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A Professional Growth Plan Incorporating the STP Process

Annual Professional Growth Plan for: Alison Armitage

School Year March 2018 to April 2018

Teaching Quality Standard Reference: You understand the purposes of short, medium and long-
range planning. You know how to translate curriculum and desired outcomes into reasoned,
meaningful and incrementally progressive learning opportunities for students. You also
understand the need to vary your plans to accommodate individuals and groups of students.

Goal: Plan:

Achieves closure for lessons, consolidating Ensure there is time for closure with comments
ideas or concepts through summaries, reviews, and wrap up at the end of each lesson. Use Exit
discussions, and applications. Slips and next class review to continue
conversations when needed to allow for time to
wrap up.

Modifies and adapts teaching based on I’d like to be able to apply different teaching
assessment data and student IPPs (e.g., strategies in each class for differing learners
employs alternative teaching strategies to re- but would also like to be cognisant of those
teach where required). that really need it and how to direct my
teaching towards them using different

Timeline and Resources: Expected Outcomes:

Both goals should be met by the end of Spring
and the end of my PS II practicum. To have better lessons developed for different
learning styles and to engage students with
interest in my lessons as well as closure that
I can utilize my TA’s knowledge to help me appropriately summarizes the lesson and helps
reach my goals as well as my university class students finish class in a meaningful way.

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Based on my professional practice and my observations of student learning . . .

What should I do more of? What should I do less of?

Because Because

What new things could I do? What should I stop doing?

Because Because

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