for the final undead and consumed Strains
surface. Causing a sort of time, the body biodegrades back are extruded from the Mortis
memory bank, this portion of into the environment where the Amaranthine towards the surface
the Mortis Amaranthine is what subterranean Mortis Amaranthine much in the same way that the
is most commonly experienced leaches new nutrition from the humanoid body extrudes waste
when individuals enter the body via the surrounding soil. from its hind quarters. Areas
rotted biomass to allow their commonly known as undead hot
consciousness to partially The Immune System spots, morgues, or places of
merge with the host form. Given the nature of the extended Mortis Amaranthine
Specialized doctors known as Mortis Amaranthine, it should activity often times are near
Grave Robbers do this act in not be surprising that a one of the excretion points of
an attempt to help individuals substantial portion of its body the Mortis Amaranthine.
who have not yet completely is designed to defend itself
succumbed to the body degrade from threats. The sheer size of
the Infection provides to the Mortis Amaranthine creates
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Yes. It shits out the dead. The Zombie A Brief Notation
Yes, if a Grave Robber goes The argument about the on Death
into the Mortis Amaranthine to relation of the undead to the
save you chances are good we Mortis Amaranthine is, at this
are going into one of these time, a moot point. There is a “After 137 days of study,
openings. You’re welcome. contingency of higher minded I believe I have made a
people who believe that the breakthrough in regards to the
The Strain Mortis Amaranthine has adapted nature of the breakdown of the
Bringing the individual tools to utilize the broken Strain form and its inevitable
Strain into the equation as a and unbalanced individuals succumbing to the undead state.
part of the Mortis Amaranthine within a Strain that keep being This theory, while not yet
is where scholars and doctors reanimated and rebuilt despite based on enough evidence, seems
begin to argue. We are not our shrinking population, and to explain a number of details
sure which came first, and do that the zombie was produced to in regards to the organic
not have documentation that turn these broken individuals, status of the individual
empirically states that either ones with a completely Strain, the breakdown of the
the Mortis Amaranthine produced unbalanced Infection, into a individual consciousness,
the Strains as a means to usable tool. the state that is known as
support itself in a shrinking ‘zombie,’ as well as the reason
biosphere, or whether the There are others that see for the shared hallucination
Mortis Amaranthine came about zombies as the waste product during the time of death.
as a creature of opportunity of the Mortis Amaranthine, as
due to the biological nature of it attempts to organically It has been the work of
the evolved Strains combined reconstruct sentient and those before me to identify
with the relation they both active gatherers (the Strains) that the current state of
have to the fungal, viral, and fails due to the source sentient beings (otherwise
and bacterial infections. materials being too damaged. known as Strains) is due to a
The fact of the matter is These damaged zombies, when combination of forced physical
that due to the nature of destroyed, are reprocessed adaptation, exterior fungal
the overall condition of the by the Mortis Amaranthine occupation, and volumes of
Strains, our bodies follow and once again excreted as viral and bacterial inhibitors.
a system of regeneration, waste in failed attempts While I currently do not
death, and reknitting that our at reconstituting a body. have the equipment to again
predecessors did not possess. This would mean that once confirm the organic state of
This condition is directly an individual is born, or matter, working off of our
related to the massive undead contracts the combination of predecessors, and in some
fungal biomass known as the conditions commonly known as cases human notation stored
Mortis Amaranthine. the Infection, the form will be by Genjians, we must accept
continuously excreted after the certain base facts. The first
Chicken and egg meets life Mortis Amaranthine attempts the fact that we must accept is
and death. regrowing process. This would that the restorative, adaptive,
explain why there are still so and overall functionality
many undead in the world. of existing as a Strain is
directly related to a fungal
symbiosis. An affliction of
a form of blood born fungal
‘parasite’, the physical
resiliency and adaptability
of the individual Strains is
reliant on this relation. The
human host form, much more
frail than the current Strain
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
organics, would not be able the fungal entity, and allows have an organic makeup which
to survive in our current for the host form to retain seems less hospitable to a
environment. Radiation levels, sentience and organic self- number of viral infections
toxicity of the soil and dependency. Furthermore, it that are carried by other
water, as well as the deadly is my theory that during the Strains. The Full Dead,
state of day-to-day existence brief time of death, when an as animate corpses, carry
would prove too much for our individual’s physical form very few active blood borne
predecessors. is in the moments before diseases that require a
sentient reanimation, the living host. The Mericans,
This fungal affliction, fungal entity is able to take due to their polluted genetic
however, seems to be the same more of a physical hold due makeup, find themselves unable
source which causes the loss to the temporary death and to produce the same degree
of sentience and creation of dwindling of bacterial and of adaptive antibody that
the automation of post mortem viral entities within a host other Strains have evolved to
host bodies. As the fungal body. During the period of time produce.
affliction spreads, the body of the Strain’s demise, both
becomes more and more efficient the natural antibody system as This theory is the
in regards to the spread of the well as the viral infections intended focus of my future
fungal affliction, the hunting within a host form either cease experimentation. Fortunately
of nutrition, and the forced or are greatly diminished. This there is a community of
‘mulching’ of bodies into the occurrence gives the symbiotic Remnants within a few days
earth. fungal infection the ability ride that the Cult of Fallow
to spread quickly and take over Hopes has deemed as heretics,
It is my theory, however, large portions of the host form and have been approved for
that a combination of our body. observation during execution.
evolutionary adaptation, as I would feel bad about this
well as the existence of a This theory is further backed mass slaughter if it were not
number of viral and bacterial by the less adaptive strains for the fact that this is for
infections, has actually such as the Full Dead or the science and the fact that they
stunted the adaptation of Mericans. Both of these forms are only Remnants.”

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Rust Coast Overview

“The Rust Coast is a land of broken giants. The mountains are the fallen body of Mother
Nature, dead from our predecessor’s actions. The giant forests to the south reach up to space,
trying to grow far enough to leave the misery that is below. The cities we have repurposed are
the dying hands of culture reaching from the grave. We live in a place where all things wish to
remind us of how truly small we are.

It should be no surprise that we lash out.

We want to be masters of everything we see. We want to fell the tallest trees, hunt the
strongest beast, and build new cities upon the corpse of old ones. We are a people that will
yell at the mountains until they begin to crumble, burn away the night until it retreats to day,
and work to leave our mark on what is left of the world.

And when the world will not yield, when the mega-storm will not cease, and when the
mountains will not crumble, we are left bereft and bitter. We turn on one another, blame others
for the giants that would not fall, and look to hurt those that did not help us fell the

We are a people who want nothing more than to prove our place among the giants. We want to
climb above the misery here on earth, but do not realize that as we raise ourselves upward that
we carry our misery with us. We are people that are always trying to outrun the beast in our
back pocket, never truly able to get away.
It is not the suffering of the wastes that the trees grow to escape; it is the suffering we
bring to the wastes.”

T he Rust Coast spans a large area that runs from the massive forests north of the Frisky City
and stretches all the way north to the boarder of the Pacific Providence. Traversing both
terrain and cultures that are night and day to one another, the Rust Coast still seems to keep
a strange sort of dichotomy of harmony. With the extremely faith-focused Nation of Accensor
having such an influence in the north, and the community-focused Red Star pulling from the
south, it would appear to outsiders that the Rust Coast is always in a conflict looking for a
middle ground.

The terrain of the Rust Coast is one of the most diversified across the Merican wastelands.
In the southern extremes of the Rust Coast is a forest so immense that a single tree could
produce enough wood for multiple fishing ships. If one were to continue westward, the forests
quickly give way to a vibrant and active ocean crashing on hard stone shores.
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Traveling northeast brings during the fall of humanity.
travelers to near impassible
mountain ranges, which divide
These locations, keeping the The
most accurate records possible
the gnarled wastelands of the
east from the more populated
since before the fall, inspire Rusted Coast
scholars and the scientifically
western civilization of the minded to travel for hundreds “I once knew a Genjian
Under Sea. From the top of the of miles like pilgrimages of from a base somewhere north
mountain, high in the passes, logic. of the Under Sea. She was
one could look to the west and traveling with a massive woman,
see mega-storms roll across Assuming that the Rust an Accensorite. Fallow Hopes,
the islands off the Rust Coast Coast does not turn on itself, I think. Anyway, the two of
before seemingly stalling over there is a hope for people them shared a campfire with our
the mainland. within the area to not only caravan and shared information
unravel the mystery of the fall as payment for some almost-
Nestled within the forests, of humanity, but also to set soup and a spot around the fire.
mountains, and wastelands of the template for the future of According to the two of them,
the Rust Coast are a number of life in the Merican wastes. there are outposts of Genjian
Genjian settlements that were dotted all over the entire
founded either just before or world who were the last chance

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
of humanity. They dragged
resources together from all
over the world, locked away
W elcome to the land of tall
trees, mountainous terrain,
and chicory stains. The Northern
So while wide ravines had
been cut into the earth from
floods coming down from the
vaults of materials they Rust Coast of the Merican mountaintops, and land had
thought were important, and continent has survived a number grown where there once was
tried to record important of dramatic terrain changes nothing but water, the spirit
knowledge and blueprints for without losing the spirit of the and body of the Northern Rust
future generations. way the land once was. While Coast survived.
the majority of the wastelands
She said that the two are barren deserts pocketed with Shitty weather and all.
of them were heading to an radiation and scorched earth,
Accensorite settlement in the the tall spire-like trees and
northern timberlands, and if vertical rock cropping of the
we were willing to work for Northern Rust Coast are not The Under Sea
debts to be paid, we could all completely dissimilar to the way
be rich. the terrain was before the fall “Welcome outsider. It may
of man. seem like everyone here has
Before your eyes get all your best interests in mind,
wide with potential riches, The similarities of the but I promise you, the second
let me tell you something pre and post-fall natural you aren’t around, you’re going
right now: this is the sixth terrain are impressive, to be treated like a resource.
time I’ve seen this happen given the incredibly massive You aren’t from here, which is
to a caravan. Every time I terrain changes that the more than enough reason for
come through this area, there land has endured. During the the locals to not like you.”
are Accensorites and Genjian fall, volcanic activity was
looking to find the resources of
old. You never do hear stories
of people actually making it
triggered in Mount Baker, Mount
St. Helen, and Mount Adams.
In addition to land based
nce a great city before
the fall, the Under
Sea has become a strange
rich, though. volcanic activity, the Axial amalgamation of a city above
Seamount volcano erupted with and a city below. Many of the
That pretty much sums up unpredicted ferocity, releasing largest structures of the
this area: The Rusted Empire. miles of hot magma into the pre-fall city of the Under
They say that if you dig ocean. Sea collapsed inward in the
enough you can find miraculous years following the fall of
technology and wealth left While forest fires raged, humanity. While some of these
from before the fall. But the massive waves crashed, and structures became nothing more
truth is that for all the talk ash fell from the skies than rubble and debris to be
of finding the easy score, you destroying much of the area, harvested by scavengers, other
would be better off looking the process of environmental buildings were repurposed in
for riches upward instead of evolution was setting the stage the constructing of a city
digging in the rocky soil. for generations to come. New above and below the surface.
These trees are each enough landmasses and raised bays Buried in rubble and ash, the
timber to make a caravan or a provided a degree of shelter Under Sea weathered the fall of
house. You want to make money? for portions of the Washington humanity beneath the remains
Then you gotta be willing to landscape. Massive trees began of the city that once was.
do what they did around these to regrow in areas where small
parts before the fall. Get towns had been burned away and While the tallest buildings
your hands dirty and get your buried by ash. of the Under Sea have fallen,
ass to work.” a good number of the smaller
The environment was structures survived the fall
recovering despite the damages of mankind. These buildings,
of man. reinforced to near bunker-like
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
status, provided the framework xenophobic Red Star territory The settlement of the Under
for the upper levels of the to the south, and the Full Dead Sea is the largest cultural
Under Sea settlement. Beneath necropolis far to the north, center in the entire Rust
the surface of the Under Sea, the Under Sea works as both a Coast. With a rich diversity
a complex network of tunnels bustling commerce location as of cultures, traveling
and massive caverns interlock well as one of the more Strain- traders, and a number of
the Under Sea Above and its diversified locations in the natural resources, the Under
underground communities. area. Sea functions as a hub for
both trade and resource
Above the surface, the distribution. While the
Under Sea focuses primarily The Sky Watch: aboveground portions of the
on greenhouse cultivation of Upper Under Sea Under Sea primarily focus
fruits, vegetables, and endless on trade and commerce with
fields of blue flowered chicory “Welcome to the Under Sea, caravans, the underground of
plants. or as we like to call it, the the city is where the community
honest version of Vegasia. Sure truly lives and thrives.
The Under Sea is one of the the lights aren’t as bright, and
largest economic settlements our performers wear clothes,
along the northern end of the but I am sure you will find
Rust Coast. With the more everything you could want here.”

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
The aboveground of the Under houses people who have been Brown Vaults
Sea, known as the Sky Watch, is thrown out of the Crucible, but Technically a series of
a series of both pre-fall and not completely out of the Under greenhouses, the most guarded
more recently built structures Sea as a whole. buildings in the Inner Watch
that have been forged to are the Brown Vaults. While
withstand incredible abuse. Beyond the Widow’s Watch is protected by armed guards and
With the outer buildings of the a territory commonly known as locked tight with steel vault
Sky Watch being the tallest the Inner Watch. This portion doors, the name for the Brown
buildings in the area, each of the Under Sea is a bustling Vaults did not come from the
row of subsequent interior economy filled with shifting coloring of the vault itself
buildings staggers further and market places, caravans filled but instead the product grown
further downward. This design with supplies to trade, and a within: roughly two miles
offers a unique bowl-like number of permanent structures of greenhouse grown coffee
shape to the massive Under Sea that serve the needs of the plants. Green plants dotted
settlement, but also serves traders who are long for the with constantly picked red
well to weather the horrific road and heavy with supplies. berry branches, the Brown
mega-storms that regularly Not as aggressive for trade Vaults provide a luxury to the
come in from the ocean. as Old York, but only a little richest within the Under Sea:
more honest than Vegasia, natural, handpicked, un-mutated
The outer structures of the the Sky Watch is a trade and coffee beans for the perfect
Sky Watch have been engineered educate center that serves the cup of hot brown. While most
to work as a series of angled needs of the Under Sea. of the Under Sea use mutated
wind breaks, designed to caffa-plants mixed with chicory
survive both tsunami and for flavor, the best-connected
hurricane, with very little Areas of The business heads are invested in
in the need of repair. Metal, Inner Watch: the Brown Vaults.
stone, and careful engineering Upper Under Sea
has designed these structures Chicory Gardens
to bend, flex, but not break “If you have things to Across nearly every rooftop
when the howling storms crash sell, then fantastic. If and open space are gardens
onto the land. The outer-most you are looking for work, growing low laying vegetation.
ring of the Under Sea, the edge fantastic. If you aren’t Clinging to large portions of
of the Sky Watch, is known as servicing or being serviced, the inner wall of the Widow’s
the Widow’s Watch. then get out of the way. There Watch, crossing every rooftop
is work to be done.” in the Inner Watch, and even
The Widow’s Watch is, suspended in areas where
without a doubt, the most The Inner Watch is the heart crossed girders have left a
dangerous place to reside of upper Under Sea. The Inner swatch of space is deep green
within the Under Sea. More of Watch is seasoned and made vegetation or swaths of blue
a structure of necessity than diverse by traveling merchants flowered plants. While the
an established community area, and eccentric business owners Under Sea is provided herbs,
the Widow’s Watch is a weave that reside in the area. vegetables, and chicory by farm
of spidery walkways, rusted While the market itself is a settlements outside the city,
platforms, barely covered place of shifting businesses, nearly every shop owner wants
hovels, and unpoliced terrain mixing cultures, and traveling to have unlimited access to
that stretches up to fifteen merchants and traders, there chicory. Used to flavor brown
stories up at its highest are some consistent structures brew, chicory has been bred by
point. This maze of passages, and businesses within the Inner farmers to provide flavor to
tunnels, and barely habitable Watch. the thinning greenhouse supply
terrain is commonly plagued by of coffee beans.
killers, thieves, and wandering
undead. The Widow’s Watch often
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Pike Square Arena of Descent The Crucible is the region
This is where the strange, With the mixture of cultures of the Under Sea that resides
the devious, the artistic, and and conflicting faiths that beneath the surface of The
the less-than-reputable come come into the Under Sea, it Storm Watch. Built in a
to handle their business. Pike is not completely unheard of massive network of underground
Square is a weave of low profile that people need to settle passages, remains of buried
intertwined shops, performance their differences. To prevent buildings, and massive caverns,
stages, and places to purchase holy war from breaking out in the Crucible is the true heart
food and drink where people can the public area, the Arena of of the Under Sea. The Crucible
spend, or lose, days of their Descent was built to contain may be accessed by a number of
life. With merchants, buskers, the violence and bloodshed as passages, ramps, and ladders
and various other professionals well as to provide an arena for that reach upward from the
clamoring for business, it is competitive athletic contests. underground to the Inner Watch
possible to get suddenly lost above. Roughly three miles wide
within a maze of tight passages A massive oval shaped from east to west, and five
in Pike Square. building owned by the Key miles long from north to south,
family, the Arena of Descent the Crucible is where the
allows groups or individuals majority of people in the Under
The Wind Catchers who have a difference of Sea reside.
Mounted to metal piping opinion to resort to violence
ringing the inner wall of the without fear of outside Lit by natural light
Widow’s Watch and standing interference. Viewers come and sources flooding in from the
between fields of rooftop gardens sit in rows along the outer massive openings to the sky
are a number of windmills. While wall of the Arena, watching during the day, at night
some of the larger Wind Catchers the fights and contests that the Crucible lights up by a
have been forged from wood and occur in the center ring. Among combination of oil lanterns
metal, smaller air-catching the competitive blood sports and electric lights powered by
windmills made from branches and and games of athletic contest wind turbines far above. Safe
leather have sprouted up all are to-the-death gladiatorial from the brutal winds that
over the Under Sea. With larger conflicts. Most of the conflicts come with the occasional Mega-
windmills turning turbines to are organized between Storm, the Crucible has been
produce power for the Crucible conflicting faiths within mined and engineered to survive
and smaller windmills turning the region that have sent a for generations to come. An
simple milling stones or pumping champion. More times than not, underground main stream feeds
water, it is quite evident these champions are members of fresh water first down one
that the Under Sea has become the Nation of Accensor who have side of the cavern where it
dependent on the very winds that been driven to holy war against is piped outward to multiple
occasionally savage the city. other faiths. points in the underground city.
Wastewater is filtered through
The Crash Point the soil and returned to the
Built on the remains of a progression of the stream.
circular pre-fall building, The Crucible:
the Crash Point is one of the Lower Under Sea The eastern most portion of
most popular rest houses in the Crucible is open just above
the Under Sea. Providing warm “Above is a great place ocean level. In a narrow pass
baths, cigars, chicory brew, to visit. Above is what most of water that spans around the
escorts, and armed guards, the people see when they see the peninsula of The Under Sea, the
Crash Point is where people Under Sea. Down here is where tunneling of the Crucible has
who do big business in the the locals live, where the true connected just above a water
Under Sea reside if they don’t Under Sea thrives, and if you passage out to ocean trade
actually live in the Crucible. are moving in you are more than routes.
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
The opening of the Crucible Collected Community to trade in smaller volume
out to the ocean, an area A series of steel structures than most caravan riders on
commonly known as the along the southern portion the surface side.
Mermaid’s Tail, is populated of the Crucible makes up the
by a small community of Salt area known as the Collected Sewing House
Wise who routinely come and go Community. The largest portion The Sewing House is where
with trade ships in the area. of the Under Seas population men and women go for their
Given the fact that avoiding lives in a number of small indiscretions. Owned and
mega-storms and making it into interlocked structures that operated by Gaietie Pax,
harbor is one part oceanic provide very little in space Hierophant of the Light of
skill and one part luck, to spare. With wash houses Hedon for the Under Sea, the
the Salt Wise traders that and water pumps shared by Sewing House provides for
come into port with freshly the community in rows, this nearly any perversion or
recovered salvage are almost tiered metal structure is made vice that can be requested.
more reliable than actual up primarily of thousands of From small sipping rooms
trade ships. repurposed pre-fall shipping where escorts will serve high
containers, scrap metal, and quality coffee and keep you
piping to make the most efficient company, all the way to the
usage of both water and space. most depraved fantasy parties,
Found in the Sewing House provides. As
the Crucible: Flood Route the motto of the Sewing House
The Under Sea Along the eastern corridor is says: If there is a hole, we
Below a series of tunnels that run can sew it.
downward towards the Mermaid’s
Beneath the hustle of the Sky Tail, which work as a water run- The Mermaid’s Tail
Watch properties of the above off as well as a sewage system At the lowest section of the
ground Under Sea resides the for the Crucible. This are Crucible is an open crater
true underground heart of the is normally filled with rats, in the side of the peninsula
community. Built in chasms and sewage, and mangled bodies until that offers a small bay to the
tunnels beneath the surface, a Mega-Storm causes an increase sea. Dotted with salt-shack
the Crucible only receives a of water flow through the style buildings, roughly two
few hours of direct sunlight tunnels. With all of the waste dozen docks, and housing for
(on the days that are sunny). washed out to sea over a waste menial laborers, the Mermaid’s
While this does require waterfall, the Flood Route is Tail is where most shipping
the community to regularly a portion of the Crucible that supplies enter the Crucible
travel to the Inner Watch for most residents try to avoid. itself. Due to the seclusion
business and trade, the series of these docks the bulk of
of underground structures Sam’s the ships that regularly dock
has allowed the residents of The post-apocalypse version at The Mermaid’s Tail are
the Under Sea the ability to of a bodega, Sam’s is a go owned by well to do Under Sea
survive the Mega-Storms and between store for small goods families with ties to northern
roving undead threat long and supplies. When emergency or southern trade routes. Given
enough to construct the Under supplies are needed in a hurry that the Mermaid’s Tail is
Sea above. While most commerce and a resident cannot spend down wash from the Crucible,
is removed from the Crucible, the time to go to the Inner the odors and water quality
some smaller points of interest Watch to buy or trade, they can of the area encourages people
still exist by necessity. buy supplies from the armed not to stay in the area for
security team at Sam’s. While longer than they need to. Salt
Sam’s charges a little more Wise often come to dock for a
than what people would spend day or two to unload and then
if they were to travel to the return to sea before the next
Inner Watch, Sam’s is willing coming of a storm.
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Water Turner Falls The Fallow Hopes has taken Above the gate that is the
Along the northern portion this as means to funnel the physical North Gate that
of the Crucible is a massive threats from the wastelands travelers pass through is
waterfall. Fed from an into a single defensible the only law of the North
underground waterway that runs position, making the most Gate settlement: “Psions and
all the way from the mountains efficient use of their force to Deserters Will Be Executed.”
to the east, the water from destroy as many Raiders and
Water Turner Falls pours from undead as possible.
the face of the ravine and Factions
drops nearly fifteen stories The Northern Gate came into
before crashing in a pool existence when Rovers and Sky Bound Business Union
below. As the water falls, both Diesel jocks began to find the The association of businesses
the edges of the waterway have terrain on the grounds of that are allowed to keep
piping that feeds down into the Rust Coast too difficult permanent structures in the
water turbines. These turbines, to travel non-stop. With the Inward Watch is commonly known
pushed by the flow of water, sheer volume of undead, the as the Sky Bound Business Union.
assist in the production of Mega-Storms, the highly active Lead by Immanuel Key and the
electricity for the Crucible as raiders, rogue Diesel Jock rest of the Key family, the Sky
a whole. tribes, and the treacherous Bound is a group of business
terrain there was a need for a owners and cutthroats who have
After the water rushes settlement that could be used all but abandoned the Crucible
through the turbines, the water for travelers. as an aspect of their life.
is circulated back out to the While the Crucible governs
city, where gravitational water The Northern Gate is the itself with elected officials,
ducts pump water through the most south that northern born and keeps things mostly civil,
bulk of the city before washing Diesel Jocks will travel, for the Sky Bound follows no such
out to the Flood Route. fear of running out of fuel rules or orders.
before returning to their
larger depots. The Northern The Key family has employed a
The Northern Gate is also a point where number of mercenaries, escaped
Gate caravan drivers from the north slaves, and trained killers to
and north east, unwilling to ensure that not only does the
To the North of the Under Sea risk the rest of the travel to Inner Watch remain safe for
is a small waypoint known as the Under Sea, will sell large merchants but also to ensure
The Northern Gate. Controlled bulks of trade to caravans that those merchants who are
by a number of Lamp Lighters who are willing to continue unwilling to play ball with
from the Sainthood of Ashes, southward. the Key family get a close up
and patrolled by the Fallow ‘hanging tour’ of the Widow’s
Hopes, the Northern Gate The entire operation, Watch. While the Key family
functions as both a way stop overseen by the Lamp Lighters, takes actions with what they
and a security check point in is actually controlled by the feel are the best interests
route to the Under Sea. With militant Fallow Hopes militia of the Under Sea in mind, the
the volume of travelers that that has made the territory line between serving one’s
come to the Under Sea, it safe for trade. There are own interests and helping the
takes a great deal of effort rumors of caravans vanishing, community is murky at best.
to handle the trailing Raider and the supplies from those
tribes as well as the undead caravans ending up in the Within the Sky Bound business
threat that would follow their pockets and on the bodies of structure there are three tiers
food source. the Fallow Hopes soldiers, of membership. The highest level
however for the most part trade of the Sky Bound Business Union
routes are able to stop over in is known as the First Watch.
reasonable peace.
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
This inner council of 20 Pure Children of Ascension for territory and control of the
Blood families controls the Within the Under Sea, there is Under Sea. Whenever the conflict
trade routes, flow of resources, a growing tension that threatens between the faiths becomes known,
and Inner Watch military. First to fill the streets with blood. As the Sky Bound Business Union uses
Watch status has been handed the settlement of the Under Sea its influence to force conflicting
down generation after generation grows larger, and is fed more by members to send representatives
within family lines, however, it outside traders, the settlement to the Arena of Descent to
is not unheard of that a failing has become less of a close-knit relieve the growing tension.
business leader could lose their community and more of a bustling What has prevented the three
voice in the First Watch. business center. With the faiths from outright destroying
population growth in the Under one another is the threat the
Those members of the Sky Bound Sea causing greater dispersions Fallow Hopes represent at the
Business Union who have built in drives and philosophies, the Northern Gate. The Ghosts at the
or earned a corner of business growth of formalized faiths and Gate represent a well trained,
in the Inner Watch are known as religions has followed. With well equipped, and vastly
the Laboring Watch. The Laboring the conflicting philosophies superior number of followers
Watch, primarily hard working becoming more predominant in the than any two of the Children of
craftsmen and shrewd business community as a whole, it has Ascension can muster together.
dealers, is made of a mix of caused friction and occasional The Children of Ascension
Strains that tend towards non- violence between faith members. realize that if the Ghosts of
Red Star or Nation of Accensor. the Gates were to turn their
While there is no written rule Deep within the centers of interests inward, the Under Sea
against either Strain, neither these faiths is a collection would become a stronghold for
the communist nor the religious of individuals known as the the Fallow Hopes alone.
bent tend to make good long-term Children of Ascension.
business partners.
The Children of Ascension are Wailing Wall
The third tier within the Sky not an organized group by the The Wailing Wall is an
Bound business is known as the traditional sense of the word. organization of Followers of
Under Watch. The Under Watch, As a matter of fact, if given the Virtues of the Kings Court
while benefitting from business the opportunity, the Children of who have taken residence in the
ties above ground, tends to Ascension would kill one another deadliest portion of the Under
oversee the business connections and burn everything related to Sea: the Widow’s Watch. Living
between the Sky Watch and the the others to the ground. The among the pipes, platforms,
Crucible below. These Under Children of Ascension, a series and trellises that make up the
Watch members do not have much of ascended Nation of Accensor Widow’s Watch, the Wailing Wall
in the way of high society of different faiths, have thus keep one eye on the boarders of
respect, but their tendency to taken to inspiring a great holy the Under Sea, and one eye on
have opposition end up belly up war against one another. the inhabitants within the city
in the Flood Routes earns them itself.
fear, which can work just as The Children of Ascension are
well. Hierophant Gaietie Pax of the The Wailing Wall claims to
Sewing House in the Crucible, be the true underground of the
Front Man Kurt Eddie Gibbard of Under Sea settlement, watching
the Wailing Wall in the Widow’s all and knowing all that happens
Watch, and Curie Tina Maria within the city. Members of the
Polschend of the Holy Engineers Wailing Wall perform in the Pike
Union. These three Nation of Square, have access to private
Accensor have grown to hate one events as the entertainment, are
another, hate the faiths each employed in many of the hotels
represent, and motivate their and brothels, and are virtually
followers to wage a shadow war unidentifiable within the crowd.
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
The Wailing Wall keeps itself known to work for days at a
While members of the Wailing funded through a network time, work until their fingers
Wall carry tools of their trade of thieves, performers, bleed, and die laboring instead
and icons of their faith, the entertainers, information of allowing their equipment to
true devotion of the Wailing brokering, and assassination break on their shift.
Wall comes in their holy contract work that does
dedication to the leader of not conflict with the needs The Holy Engineers Union is
the Wailing Wall. Kurt Eddie of predominant Kings Court led by a Nation of Accensor by
Gibbard leads the Wailing Wall members. the name of Curie Tina Maria
as only a Saint of the Kings Polschend. A priest of the
Court can- though emotion and Holy Engineers Union Church of Darwin, the Curie
performance. It is said that in Powering the Under Sea above pushes the followers of the
the always-ongoing construction and below takes more than a faith to evolve themselves
of the Widow’s Watch, the front team of engineers working all and their community through
man had the piping and design day and night, it requires advancement of the mind. While
repurposed to provide him the a dedication of faith that the Curie oversees the complex
perfect performance stage inspires people to push teachings that keep both
deep within the bowels of the themselves beyond their limits. the wind and water turbines
Widow’s Watch. This is exactly what the Holy producing electricity for the
Engineers Union provides, one Under Sea, it is also rumored
From this stage, the part scientific excellence and that she actively protects
acoustics of the half-domed one part religious fervor. and adopts Psions into the
walls carry the front man’s faith. Treating the psionically
inspiration, speeches, and The members of the Holy inclined as an evolutionary
performances across the Engineers Union are easily step that should be encouraged,
entirety of the Inner Watch. recognized by the dirt brown the Curie has not only made
Even when the Accensorite is leather hoods they wear and enemies within the Under Sea
not performing, and having the religious symbol they wear but also has gained attention
his voice carried softly on painted and stitched into their from the Fallow Hopes at North
the wind, he is in steady clothes, painted on their Gate.
communication with the tools, and even carved into
agents of the Wailing Wall. their flesh. The image of the Only by making the town
Communicating by a combination Holy Engineers Union is the dependent on what her followers
of blind carried letters, drop Church of Darwin superseded provides has the Curie been
points, and messenger rats, by a silhouette of a bridge able to prevent her own death
the leader of the Wailing Wall crossing in front of a stone as well as the eradication of
directs his followers to strike tower. Every project the Holy the followers of her faith. If
out at enemies of the faith. Engineers Union work on is control of the power sources
anointed by priests of the of the Under Sea were ever
Members of the Wailing Wall faith, painted with the Holy to shift out of the hands of
are trained their entire Engineers Union’s religious the Curie, there is no doubt
youth within the confines of symbol, and treated as a that the wholesale slaughter
the Widow’s Watch. Trained as religious relic. of psions and Holy Engineers
performers, acrobats, and finely Union members would start
trained spies and assassins This devotion of faith pushes immediately.
before they are given their members of the Holy Engineers
first assassination ‘gig’. Union to sacrifice whatever
it takes to ensure that the
equipment they craft in the
name of the faith always works
at the peak of its ability.
Members of the faith have been
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Ghosts of the Gate The Resource Managers for subterfuge, disguises, hand-to-
Far outside the Widow’s the Ghosts of the Gate are hand combat, assassinations,
Watch of the Under Sea is a unmarked members of the Fallowcrowd control, and resource
traveler’s outpost known as the Hopes who monitor resources acquisition. Without a doubt
Northern Gate. This outpost, that are transported through the special operations branch
while organized and operated of the Ghosts of the Gate see
the Northern Gate for purchase,
by the order of Lamp Lighters acquisition, or destruction. the most conflict of all of
of the Sainthood of Ashes, is The Resource Managers monitor the groups, due to the fact
truly operated by an elite what supplies are traveling that when individual target
squad of the Fallow Hopes known through an area, determine if orders are not being handled
as the Ghosts of the Gate. the resources are materials by special operations, the
The Ghosts of the Gate are the local Fallow Hopes outpostdefault order for the unit
masterfully trained snipers, needs, attempts to purchase oris to clear any undead or
masters of espionage, and acquire these supplies, and Raider threat in the area. The
unparalleled in both skirmish oversees these supplies makingspecial operations branch at
and guerilla warfare. The their way to the Fallow Hopes times makes a game of killing
Ghosts of the Gate are often members who can use them the the undead, as a means to
times never seen by those that best. On occasion shipments ensure their skill level, and
travel through the Northern come through that include challenge one another to sneak
Gate, unless there is a need heretical texts, blasphemed into swarms of the undead to
for supplies or the swift and religious goods, or priests mark the zombies with numbers
vengeful impact of the Ghosts of heretic faiths. These without being observed. Once
of the Gate. the special operations member
caravans are marked for special
operations to deal with later.has marked at least ten
With the number of caravans different zombies with numbers
that travel through and do Reconnaissance members of the (often tagged with paint) and
bulk trade at the Northern Ghosts of the Gate silently gotten out, it is the job of
Gate, one might think that move along caravan routes another member of their unit
a massive military presence and through the wastelands to silently kill each of the
would be required for ensuring to identify threats that undead in the numerical order
the safety and security of the need eradication, resources that they were tagged. Once
area. The Ghosts of the Gate that need repurposing, or the second troop has returned,
act completely in the contrary identify targets that need a third will enter the crowd
of this security philosophy, to be neutralized before to mark ten more targets.
and instead keep an omnipresent reaching the Northern Gate.
influence through long-range Targets that are in need of Those that have been assigned
engagement and precision wet eradication are followed, have to ensure that the Ghosts
work. their caravans marked with a of the Gate maintain ranged
swatch of visible stain, and supremacy are some of the
The Ghosts of the Gate the reconnaissance members most stealthy, patient, and
are made up of four squads contact the Resource Managers talented snipers seen in the
of troops that handle four to identify the target. The western wastelands. Provided
interdependent vital missions Resource Managers then have high caliber, bolt action,
for continued operation in the either the units assigned to sniper rifles with simple
area. Troops are allocated the ranged supremacy squad or scopes all unit members that
for resource management, special operations handle the function to ensure ranged
reconnaissance, special target. supremacy are trained to take
operations, and ranged wind conditions, distance,
supremacy. Units assigned to handle lead, and gravitational pull
special operations within on a bullet into condition as
the Ghosts of the Gate unit so they can eradicate targets
are exceptionally trained in from extreme distances without
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
ever being seen. When the up in the Widow’s Watch. An Victoria Strauss-Key
Ghosts of the Gate need a unnaturally tall and spindly The powerful matriarch of
target removed, regardless of man, the Front Man is rumored the Key family line, this Pure
who witnesses the kill, or when to exude an air of charisma Blood is one of the vital
the Ghosts need to eradicate around him that causes most lynch pins that prevents the
Raiders from a distance, these people to become befuddled and different religious extremists
snipers silently go to work. enraptured with his words. in the area from turning on
Combined with a pitch perfect one another. Focusing on
voice, a vocal range that the financial dependency,
Who’s Who of has more variety than a full militaristic needs, and desire
orchestra, and an overall sense for safety that is universal
the Under Sea of , it should be no surprise amongst the inhabitants of the
that all of the downtrodden Under Sea, the Key family work
Curie Tina and cast-away of the Widow’s hard to ensure a profit while
Maria Polschend Watch see the Front Man as a providing for the needs of all
Talking to the Curie of the religious leader to be followed those that reside in the city.
Under Sea at times feels like to the end of the earth. Victoria Strauss-Key is best
speaking to the machinery described as a silver fox.
that her followers craft. An Hierophant Gaietie Pax With white hair that is shaved
ascended member of the Nation There is a certain scent on the sides and long on the
of Accensor, the Curie is a that you can find in bars. A top, this Pure Blood dresses
distinctive site to behold. combination of stale smoke, in a combination of deeper
Her arms have become longer, sweet booze, soured vinegar, and rich tones with an accent
her fingers thinner, but the sweat, hope, and desperation. of brightly colored makeup.
musculature of the arms and If that scent had a face, a not This demeanor of tradition
hands is like to that of coiled completely attractive face, colors and eccentric highlights
steel. The Curie has larger that face would belong to the often throws off people at
than normal eyes that seem to Hierophant Gaietie Pax. Not the first time they interact
absorb every detail of her overly attractive, not overly with Victoria Strauss-Key. Her
surrounding, as well as skin unattractive, the Hierophant polite nature, gracious hosting
that has hardened enough that seems to have evolved to be skills, and air of kindness
she isn’t effected by busts of the perfect combination of lightly veil a financial
hot steam or the occasional attraction levels without mercenary whose fiscal prowess
small fire or shrapnel. The being threatening. While the has helped build the Under Sea
mind of the Curie is cold, and other members of the Children into what it is today.
calculating, always determining of Ascension have lost touch
the most logical and efficient with the common folk to
route to achieving advancement. one degree or another, the
This cold and calculating state Hierophant has instead evolved
of mind can unnerve those in such a way that the she is
closest to the Curie, as she even more connected. Need an
considers life nothing more understanding face? Gaietie.
than another resource to be Need that person to tell a
managed. secret? Gaietie. Need a loan?
Gaietie. Looking for a four-
Front Man Kurt way involving a Full Dead and
Eddie Gibbard a willing corpse? Gaietie. Is
Described as a font of chaos your secret out there? Gaietie
and charismatic passion, has heard it.
the Front Man oversees the
entirety of the Under Sea from
his private penthouse life
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
So do not act shocked when
your little plastic slip
currency means nothing to me.
T he southern portion of
the Rum Coast, dominated
by massive trees, lakes,
“Things are not the same here Your credits are of no use here, and barely irradiated soil,
as they are in the north. To the and truthfully, neither is the provides for one of the
north you will find pockets of caravan that brought them. largest Red Star cells known
greed, highwaymen from the frozen of on the planet. Occupying
lands, religious conflict, murder, Perhaps you would find more multiple adjacent territories
hatred, and spite. Here we have luck, and more of your kind of that span from hill top
evolved beyond such things and people, to the north and to the fortifications to networks of
look to live together in unity, east, but you will not find them bridge settlements and oceanic
insuring the advancement of here. Your symbols of faith, your ports, down to the remains of
the community instead of the currency, and your desire to sell the oldest buildings in the
advancement of the individual. your wares instead of providing territory, down to even beneath
them for the betterment of your the earth to a subterranean
I know you won’t understand people tell me that you have no network of tunnels, the
this the way I do, but when the home among the bridges. Red Star have created an
sun sets and the dangerous night entrenched city of efficiency.
begins I rest safe knowing that Take what food you still have
none of my cell will ever betray and leave here, before you find The innate desire that Red
me. I know that as much as I one of the less compassionate Star have to serve the needs
labor during the day, they will of my cell mates who decide to and wants of other Red Star
stay vigilant at night. I know repurpose your goods for the causes the Red Star populated
that what I have provided for the betterment of the people.” Bridge Town to be ostracized by
whole will make us all stronger, the surrounding communities.
not of just benefiting my coffers. Completely self-sufficient, the

