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Audience Feedback:


Which method will best allow you to collect the information you want?

The method I have chosen to use is that of semi-structured interviews, which I will conduct with a
number of participants from our target audience. I have selected a qualitative method on the basis
that it will provide me with a higher degree of validity, allowing me to understand audience
responses in more depth – as is supported by the use of semi-structured rather than structured
interviews, which allow for supplementary questions to delve further into a participant’s

In addition to this, I will be distributing online questionnaires to my target audience, on the basis
that a supplementary quantitative method will allow me my findings to be more representative of
my target audience. This means that any generalisations I make within my evaluation will be more
valid, as they are supported by a larger proportion of the target audience. Furthermore, the method
is quick, effective and easy to use, making it not only theoretically valuable, but also practically

How you will present your findings?

I will present these findings in a video, enabling them to be seen authentically as opposed to edited
through transcription. This further allows me to make effective use of new media technology,
ensuring the most appropriate software is selected for each task.

With regard to the latter method of a questionnaire, I will make a video summarising my findings
and insert screenshots of responses.

Music Video Questions:

1. What age group do you think our production is targeting, and why?
2. What gender do you think our production is targeting, and why?
3. What type of media product do you think this is? Why?
4. Which music genre do you think this song and video belong to? Why?
5. How do you think young men are represented in this video?
6. How do you think sexuality is represented in this video?
7. Are you able to identify with any aspects of the video?
8. Do the characters conform to or challenge any stereotypes? If so, how?
9. Would you be able to describe the storyline of our video? Was this made clear, and if so,
10. What do you think the overall message of the video is about?
11. What did you like about this video?
12. Would you choose to watch this video? Why?
13. What did you dislike about the video? / What would you change about it?
Ancillary Task Questions:

1. Do you think that there is a strong relationship between the ancillary tasks and music video?
How is this established?
2. What audience do you think these products are targeting? (i.e age/gender)
3. Do the advert/digipak encourage you to buy the product? How?
4. Can you identify any strengths and weaknesses relating to the following aspects of each
- Use of text
- Use of images
- Use of colour
- Layout/composition/overall aesthetic appeal