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This Instructor’s Manual to accompany Management, Twelfth Edition by Richard L. Daft, has
been prepared to provide fundamental support to new professors teaching the management
course and to provide innovative new materials as a resource for experienced professors.
Instructor responsibilities can limit available time. For faculty and teaching assistants, the
Instructor’s Manual will provide course continuity and assistance with class preparation.

Chapter Features

Each chapter of the Instructor’s Manual contains:

 Chapter Outline
 Annotated Learning Objectives
 Lecture Outline
 Suggested Answers to End-of-Chapter Discussion Questions
 Teaching Note for Experiential Exercise
 Teaching Note for Small Group Breakout
 Teaching Note for Ethical Dilemma
 Case for Critical Analysis
 Continuing Case (select chapters)

The Chapter Outline is a list of topics covered in the chapter. The Annotated Learning
Objectives give a brief overview of each of the key topics to be presented in the chapter. The
detailed Lecture Outline is arranged to provide not just a skeleton outline, but to follow the
format of actual lecture notes. The remaining materials give insight and solutions for end-of-
chapter material. David A. Foote (Middle Tennessee State University) prepared all material
except Continuing Case discussion question solutions, which were prepared by BJ Parker.

Video Solutions

Included in this manual are answers to the discussion questions for videos highlighted
throughout the text, including On the Job Videos/

Assurance of Learning Measurement and Reporting

Part of the development of this edition of Management has given us the opportunity to help
faculty meet needs in learning measurement and reporting. We have tagged test items, problems,
experiential exercises and cases with AACSB and management specific tags that will allow
you to more easily produce learning outcomes reports for accreditation purposes. We have also
produced a set of scoring rubrics that you can embed in the principles of management course
that will facilitate assessing content knowledge, as well as the student’s oral and written
communication abilities. The test items tagged to AACSB and management specific learning
outcomes can be found in the Test Bank that accompanies Management and in electronic
ExamView files that appear on the Instructor’s Resource CD-ROM. The case assignments and
rubrics can be found near the end of this Instructor’s Manual.