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Phase-I: Preliminary Examination

The Preliminary Examination (Online Objective Test) for 100 marks, would be of ONE Hour duration and
will consist of 3 sections as follows:

S. Name of the Test (not in Type of Max.

Version Duration
No. sequence) test Marks
1. English Language Test Objective 30 English
2. Reasoning Ability Test Objective 35 English/Hindi 1 hour
3. Numerical Ability Test Objective 35 English/Hindi
Total 100

Phase – II: The Mains Examination

The Main Examination (On-line Objective Test) for 250 marks, would be of TWO Hours duration and will
consist of 5 sections as follows:

S. Name of the Test (not in No. of Max.

Version Duration
No. sequence) questions Marks
1. Test of Reasoning Ability 40 50 English/Hindi
2. Test of English Language 40 50 English
3. Test of General Awareness 40 50 English/Hindi
4. Test of Numerical Ability 40 50 English/Hindi
5. Test of Computer Knowledge 40 50 English/Hindi

As you are left with a limited time of hardly 18 days, prepare a strict study plan and give most of
your everyday hours to studies only. Such a timetable would help you complete the target on time. Start
revising all the topics that you are done with. Making a time table inculcates a sense of discipline; the
aspirant is bound to give a certain amount of time to a particular subject or topic. If you do not revise the
topics that you studied months back, you end up remembering nothing at all. As you are now left with a
limited period of time, you need to revise all the topics really well. Do not start with something that is
completely new to you. Revise everything that you are good at and keep practicing it with revision.

Do remember that assessing your progress from time to time is a must during the last days of your
preparation phase. Practicing with test series helps you ace the original tests/examinations. You can
identify what topics you are good at and where you lack. That way, in the original examination, you will
choose to attempt the very section first that you are very good, or say fast at. Adda247 test series
encompass a range of questions that match the level of frequently asked questions, and new pattern
questions for UIIC Prelims as well as Mains Examination. Computer based Test Series for UIIC AO will also
help you save your time as they simulate the real UIIC Examination and let you know you how to attempt
the questions in a way that you are able to attempt the maximum number of questions within the stipulated
time. It also gives you an All India Rank so as you can assess where you stand and how much more you
need to work in order to make the grades in original examination.

Numerical Ability Test

 Attempt the questions on Quadratic Equations, Simplification and Approximation first and then
going for Number Series.
 After having attempted maximum questions on the above-mentioned topics, go for Data
Interpretation. The number of questions based on DI in the examination can range from 10 to 15. In every
DI 3 questions are always doable and the rest two are a bit tricky and calculative.
 The remaining few questions will be based on miscellaneous topics like CI & SI, Time and Work,
Pipes and Cisterns, Partnership, etc.
 The average time to be spent on this section should be 25 minutes.

Reasoning Ability Test

 The trick to attempt the maximum number of questions in Reasoning Section in minimum time is to
attempt the difficult puzzles in the end.
 Start with the questions that are not in the form of puzzles, you can choose to start with questions
based on inequalities, direction and distance, syllogism, coding decoding, alpha numeric series, and other
random topics.
 Then try to start with puzzles that appear easy to be solved and proceed with moderate and difficult
puzzles in a similar way. So, this is how you have to manage to attempt this section.
 Make sure that the time that you spend on solving this section doesn't exceed 20 minutes.

English Language Test

 If you are good at vocabulary and reading then attempt the reading comprehension first and
proceed with Cloze Test and other miscellaneous topics like Error Detection, Para Jumbles, Phrase
Replacement, Double Fillers, etc. But if you are good at grammar, attempt Reading Comprehension in the
 The Reading comprehension too should be attempted in a way that you attempt questions based
on vocab and phrases first and then the questions that need a deep penetration through the paragraphs.
 The important topics for cloze test are subject verb agreement, preposition and verbs. These topics
may help you some other questions too that will be based on grammar. So make sure to have these topics
at your finger tips when you are to attempt the examination.
 This section should be finished within a time limit of 15 minutes.

So students, follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don't let
anything, any distraction limit your dreams. Best of luck for your preparations!!