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Red Star collectives remain The regions of the Bridge majority of the Bridgetown
within their territory while Town communes, while working Communes have built up the
the pre-fall bunkers and together for the greater protective hillside that is
settlements of the Genjian and good at all times, have predominant in the area, the
Semper Mort Strains, and the very distinctly different section known as Old Town rests
earnest farming communities philosophical views regarding at the waterfront of the hills
of Mericans and Natural Ones the settlement. The Hilltop base. Partially submerged and
operate completely isolated Communes view the entirety constantly in the shadow of
from one another. of the Bridge Town Communes the monolithic bridges that
as tools to serve a single give the Bridgetown Communes
This strange selective communal purpose, while the their name, the territory known
isolationism has caused the more artisanal Old Town as Old Town is populated with
areas surrounding the major inhabitants see the Bridge Town some of the more radical and
settlements of the southern Communes as a series of smaller socially extreme communes.
Rust Coast region to become communes and communities that
overgrown, unprotected, and happen to live in harmony with The Old Town territory is
regularly encrusted with one another. Meanwhile in the made of a combination of modern
swarms of undead. Leaving the Shanghai district, the Cell stonework combined with pre-
majority of travel routes to be members work towards doing what fall stone structures. The
absorbed into the rusted wastes they feel NEEDS to be done grey and dark slate colored
makes the southern Rust Coast to ensure the future life of stones are mottled with grey
a territory often planned to the total Commune as a whole. and iridescent green clinging
avoid, surpass, or ship around Dark dealings, assassinations, moss, giving the area a strange
by caravan drivers. and resource re-appropriation surrealist feeling. In addition
running rampant in the city to the squat and wide buildings
below. covered with splotches of
vibrant color, the streets of
The Bridge Old Town are constantly busy.
The Old Town Artisans crafting colorful
Town Communes Communes murals, politicos engaging in
heated debates with retractors

T he Red Star have a

stronghold in the Rust
Coast the likes of which have
“Welcome to Old Town my
little sister. Here in the
lower steps of the great
at nearly every clearing,
brewers taking great pride
in giving out their craft to
not been seen anywhere else community stands the ultimate passing Red Star, and lastly
in the Merican wastelands. proof of Red Star unity. Fear thousands of undead Red Star
Like a thriving ant colony, nothing as you walk past the zombies filling the streets.
the Bridge Town Communes are restless dead, as each that
a series of multiple cities remains within this city is While the masses of the
intertwined on the old world still loyal to the cause. They undead horde sometimes slow
remains of a great pre-fall will not harm you, no matter travel, their existence
metropolis. From the Hilltop how hungry they become, as they reinforces the strength of
settlement of the Bridge spend the rest of their time the Red Star bond as well
Town Communes, down to Old defending the great community as providing comprehensive
City, down to the underground from outside threat.” protection to both Old Town and
Shanghai City, across the the Bridgetown Communes above.
great bridges and docks that Old Town is technically part With Old Town wrapping from
give the city its name, all of the Bridgetown Communes, the water front to the more
of the Bridge Town Communes however, the Old Town Communes gradual slope of the Bridgetown
operate like a well-oiled are separated from the Commune hills, non-Red Star
machine. Bridgetown Communes by a sharp quickly see the area as a sort
geographic divide. While the of “Shambletown” that is to be
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
avoided. Raiders avoid both to ply their trade along and recovery services. With
the Bridgetown Communes and the western coast. These supplies skimmed from projects
the Old Town area due to the mercenaries did whatever it around the cities, collected
massive volume of Red Star took to survive during the from murdering would-be
zombies just waiting to defend long and horrific period known traders traveling through
their homeland. as ‘The Fall’: From killing the area, and harvested from
individuals who did not earn neighboring settlements, the
With all of the protection enough of their own way to cells of Shanghai City ensure
that Old Town provides the be provided food, to raiding that a few extra supplies end
local communes, it also has neighboring survivor camps, to up in the hands of those that
made Bridgetown a fair number enslaving individuals not a do the most for the community
of dedicated enemies. The part of their community to work as a whole, or end up exactly
hill folk Mericans, seeing endlessly underground. where they need to be for key
a city of rich resources community projects.
unwilling to trade or engage This ‘do whatever is
with the outside, have taken necessary’ mentality has The denizens of Shanghai
great umbrage against the continued and increased in City are tough as a coffin nail
existence of both Old Town the evolution of the Red Star and twice as sharp, keeping
and the Bridgetown Communes. commune of Bridge Town. In even the most fast witted
The northern settlement the old bunkers underground, survivors on their toes when
of Shanghai City, due to completely safe and away from dealing with them. The Red
the abundant and unshared the rest of the world, the Star of Shanghai City will
resources surrounding Old Red Star Cells decide what deal with outsiders only if
Town and the Bridgetown is needed, and must be done, the trade they offer benefits
Communes have harbored long for the greater good. These their community at the expense
term aggression against both Cells are judge, jury, and of the traders coming to the
the Red Star and the zombified executioners, ensuring that city. However, traders in the
inhabitants. Lastly, many those that serve the Commune do area are aware that caravans
of the Accensorites of the so with the utmost efficiency. heading into the hillside
Ascended City have seen the entrances to Shanghai City
faithless community of the A thriving black market lives have a very good chance of
Bridgetown and the ties that in the heart of this decaying
both Bridgetown and Old Town city, hiding behind numerous
share with the undead Red Star “legitimate” archeology
to be an affront to the very
nature of the Accensorites and
the faiths they embody.

Shanghai City
“Do whatever it takes...
for the good of all.”

Shanghai City was spared the

ocean’s wrath, but could not
escape the rains and fallout
that came to the northwest.
While the upper city
rotted, the lower city was
reinforced and barricaded by
the most cutthroat mercenaries
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
never coming back out again. and damp, and which are of Five Garden
Even Red Star traveling no concern to the Red Star. Philosophers Recluse
communes have a chance of being The commune has utilized the It is rumored that when the
‘consumed to feed the greater dark parts of the cave for the commune originally arrived in
machine’. growth of mushrooms, and in the area, they found a lone
places where it is just damp Genjian tending to the five or
they have installed glass tilesso acres of garden that became
Locations in areas of the broken ceiling,the Five Garden Philosophers
allowing light to stream in Recluse. It is rumored that he
of Interest through the cave roof, and fillwas informed of the communes’
the area with heat. intentions to use the area,
Johnny-Boy Docks and he left after expressing
Hanging from the broken pre- Burner Mile to them that it was their job
fall trellises that spread out One would think this area to tend to the garden now. So
from Bridge City are a vast would be contested, due to the the commune has, and although
number of flotillas tethered varying ideals between Old Town it serves no utilitarian
to the docks by rigid beams and Hilltop, but the long and purpose, the Philosophers
of scrap and lumber. These winding road between the two is Recluse grants many commune
flotillas, a series of floating simply marked by those wishing members sound mind. It has a
docks, are accessed via long to barter. Although the commune soporific effect, and tending to
stairwells and tenuous rope works together as a whole, it the trees and flowers that grow
ladders. As the water levels of doesn’t mean that those who there so beautifully helps many
the area rise, these docks rise have wants are always given in learning farming techniques
with the waterways and slide what they want, and the Burner and patience. This Garden
upward along the solid rigid Mile is where those who feel is perhaps one of the most
beams. Locking to the main body their wants differ from their beautiful locations left in all
of the pre-fall bridges using needs meet up to swap goods. of Merica.
massive metal rings that slide The Community Armory
upward and downward on three It seemed odd to the commune Roasters Hall
rigid lines, these docks are that this pre-fall theater was This sprawling building,
able to adjust easily to the so well designed for storing marked by two crumbling
changing water levels. weapons, but they took the pinnacles on top, has become
remains of the crumbling the central hub for food and
Grotto Greenhouses building and proceeded to goods distribution within
Cavernous and expansive, fortify it. Now almost every the commune. Many colorfully
the Grotto Greenhouse holds weapon in the communes’ hands marked stalls, labeled with
a majority of the commune’s can be found within the walls utilitarian simplicity, allow
crops. Long tracts of root of the Community Armory. commune members to come and
vegetables and grains spread Pistols, rifles, swords, clubs, get what they need for their
out across the many acres knives, and armor line the families and homesteads. Food,
on top of the mountain, walls of the building, some drink, supplies, crafting
including soy and rice in the kept deep below in vaults. In items, and clothing can
less nutrient rich areas of times of crisis or conflict, all be found in Roasters Hall,
the soil. Beneath is a large capable fighting members of the available for the taking to any
cavern, closed off by a large commune line up, and are doled member of the commune.
construction of pre-fall glass out weaponry, to let all who
pieces, making a beautiful would come and disrupt their
mosaic that seals the cave off commune know the folly of their
from the world. The inside of ways.
the cave holds relics from
the old world, turning green
and fractured from the heat
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Old Town Distillery extra within their society. They still family, and still need
The wheels of progress are believe in leading by example, the security and goods of the
greased best by alcohol, and and showing their gratitude to Old Town Commune. They do still
the commune knows it. For this the people doing the manual rely on the goods coming from
reason, they encouraged the labor. Although they don’t Shanghai, and they do utilize
creation and maintenance of produce any physical work, the organization of Hilltop,
the Old Town Distillery, which their work in the less tangible but as far as they see it,
is responsible for almost all realms is noticeable throughout that’s how a commune should be
of the booze production for the commune. They’re able to run.
the commune. The distribution organize distribution of goods,
falls to two separate sections make sure the workload is shared The Old Town Commune is the
however, both which seemed to equally, make sure that everyone biggest producer of goods
have belonged to a massive has something to do, and is and crafts for all of the
bakery before the fall. The happy in doing it. Bridgetown Commune. They craft
larger location is where the food, drinks, supplies, and
stills and tanks are held, They work hard to motivate the general comforts in a proud
allowing for the creation and working population below, coming and artisanal manner. And they
aging of the booze. The other up with motivational solutions hold the line against any and
location, which is smaller, to raise the crafters morale. all outsiders, using the undead
allows commune members to come There is a bit of hypocrisy in wall to protect their brothers
and claim bottles for their this methodology, but pointing and sisters inside.
homes. it out to the members of the
Hilltop would be ineffectual.
They see results, and they keep
the structure solid.
Cells of Note Old Town Commune
A group of crafters,
Hilltop Commune artisans, and those that lean
The members of the Hilltop the furthest left, the Old Town
Commune are more philosopher Commune tends to be the most
poets than hard workers, but volatile of the Bridgetown
their rhetoric grants them a Communes. Devoutly proud and
prestigious amount of power over certain of their paths in
the people below. They view the life, the Old Town Commune
workers in the lower portions soldiers on as the first line
of the city as tools to build of defense for Bridgetown, and
their commune in strength, and the backbone of the production
they view their verbal prowess for the community. The Old
as a form of sweat equity. The Town Commune listens with a
Hilltop Commune members consider quiet intensity to the people
themselves as the poet-laureates of the Hilltop, waiting for a
of the entirety of Bridgetown, slip, and looking for cause to
and utilize their negotiation rebel. No such opportunity has
skills, speech craft, and presented as of yet.
inspirational charisma to lead.
The Old Town Commune does
This does not mean the well to look after all members
members of the Hilltop Commune of the organization. Yes, the
consider themselves better or Hilltop Commune may pontificate
more valuable than the lower and bluster, and the Shanghai
communities. They also don’t City Commune may be a scary
treat themselves to anything bunch of hard nails, they are
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Shanghai City Commune The Island Network of the
In the underbelly of Fringe Rust Coast are two series of
Bridgetown, the Shanghai City clustered islands that, while
Commune is essentially the wet Territories most are easily within sight
works and black ops teams for of the mainland shore, exist
the entirety of the commune. of the in their own microcosms with
Living down in the murk and their own very different and
the mire grants them a lack Rust Coast very distinct cultures.
of scrutiny that grants them
leeway to do what can’t be
Inception Point:
done, or would rather not to be
done, by the other communes.
They have become black sheep,
W hile the social structure
of Bridge City and the
Under Sea and the portions
City of
First Hope
but still brothers and sisters that make up their subsects
in the communist fold. are fascinating, these are not “This place was never
The Shanghai City Commune the only places of specific intended to be a city, it was
is known to be very friendly, interest along the southern intended to be a womb for the
and is known to answer spread of the Rust Coast. From new birth of humanity. We took
questions they’d prefer not the mountains and plains that tens of thousands of humans
to address with a silent support the hard working and who had not yet shown signs of
grin. They may be involved in earnest people of the area infection and submerged them
most of the filth and danger to the hard point Genjian into a cryogenic freeze. This
within Bridgetown, but it is a outposts, the lands that span was our first hope. That our
necessary evil to be enacted. around Bridge City provides an predecessor’s technology would
They trade goods with outsiders amazing dynamic to the area. be able to suspend humanity in
and each other, in order to a frozen state until the plague
bring in new supplies required Spanning to the massive had died out from a lack of a
to benefit the commune as a forests to the south, the living food source. Now, as
whole. network of islands off the the frozen crypts of the past
They have a respect for coast, the mountain ranges reopen, we great ancestors look
the leadership provided from to the east and northeast, to the future our ancestors had
Hilltop, and the hard work and the rusted wastes beyond the wrought. A future of hunger,
supplies crafted in Old Town. mountains, and the Lilac Empire fang, and claws. The greatest
But they are fully aware that whose train lines reach out shame we Genjian carry is the
if the whole population were as far as the Iron Works, the creation of another predator
white hats, they’d have been environment that caused the from humanity.”
razed to the ground years ago. growth of both Bridge City
It is the darkness of Shanghai and the Under Sea speaks more Just south of the center of
City that keeps Bridgetown of the area than the cities the entirety of the Rust Coast
grounded, and it is their dark themselves. sits the eternal settlement of
actions that keep the city Inception Point, commonly known
afloat and running. There is The fringe territories of as First Hope. Surrounded by
no light without shadow for the Rust Coast can be roughly massive scarred concrete walls,
comparison. divided into the Inland reinforced with loose stone
Territories of the Rust Coast and jagged scrap, is the City
and the Island Network of of First Hope. Located just
the Rust Coast. The Inland north of Bridge City, along
territories cover the vast the major caravan route to the
spans of forest, mountainside, Under Sea, is the entrenched
rusted wasteland, and reach out civilization of the City of
to the edge of the Over Growth First Hope.
far to the east.
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
What was once a single This stylized image, marked If one were to view the
industrial complex was expanded on all aged property of the inner city of First Hope, it
during the time of the fall to settlement, to this day hangswould become obvious that
become a heavily fortified city- on aged fabric high above thegreat efforts have been made
state compound. With an outer center most buildings. to not only ensure the safety
perimeter of heavily grown of this community, but also
pines surrounding three foot Within the settlement of the to keep a careful record of
thick concrete walls, the City City of First Hope, there is the history of the settlement.
of First Hope appears was one a small settlement of traders In addition to the history of
of the greatest Genjian bastion that do business between the the settlement having been
points during the fall. outer walls of First Hope and a carved into walls of the inner
heavily guarded interior wall. wall, once a month all of the
Painted along the walls, Outsiders are allowed to come inhabitants of the settlement
carved into the stone within the outer limits of the come together to recite the
exteriors, and emblazoned on city, however, only citizens history of the settlement
nearly every interior building carrying the Mon of First Hope from memory. The entire inner
is the Mon of the City of First are allowed within the inner community of First Hope seems
Hope: the outline of a bird city. to rotate around a monolithic
rising from a nest of flames. structure in the center of

