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Certificate in Commercial Credit

The Certificate in Commercial Credit (CICC) is a globally recognised certification

programme tailored for India and approved by RBI. CICC leverages Moody’s
Analytics deep expertise in credit risk management, providing participants with
the full spectrum of skills and knowledge in commercial credit.

Programme Overview CICC Programme Benefits

CICC provides essential skills for making credit decisions, UPON COMPLETION, YOU WILL:
identifying early warning signals and mitigating problem » Have a strong understanding of credit fundamentals.
loans. Candidates are awarded the certificate once they
» Know how to monitor your portfolio to identify early
complete the two levels and pass the certification exam.
warning signals and take appropriate measures to
remediate credit deterioration.
» Receive the industry’s gold standard in credit certification.

Who Should Enrol?

All professionals involved or aspiring to be involved in any aspect of
the credit and lending life cycle involving mid to large enterprises.
There is no prerequisite course work or experience.
10 Sub-courses • 42 Modules SELF-PACED LEARNING

24/7 • Online + Simulations 65– 75 Hours

Learning Path

Foundational Application Certification Certificate Recipient
Course Course Exam



Programme Outline
LEVEL 1 Foundational Course


The Commercial Credit 1 Overview of the commercial credit landscape in India
Landscape in India 2 Role of RBI and legal due diligence
3 Types of credit facilities offered for commercial borrowers

Fundamentals of Credit 4 Understanding credit risk
Risk, Credit Rating and 5 Credit assessment framework and underwriting
Appraisal Process 6 Understanding credit ratings

Accounting Issues in 7 Introduction to accrual accounting
Financial Statements 8 Asset conversion cycle
for Bankers 9 Capital investment cycle
10 Operating cycle
11 Assets and liabilities
12 Financial reporting, Indian accounting standards and disclosure standards
13 Identifying creative accounting issues

Credit Analysis 14 Credit analysis framework - business risk
Framework – Business 15 Assessing business environment
Risk Assessment 16 Assessing industry status
17 Assessing competition
18 Assessing company vulnerability

Credit Analysis 19 Credit analysis framework - management and owner risk
Framework – Management 20 Management integrity
Risk Assessment 21 Management skill and execution
22 Management scope

Credit Analysis 23 Credit analysis framework - financial risk analysis
Framework – Financial 24 Businesses and their borrowing needs
Risk Assessment 25 Profitability ratios
26 Activity ratios
27 Capital spending, gearing, and debt coverage
28 Cash flow analysis
29 Projections, sensitivity analysis and credit risk assessment

Credit Analysis 30 Assessment of working capital facilities
Framework - Assessing 31 Assessment of term loan for capital investment
Fund-Based and Non- 32 Assessment of quasi credit/non-funded facilities
Fund Based Credits

Credit Analysis 33 Group structure consideration
Framework – Structure, 34 Facility structuring and documentation
Securities and Risk 35 Security and guarantees
Mitigation Assessment 36 Covenants and risk triggers

Credit Decision, 37 Credit decision and pricing
Pricing and Effective 38 Credit administration/documentation
Credit Monitoring 39 Effective credit monitoring processes

Commercial Banking, 40 Early detection signals and impairment management practices
Problem Credit and 41 Impairment grading and regulatory reporting and classification procedures
NPA Management 42 Recovery management process and institutional approach for recovery resolution - JLF/CDR

LEVEL 2 Skills Application Course

Level 2 comprises practical application of concepts covered in Level 1, using real-life case studies and lending scenarios.
The interactive simulations are aimed at strengthening job performance by providing candidates with realistic lending
decisions they would expect to encounter in their day-to-day jobs.


» Undertake an effective business risk analysis and credit assessment. » Conduct management risk assessment.
» Analyse and interpret financial statements and assess » Assess working capital requirements, using applicable
overall financial risk (including use of CMA formats). assessment methodologies (including MPBF) and propose
the right credit facilities based on borrower risk.
» Assess long-term capital expansion related term loan
requirements, using applicable assessment methodologies » Propose superior risk mitigation/protection through evaluating
and tools (CMA), and propose appropriate structure the collateral/security controls and effective loan covenants.
that ensures adequate debt servicing capacity.
» Undertake proactive loan monitoring and early
alert reviews to avoid problem loans.

The combination of both Level 1 and Level 2 courses supports the overall development and
continuous improvement of credit skills relevant to the market. Upon completion of Level 2,
the candidate will be eligible to register for the certification exam.
Why Choose Our Certification Programme?

1 2 3
Proven Best Local Capabilities Cutting-Edge
Practices With extensive capabilities and Mobile ready. Accessible anytime,
Extensive experience in design and resources across India, we are anywhere. The use of interactive
delivery of certifications developed actively engaged with major financial online simulations offers candidates
by credit specialists who are institutions and local partners, such a rich learning experience.
industry experts. as the National Institute of Securities
Markets (NISM).

Certification Exam Programme Pricing

» For your convenience, the certification exam » Online learning path and certification exam: Rs 14,950.
is offered weekly in major cities across India. » Candidates get unlimited rewrite attempts for Rs 3,000 per attempt.
It is a two-hour in-person exam. A pass score
» Corporate discounts are available for larger numbers of
of 60% is required to earn the certification.
certification candidates.

Contact Us
If you are interested in our programme, email us at GetCertified@moodys.com
or visit us at www.moodysanalytics.com/IndiaCertifications

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