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Chittilappilly P.O., Thrissur, KERALA

IVth SEMESTER B. ARCH (2016 Admission)


Project: Design for District Tourist information Centre at Ernakulam.


Tourist information center (TIC) play a vital role in promoting tourism in a country.Functions of
TIC have been changed considerably in recent years from tourist information destination centres
to commercial/exhibhition centres. The development of such centres establish destination as a
visitor friedly area, effectively promoting local,regional and country wide assets and encourages
community appreciation and ownership of tourism by involving all sections of the community
through activities and displays at the centre. Other income generators are also incorporated.
Location and facilities are imperative aspects as well.

Visitor Expectations
Today’s travelers are smarter, more experienced, and more demanding. They are more
selective, their expectations run high. Top TIC expectations from the visitor include:
Objective of the Project.
To design a TIC in the given location through a systematic process of data collection, analysis
and design.
 To introduce concept to the process of design.

 To design the centre in such a way that it increases the quality of visitor experience.

Students can select any of the3 following design paradigms for their individual proposal of
visitor centre.

Traditional architecture is an important part of National identity – Leon Crier.

1) Retaining the identity of the place.- Revere the local.

The proposal should respect the identity of the area, neighbourhood and buildings. It
should resemble the existing buildings and be true to its origin, its culture and practices.

“ Don’t look back. There’s no future in nostalgia,” says Weller

2) Creating a new identity.
The proposal can be developed as a new typology which has no resemblance to the
existing type without negotiating the smooth functioning of the building.

“ As an architect you design for the present with an awareness of the past, for the future that is
essentially unknown”. Norman Foster.

3) Creating a new hybrid type.

The proposal can be of a mix of old and new styles. It can be of a mix of old and new
spaces or the forms( Formal hybrid).

Building Category.
The designed structure canbe single or double storied & it would belong to the GroupE(
Office/Business) of KMBR.
The builtup area should be limited to 600 sq.m.
Brief : The proposed TIC shall incorporate the following functional spaces.

Primary spaces.

1) Public Areas
 Lobby
 Waiting room for visitors.
 Reception
 Help desk.
 Toilets for visitors.

2) Exhibhition spaces.

• Brochure display
• Map & geography displays

3) Administration areas.
• Manager’s office
• Storeroom
• Staff room
 Conference room - 20 capacity
 Dining for staff.
 Store room.
 Staff rest room.
• Public toilets

4) Other Expanded spaces.

• Retail sales of books, Gifts, maps. brochures.

• Computer research area
• Video viewing area/ Audio visual room( 50 capacity).
• Library: country books in foreign languages
• Café
• Outside seating or play area
• International telephone service
• ATM( of a commercial bank) to be accessed from outside.

Studio team
Prof.Bharath .
Asst. Prof. Sreekumar A K
Asst. Prof. Aazil Abdul Jamal E
Asst. Prof.Evilin Bosco

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