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
the entire city. Powered by a It is within the confines of Within the bows of these
combination of water turbines these “Earnest Fields” that great trees, enormous wooden
that reside along the outer wall some incredibly stout and houses and structures have
of First Hope and supported by hearty Mericans make their been created, interlocked via
ancient wind towers, the central home. Unconcerned by the nearly bridges, ladders, stairways,
hub of First Hope hosts hundreds untillable soil and the tough and ropes. The entirety of this
of thousands of pre-fall lifestyle, the Mericans have particular Merican compound
cryogenic chambers. made the Earnest Fields into a is airborne, making it almost
homestead untouched by most. impenetrable from outsiders.
The population of the inner Hunting the sparse wildlife,
city of First Hope is a mix of making due with the supplies The city functions just as
over thirty thousand Genjian granted to them by nature, and a normal Merican community
and roughly one thousand getting by solely with a “can- would. Farming takes place
Semper Mort. The Semper Mort, do” Merican spirit, the denizens near the treetops, attempting
children born from the series of the Earnest Fields are a to gain sunlight from outside
of cryogenic sleep chambers hardscrabble bunch of survivors. of the shaded canopy. Hunting
deep beneath the center parties hit the forest floor
technologies building of First Such a hard to survive locale in order to find food for the
Hope, are adult children living adds some simplicity to life. community. The sound of gunfire
in conjunction with the well- Very few incursions of zed make and rambunctious music can
prepared and trained Genjian their way out so far, as the be heard echoing through the
community. With near translucent food is sparse. Raiders are enormous trees, though not
skin of many different colors, almost nonexistent in the area, loud enough to wake the giants
hands that taper into brutal and those that are around must beneath them, however.
fingertip claws, and rows of be even crazier than usual to
short sharp teeth, the Semper mess with the hard-ass Mericans
Mort are a strange strain that living in the area. Living
seems to be living in harmony fairly solitary lives, acres The Lilac
within the community. apart, many Mericans don’t see
much more than their family in
an average month. Occasionally
The Earnest
a clan will head out to have
meetings with the other
homesteads in their region, but
ue to its locale, sprawled
between two mountain chains,
the Lilac Empire dodges many
these outings are fairly rare. a storm and weather change.
Whoever said that Mericans In fact, due to this little
don’t have a sense of humor has geographical marvel, the Lilac
clearly never been to the Earnest The Hills of Empire has managed to dodge
Fields. The name itself is a Giants a majority of the radioactive
play on the difficult terrain fallout leftover from the fall.
and landscape of the area. Snow The aforementioned Giants With the mountains also acting
covered peaks of high mountains that are used to describe as barriers from a majority of
present an ominous tone to start, these great hills are rumored undead, the place became an
but one with a more optimistic to be the previous occupants. ideal location for Pure Bloods
mindset could see the greenery Enormous trees, massive in to set up shop, who then took
that passes beyond into small scope and scale, tower and the landscape and used it to
dreary hills. Yet these are also overwhelm the entirety of the rebuild a city that once lay
shams, designed by some higher landscape. Some ingenious there. Taking their namesake
power to be cruel in the highest Mericans have however converted from some leftover signage and
order, for less than a foot below this forest into a personal the flowers that tend to bloom
that green dirt is a layer of playground, and made it their there in the warmer months, the
nigh impenetrable basalt. home. Lilac Empire blossomed.
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Such a solid locale attracts Places of earned within the Lodge by
attention, and many from the Interest in the either finding the rarest or
Nation of Accensor found the new Lilac Empire must unknown of animals, or by
location an ideal spot to build, producing an incredibly large
especially those who worshipped and overly mutated version of
the Cult of Fallow Hopes. The Rail’s End Trade Post some commonly found beast.
Pure Bloods welcomed them in As the name describes, the A trophy mount on the wall
with open arms, as they began Rail’s End Trade Post sits assures your name will stay
the process willing to do the just at the end of the Lilac in the lodge, remembered as a
labor accompanying rebuilding Empire’s border, touching upon hero, for all of known time.
a civilization. Yet as time the outside of the mountain
went on, and the Accensorites chain that keeps it isolated Empire Steam Plant
grew in number, the balance to the East. A vestigial arm A wonderful technological
shifted. Many Pure Bloods who of the Ironworks, the Rail’s marvel reengineered and
had been without faith before End Trade Post began as a fast maintained from ancient
found insight in Fallow Hopes moving trade collaboration technology, the Empire Steam
teachings, and the Irons being with the behemoth, yet has Plant actually makes waste
bought off of slavers with Pure received less and less transit into power. Thanks to some
Blood money went to building and in the past few years. The Iron handy Iron Slave construction,
rebuilding Accensorite temples. Slave population stemmed from and some bright Pure Blood
The Lilac Empire grew in size this rail-line, bringing in minds, all toilets and waste
and scope until it became an the Slaves that were the first containers within the Lilac
almost serene military empire wave of the Accensorite work Empire run through plumbing
in the mountains, untouched by crew. With the building mainly into the Empire Steam Plant,
most anything, and now even less complete and only structural which converts the waste
desirable due to the massive maintenance remaining, the need directly into power for the
force that had grown there. for new Iron’s has faltered, whole city. Its moniker is
and the Rail’s End sees less actually a deliberate misnomer,
Those who are well travelled and less train cars every day. as no Pure Blood wants to think
can pass through the Lilac Now it sits as a point of about their feces powering
Empire and see very little access to the Lilac Empire, in the city, and the plant does
difference between its design which Accensorites and Pure produce a lot of steam, which
and the design of many cities in Bloods are able to sell their curls into the air over its
the Ironworks. The only marked wares to selected outsiders; repaired yet ancient structure,
difference is that the glow is those who have something that fortunately odorless.
more varietal; not only the red the Empire needs, and those
glow of the Iron Slaves, but the that are of like mind to their The Giant Wisps
bluish white glow of exalted cause. At the far end of the Lilac
Accensorites. The Lilac Empire Empire, heading towards the
is a prime example of what Big Game Lodge west, there is an odd structure
the faithful can do if backed The mountains surrounding that towers into the skyline.
by money, and it has grown in the Lilac Empire as well as Formed entirely of carved and
proportion and size with every the Over Growth to the east bent metal, these two white
Pure Blood credit thrown in. It and south produce quite a bit curls glimmer up towards the
has not made ready for war as of wild game, and the Big Game sky, forming what looks like
of yet, and the chances of it Lodge encourages those who have two giant wisps of steam in
striking down upon nearby cities a lust for the hunt to go out the distance. These structures
is slim. They are currently and seek it. Trophies line the were built as memorials to
quite happy in their temple walls of the large cabin styled fallen Accensorites and Fallow
city, building an army to structure, making a great Hopes members who had passed,
cleanse the earth and build a hall of heads staring down at and they were constructed
new tomorrow. those that enter. Prestige is to represent the smoke from
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
the funeral pyres of those world. Temples are plentiful Valve Union
lost. However, the Cult of here, occasionally with one or Working the Empire
the Fallow Hopes, being ever two being on the same street. Steam Plant could be a
utilitarian, also made these Sermons and services are almost really horrendous task if
with a secondary purpose of all held in the City of the not organized properly.
acting as a lookout tower for Nation, and it’s difficult not to
Monitoring the maintenance and
any trouble coming from the be reminded of the cities faith functionality of several tons
west. The height allows these when confronted with as much of sewage daily in order to
structures to gaze nearly over iconography as is crammed in themaintain power to a booming
the mountain range, allowing area. This has also caused this city would be quite the heavy
eyes on any incoming travelers area to be the central meeting task to those without a sound
or foes, and also provides place of much of the city, mainly
structural system around them.
shelter for those who work this due to the large areas devoted The Valve Union takes care of
border, The Western Watch. entirely for worship, allowing its own, and makes sure that
someone to speak over a podium to
the Empire and its Steam Plant
The Mountain Roost the masses gathered below. will keep their employees fed,
On the Eastern edge of the safe, and insured. In case of
Lilac Empire, high above the an emergency, or a horrible
Rail’s End Trade Post, there accident, money makes its
is a small barracks located Factions way into the hands of Union
upon a mountain peak. Inside employees’ families, giving
is a small contingent of Rail’s End Trade them a small bit of comfort in
Accensorite troops, known as Company case their loved one suffered
the Red Roosters. The design When the Lilac Empire began tragically. Every employee
is nothing new or exciting, buying Iron Slaves for its within the Union works at
yet the vantage is absolutely tasks, the Rail’s End Trade the Plant, and if the Union
stunning. From the Roost, one Company was on the front lines is not satisfied with the
can see back over the entire in organization and purchasing Empires payout they can shut
glowing distance of the Lilac strength. Handling negotiations down the entire Plant and its
Empire, especially at night and fees with the Ironworks, functionality on a whim.
as the lights come on. To the they managed to plumb the
East, one can see miles of depths of the murky slave trade
expanding railroads carving in order to make sure that
through the Over Growth and their city was well stocked and
spot an incoming slave train capable of getting what they
from over ten miles. It is needed. Now, with the brunt of
when these shipments come in the slave trade over with, the
that a portion of the Roosters Rail’s End Trade Company still
disembarks from their mountain pulls it’s weight within the
home and head down to the Lilac Empire, keeping business
disturbances on the border. flowing with outsiders in an
otherwise separated community.
City of the Nation They are trusted in making
Within the center of the Lilac dealings with those who lack
Empire, there lays the beating faith, and also entrusted with
heart of faith and sanctity. The making the deals the Empire
City of the Nation is a large needs to bring in outside
block of buildings and citizens, supplies that make the city
all of whom find the Accensorite hum.
and Fallow Hopes methodology
to be the one true method for
restoring order to a chaotic
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Toll Takers Red Roosters alternating out their sleep
To enter into the Lilac The Red Roosters originally patterns for weeklong shifts.
Empire, there are only four began as a position of After a week, a new group of
main entryways, marking each of distinction amongst the Western Watchmen comes in and
the cardinal directions. There Accensorites of the Lilac begins its term of service.
are mountain passes through Empire. Their task was one of Since the installation of
the East and West, allowing great fear at first, as they the Giant Wisps, the Raider
for some easier obfuscation. hoped to be able to be the first encampments have been less
Then there are the corridors to line against the Ironworks if frequent in their jaunts, and
the North and South, serving the day ever came that they the Western Watch grows bored.
as simpler pathways into the chose to attack. After many It has been rumored that they
Empire. At each of these years of peace however, the Red look for any good excuse for a
checkpoints stand members of Roosters have become more of fight at this point, even those
the Toll Takers. The Toll a position held by the eldest who may mean no harm to the
Takers have devoted their lives of the Accensorites. This has Lilac Empire.
to “collecting” for the Cult of turned the Red Roosters into an
the Fallow Hopes. For passing almost old-boys club. Becoming Northern Expansionist
into their humble encampment, a Red Rooster surely means that There are those
one must pay the price to show your time serving the Empire is Accensorites and Cult members
good faith to allow entry. almost complete, but it also who are not satisfied with the
has the benefits of turning current state of the Lilac
Chattering Teeth their mountain barracks into Empire, and are looking to
The Chattering Teeth hold a bit of a gentlemen’s club. expand their borders to the
the responsibility of working The days of Red Roosters are North. These hotheaded men and
as the pick-up crews for the filled monitoring trade, keeping women are led by a vibrant and
largest animals that are hunted a shallow watch, and drinking charismatic leader, Shiloh
by the Big Game Lodge. Not and smoking, waiting for the Westbrook. He attests that
hunters themselves, but instead next brawl that never seems the only way for the Empire
enthusiasts, the Chattering to come. That does not mean to thrive is to take more
Teeth devote their lives in that the Roosters are lazy or area, and begin reclaiming the
the only way they can to the lay-abouts, as they almost all world swath by swath after
hunt. If a hunter reports a come from the church of Fallow that. Others disagree, calling
sizeable kill, it is the duty Hopes. They are prepared to the ideas of the Northern
of the Chattering Teeth to go wipe out the evil they see at Expansionists “folly,” as the
collect that kill, bring it in, every turn, if it ever manages Northern temperatures are too
skin it, and prepare its body to present itself. cold to handle, and that the
to be mounted. As a token of benefits for moving that high
their esteem for the hard work Western Watch up are nominal. Westbrook and
and effort they put into all The Western Watch is one of his followers disagree, saying
of their work, the Chattering the least coveted positions that a Northern expansion will
Teeth are allowed to collect within the Accensorite command further the might of the Lilac
one of the teeth from the kill, structure. It is a small and Empire, and make them an even
which they put into necklaces. tactical team, designed more more fearful presence in the
The more venerated a member of to be town criers than actual world.
the Chattering Teeth becomes, warriors, and makes the ideal
the more teeth they gain for position for new recruits. High
their necklaces, which lends above, a small contingent of
them their name. Western Watch makes its post
in the Giant Wisps, waiting
for contact with some of the
raider encampments to the west.
They sit in teams of four,
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
There are still islands so The nature of the waterways
The small within the Rusted Isles that surround the Deception
that they have not been located Islands has protected the
Rusted Isles or inhabited. It is considered local inhabitants, the Mari-
by some one of the greatest Mari tribes, from much of the
areas to explore, especially influence of the outside world.
“Haven’t yeh’ heard lads? The the Genjian and Accensorites The islands, lush with natural
Rusted Isles. Home to quite who believe that telling growth and wildlife, serves as
a mixed bunch. There’s fire artifacts of the old world may the home of an Accensorite and
worshippers on one of them, be hidden within lost islands, Natural One community that has
a gaggle of warrior women on only to be found by those with completely devoted itself to
another. Some house folks like enough drive and focus. A small the ways of the Tribes of the
us, the slavers, keeping our empire of ships has gone out to Seasons. Here, on the Deception
ships safe in the dark. Some hold find lost lands, or travel to Islands, the members of the
those pure of heart Accensorites, places not marked on the local Mari-Mari tribes live a nomadic
glowing all blue like lighthouses maps, and most have come back lifestyle that includes the
in the distance. There’s the empty handed. Some have never raising of horses, farming, and
museums from the Genjian, those been seen again. contests of warrior prowess.
tough old loggers out on South The Mari-Mari tribes live with
Beach. And that big old Fallow There have been sightings of the environment around them
Hopes base. But that’s no bother massive naval ships running instead of attempting to force
for us lads. We’re to sail on. their paces through the Isles. their will over nature, and
Sail on.” Tales of metal behemoths, adapt themselves to be a part
rusted and rumbling, the size of the ecosystem.

T he Rusted Isles may

have the most diverse
of buildings, carving through
the waters, finding channels
composition of all of the Rust with enough depth to maneuver.
The Mari-Mari, while
seemingly primitive from an
Empire, which is entirely due They have been said to bear the outsider’s viewpoint, have
to their geography. The broken flags of the Cult of the Fallow reached a level of coexistence
chain of islands is scattered Hopes, and an enormous green within their territory that has
throughout the northwest, all cross flag. taken generations of wisdom.
varying in structure, size, The Mari-Mari ensure that their
and inhabitants. One could tribe does not overhunt or
sail for a day or two and see The Deception over farm the area. The Mari-
dozens of tiny islands, and Islands Mari store foodstuffs for the
some of the larger ones, and winter, have developed small
find cultures and customs that There is a small chain of crafts that are able to manage
are wildly disparate. islands among the Rusted Isles, the turbulent waterways, and
with dangerous waterways subsidize their eating needs
There is no uniting leading to them. Profound with fishing. The Mari-Mari
government over the Rusted depths in random locales, heavy have tamed a number of the
Isles, nor is there a uniting undertow, sharp rocks, and wild horses of the Deception
banner. People have come to broken ships mark the paths Islands, and use the animals as
these locations, either because to the Deception Islands. both mounts as well as beasts
they seek isolation, business, Without a knowledgeable boatman of burden.
independence, or because they or a keen eye, it is nearly
feel they have always been impossible to approach the The landscape of the
there. Many pass through on Deception Islands without Deception Islands, while
their way out to sea, and those wrecking your ship, hence the inhospitable from an outsider’s
who are knowledgeable enough Islands name. viewpoint, actually provides
know which islands to avoid, a wealth of resources and
and which offer safe harbor. provisions for all those
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
that live there. The truest The buildings almost blend in Temple of Helen
deception of the Deception with the beauty, only standing
Island is understanding that out for being unnatural. There Isolated from much of the
sometimes those things that are enormous glass windows, other islands due to its
seem insurmountable are truly stretching twenty feet into the volatility, the Temple of
worth the effort. This is a air, unbroken and untouched. Helen houses thousands of
lesson that each of the members The stonework and metal in the Accensorites who worship the
of the Mari-Mari tribe have structure is somehow almost Tribe of Seasons in a very
taken to heart. untouched by rust and decay. unorthodox way. The active
Inside of these buildings marks volcano that bubbles and smokes
an extensive collection of day in and out of their living
Island of pre-fall artifacts, beautiful there has made them come to
Olympus trinkets and heirlooms that trust it and worship it as a
have been catalogued and are nature spirit, one who would
The actual age of the noted for their meaning and only take those who were not of
buildings that form the usage. Within the back of strong enough faith. They have
compound on the Island of the compound is an enormous built huts rimming the base of
Olympus is debatable. Some say library, filled with saved pre- the volcanic island, and it is
they’re cleverly constructed fall books, used to annotate a matter of pride and faith for
Genjian creations, designed the artifacts that are stored them to build their huts and
to replicate pre-fall within the building. homes closer to the mouth of
buildings. Others say that the volcano to show how devout
the structures just happen to Under these buildings lies they are.
be mint condition pre-fall a massive infrastructure of
architecture, or lovingly corridors, allowing people Frequently, due to the damage
maintained ruins. Either way, passage and access between done by the massive earthquake
these buildings are unlike the halls. Laboratories run that formed these island
most within the wasteland as tests and experiments on the chains, the Temple of Helen
they house what many consider artifact, trying to recreate will punish the unfaithful,
some of the last chances for the spark of the forgotten not with a full blast of a
rebuilding the past. world. Most experiments have volcanic eruption, but with an
not been successful, but they almost mystical crippling magma
The Island of Olympus has feel with time they may succeed ooze that will course down
become a sort of living museum, in plumbing the secrets of the the side of the mountain. The
maintained carefully by the past. Accensorites who worship there,
Shinsei Society: a Genjian called the Children of Helen,
contingent who has dedicated Some on the mainland consider are known to simply wait and
itself to recovering and this structure sacrilegious, see who the volcano will judge,
cataloguing lost pre-fall as in their collection the and accept their punishment
artifacts. The island itself, Shinsei hold many a religious willingly, burning alive in a
without the building, is a artifact that some may value. fissure of lava.
beautiful piece of nearly The Shinsei invite all to come
untouched nature. Massive trees and add to the collection, and Many devotees have built
sprawl throughout the island, allow carefully monitored tours their homesteads out of the
and beautiful clean water lakes of the building itself, yet volcanic rock that makes up
and streams cross it. Something many devotees refuse, saying much of the island, leaving
about the area around it has that the artifacts belong in odd black houses dotting the
made it almost untouched by the care of those who are shoreline. At night, one can
most of the evils and horrors worthy and faithful. see the island glowing, a fiery
of the world. red orange from the top of the
mountain occasionally drifting
down the sides.
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Saint Everett With devotees of the Green discovered a series of old world
Cross allowed to reside in buildings, almost reclaimed
The waterways leading up to the Pacific Providences to the by the earth. But using their
Saint Everett make it seem like north, permitted safe travel Merican ingenuity, they were
a prison. Rocky, steep shores through the Red Star communes able to rebuild what they could,
give rise to a large rusted to the south, and welcomed with and set up a shop and home base
barbed wire fence, encircling open arms in both the Under for the Lumbering Union.
the whole of the island. In the Sea and in Oilberta the Green
middle of the area, one can see Cross could perhaps be one of The island itself only has so
large grey stone buildings. the widest accepted networked much lumber, and there’s only
Pulling up to one of the well- organizations in the modern so much that can be harvested
maintained docks however will wastelands. from it. The Lumbering Union has
reveal a different feeling taken to logging only in certain
all together. The Sainthood of The compound of Saint Everest areas of the Island at certain
Ashes, in particular the Green is not simple a utopia of times, and replanting trees as
Cross, have taken what was a horticulturally and medically they go along. This method of
grey and soulless terrain and educated people however, it is repopulation should be enough
made it into the shrine of also a sizable army of devoted for them to continue their
Saint Everett. All along the followers who are willing to operations on the island for
roads, walkways, and buildings do whatever it takes to defend many years.
are off white banners with Saint Everett and the Green
massive green crosses. These Cross. With solid relations Wildlife is plentiful on South
crosses, with arms as wide as with the Genjian strongholds Beach Island, although years
they are tall, is a simple of the area, the Green Cross of logging have now taught the
sign of two bisecting lines of Saint Everett are one of animals to stay away from the
that offer hope and sanctuary the few groups that have sounds of sawing. However,
to those that seek it. access to advanced military there are some animals that are
technologies that the Genjian drawn to it, mainly the larger
The territory no known as have access to. Armed with high predators of the island, and
Saint Everett is a rocky quality, accurate, firearms that find no matter how chewy
terrain that has been used as anyone foolish enough to try and stringy those Mericans may
a means to provide natural and siege the temple of Saint be, they’re still a great meal.
defenses and resources for Everett will have to find a way This doesn’t deter the loggers
green house and open-air to become immune to massive however, who have begun to make
gardens. Here the devotees of volumes of accurately place a sport of removing nearby
the Green Cross grow plants bullets first. predators in creative ways.
that provide a wide variety of Some have built traps, others
herbal remedies for illness, have perfected the throw of
disease, and environmental South Beach their axes, and others still find
dangers. The Green Cross shooting the damn things to be
uses this location as a base What once was just a multi- the most fun of all.
of operations to oversee a mile copse of trees, out in
number of caravans, trade the middle of the Rusted There are dangers to be found
representatives, farmers, and Isles chain, has now become a in the woods of South Beach
doctors who have the earnest predominant logging community. Island. Many loggers have
goal of providing a higher Run by the Lumbering Union, reported seeing shadowy figures
quality of life to all those South Beach Island has sprouted moving through the woods, and
up and down the coast of the into a powerhouse of lumber some of the loggers have gone
Rust Empire. provisions, most of which are missing without much evidence of
shipped back to the mainland for where they went off to. There
us in construction. Deep in the is speculation that it is the
heart of the Island, the loggers work of the island’s original
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
inhabitants, who some believe to able to quickly take control culture of the mainland to both
be Lascarians or Semper Mort. of its home island, and then the Northeast and the East has
There has been little trace of many of the smaller islands taken no foothold on their
the culprits, and some of the surrounding its homeland. islands.
loggers believe this was just
ghost stories for wimps who The Mari-Mari Tribe is a The Green Cross
weren’t Merican enough to handle matriarchal society with the The Green Cross is an
the job. wisest among them named as “The organization of the Sainthood of
Mari.” The Mari, having proven Ashes that identifies, transports,
herself in wisdom and physical and provides a number of
ability against all other tribe naturally occurring medicinal
Factions leaders, ensures the spiritual agents all along the coastline
and tactical survival of the of the Rust Empire. The network
The Mari-Mari Tribe Mari-Mari people. that the Green Cross oversees is
A tribe of island-born vast, harvesting plants as far
Natural Ones, the Mari-Mari Agile, lithe, and slight north as the Pacific Providence
tribe has survived and thrived people, the Mari-Mari tribe and as providing medicinal
on the deadly island landscape focuses on fast-moving tactics needs as far South as the city
off of the coast of the Under and agile combat. Skilled as of Lost Angels along the broken
Sea. The Mari-Mari tribe was both horse backed combatants shores. Overseeing a number of
born from an ancestry of as well as skilled treetop greenhouses, shipping routes, and
horse-backed warriors. Raising hunters, the Mari-Mari trade caravans that seek out and
incredibly fast beasts to ride tribe have ensured that the trade medicinal needs with every
upon, the Mari-Mari tribe was encroaching technology and community The Green Cross is one

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
of the few faith organizations All members of the Lumbering The Children of Helen
that travel through the Red Star Union are identifiable by a Those that live under the
held territories unmolested. small patch given to members volcano at the Temple of Helen
who join up: two crossed axes are considered to be members of
The Green Cross has set up a over a Merican flag. the Tribe of Seasons. Yet they
number of trade oases in combined have a further subsection they
efforts with the Lamp Lighters of Shinsei Society have crafted for themselves,
the Sainthood of Ashes all along Led by the amicable Shao calling themselves the Children
Deng, the Shinsei Society is
the coastline of the Rust Empire. of Helen. These Accensorites
These rest stations, known as responsible for the procurement live to worship the spirit of
‘Dispensaries of Hope,’ trade of artifacts throughout the the volcano, who they believe to
herbal medicinal remedies to Rust Empire, and their curating be judge, jury, and executioner
within the living museum at the
weary and sick travelers in need. in all cases. If a crime is
Island of Olympus. These men and committed by a member of the
women are mostly Genjian, with Children of Helen, they are to be
Lumbering Union a few non-Genjian followers, who tested by the fire of Helen, and
Led by a man named Brodell seek to restore the world to brought to stand at the mouth of
Franklin, the Lumbering Union its original ways, and to learn magma. If they are innocent, they
is a group of hardworking further about the way the pre- shall live and be spared. If they
Mericans who have set up shop fall world worked. Many of them are guilty, the lava and fire will
on South Beach Island. They act as archaeologists, traveling consume them.
began their recruitment for to Rust Empire to find new and
workers in the Earnest Plains exciting pieces of pre-fall lore. The Children are not kind to
several years ago, and since Once items are discovered, they outsiders. Some of the first
then have just found good old are brought back to the Island arrivals to the Island were
Mericans ready to serve from of Olympus. It is a rarity if a greeted by a massive eruption
the shoreline, as they’ve shown member of the Shinsei Society is from the volcano, which consumed
up to docks and asked members carrying more than one artifact many of the villages along the
of the Union to join up in the on them, as they are tasked outskirts. The Children believed
ranks and make some good, hard to return with it as soon as that outsiders angered the spirit
earned money. possible. of the Volcano, and therefore the
Island should be kept for those
The Lumbering Union feels When items are in the loyal to her only.
their home base on South possession of others, the Shinsei
Beach Island is just perfect somehow miraculously can pull out
for them at this time. With enough money on most occasions Notable
their methods of gathering to purchase it. No one knows or
as they currently are, they understands where their wealth Personalities
know they’ll be able to make comes from, and the Shinsei are
it last for a while before not ones for sharing that sort Francis Redford
resources get sparse. But with of information. They follow a The leader of the Green Cross,
business booming, new contracts policy of enlightening others in Admiral Francis Redford is a kind
appearing every day, and new their travels, and will happily and honest man. He takes all who
employees looking to swing display any artifact that they come to his base for shelter in,
an axe, the Lumbering Union have encountered. The living and allows them to stay. A fair
may have to branch out in the museum has a fairly open door and just man, he believes to stay
future months to make sure policy, and allows many people to on Saint Everett means earning
they have enough supplies to see this personal look into the your keep, and accepts all forms
keep themselves on top of the past. They will not kill for an of work as means of paying rent.
game, and keep them rolling in artifact, but they will die to He found Saint Everett with a
credits. protect one they already possess, group of Fallow Hopes explorers
and will die fighting hard for it. over 20 years ago, and since has
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
worked to build its secure force. to hire out a boat and head out of broken glass, which turned
Francis Redford rediscovered towards sea, and see if they out to be a lens of some sort.
the medicinal qualities of many couldn’t find some unclaimed Even though it was nothing, her
of the herbs, plants, and natural island. mother was so proud, she placed
resources of the area when he was it on display in the living
given limited access to a number On their third day out sailing, museum.
of herbalism guides protected hoping for a spot to harvest, his
by the Genjian strongholds. team found South Beach Island, Now, Shao Deng is too old to
Identifying mutations and and made camp right there. After go adventuring and exploring
variants of pre-fall plant life, their first successful outing back anymore. She happily resides
Francis Redford and his team were inland to sell their product, in the living museum, curating
able to identify a number of Franklin used his whip smart and helping with the scientific
medicinal herbs and plants that, business sense to incorporate, research that goes on beneath
when used properly, provided much and hired on all of his hires her feet. She has years of
needed respite to the suffering as full time members of the knowledge and expertise, and
entities of the Rust Empire. Lumbering Union. Since then, one look into her eyes can tell
they have cornered the market you of the years of information
Redford is true to his faith, on wood related products in the she has stored.
and hopes the Green Cross will be Northwest.
what humanity needs to enlighten
people to a healthier future. Brodell Franklin is a stocky
He knows in his heart that he man, about five foot two, with
is guided and knows that finding arms the size of barrels, and a
Saint Everett was providence. head a little bit too small for
He is tall, muscular, and broad his body. In his age, his once
shouldered with a grey beard that strong black moustache has grown
is always tightly trimmed. grey, and his back a bit crooked.

