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Upcoming Outbuilding Ballot

by Kenny Holycross, Community Representative Board Member

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well Our proposal was given to the Board in April
this winter and looking forward to Spring, I 2017. I don’t know what stipulations they will
know I am! It will be here before you know it. have on the ballot, as they might make some
changes. However, with any stipulations, we
I wanted to send out a summary and update still have a chance to build an outbuilding.
regarding the Outbuilding Proposal that the But, this will require 90% of the current
community submitted to the board on April homeowners to agree – about 29 homes. I
28, 2017. After some long-awaited months would like to ask all homeowners to please
of trying to get this approved by the board, keep an eye out for this ballot! The USPS is
we are finally moving forward. not exactly a 5-star delivery service as I’m Reasons for Outbuilding/Shed in
At our yearly meeting held in Jan 2018, we
sure some of you, at one time or another, Wellington Estates
have not received mail or have sent mail but As you know most of our lots are between .38 and
were told, by March 31, 2018, each was not delivered. I know I have. Since 90% .75 acre. These lots can be mowed with a push
homeowner in this community will receive a of a ‘yes/agree’ vote is required to pass, this is mower if you have the time to do so, however,
ballot via USPS/snail mail. This ballot is to very important. Does anyone have any some/most of us prefer a riding mower. *An
hold the option to agree or disagree on objections or concerns to give me their outbuilding would be great to store the mower.
allowing outbuildings for each homeowner; sealed ballot and I will send all of them, *Also, yard/lawn tools; we are required to keep
of course, with stipulations. Our proposal is together, to the Board via certified mail? the dwelling nicely manicured and this requires
listed as follows:
the tools to do so. *Being able to park in the
I’d like to go door-to-door with a petition on garage during winter months is a huge plus!
1. Outbuilding cannot be larger than 10x12 the outbuilding as well. I just don’t trust JH
2. Outbuilding must be at least 25ft from any *Children’s large toys. *NO PARKING ON MOUNTS
Homes or the HOA to acknowledge all the RD. When we have a get-together, company must
water way ‘yes/agree’ votes, as they have made it so
3. Outbuilding must be made of wood or park in one of the cul-de-sacs. If we could park
hard to get this far. Please email me any our cars in the garage, we would be able to have
resin/vinyl, with a shingled roof. No Metal concerns Spudzdrum@sbcglobal.net
4. Outbuilding must be of neutral color or multiple cars park in our own driveway.
similar to the color of the home
5. Outbuilding must be maintained in the
same manner as the dwelling.

Why are there
2 sets of
mailboxes on
Mounts Rd?
We are also addressing
the mailbox issue. The
required mailbox type,
according to the HOA
by-law, was not
followed when the
replacement mailboxes
were installed across
the street from the
Mounts Rd. homes. We
hope to get this issue
resolved. It was noted
at our annual HOA
meeting in Jan. and I
will keep you updated
on this as well.

HOA Fees,
2018  Q. Why were the management fees like a play set or community use
Judi with Amity Associates has sent me higher than the budget? A. Fee is building? A. No, there are no plans
the Wellington Estates budget for 2018. based on the number of units and to add a play set, community
Also included is a list of 14 homes that increases with each lot sold to end building, etc.
buyer and since the number of lots  Q. What happens to the excess
have not paid their HOA dues of $300 for
to be closed is not easily determined funds at the end of the year? A.
the year. Please, if you have any the budget number can be off. Depending on the amount it will be
concerns or issues let me know and I can  Q. Is the HOA supposed to be transferred to Reserve or held in the
bring to the board for some resolution. I maintaining the sign at the end of Operating account to cover cash
am hoping the delay of these payments Mounts? A. Yes. We will make sure flow needs.
does not hinder them in sending out the that it is maintained.  Q. Is there a set amount/cap on the
ballots for the outbuilding or even  Q. Can we get flowers in the Reserve fund? A. No. The Docs
counting your vote. Most HOA landscape beds? A. We’ll check to state you have to have a Reserve
communities state, no payment = no see if we can find some drought fund for future replacement/repair
resistant flowers to install. of capital improvements and the
vote counted. Please feel free to email
 Q. Can you find out when the state law requires sufficient annual
me Spudzdrum@sbcglobal.net with mailbox post will be removed? The funding to avoid a special
your concerns. posts left from moving the boxes to assessment.
the other side of the street and the  Q. Is there a date when they will
Q & A at the new mailboxes are not in
compliance. A. Not sure if that is a
open the new section? A. Unknown
but will check with Josh to find out.

Annual Meeting developer or owner issue. The
restrictions call for a white 4 x 4 post
Q. Since there are to be 30+ new
lots added with the new section will
 Q. Are they still going to build slab and a small black mailbox. our fees go down? A. The fees are
houses in the new section? A.  Q. Is there any mowing around the based on the expenses of the HOA.
Unknown will find out and let you ponds under the power lines? A. If they add the new lots w/out any
know. The HOA is responsible for. additional common areas to be
 Q. Are there any plans for a lot in maintained, then there is a
the new section to be rec facilities – possibility of them decreasing.

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