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Assignment 1: Measurement Instrument Review

Antonia Mapson-Thompson
MEDT 7476
Spring 2018
Test or instrument name:

Unit 4 Kindergarten Math District Assessment 2017-2018

Type of test or instrument:

Multiple Choice Assessment

Purpose of test or instrument:

Students are assessment on the following standards: MGSEK.MD.1,

MGSEK.MD.2, and MGSEK.MD.3 .

Students will be able to identify measurable attributes.

Students will be able to describe an object by its attributes.

Who developed the test or instrument – the instrument author:

Clayton County Public School District – Author C.Hill

What year the test or instrument was published (also include information
about revised versions):

2018. January 29, 2018.

Who takes the test or instrument – age, grade level or other grouping

Kindergarten students take the assessment

How the test or instrument is administered:

Students are required to log onto a computer and enter their student identification
number to complete this 10 question assessment.

How the test or instrument is scored

The computer automatically scores the assessment. Scores are saved in the
computer after each question. After the students has completed the test they will
be prompted to push save all answers and score test. The number of correct
questions and incorrect questions will show on the screen.
Assignment 1: Measurement Instrument Review

How the results are used

The scores will be used to determine if students have master the three standards
taught in unit 4. The scores will be compared to the school district on the
assessment as well as the state. Teachers will use the scores to determine
grouping for their students.

Strengths and weaknesses of the test or instrument

The assessment is completely multiple choice. This allows students to narrow the
correct and incorrect questions based on the process of elimination. A strengths is
that the images are in color and allow for students to fully see and understand
them. Multiple choice assessments allow for easy and quick grading and review.
Teachers are able to assess multiple standards within one test.

Sources of information about the test or instrument (at least 3)

 Clayton County Edutrax
 GeorgiaStandards.org
 Gadoe.org