Shao Deng
Brodell Franklin Shao Deng claims she is
Brodell Franklin grew up out not the founder of the Shinsei
in the Earnest Fields with Society. In fact, she claims to
his mammy and pappy. It was a be a fourth generation member,
hardscrabble life, but Franklin and that her family has not
knew that there would be great held the leadership title until
things waiting for him out her generation. She seems to
there. He began working for a say that with a hint of pride,
logging company out near the but those who know Shao Deng
shores, and after being on the well know that she is intensely
job for 12 years, he decided it humble and incredibly modest,
was time to set out on his own. so this tinge of pride in her
speech must be something else.
He hired a crew of 10 young
Mericans with money he had She tells tales of her
saved up from his time logging. ancestors who first claimed
They originally worked inland the island, and how they
for a while, and had a hard immediately knew that this
time making ends meet, as would be where they could
they were being pushed out by rebuild the world from. She
other companies and the damn tells stories of her first hunt
filthy Reds from Bridgetown. for artifacts, and how as a
Eventually, he got a wild idea child she found an ancient bit
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Salt Wise sail. This is the land better be polite. After all, we
The Pacific of the proud Accensorite and the
diligent Reclaimer. This is the
may be nice on the surface, but
that doesn’t mean that we won’t
Providence land where you can make your
fortune— stake your claim and
cut you out of a deal if you
don’t show us a bit of respect.
take the resources for yourself.
“The cold sea breezes scour This is the land of the living. And that’s what it’s all
the coast and bring with them about: trade. Roads and rivers
the late ocean storms. Lightning When it comes to the Pacific crisscross our land, stretching
streaks across the sky as the Providence, you have to keep a out to the cities and towns of
winds howl, lashing salt spray few things in mind. Sure, the our region. The Diesel Jocks and
against the docks and the rocky Under Sea may have more trade Salt Wise bring oil and chicory
islands. Further inland, you can than we do, but what we do have brew and engine parts and food
find the ice and the snow and is access to some of the most across the Pacific Providence,
the rocky mountains that tower valuable commodities this side of stopping from town to town as
above them all, sheltering the the Rust Coast. And by that, we they make their trek.
creatures that lurk in the dark— mean oil.
the monsters that hide in the You see, the Pacific Providence
shadows of pine and aspen. We have the cities that isn’t Oilberta. This isn’t a
straddle the line between Under place of the dying of the dead.
This is the land of trade Sea and Oilberta, which means This is where life flourishes and
and travel, of adventure and that traders have to go through begins again. After all, we are
exploration. This is the land our territory before getting a in a new world, and we best make
where Diesel Jocks roam and where drop. And that means that you’d the most of it.”

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
On the slicked streets and Stan-Lee Woods
Raincouver within the toppled ruins
of Raincouver, you can find “If you ask me, it’s a bit
“Close your eyes for a anything and everything you weird that the Natural Ones
moment. That’s right, just might want to purchase—as long have decided to set up shop
listen. You can hear the sounds as you know where to look. so close to the town, but
of the Reclaimers bartering Salt Wise show up at Stan-Lee that’s just me— and I guess you
and trading with the local Salt Woods to hawk their wares of can’t blame them with how wild
Wise from the Island. You can seal and wax and whale blubber, everything else is. There’s no
hear the way clattering wheels while others have more illicit denying that no one else is
and footsteps sound through the goods; roving clans of Diesel crazy enough to live in Stan-
cracked streets as merchants Jocks show up near the Northern Lee Woods, anyway. Hell, that
come to set up shop. If you Gate with ill-gained wares place may have good fish and
listen hard enough, you can while Reclaimers offer timber game, but you’d have to pay me
hear the distant buzz and churn hauled from the north to earn a a shit ton of money to take
of the sawmill where freshly living. a walk in that forest alone—
cut timber is hauled away. especially with the recent
What you hear is life, and Over all of this trade, over rumor...”
I’ll be damned if that isn’t all of this commerce, there is
better than what you get in New the ruling council. Consisting –Tovah Steeble,
Calgary.” of a group of Reclaimers, Remnant trader
these men and women police the
–Carter Roy, goings-on within Raincouver— You can still smell the sea
Reclaimer Trader or some of them do. There’s a from Stan-Lee Woods. It’s a
shady underside to the rain- fishy odor that wafts up from

L ife: It’s the one constant

in Raincouver, the one
precious commodity that
soaked city, and only a few
council members are aware of
the fact. Business is business,
the shore and mingles with the
scents of cherry blossoms in
the late spring. It travels
everyone strives to hold onto. though; and if you’re earning along the cracked and crumbling
It’s what drives men to acts a profit, then who really cares remnants of the sea wall,
of greed and corruption. It’s how you earn it? where local Salt Wise set up
what causes residents to soar the daily market to trade with
to new heights of altruism And yet sometimes when a deal the group of Natural Ones and
and generosity. It’s precious goes sour, people go missing in Reclaimers from Raincouver
not because it’s rare, though; the dead of night. Beneath the in the area. It floats across
it’s because in a city like burgeoning trade and success of the ash and Douglas fir trees,
Raincouver, it’s hard to hold the city, there’s a constant reminding you that the ocean
onto. feeling of fear. The residents is never far from Stan-Lee—and
of the city fully realize that Stan-Lee never far from the
Don’t misunderstand: There once you’re in debt to someone, ocean.
are deadlier places in the you’d better repay it— or else.
wastes. You can find entire When old Vancouver fell, the
hordes of the icy dead outside jaded, the homeless, and the
of the city, raiders that are dying crawled their ways into
adapted to the bitter winter the remains of Stanley Park.
nights and who are more than It was a place where people
happy to disembowel you for a could simply disappear and hide
quick meal. But the trade that from the horrors that plagued
fuels Raincouver —its life’s the city at large. But there
blood— is also its demise. were those who had an advantage
when it came to survival. The
homeless already knew how to
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
trap ducks and starlings, using The truth of the matter is And the seedy underbelly of
nets and glue traps to capture that with its proximity to the the city constantly demands a
their daily meals. And these major settlement of Raincouver, vigilant eye in the form of a
were the ones who eventually Stan-Lee is the perfect policing force.
thrived within the confines of location for some of the death
Stan-Lee as many others fell. cults that have sprung up The Lions’ Gate provides that
across the region. While not force— at least to some extent.
Stan-Lee is known for its nearly as active as nearby New The remains of this arena has
population of Natural Ones— Calgary, these cults still been repurposed to serve as a
somewhat unusual since the represent a major threat in the training ground and housing
park itself is so near a major area— at least to those that for the policing force of the
population center. Yet this fail to embrace the ways of city, the Lions.
group has managed to take over the Hallowed Dead. But not all
the once-groomed park, hunting disappearances can be blamed on Within the relatively
game within the large expanse. the cults; Stan-Lee Woods is sheltered confines of the arena,
Woods have grown since the fall also the perfect place to get you can see Lions sparring each
of mankind, dense thickets rid of someone who has failed other and practicing drills.
that twist, turn, and cause to repay his debt. You can hear the shout of
the unwary to lose themselves the General as he orders his
within the forest. troops to fall in line. You
can smell the sharp, metallic
The Natural Ones that live The Lions’ Gate scent of blood and the sickly
within Stan-Lee woods are sweet odor of sweat. After all
known as industrious traders. “The first thing you notice of these things, though, you
They make good use of the sea about Lions’ Gate is the size. notice something else— most of
wall that runs along their The entirety of Raincouver the Lions are Accensorites.
territory, and a Salt Wise could probably pack in there
market can often be seen during if they tried. Tiered walls It’s rumored that the Lions
warmer days. Fishermen hawk rise up on either side of the only accept the most elite
their wares and Natural Ones main arena, forming a barrier among their ranks; only those
trade with anything they can between the trainees and the that can show their mettle
hunt from their forests. Those outside world. And believe both on the field and off it.
from the nearby city sometimes me when we say that we’re The truth, though, is a far
even make an appearance, grateful; we don’t need any darker tale.
trading crafted goods in more Accensorites running
exchange for food. around our city like in the Once Accensorites ascend
Under Sea and mucking things in Raincouver, they undergo
And yet not all is as it up.” a transformation, becoming
seems within the woods in the more and more devoted to their
dark. Chants and prayers mingle –Jamie Stone, faith. This wouldn’t be an
in the biting wind during cold Reclaimer shopkeeper issue if these Accensorites
nights. Screams echo through were all of the same religion.
the forests as blood splatters Raincouver might not have to Unfortunately for Raincouver,
the ground. No one is quite deal with the same threats from though, they’re not. These
sure exactly what haunts the undead that New Calgary Accensorites battle in the
the woods, but it’s common has to, but it does have its streets in order to prove
knowledge that something does— dangers. Raiders and roving which religion is the “true”
and even the tribes of Natural tribes of Diesel Jocks cause religion. While Accensorites
Ones dislike speaking of it havoc if not stopped. Ascended are encouraged to go to New
during evening hours. Accensorites sometimes battle Calgary or Under Sea to battle,
within the streets, not caring that doesn’t always work.
what or who gets in their way. That’s why the council
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
created the Lions. The policing surface it just seems like your Raincouver may be the
force acts as a way to bring regular bar, though, the owner main city settlement of the
Accensorites together in and proprietor of the place, region, but Nootka Island
an effort to control them Snyder, has turned it into is where you’ll find some of
and prevent the fights that something more. the most valuable resources
break out in the streets. in the region. Pine forests
Unfortunately, the plan has Stroll past the bar and blanket the island itself
only met with limited success. you’ll find a panel hidden while salmon swim in the local
After the Accensorites ascend, behind a faded poster covered rivers. Salt Wise ships bob
very little matters other than in stains. Push it open and in the makeshift harbor, and
their religion. you’ll see stairs leading their crude buildings dot
downward to a subterranean the shore. Further in, you
room. That’s where Snyder can find scattered Reclaimer
Gassy Tavern conducts most of his deals when settlements that take advantage
it comes to the Raincouver of the timber on the island for
“Not a bad place, eh? Not underground market. forestry and trade.
somewhere you’d take your mom,
but it’s all right. See that That’s not to say the bar While temperatures plunge
group over there? Those are the itself doesn’t have its elsewhere, the sea keeps
Reclaimers that work the nearby attractions. While Snyder runs the island hovering above
mill. And see that man right the back room, he also provides freezing, even in the winter.
there? The one with the eye entertainment in the form While it’s rich in resources,
patch? Keep on his good side, of King’s Court performers, though, these resources are
eh? He owns the place, and drinks, and conversation in the protectively guarded by the
those who cross him don’t live front room. Reclaimer workers Salt Wise that call the island
long enough to talk about it.” often have no idea that the home.
Salt Wise and Diesel Jocks at
-Rafe Powell, the bar might have illegal The Salt Wise of the island
Remnant barfly drugs and goods tucked just out are strict in their ways,
of sight. often viewing “outsiders” with
Gassy Tavern isn’t your suspicion. That said, they
typical bar. Sure, it has the welcome trade and often visit
greasy chairs and a limited Nootka Island the city of Raincouver in order
selection of hooch from to make business transactions,
dubious sources. Sure, it has though some whisper that these
the occasional brawl and the “We are the people of the deals sometimes take on a
scent of tobacco hangs thick sea. Our ancestors lived here— darker bent.
and heavy in the air. Sure, died here—and we are their
you can find drunks slumped in legacy. Come meet the waves; There are rumors of Salt Wise
dark corners and an occasional feel how the salt spray lashes ships raiding traders that pass
good time from one of the at your face as you throw your through the nearby waters.
women there. But it also has harpoon at a passing whale. Reclaimers from Raincouver have
something more; it has Jake Revel in the hunt as you work even been sent to investigate
Snyder. together to bring in the haul. once or twice, but little in
This is our life—and we will the way of evidence has been
Raincouver is known for its destroy anyone who threatens found. The Salt Wise settlement
timber trade, and Gassy Tavern it.” on the island seems to just be
provides the perfect stopping a peaceful fishing village that
off point for the Reclaimers –Ash Salish, trades blubber and fish at the
that work in the nearby mills Salt Wise Sailor market near Stan-Lee Woods.
and forests and oil fields If you make it onto the
to the north. While at the island itself, you’ll find a
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
thriving community. You can on their lands and give them Shadowing Raincover are the
smell smoked fish as the Salt free and safe passage. Those who North Mountains, the boundary
Wise preserve caught salmon. attempt to harvest timber without for most people that live in the
Seaweed dries in rows in the sun Salt Wise consent, though, area. Only the Diesel Jocks that
and several members mend nets usually meet with a grimmer fate. have carved out rugged trails
outside of houses made of wood through the mountains dare
and stone. venture further afield. After
The North all, everyone knows that to the
Farther from the coast, you Mountains north, there is only death.
can find where the Salt Wise have
rented out the woods of “their” “There are creatures in this The scent of pine and blood
island to Reclaimers from world that shouldn’t exist; wafts through the air, chilly
Raincouver. There, Raincouver monsters that overshadow our air blowing down from the
residents harvest timber for cities and towns. They lurk in mountains. At night, you can
trade. Reliant on the Salt the shadow of the pine and the hear the haunting calls of the
Wise ships to ferry them to boulder, ready to grasp the creatures that haunt the slopes—
and from the mainland, the unwary traveler. The North is monsters that cry out for flesh.
Salt Wise and Reclaimers not a place for the fearful
have struck up a deal; in or the unprepared—or even the Here, you can find raiders that
exchange for cut sane. The North is death— and haunt the forests, eking out a
timber for all that it entails.” living by swooping down toward
their ships, –Eleanor Coy, Raincouver to grab what they can
the Salt Wise Accensorite Guard from citizens. Here, you can find
lower the massive animals that have been
“rent” warped by the infection; rotting
moose that tower over living
creatures, plague bears that
charge through the forests in
search of prey. There are even
rumors that some raiders have
tamed these creatures, using them
like Diesel Jock rides in order
to tackle the tougher terrain.
For all but the most wary, the
mountains are a death trap.
Despite all this, though,
there are those that still
ascend the rocky slopes. Old ATV
trails are used and maintained
by Diesel Jocks. There are
easier roads —faster roads—
but the ones that cut through
the North Mountains are ones
that are rarely patrolled by
the Lions. And for fast-moving
Diesel Jocks looking to avoid
direct confrontation, the old
trails are sometimes the best

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
It’s not only Diesel Jocks Blood families, these Pure happy with them. There are a
that make their way into the Bloods help stage and run the few members on the council that
mountains, though. There are underground fights that draw have heard word of potential
also Accensorites from the Cult in gamblers of all sorts from fights and have sometimes sent
of Fallow Hopes who wander into around Raincouver and beyond. Lions to break them up. Yet
the reaches of the mountains in it’s likely that there are
hopes of slaying the supposed The Black Diamonds choose others on the council with the
demons that haunt the forests. their fighters carefully, and opposite view who get word of a
Most of these Accensorites are those who do well in the raid beforehand; whenever the
viewed as insane, and usually arena can make a good living— Lions have tried to break up a
never return. assuming that they live long fight, they find only an empty
enough. Accidents do happen, space with only a few spatters
While the mountains are after all, and the pools of of blood as evidence for what
dangerous, they do hold some blood that spatter the ground occurred moments before.
resources. Reclaimers that from the fights that were held
haven’t made deals with the the night before are proof of
Salt Wise on Nootka Island haul that. The Bloody Bones
timber on the fringes of the “Tell me, what gods do you
mountains. Each year, though, Many of the fighters are pray to? Are they the demons
the trees recede a little Reclaimers. Known to be sturdy that walk this Earth, that rip
further and the Reclaimers climb and able to take more than a and tear and make life Hell?
a little higher. few hits, these men and women Are they the jaded righteous?
usually put out some of the The old Kings and Queens with
best shows in the makeshift their meaningless lyrics? The
The Black Diamonds arenas that change from week- Visionaries with their idiotic
“We’ve been watching you for to-week. prophecies and parables? They
a while now. Oh, don’t give me are all false. The true lord is
that look— you shouldn’t be so That said, the Black Diamonds the one that dwells beneath. He
surprised. Someone with your will change up the fights a bit flows through all of us. And we
talents doesn’t go unnoticed by staging “themed” battles; are one.”
for long. Now we want to give stories still circulate about
you a chance, a chance for the Salt Wise fights held along –Adriane Shaffer,
money and fame and glory. Of the docks near Stan-Lee Woods, Bloody Bones Cult Member
course, you could turn us down— and sometimes “guest” Mericans
but it would be in your best from the south are thrown into There are whispers within
interests not to. Trust me.” the ring. Raincouver— whispers of a cult
–Barnaby Wells, Pure Blood that has appeared from the
dead city of New Calgary. It’s
Raincouver is known for its The location of the fights rumored that screams float from
Lions, but there’s a shadier changes with each set. The the depths of Stan-Lee Woods;
side to the illustrious group Black Diamonds will find a that blood and sacrifice is part
of guards; that’s where the relatively out-of-the-way of the daily rituals that this
Black Diamonds come in. location within the less-used cult performs. It’s said that
portions of Raincouver —a those who seek out the men and
This fighting ring is run by burned out arena, a series of women who form this group are
a group of Pure Bloods— some crumbling buildings— and then given two choices: join them,
of the seediest and shadiest will circulate the location by or join the Grave.
men and women that you’re word of mouth.
liable to meet outside of The Bloody Bones formed out
Vegasia. Said to be the second While these fights have the of the cults of New Calgary.
sons, daughters and cousins potential to earn a lot of It’s said that a cult member
of more illustrious Pure cred, though, not everyone is made the long journey to
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Raincouver. Sensing that he a bad business deal, he may they advise someone not trade
would get little in the way wind up being sold to the cult with someone else and that
of support with all of the within Stan-Lee as a way to deal still goes through, that
Accensorites within the city, repay his debt. Sometimes, the person may find their ship sunk
she instead ventured to Stan- cult simply asks for blood— and beneath the waves while trying
Lee Woods where she encountered sometimes, it can be far, far to deliver goods.
Natural Ones who were part of worse.
the Tribes of Seasons. This was While this gives the
something she could work with. Seafarers quite a bit of
The Seafarers power over trade, their power
There is a sub-sect of the “You want to know about us? wouldn’t be nearly so secure
Tribes of Seasons within Stan- Well we’re just as harmless as if they didn’t have back-up.
Lee: the Cult of the Bloody you please—Salt Wise, you know. It’s rumored that these Salt
Bones. These Natural Ones We hunt fish and seals and sell Wise work closely with the
worship the turn of life and them at market from time to roaming bands of Diesel Jocks
death as a natural process. time—but there’s really nothing in the region of Burning Town.
And yet they do not view death interesting about us to note. Shipments are delivered along
as the end— rather as a new Now how about you go about your the coast to Diesel Jocks who
beginning. Everyone rises business. After all, the sea then continue to transport
again from the grave; this can be pretty dangerous. We’d goods over land. Exactly what
is simply the start of a new hate for something to happen to these shipments hold, though,
cycle of seasons, one that you.” is anyone’s guess.
is experienced within death
itself. –Finley Morin, The main goal of the
Salt Wise Seafarer Seafarers is to control trade
Death is not something that in their own interests. Working
should be feared. It is not
something that should be
fought against. Instead, it
O n the surface, the Salt
Wise of Nootka Island may
closely with the Reclaimers
that attempt to subvert the
seem harmless. They hunt seals Full Dead of New Calgary,
is something that should be and catch salmon, selling the Salt Wise are part of an
embraced. The Infection flows their wares to the citizens advanced trade network that
through all of us, and thus we of Raincouver. They provide looks to overthrow the more
should welcome it. transportation with their legitimate trade of oil from
famed ships and even act as the dead city to other regions
Now, the cult of the Bloody traders, shipping goods from of the world.
Bones conducts its rituals one region to another in
within the heart of Stan-Lee order to avoid the treacherous That’s not to say that
woods. Perceived “outsiders” terrain on land. there aren’t opponents to the
who run across cult members “We’re just seafarers,” they Seafarers. The more honest
may find themselves as the next claim. “We’re nothing out of Salt Wise of Nootka Island
ritual sacrifice. And because the ordinary.” Despite their look down on their less-
of the secretive nature of the claims, though, the seafaring honest cousins and there is
cult itself, it’s difficult to Salt Wise are far more than a distinct faction system on
tell who is a member or not; meet the eye. the island. Although this rift
those who simply speak against isn’t all that apparent to
the cult or know things they The Seafarers are an outsiders, it makes up a daily
shouldn’t may find themselves organization within the ranks part of any Salt Wise’s life
bound and gagged. You never of the Salt Wise on Nootka on the island. Friends are
know who might be listening. Island. These people view torn apart, marriages can be
themselves as traders that ruined, and bodies with slit
Yet the cult does serve a offer “encouragement” where throats can be found bleached
purpose. When someone has made encouragement is needed. If upon the shore.
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
The Council Council makes sure that The true policing force
“I don’t mean to cause shipments of timber safely make within the city is in the form
offense, but I don’t think you it where they need to go while of the Lions, a small army
realize who you’re speaking receiving oil in exchange from made up of Accensorites and
to. We’re not people that you the areas surrounding Oilberta. Reclaimers. Governed by the
can ignore. We’re the ruling It’s a delicate balance that Council and General Wilson,
council of one of the largest needs to be maintained— one the Lions are the ones that
living cities in this region. that could easily be overturned keep threats from the city—and
And we’re not about to let you by those who are simply out for keep the shady underside of
subvert our trade— at least not themselves. Raincouver in check.
without consequences.”
Unfortunately, there are With their main headquarters
–Emilie Irving, rumors when it comes to the at the Lions’ Gate, these
Reclaimer Council Member Council. Some say that a few of guards train daily in order
the members have been bought by to better themselves for the
When it comes to Raincouver, powerful individuals involved trials that they may face. They
there’s one group officially in in the Black Market. It’s practice shooting and regularly
charge—and that’s the Council. said that these bought members spar with one another while
Made up of mostly Reclaimers, shield the fights staged by the five-man patrols scour the city
the Council helps run the day- Black Diamonds, and even turn a for any wrongdoings.
to-day functions of the city. blind eye to illegal goods that
filter in and out of the city. With all of the shady
These are the men and women underpinnings of the city,
who first created the Lions. All of this leaves the it’s almost surprising to find
These are the men and women who Council on unsteady footing. the Lions relatively free of
regulate trade and impose taxes Corruption runs rampant, but corruption. Sure, there are
on their citizens, and these if it’s rooted out, then it’s those that participate in the
are the men and women who help likely that the government Black Diamond fights, but they
keep the city of Raincouver system will collapse. Of keep that part of their lives
intact, despite the pull from course, there are those who separate from their work.
outside forces. would like that to happen— and
would be more than willing to The fact is that the Lions
While Raincouver is known for slide into the gap left if the are able to maintain their
its shady business deals, the Council falls. reputation through the
Council tries to keep things efforts of General Wilson.
aboveboard. They decide when The Lions An Accensorite of the Fallow
trade fairs are being held in “We only accept the best, you Hopes, he believes that it’s
the city and send the Lions understand. It’s an honor to be his duty to keep the city safe
to make sure the proceedings chosen. We are the watchdogs from any threats— whether it be
are safe. In addition, they of the city— the light within raider, zed, or man. To that
make sure that the frozen dead the darkness. Some call us the end, he follows the Council
and raiders from the North Council’s pets, but that’s not loyally, abiding by the rules
Mountains don’t attack the true; we’re far more than that. of Raincouver: No man shall
outer borders of the city. Raincouver is our territory, kill another without just
and we’ll defend it to our cause; if a deal is broken,
Perhaps the most important dying breaths.” then reparations will be paid;
job of the Council is there will be no unregulated
regulating the Diesel Jocks –General Calvin Wilson, trade within Raincouver;
that come into the city of Reclaimer Lion unnecessary violence in the
Raincouver. Hiring their streets will not be tolerated;
services as guards for caravans and stealing will not be
and as transportation, the tolerated.
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Perhaps this is why the Lions Wells is one of the leading
are so respected and, rightly, No one is exactly sure where members of the Black Diamonds,
feared within Raincouver. They Snyder first came from. All and he doesn’t try too hard to
are only held in check by one anyone knows is that one day he hide it. His main job is finding
man— and an Accensorite at took over an ancient building talented fighters and recruiting
that. Although General Wilson on the outskirts of Raincouver them for the ring— a job he
hasn’t yet ascended, many fear and has been there ever since. relishes. Most of the time,
what will happen when he does. Despite his plain appearance, he tempts the fly with honey,
With all of the different though, Snyder is one man that offering rich rewards if the
religions within Raincouver, you don’t want to tangle with person wins. But sometimes, he
the Council fears that it’s in the region of Raincouver. needs to call in a bit more
possible that he, like so many He’s known as the main contact force for a reluctant fighter
before him, will battle within to the Black Market in the and truth be told, that’s what
the streets, causing mass area, and he runs a slick he really enjoys about the job.
chaos. operation out of his bar. With
a gun hidden behind his bar,
For now, though, the Lions he’s quick to fire on anyone Alana Jones
remain a small army held who threatens him or any of “She came with words of
largely in check by the sanity the people drinking in his wisdom, words of enlightenment,
of a single man. establishment. words of death. She came and
taught us what it is to follow
the cycle of life and death—how
Barnaby Wells the circle begins anew. We are
Notable “Listen, I’m a nice guy. In the followers of the Grave, of
fact, I’m going to give you the Mecca of New Calgary—and
Personalities a great deal here. You fight we will do her will.”
for me, win, and get a bunch
Jake Snyder of cred out of it, or you –Matthew Bouchard,
“Welcome to Gassy Tavern. Can don’t— and you die. I’m pretty Reclaimer Cultist
I get you a drink? No? Well generous, don’t you agree?
perhaps I can interest you in She is the demon of the
something else. How about you –Barnaby Wells, Pure Blood forest, the monster of the
take a tour behind the bar; glade. She walks among the
I’m sure I can find something When you see Barnaby Wells, living, though she is yet dead.
that’ll make you want to stay a few adjectives come to mind: She is savior and killer— and
a time.” slimy, greasy, and weasely. He she is followed by many.
–Jake Snyder, permanently has an ingratiating
Owner of the Gassy Tavern smile on his pointed face, Very few have seen Alana
Jake Snyder doesn’t look his hair slicked back with Jones in person, and many only
like much at first glance. He’s some kind of scented product. whisper about her presence
a Reclaimer with the typical The suits that he wears are in Stan-Lee Woods. What is
exposed muscles of his kind, tattered and worn— more like known is that she arrived in
strengthened by hard work and cast-off hand-me-downs that Raincouver many years ago
hard use. He has a broad face a proper Pure Blood’s outfit. from New Calgary and used the
and honest features, his dark He’s the sort of person you Tribes of Seasons as a basis
hair falling over the eye automatically think of when you for the new religion that she
patch that covers one of his try to imagine someone up to no has formed, which surrounds
astonishingly blue eyes. His good, and in this case, you’d the worship of the Grave Mind.
soft voice is unassuming at be right.
first, but it can lower to a With pale skin and dark
dangerous growl if the occasion circles under her eyes, Alana
calls for it. seems to embody death itself—
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
and you wouldn’t be wrong to they came to exchange for fresh grasp more power, they’ve
think it. She’s one of the Full Genjian vegetables. Listen to recently begun efforts to
Dead, using her followers as a the call of dockworkers sounding construct bridges over rivers.
means to support herself within out next to the river that runs So far, though, they’ve been
a living city. With dagger through the city where Salt Wise largely unsuccessful due to
in hand, Alana conducts the load up on more goods as they sabotage efforts by Salt Wise.
rituals within Stan-Lee Woods, continue their journey further At the same time, the two
keeping up a showy façade in inland. groups need to maintain a type
order to keep the Natural Ones of truce; after all, Salt Wise
that live there under her This is the Burning City, can’t trade over land without
thumb. the city of trade, the city of the help of Diesel Jocks, and
growth. This is where you will the Diesel Jocks can’t travel
find the Semper Mort who create overseas without Salt Wise
technological marvels to sell to ships.
The the outside world. This is where
you will find Diesel Jocks making The people that benefit from
Burning City deals as “guards” for caravans
on their way toward the oil
this rivalry are the Semper Mort
that have sequestered themselves
fields. within small groups in the city.
“They call it the Burning Content to stay locked away
City—not for fire or brimstone, With its access to rivers and from the world, the Semper Mort
not for some long ago tragedy. its proximity to Raincouver, the develop new technology that they
They call it the Burning City Burning City has established then sell to traders that come
because we are the beacon in itself as a major hub of trade. to the city.
the darkness. Raincouver is It’s one of the last major
known for its corruption, civilized areas on the way to
New Calgary is known for its Under Sea or New Calgary— and The Burning
dead, but we are known for our more than a few people recognize Swamp
commitment to the future.” that fact. There’s a war being
waged in the Burning City; not “My father told me about the
–Heather Lee, over supplies or cargo, but over Burning Swamp once. The putrid
Genjian Grower the routes that lead into and scent of oil leaks up from the
out of the city. murky waters, mingling with
Walk the cracked streets the smells of rotting flesh and
of the Burning City. You Diesel Jocks and Salt Wise decaying things. It’s a place
can hear the roar of vie for power within the city where very little lives— a place
Diesel Jock rides in the itself. While the ride-loving of Hunters and the sleeping
distance, the sounds Diesel Jocks control the roads, dead. And yet Reclaimers work
of Reclaimers the Salt Wise have jurisdiction the area, swamp loggers that
haggling over over the rivers and waterways haul timber from one of the most
the price of that flow through the city. dangerous regions in the north.
the timber But with the current trade
While this division of power embargos, it’s worth it— as long
has worked in the past, though, as you don’t mind sacrificing a
the Diesel Jocks aren’t life or two.”
satisfied. Determined to
–Nathan Clark,
Reclaimer Trader

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
It’s said that the Burning While this relatively new It may not look like much,
Swamp was once a lake— a blue business has remained small but this bridge is the key
gem that helped supply the water enough to escape the notice ofto the north— and the Diesel
for the Burning City. Times Jocks in the region recognize
traders, though, it’s growing in
certainly have changed, though. leaps and bounds. It’s likely that fact. On either side
The lake has become shallow that soon, the Reclaimers thatof the bridge, you can find
and has spread out as the work the swamps will start ramshackle buildings that have
surrounding land has softened been quickly constructed out of
thinking of trading their goods
with warmer temperatures. New to other cities, which means wood and metal, outposts that
growth has sprung up, turning that they’ll have to deal withare regularly staffed by the
the lake into a swamp, and the the squabbling Salt Wise and Diesel Jocks that pass through
residents of the Burning City the area.
Diesel Jocks. Which faction will
are quick to take advantage. receive the business, though,
remains to be seen. The fact of the matter is
The Burning Swamp is said that the bridge is one of the
to be a place of death, and only ways to pass from the
that’s partly true. Hunters and The North Gate Burning City to more northern
sleeping zed lurk amongst the reaches without the use of
trees that grow up from the “You may not think that the a Salt Wise ship. Because of
swampy waters. Creatures lie in Gate is a big deal, but to us this, Diesel Jock gangs in
wait, ready to tear into the it is. It’s a key chokehold the area vie for its control.
Reclaimers that harvest the when you’re coming into the Currently, it’s regulated by
timber from the area. Burning City or Raincouver— and the more-civilized Diesel Jocks
that’s a huge thing when you’re of Raincouver and the Burning
At the same time, though, the talking about the zed and City, but the bridge’s future
Burning Swamp is a place of raiders that like to roll in. is never certain. It’s likely
profit. With the Salt Wise and But it’s not just a good place that the more-wild Diesel
Diesel Jocks battling over the for defense; it’s also one of Jocks that roam the wastes and
trade routes into and out of the the only bridges past the Salt raid caravans may just manage
city, shipments aren’t coming Wise that we can use. And fuck to seize control at some point
in like they used to. And when you if you think you’re going in the near future.
temperatures drop in the winter, to take it away from us.”
fuel is needed; fortunately, While there may be infighting
the Burning Swamp has timber to –Derick Carter, among the Diesel Jocks, though,
spare. Diesel Jock Toll Taker they all agree on one thing:
anyone using the bridge should
On a daily basis, you can The old bridge to the be tolled. Caravans hoping to
find Reclaimers working in the north of the Burning City is pass in and out of the city
swamp, cutting down trees and rusted and falling apart, its need to pay with tribute to
carefully moving them to the construction kept up only by the Diesel Jocks, whether it
makeshift mills that have the stubborn efforts of Diesel is with supplies or cred.
been built around the swamp. Jocks and their supporters. It
Floating log bridges over more spans the expanse of the river The Diesel Jocks view this
treacherous terrain have been and swampland that separates toll as their due, and most
created, and the Reclaimers the cities from the northern don’t complain about it. The
have to constantly make note road that winds toward the bridge isn’t just a road to
of conditions in order to keep trade roads that lead to the trade; it’s also a road that
these bridges in order. Too much east. can be used by more serious
rainfall can mean a sinking threats. Those who control the
bridge— which can lead to a bridge also have to defend it
swift end to any logger. against zed and raiders, and
the Diesel Jocks serve as a
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
type of “guard” from threats to School Hill is one of the The Bee-See
the north. This serves the city last bastions of knowledge in
as much as the Diesel Jocks the north. With its collection “You’ve never heard of the
that control the road. of books and with stories that Bee-See? Well I don’t blame
have been passed down from you. Sure, it’s probably got
There’s only one faction generation to generation, some of the best tech around,
not pleased with the bridge, the School is one of the few but I’m not a huge fan of those
though; the Salt Wise view it locations where you can pursue leeches that live there. And
as unnecessary and given half intellectual interests. It’s from the look of you, I doubt
the chance, they would tear said that if you can’t learn you are either.”
it down. For now, though, the the answer to your question at
North Gate remains standing the School, it’s likely that –Danny Clover,
and remains one of the keys to you won’t learn it anywhere. Reclaimer Trader
power in the region.
School Hill itself is both The Bee-See isn’t much to
a part and separate from the look at. It’s a group of
School Hill Burning City. Governed by a ramshackle buildings clustered
council of Sainthood Professors, together with makeshift walls
“Welcome! We’re so glad that the school likes to maintain constructed from timber and
you could join us, though professed neutrality when it pieces of metal. It looks like
please leave your weapons comes to the politics found a place for the destitute and
there. We don’t condone within the city. Their aim is the desperate— a place where you
violence here. This is a place to teach and spread knowledge— can find the dregs of society.
of knowledge, of history and not to involve themselves with Of course, that’s assuming that
of the future. This is a place trade or commerce. you don’t look at what’s lying
of learning— and we really just beneath the surface.
wouldn’t want you to get hurt, The school acts also as a type
don’t you agree?” of convent for the Sainthood. The Bee-See is an underground
Those who feel the draw of complex, dug out during the
–Professor David Chan knowledge regularly make a early years of the infection’s
of School Hill pilgrimage to the school. There, spread. Walk into one of the
they are expected to open their concrete buildings and you’ll
On the edge of the Burning minds and learn all that is to find trapdoors set into the
City, you’ll find a mountain be taught. Those who excel are floor. Unlock them and you’ll
carpeted with forest and often sent out again as Seekers see rough stairs leading
vegetation. Follow one of the of Knowledge, travelling from downward beneath the earth.
winding trails through the town to town in search of new It’s here that you’ll find
woods, and you’ll eventually wisdom and information to bring technological marvels— pieces
make it to a veritable fortress back to School Hill. of the Old World that have yet
at the summit. This is School to completely fall apart. Here
Hill, and it’s not a place to be Other than the Seekers, is where you’ll find the brains
taken lightly. the men and women of School of the Burning City.
Hill keep themselves largely
Buildings have been reinforced sequestered away from the While the Bee-See is known
with wood, metal, and stone. outside world. However, they do for its technology, though,
Genjian and Reclaimer guards receive visitors. Genjian from most steer clear of it. A
regularly patrol the forest and the famed Growers Association colony of Semper Mort have
confront anyone seeking audience often visit, and Semper Mort taken up residence in the
within the walls of School Hill. also appear from time to time to underground passages of the
After all, knowledge is power— look up and impart information compound and while they’re
and the Professors of the school to School Hill. efficient at what they do, they
know that better than anyone. still require blood in order to
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
survive— something that makes The Irving House Few may venture inside, which
most denizens of the Burning means that an aura of mystery
City a bit wary. At the same “Don’t get me wrong; it’s a has surrounded the house for all
time, there are those who are nice looking house. I’d love to of the years that it’s stood.
more than willing to offer the own a place like that, myself. The truth is, though, that the
Semper Mort a taste for the Thing is, though, it’s a bit house is just a front. The Full
goods they have to offer. too nice. All around it there’s Dead have been hard at work over
rubble and ruin and there it the years and have carved out a
The Semper Mort of the Bee- stands—perfect. I guess those series of tunnels beneath the
See are known as curators Full Dead know a thing or two house itself, creating passages
of old world technology and about preservation.” that lead into and out of top
hardware, and some are more structure.
than happy to trade the things –Michelle Sanders,
they find during their travels Reclaimer Within these passages, the
in order to earn a bit of extra Full Dead are able to make
on the side from the Semper Irving House is almost business deals and trade for
Mort. But the Bee-See doesn’t disturbing when you first see illicit goods. Because they
only buy pieces of technology; it. There are no metal bars control the oil refinery near
they also build. or patched walls. There are the Burning City, they have
no crumbling pieces of stone close ties with the Diesel Jocks
Diesel Jock gangs will visit or missing shingles. Instead, that drive through the city.
the Bee-See in search of new the house has been lovingly On occasion, they hire a gang
parts for their rides. It’s restored to its former glory— or two as guards for the oil
said that the Semper Mort will to the point where residents of refinery itself. After all, both
even customize specific weapons the Burning City are sometimes the Full Dead and Diesel Jocks
to fit on a Diesel Jock’s ride afraid to approach. After all, have a stake in the matter when
to make it even more dangerous. something that perfect is a bit it comes to oil.
Razor blades that pop out of disturbing in a settlement that
the side of a ride to puncture has been rebuilt from remains.
competing Diesel Jock tires in The Smoker
addition to mechanisms that The house itself stands at two
release poisonous gases behind stories tall with its perfect “I’m not here to be your
a ride are not unheard of. picket white fence and shingled friend. I’m not here to be your
roof. Around it are the crumbled business partner. I’m here to
With all that said, though, remains of wreckage that have protect my stake in the refinery.
the Bee-See is a for-profit been pushed aside for a small Let’s be honest here. We Diesel
business, completely at odds garden out front. Very few are Jocks need to stick up for
with School Hill. Perhaps invited inside the house, and ourselves. If we don’t, we’re
because of this, a type very few want the honor. After just going to get run over by
of rivalry has started up all, Irving House is home to the these Full Dead.”
between the two compounds. Full Dead of the Burning City.
One side hoards its knowledge –Harley Strikes,
and refuses to share it with While there are other places Diesel Jock Rebel
Bee-See, and the other side of power within the city, Irving
refuses to give School Hill House represents the base of Right near the North Gate
insight into its technological operations for the oil refineries you can find one of the most
advances. located on the edge of Burning important features of the
City. Owned and operated by Full Burning City: the Smoker. Here,
Dead from Oilberta, the local oil is taken and processed for
refiners are actually managed use in engines for Diesel Jock
by local representatives from rides across all of the Pacific
Irving House. Providence and Oilberta.
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
It’s surprising that a compound in order to manage the refined products, Diesel Jocks
refinery has survived this long. refinery. And each day, traders will sometimes roll in with the
It’s even more surprising that line up outside to bid on the intent to steal them. Fights
anyone remembers how to work goods that the refinery produces. can break out in the streets
it. But the Smoker is a staple surrounding the Smoker as the
in the Burning City, and it’s Everything at the Smoker is roar of engines and gunshot rings
one of the few refineries still ultimately controlled by the out through the day and night.
standing in the region. It Full Dead. They are the ones
pumps out refined products that the plan out the trade routes It’s not just outsiders that
are coveted by Diesel Jocks— and control the functions of are a problem, either. The Diesel
both the trained guards that the refinery. Without them, Jock guards that are hired by
inhabit the region in addition it’s likely that no one in the Full Dead have grown a bit
to their more-wild cousins. the Burning City would be able restless lately, and if they can
to figure out how the refinery figure out how to properly manage
The Smoker is surrounded by functions. It’s even rumored that the refinery, rest assured that
makeshift walls and fences, the Full Dead of Irving House they’ll attempt to take it over
topped with broken glass to have a failsafe switch in case by any means necessary.
deter would-be intruders. Diesel anyone threatens their power.
Jocks who are in the pay of the For now, though, the Smoker
Irving House Full Dead patrol That doesn’t mean that there is in business as Diesel Jock
the outside, guns at the ready. aren’t problems with the Smoker, caravans roll in with oil from
Each day workers file into the though. Because it produces Oilberta to be refined. How long
this peace lasts, though, is
anyone’s guess.

The Seekers of
“How are bridges built?
What are the best farming
practices? What is the best
way to build a Diesel Jock’s
ride? What kind of sails
should be used on ships? You
might think these questions
are unrelated, but they
all prove one simple fact:
knowledge is what civilization
is built upon. And we are the
ones that seek it out.”

–Mark Fortin,
Genjian Seeker

There are those who seek

profit. There are those who
seek power. And then there are
those who recognize that at
the base of all things, there
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
is knowledge. The Seekers of The Seekers don’t just look The Rebels are most definitely
Knowledge is a Sainthood order for knowledge; they also spread not in that category.
that’s devoted to seeking out it. It’s not uncommon to find
knowledge to bring back to Seekers teaching locals better The aptly named Rebels are one
School Hill where it is then farming practices, how to read, of the most notorious Diesel Jock
taught to eager students. or even the best way to manage gangs in the region. Travelling
local resources. Most Seekers from city to city, town to
The Seekers, as a group, are welcomed into settlements— town, they’re known for causing
falls somewhere in between the especially when they’re trouble wherever they wind up.
Students and the Professors of accompanied by a Postal Worker. Wearing chains and leather, they
School Hill. It’s a calling, However, there are some that frequently butt heads with other
and one that not everyone can see Seekers merely as know-it- Diesel Jock clans that are hired
answer to. alls who meddle where they’re as guards, and are more than
not wanted. willing to get their hands dirty.
When a Student has learned
all he can from the Professors Others have taken an active The fact of the matter is that
at School Hill, he’s encouraged interest in the Seekers, the Rebels are known highwaymen—
to venture out into the world as well. While the Seekers both literally and figuratively.
to gather knowledge to bring themselves are largely They prey on Rover and Diesel
back and add to the library benevolent, there are others Jock caravans, taking what they
within the compound. Some are that look to use the knowledge can from the supplies that they
content with what they’ve that they collect for their steal. They target oil shipments
already learned and go on their own ends. And knowledge in the in particular; after all, a
way. Others, though, become hands of some individuals can Diesel Jock’s ride needs its
Seekers. be dangerous indeed. fuel.

Seekers can be of any strain, While the Rebels can be

but usually they’re either The Rebels a problem when it comes to
Genjian or Accensorites. They “Hear that? That’s the purr traveling caravans, the real
can mostly be recognized by the of a well-oiled engine. You issue is when they attack the
small symbol that they wear on don’t hear that unless you got North Gate. For years, the Rebels
their clothing— an open book the good stuff. And you can’t have tried to gain control of
with a flame coming off of its get that unless you’re working the bridge in order to use it
surface. for those damn Full Dead. But as a chokehold on the region.
guess what? We’re not about to While there have been a few close
The Seekers usually partner listen to your laws, your rules calls, though, they have yet to
with the Postal Workers, and your regulations. We’re our claim it for themselves.
journeying with them through own people. Now shut up. I hate
the wastes to other regions people that cry when I’m about There are rumors that float
of the world. Veritable to kill them.” around when it comes to the
encyclopedias of knowledge Rebels, though. It’s said that
themselves, the Seekers look –David Suzuki, there’s a faction within the
for more information to add to Diesel Jock Rebel group that’s actually in the pay
School Hill’s growing store. of the Irving House Full Dead.
Some people are content to It’s said that this group targets
follow the rules. They go caravans that haven’t paid their
about their lives, day-to- dues to the Full Dead. And it’s
day, abiding by the laws of a said that in return, the Rebels
settlement. They perform their receive coveted oil supplies— but
duties and care for their that’s just rumor, right?
children, happy to be just one
of the crowd.
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Blue Wave The company first formed with The Gentlemen of
Caravan Company the help of an enterprising Westminster
“You think the best way to Salt Wise captain, called James “Please, step inside. We’re
ship your goods is by land? Ark, who saw the potential more than happy to conduct
Well that’s on you, really. for profit. Gathering up a crew business with those who agree
But I’m going to let you in on of Salt Wise originally from to our terms. Yes, yes, I know.
a little secret. The only way Nootka Island near Raincouver, You’re upset about the prices on
to get things from point A to he began a small shipping our petroleum products. Yes, you
point B is by sea. Trust us. We business based out of the could kill us. But then you’d
know what we’re talking about.” Burning City. have no way of running the-what’s
the quaint word you locals use?
-Selena Masters, At first, things went Ah, yes, the Smoker. So how about
Salt Wise Sailor smoothly. And then thieves you play nice, hmm?”
caught wind of the business.
When it comes to shipping The Diesel Jock gang, the –George Phillips,
goods through the region, there Rebels, crept onto the docks Gentleman of Westminster
are two ways to do it: by land on night and stole almost an
or by sea. If you’re talking entire ship’s worth of cargo— Pale faces peer out at you
to a member of the Blue Wave or at least they tried to. from glass windows, dark eyes
Caravan Company, the obvious While they stole away with the judging you in the dim light.
choice is by sea. oil, food, and goods, they Polished voices speak out slowly,
found themselves confronted each consonant pronounced with
This group of Salt Wise has by Captain Ark and his crew. either superiority or derision as
spread its influence throughout They were quickly surrounded business deals are struck in back
the region, using its ships and captured. It’s said that rooms. These are the Full Dead of
to transport everything from Captain Ark tortured the leader the Burning City. These are the
oil to blubber to timber. When of the gang for days before Gentlemen of Westminster.
the roads are too dangerous, finally killing him. Since then,
the Blue Wave Caravan Company no thieves have attempted The Gentlemen of Westminster
is more than happy to offer to steal from the Blue Wave are some of the most powerful
its services in lieu of the Caravan Company. individuals within the Burning
competing Diesel Jocks. City— despite the fact that
That said, this also means they’re nearly dead. Consisting
You can always tell what that their relations with the of a small group of Full Dead,
goods are shipped by the Blue Rebels isn’t anywhere near the Gentlemen of Westminster
Wave Caravan Company. The Salt stable. Fighting can break control one of the region’s most
Wise are quick to put their out on the docks when the two valuable resources: oil.
signature stamp on any crates groups meet, and the Rebels
or boxes that they transport: will stop at almost nothing to Living in the Irving House in
three wavy lines that are get revenge. the midst of the Burning City,
stacked on top of each other. these Full Dead are actually
While this is a good way to just a small emissary group sent
show, at a glance, what crates from Oilberta to keep an eye on
and boxes the company is operations concerning the local
responsible for, it also deters refinery, the Smoker. They’re the
would-be thieves. It’s widely ones that sort out trade routes
known that the company will go and actually know how to operate
to almost unheard-of lengths to the Smoker itself. And they’re
recover stolen cargo. also the ones that deal with the
Diesel Jock guards that transport
the oil in the first place.

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
It’s unusual that a group of Some say those who work in that they’ll get claim on the
Full Dead have such a tight the Burning Swamp are crazy. long-term business deal. And
grip on operations, considering Zed stalk the fetid waters and while the logging company will
the violence that can be found lurk beneath the makeshift eventually have to choose, for
throughout the city. You might bridges made of floating logs. now they’re still waiting to
think that they’d quickly be Heavy rains can swamp the see who comes out on top.
overrun by rival factions. Yet area completely and leave the
the Gentlemen of Westminster workers stranded if they’re not
have one thing that most of the careful. Tools can be easily
residents don’t: knowledge, and damaged or lost, which makes Notable
lots of it. Information is key to the cost of actually working in
running a slick operation, and the swamp high. Personalities
the Gentlemen are very aware of
that fact. And yet the Burning Timber Captain James Ark
Company has claimed the area as “There’s a reason that the
Of course, their knowledge its own. Unhinged? Maybe— but goods we ship always reach
also makes them a target for also profitable. their destination. You might
the Seekers. For years, Hill think it’s the quality of our
School has attempted to conduct The company first started out ships, and that’s partly true,
interviews with the Gentlemen when shipments of supplies but it’s mostly the quality of
of Westminster in an attempt to stopped coming into the Burning the crew. Believe me when I
learn more about the past of the City as regularly as they once say I’ve handpicked my crew—
city and how some of pre-Fall did. As spring gave way to and you don’t want to poke
machinery works in the Smoker. So autumn, the Reclaimers soon that hive of hornets.”
far, though, the Seekers have met realized they wouldn’t have
with limited success. enough fuel for the winter. A –Captain James Ark
few started harvesting timber
That’s not to say that the from the Burning Swamp and At first glance, you wouldn’t
two groups don’t have a good since then, the business has think that Captain Ark was
relationship. They trade some grown. anything special. He dresses
information back and forth, and in layers of clothes like most
it’s even said that if you can’t Now, the loggers have of his kin, keeping his neck
find out what you want to know organized themselves into a bare to show off the gills
from School Hill, then you can be company, selling timber within there. He has a thin, wiry
sure to find it in Irving House— the Burning City for a profit. frame and relatively delicate
for a price. Recently, though, the company features. He also keeps his
has begun producing more timber long, dark hair braided behind
The Burning than the city needs, which him or shoved beneath a dark
Timber Company means that they’re considering bandana around his head.
“Oh, our work isn’t all bad. selling to other locations— and And yet despite his typical
Sure, the bridges sometimes this means that both the Diesel appearance, the captain is
give out and a few of our men Jocks and the Salt Wise want in anything but ordinary.
drown. Sure, we have to deal on the deal.
with Hunters that shatter our
limbs if we’re not careful. Currently, the Blue Wave
And yeah, I guess you could Caravan Company seems to have
say that we’re getting some the upper hand. But all that
pressure from the competing could change in an instant.
caravan companies. But really, It’s rumored that both the
things could be worse...right?” Salt Wise and Diesel Jocks
–Theo Bonne, are not above sabotaging one
Reclaimer Logger another’s caravans if it means
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Captain James Ark is known Harley Strikes looks like a the Sainthood order as a mask,
far and wide as the head of woman you don’t want to mess he gathers information from all
the Blue Wave Caravan Company. with. With a scar that runs over and then sells information
Commanding a fleet of ships, across half of her face, oil to interested parties in
he singlehandedly has managed stains on her fingers, and order to fund School Hill’s
to take over most of the trade bloodstains on her clothes, she operations.
routes in the region. Known didn’t get to be the leader
as a hard man to deal with, of the Rebels by being nice. When he’s not meeting
Captain Ark is someone you She roams the roads around the with people from around the
don’t want to cross— especially Burning City with her gang, region, Professor Chan can be
when it comes to doing looking for any opportunity found running the day-to-day
business. to get what she considers operations of School Hill.
her revenge on the Blue Wave After all, keeping your nose in
Caravan Company and the filthy a book can only go so far when
Harley Strikes Salt Wise that killed her it comes to keeping a facility
“Honey, it isn’t about the father. running; sometimes, you need to
money at this point. It might get your hands dirty.
have been about that a few
years back, but I have only one Professor David Chan
thing on my mind when it comes “What is the point of living
to you: revenge. And baby, you if we do not learn? We must
better believe that it tastes delve into the past and present
pretty damn good when it’s in order to make decisions for
served cold.” the future. That is the only
way to grow. That is the only
–Harley Strikes, way to prosper.”
Diesel Jock Rebel
–Professor David Chan
Five years ago, the Rebels of School Hill
were a small-time Diesel Jock
gang. They did small jobs, With his balding head and
stealing where they could as thick glasses, Professor David
they traveled the cracked Chan is everything you’d expect
roads of the north. Then an out of one of the scholars of
opportunity arose: The Blue School Hill. He’s intelligent,
Wave Caravan Company was making quick to give lessons and more
a big haul, and the Rebels saw than happy to receive any and
a chance for profit. The sting all information that filters
quickly went sour, though, and through the compound.
the leader of the gang at the
time lost not just profit— but Professor Chan, however,
also his head. is far more than meets the
eye. Visitors from all over
Unfortunately for the Blue come into his room to discuss
Wave Caravan Company, the gang private matters— and usually
leader had a daughter, a girl leave in a hurry.
by the name of Harley. It goes
without saying that Diesel Although he’s a professed
Jocks have long memories. member of the Sainthood, the
truth is that Professor Chan
operates one of the largest spy
networks in the region. Using
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
That’s how the town of Slurry was crew of people maintain the
Slurry first born. location— a few Reclaimers and
Diesel Jocks who have lost their
“Hear the roar of the engine, Slurry itself isn’t much to rides in one accident or another.
the screeching of tires, the look at. There are a series of These remaining individuals keep
crash of metal. This is the home building stretched out along a mostly to themselves and are
of the Diesel Jocks, the pit stop strip, most of them housing gears quick to hide in the face of
on our grand tour. Say-you’re and parts to trick out Diesel danger.
not a Diesel Jock? Then what the Jock Rides. Venture further into
fuck are you doing in our town?” Slurry, though, and you’ll find
the arena; the location where Cloverdale
–Ricky Masda, Diesel Jock gangs battle it out
Diesel Jock for dominance whenever there’s a “Let me tell you a bit about
disagreement. Diesel Jocks. We only seem united

T he winter comes fast

and harsh in the north,
stretching outward with its icy

During “the season,” Slurry
because it’s us against the rest
of the world. But when you get
becomes a place of life. Men and us all in one place, well, it’s
claws. It slicks the roads and women stroll the well-maintained each gang for its own. We’d rip
drowns them in snow, clutching streets. A few of the younger each other apart, given half
cities and towns in its grasp. generation show off their rides the chance. That’s why we have
That’s when the snarl of engines as they pop wheelies. Others stop Cloverdale.”
grows to a roar within Slurry; at the local bar to grab a drink –Tricks Beemer,
that’s when the Diesel Jocks before heading off to see one of Diesel Jock
return to their winter home. the gladiatorial-style battles
conducted on Diesel Jock rides. Diesel Jocks don’t often gather
Disgusted with the veritable in the town of Slurry. When they
slurry that the roads became Trade booms in the town during do, though, you can bet that
during the wetter season, Diesel this time, and merchants are fights will break out. With clans
Jock gangs soon realized that quick to show the wares that coming from all over, cultures
they needed a place to stay over they’ve collected over the course clash frequently. Fortunately,
the course of a few months in of the year during this time. there’s a way to settle these
order to repair their rides and Tents are pitched, the smell of arguments: in Cloverdale.
refit them with skis to ride on roasted meat and vegetables fill Cloverdale itself is an
top of the snow during winter. the air, and there’s a general area that’s been mostly cleared
feeling of festivity that of buildings and rubble. Stands
lingers during the entire time line a large, dirt arena
the Diesel Jocks remain in that’s littered with blood and
Slurry. Representatives the twisted, metal remains of
from the Burning City Diesel Jock rides. Here, men
and even the region of and women battle in order to
Oilberta will sometimes come settle old scores, or simply
in in order to negotiate to determine who’s right.
with the various Diesel Jock Tents often line the actual
clans to hire guards for arena, and it’s not uncommon
caravans. to see the entire area packed
with Diesel Jocks looking for
But when the rains stop a good show.
falling, the snows pile on
thick, and the Diesel Jocks This also means that a
have re-fitted their rides gambling ring has started up
with runners, Slurry becomes around the fights based in
a ghost town. Only a skeleton Cloverdale. While most Diesel
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Jocks frown on the practice, The Plaza The Plaza isn’t governed by
there are those that are more any one person in particular.
than happy to earn a bit of “If you’re coming all the However, there is some order to
extra on the side. After all, way to Slurry, then you should it. Stalls and merchants are
the fights at Cloverdale are know that there’s only one place sectioned off by clans, and
some of the most impressive to where you can get everything they rarely mingle. Walk around
be had. you need—and that’s the Plaza. long enough and you’ll notice
There are clans from all over sour glances and even a fistfight
When one Diesel Jock selling things you won’t see or two that usually winds up
challenges another, they agree anywhere else. Of course, that with a challenge at Cloverdale.
to a set time to meet in also means that you’d better be
Cloverdale. Then, they line willing to pay.” Of course, when so many goods
themselves on each side of are gathered in one place,
the arena, engines roaring. –Marie Benze, there are bound to be those who
Once a gun blast sounds, the Diesel Jock Merchant try to take advantage of that
two tear toward each other at fact. Thieves can be an issue
frightening speeds—and then all The Plaza itself looks like a within the Plaza, which is why
bets are off. war-torn and crumbling building the Diesel Jocks have agreed
from the outside. Wood planks that, for the benefit of all, a
Some prefer to use guns covered in Diesel Jock clan policing force needs to be kept
to try to shoot an opponent signs have been put up in order at Slurry while the gangs are
off of their ride. Others to shield the interior from the in town.
prefer to ride in close, using outdoors, and the discarded
pipes, knives or other sharp remains of what once might Considering this guard duty
implements to slash at their have been mechanical parts as part of familial duty,
competitor. The only rule is litter the ground outside. each clan volunteers one or
that you must stay on your Appearances, though, can be two of their own to work on
ride, no matter what. Once a deceiving. the policing force in Slurry.
Diesel Jock falls, the fight is It’s not unusual to see two
over. Streams of people filter into or more Diesel Jocks with the
and out of the building from clear insignia of a white gear
While Cloverdale is usually a large doorway that looks walking around the Plaza.
packed during the transition more like a massive hole in
between autumn and winter, the wall than anything else. Even with this policing
Diesel Jocks will travel to the Step inside, and you’ll find force, though, there are those
region throughout the year in colorful stalls lining the who know how to work the
order to settle disputes. It’s ancient halls. Here, you’ll find system. After all, even Diesel
not uncommon to see rival clans merchants dealing in everything Jocks aren’t immune to bribes.
camped out near Cloverdale as from maple syrup to drugs to
they wait to see the results of oil to mechanical parts.
one of the gruesome fights. Merchants call out to
buyers as goods exchange hands.
Recently, though, there During the rainy season,
have been battles that have caravans from across the region
been scheduled not to settle visit this location just to get
disagreements, but merely for their hands on some Diesel Jock
sport. The older Diesel Jocks goods. Like Slurry itself, the
frown on the practice, but Plaza has turned into a type of
it seems like the fights are seasonal festival that attracts
gaining steam. What this means those who are willing to make
for Cloverdale, though is the trip in order to earn a bit
anyone’s guess. of profit.
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Potter’s Field The Genjian that work the
fields aren’t just farmers; Factions
“We’re going something they’re also scientists.
special here—something that Using technology passed down The Potter’s
will change the world. Sure, from before the fall, these Field Planters
we may not have the muscle men and women have worked “See that man there? The
that the Diesel Jocks do— but tirelessly to improve crop one selling all the fruits
we only have to worry about strains. They carefully breed and such? That’s one of the
them for part of the year. And the best individuals in their Genjian from the outside of
they’re more than happy to do greenhouses before introducing town. Yeah, I know he doesn’t
business with us when they see them into the main fields. This, look like much. But trust me;
what we grow.” in particular, is what explains poke just one and you’ll have
not only their high crop yields, the whole hornet’s nest after
–Silvia Reynolds, but also the superior taste of you.”
Genjian Grower what they grow.
–Ridley Lavoie,
Most of Slurry is dedicated While you might think that Reclaimer Trader
to the Diesel Jocks; their the Genjian and Diesel Jocks
rides, their fights and their would butt heads, the opposite Journey to the farmers of
wares. But there is a part of is true. After all, everyone Potter’s Field and you’ll find
town where there are those who needs to eat. And the Diesel the Planters, the group of
stay year-round. And there, Jocks are well aware that the Genjian that grows strains
you’ll find some of the most Genjian Potter’s Field Planters of crops that are coveted
remarkable advances in the are the best at what they do. across the region. Here, they
post-apocalyptic world. In fact, the Genjian regularly carefully choose and breed
hire Diesel Jock caravans to plants with desired properties,
Potter’s Field is a stretch ship their food to other nearby creating new organisms that
of farmland that’s been locations, such as the Burning they then use to produce
carefully cleared and tilled. City. In return, the Diesel more food, or more medicinal
Buildings dot the perimeter Jocks receive supplies in the properties.
where makeshift fencing has form of food.
been placed. Genjian patrol Not all Genjian from Potter’s
the outside of the farm as Although the Genjian of Field are Planters. Only those
farmhands work the fields Potter’s Field trade with who have an especially green
to grow some of the most outsiders, they are more insular thumb and a knack for plant
productive crops in the region. that most other locations. They breeds manage to rise within
will sometimes accept Seekers the ranks. While others content
The smell of freshly turned of Knowledge in their compound themselves with the day-to-day
earth wafts through the air. so that the latest farming activities of the farm, the
Corn stalks sway in the breeze techniques can be recorded but Planters have another calling.
and the sound of gunfire sounds aside from that, they mostly They monitor and design new
as guards train on the outer keep to themselves. plants within the compound’s
edges of the farm. Genjian massive greenhouses.
enter and exit buildings, And while the Genjian mostly
hard at work. And it’s these work on improving crop strains, In order to actually become
buildings that house some of there are rumors that they a Planter, an individual is
the most intriguing secrets may be developing other plants required to undergo rigorous
when it comes to Potter’s with less savory uses. Poisons training. They learn about
Field. and pharmaceuticals are, after the different plants on the
all, derived from plants. And farm and which traits usually
if Potter’s Field is good with dominate other ones. Then,
anything, it’s plants. they have to take the final
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
test: developing a new plant The Reapers
strain that offers the farm new “We don’t take things lying The Reapers are a bit unusual
properties. This can include down, you understand. And when for a Diesel Jock clan. While
anything from a new kind of it comes to getting something most clans are somewhat insular
fruit tree to a plant that where it’s going, you can rest in this region, the Reapers
has especially concentrated assured that it’ll happen. are more open and accepting.
medicinal properties. The only If we need to run over a few Because of their numerous
requirement is that the new bodies to do it, well, we do guard contracts, they actively
plant does what it’s intended. what we have to.” recruit new members from other
Diesel Jock clans. And while
Needless to say, it takes –Ricky Van, the other clans may grumble
plants a while to grow, so Diesel Jock about this fact, the truth of
becoming a Planter can take the matter is that it’s an
years. Yet for those who manage You can always tell a Reaper opportunity that few pass up.
to enter the ranks of the just by looking at him. They
Potter’s Field Planters, the all wear dark-colored jackets, The recruitment process
entire compound and all of the emblazoned with a skull-like for the Reapers, though, is
plants are open for their use. figure holding a scythe on the anything but kind. Recruits are
back. But it’s not just the put through rigorous training
Because the Genjian rely jacket; it’s also the attitude. and tests, required to prove
heavily on old world farming They have a type of cocky their loyalty to the Reapers
practices, they have close ties self-assurance that makes you time and time again while at
with the Seekers of Knowledge immediately want to punch them the same time proving that
in the Burning City. It’s in the face— or duck for cover they can hold their own in
not unheard of for Genjian when they come along. the arena at Cloverdale. If
Seekers to take time to become a recruit survives a year of
initiated as a Planter before The Reapers are a clan of tests, though, they can expect
returning to the Burning City. Diesel Jocks that are some of to be paid consistently as
In return, they impart any the roughest, toughest, and they perform guard duties for
new farming techniques that most successful men and women caravans that range across
they have learned during their around. They’re known for their Oilberta, Raincouver, and the
travels. take-no-prisoners attitude and Burning City.
their chokehold on the region’s
While the Planters are mostly many trade routes. Success always comes at a
interested in improving crop price. And while the Reapers
strains in order to feed the The Reapers were once a small have definitely made a name
general population, they’re Diesel Jock gang like any for themselves, they’ve also
also interested in medicinal other. They roamed the wastes attracted some unwanted
compounds. It’s said that the on their rides, using towns as attention. Rival clans have
Planters has developed plants pit stops as they continued taken to purposely attacking
that can cure the sick or their trek across the region. caravans that the Reapers are
poison the unwary. Needless to When Ricky Van became the new guarding. The Reapers also
say, though, they keep these clan leader, though, all that have to deal with competition
particular plants and the changed. He thought that the from Salt Wise ships that have
associated compounds off of the clan could do better, and do increasingly been cutting in on
general market— unless someone more. With a small crew, he their business.
pays the right price. journeyed to Oilberta. No one
is quite sure what happened
there but when he returned,
the Reapers suddenly had
guard contracts for caravans
throughout the region.
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
The Silver Strikes Want to know what a Silver
“Fuck. What the hell did Strike looks like? It’s that Notable
you do to your Ride? Try to man covered in grease and oil,
run over a fucking Goliath? wrench in hand as he tinkers Personalities
Yeah, I can help you out. I’m with what appears to be some
going to need to replace the kind of massive engine. It’s
rims, and the engine needs an that woman soldering wires to Elaine Green
overhaul— what’s that? Shit, I someone’s ride as she gives it “See that woman over there?
don’t care where you have to an upgrade. And it’s that group The one with the brown hair and
be. It’s going to take as long of engineers playing “doctor” the cute dimples? Yeah, don’t
as it’s going to take for the to a ride that’s been through mess with her. Like they say:
job to be done right. Take it hell and back again after a Every rose has its thorns.”
or leave it.” stint in the Cloverdale arena.
–Will Bouchard,
–Jake Neesan, When the Silver Strikes Reclaimer Trader
Diesel Jock Engineer aren’t in Slurry, they’re

Most Diesel Jocks view it as
a point of pride to fix their
constantly developing new
parts that can be incorporated
into Diesel Jock rides. They
W hen the world fell, the
Genjian clustered together,
forming groups that continued
own rides. But some are better create smoke canisters that to exist even after others
at it than others. That’s where can be deployed with the push succumbed to the Infection.
the Silver Strikes come in. of a button, engines with more Unlike other Strains that
horsepower and even makeshift scattered to the winds, the
The Silver Strikes are flamethrowers that can be shot Genjian had the advantage
a Diesel Jock clan that out from behind a ride. of being able to pass down
specializes in fixing and knowledge from generation to
tricking out rides. Sure, most Because of the recent generation— which may explain
Diesel Jocks can do basic increase in Cloverdale fights, why Elaine Green and the
repairs and even incorporate the Silver Strikes have started Potter’s Field Planters know so
new parts into their own rides to create offensive weapons much about growing things.
but when it comes to a custom that can be used within the
job, the Silver Strikes know arena. Younger Diesel Jocks Elaine Green was born and
their business. will pay handsomely for the raised in Slurry as part of
newest gadgets in order to get the Potter’s Field compound,
The Silver Strikes mostly a leg-up on their opponents. working on the farm and
deal in custom parts and And even the Reapers go to learning all about the plants
engines, selling them to Diesel the Silver Strikes in order that were grown there. It soon
Jocks across the region. Each to upgrade their rides for became apparent, that Elaine
year, they show up at Slurry guarding missions. was something special. Even
to sell some of the best gear when she was just a child, she
to be found. At the same time, though, the used her free hours to develop
Silver Strikes are receiving new strains of plants, creating
pressure from all sides not brilliantly colored flowers and
to sell to the “competition.” new crossbreeds of fruit.
The Silver Strikes sell to all
comers, no matter who they’re When Elaine was just sixteen,
affiliated with. This means a Darwinist visited the
that a type of arms race is compound. The man spoke of the
occurring across the Diesel miracles of radiation and how
Jocks as each clan tries to it could change organisms,
create the most dangerous ride giving them new genetic
around. potential. With her experience
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
in plants, Elaine fell in love still stand in what’s left of doesn’t spill over to the rest
with the religion, quickly the flooded city— for now. of the world.
converting to embrace “the Glow” When Accensorites ascend
and using radiation to help in within Riches Land, they The Fortress
plant experimentation; there view it as their religious of Defense
were some failures, yes, but obligation to root out any
there were also some successes. heretics that follow other “We all must face our demons.
religions, which include the They lurk within the dark
After just a year, Elaine ascended Accensorites of other corners of the world, waiting to
officially joined the ranks of religions. Fights commonly be rooted out. Generation after
the Planters— the youngest break out in the streets generation, we have honed our
member to date. These days, she as Accensorites battle for bodies and our souls, training
works as one of the top plant superiority, not caring who or to face the outside threat. We
breeders in the region. what gets in their way. will defend what is ours. And we
will root out the demon blight
But while Riches Land is that ransacks our city.”
a dangerous place, it also
Riches Land provides security. After all, –Gabriel Thomas,
who wants to journey to a city Fallow Hopes Accensorite
“Now what do you think of where you’re liable to be
when you think of ‘Riches killed just by walking down Located slightly to the north
Land?’ Sounds like a land of a street? Walk across the of Riches Land, almost within
opportunity, right? Might bridges that connect the land the district of Raincouver, you
even be right up there with masses that make up the city can find a bastion for the Fallow
Raincouver. But you’d be and you’ll catch a glimpse Hopes. Guarded by highly trained
dead wrong— and I mean that of Anna’s Island, a compound Accensorites, this compound is a
literally. Not a lot of people that’s rumored to house a formidable location that’s been
last long here. I’m pretty group of Genjian that have strengthened by years and years
sure they gave the city the sequestered themselves away of zealots.
name they did just to keep the from the general chaos of the
population up.” city at large. The location itself is
surrounded on all sides by
–Will Coite, Not all of the Accensorites water. With the rising sea
Reclaimer Trader are determined to battle it levels, it was easy enough for
out in the streets, either. the Accensorites to dig trenches

L isten to the waves, the

sound of water against the
cold shores. It laps nearer to
There are compounds where
the Accensorites train,
honing their skills for the
around what appears to be an
old military complex, allowing
them to fill with water in order
the houses and the temples and inevitable holy war that each to create a makeshift moat. The
the holy places, threatening expects to take part in one only passage into and out of the
to swamp the buildings as day. Accensorite compounds of compound is by boat— a fact that
the waters continue to rise. varying religions have been the Accensorites in the compound
Here is the holy city of built on different islands, have used to their advantage.
Riches Land, a place where providing a secure location for
Accensorites rule. men and women to practice in When the world fell, there
relative peace. were those who sought refuge in
Journey just south of churches. There were those who
Raincouver and you’ll find a The truth is, Riches Land is took to the forests and those
series of islands separated by no place for the non-religious who sequestered themselves
rivers that turn salty with the or the faint of heart. Here is within cities. The Accensorites
tide. Here, the temples and where the holy war has begun— of the Fortress of Defense
holy places of the Accensorites and we can only hope that it instead held up within a
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
compound not just to defend Rockin’ River
themselves, but to fight the Casino
outside threat. The gambling hall itself
The Accensorites that make “Now don’t mind those mostly offers card games,
up the compounds are of the Cult Accensorites out there. This though there are a few
of Fallow Hopes. Together, they here’s a pretty slick operation. roulette wheels for those who
train and work to hone themselves There are those who’ll say that prefer games of chance rather
to fight the threat of the undead Riches Land is a misnomer, but than skill. The real draw
plague. Teams are often sent that isn’t true. You can win of the place, though, isn’t
abroad to the north toward the your fortune here at the tables. necessarily the gambling. It’s
North Mountains near Raincouver So the question is: Are you the fact that it provides a
to hunt raiders and zed. And it’s feeling lucky?” secluded location for those
often viewed as a badge of honor who conduct less-than-savory
to bring back trophies from a –Vick Enders, business deals. After all, who
kill. Owner of the Rockin’ River Casino really wants to go to Riches
While you might think that such The sound of music floats on
a highly trained force would the chilly breeze that blows Behind the entire operation
be an asset, it’s more of a off the ocean waters. Laughter are the Black Diamonds, the
detriment in the long run. Once and conversation ring out Pure Blood group that runs the
they ascend, the men and women into the surrounding streets pit fights in nearby Raincouver.
of the compound have a difficult as flickering light dances in While the pit fights are more
time associating with outsiders. windows. Glasses clink, chips profitable, they see the Rockin’
They live in a world of black clatter and cards shuffle River Casino as a type of
and white, whereas really it’s within the confines of what is, investment. It provides the
painted in shades of grey. perhaps, the only gambling hall perfect staging ground to seek
in the north. out potential Accensorite
Because the compound is so well candidates for their fighting
known within Riches Land, though, The Rockin’ River Casino ring— assuming the Accensorite
it also invites antagonism may be in the midst of a isn’t so far gone that they
from the Accensorites of other religious war zone, but it no longer see the reason for
religions. It’s not surprising attracts far more customers profit.
to see the compound under siege than you might expect—
from another invading “army” of something that can probably The Black Diamonds don’t
Accensorites. While many have be chalked down to the fact only just use the location as
tried to overcome the defenses, that it’s run partly by the a place to look for fighters,
though, none have yet succeeded. Pure Blood Black Diamonds from though. They’ve also struck a
Raincouver. deal with the outside farming
community. In exchange for
The casino itself is a cut of profits, the Black
located on the edge of the Diamonds allow the community to
ocean, providing customers with test their alchemical compounds
spectacular views of the water on some of the guests that
as they throw away their money. visit the casino.
Drinks are poured and business
deals are struck all within
the confines of the faded and
derelict building.

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
The Temple That’s not to say that went wild with no one to
there aren’t some dissenters, care for them. It was only
Most of Riches Land looks though. At times, the Temple years later that a Genjian
as if it’s been torn by war. has come under attack by Planter from Potter’s Field
Buildings have crumbled into overzealous Darwinists or discovered that the Garden
rubble. Refuse litters what’s King’s Courtiers who usually Lands held untold riches;
left of the streets, and make their home base in as the different strains of
scorch marks color the sides the Rockin’ River Casino. people evolved, so too did the
of anything left standing. But Fortunately, most of these different strains of plants.
there is an exception within assaults have been half- The Garden Lands have some
the city—and that exception is hearted, and have left the of the most perfect growing
the Temple. Temple intact. conditions in the region, and
the flora there flourished.
Somehow, some way, the
Temple has stood up against These days, Genjian work
the test of time and war. The Garden Lands on creating medicinal and
Gardens are accented by recreational strains of plants
delicate architecture that’s “Oh, our brothers and in the Garden Lands. Unlike
been kept up through the sisters at Potter’s Field know their brothers and sisters to
years. Shingled roofs are what they’re about when it the east that grow crops, the
still mostly intact and while comes to growing crops—corn and Genjian of the Garden Lands
the paint on many of the wheat and such. But they miss focus only on drugs— which has
buildings of the temple may be the true art of growing. Here made for an interesting trade
streaked and flaking, you can in the Garden Lands, we realize in the region.
still see the vague remains of the importance of cultivating
what colors once dominated. more... creative strains.” The Salt Wise of Nootka
Island and the Blue Wave
While there are many –Sarah Chu, Caravan Company are frequent
religions that have laid Genjian Farmer buyers of the medicinal plants
claims to the Temple, the within the Garden Lands. And
current one dominating the Just to the west of Riches the Black Diamonds that host
structure is the Sainthood Land and right near Nootka the Rockin’ River Casino often
of Ashes. Here, Accensorites Island is a small island called purchase the more recreational
offer succor and aid to the Garden Lands. Swathes of drugs for sale.
outsiders that have been green cover the island— plants
affected by the battles within that are carefully grown and With water on all sides,
the streets of Riches Land. cultivated by the Genjian that the men and women who live in
make their home there. the Garden Lands have little
It’s somewhat surprising to worry about when it comes
that the Sainthood are the Plants of all varieties to attacks from raiders or the
ones that have held onto the sway in the sea breezes as undead. Instead, the largest
structure for so long, yet workers tread through fields. threat they have to deal with
there is an explanation. Salt Wise ships pull onshore as is people. After all, with the
Most of the other religious captains and sailors barter for creation of drugs comes profit—
Accensorites realize that dried and processed plants for and those greedy enough to
there’s a need for some sort trade. Here is where you’ll find steal for it.
of medical practice within the the more unusual varieties of
city, and so have allowed the plants— drugs and hallucinogens
Sainthood to take over for that the Genjian of Potter’s
that purpose. Field normally steer clear of.

When the world fell, plants

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
sails with the Salt Wise. If
Oilberta this trade were to stop, then New Calgary
the whole region would come to
a halt. After all, it’s oil “Hello, miss. I’m not sure
“Excuse me, sir. Are you that runs these cities at the if you realize where you are.
lost? Perhaps you took the end of the day. You see, this is New Calgary.
wrong trade route on your way This is no place for the
to Raincouver; that’s further I did say that this was living, my dear. I’m afraid
to the... no? You meant to come also a place for the living, you’ve stumbled into the land
here? Well that’s interesting. but then you also have to of the dead.”
You see, there are places that remember the dead city of New
hold life and prosperity. There Calgary. The living dead clog –Nathan Cole,
are places that allow men and the streets, their putrid Full Dead
women not only to survive— but flesh stinking in the summer.
to thrive. Oilberta, though?
Well, Oilberta isn’t that kind
of place.”
Mats of them freeze together
in the winter, making any
sort of travel within the
N ew Calgary is no place for
the living, for hope, or
for survival. This is a place
city virtually impossible— where frozen corpses wander
–Kate Bouchard, unless you’re one of the Full the decaying streets. This
Reclaimer Oil Worker Dead. They use the Fifteen, is a place where the Grave
the morbid highway above the Mind whispers in the ears

T he cold winds howl down

from the north, screaming
across the lands of Oilberta.

And while there are those

of the unliving. This is a
place where the living fear to
tread— for this is a place of
Snow flurries spin in the of the living within Oilberta, the dead.
air and cut into the exposed this is a region for the dead.
muscles of the Reclaimers The Grave Mind has been acting The world fell, and New
that work to haul oil from up recently in both New Calgary Calgary fell with it. The
the frozen landscape. And and Deadmonton. And while some relatively dense population
ever present are the restless Grave Robbers have come and succumbed quickly to the
dead, the icy creatures that gone, the problems are still plague, and thousands fell in
roam the haunted reaches of there. Strange creatures show sickness and death. Corpses
the north. This is the land up in the darkness to claim were piled in ditches as
of winter. This is the land of the lives of those who are too people struggled to dispose of
death. This is Oilberta. stupid to understand that there the bodies while they, too,
It’s not that the are things to watch out for at began to die. Eventually, the
place is unlivable. There night. struggle ceased; the living
are settlements scattered fell to the dead.
all across Oilberta. Take Welcome to Oilberta— a
Deadmonton, for instance. You place of blood and oil. Welcome Yet as the Infection
can find Diesel Jocks racing to the North. mutated and spread, as winter
around their tracks for profit. swept over the city, these
And further north, you can corpses were preserved within
find Murray, the true gem of frost and ice. Years later, the
Oilberta. After all, that’s first of the Full Dead began to
where the Tar Fields are. wake, opening their pale eyes
to the world around them.
The trade of oil flows
through Oilberta— its life’s Today, New Calgary exists
blood. It streams down rivers as a necropolis, a place
and pours through roads. It that the Full Dead call home.
rides with Diesel Jocks and Crumbled buildings have been
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
reconstructed to create The Fifteen blood streaks the sides of
shadows of what life was like the walls where creatures and
before the Infection. The “There are places that people have tried to claw their
streets, choked with rubble nightmares are made of— places way outside.
and the restless dead, act as that rip and tear at your mind
pathways only for those who as your throat closes up, And yet perhaps the most
can masquerade themselves as keeping you from screaming. horrific part of the Fifteen
the unliving. And above it There are places that are never is that some regions host
all, the monstrous Fifteen mentioned because to even speak sections of the Grave Mind
holds the pulsing and twisted its name would invite horror itself. Fleshy growths have
tentacles of the Grave Mind. and disgust. The Fifteen? It’s pushed their way through
worse than that. Much, much buildings and into sections of
And yet even Full Dead need worse.” the Fifteen; pulsing tentacles
help from the outside world. that writhe and churn with
Small settlements have sprung –Will Martin, sacks of gelatinous tissue.
up around New Calgary, despite Reclaimer trader Here, the Full Dead can hear
the near-constant presence of the whispers of the grave more
the undead. Here, the living Safe passage in a city strongly— and so they avoid
cater to the dead. After all, where the dead roam free is these sections at all costs.
greed can speak volumes. nonexistent. Roads are choked
by restless corpses, and At the same time, though,
The Full Dead are the crumbling buildings pack side these putrid structures
brains of operations in New streets with debris. Yet for represent a possibly new
Calgary. While the inner city those who can live among the evolution of the Grave Mind,
itself is warded through virtue dead, for those who can pass and are something that should
of the hundreds of shambling by them unawares, there is a be monitored— at least so claim
dead, the outer city is a special sort of horror that the local Grave Robbers. New
place for trade. The Full Dead comes with the passageways of Calgary has actually become
of New Calgary often venture the Fifteen. a type of study site for the
outside to ensure that the Grave Robbers in the region,
Diesel Jock guards that they The Fifteen is a type of the medical professionals that
hire to guard oil supplies are aboveground highway used by the seek to better understand the
doing their job, and even to Full Dead in New Calgary. It’s Infection and the Grave Mind.
instruct the living when it a series of connections that Journeying to the region in
comes to business and trade. flow between what remains groups, teams of Grave Robbers
Seekers of Knowledge from the have tried to uncover the
Pacific Providence sometimes of buildings in the area. And reason behind this aboveground
seek out the Full Dead of New while the Full Dead have done growth of the Grave Mind. But
Calgary in order to glean their best to clear out the even they have to be wary.
information of life before the passages, this particular means After all, studying the Grave
spread of the plague. of transportation is dangerous Mind isn’t just playing with
even for the nearly dead. fire; it’s playing with an
Within the streaked and
dirty confines of the Fifteen,
the putrid smell of decaying
and decayed flesh is almost
overwhelming. Half-eaten
corpses claw their way across
the floor as an occasional
shambling dead walks through
the empty halls. Rust-colored
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
The Sunken are unwilling to venture within enterprising Grave Robbers
Center the confines of New Calgary; sometimes meet with the Full
after all, there’s very little Dead in the heart of their
“You must have a death to profit from in a place where city; why this might be,
wish. I don’t know anyone the residents don’t need to eat though, is anyone’s guess.
else who would even think of or drink to “live.”
going to the Sunken Center.
Why? That’s easy enough to The Sunken Center has
answer. It may be the base of obviously been repurposed with No One’s Hill
operations for all that oil, care. Each of the crumbling
but you’re also liable to get floors has a purpose; there are
killed trying to get there. “living” quarters, offices and “The Infection spread out
After all, that’s where the general areas for socializing. and took hold. It courses
Full Dead are.” The Full Dead lay out their through all of us, winding its
maps and plans in this way through our blood like the
–Quinn Ford, buildings, and also continue rivers through this land. Here
Diesel Jock Guard the operations of unearthing is our holy place—for the land
the frozen dead. belongs to no one. It can only
If you manage to navigate be claimed by the Earth.”
the corpse-choked streets of When the world fell,
New Calgary, you may just see corpses became frozen in the –Jessie Rogers,
the towering Sunken Center icy reaches of the north. Now Reclaimer Cultist
with its shattered windows and as they slowly awaken, some
crumbling walls. Here, the Full of them find themselves frozen
Dead have made their home, in permafrost— conscious but
using the high-rise building as unable to free themselves.
a means to watch the streets In addition to their oil
below for signs of unrest and operations, the Full Dead of
danger. And here is the heart New Calgary work to find their
of the oil business in the frozen brothers and sisters,
north. examining which regions are
most likely to contain them as
When it comes to oil in they work within their dead
Oilberta, the Full Dead of city.
New Calgary are the ones in
control. And while they send While the Sunken Center
representatives everywhere from is not hospitable to the
Raincouver to Fort Murray, it’s living, though, there are
in the Sunken Center where always exceptions to every
their base of operations lie. rule. It’s
This is their home— the brain rumored
behind the entire trade system that
in the north.

It’s easy to see why the

Full Dead chose the Sunken
Center as their home. After
all, it’s located within the
midst of New Calgary, which
means that the restless dead
provide a natural defense
against outsiders. Even raiders
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
This is the island send out hunters to the There are few refuges against
surrounded by the waves of the surrounding forest to bring the waves of dead that surround
dead, the corpses that snarl back small game, and guards New Calgary— few except for the
and cry out in the night— patrol the borders to be sure Island of Saints. Protected by
feeling no pain but the pain of that the dead don’t become too rivers and the religious zeal
death itself. Here, the last enthusiastic when it comes to of its residents, the island
of the living in New Calgary their loyal followers. has become one of the only
have made their homes— within places where you can find anyone
a land meant for no one. Surprisingly, though, it living near New Calgary.
seems as if the settlement is
No One’s Hill is located in largely unmolested by the dead When New Calgary fell,
the midst of New Calgary. Yet of New Calgary. Sure, there there were a few that fled to
with its forests and hills, is the occasional horde of the nearby island. Generation
it’s perhaps the only place Shamblers or a Hunter or two in after generation, the new
where the living can survive the surrounding forests, but residents passed down stories
without the constant threats considering its proximity to about the horrors of the city.
of the dead. Stone houses have New Calgary, there should be They taught their children to
been constructed with the far more incidents than there be pious and faithful- for it
help of the rocks scattered are. is only with faith that they
about the parkland, clustered could truly be saved from the
together on the top of the The cultists blame the lack walking dead.
highest hill. There, the of undead on the fact that they
Reclaimers and Semper Mort of have indeed discovered the one These days, the island
No One’s Hill live in the city true religion. And certainly, hosts a group of Accensorites
of the dead. the phenomenon has attracted that eke out a living on
the notice of the Grave Robbers the island. Mainly using the
You’d think that most that have started to visit this resources that they can glean
people would have better sense region more frequently. from surrounding waters, the
than to live in New Calgary. Accensorites constantly train
The fact of the matter is, and prepare for the day that
though, that the unusual Grave they can reclaim “their” city.
Mind activity in the area The Island of
has encouraged the growth of the Saints Of course, the natural
cult-like followings. These waterways also mean that Salt
cultists, rather than shunning “We are some of the last of Wise have access to the island.
the necropolis of New Calgary, the true living in New Calgary. The Accensorites often trade
instead view it as a type of The dead and the damned with passing ships on their way
holy site. After all, this is surround us on all sides, but to other locations, and will
the city where the dead never we are the beacon within the even leave their island for a
truly die. darkness. Our light will shine time in order to act as guards
out to the world as we show under certain circumstances.
The small town-within-a- that there will always be hope Yet most of these Accensorites
city is encircled by small for the ones that follow a eventually return to the
walls. The residents keep righteous path.” Island of the Saints in order
up a small farm, and the to continue to follow their
settlement itself is largely –Michael Sanders, true calling of training to
self-sufficient; it has to be Accensorite destroy the undead— and those
considering the fact that who would follow them.
traders can’t reach No One’s
Hill— at least not without
the risk of dying. The people
of No One’s Hill sometimes
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
The island itself possesses an When the infection took hold, deals with the Full Dead of New
open field that the residents some sheltered in place while Calgary, the Natural Ones of
keep clear as a training ground others went into the closest bit Sutina Camp are more than willing
to practice tactics against the of wilderness that they could to meet with the Salt Wise and
walking dead. The Accensorites find. In this case, people fled to deliver cargo.
have also created makeshift Sutina Camp. Now, the descendants
buildings using the timber of these men and women form small The residents of Sutina Camp
found on the island. Recognizing groups that range across the are all too aware that their
early on that these trees were landscape. homeland is one of the only safe
a limited resource, though, the locations in the region. Because
Accensorites have mostly left The Natural Ones of Sutina of this, they ask any traders
the woods on the island intact. Camp are never found in one place they come across for payment
for long. That’s partly because while staying on what they
Perhaps the most notable they follow game trails, but it’s consider “their” land. And when
feature on the island is also partly due to the relentless you’re looking up at a Natural
the massive shrine that the harassment of the dead. While One astride the back of one
Accensorites have constructed. most of the undead cluster within of the massive antlered moose,
Located on the eastern side of the city of New Calgary, the you’re pretty willing to take
the island, this amphitheater- outskirts of the necropolis also that deal.
like creation can seat all of hold their dangers. Hunters stalk
the residents of the island if the fields and grasslands, ready
need be. Although most come here to snatch at unwary travelers.
to worship, the large space is And hordes slowly move across the Culling Caves
also used for meetings among the fields, as relentless as the tide.
Accensorite community.
And yet the Natural Ones have “It’s quiet within the caves.
come up with an ingenious way of All you can hear is the gentle
dealing with the dead that range drip of water, the whisper of
Sutina Camp across the landscape— outpacing the outside wind. But you’d
them not on foot, but on the best be careful. They’re not
“If you’re looking for a safe backs of their steeds. called the ‘Culling Caves’ for
place to stay around New Calgary, no reason. And the Lascarians
then you’d better head for Sutina No one is sure who tamed the that live within them are always
Camp. It’s just about the only first moose, but the practice soon looking for a bite to eat.”
secure location around the city caught on. These days, the people
of the dead. But be careful. I of Sutina Camp ride the massive –Lucy Mazden,
hear that the Natural Ones there creatures that they keep in Diesel Jock
don’t take kindly to outsiders— herds as they move from place to
especially those who don’t place. Breeding only the largest High within the mountains
announce themselves, first.” and most docile, the Natural that overlook New Calgary,
Ones have managed to create an just past Sutina Camp, you’ll
–Paul Roy, animal that is both terrifying find an entrance carved within
Reclaimer Guard and willing to be used as a pack the stones themselves. Venture
animal and a steed. into the darkness, winding
Head to the west of New your way down the pathway into
Calgary and you’ll find Sutina Perhaps the most noteworthy the damp ground, and there
Camp, a holdout for Natural Ones things about this region, though, is where you’ll discover the
in the region. Men and women live are the rivers that crisscross Culling Caves, the home of the
off of the land here, forming it. Salt Wise from Raincouver Lascarians of New Calgary.
small groups that travel from have managed to chart out
place-to-place within Sutina Camp routes to the area in order to
depending on weather conditions. accept shipments of oil. Making
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
The caves wind far and deep Despite their reputation, new god. The Grave Mind saw its
beneath the ground, twisting, Diesel Jock clans that have children upon the Earth and wept
turning, and providing passages been stranded due to the to see their war and strife. It
and rooms where the Lascarians unpredictable weather near the wept and the bombs fell and as
live and make their homes. It’s mountains will stay within its power grew through death.
possible to get lost within the the caves themselves. As long And so the Grave Mind gave its
passages and there are stories as they pay their dues, the children gifts: the gift of
of those who have ventured Lascarians are happy to host healing quickly, the gift of
beneath the ground, never to be them. Profit is profit, after all. life. The Grave Mind also gave
seen again. gifts in death: the gift of
silence, the gift of power. While
For all that, though, some squander these gifts, the
Culling Caves are also useful. Factions Nameless give thanks for them.
Expanded and carved out by the
Lascarians, they form a natural Each cult has to start
passageway between New Calgary The Nameless somewhere, and then Nameless
and the road toward the west, “We are the nameless. We started thanks to one man:
which eventually winds toward belong to no one and no one Lionel Kane. A former Final
Raincouver. Diesel Jocks will belongs to us. We are of the Knight who was disgusted with
often meet the Lascarians on Earth and it is of us. We the world around him and the
the western side of the caverns listen to it and it listens to atrocities that he witnessed,
in order to deliver and receive us— for we are the children of Kane instead looked inward toward
supplies destined for locations the Grave. Hear us. We are the the Infection. He realized that
to either side of the mountains. nameless. Our whispers echo in the atrocities he saw were all
the darkness, and we will not be because people did not accept the
And yet there’s a reason silenced.” Grave Mind. This wasn’t a Hell
that this is the only real safe on Earth, but was instead the
passage through the mountains. –Nick Moore, beginning of a new age.
It’s rumored that the road that Reclaimer Cultist
once allowed Diesel Jocks to Kane soon recruited
travel from Raincouver to New Death is not an end to followers near New Calgary. He
Calgary was destroyed not just by life. It is but the beginning. collected the downtrodden and
time and weather, but also by the The Infection is a gift flowing the destitute, showing them that
Lascarians of the Culling Caves. through all of us. It mends our there was a better way to live.
After all, controlling a major wounds and brings us back time
passageway between the two cities and time again. And while we are The cult itself deals
means that the Lascarians have all eventually taken, we are heavily with the Full Dead of
much power at their disposal. happy to embrace the Grave at New Calgary, viewing them as the
our deaths. Grave Mind’s “chosen” people—
There’s a reason that the prophets that have the ability
caves are called the “Culling The Nameless is a cult to speak the words of the Grave.
Caves,” as well. Bones crunch that has formed around the However, they view Grave Robbers
underfoot and blood smears the worship of the Grave Mind near with suspicion and distrust.
damp cave walls. While the No One’s Hill. These men and They are the “meddlers” who
Lascarians claim that they women believe that the Grave attempt to push away the Grave
aren’t to blame and that someone Mind controls all and sees all Mind from its children. With
—or something— lurks deep within through the Infection— and that the recent Grave Mind activity
the passages, there are those we are its children in the end. in New Calgary, there have been
that think otherwise. After all, more than a few altercations
everyone knows that Lascarians According to the cultists, between the cultists and
don’t mind to bite into a little the world didn’t fall. Instead, visiting Grave Robbers.
extra meat. we experienced the coming of a
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
The Enlightened While the Enlightened mainly Deep within the Culling
“We have always fought focus on the city of New Calgary Caves there lives a sect of
against the evil that lurks itself, the recent cult that’s Lascarians that avoid contact
on our very doorstep, the sprung up on No One’s Hill has with the outside world. While
monstrosities that tear into also peaked their interests. their brothers and sisters deal
our flesh and kill our children. They view the Nameless as with the traders that sometimes
We are the warriors of light abominations that should either venture within their caverns,
who destroy dark places. We are repent and be converted, or the Culling Kind instead prefer
the Enlightened.” simply destroyed. Because of to shun outsiders, which is
this, there have been more than perhaps why so little is known
-Gloriana Nicole, a few deaths recently due to the about them.
Accensorite actions of the Accensorites; so
far, though, no major fighting Although the Lascarians of
Journey to the Island of has broken out. the upper caves are aware of
the Saints and you’ll find the the Culling Kind, they keep
Enlightened, the group of Not every Accensorite from their existence quiet. It’s bad
Fallow Hopes Accensorites that the Island of the Saints is one for business when it’s known
have dedicated their lives of the Enlightened, either. that a group of bloodthirsty
to ridding New Calgary of the Only those who are considered Lascarians lives deeper within
undead threat. Highly trained the strongest and most zealous the caves, after all.
and highly militant, these men are welcomed into the ranks.
and women are known for their The Culling Kind are
brutal methods and relentless While the main purpose of essentially feral Lascarians.
tactics. the Enlightened is to destroy Some say that this group was
all threat of the walking first spawned when a Lascarian
You can easily recognize dead, there are those within and a Semper Mort had a child.
one of the Enlightened in New the ranks that even religious Others say that a Lascarian
Calgary. Aside from their zealots need to earn a living. child became lost deep within
holier-than-thou attitudes, they The Enlightened will on rare the Culling Caves and became
also are always overly armored occasions function as guards so feral, there was no way to
and overly equipped. It also for the ships of traveling Salt rehabilitate him. And yet the
helps that the Enlightened are Wise. However, the Enlightened truth is, perhaps, far worse.
some of the only Accensorites never really venture too far
to be found in the region. from their island, and it’s The Culling Kind are
clear that the only reason they actually an offshoot of the
For years, the Enlightened venture on these excursions Nameless cult. Believing
have employed various tactics is for the betterment of their themselves to be closer to the
to try to take down the city community at home. Grave Mind than others because
of New Calgary, much to the they burrow deeper within
displeasure of the Full Dead The Culling Kind the ground, these Lascarians
living there. The Enlightened “Hush! We are the children routinely hunt and kill
tend to schedule raids against of the ground. Here we live and outsiders to bring them closer
New Calgary, sending in troops here we die. Hush! We are the to the Grave Mind through
that clear out the restless children of the caves. Here is death. The fact that they get
dead from the city streets our refuge and our territory. a free meal out of it may also
before quickly retreating back Hush! We are the children of factor into this choice.
to their island. It’s a sound the reaping. Hush! Do not
tactic, but it’s not moving scream—for no one will hear While the Culling Kind is
nearly fast enough for some of you.” an offshoot of the Nameless,
the Accensorites. they have cultivated their
–Echo Grands, own beliefs concerning the
Lascarian Grave Mind. When they kill
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
an outsider, they do so in While the cult has remained There are those who think they
a ritualistic manner: first, relatively under the radar for have power. There are those who
scaring the victim into the now, the Lascarians of the think others have power. Then
deeper caves where he’ll be upper caves are beginning to there are those who actually
closer to the Grave Mind, and become nervous. The killings possess power. So when it comes
then surrounding him before can’t stay secret for long and to the Northern Oil Company, the
going in for a kill. If the it looks like that soon, there men and women in charge truly
victim escapes, the Lascarians may be a civil war within the possess power.
view this as a sign that the Culling Caves.
Grave Mind has determined the The Northern Oil Company
person needs more time before is the group in charge of the
being shown enlightenment. But The Northern Oil massive oil reserves in the
if the victim is caught and Company region. With a base of operations
killed, the Lascarians then “Good evening, sir. I’ve within New Calgary, the
feast on the remains, viewing got a fire here going so you Northern Oil Company possesses
it as a gift from the Grave should get too cold. Pretty representatives throughout the
Mind itself. awful weather out there, eh? region.
Thought you might appreciate the
warmth. Now let’s get down to Oil is the black gold that
business. We have oil and you’re powers the Diesel Jock engines
interested in buying so please, and generators during the winter
make me an offer. I’m sure you months. Oil is the currency on
know what we at the Northern which everyone relies. Control
Oil Company are worth.” of oil means you have control of
the trade routes throughout all
–Charlie Bouchard, of Oilberta and even the Pacific
Northern Oil Providence, which means that the
Company Representative Full Dead of New Calgary have
some serious clout.

The Northern Oil Company has
been able to keep a chokehold
on its oil fields many through
intimidation and good business
practices. They hire Diesel Jock
guards —such as the Reapers— and
make sure to give them frequent
work and pay handsomely in
oil. They give business to the
Blue Wave Caravan Company,
the Salt Wise ships that
sail through the rivers and
waterways of the region. And
they even provide information
to the Seekers of Knowledge.
The company has found that
it’s easier to lure flies with
honey than with vinegar— and
good business means that most
won’t try to steal away the oil
reserves to the north.

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
There are those that do Yet there are those that believe While the Living Circle has
see the benefit of competition, that this is unacceptable— that managed to do some good with
though. In particular, the Black someone needs to stand up against its work, the members are still
Diamonds have been maneuvering the Grave Mind. If not, then at stumped by what’s happening in
themselves to try and take some the very least someone needs to New Calgary. Whether or not the
of the more profitable wells. tell residents to evacuate an mystery is ever solved is a
So far, though, the Northern area before it’s too late. matter of time.
Oil Company has staved off most
of the competition by hiring That’s where the Living
the Pure Bloods to work in the Circle comes in. Formed from Notable
company. Yet some whisper that a coalition of Grave Robbers,
it’s only a matter of time beforethe Living Circle travels the Personalities
the Full Dead are toppled from north in search of any strange
their thrones. phenomena being exhibited by the Cecille Blanchard
Grave Mind. If they find something “Don’t you understand?
While the company mostly does odd, then they may spend the There’s something intrinsically
business by virtue of bribes next several days, weeks or wrong with the Grave Mind in this
and rewards, that doesn’t mean even months examining the region. It could be evolving.
it’s not afraid to knock a few nearby region in hopes of better It could simply be a matter
heads together, if need be. Some understanding what’s happening. of expansion. But you need to
murmur that those who opposed Usually, they can at least teach understand that it’s not safe.
the company have sometimes the residents what to do in Stop denying it and face the
disappeared in the night, never order to mitigate the effects truth!”
to be seen again. of whatever is happening. Though
in worst-case scenarios, towns –Cecille Blanchard,
sometimes have to be abandoned. Grave Robber

The Living Circle You can’t necessarily tell Cecille Blanchard doesn’t
“So let me get this straight, who’s part of the Living Circle look like a Grave Robber. She’s
Ms. Blanchard. You believe that by sight. It’s composed of five slight of build for a Reclaimer,
there’s... something wrong with individuals of all different with brown hair, silvery grey
our Grave Mind? Is that even strains and personalities. And eyes, and a heart-shaped face.
possible? Perhaps you should get while all of the members are And yet she’s the driving force
a second opinion— or a third. Grave Robbers, it’s likely that behind the investigations
After all, what you do isn’t an you’ll only really realize who surrounding the Grave Mind
exact science, is it?” and what you’re dealing with throughout the region.
when you see the entire group
–Samuel Evans, going into a dangerous region. Cecille’s passion began when
Full Dead of New Calgary she was a child. Growing up
The group itself first formed within Raincouver, her father
When something strange when a woman by the name of was killed by the dead in the
happens with the Grave Mind, Cecille Blanchard realized that North Mountains while he was
there is very little that most the Grave Mind of New Calgary out logging. Soon after, Cecille
people can do. All anyone can do was far more active that it became obsessed with learning all
is hole up against the worst, theoretically should have she could about the creatures
trying to live another day as been. Afraid for the nearby that had stolen her father away
waves of the walking dead rip at settlements and determined to from her. She journeyed to School
living flesh and stalk the nearby fight against the numerous cults Hill in the Burning City to learn
woods. that actually worship the Grave all she could, and then became a
Mind, Cecille has rallied others Seeker herself over time.
to her cause in order to better
understand the Grave Mind.
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
No one is quite sure where While he is a Pure Blood, stoicism as most Full Dead, you
exactly Cecille travelled, but though, he doesn’t act the can sometimes catch a quiet
when she finally returned to part. Disgusted with the smile that spreads across his
the Burning City, she had been decadence and overabundance face when he encounters others.
formally accepted into the ranks that he found in his social
of the Grave Robbers. Now, she circles as a young man, Kane Evans isn’t a pushover. He’s
travels from city to city—town sought out religion as a means very firm on matters of business;
to town, determined to do battle to understand his world a bit while there’s been some trouble
against the undead threat in any better. He didn’t find his with the Grave Mind in New
way that she can. answers in religion, though— he Calgary, and Evans remains firmly
found it in the Grave Mind. in denial about it. After all,
Lionel Kane any trouble with the Grave Mind
“You say that what I preach would be very bad for business.
is sacrilegious— that it’s Samuel Evans
an affront to the very fabric “It’s not about the oil—
of nature. But look at your not really. If it were just
religions and the Accensorites about the oil, we wouldn’t be
that smear the ground with each as generous as we are with
other’s blood. Look at how our earnings. No, it’s about Deadmonton
your Pure Bloods sell flesh, power, in this case. It’s about
pound for pound. Look at the influence. You see, our goals
filth in your world and try to aren’t to just control the flow “There’s a reason they call
tell me that the Grave Mind is of oil; our goals are to control it ‘Deadmonton,’ and it’s not
the cause. It’s not the Grave the flow of trade itself— and the because it’s a hopping place.
Mind; it’s the people.” development that it entails.” Sure, there are a few places to
–Samuel Evans, note but honestly, why would you
–Lionel Kane Full Dead of New Calgary want to stay in a place where
you’re going to get got?”
There are people that have Samuel Evans isn’t ruled
a type of presence about them— by greed or even by power like –Henry Lees,
a magnetism that draws in the lesser men. Instead, He is ruled Genjian Edmonton Resident
listener and causes them to by ambition. With his pale
nod in agreement. Some call it
natural charisma. Others say
it’s speech training. Whatever
features and dark clothing, this
pale-haired man can be clearly
identified as one of the Full
T he sky seems to stretch for
miles and miles over the
settlement of Deadmonton. Grass
it is, though, Lionel Kane has Dead. sways in the breeze as ice
it— and he uses it to his full crunches beneath the boots of
advantage. Known simply as Evans, this traders. The cracked roads of
man is one of the overseers for the north wind through the town
The founder of the the oil business in Oilberta. before continuing onward toward
Nameless, Kane is easy to He defines the trade within the the Tar Fields.
recognize by sight. He’s a region, working with Diesel Jock Deadmonton has become a type
somewhat young man in his mid- and Salt Wise caravans to ensure of pit stop for those traveling
twenties with dark hair and that supplies are sent where from the region of New Calgary
blue eyes. The disenfranchised they need to go. toward more northern reaches,
Pure Blood can usually be found where the oil fields can be
wearing well-fitted clothing He doesn’t sequester himself found. Some jokingly call it the
that’s been tailored to his away within New Calgary. “Gateway to the North” instead
size. Instead, he travels across the of an actual town— and they’re
region and interacts with other partially right. The town
Strains on a regular basis. itself caters to Diesel Jock
Although he shows the same sensibilities, which means that
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
a lot of businesses around the The Green Ribbon It’s easy to spot where the
area have sprung up seasonally Green Ribbon intersects the aspen
rather than year-round. forests surrounding Deadmonton.
“You’re asking me why they The trees all seem to fade in
There’s the Deadmonton call it the ‘Green Ribbon?’ Well color as they approach the river,
Race Track, where the Diesel that’s a question and a half. I turning brown and lifeless until
Jocks test out exactly how fast suppose it’s because it’s all all that remains are the bare
they can go without killing in one strip, though I wouldn’t remains of what might once have
themselves. Money changes hands exactly call it ‘green.’ That been trees. For all that, though,
as bets are placed, and Diesel place is about as brown as it the trees themselves still seem
Jocks Racers can earn quite a comes— and there are some things to be alive in some sense. They
bit if they manage to become a in those trees and in that water certainly seem to be getting
crowd favorite. that I wouldn’t want to see, let taller from year-to-year, though
alone meet.” it’s hard to say whether that’s
And yet something lurks just from the trees actually growing
on the outskirts of Deadmonton: –John Marks, or if the Grave Mind growths are
the dead. Screams echo in Reclaimer simply pushing the trees from
the night as the wandering underground.
dead crunch across leaves and Screams and cries echo
through forests. It seems as if through the night and filter It’s not surprising that
increased Grave Mind activity through the Deadmonton streets. this unusual activity has
isn’t only limited to New The hoarse rattle of a dying attracted the notice of Grave
Calgary. Here, too, you can find breath whispers across the trees, Robbers, especially the Living
evidence of it within the Green carried by the cold wind. Water Circle based around New Calgary.
Ribbon, the stretch of waterway gurgles and flows through the Currently, the jury is out what
that seems to have infected the valley and with it the harsh exactly is occurring. Yet a few
trees and vegetation around it. reminder of what lies within it. of the Grave Robbers believe that
the strange activity with the
And yet there is life within The Green Ribbon is a river Grave Mind seen in New Calgary is
Deadmonton. A town has grown up that runs to the south of spreading. What that means for
around the racetrack, made up Deadmonton. While the waters may the rest of the region, though,
of mostly Reclaimers and the have once been fresh and clear, is anyone’s guess.
occasional Diesel Jock. Red Star they now run sluggish and slow,
from the local commune sometimes clogged with the putrid remains What it does mean for
even venture into the main part of flesh and worse. When summer Deadmonton is that some unusual
of Deadmonton for trade. rolls around, the river itself undead pop up near the town. And
takes on a green-brown hue as that means the residents need to
Still, when it comes down vegetation takes hold, which is be on their guard. After all,
to it, Deadmonton isn’t a town perhaps how the area got its name even a lone Shambler can take
where you want to live. It’s a in the first place. down someone who’s not paying
town that you pass through— one attention.
with its own troubles that you It’s said that the area is a
rather not get involved in... region where the Grave Mind has
of course, there are those that burst from the ground, taking
don’t take that advice. hold of the river’s waters. The
red-brown tubular growths seen
within the depths of the river
are thought to be Grave Mind
tentacles that are ready to
snatch at the unwary, should they

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Deadmonton during that time some of the person to a race. It’s a simple
Race Track most determined and fastest race around the track between
Diesel Jocks around come out to two competitors. The team
test their rides. racing, in contrast, requires
“It’s like nothing else when one person to start off before
you’re out there on the track. The Deadmonton Race Track handing off a token of some kind
Your heart pumps with adrenaline isn’t much to look at. It’s to his teammate after one loop.
as cold wind whips across your essentially a massive slab of This tradeoff continues until
face. The world blurs to either asphalt with a few, crumbling the Diesel Jocks have finished.
side as you struggle to draw buildings on its outskirts. While team racing usually occurs
another breath. It’s like flying— These buildings have been between three teams, there have
and you don’t ever want to come converted to chop shops and sometimes been more involved in
down again.” places where traveling Diesel order to jazz things up.
Jocks can buy spare parts or
–Jackie Neesan, suit up their rides before the Yet the race that everyone
Diesel Jock Racer big race. During race days, really looks forward to is the
there are also enterprising Grand Royale. This race usually
Slurry may host competitions vendors that sell food and consists of six or more Diesel
of power, but Deadmonton is the other wares, though these pop- Jocks that all race around the
place you want to go if you want up stores quickly disappear when ring at the same time. What
to see competitions of speed. the track isn’t in use. makes the race interesting is
The Deadmonton Race Track may that each of the Diesel Jocks
only run part of the year, but During race days, which are arbitrarily assigned some
are usually held during the kind of weapon— whether it’s
summer and autumn, Diesel a gas canister, caltrops or a
Jocks sign up to compete in knife. And while there aren’t
one of three types of races: nearly as many fatalities as
one-on-one, team racing or the in Cloverdale, there are still
Grand Royale. While each race enough clashes to satiate the
requires that the Diesel Jocks bloodlust of the masses.
loop around the trace track a
certain amount of times, each
type of race calls for a few Mutant
different tactics. Conservatory

The one-on-one race is
pretty straightforward and is “Bring us your deformed,
mostly used for Diesel Jocks your freaks, and your outcasts.
that have challenged one other Bring us those that you have
shoved from your homes and your
towns. We will care for them.
We will teach them. Because
this is the next stage of
evolution, and they are well
on their way to the future.”

–Eddie Wells,
Semper Mort Scientist

Standing just to the south

of the Green Ribbon are three
massive cages of glass and
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
metal, structures that have After all, Semper Mort have to The Bio Building is located
somehow stood the test of time eat eventually. And yet the slightly to the west of the
and weather. Grime streaks the relationship between the Semper Mutant Conservatory. Once
sides of the glass, hiding the Mort and Remnants that have controlled by the Semper Mort,
interiors from view— probably journeyed to the location is the several-story building is
a good thing considering what largely a mutually beneficial now in the hands of a Red Star
lives within. one; the Semper Mort take only commune; and from the looks
enough to feed, not to kill. of things, they’re planning on
Nicknamed the “Mutant keeping it.
Conservatory” by the residents But the Mutant Conservatory
of Deadmonton, these structures isn’t only known for its The building itself houses
house some of the most strange-looking residents. It’s some of the most advanced
intelligent people you’ll find said that the Semper Mort have technological equipment to be
in the region—or so they like been working with the Grave found in the city of Deadmonton—
to think. A group of Semper Robbers in the region to study or at least it did. The story
Mort has taken up residence the strange growths appearing goes that a Red Star commune
within the structures, keeping in the Green Ribbon. There lived in the general area. During
mostly to themselves as they are rumors that odd hybrid one hard winter, a few commune
were shunned by the outside creations grow and thrive members decided to explore the
world. within the Mutant Conservatory, dilapidated old building nearby
though there is very little in order to see whether it could
When the world fell, the evidence to back up these be used as shelter. What they
Mutant Conservatory was mostly claims. found was something far more than
left unscathed. Only housing they expected.
plants, the four pyramids
weren’t worth much to the The Red Star discovered
outside world, except as a The Bio Building pods filled with Semper Mort,
means to gather scrap metal. seemingly asleep. Before they
When one of the pyramids could leave, one of the commune
was dismantled, many of the “Excuse me, I don’t mean members accidentally triggered
residents considered the to bother you— but do you the pods, and the Semper Mort
effort too much to continue— live here? I didn’t think I woke from their long slumber.
and thus the remaining three recognized you... oh! So you Outnumbered at the time, the Red
pyramids were left standing and don’t live here. Well I know Star fled. Years later, though,
abandoned. some great places that aren’t they returned, and this time with
here. How about you go there reinforcement. The commune pushed
That’s when the Semper Mort instead? This isn’t really your out the Semper Mort and took the
found them. Traveling from scene— trust me.” Bio Building as its own.
the Bio Building after being
evicted by its new residents, –Chloe Burns, The building houses
the Semper Mort have been Red Star technological equipment, most of
living within the Mutant which is too old or too broken to
Conservatory ever since. There’s a difference function. The Red Star, though,
between being hostile and being make use of what they have.
The majority of the Semper unwelcoming. Being hostile They’ve converted the series of
Mort within the series of means that you go out, guns rooms into living spaces and
buildings are of the Church blazing with a take-no-prisoners even workshops. There, they use
of Darwin. Viewing mutations attitude. Being unwelcoming, the remains of the equipment to
as evolution rather than though— that’s far more subtle. create small items they then use
deformities, the Semper Mort And it’s an art that the Red to trade with wandering Diesel
welcome any outcasts and strays Star at the Bio Building have Jocks.
into their home— for a price. mastered.
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
The true interesting part see illustrated signs posted It’s been a precaution that’s
of the Bio Building, though, is around the structure: Keep Out, so far been unnecessary. But
the fact that so many people No Loud Noises, No Shouting, with the increase in the amount
seem to want to get their No Whispering. Most days, a of visitors to the Maul, it’s
hands on it. While the Semper single Reclaimer guard stands possible that the monster
Mort are largely uninterested out front, face nervous as he inside just may escape. And if
now, Full Dead have actually glances over his shoulder ever it does, then all of Deadmonton
approached the Red Star and once in a while to peer at the may just be in danger.
have asked whether they’d be Maul. He’s not there to keep
willing to allow them to take people out, though. He’s there
the building out from under to make sure something is kept
them for business purposes. inside. Dead Man’s Fort
For now, the deal hasn’t gone
through; and considering the It’s rumored that when
stubbornness of the Red Star Deadmonton was first settled, a “We admit that Deadmonton
commune, it’s unlikely that it massive zed roamed the region, doesn’t have a lot to offer.
ever will. destroying homes and any living That’s partly why the Race
creature in its wake. Somehow Track was set up— to at
—some way— a group of Diesel least give traders a bit of
Jocks managed to corral the incentive to stop and stay a
The Maul creature and lead it into the while. But you know what? We’re
Maul. There it’s stayed for just fine with people ignoring
“There’s a reason they years and years, biding its us. Outsiders simply don’t
call it the ‘Maul,’ and it’s time until it’s released once understand the way things work
not because it’s a nice place more. here.”
for a stroll. I don’t know how
that massive zed got packed There was just one problem –Adam Chung,
in there, but it’s pretty with this plan: the Maul is Red Star of the Fort
impressive. If it ever gets a veritable gold mine of old
out... well... it’s better that world goods. This means that Deadmonton has its bars and
we don’t think about that, I treasure seekers routinely look its trade. It has its roads
guess.” for ways inside. and its attractions. But while
Deadmonton is mostly centered
–Mason Carter, It’s said that enterprising on catering to traders passing
Diesel Jock Joneses actually scale the through, Dead Man’s Fort is
walls of the building and then something else entirely.
The structure towers drop in through the roof in
over most other buildings order to scavenge what they can Dead Man’s Fort is a town
in Deadmonton, rising upward from the location. Yet just as within a town, a place where
with its cracked windows and often, these expeditions turn Red Star have gathered to form
crumbling walls. While it is into nightmares. It’s said their own settlement within
big, it doesn’t look like that the zed of those who have the confines of Edmonton.
anything more— at first. The made past attempts can be found The commune has been in the
truth is that the Maul is one within the Maul, waiting for fort for what seems like
of the most dangerous places their next victim. centuries, working and living
in Deadmonton. separately from the rest of
For now, the Maul remains the population.
Listen carefully near the guarded by its lone Reclaimer
Maul and you’ll hear nothing; guard, who’s ready to run to When you first see Dead
no whispers, no conversations, the main town of Deadmonton at Man’s Fort, you feel as if
not even the sound of a heavy the first sign of trouble in you’ve walked into another
footstep. Instead, you’ll order to give them warning. time— a time when zed were
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
but a distant memory and duty to further technological
people could walk through the Factions progress and guide the citizens
streets without fear. Houses of Deadmonton— that is, until
are carefully maintained and The Bio Men the Red Star returned.
cleaned. Small gardens are “People fear us. Oh yes,
cared for out front and men and they fear us. But we are not The Red Star ousted the
women go about their business the ones to be feared. We Bio Men from their building,
of the day. It’s an almost broke from our icy prisons and causing them to flee to the
idyllic existence— unless were born to lead the people Mutant Conservatory. Ever since
you’re an outsider. into a new age— until we were then, the Bio Men have remained
betrayed, that is. Betrayed by bitter, unable to fulfill
It’s not called “Dead Man’s the very people we were meant what they consider as “their
Fort” for no reason. Anyone to save.” destiny.”
entering the compound is not
just viewed with suspicion, –Sly McCane, Because of this, the Bio
but is quickly jailed and Semper Mort Scientist Men have instead dedicated
questioned. Those who themselves to another cause:
mistakenly wandered into the Not everyone believes in reclaiming the Bio Building.
small settlement are usually destiny. They believe that they While they claim to accept
driven outside of town with carve their own way in life, mutants out of the goodness of
a firm warning not to return. making choices that ultimately their hearts, the truth is that
Others that intentionally determine their own fate. The they are amassing their own
entered, though, meet with Bio Men are definitely not those kind of armor. Within the walls
harsher punishments. sorts of people. of the Mutant Conservatory,
the Semper Mort train their
That said, the Red Star This group of Semper Mort followers, making them feel
have set up a trading post first awoke from their ice- welcome and at home. They tell
just outside their settlement. induced slumber in the Bio those who come to them that
There, they offer tools made Building after a group of Red they, too, can have a grand
from their tinkers and even Star stumbled into their room. destiny.
produce from their gardens. Once the Red Star had fled,
the Semper Mort, confused and And yet despite all of the
And yet the Red Star from hungry, were left alone within Bio Men’s grand schemes, they
the fort aren’t always kind. the Bio Building. For a time, don’t seem to have any solid
It’s rumored that the commune they were mostly helpless, proof that there is anything
located in the Bio Building living more like animals than located within the Bio Building
is actually a segment of the people. And then one of them that could be of use to them.
commune from the Dead Man’s made a discovery: a pamphlet They only have a small sheaf of
Fort. While there are whispers of papers that told them papers to go by. And while they
that infighting caused this exactly what they had to do. jealously guard these papers,
split, no one has yet been able Fortunately for the Semper it’s clear that they don’t
to confirm or deny whether this Mort, the one who discovered actually say much in regards to
is true. the papers remembered how to what the Semper Mort should be
read. doing.

The Bio Men are convinced

that they were preserved in
order to bring the new world
into a new era. Considering
themselves the successful
experiments of a bygone age,
they believed that it was their
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
The Mutants them hope to cultivate the A monster lurks within the
“They call us freaks— the infected plants located along Maul. You can hear it sometimes
unwanted, the unloved, the the Green Ribbon. And now, they if you listen closely. Its
mutants. We are the creatures continue research to this day. roars echo within the walls
that are shunned, despite all of its prison, echoing and
that we do. But we’re changing The Mutants believe that by reverberating through the
that. You think that those cultivating and learning more massive chambers. It starts
Semper Mort are responsible for about the infected plants, they up a chorus with the other
helping solve the issue with can eventually cure what ails dead— the bodies of reckless
the Grave Mind? No, that’s us. the vegetation. They believe scavengers and joneses that
We will be the city’s saviors that the increased Grave Mind thought that they could make
and they will finally see us for activity in the area may be it out alive.
what and who we really are.” linked to these strange plant
mutations and by studying the Fortunately for the city of
–Amy Carpenter, plants, they can help the Deadmonton, there are the Maul
Remnant Farmer group of Grave Robbers, the Cops. This select group of men
Living Circle, in their goal of and women have been chosen,
Within the confines of the halting the infection’s spread. trained, and instructed to
Mutant Conservatory, there’s keep an eye on the Maul. After
a group of individuals who In fact, the Mutants are all, if the creature is ever
believe that they were meant to zealous enough in their task released, then it’s up to them
do something more with their that they sometimes look down to warn the rest of the town.
lives— the Mutants. Made up of on the Remnants that don’t join
Remnants that have journeyed their cause. Currently, there The group was created when
to conservatory to find refuge, seems to be a type of passive the monster was first trapped
this group has decided to aggressive war occurring within within the Maul. At the time,
prove the world wrong. They the Mutant Conservatory, one the Diesel Jocks that managed
are not freaks. Instead, they waged between the Remnants the feat told the local
are heroes. that follow the Living Circle residents to set up some kind
and the Remnants that follow of guard rotation to make sure
When the Semper Mort first the Semper Mort in their bid that the massive zed didn’t
opened their doors to the against the Red Star. escape. One man stepped up to
neglected and the unwanted, the task and soon recruited
they hoped to create an army to others to his cause. Now, the
fight against the Red Star that force polices the Maul as best
had stolen their “destiny” out The Maul Cops they can with their limited
from under their noses. At the “Have I ever seen it? Well resources.
beginning, their plan seemed to sure I have. It’s part of our
work. The Remnants that came initiation. And believe me Being a Maul Cop is more
to the Mutant Conservatory were that if it ever gets loose, a type of service than it is
more than willing to learn to Deadmonton is doomed. That’s a paying job. While they’re
fight. why we’re here— not to stop respected within the Deadmonton
it, but to make sure that it community, they’re not actually
And then things changed. doesn’t get out in the first paid, which makes recruitment
A Grave Robber visited the place. Though if it does get difficult. Those who do decide
location in order to learn out, well, hopefully we can to join the ranks, though, are
what the residents knew about give everyone else enough time put through rigorous training.
the Green Ribbon. The Semper to get away.” After all, just because they
Mort weren’t interested in aren’t paid doesn’t mean that
the matter, but a few select –Evan Wells, they need to be inefficient.
Remnants were. They worked with Reclaimer Maul Cop
the Grave Robber, who taught Each Maul Cop is tested in
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
both combat and situational The commune of Dead Man’s Because of the way that the
awareness. They’re also taught Fort lives by strict laws that Dead Men operate, it’s rumored
about the Maul itself; they’re govern their society— and that’s that they may have ties to the
shown the secret ways into the partly why it functions so well. mysterious organization of
structure and what areas need Yet if one of their members Murder, Inc. However, it could
the most watching. It’s also constantly breaks these laws, or just as likely be that this group
rumored that teams of veteran when they do something that’s is a separate faction that has
guards actually venture into considered to be completely grown out of necessity. After
the Maul itself in order to against what the commune stands all, a community like the one
shore up walls that have broken for, then they’re given one found at the fort isn’t created
down over time. However, these chance. The criminal can either without a bit of spilled blood in
excursions are rare, and most choose to be banished from the process.
of a Maul Cop’s duty revolves the commune, a certain death
around policing the outside in sentence, or can choose to be But there is some trouble
order to make sure that nothing trained and tested to become one among the ranks of the Dead Men.
disturbs the monster within the of the Dead Men. Some of the younger recruits
Maul. believe that they know what’s
On the surface, the Dead best for the commune and balk at
The Dead Men Men are highly efficient and the orders of their elders. It’s
“They call ‘em the ‘Dead Men’ trained guards that help police even said that a few of them left
because they don’t really exist— the commune and its borders. In with the group that now inhabit
at least not to the commune. reality, though, the Dead Men the Bio Building. It seems that
They’re the ones that get their are something far more deadly. a culling may soon be in order
hands dirty— you know what I’m They’re brutal killers that if these new recruits continue to
talking about. They’re the ones have honed their skills to near stir up trouble.
that do the things that no one perfection. These men and women
else can do. I’m going to tell are the ones who journey outside
you right now that the reason the commune in order to take out
you don’t fuck around with the threats to their families— before
Red Star at Dead Man’s Fort is they actually become an issue.
because of the Dead Men.”

–Ollie Ford,
Diesel Jock Racer

The commune at the Dead Man’s

Fort is almost perfect on the
surface. Men and women live out
their lives in relative peace,
unbothered by the politics
abroad. It seems that even
the wandering dead are
not really an issue
for them. But there’s a
reason for all of this—
and that reason lies in
the efforts of the Dead

Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Road Racers they’ve become crowd favorites,
“It’s a high of another their reputations have spread Notable
kind— believe you me. When throughout Oilberta. And while
you’re out there on the the Road Racers started as a Personalities
track, wind in your hair and small community of likeminded
handlebars beneath your sweaty Diesel Jocks, they’ve now
grip, you feel like you control become something more— Jackie Neesan
the entire world. Going that something to be challenged. “I always wanted to go
fast is a drug. And we’re the fast, even when I was just a
addicts.” These days, Diesel Jocks kid. I used to sit on the back
travel to Deadmonton just to of my dad’s ride and close my
–Jackie Neesan, challenge the Road Racers. eyes. The wind would whip past
Diesel Jock Racer Money exchanges hands as bets my hair and I’d wonder what it
are placed; after all, the Road would be like to speed down
Most Diesel Jocks take Racers view it as a matter of the road by myself. I imagined
their turn on the Deadmonton pride to answer any challenge. that it would feel like flying.
Race Track and then go their And guess what? It does.”
separate ways. But there are Of course, there are times
those that feel the need for when these races turn sour. –Jackie Neesan,
speed, who come back time and Accidents happen, and recently Road Racer
time again to test their rides more than one Road Racer has
on the track. These Diesel died after achieving speeds Jackie is a Road Racer,
Jocks don’t race for the fame; that were a bit too fast for and she sure does look the
they race because it was what their ride to handle. A few part. Wearing brown leather
they were born to do. spectators around the racetrack emblazoned with various
say that sabotage has been insignias from her travels
The Road Racers are a involved— and it wouldn’t be across Oilberta, she’s someone
group of Diesel Jocks that are surprising. The Road Racers you won’t forget in a hurry.
almost permanently settled in have recently been approached
Deadmonton. They spend most of by Pure Blood representatives A slim redhead with
their time racing each other on of the Black Diamonds from the brown eyes, Jackie is known for
the track and working on their region of Raincouver. The fact her almost suicidal need for
rides, determined to make them that the Road Racers haven’t speed. Quick with a joke and
the fastest in the region. taken whatever deal that the a smile, she’s become a crowd
Black Diamonds have offered favorite around the Deadmonton
When it comes to racing means that things may turn Race Track; so much so that
around the track, the Road pretty ugly pretty quickly. she’s attracted the notice
Racers are experts at what they of the Black Diamonds all of
do— and what they do is speed. the way from Raincouver. It’s
These men and women constantly rumored that they want to open
test one another and others in up a racing tour for profit,
races around the track. When but so far, Jackie has refused
not racing, they can be found their propositions.
at the pop-up tent stands
around the track or within Because of her rising
Deadmonton itself, carrying popularity, Jackie has
out day-to-day activities. cultivated a type of following
in the stands. There are those
Because these Diesel Jocks who will always cheer for her,
practice racing on an almost no matter what’s at stake.
daily basis, they have become Lately, though, there have been
crowd favorites. And because a lot of accidents concerning
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
her ride— flat tires, bad fuel, With a mistaken destiny and Barely escaping with his life,
and other hindrances that goal, Sylvester is unreasonable Gary now has dedicated his life
could be attributed to “bad when it comes to seeing to preventing anyone else from
luck.” But Jackie is starting reason. Unfortunately, others suffering the same thing he did.
to grow suspicious, and with believe in his cause and he’s
her popularity, it’s likely cultivated a rather dangerous
that she’ll soon find answers. following in recent years.
Sylvester Gary Louis
“I was the one that found “You want to know the biggest “There are places that are
the papers. Me. I was the one badass in Deadmonton? That’d be further north— but those aren’t
that read them. And I’m the Gary. You won’t hear him talk places for the living. Murray
one that’s in charge here. Not about it much, but he’s one of is as far north as you can get
you. Not them. Me. All me.” the only guys who’s actually without being dead, and even we
been inside the Maul. Don’t wouldn’t be here if it weren’t
–Sylvester, believe me? Just check out that for the oil.”
Semper Mort Bio Man scar on his arm. That’s proof
enough for me.” –Nicole Girard,
To say that Sylvester is Reclaimer
eccentric would be an act of –Mike Roy,
kindness. Like most Semper
Mort, he suffers from a lack
of memory— but even that isn’t
Deadmonton Resident

When it comes to badassery,

T he wind bites into you like
a knife, stealing away your
breath as it whistles through
an excuse for the type of there’s no bigger badass than the pines and aspen. This is
craziness that exists within Gary Louis. With a massive scar a wild place; a place that
this man’s mind. that tears through the exposed most people shun in favor of
muscles on his left arm, an eye warmer climes. And yet this is
When the Semper Mort first patch over his right eye, and also a place of untold wealth,
emerged from the Bio Building, guns holstered on his belt, of power. This is the town
Sylvester was the one who Louis is definitely not a Maul where the oil that runs all of
discovered the sheaf of papers Cop you want to mess with. Oilberta is drawn.
that supposedly held their Walk through the winding
“destiny.” In his mind, this Gary was once an enterprising streets and you’ll notice
gave him authority over the Jones. Thinking that he could that the houses are all well
others that emerged with him make his fortune by sneaking repaired. No one seems sickly
and automatically made him one into the Maul, he dropped or underfed, and there are
of the saviors of the world. into the building from one of even families abroad. This
the skylights on the roof. is all due to the oil that
The fact of the matter is At first, the expedition went runs the town. Because of its
that the papers dictated that well. He journeyed through rarity and the effort it takes
the researchers within the the crumbling rooms, past old to extract, the residents of
building had conducted studies world goods, a dilapidated Murray have made quite a bit
on the mutating infection. Yet carousel, and swirling slide- off of the black gold— as long
the Semper Mort weren’t the like constructions. At first, he as they’re willing to work the
researchers; they were the thought the monster was no more fields.
subjects. While the papers than a legend. He was wrong.
might have once been useful Skip across from the main
to the scientists that once Gary quickly learned that the settlement and you’ll find an
worked in the facility, it’s massive zed lurking within the island surrounded by rivers.
likely that they’ve been dead Maul was far more than a myth— Music floats on the breeze as
for quite some time. and he has the scar to prove it. workers tuck in for a drink
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
and a meal within the large The Tar Fields While both the workers and
building on the island. This overseers are mostly made
is where Murray residents “For miles you can see the up of Reclaimers, you will
shelter for the winter— and laborers toil, their backs bent occasionally see one of the
where they’re entertained the as they haul buckets of slurry Full Dead strolling across the
rest of the year. to the processing center. You Tar Fields. Almost everyone
can see the machine operators knows that these are the
The town itself and its dredging out tons of the sands. Full Dead from New Calgary,
surroundings are controlled It’s hard work, it’s dangerous the heads of the Northern
by the Northern Oil Company, work— but you’d do the same. Oil Company which runs and
based in New Calgary. Of After all, oil is worth its operates the Tar Fields.
course, that doesn’t mean that weight in gold.” Without their backing, it’s
the locals don’t have their likely that operations would
say. While Murray is mostly a –Dave Winters, grind to a halt— or at least
company town, Murray Island Reclaimer Tarback be far less organized.
and its attractions are also
run by a contingent of Genjian Just outside the oil town That said, the Tar Fields
who first made their home there of Murray, you can find the do represents a very tempting
years ago. Tar Fields, a stretch of bare resource for Diesel Jocks
rock and sand where workers across the region. While
And yet all of this rests toil day in and day out. Here, the Northern Oil Company
on the work done in the Reclaimers stand from end to has mainly curtailed this
Tar Fields where workers, end, a few of them equipped particular thinking by
nicknamed Tarbacks, work day with heavy machinery that’s preemptively hiring Diesel
in and day out. This is the been constructed by the Diesel Jocks, there are a few “wild”
real face of Murray, and its Jocks. They grunt with effort clans that roam the region
life’s blood. And yet there as they gather tons of oil- and occasionally attempt to
are those who would bleed it laden sand for processing, raid supplies of unrefined oil
dry, the wandering clans of while overseers make sure the from the storehouses that the
wild Diesel Jocks that seek work is completed. Northern Oil Company and the
to claim the Tar Fields’ Reclaimers keep on site.
treasures for their own. The Tar Fields are a
dangerous place. The fact that There are also those who
During the cold and bitter the workers do need to use are more intent on taking the
nights, you can hear creatures machinery means that there’s Tar Fields with political
to the north— strange gurgling a lot of noise— and with the maneuvers. The Black Diamonds
and howls that echo across noise, comes the restless dead. are intent on spreading their
the plains. Mostly, it seems While most of the restless dead influence, though due to the
that they keep to the north. are slowed down by the slurry remote distance of their
But every so often, the frozen and rough terrain, larger operations, they’ve so far
dead come to pay a visit to creatures tend to make it remained unsuccessful.
the residents of Murray. But through.
while the dead are a threat,
it’s the weather that’s Fortunately, the Reclaimers
truly to be feared; and the that work the fields are
residents often cower in fear smart enough to have guards
during the blizzards that tear patrolling the outside. Diesel
through the region during the Jocks with their rides lure any
winter months. larger undead away from the
operations with the roar of
their engines, a tactic that
has worked time and time again.
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Murray Island sell their wares, everything Shouts ring out during
from fruit to vegetables the day and twilight hours,
to bread. Interested in the sound of lapping waves a
“It gets cold in the winter. entertainment? A few local bands gentle reminder of the river’s
It’s not that chilly cold you play nightly at a makeshift presence. Footsteps clunk
encounter in the early spring bar wedged into one area of the across the planks of wood that
or autumn. It’s that biting building. Some of the areas make up the docks as barrels
cold. That cold that seeps into have even been converted into and canisters are carefully
your bones and refuses to leave rooms for gambling and games of placed within the holds of
as you shake and rattle, unable chance. ships. These are the Tar Field
to stand still, that cold that Docks, where oil is labeled and
clings to you and makes it hurt More importantly, though, loaded before being sent out to
to breathe. And that’s why are the furnaces located within the world.
there’s Murray Island— it’s a the building. Murray is one of
small escape from the cold, as the northernmost settlements of There wouldn’t be much in
long as you’re willing to pay.” Oilberta, which means that the the way of the oil trade if it
winters are bitterly cold. When weren’t for the docks that have
–Annie Blanchet, the arctic winds come whistling been constructed on the edge of
Reclaimer down from the north, most of the the Tar River, the stretch of
residents actually move into water that winds all the way
When the workers of the the building on Murray Island, down to the town of Deadmonton.
Tar Fields aren’t actually clustering in the one location Here, barrels of oil are loaded
working, there’s very little for a couple of months before up on ships for transport to
around Murray to occupy returning to their homes. major cities and are carefully
them— unless you count Murray guarded until they take sail.
Island. This small islet has Reclaimer workers, Diesel
what is essentially the only Jocks, and visiting Full The docks themselves are
entertainment for miles and Dead can all be found within made up of wood that’s been
miles around, which works just the confines of this building harvested from the surrounding
fine for the proprietors. during any evening of the week— forests, and there are nearby
something that the Genjian who storehouses were wares are kept
Surrounded by trees and run the operation encourage. before they make their trip
water, there are two ways to After all, even they need to down the river. Of course, this
access Murray Island: either by earn a profit. also means that the docks are
the ferry that runs a few times a tempting target for thieves.
each day, or simply by walking Though
over the frozen river during
the winter. Once you reach the The Tar Field
other side of the river, you’ll Docks
see a building that rears up in
front of you. While some of the
walls have fallen, it seems to “You might not think that the
be in relatively good repair— docks are anything special. But
as long as you don’t mind that they’re what’s keeping this
the windows have been replaced whole operation up and running.
with wooden boards. After all, if we didn’t have
anyone to ship this damn stuff,
Step inside and you’ll find we’d be up a creek without a
that the building has been paddle— pun intended.”
transformed into a multi-tiered
center for entertainment. –Bobby Athers,
Hungry? There are vendors that Reclaimer
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Each month, a Tarback Someone has to run the
Factions representative meets with operations of Murray Island,
one of the higher-ups in the and it’s definitely not the
The Tarbacks Northern Oil Company. While Tarbacks of the Northern Oil
“It’s backbreaking work, you usually this is a matter of Company. Instead, it’s the
know— working all day and into protocol rather than actually efforts of the Miskanaws, a
the evening. It’s backbreaking negotiations, it is a time Genjian family that has lived
and hard when it gets to be where the Tarbacks can voice in the area for generations—
winter and the winds blow in. any concerns that they have— and is now possibly the richest
But someone’s got to work these and make changes. There’s a group of people in the north.
fields, so here we are.” reason that Murray is such a
pleasant place to live, and The Miskanaws have always
–Ethan Hardy, it’s not because the Tarbacks lived on Murray Island— or at
Reclaimer Tarback are afraid to ask for more least that’s what they say,
compensation. and there’s no one around
The Tarbacks didn’t name that can refute it. When the
themselves, and most aren’t So far, the Tarbacks have oil industry started back
exactly sure where the term came been satisfied for what they up again, the Miskanaws saw
from. Some think that it might receive. They’re well fed, well their opportunity. They turned
have come from the Diesel Jock cared for and have little to Murray Island into a type of
guards. Others are pretty sure complain about. However, there playground for the workers
that it came from the Salt Wise are those that believe they of the Tar Fields, offering
in their ships. Whatever the could strive for even more. drink, music, and relaxation
case, the name has stuck, and for anyone who looked for it.
the Reclaimers that work the Tar There’s a segment of the
Fields are stuck with it, too. Tarbacks that are displeased But even more ingenious was
with the current workings of their idea to create massive
These men and women are the town and the Tar Fields. furnaces within the building.
the workers of Murray. Usually They believe that they should With the freezing temperatures
covered in the dark-colored dirt be in charge—and not the Full during the winter, Murray
and sand that characterizes the Dead from New Calgary. So far, Island acts as a type of
Tar Fields, you can always tell though, these ideas have mainly refuge for those who stay
who a Tarback is just by looking remained in the bar at Murray within Murray. Residents move
at them. Muscular and lean, they Island. But it only takes a into the building, and pay the
have a type of comradery amongst spark to start a fire, and the nominal fee to stay.
one another that’s hard not to Full Dead of the Northern
notice. Oil Company are wary that an The Miskanaws themselves
inferno doesn’t ignite. are a modest-sized family. It’s
The Tarbacks as a group composed of Cara Miskanaw,
aren’t unorganized, either. The Miskanaws the matron of the family, in
While they were named by an “Hello there! We’re so glad addition to her daughters,
outsider, they took the term and that you could come see us. Mary and Eve, and her sons,
made it their own. These workers Please, step right in. The bar Jake and Gabriel. Her husband,
fully realize that they’re is just down the hall, and the Mark, is usually involved in
the only ones brave enough —or vendors are always set up in making sure the furnaces run
stupid enough— to endure the the side rooms. Please, relax. hot while Cara herself makes
harsh conditions of Murray in We want you to enjoy your sure that the guests stay
the north. Because of this, they stay.” happy.
have power when it comes to how
much pay they receive and what –Cara Miskanaw, While the main family is
sorts of conditions they live Genjian in charge, there are various
in. cousins and second cousins
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
that also stay with the Sailors that sail the rivers
Miskanaws. These men and women around Murray. Using small, Notable
help staff the various stores fast ships, their aim isn’t to
and attractions at Murray Island, trade—but to steal. Personalities
and are more than happy to do
so. After all, everyone profits Lead by Captain Ridley Ridley Martin
as long as the island is in Martin, these men and women “They call him the man
business. use hit and run tactics when it of many faces—a man who is
comes to taking cargo. During whatever he chooses to be. He
It seems, though, that the the night, they usually stage could be that young, smiling
Miskanaws are too profitable— a distraction of some kind man you saw on Murray Island.
even accounting for the fact first— whether it’s a log that’s He could be that worker you
that they’re running the only fallen across a narrow stretch watched toiling in the Tar
attractions within the oil town. of the river, or some other Fields. His legend has grown
Representatives of the Miskanaws impediment. Then, while the crew with time—and only he knows
have often been spotted on the of their target is distracted, what his true goals are.”
docks, speaking with sailors as they send a few individuals
money exchanges hands. No one is onboard to take what they can –Cara Miskanaw,
actually sure what these deals before disappearing once more. Genjian
entail— or even if they’re deals
at all. But it’s certain that the You wouldn’t think that this There are only a few that
family is making its fortune. type of business would be very know the true story of Ridley
profitable. And it seems like the Martin. The others instead know
Arthabascans don’t steal nearly the story of the Shadowed Man,
enough for it to be worth their a legend who has pulled so many
Arthabascans while. But that’s assuming that long cons that few believe he
“Excuse me, do you mind if their profit is only from what actually exists. It’s said that
we take this? You do? How about they steal. the Shadowed Man has stolen
now that you have a gun leveled goods from the Maul— that he’s
at you? Oh, good! I’m so glad This group of river rats managed to take from the Black
that we came to this little has actually been contracted Diamonds.
arrangement.” by the Black Diamonds to make
shipping endeavors in the north The truth is that the
–Ridley Martin, a living hell for the Northern Shadowed Man really is just
Salt Wise Arthabascan Oil Company. In reality, the a man, though he does happen
Arthabascans aren’t really to be a good liar. Currently
There are always dangers pirates or thieves— at least not known as Ridley Martin, he’s
when traveling from one ones that work on such a small running operations with the
settlement to another. Raiders scale. These men and women are Arthabascans near the town of
range across the wastes, and master manipulators and good at Murray.
the restless dead are ever- the long con.
present. Strange creatures howl Martin is a somewhat tall
in the woods, seeking flesh to Currently, it seems as if man, his dark hair braided
rip and tear beneath claws and the Arthabascans just want to down his back. His face is
fangs. What most people won’t sow fear and distrust among the unremarkable—neither handsome
tell you, though, is that the Northern Oil Company—or perhaps nor ugly, and he uses that to
worst monsters aren’t the ones distract them from something his advantage.
that look like monsters. The larger they have in mind.
worst monsters are people. Whatever the case, it will take Currently, he seems to be
some time before their future content with raiding, but how
Arthabascans are a troupe plans are actually revealed. that ties into his larger plans
of Salt Wise and Reclaimer is anyone’s guess.
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)
Jeffrey Martinez (Order #9790535)